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Ice [17a]

Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae/JaeHo
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: Guh… my muses have been fighting. It wasn’t pretty ;O Don’t be so caught up in the second half of this particular post that you forget the first half though… And I had to throw away 3,000+ words cos it wasn’t working and ugh… I hate writing in parts because I always end up tossing it. I have to write in one sitting otherwise it just turned to custard OTL So basically, this is the product of today (post jizzing over #TohoTIME). And btw, for those who didn’t notice, chapter 16 is in TWO parts… 16a and 16b ;-)

AN2: This banner was done by atriums

Jaejoong stirs, blinking in the darkness. He is a little disoriented, wondering why his body feels so heavy and lethargic, more than it normally is upon just waking. His limbs feel like anchors and he can barely move his arm up to wipe at his eyes to rub the sleep out of them. He is aware of Yunho’s arm around him as usual, and it is far too dark for it to be morning yet.

Why did he wake up?

His belly rumbles just at the thought, and he frowns, trying to remember the last time he ate. As he tries to remember, other memories start filtering in, and he is assaulted by a myriad of sensations and emotions as he plays over the couple of hours before he passed out in his head.

He has to shake his head at Yunho’s “creativity”. Getting his attention by not letting him come managed to do what the fight earlier hadn’t. Jaejoong hadn’t been ready to listen during their fight. He knows himself, and he was shutting down and blocking out whatever he doesn’t like or want to deal with. The walls were up, and well, Yunho referring to it as Hero Jaejoong is probably as accurate as any other term for it. His idol persona has always been a useful mask in hiding how he really feels. He hides his fears behind the rock idol front, turning rude and obnoxious, even cruel, if something comes at him that he is not prepared to deal with. It is also a way to protect himself from people trying to get into his psyche. It is an almost impenetrable wall whose sole purpose is to protect Kim Jaejoong.

And the fight earlier? The words Yunho had thrown at him? They were all hitting a brick wall. He is so used to having his walls up in a situation like that, that he had been unable to pull Kim Jaejoong out from within him. The Kim Jaejoong who, despite the prickly outer Hero shell, is willing to fall asleep in his boyfriend’s lap in front of a full business class cabin. His two identities had not been fighting then, and him balancing the two had been easy.

Easier than expected actually.

But in a fight, his sole purpose is to protect himself, and damn the consequences. Damn if he hurts anyone as long as he himself doesn’t hurt. It is useful because people always just back off when they come up against the barb wire of Hero Jaejoong. Even his parents leave him be, preferring to just sweep whatever issues under the rug and hope for the best rather than confront Jaejoong, or wait when he is vulnerable and unable to fight them off just like when he was in the rehabilitation clinic.

Them giving him an ultimatum after his overdose is the first time they had done anything like that, and he understands why. And weirdly enough, they managed to get through him then. He loves his parents and he knows they love him despite everything, and the tough love approach had managed to shake him from behind his Hero Jaejoong mask. His tears in front of them all those weeks ago had been the first time he’d broken down, and let someone else see his pain. His tears are his own, and not meant to be shared because he believes it shows weakness and Hero Jaejoong does not show weakness.

But he can be weak in front of his parents, for they will love him no matter what. And he had finally gotten that then.

And now Yunho.

His smiles wryly as he stares out into the darkness, blind in the dark, and he should be afraid but he feels secure because Yunho has him anchored to him.

He really marvels at the younger man as he rubs his hand gently over the forearm draped over his belly. Talking had been getting them nowhere. And while he had purposefully distracted Yunho by mentioning their test results, the man had flipped the tables on him.

But talking during sex?

His focus had been on reaching that elusive orgasm, and Yunho was waving it just that little bit out of reach till Jaejoong had been ready to listen. And ready or not, really isn’t the point. He was desperate to come and willing to do anything.

And so he listens.

A slow smile breaks across his face. Yunho wants him to see how much he trusts him?

Trust doesn’t come from words.

Jaejoong slips carefully out of the protective circle of Yunho’s arm. The younger man grunts, flipping very cooperatively onto his back, scratching his belly as the covers slip off, exposing himself.

The rock idol grins in the darkness as he moves, feeling clean. He stands up gingerly, ignoring the twinge in his ass, turning the bedside lamp on but leaving it dim as he takes in the virile young captain sprawled on his back in the middle of the bed.

How convenient.

