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Ice [21]

Title: Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance, mild angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here

Summary: Yunho knows ice very well. He is the youngest team captain in the history of the best professional hockey team in South Korea, bringing his teammates to glory time and time again. But a little something has been missing lately, a spark that everyone has grown to recognise from the young man. His teammates know exactly what’s wrong but he refuses to acknowledge it. Jaejoong is much too young to be this cynical and jaded. At least, that’s what his parents say, but what do they know? They love their only son and only want him to be happy despite not agreeing with his rock star lifestyle. When the 29 year old finds himself in rehab after a sort of accidental overdose, his tearful parents give him an ultimatum. Now he has to figure out what to do with the ball of ice that is his heart…

AN1: I’m not sure when I can finish the second part… will try for Friday. I would’ve finished it but fucking Kim Jaejoong happened on Twitter and as usual, he derails me completely ugh!!!!!!!!!!!! And I can’t write anymore today cos going out.

AN2: This banner was done by taigrin on LJ!


“Yo, U-Know! Your boyfriend calls your mum noona? Isn’t that a little weird?”

Everyone cracks up as they skate past him. Yunho is smiling, but the smile does not reach his eyes. It is early on a Saturday morning, over four weeks since Hero Jaejoong’s rather explosive press conference. The fans have taken a step back, but replacing them is the media and he cannot decide which is worse. He is sitting on the bleachers waiting for his own team to arrive. The taunting is normal. Every single fucking game since that press conference, the opposing team has hackled him.

“You’d think they’d learn not to do that by now.” Changmin mutters as he sits next to Yunho.

“I’m all for the taunting,” Kangin laughs as he joins his teammates, earning himself a glare for his captain. He holds his hands up in surrender, still grinning. “Hear me out, U-Know. You get so fucking angry about it you basically wipe the ice with them. It’s all good in my book.”

“I’m really fucking glad you’re having fun with this,” Yunho bites out, eyes on the ice as he watches the other team warm up. This is the very same venue that Hero Jaejoong had commanded the spectators to cheer for him. This team of all teams really should know better, but he figures it is really the only chance they get to truly hackle him. Perhaps it’s pay back for the time Hero had interrupted the match. Even his mother had apologised to him about the whole noona debacle, and Jaejoong, well, he’s really lucky he can walk after every game.

The man really asks for it though. He goes out of his way to harass Yunho post-match. A teasing smirk here, innuendo laden comments there, coupled with that gaze that can basically fuck him across the room, what the hell is Yunho supposed to do? His willpower is almost non-existent when faced with a determined Hero Jaejoong.

And Hero is always determined to get his way. How the hell does anyone ever say no to him? Yunho is starting to feel sorry for his boyfriend’s previous company, and a little worried for the future agency. Yes, he may be at their mercy on occasion, but from all accounts, Jaejoong basically runs everyone around, skipping to his own merry tune.

Or rocking beat.

When Hero Jaejoong says jump, everyone says how far. As far as Yunho can tell, only him and his mother question why. But for him, the why never ever lasts very long. One crook of the eyebrow, that pout twisted into a knowing smirk, and Yunho is putty in his hands. Only actual anger galvanizes him enough to stand firm.

And even then, not always. When Hero Jaejoong sets his mind on something, he will get it by hook or by crook.

Mostly by crook as Hero is definitely not above playing dirty.

The man is truly a force to be reckoned with. Yunho knows he probably caves in too easily but then again, look at who his boyfriend is. He’s not a fucking saint. Not by any stretch of the imagination. After Hero had capitulated on the whole “being apart” thing, they had spent almost an equal amount of time fucking, as they do talking.

And that’s a hell of a lot of talking.

They talk about everything.

The impending, extremely hostile takeover of Seunghyun’s company.

Their relationship.

Yunho’s work.

Hero’s work.

Their families.

Moving in together.

He frowns slightly at the thought of the last. Jaejoong had been for the idea, and they had even gone shopping for furniture because they had both agreed that the house his parents had given him for his birthday is really the perfect hideout for them.

