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Love In The Ice [7b]

Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…


AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, I really think you should because I will make a few references to it without actually spelling it out because the assumption is that everyone has read ICE and are familiar with the plot…


“We have twenty minutes.”

Jaejoong merely hums, as he cleans every last bit of dried blood and dirt he can see. He is still not too happy about what he can see, but he knows he has to work with what he has. There are no band aids large enough for Yunho’s knuckles and so he picks out the small cloth bandage.

He chews on his bottom lip, as he applies antiseptic cream to the wound, blowing on the broken skin after every swipe of the cotton tip. So immersed he is in what he is doing, he does not notice Yunho watching him closely.

Every gentle touch brings back memories.

The soft caress of his breath over the inflamed skin brings heat to parts of his body he would rather stay asleep.

He has to fight the urge to snatch his hand away, knowing if he does, Jaejoong will likely view that as a negative reaction to his confession earlier, and Yunho cannot have that.

“Your question, Jae…” Yunho starts, needing a distraction as Jaejoong’s soft hands hold his, wrapping the bandage around his self-inflicted injury.

Jaejoong hums again, but he does not speak, concentrating on finishing with the bandage.

“Is it too tight?”

“You can make it tighter if you want.”

He watches as Jaejoong’s bottom lip once again disappears in his mouth as he adjusts the bandage. He can feel the pinch, and his hand is throbbing, but it is a welcome distraction as he has to literally battle his own body.

Mind over matter.

Mind over fucking matter.

He can win this. He has to.

Jaejoong sighs as he finally hooks the metal clip to hold the bandage in place. He is acutely aware of Yunho, he is just pretending to be absorbed in what he is doing. How to ask his question? He thought it might change after Yunho’s, but it has not. In fact, it is more pressing than ever that Yunho answers him especially with the lack of a reaction from the man after his explanation.

Nothing he can do will take back the initial hurt and pain the man felt.

And while he believes Changmin, because the man has absolutely no reason to lie to him, a little part of him is still hesitant. Too much time away from the other, and what the separation has wrought in both of them is something he needs to examine and learn. Even himself. He knows he has changed, but in what manner and especially in relation to Yunho is still a journey he has yet to even properly embark on.

He needs to know, in order to start on that journey.

But that crippling sense of self-doubt is turning his belly into a jumble of knots again and his emotions once again bouncing around all over the place with nothing to latch on to.

“Do you still love me?”

Yunho's heart aches at Jaejoong's question. He can hear the hesitance and he can feel the man tensing in his arms as if bracing himself to be hit. He can see the sole tear slipping out as Jaejoong closes his eyes, chewing on his bottom lip, his nostrils flaring slightly as he tries to control himself. His eyes roam over the pale features of his angel.

Yes, his angel.

His love was something Jaejoong would have never questioned in the past. Never. No matter how many fights they have or disagreements, or silly games the man played, this is something the older man would have never asked.

But time changes things.

The past is done. He realizes he needs to stop putting Jaejoong from the past into this Jaejoong in the present and assuming they are the same. The feelings and that strange connection he has with the man remain unchanged as far as he can tell. The explosive attraction is undeniable.

But Jaejoong has changed and he needs to know this man all over again. Otherwise they will forever be at cross purposes and attacking from past hurts and presumed wrongs.

At least on his side.

Yunho is pulled from his thoughts by Jaejoong struggling in his arms, and he realises he must have taken too long.

“Hush, Jae…”

But the man struggles even more, and he can see the man’s eyes clenched shut as if trying to hold in tears, and despite that, a stray drop or two leaks out.

“Jaejoongie, baby, calm down.”

And instantly, Jaejoong stops struggling, reacting to the words of endearment, and Yunho’s gentle voice.

Yunho cannot help but sneak to press a soft kiss against the older man’s temple, before he speaks quietly.

“I’m sorry you had to question that. I assumed you knew. In fact, I was sure I had said something, but perhaps I wasn’t clear. This is our problem I think, and tell me if you agree.”

