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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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I need your input...

Should I allow anonymous comments?

Other...i'll explain in comments

I personally hate anon stuff. I've even disabled it on my tumblr even though all the messages i've ever gotten have been sweet and nice apart from maybe one that I can remember. But i've noticed that a lot of people who come to my LJ don't actually have an LJ account and therefore they cannot comment even when they want to.

So i'm asking y'all what you think...
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The reason is up to you. If you don't comfortable then I suggest you disable anon. I understand that many YUNJAE shippers are worried, especially on Twitter, because stans are always retardedly butt hurt. Hence, they block those whose Twitter are locked in order to protect themselves. And I've heard that some YUNJAE authors on LJ got hacked by stans, so you may do the same as a precaution.

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