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Love In The Ice [3]

Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: Ok… for those of you who haven’t read ICE, you’re either going to have to for this chapter or read this anyway and be a little lost :O And once again, thank you everyone for your comments ;-) I also apologise for using that photo again but I really can’t bloody stop staring at it and wanting to lick a trail from his jaw down his neck and….. YEAH I KNOW HOW JAEJOONG FEELS.

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, I really think you should because I will make a few references to it without actually spelling it out because the assumption is that everyone has read ICE and are familiar with the plot…


The PDs call a ten minute break despite the already late start because they can sense that everyone needs some time to refocus after the mini firework display that just occurred. In particular, their two leading stars are definitely in need of a breather, and they both watch as Yunho and Jaejoong stalk out of the room, and head in opposite directions.

“What have we done?”

“What do you mean? Did you see that?” the other PD is almost vibrating in excitement, unable to contain himself, ignoring the looks some of the cast members are sending their way. “U-Know Yunho is more than capable of controlling Hero Jaejoong. Remember how we were so worried about that aspect? The tension between them is going to translate so beautifully on screen…” he trails off, staring dreamily at his fellow PD who shakes his head.

“You do realise this is supposed to be a love story right? Those two are more likely to kill each other than to want to make love to each other. Yes, the tension is good and reminiscent of that fight they have later in the story, but they have to be all loving for most of this drama. I don’t actually know how well they will pull that off.”

The SME manager is still standing with them because no other corner of the room looks to be very welcoming right now. That is really one of the skills of TVXQ whether as five, two or individually. You may be indifferent to the group, but once you have met them, there is absolutely no way you can be indifferent, and from where he stands, the entire room might as well start waving red light sticks because they are all Cassiopeia through and through and he is persona non grata.

He interrupts the quiet conversation of the PDs.

“They will pull this off. If nothing, they will do it from sheer stubbornness. But it won’t even come to that. I’ve seen Yunho and Jaejoong fight like this. Actually, I’ve seen worse. They made Junsu cry once because of their screaming at each other, but once they are forced to face each other properly, no interventions, they will make up.”

“But the lawsuit?”

“Yes…I guess that is rather more significant than the other fights they’ve ever had. I’ve been their manager since early 2007 and I know enough to tell you it should be fine. The actual finished product that gets to the screen will be fine. What happens behind the scenes though…let’s just say I hope your NDAs for the cast and crew hold firm because SME will be very unhappy if it leaks out.”

“What do you think will happen?”

“I don’t know…but it will be a helluva show.”

Meanwhile, the subject of their conversation are both smoking and texting furiously on their phones. Yunho is in the underground carpark, and Jaejoong has escaped to the roof.

Jaejoong is so close to hurling his phone off the roof. He has been trying to call Yoochun and Junsu repeatedly but neither of them are answering their phones.




His hands are shaking and it is not just from the cold, as the spring breeze plays at his hair. Traces of winter are still evident in the air and he inhales his cigarette shakily.

He finally gives up trying to call them, and texts instead.


Jaejoong’s mouth twists in annoyance when the reply comes immediately. Yoochun is purposefully not answering his phone calls and he doesn’t even want to consider why his supposed soulmate is avoiding speaking to him at this very moment.

Calm down, hyung. What happened?

He tries to call him again, and yet again the phone just rings and rings and then goes to voice mail. And so he texts again.


Because I’m busy and I know all you’re going to do is scream at me. I’m with company and I don’t think you’d want them to hear you screeching like a fishwife.


Yoochun scowls at his phone, before looking up to meet Junsu’s eyes. They are sitting in his bedroom, clutching their phones and eyeing each other. He shows the message to the younger man whose eyes widen.

“Do you think he suspects?”

“He isn’t stupid.”

“He’s going to kill us.”

“I think he’s probably going to kill Yunho hyung first.”

“Is this really a good idea?”

“They need to fix it. I’m tired of watching him mope. He thinks we don’t notice because we don’t comment anymore. I think this will be good.”

Junsu stares at the screen of Yoochun’s phone, and his grip tightens when the screen lights up again as another message comes in.


“Oh god… I think you need to go into hiding.”

Yoochun glances over at his phone and then shrugs.

“Honestly? I’m willing to take any reaction from him over Yunho hyung even if it involves being skinned.”

“I think you better reply before he starts sharpening his knives.”

“Yunho hyung will blunt them for me before he can even get near me.”

“Still so much faith in him?”

“You should have more.”

Silence as Yoochun retrieves his phone and texts back.

You’re already screeching like a banshee at me over text. Of course you’re going to be yelling at me. I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’m busy. We can talk later as long as you’re done screaming.

Jaejoong grips his phone, his cigarette forgotten till it burns his finger and he drops it hastily. So much for soulmates. He wants to scream and rant and rail at the injustice of the world right now but no one wants to listen.

Yunho used to listen.

He cannot stop the thought from coming through, and then the memories start coming in. Yunho used to let him rant and rail, and expend his anger and frustration at their situation, and then he’d hug him and kiss him and promise that he will make it better somehow.

