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Forsaken [5]

Title: Forsaken
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, supernatural
Prompt: Adopted the prompt by kpopbee and written with her permission.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

Summary: There is a war brewing for control of Hell and the result hangs on the slim, pale shoulders of a young human. As pure and white as snow, yet the mark of the devil is on him, Jaejoong is destined to be the forsaken one. The bride of the Lucifer himself, his destiny was written from the day he was born on the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of the new millennium. He may be the pawn of Destiny, his future supposedly damned, but a demonic prophecy throws chaos into the mix and nothing is certain anymore.

AN: *blows cobwebs off fic and then slinks off into the darkness of oblivion…*

TVXQ - Forsaken01

Yunho scowls his displeasure, hiding behind the cold, cold hand of fear that he suddenly feels, a feeling so foreign it actually takes him a few moments to realise what exactly it is that he is experiencing.

He presses down against his bride who continues to smile up at him, his innocence and Yunho’s taint like a battle raging within his mortal body. Yunho can actually see the light and darkness battling within the teenager, and it is beautiful to watch. The lights flickering underneath translucent skin, the dark chasing the light, and then vice versa. It is absolutely mesmerising. As far as he can see, it is an equal fight, and even as he stares, he suddenly realises one thing.

Jaejoong cannot be human.

Regardless of the fact that he is in his dominion, Jaejoong should have remained human. But the marking of him… Absolutely no one except god himself should have been able to corrupt his flesh in such a manner.

Yunho winces as the pain sears within him again as Jaejoong leans up to kiss the mark he had so brazenly tattooed onto his skin like a brand. He closes his eyes and gasps as he feels something flowing through him from the mark as his mortal bride breathes against him.

Lips to mark.

Mortal bride to the Overlord of Darkness.

And Yunho is horrified to find something stirring within him. He tries to rip himself away from those lips, but as it was before, Jaejoong’s legs hold tight, and he is unable to move away. He looks down, to see Jaejoong’s eyes glowing white staring up at him. He can see the link between the incandescent eyes of his bride and the flow of energy travelling into his body. The light is like a stream, slowly emptying from his bride’s eyes, flowing through his head and out his mouth.

Into him.

“Jaejoong!” Yunho manages to choke out, as fear and something else mix within him. The malevolence that is him is absolutely powerless against whatever it is that Jaejoong is, and he can feel it clawing to get out, to fight whatever it is that his bride is filling him with, but to no avail.

Yunho can only watch mutely as the light slowly drains from Jaejoong’s eyes, his limbs immobile and his will to fight is being blocked by something he cannot understand.

And as quickly as it starts, it ends as Jaejoong falls back, eyes now as black as onyx once again, lips so red they look almost bloody, and Yunho feels his bride’s legs dropping to either side of him.

His malevolence creeps back in almost immediately, and the growl he utters then causes the surface of the earth to crack, as it runs unchecked, his fear translating into fury at the audacity of the young mortal man. But instead of taking it out on the boy lying pliant beneath him, Yunho unleashes his fury on the worlds, as all four walls shimmer, being the windows to the other realms, reflecting the chaos.

The fires in the pits of Hell burn even hotter than before, the flare causing even the lesser demons to flinch from the heat as they back away, looking at each other confusedly.

The icy landscape in the Underworld, as souls hang in limbo waiting for judgment, becomes so extreme that even the minions overseeing it are unable to stay, fleeing back to the heat of Hell from whence they came from.

The darkness of the land of In Between becomes so oppressive that the djinn and ghosts that dwell within it all flee to the mortal world to escape the suffocation, causing the supernatural veil between the two realms to tear from the sheer magnitude of the exodus.

The peaceful existence of the mortal World is shaken both naturally and supernaturally as the influx of other beings brings terror among the people, not to mention the physical landscape as earthquakes shake the planet from the north to the south, and east to west.

And all because Yunho, Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness and Ruler of Hell, is unable to lift a hand to his bride lying so quietly beneath him. All the malevolence in the universe from Time immemorial cannot force his hand to hurt the beautiful boy, and so he takes it out on his dominion.

God has forsaken the worlds, leaving it to him to lord over them, and so it shall be.


The gentle voice, so soft and otherworldly.

A tool of control.

In that instance Yunho knows for certain his bride is no mere mortal.

