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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice characters...
See, people? I do read your comments :P

Do I really need to post photos of Yunho and Jaejoong?

Ok fine... lmao!

And btw, some characters are unnamed because I haven't gotten that far yet!


Jung Yunho as Baek Do Hoon aka U-Know (Anyang Halla captain and forward - right winger)


Kim Jaejoong as Hero (rock star)


Shim Changmin as Choi Taehyun (Dohoon's best friend and Anyang Halla goaltender, also in a love-hate relationship with Ji Mi)


Lee Yeon Hee as Baek Ji Mi (Dohoon's baby sister)

kim sung ryung

Kim Sung Ryung as Baek Do Kyung (Dohoon's mum and CFO of Baek Group)


Kim Sung Soo as Baek Chang Hak (Dohoon's dad and CEO of Baek Group)


Chun Ho Jin as Park Keun Ho (Hero's dad and Anyang Halla ice hockey team coach)


Cha Hwa Yun as Park Mi Kyung (Hero's mum)


Song Joong Ki as ??? (Anyang Halla centre forward and the left winger's boyfriend of 3 years)


Yoo Ah In as ??? (Dohoon's other best friend, Anyang Halla left winger and the centre forward's boyfriend of 3 years)

YooSu as YooSu :P They won't be in the drama...

So yeah... Hope that helps y'all!


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-pokes- i was supposed to be asleep but then twitter and also homework and hello ^^ hehe this is rather helpful i think, there are a /lot/ of characters in these fics actually, i've gotten confused once or twice.

Hi Nikki, it should be my first time leave a comment on your LJ even though I tweeted you before. So sorry about this as language is one of the reasons for it. However, you should now that I thank you for writing such a great and enjoyable fanfics for us, especially Sleeping Beauty and its one-shots or drabbles as you put it:)I LOVE SB and wholeheartedly agree with you that the Jungs' kids will always win over anyang halla players:) Nevertheless, I love everything you wrote so far except the Trophy wife because of the pairing reason. I really-really want to read it but I really cannot bring myself to read any other couples aside from yunjae as the main couple XD (here hoping that you will make Yunjae version of it in the future, hehehehe...no pressure though)

I dont think I should write all of this in this post but Yunho's picture above made me do it, hahaha...
Again, thanks a lot for your effort in writing great stories. I'm one of your big fans. Kiss & hug from Jakarta:)

this is really helpful because some of the people you talking about i had no clue as to who they are. when you first posted the story i wasn't feeling it, but now i find myself liking it more than ice. sleeping beauty will always be my number one though. XD

omg do i love u or not! i think u r the first fic writer to do this (at least among the writer of fics i read lol). hot photo of yunho btw. cant take my eyes off it. mmm who is baek chang hak suppose to b? oh wait do hoon's dad?! lmao. hot dad. so the name park kyung tae for the rock god mmmm. oh well, everything sounds awesome. thanks nicki

Edited at 2013-03-13 10:17 am (UTC)

okay this post lessen my confusion but i was like "wait a minute who is baek dokyung supposed to be...oh right, mrs jung- and is that character supposed to be mrs kim?" and so on lol but thanks for your hard work, really! ^^

wait, so is it ahin or joongki who's supposed to be junsu? lol

and i thought you're going to put kwon sangwoo as dohoon's dad XD i love the yunho/sungryung/sangwoo dynamic and their chemistry.... i've been watching too much yawang ~_~

Edited at 2013-03-14 09:46 am (UTC)

Jeez Kim Sungsoo as Dohoon's father? Gosh so young LoL

Awesome pics! I already looked up the people's names I didn't know, but I recognize all of them by their faces.^^ Yes Yunho's parents are young because he's supposed to be 23 and they had him young if I remember correctly. Love it!

Oh sweet lord!! The perfect picture for yunho.. omg he is so fine~ and im sho happy you included joong ki and ah in!!!! Anticipating changmin's character gaaaaahhhhh ♥

Park Kyung Tae?! This name actually won in you poll? I should read chapter 5 first.

Edited at 2013-03-13 02:49 pm (UTC)

Wow. I needed this because I couldn't very well visualize everyone in LITI. Thanks Nicky!!! ^^

Thank you!! :D This helps! I think may keep this page open while I read it xD

thank you for the update.
So now I know what Jaejoong's character's name.
How did you finally decide on it?

aside from yunjae and changmin and lee yeon hee,still confuse here..who is who?

thanks for this.. yeaayy we surely need this.. ^^
Jaejoong's pic.. gahhhh *lick screen*

ICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! didn't expect Ah-in to be ice!junsu, thought ice!junsu will be joongki ^^

Help that is. I was going to retype a comment that got unsent by LJ, but it fits here.

Basically wondering what u doing with hangeng char in ice. I personally think hangeng is great as himself. Because obviously we can't have everyone sm related in the drams. But considering hsngeng's separation from the company n his foreign nationality, I think it'd be perfect. N u can throw in some hanchul and some heejoong friendship, also some horella friendship possibly too

Thx for update n writing

I love your stories. You have a brilliant mind. I hope you get well and get out of the hospital soon.

Please answer my question.

Junsu and Yoochun were Anyang Halla players in the Ice..

So.. doesSong Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In act as them in this spin-off? :)


i gotta say tho~ kim sungsoo playing "dohoon's" dad is perfect. such a handsome guy~XD

Actually I´m one of the so called "silent reader" and I now that most of the writers are annoyed when someone doesn´t leave a comment because it gives them motivation and sometimes inspiritation. And tbh most of the time I was really spechless when I read your stories (Yes all of them). I´m really obssesed. Your stories are breath taking,exciting and so hot. All I can say is thank you for giving us those wonderful gift. I know it´s maybe impossible but Please never stop writing because the world will lose something verry special when you stops. Hoping to read millions of your stunning words till my eyes are to blind to see. Thank you so much!!!!

I LOVE YOU, this so good specially yunjae picture, love jae pose (I`am rock star and THE GOD! knell bitches!!!) and yunho in business suit (YUM...YUM...YUM...)

yunho parents is very attractive, i expect them to be old and wise looking (like jae parents), yet they are..... i cant find a better word than attractive people.

since Yoosu is not in the drama, i'm assuming that Joongki will be Su in Ice and Ahin will be Chunnie since he is the left winger? ROFLMAO~ i wonder how their character suddenly called YooSu. perhaps another slips from Yunjae during the making of the drama. or may be it was intentionally that way? i think YooSu will be honored.

p/s: baek doo hoon's parents are gorgeous. and i think i hv googly eyes on doo hoon's appa. so handsome. resembles yunnie a lot. altho judging from his supposed father's age in the drama, he could easily be called as hyung. he looks younger. and here i thought they will be a lot older.

Love the character list!!!

I bet this flares up for wanting this drama to be real now. More than ever.

The pictures fit who they're portraying a lot.

Will you be adding new cast members to the character list? We're still missing kangin, hangeng, seunghyun.

you and i clearly are on the same wavelength, because that's basically what i envisioned the characters to look like O.O
not that i know enough about dramas to name specific people but the parents are essentially spot on to what i've been imagining in my head.

so basically you're perfect :D
except we all knew that already

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