Fucking liar.

Motherfucking liar.

Jaejoong does hurl his phone then, and he watches dispassionately as it shatters against the corner of the roof.

Yet another casualty from his unresolved issues with his fucking leader-ssi.

Already angry, he simmers even more as he storms over to pick up the pieces of his phone. Like his heart, he cannot put it back together. And even if he can, it will not be the same.

Nothing will ever be the same.

And in the bowels of the building, Yunho is sucking on his second cigarette as if it is giving him the breath of life. He had inhaled the first one so quickly he barely noticed, while staring at the rows of cars. He pulls out his phone after lighting the second cigarette, and he calls Changmin.




His dongsaeng is not answering.

Lost and angry, Yunho texts instead.

I can’t do this. I can’t do this drama. Do you know who they cast as the other lead? The other lead I’m supposed to be falling in love with? What a joke. I’m going to break something…I swear to god I’m going to break something. Do you think if I break my hand they’ll let me out of this? I won’t survive this.

Changmin’s brow furrows when the message comes in, and he mutes his television and calls a number that is not Yunho’s.

The person answers with barely even the first ring completed.

“Min-ah? They’ve met. You’re on speaker by the way.”

“I know. Hyung just texted me. What did Jaejoong hyung say?”

“He is angry enough that he threatened to skin me and then feed it back to me in ddeokbukki form…”

Changmin lets out a sharp laugh that somehow turns into a watery gurgle. He is so tired of being strong. He just wants these two to sort their shit out. His own anger at their situation is eclipsed by how he feels about his hyungs. He cares more for them than he shows, and it hurts him more than they know to see them like this.

Not just Yunho and Jaejoong either, but all of them.

“I’m going to feign ignorance, and you should probably do the same.”

“If they find out we lied though…”

“They’d be too busy making out. They might even thank us.”

“You really think they’ll get back together?”

“Yunho hyung isn’t angry…”

“He isn’t?”

Changmin takes the phone from his ear and looks at the message again.

“No, he isn’t. No threats, nothing. He just says he won’t survive this, and asked if I think they’ll let him out of the drama if he breaks his hand.”

“What?” Both Junsu and Yoochun gasp as they question incredulously. Seriously, their hyungs really have a flair for the melodramatic. First, Jaejoong turning into a cannibal and now Yunho wants to break his hand.

“Yeah, he’s not angry. But he’s definitely something.”

“What is the something?”

Junsu finally speaks up properly, having been mostly silent all this time as he listens to the other two talk. Out of all of them, he is probably the one who wants to leave well enough alone because he remembers what Jaejoong was like the first year, and he doesn’t want his hyung to go through it again. But then, unfairly, he forgets that Yunho is hurting too and this whole situation is reminding him of it, and he’s feeling slightly guilty for not being supportive in the first instance.

“It’s something. If I knew don’t you think I would have said what it was instead of saying something?” Changmin’s tone is a little rude. While he is on reasonably better terms with Yoochun, Junsu is still in the doghouse in his book.

For now anyway.

“Don’t be like that, Min-ah.” Yoochun sees the hurt in Junsu’s eyes and he rubs his knee and shakes his head at him.

But the maknae refuses to apologise as his phone beeps indicating another text message.

“He just texted me again. I’ll keep you posted. Remember, feign ignorance otherwise we’ll all be dead.”

And he hangs up without waiting for a reply, checking his phone and sighing at the message this time.

It’s Jaejoong…he’s in the drama as the rock star. I don’t think I can do this.

Changmin texts back immediately.

Management actually allowed this?

Management? Management? Management are all a bunch of assholes as far as I’m concerned right now. Yes, they knew he was the other lead and they’ve made it so that I cannot get out of the contract. They actually want me to do this. What the hell is wrong with them?

Changmin can tell Yunho several things that are wrong with them, but he says nothing.

Do you need me to do something? There’s not much you can do if you can’t get out of the contract. Just don’t kill him please because I will leave you to rot in jail if you do.

Yunho laughs shakily, as he texts back. Damn the kid.

Whose side are you on anyway?


Yunho chuckles and pockets his phone then as he checks his watch and finds that he is going to be late if he doesn’t hustle.

As he stares at the numbers going up on the elevator, he suddenly remembers why “the other lead” needed to leave early.

Family emergency.

Does he dare ask Jaejoong what’s wrong?

The elevator doors open and he sees a familiar figure striding past it as he walks out. He follows behind slowly, taking in the way Jaejoong’s clothes practically hanging off him. The man is so slim that Yunho thinks he can definitely call him skinny now rather than slim. A stiff breeze could blow him away. But all that fire and anger? That will keep him anchored. Jaejoong has always been passionate and Yunho knows first hand just how passionate.

Not just in the bedroom but in everything.

He shakes his head, carding his hand through his hair as he walks back into the room behind Jaejoong who doesn’t turn at all.

This is going to be painful.


