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Ice [20]

Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, mild angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: Do I still have readers for this? Mianhae…

AN2: This banner was done by Yue! :D

Are you awake?

Jaejoong reads the message with one eye, rubbing the sleep out of the other as he blinks at the bright screen in the darkened room.

I am now.

I just needed to talk to someone…i’m sorry…

Jaejoong places his phone face down on his chest as he rubs his eyes out properly. A look at the time indicates that it is almost 3am. He has been asleep for over three hours. The press conference had continued in a rather expected manner, with questions about Yunho and the like. However, the interesting thing is that they had not just kept to that as he had expected. The reporters seem genuinely interested in him as a person. He had fallen asleep watching the part of the recorded press conference where he had received a standing ovation.

“Call me a sentimental fool, I really don’t give a fucking rat’s ass what anyone thinks. I want to be able to hold my own head up. At the end of the day, I am human. I get tired, I get cranky, I get sore and I get heartsick. I’ve made so many mistakes in my life but I have also learned from them. I want to be able to go home and tell my loved ones that I did something good today. That the choices I made mean something. My fans have been picking up on my under-the-radar charity work, donating rice wreaths, money and clothes that amount to millions of won in my name and on my behalf. And this is without me actively asking them to. Imagine what they could do now that I can act without fear of my own fucking agency taking me to court because I choose to engage in charity work?”

Mrs Jung had been right. Give something to get something back, and Jaejoong had found that it is not as frightening to show a part of his Kim Jaejoong self with her sitting next to him.

He remembers the insane chattering that had occured the first time he had referred to her as noona. He had seen the glee in eyes of the representatives some of the more unsavoury tabloids in the room, and decided right then that he will not be calling her that again after the press conference.

At least not in public.

Though his favourite part had been the end. A familiar female journalist had the final red card of the night. Red cards had been placed under seats randomly throughout the hall and only those with it had been allowed to ask a question during the second half.

”You have just now claimed to be in a serious relationship with U-Know Yunho despite denying it earlier today. Are we supposed to believe that your relationship is not some publicity stunt to gain more popularity and support for yourself especially since this was meant to be a Hero Jaejoong press conference and not a Hero slash Jung Group press conference? Are you expecting us to believe that you seated next to President Jung up there on that stage is not a calculated move to rally more support for your own selfish reasons?”

She had far exceeded her one question quota, but Jaejoong did not care. He had bristled at her insinuations despite knowing she had a remotely valid point. He had even ignored and shaken off Mrs Jung’s hand from his arm, deaf to her whispered words as he stood up to answer the insolent reporter. He had done it without knowing who she actually was.

He stares blankly into the darkness as he remembers.


”I have already explained why I did what I did regarding that press release so I will not go into that. I’m going to ask the audience right here to be honest with me. Before last week. Before U-Know Yunho slammed me up against the backboard of the penalty box and kissed the fuck out of me in front of thousands of spectators and millions more around the world by the time the footage made its rounds. Before all that. How many of you would have recognised this woman?”

Only a handful of hands go up, including the reporter asking the question.

“How many of you recognised who she was today before Kensai-san mentioned who she was with the very first question of the night?”

A few more hands go up, but the number of hands now barely reach thirty, and most of them are from the established and more reputable networks.

“So about 10% of you know who she is? How many of you know who I am?”

Nervous laughter and awkward murmurs start rippling through the crowd, but Hero Jaejoong does not let up as his cool gaze sweeps through the audience.

“Don’t be shy now. How many of you knew who I was before even setting foot in this hall?”

Slowly but surely, every single hand goes up. Some of the more enthusiastic ones, including Jiyeon from Seoul University have both hands in the air.

“Alright then, since that is established, let me ask another question. How many of you would have thought U-Know Yunho kissing some random man from the public to be newsworthy?”

About half the reporters in the hall raise their hands.

“50% of you then? How many of you believe that me sitting in the lap of some random man on a plane be newsworthy?”

Almost all the hands in the hall go up, save for a couple from the more reputable networks.

His gaze finally lands back on the woman staring defiantly back at him, and her name finally clicks in his head.

“Does that answer your question, Jihyo-ssi? Noona is here with me because I wanted someone I could trust to be honest with me. I’m sure you know very well that she does not give a fuck who I am, and if she thinks I screwed up, she will willingly tell me so. I don’t need her as part of any scheme to advance my own popularity because I guarantee you that over 90% of the people watching at home right now would not have had a fucking clue who the hell she was when she walked out instead of me at the start of this press conference two hours ago. She is also here because she and I will be business partners and I defer to her expertise in the matter should the questions be posed to me about it which they have. Professionally, Yunho and I have no need for each other. He is an athlete and I am a singer. More people know who I am than who he is, and I am not bragging, I am merely stating a fact.”

He pins her with blazing eyes, silent till she looks away, unable to hold his gaze.