He takes in the long muscular form of his lover, eyes drinking in all the sharp angles and planes of his muscles, the light sprinkling of hair leading from his belly button and even further down still. He can feel himself reacting to the sight, and he allows his body free reign as he spends long minutes simply staring at every single dip and curve of his boyfriend.

After what feels like not long enough, Jaejoong forces himself to tear his eyes away from watching Yunho’s chest rise and fall with each breath. He looks around the room, seeing the covers from earlier stripped off and dangling from the laundry basket. He takes a step back, and his foot lands in a damp towel, and he has to stifle the chuckle as he bends over to pick up the discarded evidence of Yunho’s shower. He had noticed earlier that the jock’s hair had been a little damp, and now he knows why. He knows he must have completely passed out, missing not only Yunho carrying him off the bed to strip the covers, but also the man taking a shower and cleaning him.

Jaejoong slips a hand behind him, and he feels nothing apart from some soreness.

His eyebrow arches slightly, wondering at exactly how thoroughly Yunho had cleaned him.

How did he sleep through that?

Yunho moves again then, a hand seemingly out, searching next to him, but he doesn’t wake although a tiny frown settles across his face.

Jaejoong feels a flutter in his belly as he watches how the younger man misses him even in his sleep.

“I’m sorry baby,” Jaejoong whispers as a ghost of a smile flits across his face as he watches his boyfriend grunt quietly in his sleep, his hand questing around the empty sheets next to him even more.

He has to move quickly before Yunho wakes.

Jaejoong grabs the robe draped over the dresser, leaving the room quietly as he steals to the kitchenette area in that wing of the house.

The darkness is broken by the full moon shining into the large floor length window at the end of the hallway, illuminating most of Jaejoong’s path. He has to chuckle at the irony of him walking towards the proverbial light. He saw no light as he lay dying, his life ebbing away in that bathtub all those months ago, though really, it feels like an entire lifetime ago. He can barely remember life before Yunho.

Ok, he’s not that much of a romantic. He is a cynic. He can remember his life before Yunho, but it really is nothing worth remembering.

Trust doesn’t come from words.

Those words keep playing in his mind. He doesn’t think Yunho said it last night, but his actions say enough. Yunho is not a talker, he is a shower. Just like his—

Jaejoong’s thoughts are cut off abruptly as he rounds the corner and almost bumps into Mrs Jung.

He turns a deep crimson almost immediately, he can feel the heat rising to his cheeks. Shame pours through him at his behaviour from earlier, and he starts talking before she can say anything.

“I’m sorry about earlier, but Yunho just makes me blind sometimes. I actually forgot all of you were watching and I got carried away and well, I hope you won’t think too badly of me because I would never have behaved like that had I known you were there. I am trying, but Yunho is so different from anything and anyone I’ve ever known and I’m still trying to figure out how to react to him and I just automatically attack I guess when I feel cornered and he made me feel cornered and my instinct is to attack and I know he wasn’t attacking me but I felt like it was coming and so I pre-empted it and—“

“Enough, Jaejoong.”

Jaejoong’s rambling dies on his lips as he sees familiar almond eyes boring into his.

“Was that supposed to be an apology?”

“Y-yes?” He hates that he’s stuttering, but the woman has this uncanny ability to reduce him to feeling like a delinquent schoolboy.

“That sounded like a question to me. Even you aren’t sure of yourself. Did you listen to a word you said? An apology isn’t an apology if you are simply defending yourself, because then it becomes all about you and it is not a true apology.”

They stare at each other silently, Jaejoong finally losing the battle, turning his eyes down. The urge to be rude and just tell her to fuck off is really strong. Because really, how dare she?

But he knows.

He knows she’s right, and while he hates that, he isn’t stupid enough to throw away Yunho because of his own fucking pride. This is his boyfriend’s mother and she deserves his respect if nothing else.

But she already has his love too.

And that sudden epiphany makes him smile, and Mrs Jung catches it, returning it with one of her own as she reaches out to grasp one of his hands hanging limply by his side, linking their fingers.

“Care to try again, Joongie?”

Jaejoong looks back up, and he sees gentleness in her eyes. The hard, impossible woman everyone is terrified of that only her husband appears to be able to tame, and even then he barely does. But he knows she is soft inside, her family is her weakness.

Or her strength.


Yunho is his strength.

