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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: Turbulence
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

AN1: LOL I know Halloween is long over so you can see how long I’ve been sitting on this fic lmao. I just needed some fluff cos Ice and LITI are heading into angst and I was a big ball of DNFW and my muse completely left the building so yeah… Also, this fic takes place a few weeks BEFORE We Can’t Take The Jungs Out Anywhere and it was really meant to be a drabble but it is now definitely a one-shot OTL

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. If you like YunJae and you like kids, that should be enough lol. Though even my readers who don't like/want kids like the SB verse so IDK... it's up to you XD You can find the other drabbles/oneshots from this verse here

“I can’t believe you did this.”

“I’m just taking my family with me on a work trip. What’s there not to believe?” Yunho’s voice is sweet and innocent, all wide-eyes and pouty mouth at his wife.

“Yeah, sure.” Jaejoong scoffs. “And you taking us with you to LA has nothing to do with JJ’s questions last week.”

“What questions?”

If nothing, Yunho’s eyes get bigger, trying to convey his innocence, though really, it’s all just for show. It’s a little hilarious watching a 36 year old man acting all cute and innocent. The man has aged well though, not a hint of grey in his hair, his features having stayed the same pretty much throughout his marriage. All that has been added are a few laugh lines and the constant twinkle in his eyes. He does enjoy teasing his wife.

“Please. I know you, Jung Yunho. Daddy, why don’t we celebrate Halloween in Korea? Daddy, what is trick or treating? Daddy, do we have costumes in Korea? Daddy, I want to be a fairy princess. Daddy, can we celebrate Halloween?” Jaejoong’s voice is high and squeaky as he mimics their daughter, jostling Changmin slightly as he feeds but the baby simply tightens his hold, making Jaejoong wince slightly. “Any of that ring a bell?”

“Well…it’s just coincidental that this trip lands on Halloween.”

“Sure, it is.” Jaejoong’s tone is completely disbelieving as he settles back in his seat. Changmin is tucked under his shirt, feeding. The baby is forever feeding. Even with the twins, Jaejoong doesn’t reckon he fed them this much. Everyone stopped at three months but for this little bundle of joy, he is pushing seven months!

They are in the Prestige Class section of the direct flight from Incheon to LAX. They would have booked out First Class normally, but because of the late decision to bring the children, there were only four seats available in the eight seat First Class cabin. This had given Jaejoong pause because he really doesn’t want to subject five children to the business class passengers, but Yunho had sweet talked him into it, pointing out that their children are well mannered compared to most kids and not spoiled little shits.

But of course, Yunho forgets one very important detail. All their children are five years old and under, and thus, extremely unpredictable.

The twins have long abandoned their aircraft approved booster seats and are currently snuggled together next to Jaejoong in seat 8A, drowsing. Jaejoong and a feeding Changmin are in 8B while Yunho is diagonal from him in 7D, keeping an eye on their girls who are in 7A and 7B. They had received some rather dirty looks from the relatively full Prestige Class cabin passengers when they boarded the flight, but that was over two hours ago. After the quiet lunch where all five children were on their best behaviour, there is a grudging sort of acceptance by the other passengers of their presence.

All that is about to change.

“I need to wee! I need to wee!”

The soft murmuring in the cabin comes to a grinding halt as a little girl with a very big voice screeches harriedly as she strips at her seat. Off goes the pants, the underwear, before she starts running around in circles and flapping her arms.

“Mama! I need to wee!”

Both Yunho and Jaejoong jerk to attention, Yunho standing up immediately to try and catch his half naked little girl, but for some reason, JJ flatly refuses to cooperate.



“I want Mama! Mama! Mama! I’m going to wee!”

Yunho tries again, painfully aware of the eyes on them as his daughter dodges him at the front of the cabin.

Before anyone can stop her, she slips through the curtains dividing their cabin with First Class up ahead, and he can hear loud exclamations as his normally well behaved daughter shrieks for her Mama as she runs down the aisle. The partition is whipped aside as an irate flight attendant comes in looking a little thunderous.