Because absolutely no one, including god himself, would have been able to stop his fury the way this boy has with a simple word.

The walls shimmer once again, and then they fall silent, three walls of inky darkness and one wall of flames as always.

Yunho drops his forehead against Jaejoong’s, the only sound in the room in the harsh rasp rattling in his throat as he resists the compulsion to draw in a breath he does not need. After a few moments, he lifts his head and gazes silently down at the boy pinned underneath him, before bending his head to capture those blood red lips, forcing his tongue into his willing bride’s mouth, extending it, allowing it to snake down his throat, and further thus.

He can taste his blood and his essence, and it is not mortal any longer.

It hurts, and he knows it as Jaejoong begins to kick and struggle against him as the dreadful forked tongue of the Serpent Lord rips him apart, searching for the truth.

But Yunho needs to know what his bride is, even as he regrets the pain he is causing the teenager.


How can he feel regret?

His eyes widen as he recalls yet another obscure prophecy, one that he remembers dismissing over a millennium ago, and yet the words are suddenly entering his mind even as he searches for the truth within this young man.

But the prophecy makes no sense.

He is unable to shake the words from his mind as he continues to kiss and plunder, his tongue reaching far and beyond anything humanly possible, and had Jaejoong been human, he will have died as Yunho’s tongue splits, tearing into each half of physical body, still searching.

Yin and Yang.

And when he finds it, the shock renders him blind for a split second.

In that unguarded moment, he drops his control over Time. Time is of no consequence to him, but in this room, without him keeping it within a tight rein, Time runs away from him, and years pass in Hell, as well as the Underworld as his loss of control slowly creeps across the realms while Yunho struggles with what he has just discovered.

So that is what the second Prophecy means.


The response echoes in his mind, and he has no idea who or what has just spoken, but it snaps him back into the present, as he reins everything back in.

Just in time, as the slipping of his control has almost reached into the mortal World and that would have been catastrophic as decades will have passed, anyone Jaejoong loves or knows would be long dead, had Yunho not regained his bearings.

He reins in his touch of his bride, as he languidly strokes the boy from within, retracing his steps as he finds what he seeks.

The teenager’s eyes are wide. So wide in his face, wider than they have ever been as they are joined in a manner he is unaccustomed to. He can feel the man’s touch deep within his body. That sensual, possessive caress that he is used to dancing across his skin is now dancing deep within him, and he struggles.

But he struggles not from pain, but from pleasure, desperately wanting more.

This man’s touch is like heaven to him. Tasting him is like drinking the nectar of the gods.

But he is not being forceful enough. He is not taking as he usually does.

He is being…tender.

Jaejoong stops struggling.

Why does it have to be this way?

Yunho’s surprise is an understatement as his bride suddenly forces him over and onto his back, straddling him as he bites down, ripping his tongue off even as he smiles and swallows.

That beautiful face, marred by the blood on the corner of his lips, but Yunho feels no pain because Jaejoong did not intend him pain.

But he barely even registers that interesting fact, his tongue healing and forking out once again as he licks his own lips, unable to pull his gaze from the luminous face.

A face that reminds him of the angels he once knew, before he was cast out a multitude of eons ago, a time immeasurable. Jaejoong tugs at his wrists, and suddenly Yunho finds himself pinned, his arms over his head as his mortal bride holds him captive.

“Who are you?”


Yunho struggles to free himself but he is unable to. The ultimate Ruler of Hell is powerless, pinned under his supposedly weak bride, as he stares up into dark pools of onyx that he knows mirror his own eyes. The teenager’s grip is firm, his smile is so brilliant that his face practically glows, and Yunho sees a fire within the boy, a fire that he finally understands the source of.

Jaejoong moves, swiveling his hips up, and then suddenly rocking them backwards hard, and finally their gaze breaks as he arches backwards and screams as he forces Yunho’s hot shaft into his unprepared body. The scream echoes around the room, the fire along the wall flaring up high at the sound, the other three inky walls are split by forks of lightning, and his grip tightens around Yunho’s wrists, but he doesn’t let go. His body is burning like it has never done before, and he can see flickers of white hot flame dancing upon his skin when he looks down, but all his focus is on is the man between his thighs, underneath him, staring up at him almost in dazed wonder. That inhumanly beautiful face, with a voice like sin. Awareness floods through him as his body screams in protest at the brutal coupling, but he ignores it. His mind opens and a flood pours through it, a flood of memories, of understanding, of a certain omnipotence.