“A few months ago, if anyone had told me I’d be apologising for yelling at someone, I’d have laughed them out of the room. Actually, if someone had told me I’d be apologising for anything, I’d make certain that he or she would be apologising for even having that asinine thought.”

Jaejoong pauses, turning slightly to stare out the window, but he squeezes Mrs Jung’s hand to tell her he is still there.

“Less than two months ago, my parents gave me an ultimatum and I hated them for it. I felt betrayed. The two people who were meant to love and protect me, were abandoning me.”

He acknowledges the tightening of Mrs Jung’s fingers around his own at his words with a wistful smile.

“But they weren’t abandoning me. They just wanted me to find my way, and since after thirty years, I still seemed lost, they decided that perhaps I needed a nudge in a particular direction, giving me some focus. My life has always revolved around work. I focused on that, cutting off every possible human weakness and emotion in me in the drive to succeed, not letting anything or anyone get in the way of that.”

He pauses again, eyes faraway now, but yet he is grounded and anchored by the warm hand in his.

“But yet people still managed to hurt me. And I felt like I let them, by caring about their words. And so I developed my Hero wall, using it to repel callous words with callous words of my own, and found that it worked to large extent for many years. But it also meant that I would always be alone. But I didn’t really care, not really knowing or understanding what I was truly missing out on. I had my career, my family was safe and my fans worshipped me. I felt like a god, and fell into the trap of believing my own press. I believed I could do whatever the hell I wanted and probably get away with it. Living ceased to have any meaning then. I already had everything, and yet I was still miserable, so what was the use of existing?”

Jaejoong chews on his bottom lip, tilting his face up to look at the moon. It is full and very clear and bright, but unbeknownst to him, as Mrs Jung too follows his gaze, that she believes him more beautiful than the moon.

“I guess you could say my work is my life. My career is my life. I know nothing else. I knew nothing else. It is not a full life, but a life regardless.”

He drops his gaze from the beautiful view out the window to turn back towards Mrs Jung who is staring at him with shining almond eyes that are so like her son’s that he can feel his heart stuttering briefly in confusion. He breaks his gaze then, turning his eyes down to the polished floor.

“I guess this may sound hollow in light of the fact that I had tried to take my own life, because clearly, life means nothing to me. But then I met Yunho, and he reminded me of the simple joy of looking forward to something. I haven’t looked forward to anything for years, everything is always expected. I expect to top the charts, I expect my albums to fly off the shelves, I expect my concerts to sell out, I expect leeches to grovel at my feet, and I expect my company to become even more greedy yet again. Everything is expected. There were no longer any surprises. And even if there was even a possible chance that any of that wouldn’t happen, it never actually computes in my mind because I expect it to happen. Anything less is an impossibility. It just doesn’t exist in my world.”

A soft smile tugs at Jaejoong’s mouth, that slightly lopsided smile he has that sends fangirls swooning and his boyfriend’s heart racing, and a mother’s heart to warm at the sight.

“But then your son came along, and I found that I was getting through my days in a happier mood because I knew he’d be waiting for me at the end of the night. Every email or text message was a surprise. It felt like I was discovering what living actually means all over again. With him, I am back to being the Kim Jaejoong my parents remember when I was twelve. He made me feel again. I had something to look forward to, something to aspire to, something to work towards. My life was no longer a half life. My career was there, and I also had him.”

His smile broadens, as he turns his gaze back up to the sky.

“But now I no longer have my career, but I still have him, and yet I don’t feel like I’m only getting half a life. I won’t go as far as saying that Yunho is my life because really, that’s a little much, but he’s reminded me of so much, awakened all the dormant human emotions and weaknesses I had so casually dismissed as useless all those years ago that I’m slowly finding myself again. Admittedly, I will probably be a complete mess if he ever chooses to leave me, but the idea of taking my own life would not cross my mind, I can promise you that much. He has given me back enough for me to be able to find my own feet again should it ever come to that. I’ve been hiding from the world, but thanks to him, I know I can face it now.”

Jaejoong drops his eyes once again to the beautiful features of his boyfriend’s mother, who suddenly looks really young in the moonlight, eyes glistening with unshed tears as she listens quietly, and the smile he bestows on her then is shy in its quality, feeling a twinge of self-consciousness right then.

Mrs Jung responds by tightening her grip on his fingers again, squeezing his hand, their palms a little clammy as they are pressed together, but neither care.

