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Drabble: April Fools Day

Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble: April Fools Day
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Drabble
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life, mpreg (a little graphic but not really...)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

AN1: THIS IS ACTUALLY A DRABBLE… Nicki-sized… Also, I’m trying to friend everyone as fast as I can so be patient! :O Don’t forget your names, guys…

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE


Jaejoong groans as he is fooled yet again, as Yunho chuckles at his gullible wife.


“You are really testing my trust in you, Jung Yunho,” Jaejoong pouts, his brief panic over the creche being closed due to a chicken pox outbreak, over. The problem with Yunho is that the scenarios he paints is just a little too real for him not to take seriously. Honestly, a chicken pox outbreak in a creche is definitely more than plausible. On a normal day, he may have seen through it, but today is not a normal day.

“You’re too easy though,” a very unrepentant Yunho smirks at his beautiful wife. Jaejoong is pregnant again, and due on the 7th of the following month. The gorgeous young man is a picture in a red sleeveless button down tunic with a mandarin collar, and straight cut silk black pants (with an elasticised waist of course). He looks rather festive in fact.

But despite the rather frumpy sounding pants, his wife is glowing. His hair is once again jet black, and the colour of his tunic along with his hair against that pale pale skin makes Yunho think of Snow White.

In fact, he vocalises his appreciation only to get an irritated hand painted fan flicked at his head for his efforts by an irate pregnant wife.

“I’m going to get you for that. Snow White? Sleeping Beauty? I don’t care. No amount of fairy tale character comparisons is going to stop me being annoyed with you for the rest of the day till I find the ideal way to get you back.”

“You won’t be able to,” Yunho smirks. “You’d have to fool me, and I’m not easily fooled.”

“Well, we’ll see about that,” Jaejoong mutters under his breath as he wipes JJ’s porridge covered face.

Yunho grins as he stands, helping his oldest daughter off her seat so she can go to the sink to wash her own face. Jiyool is almost five and growing up to be the image of her Mama. She mimics Jaejoong a lot and even as he speaks, the little tyke has grabbed his wife’s discarded fan and flicks him on the leg, scowling cutely at him.

“I’m going to get you for that, Daddy!”

Yunho chuckles, scooping up the minx, a hand under her thighs and the other supporting the back of her neck as her blouse rises up, exposing her belly to him. He starts blowing on her tummy, holding firm as she starts to giggle and struggle, but he doesn’t let up.

“Daddy! Me, me!” JJ bellows, wrenching her face away from her Mama’s hold as she wriggles out of her chair, running straight for her father’s legs.

“Yunho,” Jaejoong’s voice is quiet. “If Jiyool throws up her breakfast or wets her pants, you are going to clean it up.”

At his words, Yunho stops dead, his daughter still giggling as he drops her to her feet. He crouches on his haunches as JJ wraps her short arms around his neck, bouncing on her tip toes excitedly as she hollers for her turn. He turns to Jaejoong who rolls his eyes.

“Like I said, any bodily fluids escape them, you clean it up.”

Yunho turns towards the excited toddler, and he is helpless against her bright doe eyes, and pouty mouth stretched into a beaming expectant grin. Her face is so like her Mama’s that he really cannot say no. Never to that face. He surreptitiously pats her bottom, checking what she is wearing and heaves a sigh of relief when he finds her in pull-ups.

In a blink of an eye, he hoists his second child into the air, blowing raspberries on her belly, making her squeal and shriek loudly, her happy cries bouncing around in the large kitchen slash family room area.

Jaejoong shakes his head, hiding his smile as he turns towards his twins sitting in their high chairs. They are watching the goings on with wide eyes, drinking hungrily from their sipper cups. All his children are rather into their milk, and almost nothing can distract them till they are done with their morning drink. As it is, they had fed from him the longest, pushing four months, and it had taken a lot to wean them off. In fact, he cannot even call it weaning since nature had run its course rather than him being successful at his attempts at weaning them both. He still shudders at the memory of screaming babies at finding him dry. Yoochun especially had looked especially affronted at finding his meal no longer available. He always feels like the boy is staring at him accusingly during the month after the incident, every time he is given a bottle.

He is tidying up the remnants of breakfast when Yunho appears at the other side of the large breakfast table, a giggling girl under each arm. His tie is askew, his shirt a little rumpled, but the grins all three of them are wearing stays Jaejoong’s tongue. He knows Yunho has an important meeting that will probably take up the whole day, which means the children will likely be asleep when he gets home so he keeps quiet.

“Ready to go?”

“Separate cars remember? You’re taking the girls to the creche.”

“I remember. But I find that I miss you already. Can you drop me off? I’ve got the Lamborghini in the garage at Jung Tower. I can drive that home.”