Both Yunho and Jaejoong suck in fortifying gulps of air, before the younger man continues speaking.

“We don’t talk. We assume a lot, and 90% of the time our assumptions are correct and in line because we’re so…i’m not sure what the right word is. In sync?”


“Yes, connected. So connected it is almost tangible as our dongsaengs always tell us. I can still remember Junsu telling us to be careful because your JaeSu gap was getting too wide.”

“I never did listen did I?” comes the wry response as Jaejoong smiles fondly at the memory. “But in all honesty, I never noticed it myself.”

“I know you didn’t. I didn’t notice either, but admit it, even if you did, would you have changed?”

“Probably not.”

“Oldest member and the most precocious one,” Yunho shakes his head, his voice teasing as Jaejoong answers with a small scoff.

“By two miserable days Yunho-yah.”

“Well, by a lot more according to your official birthday, but nevermind. Oh, did you notice our birthdays are two days apart? Mine is January 24 in the drama and yours is January 26.”

“You know, I have my suspicions about this project. Everything seems a little too neat.”

“Do I need to worry?”

Jaejoong shakes his head. “You mean we don’t you? Do we need to worry?”

“Yes, we,” Yunho cannot help sneaking yet another kiss, nuzzling against Jaejoong’s ear this time, making the older man chuckle softly. “I really don’t know if things are being orchestrated or if this really is chance, but I’m going to see how it plays out for now. It’s too early to tell, and besides I really was a last minute addition.”

“The so-called perfect Male Lead A?”

“I am perfect.”

Jaejoong snorts, before changing the subject, redirecting it back to their original conversation. He does not really want to, but he knows avoiding is what got them into trouble in the first place. On his part anyway.

“And what about the 10%?”

“The 10% is what gets us into trouble. Can you think of a single fight we’ve ever had that was not resolved uh…”



“Ok, maybe vertically sometimes and diagonally too.”

“Stop it,” Yunho admonishes, but there is no real heat behind it as his body stirs, perking up at the pictures Jaejoong is painting in his head already without saying much at all. He really needs to get to the point of this before he himself becomes a point and starts poking the older man.

He clears his throat, ignoring the amused glint in a pair of naughty dark doe eyes.

“So our problem is that we don’t talk because we usually don’t feel the need to, and assume we know what the other is thinking and feeling. Are you with me?”

“Yes, sir,” Jaejoong nods with a smart salute.

“This is not a joke, Jae.”

“I know. But god, I am sitting in your lap and want to kiss you so bad so I need to distract myself so cut me some slack ok?”

Yunho coughs, glancing away from those deep pools that always threaten to drown him, though this time Jaejoong is wearing contacts so his eyes are a little unfamiliar. Contacts do not hide the man from him though, and his eyes stay resolutely away

“So uh, yeah, we should talk.”

“I got that bit,” Jaejoong nods, waiting expectantly for more but nothing is forthcoming.

Yunho is too busy trying to control his raging libido. He has already lost the battle with the blood flow, and one little movement from Jaejoong and that might be the end for him. He cannot even remember what they were really discussing. Something about needing to talk.

“Is that all?”

“Is what all?”

Jaejoong chuckles at the confused expression of the younger man whose cheeks are a little flushed, and he keeps licking his bottom lip. Yunho does have a point. They solve their problems in bed, and then assume the other is fine with everything. Not to mention the fact that both of them are very easily distracted by the other.

Even as he thinks this, Yunho moans softly, turning his heated face against Jaejoong’s hair, burying his nose just behind his ear and inhaling.

“You’re taking a lot of liberties. Does this mean the no touching thing is officially at an end?”

Yunho pauses, drawing back slightly, and then turning his gaze to meet Jaejoong’s. The man’s eyes are still a liquid, but there is a light in them that he remembers from long ago. He squeezes his side, hugging him close and smiling in resignation.

“It lasted one official day. You should be proud of me because I really didn’t think I could do it. Did you notice how many million bathroom breaks I took? I was busy splashing cold water on my face.”

“I did notice you were a little wet and felt left out.”