“I know that no matter how sincere my sorries are, I can never apologise enough for the hurt I have caused him and your family, but know that you will have my eternal gratitude. Thank you for giving me a chance and for allowing him to save me.”

Jaejoong falls silent then. Done, and feeling painfully self-conscious as he feels the warm eyes of his lover’s mother roam over his face. He feels the heat in his cheeks starting to rise again, and his heart pounding a painful beat because apart from her eyes, her face is almost expressionless.

And then she smiles.

Mrs Jung raises her free hand to cup Jaejoong’s cheek briefly, shaking her head and smiling at him.

“Much better, Joongie.”

She drags her hand down, thumb catching the corner of his mouth as she rubs away stray evidence of sleep, before dropping her hand to capture his remaining free one. She frees their linked fingers, and moves to hold both of his hands in his as she looks up slightly to the almost inhumanly beautiful man. Moving slightly to the side, he is framed in the moonlight, and even more breathtaking in his face scrubbed free of makeup, eyes so huge and dark, yet luminous and so full of hope.

“Yunho loses his heart quickly but I have never seen him the way he is with you. I think you may have just saved him too, or perhaps, brought forth from him his true self. My son is strong, but he is afraid at times to show that strength for fear of losing something that he has on the surface, but deep down his soul knows he doesn’t have. Show him that what he has in you is real. People have always punished him for that strength so much so that he hides it. But today, I saw him trust in your love enough to take you in hand, knowing full well of your history of running. I guess all a mother can ask of you is that you show him that you trust him too.”

She watches as Jaejoong chews on his bottom lip, head cocked slightly to the side.

“He has never behaved the way he did with you in front of us with anyone else. Not his former partners, and not even his teammates unless on the ice. The only place my son truly lets his strength show is the way he is on the ice. Commanding and ruthlessly determined, but merciful. Try as I might, he still cannot quite translate that into the office, but I have hope. It is one of the reasons why we are letting him continue to play. He takes such enjoyment from it because it allows him to be himself, and that is all we ever wanted for him. I had some doubts about you when I found out, because you are so much older and the way you are, you are more than capable of steamrolling over him and with how infatuated and in love he is with you, I was afraid he would let you.”

She stops and looks down at their hands, and then back up to Jaejoong’s face. Heartbreakingly beautiful comes to mind when she looks at this man. She can only hope no heartbreak is coming their way. Her son deserves someone he can be true with, and this man before her needs someone like Yunho.

“Melt that wall of ice you have around your heart and let him in. Let him be himself and let yourself be true. No matter what happens, both of you will be the better for it. As an observing party, I can already see the changes. The ball is in your court now, Joongie.”

And with that, she leans up, tiptoeing to kiss him on the cheek, before moving further along his cheek to his ear, smirking slightly as she whispers unnecessarily since they’re the only ones up at this hour in this part of the house.

“Though I do suggest sealing that silly pet door. Jihye fled her room and I have a feeling she is being comforted in a certain goaltender’s home somewhere in the city.”

Jaejoong chokes on air, drawing back quickly, face colouring again as he sees a familiar smirk on the older woman’s face. Yunho really does get most of his looks from his mother, and the heat in his face in translating into other sensations as he recalls exactly what happened earlier in the evening.

Mrs Jung simply chuckles as she lets go of Jaejoong’s hand, and turns to walk away.

But she pauses after the third step, turning around again, amusement very evident in her voice.

“His room is soundproof after his rather unfortunate dabbling with a drum kit one of his uncles gave him for his fourteenth birthday. You just need to make sure that tiny little door is sealed. It just requires a stiff kick or knock for the seal to fall into it, and I really should have made it permanent but my son reckons he will have a pet some day and whined at me to leave it.”

She chuckles as Jaejoong covers his mouth in shock, eyes wide open, looking very dainty all of a sudden, and she shakes her head at him, turning back and continuing to her room, humming to herself.

His pulse is racing as he watches Mrs Jung disappear into the darkness of the hallway.

What the actual fuck?

Ok, first he will kill Yunho for not shutting whatever door. He doesn’t even remember noticing the door. So all this time…?

What the fuck!

Jaejoong recovers from his shock, stalking towards the refrigerator. He opens the cupboard next to it to find two tall glasses. He fills both with ice, and then one of them with water as well from the fridge. He chugs down the glass of ice water quickly, reveling in the pain between his eyeballs, before filling the glass again. His belly growls again and he decides to check the freezer and grins when he sees a tub of ice cream, grabbing that as well.

