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All I Need Is...

Poll #1912909 Help!!!

Who should be MinChunHo's father in AINI???

Eric from ShinHwa
T.O.P from Big Bang

Ok I need help cos i've been kinda going back and forth on this. I'd already tossed out Kangin and Kangta who were the other candidates because I cannot imagine Kangin as a neurosurgeon and Kangta is just not right with Hyorin...

I know i've already used Eric in ch4 but i'm having second thoughts so i'm wondering what y'all think. I actually don't have a real preference because I think Eric and Seunghyun would both fit. I am drooling A LOT over the idea of either of them as the father and hngggggg...

I think I kinda know Seunghyun's personality better than Eric's though which is mainly while i'm having second thoughts but tbh this whole fic is kinda going to be a little OOC for either of them anyway so IDK...

//ends ramble
Tags: fic:aini, poll

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