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YunJae is Real

Title: YunJae is Real
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: One-shot
Genre: Fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they CAN GET MARRIED

Summary: From the YunJae Anon meme and I suck at being concise so it’s here instead of in the comments there but the link is here if you want to see the prompt — how many times do I have to tell you…

AN: Loosely based around a meal I just had with my parents and husband. I’m in a bit of a mood so my husband decides to joke around to cheer me up and for whatever reason, my parents played along. They were tossing out scenarios and some of them were so ludicrous I had to laugh. And then at one point he said something like “what if I don’t believe YunJae is real?” and then everyone went off discussing that possibility but me being the type of person who remembers random stuff, recalled seeing this in the Anon meme thing so I actually checked while in the restaurant lmao! And no one had filled it so here I am ;-) Oh yeah and it’s a totally shameless self-insert cos I’m too lazy to write new characters. I wrote this in just two hours in the car while stuck in traffic with my family so eh…

“What if someone recognises us?” Jaejoong lays his head against Yunho’s shoulder as he attempts to drink his miso soup in that position. A little spills over the side of the bowl but he does not care, not wanting to change position.

They are in a private room of a restaurant he has never been to, and he is dressed to go as incognito as possible. They have been holed up in his Tokyo apartment since his return from Taipei and then subsequent disappearance. Little did anyone know, too distracted by his rant about that careless fan on Twitter, he had hopped on a plane to Japan that very same night to the arms of his lover who has also disappeared, as far as fans are concerned.

Yunho draws back, chuckling slightly as Jaejoong whines at being jostled from his perch on his shoulder. The older man is dressed in black from head to toe; loose harem pants with the ankle buttons undone and a chinoiserie patterned hooded jacket with thick sunglasses even though it is night. He also has a grey scarf wound around his neck that is currently sporting a couple of drops of miso soup from Jaejoong’s attempt at drinking it.

“You were complaining about your own cooking, Jaejoong-ah so I thought that you’d like a change.”

“I do like it, but what if we get caught?”

“You’re always going on at me about not being brave enough and now when I am, you’re complaining?” Yunho’s tone is amused, not annoyed at all as he watches the beautiful man huff.

Jaejoong pulls away from Yunho’s side, as he attacks his bowl of unfinished rice. The annoyed clinking of the chopsticks against the bowl brings a grin to Yunho’s face. He knows the owner of the restaurant, and he trusts the man enough to keep their identity a secret. He had wanted to surprise Jaejoong, and the delighted squeal he had gotten upon being ushered into this room with a feast already laid out had been more than enough recompense for any possible trouble that might rain down upon his head for the outing.

However that had been almost an hour ago. As they ate, Jaejoong had started to voice his worry, and Yunho is doing his best to reassure him. No one knows where they are, and the last place anyone would really expect to see them together would be in the middle of Tokyo. But therein lies the trick of it.

It is easy to disappear into a crowd.

They way Jaejoong is dressed, the loose flowing pants actually look like a skirt when he is standing still. Yunho is dressed rather preppily, completely at odds with his usual style. The sweater over his shirt and tie, tailored dress pants plus his shades lend him a slightly more business air. At a glance, they look like a couple out to dinner.

A man and his tall wife.

No one had given them a second glance in the crowded lift, looking away in fact as Jaejoong had plastered himself against Yunho, hiding his face in his neck. It had continued on as they were greeted by the maitre d’hotel. Yunho knows for a fact that none of the wait staff had been briefed about them because that would be drawing attention when none needed to be. Jaejoong’s natural way of curling around his body is enough of a public display of affection that instead of staring, everyone politely looks away.

Yunho watches as Jaejoong finally drops his chopsticks. He scoots backwards on the tatami mat, before leaning over to haul a shocked Jaejoong into his lap.

“Yah! Stop! What if someone walks in?” Jaejoong’s voice is a loud whisper as he struggles to free himself, but Yunho tightens his hold instead of loosening it, chuckling at him.

He presses his mouth against Jaejoong’s cheek, whispering, “If you don’t stop squirming then you’re going to have more to worry about than just someone walking in.”

“Oh really?” Jaejoong’s voice is a breathless whisper as he feels Yunho’s lips caressing his skin. He’d be lying if he says the thought of getting caught does not exhilarate him just a tiny bit. But it always gets doused by his worry for his leader. He does not give a fuck if he gets caught, but he will never ever want Yunho to get into trouble because of him. The man is a worrier, and rather exacting and proper when it comes to their professional lives so if Yunho is truly feeling carefree about this outing, than Jaejoong can only give in. “What else would I need to worry about?”