“Unlike some people, and I can name at least two right now,” he pauses, his eyes turning to the camera, a clear warning within them. “I am not with Yunho for any other reason beyond the fact that I love him.”

Hero’s mouth pulls into an amused smirk, his eyes flashing.

“And I consider myself fortunate that he loves me back…”

He pauses yet again as his entire face transforms into a man contemplating someone’s debauchery as he licks at his lips lazily, suggestively, a wicked look in his eyes, which makes male and female alike watching feel a little weak at the knees.

“…and he also happens to be one hell of a good fuck.”

The room explodes in noise, but Hero is not fazed as he continues.

“And believe me, all that is worth far more than all the money and popularity in the world.”

He remembers Mrs Jung shaking her head amusedly at him when he turned back towards her after that. Well, he is Hero Jaejoong after all, and what Hero Jaejoong press conference is complete without a little shock value?

Jaejoong picks up his phone, searching through his folders for something before finding it and attaching it to a text message.

Penny for your thoughts?

The response comes back immediately.

Weren’t you the little cutie? What happened to him? Ok nevermind don’t answer that but trust you to make me smile when I’m feeling morose. How about I return the favour? ;-)

Jaejoong chokes. He chokes and he sits up coughing, thumping at his chest as he stares at his phone. He swallows hard and then picks up his pillow and screams into it in sheer frustration, before hurling the offending pillow away.

What the hell?

He turns and sees a glass of water by his bed, and he does not hesitate to pick it up and dump the contents over his head.

And he howls from the sudden coldness across his overheated skin. He is starting to wonder what the fuck got into him when he told Yunho earlier that he still needed time. They can communicate but not see each other, because he needed time.

Time? What time?

He wants U-Know time…

Jaejoong groans as he leans back on his sodden pillow, not giving a fuck as he picks up his phone which thankfully was out of the way during the deluge.

I hate you so much right now. I really do.

It’s your own fault. You killed that girl, and almost killed me when you really shouldn’t so now I’m returning the favour.


Speak for yourself! I did not need you telling the whole world what a good fuck my brother is with him sitting next to me. I am forever scarred from that memory so you can suffer from blue balls cos you deserve it you ass.

Jaejoong starts laughing. Seriously, the whole world practically at his feet and he manages to find possibly the only teenager who dares to call him an ass to his face.

He is still chuckling when his phone beeps again.

Speaking of my brother… did you know about him and Max?

Jaejoong sobers up immediately, sitting up to pull the wet pillow from behind him and replacing it with a dry one. His body is still damp but he is rather enjoying the cool sensation.

Speaking of Max, I hear congratulations are in order?

Jihye scowls at her phone, peeking over her homemade fortress at the goaltender sleeping on the other side, before she sighs quietly and types in a reply.

Hold your congratulations. I’m still angry.

Jaejoong has already decided how to deal with this, appealing to a particular trait of Jihye’s that she shares with Max Changmin.

Angry over what? Something that happened a long time ago?

Angry that it happened.

Don’t be silly.

Excuse me?

Jaejoong grins as he sees the reply. He can practically see the teenager bristling in indignation.

It’s over and done with. Why are you dwelling on it?

Speak for yourself. You threatened to castrate him.

Well, that was just Hero Jaejoong talking. Kim Jaejoong is a lot nicer.

So which are you?

Both. How about we make a pact? They look at each other sideways, you can castrate your brother and I’ll castrate Max.

Jihye’s reply comes back quickly and it sends Jaejoong into gales of laughter, the broken sound echoing around his bedroom.


Done being angry yet? ^^

I’m just thoroughly disgusted now, thanks. You’ve been a wonderful help. SO WONDERFUL. Extremely wonderful. THE WONDERFUL HERO JAEJOONG. If only the world knew what an asshole you can be. I HATE YOU OMFG.

Jaejoong is chuckling as he pulls the covers back up over himself.

Well, you were being silly.

Jihye huffs, and she can hear Changmin grunting in his sleep. She knows she is being stupid, but getting it pointed out is not fun. Trust Hero to be an ass about the whole thing. But then again, she has followed the rock star closely enough to know that he is very possessive over what he deems as his. She has only seen it with the way he is about his fans, and to a smaller extent, the way he talks about her brother. If Hero Jaejoong is joking about it, then she knows she has nothing to worry about.

If you’re ok with it then it must be ok. I’ll get over it eventually. But seriously… my brother?

Have you seen your brother?


Then don’t ask questions you don’t like the answer to then, brat. Go to sleep. Feel free to give Max hell if you want for it, but don’t just dismiss him because of something that happened when you were still in diapers.

Not all of us can be ahjusshis like you. I can’t believe you called my MOTHER noona, btw. It sounds so wrong. Oppa was not happy.

Jaejoong winces, agreeing with her. It had made sense at the time, and he now knows Mrs Jung’s grin had been one of amusement at his strange choice than anything else. In the car on the way home, she had suggested he just call her Jiyoung.

Well, she should have said so earlier!

Ouch, fetus, ouch.

