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Ice [16a]

Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae/JaeHo
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, mild angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: I am moving overseas and Friday is when we leave to travel all over the country to visit my husband’s family and I won’t have time then. I will be settled in the new country in early March so don’t panic about the 2+ week gap between updates. I am coming back ;-)


Yunho is feeling overwhelmed.

Really overwhelmed.

Jaejoong had quit his agency on Friday. The chaos started on Saturday, and it is now Tuesday, and he is sitting in the locker room after practice, in a stadium that has security guards manning every single entrance.

There are hordes of people outside.

On Saturday morning, his team had arrived looking extremely bewildered by the sudden influx of people outside the stadium. Most were there just to get a glimpse of Yunho in person and not much else. The crowd was relatively well-behaved and polite. Apart from the A team, the rest of the players had just sent him looks every now and again, but they all know better than to question their captain about his personal life in the middle of practice. While Yunho is easygoing, he doesn’t take too kindly to distractions on the ice. The way he has been playing has kept the other players on their toes, so much so that Coach Kim had declared that he has two full teams worthy of playing in the league. The B team is now so good that he is considering fielding them instead of the A team for the game the coming Saturday.

Normally, Yunho would have been a little iffy about that. While he admits that the B team is better than most of the other teams in the league, the idea of subbing out the entire A team for the B team is not one he would necessarily agree to.

However by Tuesday, he has changed his mind.

His fellow A Team players have all been harassed in one way or the other since the news of Hero Jaejoong leaving his agency hit the news after practice on Saturday. It started off mildly enough, with just shouts and people swarming them after practice, asking for autographs and the like.

But with no word from their rock idol himself about the news, Jaejoong having opted to lay low for the time being, the fans get frantic and panicked, and they take it out on the only known association to the man some of them practically worship as a god.


And by extension, Anyang Halla.

The clamour for autographs turn into a clamour for information. Yoochun had been cornered at a convenience store near his home, and the owner had to call the police because of the crowd. He had also told Yoochun not to come back to his shop. The left winger had exchanged quite a few heated words with some in the crowd, and had almost gotten into a physical altercation with one of them.

Junsu’s weekly Sunday friendly football match with his club had been derailed by a pitch invasion by “fans” out for blood. His friends had needed to play bodyguard to him that evening, much to his anger and disgust. The calmest player amongst the A team had almost lost it right there and then.

Kangin and Han Geng are largely left alone though, their reputation on the ice has managed to knock through the minds of even the stupidest and most reckless of fans, and while they get shouted at, none have dared to actually engage properly with them.

The worst had been Changmin. The tall goaltender had refused to acknowledge anyone, keeping his head down whenever he has to get through the crowd, ignoring any and all calls to him. One crazy fan had apparently taken offense to his reticence and had hurled her book bag at him, clipping him on the head, and knocking him to the ground. She hadn’t stopped there though. As he sat on the ground, bleeding and bewildered as to what had just happened, she had screeched at him about Yunho keeping Hero Jaejoong hostage and she had threatened to kidnap him.

That had been the last straw. Yunho had called his parents and requested security for all his teammates and increased security at the stadium, because the incident with Changmin had happened just that morning on his way in to practice. He had needed two stitches to his head, and the angry goaltender had turned into peacemaker because Yunho had been beyond furious. It took all of them plus Coach Kim to stop the young captain from storming out into the crowd and giving himself over to the madness outside in exchange for them leaving his teammates alone.

Practice ended two hours ago, and despite everyone’s willingness to leave with him, he had been adamant that everyone leave without him, and under heavy escort no less. And now here he is, the only one left sitting in the locker room staring at his shoes.

He doesn’t want to leave the stadium.

It is way too insane out there. If he can get away with it, he’d probably sleep at the stadium.

What has he gotten himself into?

When news that Hero Jaejoong had left his agency broke on Saturday afternoon, his fans had gone into an uproar. Within mere minutes, the rockstar was trending in every single country in half of Asia, and in a handful of European and South American countries not to mention even a couple of Middle Eastern countries. The magnitude of what had happened resounded around the entertainment world, with bulletin after bulletin devoted to trying to figure out what the rockstar would do next. For someone unpredictable and who thrives on the controversy that follows him around, the mixed reactions to this particular action of his has been quite intriguing.