Jaejoong sniffs as he straightens, hiding his wince as his back twinges. He has been twinging the whole morning, but it happens now and again. It happened with the two earlier pregnancies and had resulted in nothing, so he does not worry overmuch.

“Buttering me up, are you? I’m still plotting the joke of all jokes, Jung Yunho.”

“I’m quaking in my boots.”

“You better be!” He sniffs again, before turning to Jiyool who is still dangling and playing rock paper scissors with her younger sister. “Yoolie, go get your bag.”

The oldest Jung child wriggles in her father’s grasp at the command, skipping away merrily the second her daddy drops her to her feet. Yunho keeps JJ in his arms as he walks over to a high chair to pick up Yoochun whom Jaejoong has already unbuckled from his seat. Junsu is already in Jaejoong’s arms, patting the top of his rounded belly and gurgling happily. The twins don’t talk much, and Junsu much less than Yoochun, but the baby does not need to talk to convey his pleasure and happiness. Yunho has never met such a cheerful baby than his youngest son. Even at such a young age, the boy is well on his way to being the mood-maker of the family. It is impossible to stay angry or grumpy in the face of his toothy grin and tear drop shaped eyes.

Yunho watches fondly as Junsu soothes his slightly irate wife who is all but cooing by the time they manage to herd all the children out the door and into the car.


“Yunho…where are you?” Jaejoong is trying his best to keep from panicking but panicking as the contractions intensify. He is seated in his car at a red light, unable to move as another strong spasm grips him. It is too early. Much too early. Their baby boy is not due for another five weeks at least. The doctor had warned that after the twins, this might happen but he had not said this early. Two to three weeks is the norm. This is not two to three weeks!

“Jae? What’s the matter?” Yunho is distracted as the men in his boardroom argue loudly in favour of a merger of one of his company’s holdings with another. He has been working on this for the better part of a month, and he knows his decision is not likely to be one that is welcomed by the Board of Directors of the other company. Negotiations have fallen through time and time again, and Yunho has decided to take the matter into his own hands because clearly, his lawyers are of no use to him right now.

“Baby,” Jaejoong gasps, and it is loud enough to wake one of the slumbering twins in the back seat. Unfortunately for him, it is Yoochun and not Junsu who wakes, and the easily upset toddler starts fretting almost immediately.

“What, Jae? Is that Chunnie? I can’t hear you very well. I’m in the middle of something, baby. Can this wait?”

“Baby…” Jaejoong drops his head on the steering wheel, his brow covered in sweat as he tries to focus and push past the pain. Yoochun’s cries have woken Junsu and now both his baby boys are crying. The confines of the Voyager is reverberating with twin cries now, as well as his own harsh breathing and Jaejoong gives up, ending the call.

The pregnant male dials for his youngest sister instead, knowing she is the closest to his present location.


“Noona…” he pants. “…baby is coming.”

“What! Where are you? Where’s oppa?”

“Two blocks from home, at the T junction,” he says quickly, gritting his teeth as yet another spasm hits him.

He drops the phone then, curling forward, groaning in pain.

He has no idea as to how much time passes or even where he is, his brain so clouded and fuzzy by the need to get the baby out. Being male, they cannot just be pushed out, and so the pressure builds and builds and builds till he feels like he is about to explode. This is why pregnant males are monitored closely and taken in for emergency C-sections or planned C-sections as soon as possible. If the labour progresses past four hours, it becomes dangerous. And the danger doubles with multiples. They had been on a boat the day the twins had decided to come, and the resultant drama on the operating table due to the delay had caused Jaejoong to lose so much blood that the floor had been awash in red.

And Jaejoong has been in labour for almost eight hours without realising it.


He hears someone calling, but he can barely focus as the excruciating pain in his head, coupled with the pains wracking his body finally knock him unconscious, a soft word slipping from his lips just before he goes under.



Yunho is outlining to the grim faced men in his boardroom exactly what is going to happen to their company when the buzzer for his secretary lights up. He pauses, frowning, as he excuses himself to answer it.

“I told you not to disturb me.”

“Sir, three of your wife’s sisters have called to leave messages. They want to know why you aren’t answering your phone.”

“I’m in a meeting.”

“I know, I told them that.”

Yunho suddenly remembers his wife’s promise that morning and his brow furrows. “Which sisters?”

His secretary rattles off three names and Yunho shakes his head exasperatedly. The three youngest are known for ganging up with Jaejoong against him, and he assumes this is his wife’s attempt at pulling a prank on him.

“Next time they call, tell them I’ll ring them when I’m done.”

“Sir, they say it’s urgent.”