He suddenly sees everything.

And he knows this man.

“You are mine.”

Yunho sees and he hears and he feels but believing is another matter altogether. His body ignites as well, in response to the fire licking around Jaejoong. They lie there, one burning white, the other red, almost a battle of wills, the flames of their body is molten hot, but hurts neither of them, as it twists a fiery dance of passion around them. He forces his aura out, wanting to engulf his bride, but the teenager is having none of it, his smile is luminous, as he presses his own flaming aura back down onto Yunho.

And then he moves.

Yunho is unable to suppress the groan that his bride’s movements pull from his lips, forgetting for a moment about the battle he is waging, allowing Jaejoong’s light to dance over and envelop him. The two bodies on the bed move within a bright white ball of energy that nothing can penetrate.

Jaejoong has never felt this much pain and pleasure, and his focus is only on the man beneath him as he rocks over him. He swivels his hips hard, even as he presses Yunho’s wrists to the bed as he leans down for a kiss.

And contrary to his dominant position, his kiss is one of surrender not possession, as he allows Yunho’s snake-like tongue to ravage him thoroughly as he moans wantonly against that wicked hot mouth. He is unaware of the raw energy surrounding them, and even less aware that it comes from him, as his movements start to quicken, his body desperate for release, and wanting more.

He finally tears his mouth from Yunho’s realising that he will not be coming this way. He is defying the stars and he will not be rewarded for it. He lets go of Yunho’s wrists, sitting back up as the man immediately reaches down to squeeze his hips tight, canting upwards and pounding into him from below. Each ratcheting bounce pulls a gasp from his mouth as he stares down at the burning black eyes of his lover. The pitch blackness has a glossy fiery quality to it, and as Jaejoong stares down, flames ignite within them, and his free hands clutch as the man’s chest reflexively as he is lifted up and slammed back down hard, impaling him over and over again.

Yunho can see the burning prints around his wrists where Jaejoong had held him captive, and while the marks are fading, the fact that they were there in the first place drives him insane. There is an obscure prophecy from millennia ago, one given almost no bearing whatsoever as it was from a human Prophet rather than demonic, even though it pertains to the Prince of Darkness himself. Demonic prophecies are infallible while human prophecies, especially when it pertains to the Lord of Hell, tend to be mere words with no bearing. Every now and again, one in several thousand years may prove infallible, and it is because of this remote possibility that Yunho pays attention.

The marking of Destiny should not be feared, and the Reviler of Love shall cease to exist.

He is the Reviler of Love, but everything else makes no sense. He has marked Jaejoong, and he still exists. He himself has been marked, and he still exists too.

Remember Jiyong?

Azazel’s mistake in interpreting the first prophecy too simply, comes crashing back onto him, even as Jaejoong whines, the sound harsh in his throat as his bride’s eyes blaze, flames licking within them, mirroring his own.

Yunho flips them over in a quick move, bending Jaejoong almost in half as he thrusts hard and fast into him. He pushes back one leg so far that Jaejoong’s ankle kisses his ear, and the teenager screams in need, eyes clenched shut.

“Who am I?”

Jaejoong eyes fly open, and Yunho almost recoils back then, as the white light is once again in them instead of the deep black voids to reflect his own glossy onyx pools.


For the first time in the history of Yunho’s existence, his movements falter, so shocked because it is the last thing he expects. As he catches himself, he pistons even more brutally into the pliant body beneath him, unable to believe what he has just heard.

But he needs to know, to understand. He did not come by his dominion by shrinking away from information he does not like.

“Who are you, Jaejoong?”


The incandescent light of his eyes is almost blinding, and it gets brighter. Yunho forces his aura out as Jaejoong’s white light that surrounded them is being drawn back into the teenager for some reason. He pushes out till they are finally within the pulsating red of his self.

The Protector.

Search as he might, he cannot recall any prophecies in relation to a Protector.

But that is not to say it does not exist, it may just have not come into being.

And he fears that white light taking hold of Jaejoong, for he knows the boy is speaking the truth. He does not know of anything else.

Jaejoong is Purity.

And he is Destiny.