Ouch yourself. Everyone gave oppa hell for it. He’s going to have to live with the world knowing you call his mother noona. Didn’t he give you hell for it?

Jaejoong starts massaging his temple, putting his phone down on his chest once again. His last phone call with Yunho had been a little strained, the man had actually hung up on him, and he now knows why.

”I’m trying to be patient and understanding here. I’m really trying so I’m going to hang up before I say something I’m going to regret. I love you.”

Uh… he’s not really happy with me at the moment.

Because of the noona thing?

Among other things.

Micky oppa is rubbing off on me because I can’t believe I’m saying this but….. Uh… fuck it out of his system?

Jaejoong lets out a sharp bark of laughter, shaking his head. The girl is totally ridiculous in an endearing way.

Why is that a question? You’ve been spending far too much time around men much older than you, fetus. Go back to your school room.

I graduated over two years ago thank you very much, ahjusshi.

Then go to sleep.

I can’t… I built this stupid wall in Max oppa’s bed and it’s keeping me awake.

Then get rid of it, but don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…

What wouldn’t you do?

Max ^^


Jaejoong finally shuts his phone, grinning to himself. He has no idea how to deal with an almost nineteen year old, but Yunho’s sister makes him laugh. Not in a laughing at her kind of way, but with her because she is endearing in all her noisy screechy ways.

She just makes him smile. The whole family does. None of them are afraid or intimidated by him, and he cannot begin to explain how much he appreciates it.

Wide awake now, he decides to check his emails. A majority are all responses to the press conference from earlier, nothing really interesting or noteworthy.

And in the middle of the whole mess, he finds an alert to his DreamDate account.


He logs in quickly into the portal site, his heart thumping and he is back again to feeling all those things he feels when it used to be their sole method of communication.

He brings up the email, the subject line showing a simple smiley face emoticon. The time stamp is just half an hour ago, which quickens his pulse because maybe, just maybe Yunho will still be around.

I can’t sleep. I keep thinking about the last twenty four hours and it’s been a huge huge huuuuuuuuge mess to put it mildly. I’ve gone through every single emotion possible on the spectrum of emotions and yet I still feel as if there’s room for even more chaos within me. Unlike you, I don’t really have an outlet for all these feelings apart from wrecking the other team on the ice. And even that can’t be done because I agreed with Coach Kim to let the B team play this Saturday. How screwed am I?

I suppose I could go to work with my mother tomorrow… YOUR NOONA. For my sanity, please call her something else.

And while I’m on that topic, I need to apologise. I hung up on you because I was annoyed at being teased about the whole damn noona thing, and blamed you. Fairly or unfairly is not the point. I shouldn’t have done that, and I’m sorry. I guess I’m really acting my age right now. It’s hard to describe when you’re not here but Kangin, Yoochun and Changmin are all pretty brutal when it comes to teasing and sometimes they don’t know when to quit. All three have almost driven Junsu to tears because of their teasing, but they really have no malicious intent behind it. They’re just unable to figure out when to stop. Yoochun is better now with Junsu since they’ve been together for so long, but he is still blind to my limits. I guess it’s because I normally give as good as I get, but this time I just had nothing.

To be honest, it’s not just them. I’ve been skimming through crap online and some of the more unsavoury sites are even speculating about your relationship with my mother. There was this one shot someone captured where it looked like you were about to kiss her and guh… I NOW KNOW WHAT JIHYE MEANS BY NEEDING BRAIN BLEACH.

While I’m on the subject of speculating… look what I somehow managed to stumble upon… Your fan girls or fan boys have a rather vivid imagination……….


That’s some talent right there don’t you think? And now I really can’t sleep… I cannot deal with these feelings alone.

“Oh my god,” Jaejoong gasps, gawking at the attached fan artwork which admittedly is masterfully rendered. What the hell is this? Well, it’s nothing he does not want to do right the fuck now and because of his own rather impressive cockblocking skills, he is stuck at home, alone, in a wet bed for all the wrong reasons.

Jaejoong types a reply, hoping Yunho is still awake. He is chewing on his bottom lip, staring at the screen intently.

Yunho hears the chime as he reads yet another article about his relationship with Hero Jaejoong. The speculations are rife. And the way some of them spin it, even he is starting to wonder at the validity of their words. However, even as he does, he dismisses them, knowing how manipulative the media can be. As someone in the middle of this entire thing, he knows better than anyone else about what is going on.

His emotions have been veering all over the place that he finally understands why Jaejoong finds it necessary to hide behind a mask. He even understands his mother. To let people see your confusion is to give them a weapon.

You have nothing to apologise for. Trust me, I saw the looks on some of the reporters’ faces the second the word escaped my lips and I knew there was no way I’d be calling her noona again. She said to call her Jiyoung. She’s only 13 years older than me and I really have no idea what to call her. I have half a mind to keep calling her Mrs Jung lol.