“There is a naked little girl scaring my passengers.”

“She’s not naked.” Jiyool pipes up, glaring at the woman.

Yunho shakes his head at his oldest daughter who leans back in her seat, arms crossed, her mouth twisted into a sullen pout. He then proceeds to brave the First Class cabin, hoping and praying that JJ has not wet herself, or worse, any of the passengers. Her penchance for stripping wherever she feels the urge to go the bathroom is a really trying one for him and Jaejoong. Unfortunately, this trait is rubbing off on the twins who are currently being toilet trained. They are in diapers for this flight, but at home, Jaejoong usually keeps them in pull-ups, and the number of occasions he’s come home to naked giggling twins running around with their frazzled Mama chasing after them waving their clothes cannot be counted on his fingers or toes.

He is met halfway down the aisle by a female flight attendant holding a squirming and crying JJ out gingerly in front of her.

“Mamaaaaaaaaaa,” the little girl screams, kicking out at her father who tries to take her from the attendant.

Yunho backs up a little, and almost trips on his oldest daughter who has left her seat in search of her sister.

Finding JJ in tears, Jiyool blames the first person she can see, and that is the unfortunate flight attendant carrying the crying three year old.

“You’re a naughty lady! Let my sister go!” Jiyool takes a swing to kick the woman squarely in the shin, but in the tight confines of the aisle and the chaos, her foot snags on a chair instead and she hurts herself in the process because she is sans shoes. She too starts to howl as she grips the poor woman’s skirt, tugging angrily and screaming for her to let JJ go while crying because of her sore foot.

The first class cabin is utter chaos as the flight attendant tries to dislodge an angry five year old from her skirts, while at the same time attempts to hand off a half naked and screaming three year old to a very good looking man who is looking like he wants to be anywhere but there.

Yunho finally manages to get hold of JJ, and just in time too as he feels the spread of warm liquid against his chest as his agitated daughter is unable to hold her bladder any longer. Her crying gets even more shrill, as she is now also upset at having wet herself and her father. He isn’t sure why Jiyool is crying and carrying on the way she is, but all he wants is to get back to his seat and his wife.

His wife will know what to do.

Dear god, what has happened to his children? His pretty angelic little girls?

His insides twist in remorse, wondering if this is really a normal day for Jaejoong while he is at work. He remembers how Mrs Kim had wanted to divorce her husband after their fourth child because she felt neglected and overwhelmed looking after so many young children with barely any support from him because of his work. Yunho knows that he tries his best to be home. More than his father-in-law anyway. He works from home at least twice a week now, and he has never witnessed this much chaos ever.

Jiyool is crying so hard that snot and saliva is running down her chin. A rather kindly older woman seated just next to her is speaking quietly to her as she tries to wipe her face with a napkin. She is hiccupping and her face is absolutely drenched with tears, and when Yunho takes a good look at her, he realises there really is something wrong for her to be crying that way. She sounds like she is in pain.

JJ is now sobbing quietly against his neck, burying her face away from all the strangers staring at her, feeling so sorry for herself because she knows she’s in trouble. She didn’t mean to wet herself. Mama always tells her to go to the bathroom when she feels like going and not to wait. But she had been watching Dora with Jiyool and she wanted to wait for it to finish and now she’s in trouble. Her crying increases in volume once again, knowing her Mama will be upset with her.

Yunho crouches down, thanking the kind older woman who pats him on the shoulder, telling him it’s ok and that children will be children. He scoops up the weeping Jiyool, unaware of the gasps by the people in the cabin as he quickly turns around to head back out. He accidentally bangs his daughter’s injured foot against one of the seats as he leaves, and the poor five year old’s screaming starts up again. Her clear pain cuts through to her younger sister, who starts sobbing harder and louder, now afraid because of the quality of her sister’s crying.