Some think he’s gone crazy.

Some think it’s about time he chose freedom over being under the thumb of his agency.

Some think this means he is moving on and retiring.

Some think he’s signed on with another agency.

Some think he’s starting his own agency.

Some think he’s leaving the country, probably Japan.

Some think he’s settling down.

And almost all think it has something to do with his relationship with Jung Yunho.

Overnight, hate sites spring up, targeting the unassuming young captain of Anyang Halla. They are shut down almost as quickly as they spring up, but there is an underbelly of hatred towards Yunho that the young man has never imagined would ever be directed at him. Jaejoong’s former agency, had cruelly “let slip” that the rockstar had gotten into an argument with the Vice President, and Yunho had been the subject, and by the end of it, the superstar had stormed out, declaring his contract null and void.

Hero Jaejoong cds and dvds are sold out, as fans and even the merely curious and non-fans buy up anything and everything because what if Hero Jaejoong doesn’t come back?

What if indeed.

Yunho’s phone beeps, breaking him from his reverie.

Are you still at practice? I just got off the phone to Mum and she hung up because Dad just got home. Where are you?

Jaejoong is staying at the Jung mansion. The road leading up to the house, before getting to the gate itself is private property, but that hasn’t stopped a few more crazy fans to lay themselves across it, demanding to speak to Hero Jaejoong. That was on Saturday though, by Monday, no one dares step foot on the road thanks to the Jungs. And it is here that his boyfriend is hiding out with his head in the sand.

Yunho understands. He really does. Having only been subjected to it for a few days, he has no fucking clue how Jaejoong has survived the last few years.

But the man can’t bloody hide forever. Every time Yunho brings up holding a press conference, or even releasing a statement as to what the status is, Jaejoong clams up and shuts down. And Yunho lets him be because he doesn’t need the man to have another panic attack. For all intents and purposes, their relationship is still new. But he knows the usual rules don’t apply to them. For the first time in his life, he can actually imagine being with Jaejoong forever.

He had taken the older man’s yes on Friday night as an agreement to forever. He knows Jaejoong probably thinks he was kidding, but Yunho doesn’t joke about things like this. Though if the rockstar looks a little deeper within himself, he’ll probably find that he knows that Yunho wasn’t joking. They connect in almost every aspect, the level of sharing they had before even meeting surpasses the level of intimacy most married couples don’t even get to after several years. It is uncanny, yet a little overwhelming at times.

However, Yunho is definitely a product of his parents. The confidence, level-headedness, strength and easygoing nature of his father, coupled with the drive of his mother, along with her impatience and protective tendencies. Like her too, Yunho doesn’t suffer fools too easily, and he is starting to think his boyfriend is being just a tad foolish. Love doesn’t make him blind to the older man’s faults, especially since he knew of them prior and still fell in love anyway.

His phone beeps yet again, and he looks at it.

Yunho-yah… guess what came in the mail…

And before he even has time to reply, yet another message comes through.

Can this entice you home?


Well, then.

Feeling just a tad cheeky, and needing a laugh after the heaviness of the last few days, he sends back a completely unexpected photo with no message attached.


Jaejoong groans, half annoyed half amused as he texts back quickly.

Did you unhinge that poor boy’s jaw? :O

Yunho starts laughing then. His boyfriend has definitely come a long way. Jaejoong from last week would have probably pitched a fit instead of making an off colour joke. He finally gets up, collecting his gear as he texts back.

Are you volunteering to be my next victim? ;-)

This time it is Jaejoong who replies with just a photo and no message.


Yunho bangs his phone against his forehead as he hurries to the exit. He pockets it quickly as a security personnel approaches him.

“Sir, there’s been an incident.”

“An incident?”

“Your car…”

Yunho freezes as he looks at the man who is looking extremely uncomfortable.

“What about my car?”