And exactly what feelings are we talking about here? ^^

Trust Jaejoong to latch onto the carnal. But if Yunho is being honest, he is also tired of talking about feelings. He is emotionally wrung out and all he really wants is to fall asleep next to his boyfriend. Is that too much to ask?

Jiyoung or Mrs Jung works for me. But won’t it get confusing? Aren’t you going to be Mrs Jung too? :PPP

Oh that brat! Jaejoong grins as he types his reply, chewing on his bottom lip, unaware of the smile he is sporting or his awakening body.

I actually think we’re looking at a Mrs Kim… I am older U-KNOW? :P

Yunho lets out a sharp bark of laughter as he reads the email just as his mother pops her head in his door.

“I guess you two made up?”

“Mum!” Out of a teenage habit that amuses his mother immensely, Yunho slams the lid of his laptop down and glares at the smirking woman in the doorway of his room. “When you knock, you’re supposed to wait to be allowed entry. What if I was asleep and sprawled out naked?”

“Then I would have just covered you with the sheets. I gave birth to you. It’s nothing I haven’t seen.”

“But I’m an adult!”

Mrs Jung walks into the room, leaving the door ajar as she perches on the edge of Yunho’s bed. She pats his hand in a way only a mother can to her son, no matter how old they are.

“You’ll always be my baby boy.”

Yunho groans and rolls his eyes, leaning back against the bed, as he crosses his arms across his bare chest. His muscles bunch beautifully, but neither Jung notices.

“Honestly, if it wasn’t for Jihye, I’d be a momma’s boy wouldn’t I? You’d scare away every single person who wants to have anything to do with me and I’ll die a lonely bachelor living out in the pool house with my ten dogs.”

His mother chuckles lowly, reaching out a manicured hand to pat her son on the cheek. She knows he is not really angry when he does not push her hand away. He simply grunts, twitching slightly away from her touch but he does not pull away.

“So melodramatic, Yunho. And I really doubt I can chase Jaejoong away. I can try, but he’ll call my bluff and tell me to take myself off to the South Pole or something and I’m being polite. Knowing him, he’d just tell me to go fuck myself.” Mrs Jung pauses to chuckle at the horrified expression on Yunho’s face as she swears. “What? I can’t swear? He brings out something in me, and he definitely brings out something in you. Something I knew has always been in there but for some reason you’re afraid to show it. He’s a fighter, and he’s bringing out the fighter in you off the ice and I for one am really pleased about it. He’s definitely a keeper. I just wish I’d done a better job of chasing the others away.”

Yunho sighs, his annoyance and mortification melting out of his tensed body easily as he hears the quiet regret in his mother’s voice as she stares at his laptop. “It’s alright, Mum. At the risk of sounding cliche, I needed to go through all the frogs…” he trails off as he realises what he is about to say.

Unfortunately for him, his mother picks up on it immediately, and her smirk is wicked indeed.

“…to get to your prince? The way Jihye tells it, I thought Jaejoong was the princess?”

“Mum!” Yunho is beyond mortified now and he picks up a pillow to cover his face. However, the pillow he picks up has Jaejoong all over it, and as he inhales deeply, he groans just as desperately.

He refuses to remove the pillow though, inhaling, and dying a little inside, as he hears his mother chuckling. He feels her move off the bed, and while he cannot hear her footsteps, he does hear the door shut gently.

Yunho immediately drops the pillow from his face, inhaling the cool air deeply, but he stays hugging the pillow as he retrieves his laptop, typing quickly into it and hoping Jaejoong has not gone to bed.

You there? Sorry, Mum dropped in to traumatise me even more than she already has.

Jaejoong is flicking through his emails when the alert comes through. He wrinkles his nose as he grins while typing out his reply.

It’s after 4am. Why is she awake? Actually, why are you awake?

Yunho is flicking idly through the Dream Date site when something catches his attention. He hears the chime but he ignores it while he explores his new discovery. His mouth stretches into a smile as he realises what it is. He checks his inbox, noting Jaejoong’s response before he opens a new window, testing the new discovery.


Jaejoong is startled by the different beep coming from his laptop, as well as the sudden window that has just opened up. There is a prompt for a username, and after looking at the username of the person who has just messaged him, he knows who it is. He chooses a username and is rather tickled to find that it is still available.

Oppa: Boo yourself :P

Yunho cracks up when he sees Jaejoong’s username. Trust him.

UKNOWTIME: Oppa? Really? It’s not going to mean much now if you keep using it.

Oppa: And yours is just obnoxious. UKNOWTIME? :P


Oppa: Down, boy!

UKNOW: Alright fine I changed it. Now change yours!

Mjjeje: Better?

UKNOW: What’s that supposed to be?

Mjjeje: In Japan they spell it as Jejung. So jeje… mj… make a guess?