“Public indecency,” comes the husky reply, and to Jaejoong’s ears, it sounds like a delicious promise as a warm mouth covers his.

Yunho hears the knock on the door a few minutes later, and Jaejoong rips his mouth away, once again trying to scramble off his lap. He can see the fear pooling into the beautiful man’s doe eyes and he really hates that it has to be there.

Instead of letting him go, Yunho tightens his arms around the struggling man. “Calm down, baby.”

“Calm down?” Jaejoong hisses quietly, “I can’t calm down. I’m in your lap and someone is going to walk in and this will be the end of you.”

Yunho’s love for the man in his arms is full to overflowing as he listens to his words. This is one of the reasons why he loves Jaejoong so. The man may look cold, and he may seem self-absorbed and selfish, but he is really nothing like that. Jaejoong cares for others more than he cares for himself, and Yunho knows the older man would do anything to protect him.

“I’ll protect you,” Yunho promises as he tries to soothe the distraught man in his lap. “Trust me, I will protect you.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, pulling his scarf up to cover the lower half of his face before wrapping his arms tightly around Yunho’s neck, hiding his face against the side of his head. He can feel Yunho move, and he suddenly feels the arm of his sunglasses scraping against his cheek as Yunho puts them on.

“That won’t be enough…” Jaejoong whispers, beyond upset now, but Yunho has asked for him to trust him, and Jaejoong would trust the man with his life. Yunho has protected him, protected them for this long, he will not stop now. But he cannot stop the worry he feels.

Yunho squeezes Jaejoong in response before speaking quietly. “Now just stay quiet and behave as you would if we were alone.”

Upon finishing his cryptic instructions, Yunho calls out for whoever it is to enter.

Jaejoong swears his heart stops and then stutters briefly to life as he hears the door open and more than one voice enter. He can feel Yunho’s mouth against his ear, and he is more than shocked when the younger man starts licking the curve of his ear. He is unable to stop the soft sound that escapes him, and he tenses up again, only to find Yunho chuckling quietly in his ear and kissing it.

Yunho keeps an eye on the wait staff, but apart from a couple of nervous glances, all three of them keep their heads resolutely down as they clear the table. Even as one of them addresses him, asking about dessert, she keeps her head down, and Yunho is a little amused at that. He knows his heart is thumping too because he can feel it racing, but after Jaejoong’s unplanned moan which is more of a whine really considering how thankfully high pitched it was, all the staff go out of their way to keep their eyes averted.

Unable to resist as the staff load up the dishes onto the waiting cart just outside the door, Yunho turns slightly, pushing Jaejoong away from his cheek. Liquid doe eyes stare at him, and he smiles as he lifts his hands to pull up the hood of Jaejoong’s jacket, tugging the man close with it.

Their lips meet just as the door is shut quietly behind the wait staff.

Once again it is Jaejoong who pulls away first after a few minutes, smacking Yunho with an open palm on the chest.

“You wretch! I swear to god I thought I was going to die. What the hell?”

“Remember Shibuya?”

Jaejoong quietens immediately, eyes wide. He does not actually remember it all that well because he had been stone cold drunk, but it has been retold enough that he knows what happened.

“You kissed me…” Jaejoong’s voice is wistful, as he is transported back. What he does remember is the actual kiss, but not the events leading up to it.

“And yet nobody knows.”

“All those people…and you kissed me…”

“I love you Jaejoong-ah. If I can do it, I will. And I will always protect you. Know this.”

Jaejoong once again wraps his arms around Yunho, nuzzling against his shoulder.

“You kissed me in the middle of the street in Shibuya…in front of all those people…”

“…so kissing you in this private room in front of three people is really nothing to be worried about.”

“I still think you took ten years off my life with this stunt.”

“Then we’re equal because I think you took more years off my life when I heard about the accident on the Jackal set.”

“Yah…you need to stop bringing that up. It happened so long ago.”

Yunho’s arm tightens as he pulls his sunglasses off his face with his free hand. “Can you feel my heart racing? Even thinking about it makes me panic.”

“I love you, you silly man,” Jaejoong’s voice is mildly teasing, but he feels warm and so very loved. They barely have any time together, and he cherishes every single second they get. “Now take me home and make me forget my loss of ten years the way I made you forget your loss of ten years.”

“Unless you want it to become way more kinky than even you can comprehend, you need to let me go to the bathroom first.”

Jaejoong lets out a sharp broken laugh, the sound echoing around the room as he leans back, moving off Yunho’s lap to let the man get up to go to the bathroom.

“No dessert then?”

Yunho who is just about to open the door, turns, his gaze heated as he sees Jaejoong lounging indolently back on the floor, a mischievous smile on his face. Those doe eyes hold a weath of promises, and Yunho intents on collecting on every single one of them.

