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Growing Pains

Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Growing Pains
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, mild-angst, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P

AN1: This is in response to something on my lol :P I only have my own experience to go by so this is sort of what happened in a way plus a lot of embellishments. I wrote this during my lunch break but didn’t have time to post till now. It is probably mistakes galore btw. Please forgive me OTL

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it (ok this is a lie but only for this particular do need a bit of backstory so if you haven't read SB, I might lose you in some parts). All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE

Her back is killing her. Her belly is killing her. She feels like the rim of the toilet bowl seat is permanently engraved on her ass. She has been sitting there for a good half hour now but she can’t really move. She knows that sitting on the toilet for the next week or so is not an option but the cramps are similar to when she has a belly ache and she really does not want any accidents.

She knows what is happening.

At first, she thought maybe it is a really acute case of diarrhea, but then after giving it some thought, and she has a lot of time to do that while sitting on the toilet, she comes to the conclusion that the blood on her underwear is not from her ass.

Unfortunately for Jiyool, her cellphone is in her bedroom, and she has no way to call for help. There are only two other people in the house, and really, both are going to be of no help.

Her Mama is out with JJ and the twins. They are shopping for the twins’ birthday party. Jiyool was meant to be with them, but after the cramps started, opted to stay home instead. Changmin is nursing a sprained ankle from falling from the monkey bar in school and thus, convalescing happily in front of the large television in the media room with whatever game he fancies. Their father is in his study, working from home to keep an eye on the two “sick” children.

Jiyool groans, bending over, her head hanging between her knees. Being a girl sucks.

She knows she cannot stay there forever but she can barely summon the energy to move. Everything hurts.

She wants her Mama.

Or better yet, Chaerin, Jessica or Krystal unnies.

Unfortunately, Jiyool does not quite possess her Mama’s powers of getting the universe to do whatever it is that he wants because not ten seconds after her miserable yearning, there is a loud banging on the door.

And it is not any of her four preferred people.

“Yoolie! Yoolie! What are you doing?”

Jiyool groans again, but this time it is not all from pain.

“Yoolie! Are you in there? Yoolieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Changmin hollers happily. He has a crutch but he does not really need it, and he is bored with his game. He wants to try and play baseball with said crutch and he knows better than to bug his father while he is frowning ferociously at his laptop. His next best playmate is his Yoolie, and he knows she must be in the bathroom because the door is never closed unless there is someone in it.

Of course, it could be a ghost.

Changmin shivers, taking a step back and eyeing the door suspiciously. The ghost stories the kids in school have been telling since Halloween are coming back to haunt him.


There is no answer and he hobbles back another step.

Alright, so really, there is no such thing as ghosts, right?


“Yoolie! Yoolie!”

Jiyool can hear her brother, but she can barely find her voice. She is being attacked by sharp spasms that all but leave her gasping for breath with tears in her eyes, and she just wants to be held.

Mama, Daddy, whoever. She does not care anymore. She needs painkillers and she will not be getting any seated on the toilet like this.

She tries to call out, but another sharp pain hits her and she slumps over crying. She hears Changmin calling for her again, but his voice is getting fainter, as if he is trying to find her somewhere else. Utterly miserable, and completely desperate, Jiyool calls to her brother in her mind. Her throat will not work, but yet she screams for him.

Changmin is almost out the door when he hears his sister. The sound does not seem to be coming from anywhere in particular, and he looks around in confusion.

“Minnie! Minnie! Don’t go!”

“Yoolie?” Changmin calls out in a hushed voice, looking around in bewilderment.


“Yoolie, where are you?”

“Minnie! It hurts…”

Changmin feels a frission of fear. He can hear the note of pain in his sister’s voice. But he cannot see her. The sound does not seem to be coming from anywhere in particular.

He drops his crutch, bending over on all fours to look under the bed.

No Yoolie.

He gets back on his feet, hopping quickly to the large walk-in closet in his older sisters’ room.

No Yoolie.


The voice is getting fainter, and Changmin quickly exits the closet. He heads for the bathroom, trying the locked door once again, jiggling it as hard as he can but to no avail. His skin is crawling and he is fighting the urge to flee the room. There is a presence he cannot explain in his mind and it is freaking him out.