“We weren’t told to watch it, and some fans got to it…and well…”


“They scratched it up pretty bad and someone tossed red paint on it. As far as we can see the damage is mostly cosmetic.”

Yunho clenches his jaw, hitching his equipment bag higher over his shoulder. His eyes are hard, and his countenance completely cold. He is the Anyang Halla captain, about to face down his opponents on the ice. But in this case, they are just the deranged fans of his boyfriend.

“Lead the way,” he snaps. And the man falls into line next to him, followed by several other beefy security type people. The anger and coldness radiating from the usually unflappable young man manages to silence the fans. They all watch as he approaches his car, waiting and wanting a reaction from the man. But Yunho has his game face on, and absolutely nothing is going to shake him from it.

This has gotten completely out of hand. It isn’t even about his car anymore. It’s about Jaejoong. His boyfriend is running, though it’s a very subtle sort of running, but it’s still running nonetheless. And in his wake is a swath of wreckage a mile wide.

Anyang Halla is collateral damage.

The Jung family is collateral damage.

And Yunho is ready to pull his boyfriend from his hole in the sand whether he likes it or not.

Yunho gets into his car grimly after giving it a once-over. It definitely looks just cosmetic though he had to fight the urge to react at the deep gouges someone had carved into the driver side door. This is the work of children. No sane adult would do something like this surely?

Well, that’s what he hopes at least.

He manages to get out of the carpark with no further hassle, and his hands are white on the steering wheel as he grips it tightly enough, willing himself to take the route home, because the urge to veer off and run away himself is strong.

Is Jaejoong really worth this kind of trouble?

He almost wishes they were just back to not knowing who the other was. Life was so much simpler when they were almost faceless people online. He had not wanted to be a dirty little secret, but right now, being a secret seems to be the much better option. Both of them had gone into this without putting much thought into the consequences. Him in particular, he had been completely naive, assuming that the world will love him because he really has never known anything else.

But those sites, casting shade on his character, on his family, even on his sexuality which ironically is the same as Jaejoong’s, gives him pause. He has never seen such ignorant and blind hatred. He is Jaejoong’s boyfriend. But the way some of these fans paint him, you’d think he’s some evil dictator who is responsible for the deaths of millions.

Yeah, millions of hearts apparently because oppa will never be theirs.

Seriously? Do they even know Jaejoong?

Yunho finally finds himself in front of the gate to his parents’ home. The car must have been bad enough for the security guard to come out of his little shack to talk to him instead of just opening the gates.


Yunho shakes his head, waving the man off.

“Just open the gate, please.”

The man ducks hurriedly back into his station, and the tall iron gates swing open to let him in. Even as he enters the gates, the urge to turn around and run hits him again.

Is he strong enough for this?

Life was so much easier without Jaejoong.

But what sort of life would it be without Jaejoong?

He cannot actually picture it. For a man with a healthy imagination, his brain shuts down at the thought of Jaejoong not being there.

But he knows they cannot continue the way they have. Push has definitely come to shove, and Yunho is at the end of his patience.

He doesn’t bother parking his car, simply leaving it in the driveway as he storms up to the front door which opens before he even gets there.

The security guard must have called the house, because his parents, sister and boyfriend all come spilling out, gaping at the car.

“What happened?” Jaejoong asks, blinking at the disaster of an R8.

“What the fuck do you think happened?”

“Language, Yunho,” his mother murmurs, as she eyes her son and his boyfriend.

“How the hell would I know?”

“Do crazy people, who scream and chant your name, and then demand to know where the fuck I’ve hidden you ring a bell? Do you know what happened today? Changmin needed stitches because one of your fucking insane fans, and I use that term bloody fucking loosely, threw her bag at him and it clipped him just over the eye.”

Jihye lets out a sharp gasp, and immediately turns and runs into the house. No one bats an eye, as the older Jungs watch their son bear down on his boyfriend who has his back up now too, eyes sparking dangerously as they eyeball each other.

“Is he alright?”

“Yes, he’s fine.”

“So why the fuck are you still pissed? I’ve had clothes ripped and I’ve even been hit. Changmin’s a big boy. Is this because of the car? I can buy you a new fucking car. Hell, I can probably buy you a few.”