UKNOW: Michael Jackson? //scratches head

Mjjeje: How does that even make sense? I’m about as far from Michael Jackson as you can get. We were discussing it earlier… :P

Now it is Yunho’s turn to wrinkle his nose as he goes back to their email correspondence, trying to figure out what Jaejoong is talking about. He flicks through them, and it does not take long when something catches his eye. His mouth is twisted into a smirk as he starts typing in the chat box.

UKNOW: Mrs Jung? //leers

Jaejoong cracks up as he types a response guaranteed to make his young boyfriend howl.

Mjjeje: Why are you leering at your mother?

And howl indeed Yunho does, typing furiously, shaking his head at his terrible boyfriend. Seriously? That was just plain cruel. His boner dies an instantaneous death, not that it had far to go anyway.

UKNOW: You are mean! I don’t want to talk to you anymore //sulks

Mjjeje: Awww baby. Quit calling me Mrs Jung, and I promise to make it worth your while ;-)

Yunho’s eyebrow quirks interestedly. As does his body.

UKNOW: And how exactly do you plan to do that? O__O

Mjjeje: For me to know, and for you to find out…later :P

UKNOW: Such a tease.

Mjjeje: Would you have it any other way?

UKNOW: Mmmmm… I don’t know… I have half a mind to pick a car and look for you right now tbh.

Mjjeje: Pick a car? How many cars do you have?

UKNOW: Tsk tsk… I know how many cars you have. Why don’t you know how many cars I have?

Mjjeje: I still don’t know how rich you are tbh. After getting to know your mother, I can’t quite see her spoiling you with a dozen cars. And how many cars do I have?

UKNOW: Check your email…

Yunho quickly flips over to his inbox, quickly attaching five photographs in quick succession with a short message. He has been busy alright, randomly surfing the net for anything and everything about his boyfriend.

Jaejoong clicks on the email, noting the attachments included and he laughs when he sees the message and all their attachments.

Mmmmm… I wonder what your cars say about you :P Do you still have the R8? I seem to be in need of a car





Instead of replying to the email, Jaejoong returns to the chat box.

Mjjeje: You do know you could’ve just asked right? My boyfriend does not have to pretend to be a sasaeng. And no I don’t have the R8 anymore but if I did I’d give it to you and change the licence plate to read MRS KIM :P

UKNOW: Why would you give me a car with your mum’s licence plate :P

Mjjeje: Do you really want to play this game? You will lose ;-)

UKNOW: Oh really?

Mjjeje: I have a much stronger stomach than you do. You freaked out over me calling your mother noona and teasing about you leering at her. Trust me, baby. You don’t want to play this game ;-)

UKNOW: Hmmm…

Mjjeje: Emailing you something.

UKNOW: Please be a selca…

Mjjeje: You’re gonna have to earn that one ;-)

Yunho is actually pouting, knowing for a fact that the older man is definitely chuckling at him right now. The chime comes quickly, and when he opens it, his pout turns into a smile.

Some couples match clothes…but I think that’s terribly gauche.

Other couples match accessories…but I think that’s been done too much to often.

Since I am Hero Jaejoong and you are U-Know Yunho, how about we match cars? I can buy those within the next 24 hours and you’ll have it by the game on Saturday.


Yunho is shaking his head, feeling a mixture of amusement and a great deal of fondness for the man on the other side. In reality, Jaejoong is but a ten minute drive away. So near yet so far. He knows where he lives, but the building is like a fortress and Yunho will not put it past the stubborn older man to tell security to keep him out. He is really tempted to try his luck, and he has been entertaining the thought on more than one occasion.

And every single time he discards it.


He demands it, commands it even, especially on the ice. Now he needs to walk the talk.

He will respect Jaejoong’s decision.

UKNOW: A little ostentatious don’t you think? Not that I’m complaining… That is one sweet ride… Look at the curves on that beauty O____O

Mjjeje: Excuse me?

UKNOW: Look at them! Can I get the black? You seem rather partial to white…

Mjjeje: //arches an eyebrow looking EXTREMELY unamused// Keep that up and the only fucking thing you’ll be riding is a goddamn scooter.

UKNOW: If I remember correctly…i’m pretty sure it was YOU doing the riding :P

Mjjeje: Not after THAT.

UKNOW: After what? I didn’t do anything…just commenting what sweet fuck that car is //cough//

Mjjeje: You did that on purpose…

UKNOW: Perhaps ;-)

Mjjeje: Fucking tease.

UKNOW: Uknow I’d rather be riding you……….

Mjjeje: …………..

UKNOW: Too much?

Mjjeje: More like not enough… fuck. Why did I think this was a good idea again? I’m so hard and all I can about is you riding me… fuck.

UKNOW: Does this mean I can sneak out and find your apartment now?

Mjjeje: ………..

UKNOW: Is that a yes?

Mjjeje: How much self control do you think I have?

UKNOW: I’m hoping… none.

Mjjeje: Yunho…

UKNOW: Well, you do owe me…

Mjjeje: I do, don’t I?