“No restaurant in the world can give me what I want for dessert.”

“And what is that?” Jaejoong asks, though he knows full well what the answer is. But he needs to hear it every now and again, and Yunho is ever-willing to indulge him.

Yunho’s smirk is breathtaking as he puts his sunglasses on.



“How many times do I have to tell you until you get YunJae is real?”

The tall man eyes the woman sitting opposite him who has been spluttering indignantly for the last five minutes over the new topic of conversation. He is having a meal with his wife’s parents at an exclusive restaurant in Tokyo, and he really cannot believe his parents-in-law are actually engaging in the discussion. While he is unsurprised at the reaction of the tiny woman he calls wife, he is rather taken aback by his mother-in-law’s reaction.

He turns to the tall Englishman seated next to the petite woman opposite him, his voice gaining a measure of desperation.

“Dad, please tell me you don’t believe them? I need someone to be the voice of reason since Mum and Nikki have clearly fallen off the edge.”

He groans as he gets an elbow to the chest for his words from the irate girl next to him.

Mr Westin shrugs as he watches his daughter glare balefully up at her husband. He can feel an identical glare from his own wife and he feels sharp fingernails digging into his flesh just above his knee. He has been unable to fathom why his lawyer daughter and comptroller wife both lose their heads over the formerly five member group Tohoshinki, but he is smart enough to know exactly whose bed he sleeps in.

Make the missus angry and he will be in for an uncomfortable night on the couch.

Clearly his son-in-law needs to learn this too.

“Like Yuriko, I’m sure Nikki has sat you down and made you watch endless videos on Youtube.”

The young New Zealander scoffs, leaning back against his chair as he pushes up the sleeves of his sweater and shirt, staring a little disgustedly at his father-in-law. Looks like no help will be coming from that quarter.

“Of course she has. I’m not disputing the fact that YunJae was real. I’m disputing the fact that they are claiming that YunJae is real.”

“You said it yourself that they remind you of us. Can you honestly fucking believe that you would let me go without a fight? Or I would let circumstances keep me away from you?”

“Language, Nikki,” Mrs Westin murmurs, chastising her daughter. “And you’re supposed to be speaking Japanese.”

“But Mama,” Nikki turns towards her mother, pouty mouth pursed as she wrinkles her nose.

“Don’t but Mama me. You’re a lady, and you will behave like one.”

“I wasn’t actually whining about that.”

“I know.”

Mrs Westin watches fondly as her daughter huffs and crosses her arms across her chest. The only language the 25 year old is comfortable in happens to be English, but she will be damned if she allows her to forget her Japanese heritage. The girl looks more like her than her English father, but his genes have given her the straight nose and pouty mouth. Coupled with her doe eyes, she looks far younger than her actual age, something her Asian genes have given her.

“But they have not been seen together in years!” Marc points out, exasperation lacing his voice as he interrupts the exchange between his mother-in-law and now sulking wife. He speaks Japanese better than she does which annoys her to no end.

“I’m going to ask you again. If you were Yunho and I were Jaejoong, would you let this stupid lawsuit get in the way of us being together?”

“I wouldn’t have let you leave.”

Nikki actually growls at that.

“Oh boy…” Mr Westin mutters under his breath as he leans back to watch the fireworks.

“You’re married to me. Me. Nikki. Sorry, Mama,” she pauses turning to her mother who knows what is coming and waves her hand, gesturing for her daughter to continue. “If you truly believe that you can stop me doing whatever the fuck I want if I really wanted to do it then you seriously have one hell of a lesson to learn.”

“Calm down, piccolina. Don’t turn this around.”

“I’m just pointing out that what you just said is really fucking ridiculous. Wouldn’t have let me leave? What the fuck?”

“Alright, fine,” Marc holds up his hands in surrender. “I misspoke, ok? I will admit that if we’re drawing parallels, and we’re put in the same situation, we would have found a way. But we’re not constantly followed by thousands of fans documenting our every move so I really think the parallels are moot.”

“Explain why no one knows where Yunho is then,” Nikki’s tone is challenging.


This time it is Mrs Westin who answers before her daughter can. “Yunho has been missing for days now. No one has seen him, no one knows where he is or what he is doing. Explain that.”

“You claim that it is impossible for them because they are hounded by fans, so explain. Mama is right. And Jaejoong is better at sneaking around that you’d think. I remember when he was suddenly in India and no one was any wiser. One second he was in Seoul, and the next he is tweeting from India. So please, explain to me why it is not at least plausible that they’re together?”

Marc turns to his father-in-law for help but the man simply shrugs.