You are the Forsaken one no longer.

Yunho snarls as an echoing voice in his mind reverberates, the sound so loud it feels as if the room is rocking from the waves.

All four realms suffer his wrath once again, the human World suffering the most as a huge chasm cracks the ocean open, sending tidal waves hitting several continents and killing hundreds of thousands of people in one move.

The destruction would have been worse had Jaejoong not lifted his hand and placed his palm against Yunho’s chest where he is branded.

Yunho can feel the teenager’s aura flowing through his hand and into him, and he tries to push it back, but the boy is having none of it as his brow furrows in his beautiful face, his voice innocently questioning.

“Why are you fighting me?”

“I do not want this.”

“You know it is too late now.”

Yunho knows, he definitely knows. Prophecy is a double-edged sword. He never ever imagined even once that he is Jaejoong’s Destiny and not the other way round. And he fears the second prophecy even more now.

It is as if the teenager can hear his thoughts, because the boy reaches up a hand to hook him around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss.

Before their mouths meet, Jaejoong whispers against the sibilant hiss of Yunho’s gasp as his body tightens around the hot shaft still punishing him from within.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Yunho cannot answer, because his very existence is throwing him for a loop, and for the first time since being cast out of Heaven, Yunho has no idea as to who or what he is.

The Devil?


Master of the Underworld?

Lord of the Universe?

Yet still governed by prophecy and the will of god should he choose to interfere.

Jaejoong wraps his other leg around Yunho’s back, encouraging the man to keep fucking him as he arches up against him, rubbing his cock between their bodies, as he pulls his mouth away from Yunho’s.

“Love… you are my love.”

The short silence that follows is pierced by a scream that echoes in that room. And it is not Jaejoong but Yunho, as he spills his demonic seed into the body of his bride, acutely feeling the energy shift has his red is once again replaced by Jaejoong’s white.

The teenager follows his lover almost immediately, but he takes his pleasure in silence as he watches in mute fascination at the expression on the other man’s face.

The second the energy around their bodies dissipate, several lesser demons come running into the room, and every single one of them are cut off mid-step as Yunho blinks them all out of existence for their daring.

So he is still the Prince of Darkness, Overlord of the Four Realms.

And yet he feels like he is more.

And less at the same time.

And the reason for that is the beautiful angelic teenager nuzzling against his chest and sighing.

Each puff of breath as Jaejoong shifts, feels like a stab in whatever equivalent of a soul that he has.

He gazes down at the pouty boy, whose eyes are back to what they were on earth, normal human eyes.

Sleepy doe eyes.

“Can you move? You’re hurting me.”

Yunho pulls out without a word, rolling off the teenager who whines in distress, and Yunho suddenly finds himself with an armful of sulky sated teen.

“Don’t leave me again like you always do,” Jaejoong complains as he snuggles into Yunho’s side, throwing an arm and leg across the naked body he knows so well. “I won’t let you.”

And try as he might, Yunho cannot summon any sort of response that will cause the boy any ill feelings. And he finally gives up, caressing Jaejoong’s thigh that is splayed over his belly instead, making the teenager hum contentedly.

The Reviler of Love has indeed ceased to exist, for Yunho can no longer lay claim on that title.

Though it may take the Devil some time to come to terms with this.

As Jaejoong dozes off, trusting that Yunho will not leave him this time, he feels a stirring within him, a little flutter against the walls of his torso that surprises him. He moves his arm from around Yunho, and as he places his hand over his still-flat belly, a date unfolds in the minds of human and demon prophets.

The Day of Prophecy is at hand.

AN1: This fic seriously does not want me to be long-winded and I can’t force my muse so I’m just going with it even though it feels weird posting something that would be considered a “Nicki-drabble” in the Sleeping Beauty universe lol. Ok it’s actually longer than a Nicki-drabble but it feels short…

AN2: Lol judging from all the comments so far, I feel the need to say something. I have always intended to finish this fic. In fact, I only made ONE new year's resolution for 2013 and my resolution was FINISH FORSAKEN IN 2013 so yeah... don't worry. I'm not abandoning this fic by any stretch of the imagination. It's just that some muses are louder and whinier than others ;-) I'm muzzling LITI for the moment so this managed to come through.

Tags: fic:forsaken, pairing:yunjae, r

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