Script readings are normally a place for the cast to get together in an informal setting, to sound out the characters and just create a camaraderie that will hopefully sustain them during the production. Laughter and joking, and a general jovial atmosphere is not uncommon, with the actors taking selcas with each other, chatting, and engaging in small talk in between the slightly more serious exercise of reading the script.

As this is a comparatively more light hearted romance, the atmosphere should have been cheerful.

But instead of cheer, the atmosphere is tense, an underlying current of anticipation running through everyone. They are all chatting freely with each other, but all the cast are giving the two leads a wide berth. Their bearing does not invite conversation, eyes trained on their scripts in front of them, flipping the pages when necessary, but neither looking up even once.

It is almost painful to watch. If you have tried to keep your eyes trained on something for more than fifteen minutes without looking away, you will understand exactly how much strength and willpower the two men sitting opposite each other have. It is human nature to fidget and be restless, and to look away every now and then. But to keep your eyes fixed on a point, not moving anymore than necessary, takes almost inhuman effort.

Jaejoong goes through his scene with his “parents” quickly. He finds the veteran actors easy to work with, and despite not even looking at them, which he knows is rude but he doesn’t want to accidentally catch sight of Yunho, their voices convey the emotions necessary in the scene. His anger at their perceived betrayal of him had been easy to bring forth, already simmering below the surface anyway. The way he carries the scene draws them both in, and the pain of the still unnamed rockstar, is also his pain.

It is even more acute because halfway through the scene, Chun Ho Jin, the man playing his father starts to call him “Joongie”. No one bats and eyelid, continuing, and thus the unnamed rockstar is now Hero Jaejoong.

For now at least.

“Do we really have to read these emails out loud?” Yunho finally speaks up as the scene with the “Kims” have now ended and Jaejoong is supposed to be sitting naked in his room.

“Yes, because you need to convey whatever it is you were feeling as you wrote them through your words in the voiceovers. Jaejoong-ssi will need to react appropriately, and you will need to react appropriately.”

Yunho stares at the words, needing to somehow be cheerful and shy and adorable all at the same time.

He is definitely not feeling a single one of any of those things. He is going to fail flat and in front of Jaejoong no less.

Fucking great.

He cannot even bring forth a memory enough to be able to borrow the emotions from it to do this.

He stares at the script, and he can hear the impatient huff coming from the man opposite him. Easy for him, all he had to be was angry in that first scene and Yunho knows Jaejoong is plenty angry enough. He had been so believable as he laments the betrayal of his parents for giving him such an ultimatum that Yunho had been swept up in it, as had the rest of the cast.


He remembers his own ultimatum. Why hadn’t Jaejoong crumbled then like he does here?

And so when Yunho finally speaks, it is not adorable dorky shyness that comes forth but bitterness as that horrible afternoon comes crashing back down over him. His words are clipped, his tone is cold as he reads the email, causing more than one eyebrow to raise.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Yunho clenches his jaw, as that mocking voice from across him hits him. He keeps his eyes downcast, because if he looks up he might just lunge across the table to shut the man up. That has always been Jaejoong’s problem. He doesn’t fucking know when the fuck to keep his goddamn fucking mouth shut.


“What exactly are you reading?”

“The script,” Yunho replies through tightly clenched teeth. He is aware of the eyes on them, and he will be damned if he doesn’t make more of a spectacle of themselves than he already has.

But of course, Hero fucking Jaejoong has other ideas.

“Are you blind?.”

“Excuse me?”

“Can’t you read the directions? Adorable? Cheerful? Shy? You don’t sound like any of that. I know this is a mere script reading, but as the PD-nim said earlier, you’re supposed to convey the right emotion and I’m supposed to react appropriately. How the heck am I supposed to react to that appropriately? What the hell was that even anyway?”

Yunho finally looks up then, to see Jaejoong’s eyes trained on his own script, but his jaw is tight with tension, and his hand is fisted on the table.

“The world does not revolve around you.”

“Could’ve fooled me.”

The table is silent as they watch U-Know Yunho glaring at the bent head of Hero Jaejoong who is clearly taking his character a little too seriously. The words and behaviour are all of the rockstar in the script, and not really of Hero Jaejoong who is normally sweet and friendly. No one dares to speak up to call Jaejoong out on it, because they are having trouble separating the man from his character. If Jaejoong is doing this to stay in character, who are they to thwart that? He is not being insufferable to anyone else except his fellow lead actor.

And they all heave a silent sigh of relief when the leader of TVXQ chooses not to let the beautiful man across from him bait him, as he tries again, injecting a slightly cheery tone into his words through gritted teeth.

They get partway through, when Yunho stumbles.

“…I can sit here in my underwear and talk to you without feeling self-conscious….”

He pauses overlong, staring at the words, remembering something. Someone on his right clears their throat, and he is jolted back into the present day.

“…I’m not in my underwear! I promise!”

And he hears the scoff from opposite him and his eyes fly up again, his back up now.