He walks back to their room in the darkness, drinking the icy water down slowly, relishing at the ache in his head at the cold. His parched throat is soothed, the ice in his veins thawing even as it enters his mouth, as he sucks on an ice cube. His jaw is flexing with each suck, and he chews on the ice, not caring that it is bad for his teeth. He just wants to feel the coldness.

Yunho is surprisingly still asleep when he returns, still conveniently on his back, one arm out, palm down on Jaejoong’s side of the bed, while the other is by his head, under the pillow. Sometime while Jaejoong had been out, he has pulled the covers back up, and he is now hidden from view, though Jaejoong catches the flash of metal in his nipple and his mouth quirks.

He shuts the door, locking it with his elbow, and his gaze drops, seeing the small irregularity in the door. He does what Yunho’s mother suggests, and suddenly the irregularity in the door is no longer there, the door perfectly smooth as it should have been from the beginning.

Yunho has some making up to do for that oversight.

He places the glasses and ice cream on the bedside table, smirking when he sees the bottle of lube.

Well then.

He turns to look at the prone figure of his boyfriend, sleeping oh so innocently, though the frown on his face has deepened slightly.

“Miss me, do you?”

As if he hears, Yunho moves slightly, his mouth parting as he sighs in his sleep.

What should he do first?

Jaejoong knows what he wants to do but it all depends on Yunho staying asleep.

Thinking for a few seconds, he finally decides, as he whips the covers off quickly and smartly, sucking in a breath, as Yunho moves again as his bare skin is exposed to the cool temperature in the room.

And still he doesn’t wake.

Well then.

Jaejoong moves quickly and carefully, holding his breath the entire time, and in less than a minute, Yunho is secured to the bed, absurdly still asleep.

The rock star makes a clicking sound with his tongue as he surveys his handiwork, walking to the other side of the bed and then back down to the foot of the bed. The restraints are loose enough for Yunho to make tiny movements and not realise he is trapped. But then the man is still asleep. How he is still asleep, Jaejoong doesn’t know. Perhaps he is more worn out than expected?

Well then.

Yunho stirs again, but he doesn’t wake, and the singer shakes his head ruefully. How to wake him?

His eyes dart to the glasses of ice and the ice cream, but he shakes his head. He’s not that mean.

Or is he?

Pondering it for a little longer, he absentmindedly heads to the bathroom when he’d actually meant to go to the sound system along the far wall. It doesn’t occur to him to flick the lights on, his eyes following the soft glow from the depths of the large bathroom, till he sees the lighted candles along the double vanity, the scent of vanilla wafting in the cool space, the warm light dancing and flickering, casting pretty shadows on the walls.

“Baby, you’re just asking for trouble,” Jaejoong chuckles to himself. The candles are all in glass tumblers, and all new judging by how much has burned down. He moves to pick up one, careful to hold the lower unmelted half, but the glass is still warm regardless. He tugs at the belted robe, pulling it free, pulling it apart to expose himself. Curious as to the temperature, he tilts the lovely scented candle over himself, hissing as the melted wax comes into contact with his cool skin.


But not painfully so.

The thin wash of white down his chest is slowly cooling, and Jaejoong runs his hand up his front, catching under the thin flap of hardening liquid, rolling the malleable wax up, peeling it off his skin slowly. He plays with the soft wax that he has molded into a small ball between his fingertips as he exits the bathroom, to find Yunho awake and sitting up slightly, resting on his elbows as far as the restraints will allow, blinking confusedly in the dim light, his cock already swelling.


“Yes, love?”

“What’s going on?”

Yunho’s voice is sleepy, slurring slightly, and the sudden burst of affection in Jaejoong’s chest almost makes him falter from his planned course of action.


“I’m showing you.”

“Showing me what? Why am I tied to the bed?”

“Trust doesn’t come from words.”

Jaejoong’s voice is a husky whisper as he approaches the bed, placing the candle on the other bedside table before shrugging out of the robe. Yunho’s eyes immediately drop to his already hard cock, and he can see the jock swallowing hard as he stares. His cock clearly has a mind of its own, as it twitches in acknowledgement, pulling a soft groan from Yunho’s lips.

“Do you trust me, baby?”