“I don’t want a new car.”

Jaejoong straightens away from the wall he had been leaning on, his entire body language is aggressive and extremely arrogant.

“I’ll get you whatever you want. Stop sulking.”

Yunho’s eyes widen, as do his parents.

Alright then, Jaejoong wants to do this right now, they’ll do this right now.

“You don’t fucking get it do you? I don’t want a car. I don’t want money. I don’t want fame or fortune or any bullshit like that. I just want you. You. Nothing else. But god, it’s not just you is it. It’s half the fucking country I got as well not to mention several million people who don’t even live in South Korea. And I sure as fuck am not sulking.”

“Are you regretting it huh? Your toy is not as shiny as you thought it was? Too hard for you? You are behaving like a child who didn’t get what they thought they wanted.”

“You are not a fucking toy. What the hell is wrong with you? Can you even hear yourself? And me? A child? Have you taken a goddamn fucking look at yourself in the mirror lately? I’m going to work. I’m not shirking my responsibilities. I’m trying to work through this complete and utter mess that has happened. I’m not sitting at home and hiding out and hoping the world will go by and forget what a fucking uproar I’ve caused. I’m not the fucking child here, Jae.”

Yunho takes a deep breath, willing himself to calm down. He sees Jaejoong opening his mouth but he speaks before the older man can.

“You want to be a little shit? You can do it wherever you want but this is my home and age aside, the least you can do is show me some respect in front of my own damn parents. I like being led in my personal life but everyone has a limit, Jae. I know the last few days have been hard for you but your lawyers are sorting it out, my parents are sorting it out and fuck me if you're not going to come out of this smelling like fucking roses. But me? What about me? People are threatening me. People are hounding my team. People are destroying my fucking property. Please pull your fucking head out of your sorry ass and start thinking beyond yourself for once.”

“Calm the fuck down, Yunho.”

“Calm down? Calm down? Don’t you dare use that condescending tone with me. Don’t you even dare. I may be six years younger than you but I am still a man. I will not have you speak to me like I’m some wayward delinquent. Not over something this important.”

Jaejoong’s hands are fisted by his sides now, and he is blind to everyone except the furious young man glaring at him, but he is also somewhat deaf to him, hearing what he wants and seeing what he wants and all he sees is anger right now.

“I decide what the fuck is important. Who the hell do you think you are?”

That’s it. Yunho has definitely had enough.

“You are not listening to a goddamn word I’m saying.”

And with those furious words, Yunho takes two steps forward and snatches his boyfriend by the wrist, and he doesn’t even send his parents a backward glance as he drags his resisting boyfriend behind him. The noise Jaejoong is making brings some of the servants running to see what the commotion is about. Even Jihye, wide-eyed with her phone plastered to her ear as she comes out to see her brother dragging Jaejoong up the stairs, is gaping.

“Is that Jaejoong? What’s happening?” Changmin asks, as he can hear the racket even through the phone.


“Yes, oppa. What’s going on, Jiji?”

“Don’t call me Jiji! Oppa two is yelling at oppa one…”

Changmin rolls his eyes. It must be really bad for the normally eloquent teenager to give him fuck all like that.

“Details, Jiji.”

Jihye growls under her breath, as she watches her brother not even pausing as Jaejoong stumbles on the stairs, his grip firm. She really hopes Jaejoong doesn’t bruise easily because that is going to hurt.

“Oppa is dragging oppa two up the stairs.”

“What? Wouldn’t Jaejoong be running ahead of him? Why is he resisting?”

“Oppa is mad as hell. Didn’t you see his car? It got totaled by some crazy fans. Scratches and paint and everything.”

“It doesn’t seem like Yunho to get mad over a car. He can just buy another one.”

“I don’t know… but he is damn angry.”

“Oh, well. If I know Jaejoong, they can fuck it out of their system.”


A similar conversation is going on at the front of the house, as the Jung parents stare at their son’s car.


“Should we take a hose to their bedroom?”

