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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Changmin/You... ;-)
AN: Flat out shameless drabble because Changmin is driving me crazy. For all my Min stans on Twitter… And well, to everyone else really because let’s face it, we are ALL secret Min stans XDDD I was in the middle of writing ICE too btw but just… yeah… Forgive me JUNGod for I have sinned…

She wakes up feeling a little warm, yet a little cool, to find Changmin half on top of her already, nuzzling and kissing her ear. She grins sleepily, turning towards him, parting her smooth thighs as he settles his long frame between her legs. They are both naked from last night, and she moans quietly as he ducks his head to kiss and lick at her throat, before moving back up to ghost his mouth against her ear.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” his voice is a low husky whisper, and the warm breath sends shivers coursing through the beautiful girl beneath him, making him smile as he licks the delicate curve of her ear.

“Liar…” she exhales, her legs moving restlessly, sliding up the backs of his thighs to hook around his hips, kicking off the covers in the process.

Changmin chuckles darkly in acknowledgement before he continues kissing her ear, pressing down against her, but not making any further movements as he feels the cool air of the room caress his overheated body. He has been awake for a good half hour, content to watch the girl sleep as he drags his fingertips up and down her arm. However barely two runs of his fingers along her arm, she turns over to lie on her back, the covers bunched up around their waists and he is too much of a man to deny the view he is accorded.

His innocent fingers stroking her arm move to slip up across her pale belly, skipping over the smooth skin, travelling up the soft flesh of her breasts till he reaches the peak.

He circles his finger around one pink nipple, watching in fascination in the dim light as the little bud starts to pucker and tighten, and in less than a minute, the formerly flat nipple is taut and rosy and begging to be kissed.

And he is nothing if not accommodating as he bends his head. The lick is dainty, kitten like, but the beautiful girl feels it as she starts to move, still deep asleep, but her body knows as he tugs at the pert nipple with his lips, pulling slightly before letting go. He wraps his mouth around the slick bud, sucking lightly before curling his tongue languidly over the straining peak before pulling off.

The girl is moving a little more now, her head tosses back and forth.



But she does not wake.

The smile on his face is amused as he proceeds to give her other nipple the same attention.

The girl shifts, her flesh quivering, making his mouth water, and he wraps his lips around the other reddened tip, licking it teasingly, before he moves over to half cover her, throwing his leg over her thighs to hold her in place as he licks his way up to her ear.

And that is when she wakes.

“Changmin-ah…” she moans as she shifts under him, feeling the slickness between her thighs. “How long have you been playing with me, baby?”

“Long enough…” comes the reply. This is what he loves about her. She is so easy to rile up when awake, and it translates to when she is asleep. Her body is so deliciously responsive that he feels spoiled as he trails a hand down her side, dancing over her ribs to squeeze her thigh that is wrapped around him.

She is very much awake now, and Changmin’s soft kisses and slow touches are driving her crazy, not to mention his stubble grazing at her oversensitive skin.

She wants him now.

She has never been big on foreplay, getting more pleasure from him being in her than anything else. She slips her hands between them, pushing him up off her a little till he pulls back even as she scoots down a little lower, her thighs tightening around him.

Changmin can feel the tip of his hard cock drag across her body as she lifts her hips up, feeling the slight dampness of her slit before the tip rests against the tight pucker of her ass.

“Changmin-ah…” she purrs softly, as she turns her gaze up at him. Her smile is naughty, clearly so as she rocks every so slightly against him, her hips slipping a little lower. She knows he has no idea as to what is about to happen because the only times she has ever done this is when she’s been on top.

But what you can do from the top, you can always do from the bottom.

She can feel the swollen tip of his cock nudging against her, and she sweeps her tongue out, licking her lips, wetting them as she simply circles her hips in very tiny movements beneath him. One foot is now planted firmly on the bed to give her the height she needs as the other ankle is caressing his ass cheek lightly. He knows her well enough not to press her into the bed, giving her enough room to move. She smirks, as she feels their bodies lined up enough as she tilts her pelvis up, wrapping her arms around him for leverage as she uses her foot to push him into her even as she moves.

One quick wiggle and he is encased in her warmth, and even though she is more than prepared for the intrusion, she is not slick enough for it to have been easy, and the tightness makes her gasp, even as he does, their eyes never leaving each other's.

Her body flexes around him, accommodating his length and girth, but she is distracted by the look on his face. Her normally smirking lover looks a little poleaxed. His eyes are wide, and his mouth is parted in a small O and she starts to giggle.

Her giggling knocks him out of his shock, and the love he feels for the naughty little minx underneath him makes him smile. And it is breathtaking as he leans down, slipping an arm under her to lift her body up to him as his lips find her ear once more.

“Mmmmm… you’re a little expert aren’t you?”

AN1: LOL! I’m not cockblocking. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination… I’m a slash writer not a het writer ;-)

AN2: And FYI most of this was from a dream I had about Changmin... I dreamed about him two nights in a row and this was the second night and uh yeah... First night we showered together MULTIPLE TIMES and just kissed but second night was uh... *COUGH* Anyway... that last line, I can still remember him saying it to me... and the look of shock on his face... and now I cannot look at ANY eye-contact type photos of him without writhing and dying... The dream is so damn vivid omg and yes, I truncated it because it was my dream and y'all can use your imagination for you own :PPP

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my ninja spot.. ^^
I'm Min biased.. I'll love thissssss..

ODG..... u seriously should write more than thissss...
I'm dying hereeeeeeee.. ODG.....

omg just omg. i'm blushing so harrd right now and squirming :o
i am Min biased and the images playing in my head are :Q
ok. incoherent coz Chnagmin is inside me *coughs*


She is trying to kill us all OTL

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I have goose bumps I can't omg such a cockblocker ugh and the "I'm leaving the rest to your imagination" woman omfg that's killing me there needs to be more changmin

Oh God....
I can't look at Changmin's pic without blushing or my face turns into completely red //.//
"I’ll leave the rest to your imagination… " I'm not imagining anything ///w/// Although I'm changmin biased ///w///

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(゚Д゚≡゚Д゚) Eeeeeeeeee?????????????????????
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How can a hetero fic can be this hawt, aigoo (o`з’*) need YunJae smut to erase the image of Min molests me (´c_,`lll)

What have you done with Minnie ball? O_O