But in the last two to three days, he feels like Jaejoong is getting cold feet or something. When they used to scour the internet checking out interior design, looking through furniture magazines, and arguing over colour schemes; basically being extremely domesticated, Jaejoong has lately been changing the subject or distracting him whenever it is brought up.

This is the man who had spent a good hour arguing with Yunho over having a six burner gas stove and a double glass induction element on the bench. Who the hell needs eight pots going at one time? And that discussion had happened just five days ago. Yunho had finally given in of course, Jaejoong using the fact that Anyang Halla are more than likely going to be camping out in their home more often than not, and eight pots is probably not going to be enough. It is really the fact that his boyfriend even thinks of his team, and considers them almost akin to family as well that softens Yunho’s stance on the issue. Jaejoong had been extremely generous with his thanks, but that is really a distant memory.

Three nights ago, Yunho had wanted to talk about turning the room next to their bedroom into a study. He had been gearing up for a fight because Jae had been eyeing the room as another music room. He is more than happy for the rockstar to have a piano in there if he wants, but he wants it to be a half and half. Jaejoong, who had admittedly been distracted most of the day, including at dinner when he had uncharacteristically forgotten to put a giant helping of hot paste into the pot, making the dish edible to everyone but him, had shaken his head, and then proceeded to distract him.

Now there’s distraction, and then there’s distraction.

And while the former is normal, the latter isn’t, and Yunho is starting to smell a rat when it happens three nights in a row.

He knows something is definitely wrong when Jaejoong whispers about needing to go, just before they drift off to sleep last night. Yunho had been way too tired, essentially, literally, fucked his brains out, to be able to ask his boyfriend exactly what the hell is going on.

And when he wakes this morning, Jaejoong is gone.

So yes, the other team and their fucking taunting, will really not know what hit them.

“Do you think he’ll turn up?” Junsu questions as he and Yoochun arrive with Han Geng in tow, breaking Yunho from his musings.

“I haven’t seen him since last night.”

“What?” Yoochun asks, his face incredulous. “He barely lets you move without trying to hump your leg and you haven’t seen him since last night? Is he sick of you already?” He laughs, not really serious at all. The whole team, and really, the whole world knows exactly how Hero Jaejoong feels about his young boyfriend. There are countless photographs of the couple circulating the globe in various stages of PDA.

The two are really worse than those crabs that go around in pairs, forever plastered together. Though really, it can be quite innocent at times, but they are always together.

The most dangerous is at the end of every match, when Hero Jaejoong, completely uncaring about a sweaty and occasionally bloody U-Know Yunho, jumps the man in front of everyone. It’s almost become a ritual, and the roar of the home or away crowd is always deafening at the sight of the somewhat petite rock star wrapped around his tall, gear-clad boyfriend. Depending on Yunho’s mood and how the game goes, their meeting can either be explosive or tender.

The most amusing is Hero Jaejoong, sitting sideways in Yunho’s lap anywhere he can get away with it. Everyone has learned to stop gawping at the rock star trying his best to be as inconspicuous as possible in the captain’s lap while Yunho barks out drills. It is absolutely hilarious seeing the older man, his brow furrowed, listening intently to Yunho’s instructions, and then trying to follow the players on the ice. It is not uncommon for Hero to interrupt to ask questions, and it always brings a smile to everyone’s face when Yunho shushes him, pressing a kiss to his temple and then continuing.

The most common is Hero Jaejoong, smirking from behind his large sunglasses, tucked into the side of an impassive U-Know Yunho at the airport. Woe to anyone who tries to grab him then, because our captain does not take too kindly to anyone touching his Jae. The entire team always plays bodyguard of course, but sometimes shit happens and Hero Jaejoong fans are nothing if not persistent. When Yunho flies anywhere for games, Jaejoong tags along. The musician is deep in the middle of finishing his new album, but since he is tied to no one, he can work from anywhere, and most music studios practically bend over backwards to have him utilise their facilities.