“Isn’t it my job to make you wet?”


Familiar broken laughter echoes around the empty rooftop save the couple now for all intents and purposes, snuggling into each other as Jaejoong hides his laughter behind his hand. The move is so delicate and so very Jaejoong, that Yunho feels a pang, realising just how much he misses this beautiful man.

They still need to work some things out though.


“I don’t quite like the sound of that… don’t tell me, we still need to talk, right?”

Yunho nods, resting his cheek against Jaejoong’s. He can feel the man’s warmth and as he inhales, the smoky vanilla scent brings him comfort rather than ire.

“We’re still going to be just friends for now, ok? I think we need to get to know each other all over again before we head down other paths.”

“Other well trodden paths?”

“I don’t know. My path is overgrown with weeds from the lack of anyone passing through.”

Jaejoong scrunches up his nose.

“Not sexy, Yunho. Not a sexy visual at all.”

Yunho lets out a sharp bark of laughter when he realises what the lead singer is implying, and he pinches him lightly in the side, making the smaller man wriggle in his lap, which really was not the best idea ever. His laughter turns into heartfelt groans as he squeezes Jaejoong’s hip to keep him from moving.

“Well, what’s the situation on your path then? Is it well trodden?”

Still giggling slightly, Jaejoong shakes his head, before turning serious. “I did try with someone. But he didn’t even make it past the threshold of my bedroom. It felt so wrong, like I was cheating. Or even worse. I don’t know to describe it, but the self-loathing…I don’t want to feel it again.”

“I know exactly what you mean.” Yunho’s voice is soft as he fights the knee-jerk jealousy and hurt at Jaejoong’s words. Someone had gotten close enough that Jaejoong had contemplated it. He takes a deep breath, reminding himself that for the last three or so years, they were both their own men, and as such, free to make whatever decisions they want regarding their personal lives. He had gotten close enough on a couple of occasions, but that self-loathing and the inescapable feeling that he is cheating had been too strong. So strong he needed to drink himself into oblivion just to stop feeling that way.

And instead of keeping this to himself as he would have normally done, Yunho tells Jaejoong about those close shaves, and that he felt the same.

In not so many words, he describes what he felt, and with each word, no matter how heavy the matter is or how distasteful the subject is, he actually feels lighter, as Jaejoong listens closely, nodding on occasion, agreeing verbally on others. As he describes his battle with the bottle, Jaejoong had made sounds of understanding, wrapping his arms around his neck and planting a soft kiss on Yunho’s cheek.

Instead of feeling exposed and raw, Yunho finds that confiding his pain in the very man who had driven him to feel that pain, is cathartic. So cathartic in fact that by the end of the telling, both of them are smiling again. Small, yet genuine smiles, as they recognise that each of them had gone through hell without the other, and neither had it worse than the other.

As they get up, Yunho noticing that their twenty minutes has more than run out, he cannot help but tease the gorgeous man with the shining eyes.

“So you still haven’t told me about your path.”

Jaejoong cocks his head, slightly perplexed as he straightens Yunho’s jacket, making the man turn around so he can dust off the back. He sees the destroyed material, but he says nothing, simply brushing it as best he can. The jacket is one he has never seen before, and he makes a mental note to buy the man a replacement. Maybe a leather jacket, to make up for another he destroyed a long time ago.


They start walking slowly, side by side, not touching but with each stride, their fingertips brush against each other. Neither makes a move to bridge the gap, content at the casual contact, something they are used to being limited to after years of brushing onscreen.

“Well, mine isn’t that weedy. I trimmed it recently.”

Jaejoong stops dead at the top of the stairs, as Yunho takes a couple of steps down it.

“Jung Yunho!”

“What?” Yunho twists around to look back at the beautiful man scowling playfully at him.

“You best take a freaking lawnmower to it if you know what’s good for you.”

The laughter echoing down the stairs as both men burst out laughing is a ringing sound that intrigues all that hear it.

The two PDs, having entered the stairwell to look for the two stars themselves, back away quietly.