“Let them fight it out. Yunho’s been giving in too much. I was going to say something to Jaejoong at the end of the week but I guess Yunho’s beaten me to it.”

“Do you think they’ll be alright?”

“I guess it depends on Jaejoong. This is a side of Yunho we are both familiar with, but not so much him. It’s always annoyed me how he just lets whoever he’s with run over him like a bulldozer. It was more or less equal with Donghae because that man is just way too placid, but with everyone else, it just gave me the impression that he’s holding back. And this is the first time I’ve ever seen him blow up like that.”


“Ok, blow up at someone other than his team and a family member like that.”


“Ok, other than incompetent fools at work.”

“Sound familiar?”

“Shut up.”


Yunho slams the door to his bedroom behind them, locking it and standing there, after finally letting go of Jaejoong. The older man is staring at him with fire is his eyes as he rubs at his wrist.

Jaejoong takes a step forward and tries to get past Yunho to get out the door, but the man is not budging. He is furious, but keeping it in for now, knowing he just needs to get out. To get some air. Everyone has always bowed to him. Even in his own stupid former agency, they will try and get him to do things, but never like this. They will always find some non-confrontational way of getting it done because in a one on one like this, no one has ever been able to gainsay him. His immense popularity is like a weapon that he wields with precision.

But it will definitely not work in this instance. In fact, it will probably backfire rather spectacularly on him. He knows he is behaving like Hero Jaejoong right now, and Yunho wants him to be Kim Jaejoong, but for the life of him, he cannot dig deep enough to pull out the man he knows he is. Yunho’s anger is putting his back up and the one thing Jaejoong hates is being on the defensive. He attacks, he doesn’t defend.

He tries again to get past his boyfriend, and in his frustration, he lashes out physically to try and get the man to move.

Yunho blocks him easily.

He does it again.

And yet again, he is blocked. Yunho doing it almost casually, as if swatting away a fly and this goads Jaejoong even more as he stops trying to politely get past, throwing serious punches this time.

And once again, he is thwarted.

“I can parry all night, Jae. I’ve got a black belt. I told you your moves are not going to work on me.” Yunho’s voice is lazily mocking as he stares down the increasingly pissed off rockstar. He reckons he can almost see the steam coming out of Jaejoong’s ears.

“They would if I kicked you in the fucking balls.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Watch me. It’s not like you have anything to lose anyway.”

The second the words fall from his mouth, Jaejoong freezes. He sees Yunho’s mouth tighten as hurt washes through his eyes, and Jaejoong takes a step back, his body no longer tense, as if giving up the fight as his arms fall to his side and he takes another step back, and another, till the backs of his knees hit the bed and he has nowhere else to go.

Yunho grits his teeth, pushing past the hurt to say what he needs to say as he watches his boyfriend try and run yet again.

“Stop running. Just fucking stop running. Do you know how many times I’ve wanted to just go fuck it! Do you know? But then I asked myself why. And I couldn't come up with a single reason that wasn't a selfish asshole type reason. I am NOT a selfish asshole and I know deep down you aren't either. Hell, you aren't even on the surface. You left that damn agency because of me.”

“It wasn’t just because of you…” Jaejoong mumbles, all the fight already gone from him, so horrified at himself at what he’d said earlier as he stares at Yunho’s flashing eyes.

“Stop arguing with me. You can talk when I'm done but right now I just want you to shut the fuck up and listen. I know you've always wanted to and I'm not the only reason but the thought of your agency using me is what finally pushed you to quit. I know you can think beyond yourself so why the fuck do you think running is an option? When has it ever been a damn option? Where the hell has it gotten you!? The Jaejoong I know is no quitter. Where is the man who couldn't stay on pitch but then proceeded to demolish all his fellow trainees and idols after only two years of vocal training? Where is the man who came back from the army and started from the bottom in a genre of music that isn't really mainstream in South Korea and proceeded to sell 400,000 units in five fucking months after only two years from his debut? TWO FUCKING YEARS? Where is the man who changed his own name and identity to protect his family? Why are you running now, Jae? Am I not worth it? Am I not worth fighting for? I'm sick of being pushed around. People take advantage of me and I let them because I figure hey if they knew the real me, how fucking assertive I can be, then they'd run and I won't have them anymore. But you. You know me. I never tried to hide anything from you. Are you fucking running from me now? Are you, Mr. Rockstar?”

