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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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I need your input...

Should I allow anonymous comments?

Other...i'll explain in comments

I personally hate anon stuff. I've even disabled it on my tumblr even though all the messages i've ever gotten have been sweet and nice apart from maybe one that I can remember. But i've noticed that a lot of people who come to my LJ don't actually have an LJ account and therefore they cannot comment even when they want to.

So i'm asking y'all what you think...
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I don't think I fully understand you, you want readers to comment more often? Instead of being anonymous, silent readers?

No no! There's an option some blogs have for "anon" comments. It's for people who don't have LJ accounts or don't want their identity known.

I'm sorry, darling! My useless LJ app did not show me the poll so I logged in from my Mac, saw the poll, understood the reason for this entry, and voted now. ^^

Anon can be lots of fun! It can also bring lots of h8, but I try to have fun with those things. :3 Up to you really tho bb! :3

Guess you do have a lot of anon readers, so it doesn't make sense for you to block them.
But in case you are posting a potentially hate-receiving chappie (like the Jaeho part), you can always disable them for that part only.

Since you read the comments then it would be good to allow anon readers.
However, from your comments it seems like you don't really like having anon readers.

The bottom line would be what do you really want...comments regardless of the source or comments from people and not bots ^_~.

Honestly, I don't get it why bother commenting if you want to remain anon. Is like you want to hide your identity because you don't want people to hate, dislike or get upset you? If that is the case, better not comment.

Truthfully, it really depends on you. If you really want every reader to comment on the story then you can have anon option open. Otherwise the only way readers would be able to comment is if they have LJ account.

If the person really wants to leave a comment they'll go through the trouble of making an LJ Account. When I started commenting on your fics, I went through the trouble of logging in via the mobile browser which isn't always nice to people cuz I wanted to let you know how I felt about your writing. If people really want to comment, they'll get an account and log in. Otherwise, they can just go along their way and just be happy they read something so wonderful.

I was one of ur silent reader before on Jejuko and SB..
And I felt rlly terrible..
Then I decided to make my LJ acc so I can comment on every fic I've read..
And it didn't took a long time to make one acc though..
So,, my vote is NO..

i voted other, lmao.

anyway, afaik people can still comment if they have fb/twitter. i know there's some option in livejournal that lets that. maybe you can do that instead? if you're uncomf with anon messages. :)

I can understand when people say that if someone really wants to comment they can got through the trouble of making an LJ account. However, I also understand that some people are just not comfortable with making account on the internet from cites like these (although i'm sure that its pretty rare of that happening now a days). In addition some people may be afraid of being found out that they read fiction with pairings like these. But is seems like you honestly don't like anon comments. So I say if you don't like it then why bother, right?
But in the end I think it should be up to you and what you personally feel comfortable with.

It doesn't take very long to set up an account... and if they don't want a LJ account there are other options to log in with. So no I don't think you need to allow anons.

The reason is up to you. If you don't comfortable then I suggest you disable anon. I understand that many YUNJAE shippers are worried, especially on Twitter, because stans are always retardedly butt hurt. Hence, they block those whose Twitter are locked in order to protect themselves. And I've heard that some YUNJAE authors on LJ got hacked by stans, so you may do the same as a precaution.

I think "NO". Because if there are people who want to comment though they don't want to go through with making a LJ account, they can log in with Facebook/Twitter. I always saw people commenting with their fb/tw account on kokayz.livejournal.com so maybe u could do it too if you wanna~ ^o^

The way i see it, the anonymous users could just make a livejournal account if they really wish to continue commenting. Its not like it requires much effort, or time.
My votes in, i vote NO.

i remember saw people can comment with their FB or twitter account at LJ. i think, even it's a privilege of a commentator as long as the writer allowed, still better leave your (at least internet/ web) id on your comments.

Why don't you try it for like maybe a week or a month? If it turns out you're not comfortable with it, disable it again...

I remember when I was new, shy & afraid, I comment as anon XP

im not sure if lj has tis function but some social media allows you to track comments. so its like u can allow the person to be seen if u want and disallow if u dont

Sounds like a chance to try something new. You hold all the power in enabling or disabling anon comments. If you find you still dislike anon stuff then just disable it.

the risk of giving 'anon' permission in commenting is, some maybe using it to their advantage to bash and wrote comment that is inconsiderate without letting their identity known by the author and using it to their advantage to post hateful comments.... but some could be considerate and honest with their comments

it's all up to you whether you want to give the 'anon' permission to comments or not. if you give the anon permission, then you had to be always open minded.. coz sometimes, comments given by anon, like i've explained above, sometimes is not so good and sometimes are inconsiderate... but still, it doesn't mean all of them... sometimes, there's anon that give an honest and constructing comment..

i dunno wth am i babbling... but i did vote!

Yes...but then u still need to filter those comments..
Somehow there are some anon comment can be very uncomfortable..
But all in all its u who decide..its just an opinion for you to consider

anon is fine as long as they give you comment, good or bad, they read your work ^_^

i know its feel nice to receive comments from whoever it is. but theres possibility for bad anon comments too. so unless, you can take it, then its ok to allow anon comment

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