He is also a rather permanent spectator at the games, both home and away. The rockstar vastly prefers sitting in the box with the reserve players though, much to their delight. Hero Jaejoong might as well be the Anyang Halla mascot. Yoochun is pretty sure the loyalties of the team are somewhat divided at the moment. If there really is a divorce of sorts between the two, Yunho might actually lose half his team.

“You really think you’re funny, Micky? Let’s see how funny you are doing one-on-one drills with me. Suit up.”

And with that, Yunho gets up, his face as dark as a thundercloud, as he heads for the locker rooms to change.

The A team stare at the back of their retreating captain, their faces a mixture of confusion and worry.

Yoochun, the innocent scapegoat turns to the goaltender who looks uncharacteristically, as confused as the rest of them.

“What the hell crawled up his ass?”

“Not Hero Jaejoong that’s for sure.”

“Kangin,” Han Geng, the quiet defenceman shakes his head at his friend. “Not the time to joke. He’s upset about something.” The default captain turns to Yoochun, nodding towards the locker room. “You heard the captain. Suit up, Micky. Xiah, go with him just in case Yunho is in a mood back there.”

“I’ll come with you.” Changmin stands, collecting his gear. “He’s more likely to not hurt me than Junsu hyung.”

“Yunho’s not going to hurt anyone!” Junsu exclaims, his voice holding a hint of annoyance. “What the hell is the matter with all of you?”

“Su-ah,” Yoochun glances over fondly at his boyfriend, squeezing his thigh as he speaks. “Yunho is different when it comes to Hero. He’s still Yunho, but it’s like he suddenly has this extra layer. He doesn’t shed that captain persona he has on the ice anymore. And you very well know that no one wants to mess with Yunho on the ice. Our happy go lucky friend is a real…man.”

“A real man? So he was a fake man before?” Junsu’s voice twists in even more annoyance, pushing Yoochun’s hand away and moves to stand next to Changmin. The two best friends of the young captain are standing shoulder to shoulder, arms crossed and staring at their teammates.

“No! It’s not like that. Aish, I’m fucking this up. Hyung, can you explain?” Yoochun turns imploringly to Han Geng who shrugs, turning to the two younger players.

“Hero is older. That much is a fact. Six years is actually quite a lot if you think about it,” and he sends a glance over at Changmin who turns his gaze downwards, shuffling his weight on his feet a little uncomfortably. “And despite his age, he is quite happy letting Yunho direct him.”

“It just looks that way.” Changmin mutters, looking up again. “I know the tricks. He just looks like he’s letting Yunho run the show, but really, he’s the one pulling the strings.”

“Speaking from experience, Max?” Kangin smirks, laughing instead when Changmin gives him the finger. Everyone knows how Jihye is giving their goaltender hell. The little brat is even more impossible now that she knows Changmin adores her. She baits him, goads him, and then when he finally snaps back, fireworks explode.

Everyone secretly thinks it’s some strange mating ritual.

“Perhaps Hero does pull the strings in private, but the fact that he allows Yunho free reign in public says a lot to me. Come on, before Yunho, have you ever seen him sulk like a two year old? He barely even sneers around us anymore, pouting or smirking is the more common face he has around our captain. He never gainsays Yunho and he seems to enjoy letting Yunho play the man in the relationship.”

“We know they switch though.”

“Do we?”

“Hell, yes! I worship any man who can make U-Know Yunho limp the next morning.”

“You’re disgusting. Who tops or bottoms doesn’t mean a damn thing. Both are still men. Hero Jaejoong can silence 50,000 people with a blink. And U-Know Yunho can silence him with a touch. So who’s manlier? Why are we even discussing this?”

“That’s a fucking good question.”

Everyone turns at the cold voice of their captain. Even Han Geng is unable to keep the younger man’s implacable gaze as it sweeps across his teammates.

And to everyone’s surprise, he suddenly smiles as he shakes his head.

“You guys are ridiculous. I’m still the same. I just don’t have to pretend to be whatever it is whoever I’m with wants me to be. I’m still the same. I’m just letting my serious side come through when it wants and not suppressing it.”

“We know,” Junsu nods, sending a glare round to his teammates, especially his boyfriend.