Yunho’s eyes dart up to look at the rock star’s face, the flickering light from the candle as well as the dim light from the lamp is casting shadows over the face of his lover. The candlelight in particular is driving Yunho a little crazy because as it flickers, he catches the fire in Jaejoong’s eyes. But in another blink, those beautiful eyes are shrouded, and Yunho feels a trickle of ice running through his veins as he loses sight of his love.

Fire and ice.

“Do you trust me, baby?”

Jaejoong switches to Japanese, as he dips two fingers quickly into the pool of candle wax, narrowly missing the flame, but feeling the heat flare against his knuckles. He trails the fingers from the top of one of Yunho’s shoulder, feeling the man trembling underneath his touch despite the warmth, trailing it along down over the hard planes of his chest and abs, before he reaches the swollen head of his cock.

He traps the smooth head between his waxy fingertips, Yunho hissing at the contact even though Jaejoong knows it really isn’t hot at all anymore. He pinches, smiling when the young man groans in response, feeling rather than seeing Yunho drop back off his elbows and flat onto the bed. He watches in fascination as Yunho’s cock twitches, almost pulsing and he pinches again.


“Do you trust me, baby?”

Again in Japanese. Yunho has no idea why his boyfriend has switched languages, but fine, he will answer in kind.


Jaejoong smirks, giving the velvety tip of Yunho’s cock a final squeeze before taking his fingers away. He hears the soft whine, but he ignores it as he moves to the other side of the bed, peeling off the wax off his fingers as he goes, dropping it carelessly to the ground.

He picks up the fuller glass of ice water, the clinking loud in the silent room as he tilts his head back, allowing the water to tip down his waiting throat. He tilts too much though, and water overflows the sides of his mouth, the trails of iciness trickling over his chin and down to his chest. He opens his mouth to capture a melting ice cube.

It is so cold it almost feels hot on his already overheated skin.


As he lowers the glass, he looks over to see wide almond eyes gazing up at him. Yunho is back where he was when he was asleep. The restraints are relaxed, no tension in them as Yunho isn’t fighting.

Jaejoong smirks, leaving the glass once again by the bedside table as he pulls the ice cube from his mouth, seeing one of Yunho’s eyebrows going up. Just as before, he trails it down the opposite shoulder. Unlike the wax, there is no give to this coolness because the temperature doesn’t change.

He sees and feels the goosebumps raising up, Yunho’s nipples both hardening before the cube of ice even reaches his pierced nipple. The room is cool, the temperature modulated to suit both the occupants. They both prefer it that way, creatures of ice that they are.

Jaejoong settles onto the bed next to Yunho, bending his head to capture the straining bud, the metal cool in his mouth as he sucks hard, drawing a sharp gasp from Yunho.

Momentarily distracted by his boyfriend’s hot mouth on his cold body, Yunho forgets about the cube of ice still trailing lower. He moans as Jaejoong settles himself against his side, tongue lapping against his piercing, the two piercings clinking against each other, a sound he has grown to love. He can feel Jaejoong’s erection nudging him in the side, the uneven bump of his apadravya marring the silky smooth surface of the head of the older man’s cock.

His mind is brought back into sharp focus when he feels a slight pain at his entrance.


But the singer doesn’t respond, as he circles the tight pucker with the dripping cube. He glances up at Yunho’s face, mouth still over his nipple as he traps one of Yunho’s legs between his own thighs to stop the man from clamping his legs shut.

He finally pulls off, as he presses the ice cube into Yunho’s resistant body carefully, asking, as he penetrates his boyfriend with ice.

“Are you sure about that?”

Yunho cannot remember what he’s supposed to be sure about, all his focus suddenly on the hard square trying to enter him. It hurts. The burn from the ice, not to mention how tight his body is, and the size of cube, though melted, is still a little large to enter him comfortably.

“Oh!” Jaejoong exclaims, as the resistance suddenly disappears, the the cube is sucked from his wet fingers into the depths of Yunho’s body, the younger man groaning as he blinks hard, trying to adjust to the invasion of his body.

Yunho cannot quite feel the size of the cube, the melted square has lost its sharp edges, but he can feel the dull ache from the cold from within him, and it feels really weird, but he likes it.


He shifts experimentally, and the ache intensifies as he clenches, feeling the cool trickle of water escaping him.

“Jaejoong…” he breathes out, eyes widening as he looks over at his silent boyfriend who is simply watching him.