He tries to hush them, pressing kisses to both their heads as he emerges back into his cabin. His eyes meet his wife’s and he sees why Jaejoong had not come after him. Two pairs of wide eyes belonging to the twin toddlers are staring up apprehensively at him as they cling to their Mama’s arm. Changmin is still clearly feeding under Jaejoong’s shirt, and he can see the worry in Jaejoong’s eyes as they drop from his to the two girls in his arms.

Jaejoong’s eyes widen as he catches sight of the splotches of red.

“Why are you bleeding!?” Jaejoong’s voice is shrill as he stands up quickly. Changmin is jolted from his feed, and the baby starts crying too as Jaejoong pulls his out from under his shirt and puts him over his shoulder, patting his bottom and jiggling him as his wide doe eyes takes in the red stains on his husband’s formerly light blue shirt. The twins too are dislodged from their Mama and they too start to cry.

The cabin, already annoyed at the commotion, hold their complaints when they notice the stains on the tall man’s clothes, and the crying children in his arms.

“Bleeding? I’m not bleeding.”

“Yes, you are!” Jaejoong takes a step forward, and only then does he notice his daughter’s foot.


The little girl whips her head up, still crying, her toe is throbbing like crazy and it hurts so much she can feel it in her belly. She turns carefully, arms open, voice imploring, her words coming through her broken sobs.

“Mama, it hurts. Mama…”

“Oh dear god,” Jaejoong turns to a wide-eyed flight attendant, barking instructions. “Do you have a first aid kit? Get me a bowl of warm water and some hand towels.” He turns back to Yunho. “I need you to step back slowly, very slowly, so I can get to the bassinet and put Changmin in it. Don’t jolt the girls.”

Yunho takes in the pale face of his wife, and the way he keeps looking down. Jiyool’s sobbing is still heart wrenching but she has her eyes on her Mama, and the man’s calm countenance is calming her. Heck, he can see the fear in Jaejoong’s eyes, but his voice and behaviour doesn’t give it away, and his own racing heart is calming down too. He does exactly as he is told.

The second Changmin is secured in the bassinet, despite his shrill protests, Jaejoong takes Jiyool gently into his arms, kissing her sweaty temple and whispering soothing words to her. Yunho stays by the bassinet, giving his hand to his upset son who holds onto it, wide eyes staring up at his father and sister.

Jaejoong sits in what was Jiyool’s seat opposite the bassinet, and it is only then that Yunho sees her foot. Instead of fear, his first reaction is fury as he turns, eyes blazing at the watching flight attendants who all take an involuntary step back. He clenches his jaw, staring around the silent cabin. The only sounds now are the dying cries of the irritated baby in the bassinet and Jiyool’s hiccupping sobs as she tries to tell her Mama what happened. Yunho listens with half an ear, and is pulled from his angry thoughts towards himself by tiny hands tugging at his pants. He looks down to find his twins, faces wet with tears but no longer crying gazing up at him.

He nudges at them, using his head to gesture at the empty seat next to Jaejoong, because both his hands are occupied.

“Sit next to Mama. Go sit next to Mama.”

The twins look at him, and then turn to their Mama who nods at them, and they both clamber up into the wide seat, curling immediately into each other, their thumbs in their mouths. They haven’t done that in so long that they really must be more scared than Yunho thought. Jaejoong was right, this really wasn’t a good idea.

A flight attendant comes by with a warm bowl of water and a first aid kit, and she is chased back off by Yunho’s rather forbidding expression after handing over the items to Jaejoong. Yunho stands guard, not letting anyone near his family, as Jaejoong cleans Jiyool up.

“What happened?” he asks his wife quietly, kissing the top of his daughter’s head.

Jaejoong looks up, as he holds a sniffling Jiyool, while dabbing at her bloody foot.

“She tore a toenail off. She’ll be fine.”


“She says the pain started when she hit something when she tried to kick the woman holding JJ. Is JJ ok?”

“I need to give her and myself a shower.”

Their quiet conversation is interrupted by a male flight attendant.

“Sir, we have shower facilities on board in the next cabin. You can take your daughter there if you like.”

Yunho acknowledges the man, and turns to his wife.