UKNOW: //sidles closer

Mjjeje: ROFL are you serious? :P

UKNOW: //sits back and pouts//

Jaejoong cannot help laughing. Seriously, his boyfriend goes from irritated to sulky to loving to horny to pouty and then rinse and repeat all over again. He is hard, and he wants Yunho, but he really needs to have that time out for a bit. But he is nothing if not evil, as he gets up to go to the bathroom, texting as he goes, and then taking a photo and attaching it.

Yunho is actually pouting, as he stares at the screen and the blinking cursor. Ok, so he has no idea how chat sex works. Hell, he had no idea how phone sex worked either before Jaejoong. Chat sex doesn’t seem that much of a leap, but having to pause and type is rather odd. His boyfriend does not seem too keen on the idea though.

He sighs as he snuggles back down, propping his laptop on his chest. He is starting to feel a little drowsy, and he actually has practice in a few hours and he knows that if he does give in to the urge, he will be useless on the ice. Lack of sleep, lack of Jaejoong, a whole mess of everything else.

As he waits, his phone beeps and he does not even look at who it is, clicking it open before his eyes even his the screen. And then it does, his groan choking him as his jaw drops.


Hey baby…

“Hey baby? Hey baby?” Yunho all but growls as he texts back furiously, before looking at the photo again.

And he groans all over again, the sound echoing in his silent and empty bedroom.



I don’t like you anymore. I really don’t. That is just plain cruel. Cruel. How could you be so cruel?

Jaejoong laughs when he reads the reply, stripping off his slightly damp boxers from earlier, among other things, kicking them away before crawling back into bed.

He decides to take another one just for the hell of it, smirking as he types in his message.

Yunho is still staring at his phone when the second message comes in, and he actually contemplates not opening it, because he knows his boyfriend enough to know the man is the biggest fucking tease on the planet.

But curiosity overtakes him, and the second he sees the photo, this groan is more of a moan.


A despairing moan because hell, he is more than willing to take on an entire armada of fucking security guards to get to the man.

Helen of Troy has nothing on Hero Kim Jaejoong. Yunho will not just start a war for Jaejoong, he will win the fucking thing and claim his prize.

MVP indeed. He is playing that game on Saturday whether Coach Kim wants him to or not.

It takes way too long, much much much too long for him to finally move away from the photo to read the attached message. And when he does, he knocks his laptop off his chest, slipping out of bed immediately to get dressed.

You don’t like me? Really? Even like this…ready for you…? I can almost feel your lips on my neck as you stretch out on top of me…your weight pressing me into the bed as you rock between my thighs, kissing and whispering dirty words in my ear as you tell me what you want to do to me…


Kim fucking Jaejoong.

His goddamn boyfriend is going to be the end of him.

Yunho is practically scowling as he stalks out of his bedroom.

At the foot of the stairs, he bumps into his mother again, but she takes one look at his face, and chooses to stay silent, watching as her son grabs a set of keys from the bowl in the hallway, not even checking which key he has as he heads out to the garage.

His tee shirt is on backwards, and his pants inside out.

Only Jaejoong can be the cause of that as she pulls her phone out of her pocket and quickly sends a message to him.

What have you done?

The reply is quick.

What do you mean?

Only you would cause my well-groomed son to walk out of the house wearing his pants inside out and his tee shirt on backwards.

Jaejoong flips onto his back, his broken laugh is loud in his bedroom. The mental image Mrs Jung has just given him is just too much. He can barely picture it, but he somehow manages it, and it is really too much.

He is still chuckling as he types in his reply, grinning from ear to ear, imagining exactly how worked up Yunho is for it to come to that.

Don’t worry, I’ll send him back equally disheveled ;-)

Joongie… I know I’m a pretty cool mom, but even I have to draw the line somewhere. As Jihye would say, I NEED BRAIN BLEACH.

Her reply sends the rock star into a full blown cackle as he flips back over onto his belly, his smile threatening to split his face. It is after 5am now, and he is far from sleepy. And if he is being honest with himself, he knows exactly what would happen after that message.

He is about to send a message to Yunho when he gets another one from his mother.

I’m giving him to you…look after him, will you?

Jaejoong is still smiling, but his face rearranges slightly as he chews his bottom lip, his countenance now serious.

I will…

Her reply is quick, Mrs Jung smiling as she types.

I’ll send his clothes over.

And Hero Jaejoong smirks yet again as he types his response.

He’s not going to need them ^^


Three down, one left to go.

What do you mean?

I’ve made three Jungs howl tonight, only your husband left ;-)


Jaejoong is seriously amused right now as he dials the front desk from his phone, instructing them not to let a certain Jung Yunho come up.

And then he waits, playing with lyrics in his head, sounding them out to himself to the tune he has almost finished composing..

It does not take long before his phone beeps.

Let me up, Jae.

What? No hello? You can’t just demand entry baby…

Yunho growls, glaring at the poor security guard who pales at the expression on his face, before punching out a reply on the innocent screen of his phone.