“When they left, Yunho-ssi looked ready to hurt something or someone. How did they go from that to laughing like old friends in one hour?”

“They are old friends.”

“Just friends?”

“For now.”

“You think they are more?”

“Why would SME insist on NDAs that detailed and iron clad if they aren’t?”

“I’m more interested in why their NDAs protect Kim Jaejoong as much as it protects Jung Yunho.”

“Who knows? I for one am not going to question it. The series is going to fly off the shelves on Wednesday when we have that press conference.”

As Jaejoong enters the room, a comfortable silence between them, ignoring all the curious looks thrown their way, he realises that Yunho hasn’t actually answered his question properly.

He frowns slightly as they both take their seats, apologising mechanically. His “parents” both immediately ask if he is alright, and he chats with them briefly, averting his gaze completely from Yunho who is also chatting with Changmin and Joong Ki.

As always, Yunho is engaged in conversation with those around him, yet still aware of Jaejoong across from him. He is trying not to show his concern, but he is definitely wondering what the heck has gotten over the older man once again. One minute he is fine, and the next, he is not.


He has to remind himself they are friends.

Just friends, till they are done talking.

He has a horrid feeling it might actually take the duration of the filming, what with Jaejoong’s one question per episode rule. It will be difficult to talk properly with that limitation, and Yunho files it away at the back of his mind to remember to ask Jaejoong about that. He has already pushed enough with the questions today.

The rest of the script reading progresses reasonably well, till the PDs once again bring up the song.

Jaejoong finally, after almost an hour, darts a look at Yunho who merely quirks an eyebrow.

“Just play it PD-nim. If you want us to try and give an impromptu performance right now you will need to let me hear it.”

Joong Ki coughs next to him, leaning over. “Are you actually going to do this?”

“Why not?”

“I’ve heard the song and it’s a little…”



Ah In leans over, snagging Joong Ki’s hand in his lap and squeezing it.

“Stop meddling, Joongie. Haven’t you done enough?”

Joong Ki pouts, leaning back in his seat and pulling his hand from Ah In’s, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’m just warning him. “

“Honestly, how bad can this song be?”

“What’s your poker face like?” Joong Ki asks, and before Yunho can reply, Changmin on his other side leans forward to join in the conversation.

“His poker face is the best, unless Jaejoong hyung shocks him and then he turns into a stuttering mess.”

“Changmin!” Yunho protests, drawing eyes to them from around the table, but the younger man is unrepentant.

“What? You know it’s true. Remember that scripted radio variety show gag? One flyaway comment from Jaejoong hyung and you were gaping. Junsu of all people had to save your ass.”

“Hey, I remember that. Something about how you don’t treat him like a man?” Ah In speaks up, as he leans closer, a sneaky hand in Joong Ki’s lap.

Jaejoong, who had been listening to the conversation closely, flushes at the memory. He hadn’t quite meant for it to come out the way it did, but it was done.

“Yes, that one!” Changmin nods. “Imagine how I felt sitting there watching all four of them flail. Our dear leader-sii was the worst of the lot. If we all followed the leader there would be awkward laughter for the rest of the production.”

“Your stunned expression was rather classic. I can imagine your mind totally blanking out in that instant,” Ah In agrees, chuckling slightly as Yunho shakes his head, hiding his face in his hands as the memories around that show hit him, rather than the show itself. Jaejoong had been so contrite, and had apologised profusely with his body.

Always the touching. It always comes back to that. They touch more than they talk, and after over three years of no touching, they definitely need to fix the communication issues first.

He groans at the thought, knowing for certain now that the production is likely going to be a month-long case of blue balls.

“Don’t imagine!” Changmin pipes up rather unhelpfully as he smirks across the table where Jaejoong is fixing him with a baleful look. Instead of scaring him, the look heartens the maknae, just the way the older man’s vigorous defence of Yunho earlier had.

“You are so screwed my friend,” Joong Ki thumps Yunho on the shoulder, just as the music starts to play.

It plays once.

And then repeats a second time.

All eyes are on Yunho and Jaejoong, but neither are paying attention.