“What’s the matter with you? I’m sure that sound was a completely unnecessary reaction to my words.”

Jaejoong merely shakes his head, smirking to himself, his voice is a little sarcastic.

“I really do think you’re blind. Can’t you see the directions for me? I’m supposed to be laughing. That is the first time I genuinely felt like laughing and you take offence?”

“That wasn’t a laugh.”

“How would you know? When was the last time you heard me laugh?”

“This morning,” the words spill out before Yunho can stop them and he really wants to kick himself right there and then. He looks away just as he sees Jaejoong’s head finally jerk up to look at him, eyes wide in surprise. He doesn’t move his gaze back, as he feels those large doe eyes burning holes in him. He glances at the faces of his fellow cast members, and he cringes inwardly as they all show varying degrees of shock, and some sympathy.

“What? How?”

“Doesn’t matter. Move on please.” Yunho’s tone is brusque, and he casts his eyes back down on his script, grimly determined not to look up again.

Jaejoong’s mind is whirling. When the hell would Yunho have heard him laugh? He wants to interrogate him because he is under the impression that Yunho had all but forgotten he even existed, but yet he had heard him laugh that morning.

Without knowing that they are filming this drama together.

So where would he have seen him laugh? A drama? No, Yunho doesn’t have time for dramas. An interview? Maybe, but he cannot recall any of the top of his head and why the hell would Yunho be watching an interview of his anyway? His thoughts are running away from him, wondering, musing, trying to figure it out when he hears that tone of voice again, breaking through his brief meander into the fanciful. The tone that is really starting to grate.

“Move on, Jaejoong. It’s your part now. We don’t have all day.”

Jaejoong glares at Yunho, eyes flashing, but it is wasted because Yunho is not looking at him.

“Don’t use that tone with me. I’m not going to fall in line just because you’re using your leader-ssi voice.”

“You’re imagining things. I’m just talking to you as I would any other fellow actor.”

Jaejoong grits his teeth knowing that isn’t true. Yunho would be far more polite had it been anyone else. A quick glance around the table reveals everyone staring at him in anticipation as if expecting him to blow up again. Well, he is not going to give anyone that satisfaction, least of all Yunho. He is not going to be the petulant child here. That job goes to U-Know Yunho, who is really fucking good at it.

The rest of the email exchange continues without incident, though Jaejoong had kept his eyes on Yunho’s face as he read out the part where he is telling the man that he is naked in bed.

But he gets not one twitch.

Not even a blink of acknowledgement.

And it hurt.

And that makes him angry all over again.

Because why should it hurt?

Jaejoong bites his lip as he looks away. He knows why it hurts. And he hates that it hurts. It’s not even a significant thing. Any other actor would have probably not flinched either. But this is Yunho, and he should have flinched.

He should have fucking remembered.

Just like Jaejoong is remembering.

And this makes him angry. Angry enough that he is absolutely breathtaking through the next scene where he is supposed to be at his agency’s office. The cold anger rolling off him has everyone slackjawed in awe.

All but Yunho.

Who doesn’t look at him for even one brief moment.

Not even during their flirty exchange of text messages. Jaejoong has given up trying to take Yunho to task for his lack of emotions. The PDs are not saying anything, and he just looks stupid constantly harping on it, and so he lets it go, not bothering himself.

That is until the next line, where Yunho just decides, hey, why not kill Hero Jaejoong with one sentence?

“Somehow I think it’ll be you doing the yelling.”

Yunho’s tone and voice is full of dark promise, low and husky, as he finally looks up to pin Jaejoong with a look.

A very familiar look.

And Jaejoong, who had been staring at Yunho the whole time, flushes immediately. He can feel the heat rushing to his face, his skin tingling and his loins tightening. His heart is racing, and he just wants to get out. He wants to run from the room, far far far away. As far away as possible from the man who can turn him into a puddle of want from just one fucking sentence.

God damn him. God damn him to hell.

Yunho has been feeling overheated for a good long while now. In fact, he’s been overheated since he realised it is Jaejoong who will be acting opposite him. He had kept it simmering under the radar, and strangely enough, it hasn’t been that hard.

Hard. He almost laughs. Almost. He can’t stand up right now without popping someone’s eye out. This is why he told Changmin he cannot do it. He can pretend Jaejoong doesn’t exist as long as the man is nowhere within a hundred foot radius of him. But like this? Opposite him, exchanging flirty messages, his brain is slowly shutting down and zoning out with only one thing in focus.


It is just like they used to be all those years ago. Jaejoong’s proximity to him has always driven him insane, and he even remembers clearly that one time during a Tohoshinki interview, where Yoochun and Changmin had both pulled him up on treading too close to losing it on screen.

But he hadn’t really. He honestly hadn’t. His control is much better than they give him credit for. True, he did pop a boner onscreen, and yes, perhaps rubbing said boner against Jaejoong’s hand was probably not a good idea, but come on. He thought his poker face had been pretty good. Jaejoong’s was pretty good too, though he did get an earful in the van about it on their way back.