“You didn’t answer me.”

“I can’t remember what we were talking about.”

“Now you know how I feel.”

“Is this revenge?”

Jaejoong hums as he pulls away, rolling back into a standing position, taking the other glass that was formerly only filled with ice, but now holding liquid as well as its contents slowly melt. He drinks from it, once again allowing trickles to spill from his lips, twin trails of icy water flowing down, unerringly finding a path straight over his own nipples, making him gasp.

He drops the glass back onto the table, reaching in to extricate another cube, wrapping his plump red lips around it, sucking languidly, but not letting the cube leave the grip of his fingertips.

Yunho’s eyes follow Jaejoong’s every move. A strange yearning within him as he stares at his boyfriend mouthing the melting square of ice.

The singer finally pulls the cube away from his pouty mouth, smirking slightly as he sees the hazy expression in Yunho’s eyes as he stares at him.

“Do you feel like it’s revenge?”

No answer is forthcoming, as Yunho thinks about it. And while he thinks, Jaejoong is trailing that ice cube down his body again. The husky laugh that escapes him as Yunho parts his legs willingly this time, makes the younger man’s cheeks hot with colour as he finally answers.


“And why is that?”

Jaejoong is curious, as he slips the cool hardness against Yunho’s own velvet steel length, lifting his hand up, watching the droplets of ice water splash onto the tight smooth skin.




And he moves lower still yet again, pressing the ice cube flush against Yunho’s balls, making the younger man whimper at the feeling.

“Why, baby?”

And he moves lower still, crawling over Yunho’s leg to settle himself between his thighs to get a better view and better leverage. There is a small stain of water on the bed under Yunho’s ass, as the cube within him melts, and Jaejoong wants to drink from him.

“Trust doesn’t come from words.”

Jaejoong smiles, as his own words get thrown back at him. His fingers move to circle the pucker, Yunho’s thighs parted as far as they can go.

He slips a finger in, pushing in easily, and instead of being met by a hot tight warmth, his finger is encased in ice. He wiggles it experimentally, feeling the melting water get displaced by the intrusion, flowing out from around the digit, as Yunho moans lowly, eyes on him, fire burning within them.

It must be a trick of the light, but yet Jaejoong believes it representative, as he sees the flicker from the candle reflected in the dark pools of his boyfriend’s eyes.

“Show me…,” Yunho coaxes, his voice low and throaty as he stares down at the older man gazing back up at him, a full finger within him. “Show me you trust me.”

Jaejoong pulls out his finger, the ice cube nestled safely in his palm replacing it, as he pushes the unyielding dripping cube into his boyfriend’s waiting body.

The cube is bigger this time, but Yunho is also willing this time, and just as suddenly as before, the cube suddenly slips from his fingertips, into the young ice hockey captain’s clenching opening, eliciting a loud gasp from Yunho yet again.

Jaejoong moves back bending over, crouching on his hands and knees till his nose is nuzzling at Yunho’s balls. It is too dark to see properly from this angle, but he bends his head mouth searching, and he finds the icy flow of water, lapping at it as Yunho twitches beneath his mouth. He licks, the tip of his tongue slowly growing numb from the coldness as he stiffens it to chase the ice cube that has disappeared within the young man’s body.

Yunho smells like vanilla musk.

And he tastes like ice.

Jaejoong opens his mouth, against Yunho’s cool skin, sucking, drinking, loving.

Yunho is finally starting to jerk against his restraints, his lower body so numb from the ice he can barely feel Jaejoong’s mouth against him. The cube is much larger this time, and he can feel it more acutely, the dull throb from the cold is painful, but the pain is bearable.

And oddly pleasurable.

Who would have thought?

He moans as he sees Jaejoong’s beautiful doe eyes peeking over from between his legs, naughtiness within their depths as he watches his boyfriend pull away, backing off the bed and then standing and returning to the night stand.

That damn piercing is going to make him mad. Just seeing it, makes his body tighten in need and want as he watches Jaejoong walking slowly, not paying attention to what his boyfriend is doing, too busy staring at his bobbing cock, mouth parted, tongue licking at his full bottom lip, desperately wanting a taste. He didn’t get to taste Jaejoong properly earlier that night and he really wants a taste now.