“Come on guys. Instead of wasting time speculating nonsense, how about lay this team to rest, eh?” Kangin’s smirk is wicked, followed quickly by agreements on all sides. He catches his captain’s eye, nodding at him before he hustles everyone to change, leaving the tall young man alone.

As Yunho eyes the other team skating about on the ice, he cannot help but wonder if his boyfriend will turn up. He hasn’t missed a game yet since the press conference, and as promised, Yunho has won MVP at every single game. His playing in a completely different level from anyone that it’s almost a no-brainer. Despite his age, their are rumours flying around that NHL scouts are flying over to check him out.

But he doesn’t want to go. He enjoys the game, but he knows where his responsibilities lie. And as far as the machinations of his boyfriend and mother are concerned, it lies somewhere along the lines of owning a talent management agency.

He pulls out his phone, composing a message to send to Jaejoong when it rings. The number is blocked, but he doesn’t think much of it as he answers.



“Hyung?” Yunho scowls as he recognises the voice.

“We need to talk.”

“No, we don’t.”

“Your mother is burying me, Yunho. And Hero is just impossible. No one, absolutely no one wants to have anything to do with me. I can’t even meet with my own idols.”

The man’s voice is agitated, more than a tinge of desperation in his voice. He is also slurring, causing Yunho to make a sound of disgust, knowing full well he has to be drunk.

“What idols? I don’t remember anyone debuting.”

“Come on, Yunnie-ah. For old time’s sake? Help me? Call them off, and I’ll go away somewhere. Just give me a fair price for my company. You can have it.”

Yunho scoffs at that, sitting down heavily on the bench as he glares out at the other team unseeingly, his eyes shards of ice.

Your company? Really? That was my money you used to start it.”

The man makes a strange strangled sound, and then he is back, breathing deeply as if trying to calm himself. “You didn’t miss it did you Yunnie-ah?” His voice is cajoling, still slurring, but trying his best to put on a good front. “You’re so fucking rich, you didn’t even miss it. I needed it, can’t you see? You owed me.”

“Owed you? You have got to be fucking kidding me.” Yunho’s voice is low and furious, his hand clutching the phone. Unknown to him, Jaejoong is standing behind him, his scowl even more ferocious than the one his boyfriend is wearing.

“I didn’t press charges…”

“You didn’t press charges because you know my mother would not just bury you if she found out, but she would probably have you drawn and quartered and your entrails fed to the rats.”

“She doesn’t know?”

“No, she—“ Yunho is unable to finish his sentence because his phone is snatched from his hand by an absolutely furious Hero Jaejoong.

Not wanting to make a scene, because more than a few eyes are on them, Yunho lets him, watching as Jaejoong puts the phone to his ear.

“Listen here you fucker.”


“Yes, it’s Hero. And I want you to listen fucking carefully. His mother doesn’t know, but I fucking know. I know every single fucking detail about you, Seunghyun. If I don’t like the way you fucking breathe, I will turn his mother loose on you so fast even North Korea would look like fucking heaven. And then when she’s fucking done with you, you will wish for death when I get my hands on you.”

His answer is a dial tone, and the rock star clenches the phone tightly in his hands before turning to Yunho.

“Why the hell did you answer his call?”

“It was a blocked number. What the fuck is the matter with you? I could’ve handled that.”

The large arena is strangely silent, the Nippon Cranes players on the ice vastly prefering to watch the show on the sidelines than continuing their practice, while the Anyang Halla players, only just emerging from the locker rooms, are staring mutely at their captain facing off his boyfriend. No one can hear the words being exchanged, but everyone can see their expressions.

Both are furious.

“Shit…” Junsu exhales quietly, trying to decide whether to intervene.

“Should we break it up?” Changmin voices Junsu’s thought, and the two players exchange looks.

They all watch as Hero Jaejoong continues talking, imagining actual sparks coming from the man’s eyes when something Yunho says suddenly causes him to stop short. And to their surprise, the rock star deflates right before their eyes, before pouting and then dropping to his knees to lace up Yunho’s skates.