The security guard knows better than to let the man up to the penthouse though. Hero Jaejoong is not to be trifled with, and while he knows full well who the annoyed young man standing in front of him is, it is really not worth his while to get on the wrong side of the rock idol.

You are going to know full fucking well when I enter you…baby. Are you really going to leave me here when I could be up there? I can’t promise I’ll be riding you in the state I’m in right now but you are definitely going to be riding me.

Jaejoong moans, closing his eyes as he rocks his already hard cock into the bed. So much for the shy man who stuttered on the phone not too long ago. His fingers are actually trembling as he replies.

Is that a promise?

Depends… right now if I were you I’d see it as a threat.

Jaejoong exhales sharply, before bending his head and groaning long and deep into his bed. Yunho worked up is a sight to behold, and he knows it.

But not just yet.

You need to pass a test first… Play with me?

You are a fucking tease Hero.

You love it.

I love you.

Pretty words from a pretty mouth… If you love me, let me go remember?

Yunho pauses as he reads, and then he sighs. He apologises to the security guard, and he turns to leave, heading back to his car. His phone rings just as he leaves the lobby.


“Don’t leave.”

Yunho sighs into the phone, sitting down on the front steps, belatedly realising his pants are inside out. He sighs again at the sight before answering quietly.

“I don’t have a choice do I? In a brief moment of madness I forgot myself. You make me crazy, Jae. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.”

“It’s good, because you make me crazy too. I was crazy to think I could do this without you next to me.”

“What are you saying?”

“You can’t go back.”

“Why not?” Yunho’s brow furrows, and he massages his temple with his fingertips. The lack of sleep is definitely catching up with him, not to mention the whole last twenty four hours in general.

“Because your mother gave you to me, and I’m keeping you.” Jaejoong pouts as he rests on his side, toying with his hair. His hard on is wilting, but it does not matter at all. That is a bonus, his real prize is just getting to lie beside the man he loves.

Yunho manages a tired smile, because the older man sounds like he is pouting. And he wants to kiss that pout.

“So I’m a kept man?”

“Well, I am buying you a car.”

Yunho chuckles as he looks up to gaze at the beautiful car parked rather inconsiderately in the driveway of the building. He had grabbed the keys to a Lamborghini Aventador, and the car belongs to him. He does not like driving around in it, but he has a feeling Jaejoong might like it.

“What’s so funny?”

And there is that pout again. He can actually hear it, and it makes him chuckle again as he replies, “Nothing, I was just thinking.”



“Does it include you riding me?”

Yunho hums, his cock perking up yet again at the image that suddenly forms so clearly in his mind and he has to swallow his groan. He is not giving in so easily.

“Is that a yes?”

“Well, I think if I say yes, it would be rewarding you for being such a cruel tease.”

Jaejoong huffs, flipping back onto his belly and swiveling his hips into the bed, trying to ease some of the pressure he feels, his cock needing friction desperately. A soft moan escapes him, as he closes his eyes.



“Please come up…”

“What happened to your test?”

“Fuck the test.”

Yunho’s chuckle is much louder this time as he gets up, heading back into the building. He tosses his keys at the waiting valet, but as he tries to get to the elevator, he is once again blocked by the security guard.

“Jae…your security guard won’t let me up.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake! Pass the phone over.”

“Be nice, Jae. He’s just doing as you instructed,” Yunho warns before handing his phone over to the security guard.


“Let him up.”


“Do I have to fucking spell it out for you? Don’t make a face. Yunho told me to be nice, and I’m being nice right now. If I weren’t, your ass would already be fired. Let Yunho come up. From today onwards, he will be a resident in this building and you will afford him every single courtesy that you afford me, is that clear?”

“Y-yes, s-s-sir.”

“Stop stuttering. I didn’t fire you, did I? Now be a good man and tell Yunho how wonderful I was and pass him the phone.”

The wide-eyed security guard takes the phone from his ear, and hands it over to Yunho, speaking as he does. “He told me to tell you how w-w-wonderful he was and..and…um…”

Yunho shakes his head ruefully, taking the phone, apologising to the man before he turns back to head to the elevators once again.

“Jae, what did I say?”

“I didn’t get him fired, did I? I was being nice.”

“You are hopeless.”

Yunho presses the button for the penthouse, and settles back as the carriage starts to move.

“So…about that test.”

“I’m already in the lift and you still want to do this?”

“It’s not hard.”

“But I am.”

Jaejoong inhales sharply before he gets up quickly, rummaging in his side table for the bottle of lube. Somehow he manages to slick up three fingers while balancing the phone on his shoulder, and he drops the bottle to the floor.

“What are you doing?” Yunho’s voice is curious, and amused as he can hear Jaejoong’s heavy breathing in his ear and all the shuffling sounds.

Instead of answering, Jaejoong puts the phone on speaker, before dropping face down on the bed with his ass in the air. His slicked up fingers find his clenching opening quickly, and he does not even bother doing the one, two, three, his fingertips caressing and fingering himself lightly on the outside before he forces all three into his unprepped body.