Or should he say a lapful?

Jaejoong had damned seatbelt regulations, choosing to sit astride his lap the whole way home, grinding against him as they make out in the backseat, while their other members all pop headphones over their ears and stare straight ahead. Too many times have they accidentally seen things that they really don’t want to see of their hyungs, and all three have learned to just let them roll with it.

Even their Japanese manager knew better than to ask why half their make up is rubbed off and their mouths are wet and rosy.

This is why he had cast Jaejoong out, because to let the man back in would mean succumbing to his wicked ways. Jaejoong may look like an angel, but he is so far from it. Yunho is not strong enough to resist the temptation that is Hero Jaejoong on a normal day. And throwing him out had been the only way to stop him from sneaking back into his heart.

But this isn’t a normal day is it? It’s been well over three years since he has locked eyes with the lead singer, and he is extremely irritated to find that it is as if nothing has happened and no time has passed. His emotions and body still react to the man the way they did all those years ago.

Though this time, there is a lot more anger involved. Both at himself and the beautiful man with the reddened cheeks and beautiful mouth parted just so, sitting opposite him.

Yunho figures if he’s being tortured like this, why not torture Jaejoong as well? Surely he shouldn’t be the only one to suffer?

He had started the texting scene all clipped and serious as usual. Almost monotonous. He knows he is probably disappointing the PDs but there is just too much annoyance, anger and a feeling of helplessness that he doesn’t like washing through him because his company has pretty much left him to the wolves, to be able to focus properly.

Not to mention the constant battle he has to push down the urge to stand up, lean across the table, and yank Jaejoong into his arms and kiss the fuck out of him.

But Jaejoong, the consummate professional when it matters, is completely in character, doing exactly what he has to do and then some. His character is spilling over into his actual interactions off the script, and Yunho is not sure he knows where Jaejoong starts and where the character ends. The fact that everyone has taken to calling him Jaejoong since the rockstar is still yet unnamed doesn’t help matters at all. The coldness that is flowing from him is touching everyone, and Yunho cannot help but think the title of the drama is really appropriate.


Jaejoong is making him look bad. But he knows it is not the older man’s fault. It is his own, for not being able to have a firm enough grip of himself to push past the history they have together. And so Yunho decides if he cannot beat him, he will join him.

And thus he injects all the want and need he still feels for Jaejoong into his next line, wanting to see if the man will react.

And he does.

Oh so beautifully.

And Yunho knows they are both very fucked.

Jaejoong pushes back his seat, and gets up quickly, leaving the room in a whirl of motion with not a word. His face is on fire, and so is every other part of his body. He storms into the closest bathroom, turning the cold tap on and splashing his face quickly with as much water as he can stand. The icy sting of the water hurts, but yet he can still feel the heat in his face. He looks up, and the wild wide eyes that stare back, the slightly haunted look in their depths is something he doesn’t want to see.

Fuck, Yunho. Fuck him for making him feel this way after so long.

One goddamn sentence.

He knew he wanted Yunho to be more in character, but now he doesn’t. Now he wants the man to continue being flat and monotonous and disengaged.

Because this is ridiculous. He is in so much trouble he doesn’t even know where to begin. And that shirt, all that exposed skin. It isn’t even much by anyone’s standards. By normal standards because the man is wearing a tee shirt underneath.

But Yunho’s neck and jawline has always been a weakness of Jaejoong’s. The way he can feel Yunho’s blood pounding through his veins as he runs his mouth down his neck, to the adam’s apple bobbing, inviting Jaejoong to wrap his lips around it briefly, before he moves lower to claim his prize.

The pulse jumping at the base of his throat.

He just wants to lick at it. He can almost taste the sweat that pools there after a vigorous round of love-making, and the way Yunho squeezes him closer as he licks his way back up.

His grip over the porcelain sink tightens as he stares at himself, the heat in his eyes, and the tremble in his lips as they part, watching as his tongue sneaks out to lick at his parched lip. The blood is roaring through his ears, and he doesn’t know what to do.

Even as he stares, the arousal turns to annoyance, and then back to anger.

Why the fuck does Yunho still affect him like this?

More importantly, why is he letting him?

Jaejoong stares at himself, face wet and dripping from the earlier dousing.

He needs to get a grip, otherwise they will never be able to get through this. They have whizzed through the scenes, and a quick check of his watch reveals that he still has sufficient time.


Because this means they will need to read through that scene. The final scene for this first script reading.

Can he kick everyone out for it? Because really…what the actual fuck?

Doing it with a stranger is one thing. Doing it with Yunho is another.

It will either kill him or make him stronger.

Which will it be?

He stares at himself in the mirror, straightening up, dark eyes hard as agate.

Hero Jaejoong is a survivor. He can do this. He will do this. Yunho will be very sorry for making him feel this way.

He takes one last look at himself before turning and leaving the bathroom, ignoring the voice inside him warning him that every single time he tries to make Yunho be sorry, it is him who ends up getting the tables turned on him.