“Will you be ok by yourself?”

Jaejoong turns to look at the twins dozing in the seat next to him. He leans up slightly to peer into the bassinet and smiles to see Changmin chewing on his foot, large dark eyes staring at him.

“Kids are quiet. It’ll be fine. You have a change of clothes in the black suitcase. JJ has a change of clothes in her Dora backpack.”

Yunho leans down to kiss his wife’s nose and the top of Jiyool’s head.

“Alright, I’ll be back in a bit.”


Yunho towels off a sleepy JJ, who protests at his choice of clothing for her. The little girl, despite all the excitement of the last half hour or so is still wanting her Mama, and she pouts, mouth identical to Jaejoong’s, shaking her head at her father.

“No, Daddy. I don’t want pink I want purple.”

“Can’t you wear pink for now and then we’ll change you to purple?”

“Mama will give me purple.”

“Yes, Mama will give you purple but you need to wear pink first.”

“I don’t want pink.”

“It’s just for a little while, baby.”

“I don’t want pink, Daddy. I want purple. Mama will give me purple.”



Yunho has to stop the chuckle from coming out. His petulant little girl had mimicked him perfectly. Not wanting to argue with the stubborn toddler, he wraps her up in a huge fluffy towel that had been given to him by one of the flight attendants.

“Do you need to wee again?”

“No…” her voice is tiny as she buries her nose in the folds of the towel. Only her eyes are showing, large doe eyes that are slowly filling with tears again.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Yunho scoops her up, hugging her tight and nuzzling against her soft smooth cheek.

“Is Mama angry with me?”

“Why would Mama be angry with you?”

“I didn’t wee in the toilet…” her voice is suffocated with tears, and Yunho draws back just in time to see a couple of big fat tears rolling out of the corners of her shimmering doe eyes.

“Has Mama ever been angry with you for not getting to the toilet in time?”

JJ shakes her head, but her tears keep falling.

“Then why do you think Mama is angry now?”

“Because we’re not home. Mama says I must always go to the toilet when I feel like it when we’re not home. He said if I have little accidents at home, it’s ok.”

“What did he say about accidents outside home?”

JJ shakes her head mournfully.

“Mama didn’t say anything about it?”

She shakes her head again.

Yunho kisses away her tears, coaxing a teary giggle from his daughter. “Mama won’t be angry.”


“I promise.”

The little girl stares at up her father with a tiny smile.

“Let’s go back so Mama can give me purple.”

Yunho grins, giving his daughter a loud smacking kiss on her forehead that sends her into peels of tiny little giggles. He keeps doing it, again and again as he gathers their things, her laughter is a delight to listen to and she pretends to push him away. He is wearing a comfortable hoodie and jeans, changing from his shirt and pants from earlier, and he is feeling a lot more comfortable in the soft homely clothes.

“Daddy can I sit in your hoodie like Minnie sits in Mama’s?”

Yunho smiles, dropping the things he is holding, and letting his daughter stand on the counter as he unzips his hoodie. He scoops her up, dropping her inside. However, with the big fluffy towel, he is unable to zip it up.

“Are you warm? If you want to ride in my hoodie you cannot take the towel.”

“I don’t need a towel. You’re warm, Daddy.” JJ smiles, nuzzling against his throat. “So warm.”

Yunho pulls the towel off his daughter carefully, leaving it on the counter. He’s put her in pull-ups and a singlet, and he zips up the hoodie over the tiny little three year old till only the back of her head is showing. A hand is cradled protectively against her butt, as he bends over to pick up their things again.

When he emerges out of the bathroom, he can see the soft looks in the flight attendants’ eyes as they look at him and at the contented little bundle in his hoodie. He has to brave through First Class again, and as he walks down the same aisle he had earlier, a hand catches his wrist. He looks down to see the shining eyes of the older woman from earlier, and he stops.

“You’re a good father, young man. Things can get away from you sometimes, but don’t blame yourself for it.”