“Huh? What just happened?” Yoochun scratches his head, his expression completely confused.

“You just got a lesson on being a manly namja,” Junsu chuckles, shaking his head as they all clomp their way up the stairs, making their way to their captain and his now submissive boyfriend.

“Is the coast clear?” Kangin jokes, causing Jaejoong’s head to jerk up and eye the man curiously.


“Nothing,” Yunho answers for his defenceman, shaking his head firmly at his team, his expression forbidding any further questions.

“You really need to learn how to tie your fucking skates, baby.” Jaejoong huffs, unaware of the silent exchange as he finishes lacing Yunho up.

“I like you on your knees.”

The entire team groans, but it is to no avail as they watch the the rock star’s eyes light up, an answering smirk playing about his lips as he leans back, sitting on his heels and gazing up the length of their captain.

“You can have me here if you want,” Hero purrs as he licks his lips, swaying slightly where he sits as he looks up at Yunho.

Their slight disagreement is already forgotten, though that other bit of news he still has yet to share with Yunho is still rattling around in the back of his mind. Their world is about to potentially turn completely upside down if his guess is right, but he won’t know till he actually checks it out. In the meantime, he is going to grasp onto as much normal as he can possibly get as Hero Jaejoong, boyfriend of U-Know Yunho.

To the surprise of the team, instead of replying in his usual way which is to blush slightly and then mumble about ridiculous rock stars, Yunho leans down, placing two fingers under Jaejoong’s chin, and coaxing him up with just that. His expression is blank, his eyes unreadable as the stunning rock star gains his feet.

Jaejoong moves upright as sinuously as he can possibly manage it, Yunho’s fingertips burning a brand on him under his chin. How did something so simple become so intoxicating? He had left early that morning to figure out what the hell to do about his news, and now that he has a concrete plan, he just wants to enjoy Yunho as much as possible. His boyfriend surprises him every day, and today, he is loving it that little bit more. He does not know what to do, and for now, he will forget about that niggling piece of information that even he still needs to process.

He grasps the front of Yunho’s jersey, sliding his body against his boyfriend’s bulkier frame. He is a lot taller now, with his skates and guards on, and Jaejoong has to tilt his head back a lot further as he smirks at the gorgeous young man gazing down at him.

Yunho moves his hand, cupping Jaejoong’s cheek, rubbing his thumb against his jawline as he leans forward. His drops his chin, tilting to capture that beautiful mouth, but he stops before their lips can meet.

His voice is low, very low, a raspy growl as he starts to speak, and Jaejoong can feel each word as the puffs of warm minty air dance upon his sensitive pout.

“Tonight, backstage, I am going to take you after our performance. The only thing you’re going to fucking think of between now and then, is you on your knees for me, wearing nothing but that trench coat with all the bells and whistles on it.” He brushes his mouth against Jaejoong’s, who moans in response, eyes already shut. “You know which one…with all the buckles and chains.”

Jaejoong loses interest in staying upright as he leans fully into the much taller man, opening his mouth against his boyfriend’s, his tongue flicking out, but Yunho is not feeling very cooperative, as his free hand grasps Jaejoong by the hip. His large hand almost half spanning the singer’s very slim waist.

“Nothing but the trench coat… Will you be ready for me?”

“Always,” Jaejoong breathes out, moaning as Yunho nips his bottom lip. Their audience is all but forgotten, as is wont to happen when Yunho is in his sights. He knows he ought to worry about that. He knows he has something important to tell Yunho. He knows they still need to discuss Seunghyun in detail. And he knows he has to leave soon to get to the concert venue for rehearsals.

But for the life of him, he really cannot fucking care about any of that because tonight is dangling in front of him, just that little bit out of reach.

“What about the game?”

Yunho’s mouth curves into a smirk, as he traces his tongue along Jaejoong’s full bottom lip, his hand tight against the jaw to keep the man exactly where he is. He is supporting pretty much the slighter man’s entire weight, but it is something he will willingly bear.

For the rest of their lives.