His shout is muffled by the bed, and he can hear Yunho calling for him, but he does not reply, too busy trying to adjust to the sudden intrusion, his body unsurprisingly craving more than just his fingers.

He turns his head, mouth open, eyes shut, breathing hard as he starts to move his hand. His other reaches for his already leaking cock, and he gives it a couple of pumps, pulling a gasping moan from his lips.

Yunho has a rather good idea of what is happening on the other end of the line, and he stays silent, listening to the beautiful sounds his boyfriend is making. His turgid cock is straining against the juncture of his pants.

Pants that are not just inside out, but undone.

Yunho does not bother doing them up, the hem of his tee shirt long enough to secure his modesty.

Jaejoong scissors his fingers roughly, and as he hears the ding of the elevator reaching its destination and he moans again.

“Are you playing without me?”


“Now you’re speaking my language.”


“Still speaking it.”

“Fucking cockwhore.”

Yunho laughs loudly as Jaejoong swears. He is in front of the only door on the floor, and the only thing standing between him and the beautiful man on the other side is a few digits.

“What’s your password?”

“Last five digits of my number and your number alternating.” Jaejoong’s hand stutters over his cock as his fingers punish his prostate. He is having trouble focusing, but he wants to be ready. He is barely able to remember what they were talking about.

“Whose number do I start with?”

“Start with yours.”

Yunho smirks as he keys in the numbers, his smirk widening as he hears the door click and he pushes it open.

“If that was the test, you were right, it wasn’t hard.”

“But I am.”

“I know.”

“What else do you know?”

“I know the way to your room…” Yunho does not bother stopping to examine the apartment along the way like Jaejoong had to his own apartment. And he has no idea how, but he really does know the way to Jaejoong, as he walks as if following a homing beacon in the darkness of the extremely spacious penthouse apartment.

“Do you now?” Jaejoong breathes out, his voice dropping, low and husky as he continues to work himself over. He scissors himself roughly again, widening himself as much as he can before pulling his fingers out, dropping his hips flat onto the bed.

“I can smell you.”

“That’s because I smell of you.”

“Not quite yet…but you will,” Yunho promises darkly as he stops right outside Jaejoong’s door. He can see the sliver of light coming from within.

He reaches out, twisting the knob, pushing the door open, and he stops breathing, taking in the stunning man lying face down on the bed, turned away from him.


“Yes, brat?” Jaejoong answers but he doesn’t turn.

Yunho smirks, ending the call. He pulls off his tee shirt, pants and underwear quickly, dropping them in a heap on the floor along with his phone.

He walks to the bed, chuckling as he sees the bottle of lube on the floor. Jaejoong has been rather naughty indeed. He slicks himself up quickly, suppressing the moan as his hands work over his heavy cock. Only Jaejoong will be pulling any sounds from him.

Just before he climbs up onto the bed, his eyes catch the rather interesting wall art just above the head of the bed.

The disbelieving gasp almost causes Jaejoong to turn and see why Yunho is taking so long.

“What is it?”

“You really do have a riding crop over your headboard.”

“Why would I lie to you?”

Yunho smirks wickedly as he moves to straddle the very welcome body. He leans down, pressing his lube slicked cock between his boyfriend’s thighs, capturing an elfin ear between his lips.

“I didn’t think you lied,” he whispers, licking the beautiful curve, enjoying the shudder that courses through the man lying prone beneath him. “You are so beautiful. I love you…”

Jaejoong sighs, and then he moans as Yunho moves his hips, nudging against his prepared body.

“Such a naughty rockstar…how much prep did you do?”


Yunho rearranges himself, lifting off, fisting himself and then pressing the swollen tip of his cock into the slicked up opening.

“Do I need permission?”

“Yunho…” Jaejoong’s voice is throaty whine as he bucks backwards.

The younger man leans down once again, nuzzling against Jaejoong’s ear.

“You need to say please since I am granting your wish.”

“What wish?”

“I’m going to ride the fuck out of you.”

“Fucking brat.”

Yunho smirks, nipping at Jaejoong’s ear, before he pushes himself into the welcoming body.

So very tight.

So very perfect.

And they moan in unison, as Yunho whispers a single word, just as he is seated fully within the other man’s body.


AN1: I was rolling around and howling with laughter at one part of this hahaha. IDK why. I guess I amuse easily :P

AN2: Oh lord ok I have never written a chat fic so I’m sorry if it seemed weird and everything ugh… I actually discarded about 2,000+ words cos I gave in to my Jaejoong muse and let him have his fucking way and it has upset me enough that I am totally cockblocking y’all. This fic has enough sex scenes ok! It doesn’t need another one! Not this soon anyway… I’m already surrendering my plot to my muse, I am not going to give in to his urges as well! Horny fucker.

AN3: Remember to thank Jaejoong for being oh so helpful with those selcas ;-)

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