In fact, both are staring at the lyrics on the sheet in front of them. Jaejoong does not really need them, but he does not want to look up either, and so he stares, mouthing along to the lyrics as the whole room watches.

The song plays for the third time, and upon its close, Yunho finally looks up, his eyes searching the PDs and finding them.

“Did my company actually listen to the song?”

“No, but they were given a copy of the lyrics, and your part was highlighted to them.”

“Was this before or after they approved of me singing this song?”

“Before of course.”

Yunho’s jaw tightens, his eyes narrowing as he looks up, meeting Jaejoong’s gaze.

They both stare at each other, speaking without words, causing Changmin to huff and roll his eyes, leaning back in his chair.

“Here we go again.”

‘What?” Yeon Hee whispers under her breath, her eyes darting back and forth between Yunho and Jaejoong.

“Something smells, and I’m not sure what it is but they are noticing.”

“They are? They’re just staring at each other.”

“Can’t you hear them?”

Yeon Hee stares, and she looks around the table, and then back at the couple. Looking closely, she notices Jaejoong’s expression changing as well to mirror Yunho’s. But in a blink of an eye, it disappears as he smirks slightly, winking across the table at Yunho who returns it with a low chuckle as he stands.

“Let’s do this.” Yunho steps away from his seat and heads in the direction of the PDs. “Do you have a microphone stand?”

Joong Ki immediately scoots over, sitting in his vacated seat, and Ah In follows suit, sitting in Joong Ki’s. He gestures to Changmin, bending their heads together as they watch the two male leads conferring quietly with the PDs.

“Is this going to be like the phone scene?”

“I wasn’t here for the phone scene.”

“Surely you’ve heard about it?”

“NDAs remember?”

“Oh,” Joong Ki’s face falls. “This is going to be hard. I’d better watch myself.”

“You do that, hyung.” Changmin’s tone is brusque, looking at the man seriously. “SME won’t be happy if you talk.”

“I’m not going to talk!”

“Make sure it stays that way.”

“Aish…why are all you SM types so serious?”

“I’m not,” a cheerful female voice pipes up, snaking her head under Changmin’s arm to beam at Joong Ki and Ah In who both chuckle at her.

Their attention is once again brought back into focus by a gofer running back in with an actual microphone stand and a working microphone. The technicians fiddle around with the set up, and the room watches curiously as Yunho shrugs off his jacket, and unbuttons an extra button on his shirt. The result is a whining sound from Jaejoong, but when everyone’s gaze shifts back to the beautiful man, his features give nothing away as he too discards his pin striped jacket. Underneath he is wearing a loose long sleeved teeshirt with a neckline so wide it exposes his collarbones amply.

A growl is heard from Yunho, but as before, once the room’s attention is focused on him, the man’s expression is blank and cooly professional.

“Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?” Joong Ki finally mutters under his breath as he fans himself.

Before anyone can reply, Yunho speaks up, his voice loud as he addresses the PDs who have moved across to the other side of the room.

“So we will try this the way you actually want it to play out at the concert?”

Both PDs nod, and Yunho continues.

“And you’re fine with whatever we think will be good?”

“Your fellow cast members will be the judge of whether it is good. Everyone pay attention.”

“As if he needs to say that,” Changmin mutters. The room is absolutely riveted on the two men at the front of the room. Jaejoong has ruffled his hair a little, and it is sticking up slightly, the red depth of his hair is coincidentally mirrored in the shade of Yunho’s hair.

How has he not noticed this before? No wonder YunJae shippers are always beside themselves. Even when they do not mean to, Yunho and Jaejoong end up coordinating.

The room watches, most of them unconsciously leaning forward, practically on the edge of their seats as they watch the leader of TVXQ and the lead singer of JYJ confer. To some in the room, it is the leader and his lead singer discussing a performance. After a few more seconds, Yunho steps back, walking away, unbuttoning yet another button.

“I saw that,” Jaejoong speaks directly into the microphone, eyebrow lifted as Yunho does not bother turning around. But whomever is looking at the dancer rapper can see his mouth quirking into a smirk.