“I’m sure it is.”

Yunho hangs up, resuming his meeting without apologising to the other men. They have wasted enough of his time with their bickering over stupid details that he really does not feel too charitable towards them. He is already doing them a favour by taking over their woefully mismanaged sinking ship of a company, and their ridiculous posturing is really making his teeth grate.

Less than ten minutes later, the buzzer lights up again, and Yunho is more than a little annoyed this time. Admittedly it is later than what he told Jaejoong as to when he’ll be done, and he remembers when the then teenager had burst into one of his meetings, assuming that it’s over. His wife still does that on occasion, and clearly this is one of them.

“What is it?”

“Sir, your wife’s oldest sister is on the line and she refuses to hang up till I put her through to you.”

“Jihyo noona?” Yunho muses. He does not put it past even the oldest to be in on this seemingly elaborate prank of his wife’s, but it is Jihyo, and he owes her something he probably can never repay, and so he excuses himself yet again and instructs his secretary to patch the call through.

“Jung Yunho, where the fuck are you?”

Yunho’s eyebrow goes up at the colourful language from the older woman.

“I’m at work. The meeting is running long.”

“Well I suggest you end it right now and get yourself to the hospital.”

Yunho remembers Jaejoong’s weird call from earlier and he swallows his irritation with his wife.

“Noona…why are you even in on this?”


“Jaejoong. He’s plotting to get back at me for all the April Fools pranks I’ve pulled on him over the years.”

“You think this is a joke?” Jihyo’s voice is completely flabbergasted. “Is that why you haven’t responded to Mi-kyung’s, Sooyoung’s and Ah-young’s calls?”

“You know what he’s like,” Yunho’s voice is defensive as he starts to fiddle with his tie. “And they are ever willing to join him in one of his crazy ideas. All of you are actually. Are mum and dad in on this as well? Should I expect a call from them too?”

Jihyo sighs heavily, completely at a loss. Yunho’s worldliness and business has taken her baby brother around the world, and with it, comes the holidays that even she has no real idea of their significance. Today is one of them.

“Let me get this straight. You think this is some elaborate April Fools joke?”

“What else would it be?”

She takes a deep breath, willing herself to calm down. There is no point getting angry with Yunho because she knows her baby brother, and she also knows Yunho takes great delight in teasing him on this ridiculous day. The man’s refusal to believe that this is nothing more than a joke is somewhat understandable.

But still?

“Jung Yunho, listen carefully. Do you really think Jaejoong would be cruel enough to pull a prank on you that involves him being in hospital? After what happened last time?”

There is no reply, and so she continues.

“Remember how you felt when you thought he had died? If he had intended that, it would’ve been the best joke in the world. The best and worst joke in the world. Yunho, my brother has been in labour for almost nine hours and he said nothing to you. They are about to operate on him in ten minutes, and he is unconscious from the pain. They cannot give him—“

She stops as she hears a clatter of the phone, and loud shouting and the sound of a door slamming in the distance.

She sighs and hangs up, thankful that Yunho’s office is only fifteen minutes away, but knowing it will be too late anyway because they are not going to let him in after they start the emergency C-section.

Yunho makes it there in seven minutes. His Lamborghini literally tearing through the streets, narrowly getting into accidents, but his eyes never leave the road, driving like a maniac the entire way. Reminiscent of a time several years ago, he leaves his car running the middle of entrance to the hospital as he dashes out, running for his life.


Mi-kyung is waiting for him in the foyer, and she shouts directions to him because he does not stop.

Ah-young is in the waiting area, and she too shouts at him, but he does not pause, her yelling though gives the nurses enough notice to let him through unimpeded.

He crashes into Sooyoung who is scrubbing in, and she eyes him angrily, her eyes red from crying.

But she does not say a word, his disheveled appearance, and the frightened stark look in his eyes is enough for her to know he did not mean for this to happen.

Babies are temperamental little things, both inside and outside the body.

Jaejoong just happens to have the most temperamental kids around.

Yunho enters the hushed operating theatre. He can see his wife already prepped. The doctors waste no time, ignoring him as they begin and he takes Jaejoong’s limp hand.

Jaejoong’s eyes flutter open at the touch, staring up at his husband, blinking away the bleariness. His head is still hurting, but not too much, and he can no longer feel anything from about chest down.

Yunho’s face is blurring into his memories. That look on his face is somewhat familiar, the stunned pained expression. He remembers it from a long time ago. His face so drawn, and Jaejoong feels a pang. Once again it is his fault that his husband has that look upon his face.

He gazes up at the worried features of his love. The furrowed brow and the beautiful mouth set into a tight line. He can even make out the muscle ticking in his jaw.