“Haven’t I been MVP enough for you?” Yunho punctuates his words by flexing his hand, tightening his grip even more of his waist as he pulls him flush against him. “You even wrote me into your song.”

“More…” Jaejoong breathes out, his tongue sneaking out to touch Yunho’s.

They can both vaguely hear the sounds of catcalls and wolf whistles from the Nippon Cranes, but they ignore them. Anyang Halla is too far gone now to do anything but gape. They’re used to this, to some extent, but Yunho has never done anything this public. The arena is still closed to the spectators lined up outside, but there are more people here witnessing the intense session between the captain and his lover, than there’s ever been previously.

Hero Jaejoong may be a not-so closet exhibitionist, but U-Know Yunho is a lot less prone to giving the public a show just for the hell of it.

Anyang Halla’s captain moves his hand from Jaejoong’s jaw to his nape, and then up into his thick hair, fisting it sharply, making the singer mewl in protest at the rough treatment. He looks down at the lush pout, parted and begging to be filled. His eyes roam across the beautiful man’s half-lidded eyes, that porcelain skin is makeup free for once, and Yunho loves it like that. He leans forward and nuzzles his nose down the length of his boyfriend’s nose.

The gesture is almost sweet, if not for his hand fisted in the rockstar’s hair and twisting painfully.

“Such a fucking tease, Hero.”

“So I’m Hero, am I?”

“Mine,” Yunho growls, before he finally allows their mouths to meet properly. He tilts his head as their mouths slant hotly over each other, sucking and licking, nipping very indiscriminately and reveling in the pained mewls of the beautiful man.

But he knows Jaejoong likes it like that.

He is still angry with the singer about what happened, but that fight is not for public consumption.

He can feel his cock trapped within the jock strap, not to mention the layers of hockey attire he is wearing, and that fuels his frustration with his stunning boyfriend.

Yunho forces his tongue into Jaejoong’s mouth, swallowing all the moans and protests the older man has, as the singer gives in and starts to suckle.

This time it is Yunho’s turn to moan, as he can feel Jaejoong’s tongue piercing against the underside of his own tongue, rubbing insistently against it. The feeling reminds him of something else, and his cock reacts to the visceral stimuli, and Yunho groans long and low, hauling Jaejoong closer. His hand is already dipping into the waist of Jaejoong’s pants when a third hand, belonging to neither of them stops him.

Yunho is suddenly reminded as to where he is, and he pulls back reluctantly.

But whatever reluctance he feels at being stopped is nothing compared to Jaejoong’s, who emits a high pitched whine, his eyelids flying open, his eyes black with lust, storming from within as they are interrupted.

The singer turns his head to find a sheepish Changmin, whose hand is still on Yunho’s wrist.

“Max Changmin, I will fucking gut you like a fucking pig if you ever do that again. Jihye is going to have to contend herself with adopting kids because she is not going to be getting any from you, you fucker.”

Hero Jaejoong turns back to his boyfriend who is smirking wickedly, and Jaejoong actually has to blink to make sure he is seeing right. Normally Yunho would have already backed away, but no, he is still holding him tight. He smirks in return, closing his eyes and allowing his younger boyfriend to pull him close once again, feeling the man’s lips and hot breath against his mouth.

“I’m staying, baby.”

At his words, the singer’s eyes fly open once again, this time consternation pooling within them.


“I have a game.”


“Your MVP, remember?”

“Fuck the MVP,” Jaejoong hisses, now struggling to get away from Yunho’s grasp. He fucking thought Yunho was going to put them both out of their misery, but no, his young fucker of a boyfriend was being a fucking cocktease.

The younger man chuckles lowly, taking a chance and licking at the delectable pout. He rescues his tongue just in time, as Jaejoing gnashes his teeth in annoyance at being thwarted.

“You could have hurt me.”

“Nothing more than you deserved.”

“You’re too used to getting your own way, princess.”

The singer growls. He growls and tries even harder to extricate himself, but Yunho is far stronger.

“Fucking ass, let me go!”

“Kiss me.”


“Kiss B…”

“Fucking brat.”