The singer pulls his gaze from Yunho’s back to face the room. This is the smallest audience he has performed for in a long time, but they are important. Important to him, because even if this is practice, he is performing with Yunho for the first time in years, in a duet no less.

And he will be damned if they do not make everyone’s jaws fucking hit the ground.

He clears his throat, smiling, forcing away his natural shyness as the smile turns into a smirk, getting immediately into character.

Jaejoong presses his mouth against the mic, exhaling, before he starts to speak, his eyes scanning the room, pinning everyone with the gaze that Yunho once described as being so strong you can feel a pulse running through you. The stray thought almost makes him chuckle because he is almost certain it is only Yunho who feels that pulse.

And he will have it no other way.

“This is the first time I’m singing this song for an audience, so if I make any mistakes, I beg your indulgence.”

“And I’ve only heard the song three times, but I will put on my best for you,” Yunho speaks into his mic from the side of the room. His sleeves are rolled up past his forearms, and his stance is loose and easy, a cordless microphone held in one hand.

The room hears “for you” to mean them, but Changmin and Jaejoong both know that Yunho only means one person when he says for you.


The singer puts on his sunglasses and lifts his hand for the music cue, and the song starts.

He drapes his wrist over the microphone, singing with a slight smirk that translates into his voice, making the lyrics sound playful and teasing.

”Neoege jugo sipeo… niga johahaneun aiseukeurim…”

The whole room watches his head tilt over to where Yunho is instead of Joong Ki this time. The echoing lyric remains unsung, the backing vocals whispering the lines instead. The song is meant to be sung with back up, but not this time.

”Soljikhi japgo inneun nisonboda… neoui kiseuga joha…”

Jaejoong takes a step forward, his body now flush against the microphone stand, as he dances his fingers lightly along the body of the microphone while the other hand drops low, holding the microphone stand, his grip loose, but rather conveniently placed just in front of his crotch. The smirk never leaves his lips.

”Uri, uri, mane bimil… moduga jiltuhalgeoya…”

Those dancing fingers now move to wrap firmly around the length, as Jaejoong’s lips press firmly against the head of the microphone, tilting his body to the side a little so Yunho is once again in his direct line of sight.

”Haengbokhaeseo jireun bimyeongsori… modu yeotdeureosseulgeoya…”

And he does not shift, his audience already forgotten as he sings to Yunho who is leaning back deceptively casually against the wall. The distance makes no difference, the familiar hooded gaze raking him from head to toe, making heat explode across his skin.

“Bloody hell…”

Joong Ki and Ah In are watching slackjawed, eyes moving back and forth between Jaejoong and Yunho. Just like the phone scene from the first script reading, they are feeling like they are intruding.

“Across a bloody room…” Joong Ki marvels as he leans against Ah In. “Dongsaeng, I really don’t think we can emulate YunJae. We don’t have that whole intense energy crackling between us. Maybe up close, but not like this. Not across a room.”

“Try being stuck between them during Love In The Ice.”

“Don’t you step back?”

“I used to, till fangirls started pointing out that I’m the only one who moves out of the line during the entire performance.”

“Why do you care about that?”

“Same reason why SME had all of us sign NDAs.”

“You mean…” Ah In trails off as Yunho pushes away from the wall, almost swaggering as Jaejoong enters the chorus for the second time.

“I’m not saying anything.”

“What is TP?” Yeon Hee asks quietly, making Changmin gulp loudly having forgotten that she is just next to him.


Yunho finally reaches Jaejoong, his microphone to his lips, pressed tight, his voice low, the way it was during the English rap in Darkness Eyes. He only has eyes for Jaejoong though, as he circles the shorter man, his movements predatory.

”All i need is one kiss, get a taste of your bliss…stir up the magic when you and I mix.”

He trails the back of his finger along Jaejoong’s cheek at the last word, before circling even closer, the head of the microphone never leaving his lips as he raps in a voice lower than he has used in a while.

