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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Ice [18]
Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, mild angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: I freaking wrote this in less than four hours and forgot to eat. Mistakes are all mine, and rambling and everything. I don't know how this is going to go cos hunger pangs!!!!! God... I haven't written this is awhile so please be kind. I miss them so much though you don't even know. I know a lot of you prefer Love In The Ice but I prefer Ice...

AN2: This banner was done by unknowntibidip


IceCollapse )

I do really like Love in the Ice, but it makes me feel so Emoshinki, so this is very refreshing. While dramatic, I am not a blubbering fool at the end of every chapter. As it is, I am super excited to see how Mrs. Jung and Jaejoong take on the industry!

it was nice to see the Jae&Mom bonding...hehe...the "mothers" in your fics are alway so well thought out and wise in their own way=)

and really?...more ppl like LITI?...I certainly love Ice more like you do..hehe..and I'm looking forward to your next chapter....guess JJ couldn't stay away from YH for longer than a couple days...haha.

 photo tumblr_miy7lmhgvn1rkmjjzo1_500.gif
Seriously their pain makes my heart ache so much ( ; _ ; )
And Yunho's mom is not a bitch she is an angel in my eyes~!
I want JJ & Yunho to meet and hug tightly soon they need it! Hell I need it! LOL
Thank U sooo much for this update even tho U are probably very busy with life~! I really can't wait for more but if U don't feel like it don't rush the story we can wait until Ur muse is back completely ^^ We also want U to enjoy writing like we enjoy reading Ur stories~! (^3^)

finally, an update on this! YAY!!

You rock. OMG Yunho's mom is the bomb. I would love to have someone like that as my mother and see the world terrified ;)
And Yunjae are back on againnnnnn :D

a chapter on life lessons... it certainly is...

jaejoong is still trying to find himself but with mrs jung's help and her words, he is slowly coming to an understanding... i love the fact that jaejoong had called yunho's mom for help... and i'm glad that mrs jung had happily provided said help and even encouraged jaejoong to believe that the jungs will surely protect him and that yunho will be by his side no matter what.

yunho and jaejoong's exchange is sad tho... but the pain is still fresh because of what jaejoong had decided... but at least, like mrs jung said, yunho had rationalized it and understood why jaejoong had to leave. it is painful but it had to be done... for jaejoong to realize his own misery.

i'm very interested in what mrs jung plans upon venturing into the cesspool that is the entertainment industry.

update again soon!

how i wish i could just fly to japan and go to both dome concerts --- tohoshinki's and jyj's.

OMG thank you very much.. and I object coz I still love ICE more than LITI... and I love their photo sharing.. reading ICE for me is like reading a very precious novel - priceless awww... you are so good and please don't forget to eat...

wah i love mrs jung :')
its only one day..i thought they will separated at least one week lol
they just love each other too much XD
i cant wait for yunjae reunion kkk~

good mama in law~~
finally jae is clear enough *i think*
lolss.. cant wait for them to be back together~

i just donno why everytime i spot ur updates..am always at my work...TT...aaaaaaaaaaaa..am gonna read this later..:((
oooooooooo..i cant wait any longer...dont you know i always love ICE more....:))))))))))

i'm like writhing in happiness here. i think i've been refreshing like 5 times a day to read this. totally worth the obsession.

I love this story. somehow when i read 'ice' i can totally accept jaeho. That says a lot coz i dont really like uke ho.

i looooove this fic, and this chap!!!
even more development for the character of Yunho's mother! she is such a FRIEND to Jaejoong, it's like she's the older female version of himself, which makes me think(jokingly) that yunho might have some unresolved oedipus complex issues :P just kidding!
it's really interesting to see yunho finally let down of the happy mask to make Jaejoong feel ok for leaving and show his real emotions! another step for mutual trust and understanding...
can't wait for more!
Ice Rocks ;)

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i miss them ^^
so exited to see what yunho's mum is capable of!!!!