Damn Yunho’s self-control.

But they are no longer together, and Jaejoong is pretty fucking good at controlling himself too when he knows something is coming.

Yunho is not going to surprise him again. Two can play this game.

The chatter at the table dies as Hero Jaejoong makes his re-entry. He doesn’t look at anyone, mouth pressed into an angry thin line, face completely blank, though those beautiful eyes are flashing with an unknown emotion. Everyone knows what is coming up, and everyone is practically on the edge of their seats.

The breaking finger scene and the scene at dining table with the other ice hockey players goes over without a hitch, and as they move into the final scene before Jaejoong can leave, the PDs call for a break.

“I don’t need a break. Can we get through this so I can leave, please?” Jaejoong looks at the two PDs, and then he sweeps his gaze around the table, purposefully avoiding a pair of blank almond eyes. “The next scene doesn’t require any of you, so you can go for a break if you want.”

Heads shake immediately, and Jaejoong sighs inwardly. He didn’t think anyone would want to leave the room, but he had to try. So they’re doing this with an audience? So be it.

One of the PDs clears his throat as he looks from the tense lead singer, to the expressionless leader of TVXQ. Neither are giving away anything, and the room is fraught with anticipation. He can practically feel it crawling up his arms. A quick look at the SME manager reveals the man staring back and forth at Yunho and Jaejoong almost curiously, his head cocked slightly, and a very tiny smile playing about his mouth. Well, if the man is smiling, it surely can’t be all that bad can it?

“Alright, this next scene is the first of a few rather explicit scenes. If any of you feel uncomfortable, feel free to leave the room, but please do it quietly so as not to interrupt our leads. Everyone here is over the age of 19, and you have all signed non-disclosure agreements. What happens in this room, stays in this room. Are we clear?”

Yunho eyebrow twitches, and he fights the urge to raise it in amusement as the table nods their agreement. Bad enough he thought he’d have to do this with a stranger. Doing it with Jaejoong? He has a feeling that his company is behind the NDAs, and he is just a tad grateful for it. This is a script reading, and therefore behind the scenes, and while they can both probably write off the way they behave as acting, it is less convincing because they don’t have to truly act unlike if they were actually in front of a camera.

It reminds him of all the YunJae evidence he has seen over the years. A lot of them happen “backstage” so to speak, off camera for all intents and purposes.

He is going to have to be careful and set the scene.

“Can I have a phone, PD-nim?”

“A phone?”

All eyes are on Yunho as one of the PDs echoes his odd request.

“Well, this scene requires a phone, and just talking without one will feel odd. Well, odd to me anyway. I can use my own phone I guess if you don’t have a prop one handy.”

There is a murmur of agreement around the table, and Yunho resists the urge to smile.

Alright, so he has everyone on board thinking that he is taking the acting seriously, which will go some way in covering his ass should it become necessary.

“Uh, we didn’t think about props, but yes do use your phone. Do you need a phone too, Jaejoong-ssi?”

Jaejoong is staring at Yunho through narrowed eyes, as the man simply quirks an eyebrow at him in challenge.

Well, then.

“Yes. But my phone is in pieces.”

“I have a spare.”

“Of course you do.”

“You know how it is.”

The exchange between Yunho and Jaejoong is suddenly painfully polite, as Yunho digs into his pocket to pull out his spare phone. Well, not quite a spare. It is the number for his family, and the number that Jaejoong had tried numerous times to get hold of him on. It is amazing that their sasaengs have not managed to get hold of the number.

He slides his other phone, the work phone to Jaejoong.

“What’s your number?”

“Are you actually calling each other?” One of the PDs ask, looking back and forth between the two men. “I didn’t think you needed to since you’re sitting opposite each other…”

“Hearing a voice right in your ear is different from talking across a table PD-nim,” Jaejoong replies, eyes on Yunho’s whose mouth quirks in a ghost of a smile. The urge to return the smile is strong but he resists, pressing his lips together instead.

“Yes…you do want us to do this properly don’t you?”

Yunho queries lazily, his voice a low drawl as he settles back in his seat, sliding down the leather chair a little, opening his legs, getting comfortable. The slight slump allows him to be able to rest his elbow on the arm rest as he strokes his cheekbone with his index finger. His eyes never leave Jaejoong’s, and he can see the tightening of the other man’s doe eyes, as he too leans back in his seat.

Everyone can hear the different timbre in Yunho’s voice, and some of them are starting to think that perhaps it might be a good idea to leave.

“What’s your number?”

“You know it.”

They stare at each other for a long minute, before Jaejoong looks down at the phone in his hand, bringing up the keypad and he dials quickly.

And there is more than one shocked person in the room, including the SME manager, when Yunho’s phone starts to ring.


Yunho knows his voice is way lower and huskier than it needs to be this early, but Jaejoong’s eyes on his is making him forget what he’s supposed to be doing. He is barely aware of the rest of the room.

“Hello? This is Baek Do Hoon.”