“Do you think anyone will figure out B means Brat?”

“Who the fuck knows? I don’t fucking care, Yunho let me go!” Jaejoong is actually annoyed now, pushing against his boyfriend’s chest. But all he gets is a chuckle for his efforts.

“Say please.”

“Fuck you.”

“Later, backstage remember? On your fucking knees, and you will ride me, won’t you baby?”

The words are low and tinged with amusement, but a good amount of dark sensual promise is there, and Jaejoong quietens yet again.

“I would pay a fucking arm and a leg for a sex tape of you two.”

“Why don’t you join us?” Jaejoong turns to Yoochun, smirking. It is his turn to play now.

Yunho reacts predictably, letting go of Jaejoong, but then hauling him up under his arm as he glares at his friend.

“You can wipe that thought from your mind.”

“Your boyfriend seems keen.”

“I’m not!” Junsu retorts, rolling his eyes.

“I am!” Kangin volunteers. He even raises his hand like a school kid, blinking innocently, causing the circle of men to laugh.

Yunho shakes his head as he looks down at his boyfriend tucked in his side. “If you had your way you’d fuck my entire team wouldn’t you?”

“It’s up to you to keep me occupied then, isn’t it?”

“You’re hopeless.”

“…—ly in love with you.”

“I think I’m about to barf.” Changmin declares, shaking his head and making gagging sounds, before continuing. “What the hell have you done to Hero Jaejoong, the cynical and jaded rockstar?”

“Fuck off, Max. You owe me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Jihye almost left you because you sucked her brother’s cock. I talked her out of it.”

Everyone laughs, including Yunho, as Changmin winces, flushing red.

“And there’s the rockstar we love. Ok, enough. Can you go so we can actually practice and maybe win the match?” Han Geng interrupts, looking pointedly at the clock over the rink.

“If I’m not getting fucked right now because of this stupid match, all of you sure as hell better win this fucking game.”

“Aye, aye, captain!” Kangin salutes the rockstar, finally making the older man laugh.

“You guys are a bunch of fools. See you tonight.”


“Nice try, Micky. You stay in your VIP seats.”

“Yunho’s right. You are a cock tease.”

Jaejoong grins, before stepping from Yunho’s side to stand toe to toe with the left winger. He leans forward, getting all up in Micky’s personal space, and the man’s eyes widen.

“You really won’t be able to handle me, sweetheart.”

Jaejoong ends his words with a smirk, and then he blows a kiss across the stunned forward’s face, making him stumble backwards, and trip, falling on his ass onto the bench.

The laughter is raucous, Junsu laughing the hardest at his poleaxed boyfriend who is really more talk than anything else, but he loves him that way.

“Alright, brat. I’m going.”

“Are you gonna watch the game?”

“Depends on whether this band fucks up the rehearsal. I’ve got most of my band back but there are a few newbies I need to iron the kinks out of.”

“Be nice.”

Jaejoong wrinkles his nose, scrunching his face cutely and very uncharacteristically as he makes a face at his boyfriend.

Yunho grins and pulls him into a quick hug.

“No kiss?”

“If I kiss you again, you’ll still be here when the game starts so no.”

“Cock tease.”

“I learned from the best.”


AN: I am NOT being a cockblock ok? I just want to keep the smut chapters separate so people can skip them easily should they wish. From ch 22 onwards is how the story was meant to pan out originally (after I got past the fact it wasn’t going to be only 10 chapters long). I’d changed it a few times, and then finally decided to go with my original plan. This is why I had to pause LITI because the end I mention in LITI was when I had changed the ending for ICE to something else. So now y’all will know how ICE was always meant to end, and LITI will go that way….. Unless my LITI muse decides to go HEY LET’S DEVIATE FROM THE SCRIPT and trust me when I say the likelihood of that happening is fucking high.

Edited to add: OK so i'm struggling to contain the next part within 10,000 words so i'm just going to separate this as a chapter and then you'll get ch22... Sorry for all the confusion. Disregard this if you're reading this on Sunday May 19 onwards.
Tags: fic:ice, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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