JJ hears the unfamiliar voice and she turns, peeking over the top of to look down at the woman.

“Hello,” she whispers shyly, smiling at the woman.

“Hello, beautiful.”

“Thank you,” Yunho murmurs, clasping his hand around the woman’s who takes his with both her hands and squeezes. He starts to walk away and JJ slips a hand out, waving at the woman.

“Bye bye.”

A smiling flight attendant pulls aside the curtains to let him back into his cabin. He finds it peaceful, aware of all the eyes on him once again. His gaze meets his wife’s soft ones. Jaejoong is sitting alone in 8A. A quick look in the bassinet reveals that Changmin is sound asleep, snoring quietly. Jiyool is in her seat which has been reclined in full, and she is staring up at her father with a tired smile. Yunho looks down at her foot, and finds it bandaged securely. His oldest daughter is flanked on either side by a twin, the two boys curling around their sister, bottles in their mouths as they watch whatever show it is that she is watching too. He gives her a thumb’s up, and she returns the gesture, before her eyes turn back once again to the program she is watching.

Yunho puts away everything he is holding before he joins his wife in row 8.

“Look at you with a little bundle of joy,” Jaejoong smiles at Yunho as his husband settles into his seat with a loud grunt.

JJ peeks out.


“Hey baby.”

“I want purple.”


“Daddy give me pink but I want purple. Mama give me purple.”

Jaejoong opens his mouth, feigning surprise, his hands to his cheek.

“Omo! You want purple? Look what I have here!” Jaejoong crouches down to pull out purple flannel Dora pyjamas. When the kids had settled down, he had checked to see what Yunho had gotten for JJ and when he saw the purple pyjamas still in the bag, he knew his daughter would want it rather than whatever it is that Yunho had taken.

“Mama! Purple!” JJ beams from ear to ear, making everyone in the cabin who can hear her smile along with her. The simple joy in her voice at getting the right clothes helps in making everyone forget that she was the semi-naked screaming toddler from earlier.

JJ struggles out of her father’s hoodie, aided by the man who unzips her with a smile. She clambers over the wide armrests, falling into her Mama’s lap in a pile of happy giggles.

In no time, she is dressed and drowsing in her Mama’s lap, her lullaby the soft voices of her conversing parents.

“Next time I have bright ideas like this, please talk me out of it.”

“It isn’t so bad.”

“Will Jiyool be ok?”

“Her toenail will grow back. I gave her some baby ibuprofen, though I think the twins are a much more potent painkillers. She started smiling the second they snuggled next to her. I don’t think the medication would have worked that quickly.”

“I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for?”

“If I hadn’t insisted on taking all of you, Jiyool would still have her toenail. Is this normal? All this chaos? I’ll try and work from home more. I can’t believe I have blithely left you to juggle five children, plus school and your work.”

Jaejoong stares into Yunho’s serious eyes, and he shakes his head, standing up slowly so as not to jolt the slumbering toddler in his arms. He reclines his seat, laying JJ gently onto it before sitting sideways on Yunho’s lap, his back to the cabin at large, gazing out the window at the blue skies outside. His voice is a whisper as he nuzzles against his husband’s scratchy jaw.

“Don’t do this. I’m not my mother. If I cannot handle it, I will tell you immediately. Today is admittedly a little more chaotic than usual, and yes, it can get this bad sometimes but most days it’s totally fine. Jiyool is very good with the boys even though she’s only five. They listen to her. JJ helps me with whatever I need. She knows where everything is, and if I’ve got my hands full, she is more than happy to help out. She wanted to learn how to change Minnie’s nappy the other day. I had to tell her no, and she was a little sad about it. Our children are fine.”

“I know our children are fine. But what about you? Is it too much?”

“Yunho-yah…are you even listening to me? You will be the first to know if it gets too much. You working from home when I need to be at the clinic is more than enough help. The children love that they get to see you when they come home from daycare at lunchtime. Jiyool mentioned that she misses Minnie but he’s still feeding and I have to take him with me. Other than that, it’s fine.”

