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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice [6]
Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: SHORT CHAPTER IS SHORT!!!!!!! REALLY SHORT! >>___________>> And we all do really fucking stupid things sometimes so cut him some slack, ok? Don’t hate him for it because sadly, as rational as I am, I have done completely irrational things because of my husband. Not this scenario, but crazy enough for people to question my sanity.

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, I really think you should because I will make a few references to it without actually spelling it out because the assumption is that everyone has read ICE and are familiar with the plot…


Love In The IceCollapse )

one question... what's happens to your twitter............


be back later

Okay I know now..

Can justyoonho and JaeJoong forget about their ego and get back? Geez.. I'm getting tired to their stubbornness


cant.stop.crying. 'This is not a game. This is my heart' ARghhh....this made me bawl...gosh im so emo today but this has too much of evrything! *hides in closet and cries*

omo u scared me there a little when u were gone from twitter. so u're no longer in NZ, whr are u? thanks for the update ya :D

sometimes you just gotta push n push, strip off all pretense to start afresh. i hope jae gets that now.

I think my mind just blew.. both of them are too handful for me right now after reading this, that I wonder how is your head still all right....

thank you for updating...

Yunho should appear with a cast on his hand next time, i bet he broke his hand . THAT WAS INTENSE MY POOR KOKORO

That was super intense. Really really intense.
And I love every bit of it.

Hehe thank you so much!!!

The Rihanna/Eminem lyric is so perfect...

It doesn't matter that it's short,
thank you for updating^^

Dear goodness... I know it's all fictional. I swear to god I know. I totally believe that in real life it's different, maybe they don't even think about each other anymore, all five of them have their own life to live. (Oh, who am I kidding? LOL You can't simply forget almost 10 years spent together basicly in each other's pocket but life doesn't stop, and they survived...) Uh... Back to the track. So I was saying I know it's all fictional but you make it seem so real. You make me believe this is what's happening right now in Korea... You are a really good writer, just so you know.

i have to admit that i cried reading this. its seems so real and i can't help but being heartbroken. i didn't expected that yunjae will turn out this way in this chapter but i think that's why i love reading your fics - the uncertainty keeps making me wanting for more. and i gotta give my respect to yunnie. he is a true gentleman (or trying his best to be one) and jae2 is just a desperate lover. i pity them both. but things like keeping each other thoughts instead of letting them out is the main problem between the two of them. they partially fail at communication and they certainly fail to see each others insight. or may be the correct words may be "refuse to see" each other insight. i wish i could help them see it but i don't know how to. it's frustrating. but i bet along the making of ICE they will find their way back to each other. or may be the closure they need *sighs*

Edited at 2013-03-15 02:57 pm (UTC)

Your writing here has driven me from Yunjae to Yunho. I really feel Jaejoong has gone too far here, almost to the point of nonforgiveness. But then there would be no story I guess.

Just started Miike's HaraKiri last night, so I'm currently programmed in revenge mode, however. I so want Yunho to make Jaejoong pay for his cruelty. You put it so well in 5b: Yunho is good, and Jaejoong isn't good enough, never can be – he just doesn't have Yunho's strength and heart.

I'm such a fool for getting caught up in (again, your words) the walking Korean drama that is Kim Jaejoong.

OMG... LOVE this chapter although It's short...
Btw, Good Luck to ur Jobs~ :)

lalalalalalA, drowning in yunjae's sorrow toward each other
jj always be your hero, yunho *deep breath*

okey, thank you for update ♥♥