”From the bed to the floor, hotter than before… bara bolsu eobtneun neo…”

Yunho is standing directly behind Jaejoong now, their bodies touching, as he keeps rapping while running his nose along the length of the pale white expanse of skin that Jaejoong’s top accords him, the wide neckline slipping off one shoulder.

”So turn the lights off… May I take your top off as you take off mine…naega gidaryeotdeon moseub…now we finally got time…”

The audience watches in rapt attention, as Yunho slips his arm around Jaejoong, hand open and splayed across his belly, before moving lower, slipping underneath his tee shirt and lifting it up, exposing his body to the watching cast and crew. Neither notice the various soft gasps around the room as Yunho continues to rap.

”Top to bottom front to the back…every spot i won’t miss…and it all starts, from just this… ”

Jaejoong tilts his head to the side, as Yunho runs his nose up along the length of his neck to his ear this time. He can feel the air from his breath caressing his skin, and the goosebumps are already aplenty on his skin. His nipples are so hard, they actually hurt.

”…from one kiss…”

Yunho’s mouth is against Jaejoong’s ear, and he finally looks up to his audience.

Dark brooding almond eyes, glaring at the audience, his lips never leaving Jaejoong’s alabaster skin as the rock singer leans back in the arms of his rapper.

”…from one kiss…”

The look sends one very clear message to every single person in that room, male or female alike.



“Do I even have to ask if they’re acting?”

The performance has been over for almost fifteen minutes, the PDs having called for a half hour snack break, but almost everyone in the room is still talking about it.

“I would not want to meet Yunho in a dark alley.”

“I would not want to be the person between Yunho and Jaejoong, in broad daylight or in a dark alley. It doesn’t matter. I’m still getting residual shivers from that intense glare.”

“Feel sorry for me then, huh?” Changmin interrupts, his plate loaded with a second helping of food.

Joong Ki immediately snatches a piece of chicken from his plate, making the younger man growl in protest.

“Yes, how did you survive sitting between them for years?”

“It’s usually ok till hyungdeul are so caught up in the interview that they forget we’re sitting in that formation and start patting my legs.”

Joong Ki and Ah In start laughing, as Changmin puts on a tragic expression. Yeon Hee clicks her tongue at him but she too smiles.

“They never glare at you though?”

“No, but a word of advice.”

“What?” Joong Ki and Ah In lean closer, as does Yeon Hee and a couple of other surrounding cast members.

“Don’t take it personally if they don’t seem to notice you exist. Like today and I’m guessing, the infamous phone scene that they acted out. They just won’t notice you, but it’s not you, it’s them. They get caught up in stuff quite easily and are very serious about doing a good job. It happened a lot in practice. They are very focused.”

The small group converse quietly, Changmin doing his best to make it seem normal that Yunho and Jaejoong behave this way. A little friendlier than the normal Korean idol, but not anything too untoward. NDAs are one thing, but Changmin does not trust the intention behind those NDAs and so he is doing damage control in whatever manner he can.

Meanwhile the couple everyone is discussing are in the corner of the room by themselves, both sipping on glasses of water that they finish off while chatting quietly.

“Are we governed by the NDA?”

Jaejoong shakes his head. “I didn't sign anything.”

“Neither did I, which I find a little curious. If this was for the project’s sake, surely we would have been included?”

Jaejoong frowns, as he pops a cube of sweet potato into his mouth. “We're being played. Shall we play our own game?”

“What were you thinking of?”

“A selca?”

“Of us?”

Jaejoong grins, warming up to the idea as he thinks about it while staring at the younger man.

“It'll be cute. Our hair is almost the same shade right now. You're probably going to have to dye it for the drama so now's a good time as any.”

He pulls out his phone as Yunho moves to stand behind him once again.

The younger man wraps his arms around Jaejoong, chin on his shoulder.

“This feels familiar.” Yunho whispers, aware of the eyes behind him on them, but not caring at the moment because straight after their performance, both had declared it might be easier to stay in character while among cast and crew where they deem necessary. A rather ridiculous excuse, but everyone seems to buy it so Yunho is getting away with his handsy behaviour.