Jaejoong is snapped back into reality at Yunho’s utterance of his character’s name. The first hello had send delicious and unwelcome shivers up his spine, but Yunho’s Baek Do Hoon is like a douse of ice over him.

He forces the chuckle out, and it sounds empty and fake even to his own ears, wincing, ignoring the amused quirk of Yunho’s eyebrow across from him.

The room is dead silent. You can hear a pin drop, as the two male leads start to talk. They barely look at the script, already having memorised most of it, and the adlibs that get dropped in every now and again raise eyebrows.

But the adlib that has everyone finally tearing their eyes away from the two men with phones pressed to their ears, each slouched low in their seats, to look at each other incredulously and completely flabbergasted is an adlib from Jaejoong.

“Mmmmm…remember the other night when you said you’d be willing to be my anything? Be mine tonight, Yun-ah…”


What makes the adlib even worse, is that Yunho doesn’t bat an eyelid, simply shifting in his seat as his face breaks into a ghost of a smirk, so subtle, but there, and his answer has everyone quickly flicking quietly through their script.

And then looking up at the two stars who are completely oblivious to the slackened jaws in the room.

“I’m always yours…forever, Jae…But I…I’ve never done this before.”

Jaejoong’s eyes don’t leave Yunho’s as he starts to sing into the phone, voice so husky and low. Most do not know the meaning of the words, not bothering to look it up, but Yunho did look them up. He barely notices that Jaejoong had launched straight into the chorus, as he presses his phone to his ear, Jaejoong’s breathy voice is almost corporeal as he imagines he can feel his fingers dancing straight across his skin.

“Don't you just love… the feeling of my fingertips… circling your lips.”

Yunho lifts his free hand up, ghosting them across his mouth, tugging at his pouty lower lip, and he watches as Jaejoong’s eyes drop to his mouth and then lower, and he trails his hand down his jaw, down his neck, as the next line washes over him.

“Don't you just love… the desire taking hold of you… I can tell you do.”

Oh Jaejoong can tell alright. He can definitely tell. Yunho’s eyes are hooded, bedroom eyes as he stares at him from across the table. He watches as his hand skims lower, and the next breath that he draws in shudders off his lips as Yunho’s beautiful slim fingers start to play with the collar of his shirt, as his eyes close, mouth parted with the phone pressed to his ear, fingers dropping to pull at the already parted gap in his shirt.

“I know all your favorite spots…”

Jaejoong’s breath hitches as he sees the hint of a smile tugging up one side of Yunho’s mouth. The man’s eyes are still shut, and Jaejoong takes advantage of that fact, letting his eyes roam over the man strong features. He wants to kiss him so bad it hurts, and he cannot even summon enough energy to get angry over that fact. He is way past angry. He doesn’t even know what he’s supposed to be feeling right now. He is sure he had a plan of some sort, but whatever it was has clean slipped his mind.

”…and tonight we will connect the dots.”

Yunho’s eyes open at the final word, as he asks, voice heavy with lust, deaf and blind to everything but Jaejoong.

“Tell me your favourite spots…”

Jaejoong’s answer is immediate, as his eyes are staring right at it.

“Your throat…that dip in the base of your throat where your pulse throbs. I want to feel that throb against my tongue as I lick at it, feeling your strength and vitality and feeding on it. I love how it makes me feel, your strength gives me strength… Tell me what you want, Yun-ah…”

“Oh dear god that is not in the script,” one of the PDs whispers.

The SME manager has his knuckles in his mouth, biting down hard. He knew, he suspected, and SME must have known this would happen to have insisted on the NDAs. He is biting on his hand to prevent himself from telling the two of them to stop. To just get a room oh god. Instead, his eyes sweep across the table where everyone is frozen, as Yunho replies to Jaejoong’s adlib.

“Your beautiful mouth, Jae…your mouth drives me crazy. Do you know how hard it is not to reach out and cup your cheek, sweeping my thumb across your mouth, watching as you suck my thumb into your mouth. And then you bite me. You love to bite don’t you, Jae? Do you want to bite me now?”

Everyone has given up flipping through the script. They are all slowly scooting backwards from the table, to try and get out of the two men’s peripheral view as far as possible. They feel like they are intruding, and more than one are contemplating leaving.

But it is like an accident. You want to look away but you cannot. There is something horrifyingly fascinating about watching the events unfold right before your eyes. Both Yunho and Jaejoong are flushed, eyes on the other, lips pressed to the mouth of their respective phones. Their voices are getting lower and breathier, and it is getting harder to hear the words, as they whisper into the phones, in a cocoon of their own making, completely oblivious to their audience.

Little do they know, Yunho is not oblivious. He knows where he is, he just doesn’t care. Well, correction, he cares, but he knows he can get away with it because the scene calls for exactly what they are doing, and if he focuses on the audience, he will not be able to pull this off. And so he dismisses them from his mind, focusing on the man opposite him whose pouty mouth is caressing his phone. Jaejoong is adlibbing something chronic, but then so is he, and he finds the words coming forth much easier than simply following a script.