He watches as Jaejoong’s cock bobs closer, as the singer climbs back onto the bed, and he groans in appreciation as the older man finally moves to sit astride him, sitting directly atop his now weeping cock. His gaze flies up, and he sees amusement glinting in those luminous eyes, shining in the dark, the flame within them flaring.

Flaring because Jaejoong is now holding the candle from earlier.


Yunho’s eyes widen, as he sees Jaejoong tilting the tumbler, watching the liquid wax move unerringly closer to the edge.



And then it spills over, but not onto him, but rather down the side of the jar.

And then a drop lands on him, just over his left nipple, and he jerks in shock.


But it doesn’t hurt.

Not really.

And a few more drops fall, landing slightly higher, and Yunho cannot help the whine that escapes his throat.

“So hot…”

“Does it hurt?”


“Do we need a safe word?”


Jaejoong smiles a siren smile as he leans across, to replace the candle jar back onto the bedside table, leaning over towards the other one to pick up the tub of ice cream. He pops open the lid, scooping some out with his fingers, dropping it straight onto the melted wax, making Yunho moan softly.

“What is it, baby?”

“So cool…”

The rock star smirks as he puts the open tub of ice cream back onto the side table, before continuing to smear ice cream over Yunho’s upper body, circling his nipples, drizzling them liberally with melting ice cream, before he moves to lick it off his fingers, making a show of it.

Yunho watches as Jaejoong’s piercing flashes as he takes a long long lick from his wrist up to the tip of his middle finger, before he pops the finger into his mouth, swallowing it down all the way to the knuckle, groaning at the sight as Jaejoong rocks over his painfully hard cock, rubbing the puckered entrance over the length teasingly, as he continues to finger fuck his own mouth.

One finger.



Yunho cannot help his hips bucking upwards, but Jaejoong is a fucking tease, lifting his body up slightly so Yunho has nothing to rub against anymore.

“Patience, love.”

“You make me crazy.”

Jaejoong smirks, sitting back down, almost chuckling as Yunho’s eyes roll up into his head as he gets the friction he wants, jerking his hips up again against Jaejoong.

But the rockstar has other plans as he slides backwards, his cock finally meeting friction of his own, as their cocks frot.

“Oh god…,” Yunho moans, eyes clenched shut as he feels Jaejoong’s cock rubbing against his. The tug of metal against the sensitive glands of his own cock is driving him mad, and he can only imagine what it feels like for Jaejoong who has the actual piercing.

“Not god…”


The word is more groan, as he feels a hot mouth close over his cool nipple covered in melted confection. Yunho struggles to move, to find purchase somehow. He wants to grab Jaejoong and hold onto him, but he cannot, his hands are restrained, and he clutches at the bed spread instead as delicious curls of pleasure streak through him with every tug from that hot mouth.

He jerks up, rubbing his cock against Jaejoong’s belly, feeling the piercing there, and the explosion of sensations, both sensory, mentally, and visually when he finally opens his eyes to see the dark head of his boyfriend laving so lovingly over his body, make him even more desperate as he jerks hard at the contraption holding him down. He wants to taste the man so badly it hurts.

But as it was for Jaejoong earlier, struggling is futile.

And like it was earlier for Jaejoong, Yunho gets his wish, as a full mouth, sticky with ice cream presses against his.

They are like starving men, finding the oasis of life, as their mouths slant hotly over each other’s.

Over and over.

Tasting, sucking, kissing and licking.

Yunho wants it all.

And Jaejoong gives it to him.

Their tongues tangle, teeth clashing as they kiss fiercely, as if they’ve never kissed each other before.

Jaejoong wants it all.

And Yunho gives it to him.

When they finally break apart, gasping harshly, breathing heavily, panting to catch their breaths, Yunho whispers a word against Jaejoong’s mouth.


“So sweet…”

AN: Lol… Part 2 will come later… Mini cockblock? ;-) I have a husband to uh tend to. I’ll be back lol! And April… I’m not THAT angry with Jaejoong :P Though his butt hurting is still going to be my uh “retribution” for making me butt hurt over the whole #JJonLINE thing…
Tags: fic:ice, nc17, pairing:yunjae

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  • Friend-locked

    I am locking my journal due to some reader shenanigans. If you want to be added, cut and paste the following statement and questions. Please answer…

  • Random side-shot poll

    Ok, as thanks for everyone's support and comments for my fics thus far, i'm thinking of writing a random drabble/side-shot. I'm aiming for it to…

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