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Love In The Ice
Poll #1897936 HALPPPPPP

What do you think Jaejoong's name should be in LITI?

Choi Hyun
I have a suggestion! See my comment.
Anything is fine
Make it Jaejoong somehow :3

Alright, I know I mentioned Sung-ryung and her acting with Jaejoong but i'm quite happy to pretend his name in that show wasn't Choi Hyun lol. So I really suck at names. Like, REALLY SUCK so i'm asking y'all for help cos I need a name for him for the next chapter and no name means no chapter :P

I am still on temporary hiatus. I can barely breathe let alone write!
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hhaa voted.....

thanks for making this polling btw...... =))

Jaejoong :D
I can imagine the ratings shooting through the roof and the audience having a seizure at the fact that Yunjae are playing themselves in an alternate dimension. LOL

I think youngwoong would be the best option since using jaejoong or a completely different name might make it a wee bit confusing for your readers >.<
Anywho my life feels so dry without your updates omg ;A;

Edited at 2013-02-22 07:27 am (UTC)

I'd prefer jaejoong- as it lends to the RL/drama life feel to it; but it might get confusing when it comes to them acting in out. next best variation= youngwoong..!

Youngwoong. Or even just Hero.

i would really consider youngwoong or anything else n.n i think that it would be better if the character's name wasn't jaejoong, that's just my opinion, though!
and also, thank you so much for your fanfics, i enjoy them a lot n.n have a great day!

ah, i agree with the comment above mine! just Hero would be a good option too!

Edited at 2013-02-22 07:58 am (UTC)

i thought i had a chapter to read :(

Edited at 2013-02-22 08:32 am (UTC)

i think hero would be better. youngwoong doesn't sound like a badass rockstar to me.

I would use Youngwoong. Its a cool name plus isn't it Jae's other name? Have a good time and hope you are going to catch your breath too.

I think they need a completely different names from the real ones. I mean, this is suppose to be a drama... and Jaejoong and Youngwoong is both Jae's name... I can imagine Jae explode if the director use his real name for such movie, it'll hit too close to home.

Gotta say I'm not happy that you're asking this because it means you are focused on this instead of another things (uknow what). And you need to know, little lady, that to get a good grade in something you need to A+ all your subjects, not only the ones you like the most.

I hope you get what I mean so tell your muse this, please.


How about han jae jun ? It is his real life name , close enough to jaejoong for yunho to have serious rl feels. So stage name can continue to be hero or a variation of hero maybe in another language

voted too i love youngwoong better

youngwoong, althought when i read/heard "youngwoong" , jaejoong with lion hair and million pins hair appear in my mind suddenly