“Are we actually arguing over this?”

“You brought it up. I’m giving you evidence. Circumstantial evidence, yes, but evidence nonetheless. I just poked a hole through your reason for the parallels being moot. Now, also explain the way Jaejoong reacted at that fan meet in Taipei when someone shouted Yunho or U-Know or whatever. I think they were asking about him dating.” Nikki’s voice is vaguely sneering as she attacks her husband, a little blind to her own behaviour.

Marc sighs, slouching down in his seat as both his wife and mother-in-law eye him expectantly. He can see his father-in-law trying to hide a smile and he knows he is fighting a losing battle.

“Look, Jaejoong giggles over anything. He laughs over random shit that even his own group members are confused about. What did you expect him to do? Cry? Even you would have laughed and the audience clearly found it funny. It would have been weirder for him to stay stoic considering what his personality is like. If Yunho reacted like that, I would be more inclined to see what you’re seeing, but not Jaejoong.”

Mr Westin can see both his daughter and wife opening their mouths to retort, and he decides enough is enough.

“Ok, team, enough. You can continue this discussion back home. I’m waiting for a call from London and I’d prefer not to take it in the car while the three of you bicker over this.”

His wife unfolds herself gracefully from the floor, his daughter doing the same but utterly gracelessly. He shakes his head, wondering if he let the girl leave home too early. She has nothing of her mother’s demure facade. He does not think Nikki can feign demureness if her life depends on it. At least Yuriko knows when to switch between being dominant in the boardroom, and submissive when the situation calls for it, especially in the country they are currently in. Nikki? Not so much.

“We’ll be in the washroom. We’ll meet you out front.”

“Plotting my demise no doubt,” Marc grumbles.

Nikki turns on her husband, just as her mother slips an arm around her. “Don’t tempt me.”

“Seriously, I’m starting to think that if Jaejoong and I were drowning, you’d pick Jae.”

Nikki does not even dignify that with an answer, making a rude sound instead as she opens the door to leave their private room, pulling away from her mother’s grasp as the latter chooses to linger, pinning her son-in-law with an amused gaze.

“If you had said Yunho instead of Jaejoong, I would have agreed with you.”


Mrs Westin laughs as she follows her daughter out, shutting the door quietly behind her.

Mr Westin eyes his son-in-law who is just shaking his head his mouth curling into his first smile since the start of the debate. “Why do you bother fighting with her over this?”

“Because I like teasing her.”

The older man cocks an eyebrow as the grin on Marc’s face widens. “This was all just for fun? You weren’t serious?”

Marc shakes his head as he finishes the last of Nikki’s dessert. “Come on, Dad. Do you really think I care one way or the other if YunJae is real or not? If she says it’s real then it’s real enough for me that she believes it. Nikki is way too easy to ruck up. She takes everything too seriously and it’s fun watching her get all worked up over nothing.”

“Does she know this?”

“Deep down I’m sure she knows I’m just teasing, but she enjoys arguing too much. Occupational hazard perhaps, and what kind of husband would I be if I don’t indulge her?”

Mr Westin’s eyebrow goes up even higher at that. Perhaps his son-in-law is not as clueless as he appears to be.

“So this is all some kind of game?”

“Not really a game, but trust me when I say she is currently complaining about me to Mum with a smile on her face. How many husbands would write their wives off as being silly or stupid for their obsession over Tohoshinki instead of engaging them? I do like their music, and I do think YunJae have or had something. Nikki is only really comfortable being silly around me, so I let her be silly.”

Mr Westin shakes his head as he finds his feet, his expression a tad incredulous as he watches the young man gain his feet too, still sporting a rather cheeky grin. “You kids nowadays confuse me. I think I need a drink. If Nikki is indeed complaining about you to Yuriko then they’ll be in that bathroom awhile.”

Marc laughs, knowing it is more than likely true as he follows his father-in-law out. The restaurant is made up of private rooms, with no public eating space at all. There is a bar where patrons are able to sit at while waiting for their party to arrive should they choose to do so, and as they walk towards it, there is only one person half-perched on a stool.


“Do you really believe YunJae is still real?”

Nikki sighs as she turns to her mother who is washing her hands. The bathroom is empty, and so they feel like they can speak freely.

“I don’t know, Mama. I just operate on the notion that they are real until proven beyond a reasonable doubt otherwise. It means less angst for me wondering what is or isn’t. What about you?”

“My heart wishes it to be so, but my mind thinks it is just really too difficult. Marc has a point.”

“Marc was being an ass on purpose,” she smiles, shaking her head at her ridiculous husband.

“You need to be a little more respectful towards your husband in public, baby.”

