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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Trick 'r Treat
Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Trick 'r Treat
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

AN1: Lol I know most of you were expecting an ICE or LITI update but this wouldn’t let me go and I was laughing on the bus on the way to the bank thinking about it so I had to write it. As usual, what the muse wants the muse gets :P I can’t force him to do anything especially since my muse is Jaejoong and we all know how impossible he is… Basically when it comes to a fight between YunJae's children and Anyang Halla, YunJae's kids ALWAYS win... OTL

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE

I still can't believe you didn't organise a costume for me!Collapse )

gah..I've missed you!...haha...always anticipating and looking forward to your fics...hoping that your 'Ice' fic muse will win out next...keke=P

new kiddos update ^o^
thanks for the update gitl :DDD

(Deleted comment)

OH OH! i REALLY REALLY MISSED THIS! These kids are the most adorable things on the planet..and lmaaaooo@Jae.

OMG OMGOMGOMG.............thats me spazzing. wat a nice surprise to see u update. And wat a sweet update it is.
haha loved the end

Omo!! So cute!!!
Jaejoong is naughty!!! Still a brat...hahaha
But this is such a lovely family...

i would to read anythg written by u....was expecting ice chap wen i saw ur name but this was fun too....will wait patiently for ur ice chapter.....or love in the ice....


Another lovely oneshot of Sleeping Beauty verse. The Jungs are truly a beautiful family, inside out. TIUQEGYUIQEGYUIKSJGHAKLDJGHLAKDJB at Jaejoong and his habit of shooting his mouth out and aloud, lol! But *cough* he'll definitely feed Yunho privately later on and let his husband punish this dirty trickster sweetly ^.~

And Jung Yunho, if you are not married to Jaejoong, I am so tempted to kidnap you for myself cause LMAO, I didn't expect him to launches himself ONTO the granite island in the kitchen, using his body to hide the empty wrappers, trying to protect his wife from his children's disappointment and wrath and of course to protect his children from getting sad. But knowing Yunho, I think he's doing it more for Jaejoong, hahaha.

Oh god, I love you and this verse.

Edited at 2013-03-04 09:10 am (UTC)

I love the whole.Sleeping Beauty verse thing! Missed your writing like crazy.

I hope you're settling into your new home fine! :)

This is cute. Haha Jungs family are always cute together. Thanks for this one shot because I need thing like this for my crappy Monday ;;

They are such an adorable family. :')

asdfagnjfkajgkljflj so cute omg ajfaksjfaljflaj ;_;

i miss your story!!!!

aish those children are sweeter than the actual sweets....