Yunho stares at Jaejoong expectantly, finally done with saying his piece.

The silence stretches between them as Yunho and Jaejoong stare at each other. Yunho’s body is still tense, as if bracing for a fight, and Jaejoong is slowly bristling once again, guilt over his cruel words notwithstanding, he will be damned if anyone speaks to him like this.

“I am not running you fucking asshole. I just threw away my entire world, the life I have always known, and for what? A man who gets mad over a goddamn car being wrecked?”

Yunho takes a step forward, clenching his fists, his words coming out almost garbled because his jaw is clenched too and he speaks through gritted teeth.

“How many fucking times do I need to say this is not about the fucking car? How many times? I don’t give a rat’s ass about my car. I care about you.”

Jaejoong makes a very rude sound, scoffing, his Hero mask is definitely winning this fight.

“Me? Are you sure about that? What triggered this fight with me huh? Changmin getting hurt? Your car? Because that’s all I’m fucking hearing right now. Have you even stopped to ask how I’m feeling about this? I know I haven’t been wanting to talk about it but you’re making so many fucking assumptions. You are a fucking child compared to me because I know you haven’t seen half the shit I’ve seen. And you know what? I’d rather you stayed a child. Do you have any idea how alone I’m feeling right now? I don’t have anything. I have nothing!”

Yunho takes another step forward.

“Nothing? Nothing?” He shakes his head, his features twisted in disbelief. “I’m nothing then? You chose not to talk to me. Every time I bring it up you clam up, and as the younger, allegedly more passive one in this relationship, I let you have your silence because you obviously wanted it. I didn’t want to push you to talk about it, though I actually knew I should have. It was a fucking white elephant in the room and has been since Saturday. I know what you’ve been through, and while I know you haven’t told me everything, I know enough to know that it has affected you. This man standing before me is Hero Jaejoong. And you know what? I never want to be you.”

Jaejoong feels as if he’s been slapped. And he can feel the prickle behind his eyeballs that foretell impending tears, and this makes him angrier. He hates that Yunho affects him so much, and from what he can see, it’s a losing battle anyway. He has nothing to lose anymore.

Yunho shakes his head as he watches the play of emotions over his boyfriend’s face.

“I can see you misunderstanding me from here. I never want to be you, but I want to be with you. All this bullshit that comes with being your boyfriend? I’m more than ready to stand with you. But you have to want to stand with me too. You say you’re alone? How do you think I feel in an ocean of people, most of them in red, with no idea why the fuck they’re yelling at me. The noise is ridiculous that at times I need to pretend I’m at a game so that it just washes over me and becomes white noise. Loud fucking white noise, but white noise nonetheless, because if I stop to hear what they have to say, I will likely try and run. And do you know why I want to run? It’s because you are not fucking with me to get me through this.”

Jaejoong pushes away from the bed, storming up to Yunho, placing a hand over his heart and pushing, walking the man backwards till he hits the door.

“I don’t want you in this. I don’t want you dragged into this. Why the fuck do you think I quit the agency in the first place? I don’t want you standing next to me and getting filth thrown at you. I don’t want you anywhere near me.”

Yunho fists the front of Jaejoong shirt, pulling him closer till they’re almost nose to nose.

“Too fucking late for that, princess. I’ve already had filth thrown at me. I’m starting to think you’re being purposefully obtuse.”

Jaejoong shoves hard, pushing Yunho away from him, not even wincing as his shirt cuts the back of his neck and the buttons rip as he takes a step back and glares up at the taller man.

“Princess? I have punched men for saying lesser things.”

“Come at me, then.”

“We both know that’s not going to fucking work. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why can’t you understand?”