“He’s Kiwi. He doesn’t care,” the younger woman replies somewhat flippantly.

“But I care. A wife should be a shield for her husband. You protect him and he protects you. You shield his faults and he will shield yours. Don’t let your ego get in the way of that simple fact. He can make you stay if he wanted to, and you know it. But he won’t make you stay if you want to go. You say that he says you two are like Yunho and Jaejoong. Then be like them. Do you really think Jaejoong would talk to Yunho the way you talk to Marc in public? And do you really think Yunho would be selfish enough to stop Jaejoong from going if he believed he has to go?”

Nikki sighs as she dries her hands, listening but not replying and so her mother continues.

“Your tone is far more cruel than your words. So utterly dismissive. Don’t take your work home, baby.”

“How did YunJae turn into an assassination of my character?”

“Don’t be melodramatic. Come on, let’s go. I feel like I need to go and watch some videos to tell my mind that hey it’s totally plausible what my heart is saying.”

“I really think you’re a bigger fangirl than I am, Mama.”

Mrs Westin simply laughs as she exits the bathroom, not noticing the man in her way or that her daughter has doubled back into the cubicle to retrieve her phone.

Yunho spends a little longer than necessary in the bathroom, splashing his overheated face with cool water. Relieving himself had been a bit of a problem with the erection he had been sporting, but he is in no hurry. Jaejoong, finally believing that they will be alright, just texted him saying that he will be waiting at the bar.

He finally exits the bathroom, but in his hurry, manages to knock into an older woman who has just stepped out of the women’s bathroom. He apologises profusely as he kneels down to help her pick up the contents of her purse that she has dropped. He does not notice the look of shock on her face.

As he stands, someone else knocks into him from behind and he almost laughs at finding himself being trapped between two women. But his laughter dies on his lips as he turns to look at the person who has knocked into him this time.

Confused doe eyes stare up at him, blinking, her pouty mouth is parted in surprise, and the first word that escapes Yunho’s lips is an incredulous, “Jaejoong?”

“Huh?” Nikki has absolutely no time to react, so completely dumbfounded that by the time she regains her senses, Yunho is gone.

“I think you just got your beyond a reasonable doubt though not for what you were looking for,” Mrs Westin observes ruefully as her daughter stares at her like a baby guppy, mouth opening and closing but no sound coming out.


Marc is really not as clumsy as it appears.


He really isn’t, but clearly fate has other ideas as he trips on his feet just as they reach the bar.

He topples towards the person sitting at the bar, managing to catch himself before actually knocking full tilt into the man or woman in black. But he is unable to keep from reaching a hand out, grasping the person’s waist as he steadies himself. His momentum has caused him to press against the back of the poor unsuspecting member of the public, but instead of whipping round and telling him off, the person takes a step back against him.

More surprised than anything, he stays still as the person turns, voice low and a little whiny.

“Yunnie-ah. What took you so long? I want to be your dessert now.”

“Oh god,” Marc manages to spit out, and the man in his arms whirls around fully, pushing him away as he stares in undisguised horror at his face.

Jaejoong is shocked, horrified, scared, all rolled into one when he hears an unfamiliar voice speaking in English. He is briefly relieved to find a European man gaping at him rather than someone local, but after being around fans for long enough, he can recognise recognition in the eyes of a person standing before him, local or not.


“Please don’t…” Jaejoong manages to whisper in English before he sees Yunho practically running towards him. He moves quickly, grabbing Yunho’s hand as they exit the restaurant as quickly as possible. He has no idea why Yunho is rushing out like a bat out of hell, but he for one is grateful.

“Was that…?” Mr Westin asks, as they are joined by his wife and Nikki who is looking like she has just seen a ghost.

“YunJae is real,” Marc states, eyes still wide.

AN1: Oh god this was so ridiculous. Seriously, this was one of the less ludicrous things that came out of that conversation (they were totally roleplaying the bathroom bit complete with my husband who was pretending to be Yunho gaping at me and doing exactly what happened outside the toilet - he mistook Jaejoong for me once, and he has never let me forget it so that’s where the resemblance thing came about if you’re wondering). Some scenarios were so whacky even my dad was cracking up and I have never seen my dad so…normal? Maybe Tohoshinki is getting to him after all. And god, my mother telling me off actually happened pretty much like that. She went on for ages because I was being a total brat and you literally only get like 5% of the lecture I got. I totally got schooled.

AN2: And that video is here…

AN3: As usual, comments are disabled on my LJ but if you have some pressing thing to tell me, you can email me at or you can probably comment in the anon meme thread itself.
Tags: fic:yjisreal, me, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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