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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Need
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

AN1: I needed to get this muse out of my system because if I don’t, Ice will never get written. Seven children vs. Anyang Halla, believe it or not, Halla LOST.

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE

We're old enough, Mama!Collapse )

i seriously felt a sting in my heart when i heard Min's words. And it only worsened after i read abt Yunho's grey hair. What if Yunho get's sick, What if Jae thinks yunho is old for him, What if Yunho does before Jae...OMG OMG OMG ...i think i'll have a heart attack thinking all those... You're a cruel one author...why put that huge age gap in this fic and even in trofy wife too...
Im scared to death..:((((
You better make a happy drabble..plzzzzzzzzzzz...

tsk! the boys are being brats! serve them right for being a little hungry later.

but that's beside the point. i understand jae2. his babies are growing up and i think he felt less needed *hugs jae2* may be they can make more babies then? LOLS

Seven children vs. Anyang Halla, Halla lost. No doubt at all. I can't get enough of their family. Love them so much.

Thanks for sharing. I hope ur headache goes away soon. I love these drabbles It helps ease the longing for sleeping beauty. And I will patiently wait for ice! I miss that story too!!!

I hope your headache/migraine is feeling better author-sshi. Love the fluffy oneshot - It was as good as reading a chapter of Ice would've been =P Its very satisfying to see how the family is all growing up and you worked each kid into the story beautifully!

again. boys and their toys..
yoosumin sure learn their lesson.. xD
thou that every parents have to deal with this issue of their children growing up...
jae and yunho still have kids to dote in tho riteee?
kkk yunho 46 and still horny as fuck..
grey hair oooooh looks like the one on their 'time' album cover lmao..

awesome drabbleeeee as always bb ♥♥

i just completely love everything you write n.n i really like the entire SB verse, specially the fact that you give us more even though the main plot ended...you know...just having some cute and realistic yunjae family fi makes me really happy n.n
just a few days ago i was waiting for the next ice update and found again your Jejuko fic...i didnt read it before cause it said something about girl!jaejoong and i was like..."no way! het things? noooooo!" but i decided to read it and i liked it as well n.n glad i found it n.n
ok, ranting here XD you know? i was kinda wondering if jiyool felt different cause she's the only one who's not jaejoong's. i'm glad you awknowledged the situation as well n-n
ok. long comment is long XD
thank you for the updat and hope you have a good day n.n

The Jungs winning over Anyang halla is soooo worth it. i love them, all of them. But the kids are all growing up so fast.

I always this series of yours :))

Ohhh so sweet of them..such a powerful parent...one day when i have my own family..i'll use the rules of this jung's family.. :-)

Poor jiyoolie ;(

I was about to ask for a braty teenage min
But i think this one kinda fulfill my request xD

at first I was confused, I was like - 7 children??? I know it's only 5 then I remember Jae is supposedly preggy with twins so yeah 7 kekeke...

I won't complain for some SB again and again... I love their domestic life and I feel neglected too when my son does things for himself without asking for help (and I'm the one teaching him to become independent) LOL...

astigmatism gives me that kind of headache too, so I hope you'll feel well...

fertile jungs.omg they are so many. im surprised there is no "moonbin" yet who looks like yunho .omg they are so cute..<3
i love this.:)

How i wish all of them are not growing up so fast..
Its really a lovely series of drabble..

so fluffy!
Identical twins now? xD How many kids are they going to have?
Still love baby Minnie!
Such a wonderful family!