He needs to feel, not follow.

And Yunho is definitely feeling every single puff of air Jaejoong exhales into his ear, imagining those very lips pressing and tugging at the lobe of his ear as he whispers huskily into it.

“Bite you…lick you…devour you. I want to taste every inch of you…every single inch…”

Yunho’s already hard cock twitches at those words, and his eyes roll up as they close, remembering, falling back into his memories even as he continues to talk, though his words come out as more of a groan.

“Such a dirty mouth Jaejoong…”

The moan he gets in his ear is beautifully melodic, and his lips stretch into a smile as he shifts in his seat again, elbow resting on the armrest as he holds his phone to his ear, tilting his head up slightly as he licks his lips. His hand moves down to unbutton one more button, and he can hear the gasp in his ear, and he knows Jaejoong is watching.

“What are you doing to me?”

“The same thing you’re doing to me…”

“Your mouth…that bottom lip. I want to suck on it.”

Around them, the cast have all vacated their seats and are standing in a corner, whispering as quietly as they can manage to each other.

“Are they acting?”

“I think so…”

“Well, I think they just won the award for best acting I have ever seen in my life and I’ve been in the industry since 1971.”

“I want to leave the room and leave them to it, but I can’t seem to make myself go.”

“I know what you mean.”

“What happened to the two men yelling at each other earlier?”

“Well, they’re acting aren’t they?”

“They’re not following the script though…”

“You have to admit, they are better than the script.”


“So they’re definitely acting?”

“Why do you keep asking that?”

“I don’t know… I guess if it gets confirmed to me often enough, I’ll finally believe it.”

“I think you might be asking that throughout this production.”

“I think so too…”

“I foresee a million NGs.”


“Jaejoong-ssi keeps calling him Yun-ah instead of Do Hoon. That is not going to work.”

“They really are acting right?”

“Enough with the acting question! We’ll go with yes and leave it at that.”

And even the slightly raised voice of Chun Ho Jin does not penetrate the bubble Yunho and Jaejoong have formed around themselves.

“Do you want my fingers there, Jae? Circling…”

The moan that leaves Jaejoong’s throat, his eyes now shut, make everyone standing and watching them shift very uncomfortably.

“Yunho…touch me please…oh god please…”

Several of the cast members squeeze their eyes shut at the plea. The two PDs are staring at the floor, and the SME manager is staring up at the ceiling, muttering quietly under his breath. Kim Sung-ryung approaches him, curious to hear what he is saying, unable to continue looking at Yunho and Jaejoong from a while ago. Sitting next to Yunho had been extremely uncomfortable. Jaejoong’s eyes speak volumes, and being so close to the man they are directed at, she doesn’t want to see anymore. It is too intimate.

“Why god why did you do this to them?”

“They were together weren’t they?”

The manager’s head drops down with a start, as he stares at the beautiful older woman. He shakes his head.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know.”

They are both distracted by yet another low moan coming from Jaejoong who shifts in his seat, drawing his knees up and curling into his side, his fingers are running up and down his calves, his eyes are still shut. The man is so slim that his entire frame fits easily in the leather office chair.

“You can feel them can’t you? My fingers trailing up your body…teasing you. Where do you want my fingers, Jae?”

“In me…” Jaejoong replies breathily eyes tight clenched.

Everyone watches as Yunho plays his fingertips over his mouth, his eyes still closed with a slight smile.

“Give me the words, Jae. Tell me—“

But Yunho is cut off before he can finish his sentence as Jaejoong gives him the words.

But they are not the words he was meaning.

“I love you…”

Yunho’s eyes pop open, and he straightens, a scowl twisting his handsome features as he stares at the beautiful man with his eyes still clenched shut. Any lust or arousal he felt has just died a very painful death, as Jaejoong utters the words he never ever wants to hear from the man again.


AN1: Lol you guys are lucky. My husband has too much work to tie up so we’re leaving tomorrow instead of today so I managed to squeeze this in ;-) But this is definitely lucky last fic for 2+ weeks unless a miracle happens. Have fun and do follow me on @JungYunWhore and keep me in the loop with fandom stuff cos I’ll be too harried to keep up myself ;-)

AN2: Lol anyone who looks at the comments of these fics will think I suck after the first chapter or something hahaha cos of the sharp drop in the number of comments XD! But then the first chapter had two weeks to simmer and the second didn’t… Who knows what the third will bring OTL

AN3: THEY ARE ACTING OK? ACTING! That’s my (and their) story and we’re sticking to it……. >>____>>
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    Last time I had a new ficlist I was writing Tattooist. This time, i'm writing Tattooist too over a year later lol so I guess it's a sign…



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    Last time I had a new ficlist I was writing Tattooist. This time, i'm writing Tattooist too over a year later lol so I guess it's a sign…



  • YunJae is Real

    Title: YunJae is Real Pairing: YunJae Rating: PG Length: One-shot Genre: Fluff Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I…