Yunho squeezes his wife’s hip, pressing a soft kiss to his temple, stroking his hand languidly up and down Jaejoong’s upper thigh as they both stare out the window. They are both unaware of the looks from everyone else in the cabin or the whispers about them.

”Such a lovely family.”

“They are all obviously very close.”

“Children will be children.”

“Did you see the little boys? Twins? Such adorable children the way they cuddled their big sister.”

“The wife looks so young.”

“If my wife was that beautiful I’d have five brats running around too.”

“If my husband was that handsome, I’d be more than happy to pop out five brats too.”

“The girls resemble their parents the most. The boys look to still be growing into their features.”

“The twins are not identical. One has his father’s mouth and the other, his Mama’s.”

“The baby definitely looks like his Mama with those big eyes and pouty mouth. I’m surprised he’s still feeding.”

Yunho is the first to break the contemplative silence, slipping his hand underneath Jaejoong’s top, his fingers searching, and then finding the very slight bump of the scarring on his lower abdomen.

“Don’t waste a second to tell me if you need help, Jaejoong.”

Jaejoong turns to nuzzle his face into the crook of Yunho’s neck. His husband is still a little worried, and he can tell because when Yunho gets like this, he always finds his birthing scars. The way he strokes it is like he is apologising for whatever it is Jaejoong has gone through because of their children, but no matter the pain, he really will not have it any other way. He doesn’t regret a single thing.

“I won’t.”



AN: I wonder if anyone spotted the :O moment(s) in the fic. This is also for Trish who gave me A LOT of plane feels god only knows how many months ago. I wrote this as a Halloween fic but then the airplane antics got too much so I didn’t. It didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted but eh… this always happens to me OTL

you know im getting emotional because they are so perfect with their children then i read the comment.."im surprised he's still feeding" omg changmin..rofl

Edited at 2013-02-04 04:38 am (UTC)

Spot o3o I still need to go through your masterlist...

ok, so after reading your ICE...i have finally decided that: yep ^_^ Ice would be on my #1 spot

but~ gaaaah~ this... T H I S drabble just bring out feels (~.~)
and again, i remember why i don't want to read your Ice on the first place (it's because i don't want the feels that your SB gave to me be replace~) gosh....i'm such an emo (~.~)

but anyway~ ^___^ you might read have read this a thousand time...but i'm still gonna say it anyway ^_^ THIS drabble is...
and i super love it ^^
....and thank you for still making drabbles on SB C:

Edited at 2013-02-04 07:19 am (UTC)

Oh wow >< Poor Jiyool, tearing a toenail off...that's got to hurt lol. I'm surprised that she could even calm down, especially since she's only 5. And lol the kids were so rowdy. I suppose kids will be kids :P YunJae make such wonderful parents though~ Their children are just simply adorable ^^

The Jungs will always be how they are.
A hurricane landing and then peace and tranquility.

Seriously, when trouble starts with one, it will continues to all five until everything is back to status quo.

It's a miracle that Jaejoong can handle these 5 kids.

This was cute, and I can totally picture Yunho acting this way with his real wife someday. Can Yunho be any sweeter?

it's always beautiful. yes your side story of SB is always awesome hehhe i love the lov that you put in this family. the kids are adorable hehee .... wondering that it based on your own experience cause it is sooo real ^^

I miss sleeping beauty ah~
Thanks for this :D

So cute!
And hell yeah if Yunho was my husband I would gladly give him five "brats". Cute, adorable brats. :)

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh way to melt my heart into a puddle of goo. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

“If my husband was that handsome, I’d be more than happy to pop out five brats too.”

i love this line.....Yunho give me one to pop aww...

and SB is well loved so I'm sure all readers here read SB before this if not I'll promote it here!!! read SB it is worth your time without paying money for it... yay for the great writer!!!

i miss them soo much~~
wonder whether you will make another chaptered series or them again

Every single time I see one of these SB stories, I seriously do a little happy dance. They're sooo cute! I love reading them. Best family ever. <3