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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Lol... I feel so melodramatic having a subject like that. 

Going away...Collapse )

I hope everything goes well for you. I'll look forward to your return.

okay, take your time
i'll wait patiently
good luck :D

Aww we will miss you! I hope you have a easy move in ( they are never fun)

Noooooooooooooooooooooo. We'll be waitin for youuuuuuuuuu :D

take care bb, hope everything goes well.

awww...we'll definitely miss you the two weeks you are away but thank you for letting us know.

i know this would seem selfish but...but...but...

:'( :'( :'(

i've never cried in any fic but in sleeping beauty and your one shots after that..pleaaaaaaaaaaaase come back soon..i'll wait..

Gasp, not updates?! No that's cool, have a safe time moving, it really stinks, and I'll look forward to your updates whenever you have a chance!! Good luck!!

Have a nice trip unnie~~ (^O^)/

NOOOOO! I'm panicking already!!!! Just kidding. I hope the moving goes smoothly. Just don't forget about us ok. Thanks for the heads up!

noooooo! *tugs at hair* hahaha. goodluck on the move!

moving can be a hard thing to do... or that's because i am too attached to a place sometimes.. anyway take care and have fun traveling :)

(sorry for butting in, i know you haven't seen me around that much, but i ought to let you know that i adore your sleeping beauty and ice :D)

Thanks for telling us! I hope that your move goes smoothly, and we'll be patiently waiting for another wonderful update. <3

Have a good and safe move. I just moved about a month back and it was exhausting so make sure you rest whenever possible and get enough sleep.

I'll miss you in the mean time.


And from now on my comments on Homin's entries are gonna be EPIC STUFF GURL so get ready mah blondie.