And those eyes.

Eyes full of pain and fear, and most importantly, love.

For him.

Jaejoong knows.

Deep down he knows.

If it comes to it, a choice between himself and their son, Yunho will not hesitate.

Not even once will he flinch.

Because Jaejoong remembers the day the twins were born.

Two sons.

”If you have to make a decision, save my wife.”

Two sons, and Yunho had been unequivocal, his voice firm even as tears stream down his cheeks.

One son will not stand a chance.

He knows that Yunho believes he does not remember. He had been so out of it, it really felt surreal. The room was a mess of colours and sounds, his eyes unable to focus on anything.

Anything except the terror on his husband’s face.

It takes him a while, longer than he thinks, before he has enough strength to speak.

“Save him…”

Tears slip down Yunho’s cheeks as his wife’s grip tightens in his hands. His voice is harsh, firmer than he intends, and he returns the grip in kind.

“Stop talking like that. There is nothing wrong. He is fine and you are fine. You hear me, Jaejoong? You are fine.

Yunho’s voice is full of anguish, tears spilling from his eyes freely as he watches his wife struggle to even keep his eyes open. Wet doe eyes stare up at his, a little blank, a little soul lost in them. He can see the pain in his wife’s eyes, and he can see the doctors moving quickly on the other side of the screen, but he does not dare look.

Once was enough.

“It’s my fault…”

“Stop talking like that. It’s not your fault. You’re both fine, ok? There are no crazy beeps, no nurses running around like frantic ants bringing in bag after bag of blood. None of that. Stop it, Jaejoong.”

Tears start falling then, a river from frightened doe eyes staring up at his equally frightened husband.

“Then why can’t I hear anything? Why can’t I hear anything? Even the twins cried. I remember hearing them. Yunho, why can’t I hear anything?”

To Yunho’s surprise, a nurse suddenly nudges at him, handing over a somewhat clean baby wrapped in a blue towel.

“That was fast…”

“He wanted out,” she replies, smiling comfortingly as she strokes the baby on his cheek.

“Is my wife alright?”

“Everything is fine. They are closing him up now.”

“Why isn’t he crying?”

“I’m not sure, but he’s completely fine. He’s actually the size of a full term baby despite being a premmie. He’s fine. They’re both fine Yunho-ssi. Don’t worry.”

Yunho takes a look at his son who is staring at him a little crookedly, one eyelid lower than the other.

“Give him to me.”

Jaejoong’s voice is shaky but strong.


Yunho complies immediately, laying the baby carefully across Jaejoong’s chest. At once, the infant starts to cry, a mewling staccato sound of a newborn baby.

A hungry newborn baby.

Jaejoong cups the back of his head, and between the two of them, manage to move him into position. Yunho knows it is just so that the baby can smell his Mama, but to Yunho’s shock, the baby moves on his own, snuffling around and manages to latch onto Jaejoong immediately, no coaxing, no coaching, no nothing needed. And the cries die off, as the baby starts to feed, eyes clenched shut, his nose scrunched up as he sucks hungrily.

Jaejoong smiles, speaking softly as he lifts his head to nuzzle against the baby’s sparse hair.

“I can feel him…”

Yunho exhales loudly, crouching down, stroking the tiny body of his new baby son with the back of his hand. The other is still firmly in Jaejoong’s grip, and he feels safe.

Safe because not once did Jaejoong let go of his hand.

Maybe if it comes down to it, Jaejoong will choose him too.

Jaejoong finally pulls his eyes away from the feeding babe, his body relaxing as a feeling of lassitude overcomes him.

His baby is safe and his husband is here. He will be fine.

Just as he is about to drift to sleep, he cracks open an eye, unsurprised to find Yunho still staring down at him rather than their starving to death baby.

His mouth curls, as he licks at his parched mouth.


Yunho bends over immediately, pressing his mouth against his wife’s. Their lips are dry but soft, as he caresses his wife’s mouth with his own, feeling the tiny kitten licks against his lips.

Jaejoong smiles as he whispers against his husband’s warm mouth.

“I’m so glad we are never celebrating April Fools Day again…”

AN: Yes, Changmin was a joke… OTL I know most of you still don’t have access to the rest of my journal. I’m working through it slowly! But know that yes, Min’s birthday in the Sleeping Beauty universe is April 1st…
Tags: drabble, fic:sleeping beauty, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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  • Friend-locked

    I am locking my journal due to some reader shenanigans. If you want to be added, cut and paste the following statement and questions. Please answer…

  • Random side-shot poll

    Ok, as thanks for everyone's support and comments for my fics thus far, i'm thinking of writing a random drabble/side-shot. I'm aiming for it to…

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