“Understand? What exactly am I suppose to understand? You haven’t said much beyond insulting me and feeling sorry for yourself. You want me to understand? Then explain to me why you won’t face your multitude of fans. Explain to me why you don’t want to hold that press conference you were so eager to have last week. Explain to me why you won’t fucking talk to me. I’m your damn boyfriend.”

Just my boyfriend. And who knows for how fucking long. We’re probably going to end this tonight. You’re not my fucking husband. You can’t tell me what to do.”

“Oh my god,” Yunho bangs the back of his head against his door repeatedly as the frustration in his voice and body is in full evidence. “Oh my fucking god. What is the matter with you? Have you fucking lost your mind? It’s like there’s this block in your head that I can’t seem to get past. I think I know what it is. When you’re Hero Jaejoong, you stop being human and your defense mechanism is selective hearing. Even if I was your fucking husband, I’m not going to tell you what to do.”

Jaejoong makes yet another rude sound, and Yunho takes offense, stepping forward and fisting the torn front of the man’s shirt again, and yanking him forward.

“A relationship is a partnership. The liability is shared. Your troubles are my troubles. Yours gains are my gains. And vice versa. If you don’t front up for something, I have to pick up the slack and front it up for you.”

“And what if I don’t want to?”

“Then the partnership falls apart and dissolves. Do you really want us to dissolve? You’re running again can’t you see?”

“Why the hell are you still here? I don’t understand…I just…this is so fucking hard. I don’t know who I am anymore. For so long my identity has been Hero Jaejoong, pop or rock idol. Now? What am I? I have nothing.”

“Do I have to fuck Hero Jaejoong out of your system? Because I fucking will if that’s what it takes. Hero Jaejoong is one aspect of you, and granted, it’s a rather big aspect, but it is not you completely. You’re also Kim Jaejoong, beloved son and very beloved boyfriend. How many times do I have to say I love you before you believe me? Because you keep saying you have nothing, and that is starting to fucking hurt.”

“We’re both clean.”

Jaejoong’s selective hearing is definitely extremely selective in this instance. Calculatedly selective.


“The results came back and I opened yours too.”

Yunho stares incredulously at his boyfriend, before he lets go of his shirt and marches him backwards. Jaejoong stumbles, but Yunho catches him, and they walk in tandem till the back of Jaejoong’s knees hit the bed again. But this time he doesn’t stay upright as Yunho almost casually slips his hands into the gaping opening of his ruined shirt, and pulls it apart, the buttons going flying before he pushes the older man backwards, following him down quickly, keeping him caged within his arms as he stares into liquid doe eyes staring defiantly up at him.

“And who gave you permission to open my results?”

“Did I really have to ask? Even if I did you would’ve said yes.”

“Just because you know what my answer will be, doesn’t mean you don’t have to ask me, princess.”

Jaejoong is silenced mid-growl at that word again as Yunho presses a forceful kiss on him, painful and punishing, not unlike the one they shared on the ice in front of thousands upon thousands.

But it is just them here, in this bedroom, alone. He had wanted to take Jaejoong then, in front of all those people, and now, in the quiet of his bedroom, the only sound being a deep moan from the man beneath him as he wraps his legs around his waist, taking whatever punishment Yunho is giving him, he is lost.

Hero Jaejoong will be his tonight.

AN1: Also, I need to apologise to my hyungie. I told her I would try and get Trophy Wife out before an Ice update but I wish I had more control over my muses… ;_______;

AN2: Also, I actually had two other photos on my phone that would have been a more appropriate response to Yunho’s text but I have a feeling they were not photos he posted himself…… so I didn’t cos I don’t want my comment section to explode in a war.

AN3: So as mentioned, I’ll be away and won’t be able to post, but if I can somehow get to internet, I’ll likely be on Twitter so if you’re not following me yet, come say hi @JungYunWhore :P I’m starting to think that name is really appropriate for me considering all the moaning I’ve been doing over Yunho *COUGH* And please don’t cry about the cock block cos I’m at work… focus on the fic and not the lack of smut ;-) Though I know a certain noona is going to scream at me from France… though really, patience is a virtue and who knows? You may get rewarded for it ;-)

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Tags: fic:ice, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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