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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Forgotten
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, angst, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

AN1: I am REALLY emoshinki… woke up emoshinki… And I’m still upset from yesterday I think. And this oneshot is seriously testament to how upset I am… Consider this your only warning. I think some of you might want to kill me after this, but life isn’t all fluffy no matter how much I wish it to be.

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. If you like YunJae and you like kids, that should be enough lol. Though even my readers who don't like/want kids like the SB verse so IDK... it's up to you XD You can find the other drabbles/oneshots from this verse here

I forgot...I forgot...Collapse )

You made me cry damn it T________T

Though I wanted to smack Jaejoong so hard for leaving Minnie ball in the car, I know the guilt is more than enough to punish and reminds Jaejoong of this grave mistake he did for the rest of his life. I'm glad that Yunho didn't let his anger overrule him and did something he might regret later to Jaejoong for leaving their youngest child in the car. Though I must admit that I'm not very happy with him yanking Jaejoong and throwing him to the side of the car and then pratically throwing Jaejoong down the driveway. I could understand his grief, anger and disappointment at Jaejoong but really, violence doesn't help especially since they have such a loving and amazing relationship and with Yunho's history he knows better that violence will only make things worse.

Thank god Changmin is still alive or I'll never forgive Jaejoong though I know compared to anyone else, he blames himself the most. I hope that this serve as a strong wake up call to all parents that no matter how bad a day you are facing, never ever forget that you have a child with you and never leave him/her alone.

TBH, with Jaejoong producing milk out of a sudden and his seemingly short temper in the morning, I did suspect if he's pregnant again but his next pregnancy was when Minnie is already 8+ years old right?

I'm also thankful that Dr Han understands the situation well and is not going to report this to the authority though I think Jaejoong would willingly accept any punishment given to him.

I'm also glad that Changmin coudn't remember this traumatic experience cause it'll only hurt him and Jaejoong if he remembers being abandon by his beloved mama in the car that almost got him killed.

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😭 Makes me cry.....poor Min...my heart cries out for him....and also Jae. How can Yunho do that to his wife....pushing him like that...he will regret it if he lose his wife instead,

i was reading this at work and i was kinda stunned the first time i've read it. i lost my words for real. the Jung seems having their own blast with all their busy schedule and children in tows. but this one just broke my heart. it was accidental with min. no one should blame themselves or point each other for neglecting. jae have to juggles between his study and work and children. and he really really should hire a nanny to help him look after his children especially during their daily morning routine. their kids is growing up and acting up from now and then and it could be very stressful. and yunnie, well i know he is in rage but doing those things to jae; gosh i want to kill him there for a moment.

but i do hope the Jungs learn their lesson today; they can't be perfect family all the time. i'm glad that min is okay today. and the rest of the children needs some nagging from me today for giving their mama a hard day.

...ohmygosh this was beautifully written. T.T i am feeling the emoshinki 10x as hard now... ;-; I heard about some story like this in the news before... and I always felt like the mother was so irresponsible, but seeing this point of view, I think I can understand it better. Gosh. You really area n amazing writer~ ^^ <3

me tooooooo T^T
I can't live if baby min died,, hurt...

you had me crying oceans TT______TT

I became a mother recently so if i were in jae's place
i would kill myself right then and there

oh mercy ;( ..

sad.... but things happen..felt sorry for jaejoong and it breaks my heart... anyway loved it tho.>,

thanks god changmin's alright

This made me even more emoshinki that anyone could ever be . I honestly believe that Jaejoong wouldn't survive if anything happened to either Yunho or Changmin .......

nooooo~~~this is so heartbreaking to read..eventhough i could understand yunho's anger,it still hurts to see how he treats jaejoong at first..TT...poo jaejoong,he must have been so hurt deep inside...

i'm crying so hard right now :o(

You always never fail to make me cry and smile whenever you want.
Jaejae in pain but with Jungs love he will heal. the milk because his pregnant right? You do state in 'My Family' drabble, Jaejae pregnant again.

Yay today is the first day Yunjae met and kiss on ice and almsot connecting the dot.

Poor Changminnie...
I'm glad everything is good...

in the end..the jung family is strong as always^^
but i wanna know what happen to naughty chunnie..hmmmmmm
Happy Yunjae Day^^~

btw..i wanna add u..can i?

it's sooo sad. it's rarely for jae to be panick and put everything in a mess but yes there is a bad day that exist for you to realize that life is so nice.