“It feels like home,” Jaejoong agrees softly.

“And to think you didn't want us to touch,” Yunho chides gently.

“You know why. Whenever we touch, everything else is forgotten.”

“And you also know we're not teenagers anymore. I have better control of myself and I know you do too. No loving before talking.”

“Are we done talking?” Jaejoong’s voice is once again teasing, and he can hear Yunho’s smile in his response.

“You really are still a brat.”

“Oppa…” Jaejoong breathes out, making his voice purposefully husky and low, and he can feel Yunho stiffen behind him.

The pause is a little long, before Yunho finally replies, a shaky thread in his voice.

“Isn't that my line?”

“I’m borrowing it.”

Yunho nuzzles against Jaejoong's ear and laughs.

“Are you taking this selca or not?”

“Alright, alright!” Jaejoong huffs as he fiddles with his phone with one hand while hugging Yunho’s arm to his belly with the other. “Can we make a W?”

“I think that might be pushing it. Plus I don't want you to let me go.”


Yunho smirks, knowing he is being set up for it. But he is in a fine mood indeed and so he responds in kind, though removing any traces of lust from his voice as far as possible. The result is a smiling affectionate word that falls from his lips as he stares at Jaejoong’s phone for the selca.

“Oppa…” he whispers as he holds up a peace sign.

Jaejoong snaps the photo with a slight pout, reveling in the genuine and beautiful smile of the man holding him.

“Should I add a comment to the selca?”

“No. If SME says anything, we can claim it was an accident. We are supposed to be lovers in this drama. We were practicing.”

“Practicing huh? Can we practice episode four?”

“You are incorrigible!”

“I’m just teasing.”

Yunho can actually hear the pout in Jaejoong’s voice. He does not even need to look at the man. A wealth of affection bursts forth in his chest, and he speaks from the heart.

“I know. I love you.”

Jaejoong freezes as the words he has said twice already is finally returned properly in kind.

“Relax Jaejoongie…” Yunho soothes, “…still just friends. I won't push this or rush this and neither will you.”

“Forever the bossy Leaderssi,” Jaejoong manages to choke out as he opens the Twitter app to attach the photo.

“I always know what's best.”

“Do you just?”

Jaejoong selects the photo they have just taken, and prepares to hit send.

“Of course. I love you, don't I? What can be better than you?”

“Oh god I forgot how corny you could get,” Jaejoong laughs, clicking send and then turning his phone off and pocketing his phone immediately.

Around the world, stunned fans are staring at their phones and computer screens in shock.

kimjaejoong @bornfreeonekiss                     57s


AN1: Hehehe… I was thinking of including some genuine fangirl tweets in the next part so if you want to tweet me your reactions to that photo as if Jae actually tweeted it IRL, mention me @JungYunWhore and I’ll pick some of them. Nepotism will be practiced though cos I already promised my twin to debut her as a sultry blonde sasaeng lmao but I can definitely fit in a few of y’all in there if you’re interested.

AN2: Some of you Sleeping Beauty people will recognise a line there. I can’t help but use it again lol. My husband said it to me while I was in the kitchen and he’d spilled water and forgot to mop it up and I’d gone sloshing into it in my socks and I was hollering YOU MADE ME WET! And he smirked and replied as Jaejoong did, and let me tell you I actually stood their stunned for a few seconds because it was completely out of the blue ;-) And for those who know me, #UKNOW it is almost impossible to shock me into silence ;-)

AN3: Also, this fic was ALWAYS meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek. A little angst, but more awkward than anything and all the pairings in this fic should have given you an idea of that. I’m not a fan of making a character stupid just for the sake of drawing out angst so take it as you will. It kinda rubs me wrong. I’m extremely self-aware and I guess it definitely translates into the way I write. It doesn’t help that I don’t really believe in broken!YunJae lol. This was hard to write. And well, let’s see where my muse takes me after this. LITI is definitely on pause though cos I want to finish ICE. And this time I mean it!!! *glares at Jaejoong muse*

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