“Min-ah…” the sound is almost a sigh. His sister sounds exhausted, and Changmin finally realises that it is not coming from anywhere.

He can hear her in his head.

“Yoolie?” The six year old questions in his mind, focusing on the image of his sister as he remembers her from this morning.

“Changmin! You can hear me?”

“Yoolie, where are you?”

“Bathroom. Call Daddy, baby, please.”

“Why aren’t you using your voice?”

“It hurts.”

“Wait here.”

Changmin forcibly jiggles the locked door once again. He is sweating and upset, but he knows he has to help his sister.

At least he hopes it really is his sister. In the back of my mind, he is praying to whatever deity that will listen, promising that he will never play ’I see dead people’ ever again and make Junsu cry because of it.

His hair is practically standing on end as he finally gives up on the door, hopping back to where he dropped his crutch and exits the room in a hurry. He can no longer hear Yoolie in his mind despite calling to her, and the lack of response causes him to move even quicker.

He does not bother knocking, bursting into his father’s study, surprising the man who is in the middle of a conference call.

“Daddy! Yoolie!”

“What’s the matter?”

“She’s in my head. She cannot get out. She’s in my head, Daddy!”

Yunho frowns in confusion. His tall six year old son is babbling, gesturing wildly with his crutch, his face so pale, almost knocking over a table lamp.

“She’s in my head! I can hear her! Daddy, help her!”

“Changmin!” Yunho’s voice is stern, trying to figure out exactly what is going on. His children know better than to interrupt him at work, and as the youngest, Changmin can practically get away with murder in most instances. His son is a bit of a practical joker, a trait he has acquired from his Mama. Yoochun and Changmin get up to all kinds of mischief together, poor Junsu being the butt of their jokes and tricks most of the time. The age gap between the boys may as well be non-existent the way they band together.

He is a little dubious about Changmin’s words because his son has been coming home regularly with some new strange story he has picked up from school. Yoolie in his head? Last week he was seeing dead people everywhere. This is certainly something new.

“Daddy, Yoolie is in my head!” Changmin shouts, banging his crutch indignantly on the carpeted floor. Why can his father not see how urgent this is?

”Changmin? Minnie, is Daddy coming?”

Changmin screams in fright at the loud voice in his head, startling his father. He practically runs to his father, ignoring the pain in his ankle, throwing himself against the man’s chest, face buried in his shirt.

“Daddy, come!” The little boy commands urgently. “Hurry, Daddy, Yoolie is screaming. Get her out of my head Daddy, please!” The little boy begs fitfully as he clutches at his father. He is in full view of the silent board table on the other side of the conference call as he is within range of the camera attached to his father’s laptop. The men on the other end are surprisingly used to interruptions like these, though normally it is Jung Yunho’s beautiful wife who flies in like a tornado, babbling about one thing or the other.

Some of them smile fondly at the tall, handsome young boy who is looking very upset as he tugs at his father’s tie. They assume the boy is playing pretend, because his words make no sense at all. Most are already shuffling the papers in front of them, starting to pack up, knowing the conference call is more than likely at an end.

No one gets between Jung Yunho and his children. It is Saturday, and work can wait.

“Daddy, please.”

Yunho can hear the urgency and thread of fear in Changmin’s voice now and he reacts to that. He turns quickly to the camera, biting out tersely, “I’ll call you back.” He gets up immediately, scooping his son up in his arms and striding out of his study.

“Changmin, tell me what happened. Where’s your sister?”

“I don’t knowwwww,” the boy wails, his eyes filling with tears. “I can hear her in my head but I cannot see her. Daddy what if she’s in my head and can’t get out?”

Yunho crosses the threshold of his daughters’ bedroom, seeing the shut bathroom door.

“Changmin, tell me why you think your sister is in your head?”

“She’s calling for help. She’s calling now. She wants you to break the bathroom door down.”

Yunho does not reply, his own arms covered in goosebumps now. He tries to open the bathroom door, but it is locked tight.

He knocks on the door, calling out to his daughter, pressing his ear against it, but he hears nothing.

“Changmin, are you sure she’s in the bathroom?”

“She’s in my head, Daddy!” Changmin is beyond agitated now, not understanding why his father cannot get that simple fact. His Yoolie is babbling in his head and he just wants her out. He loves his sister dearly but he wants to be able to see her again. He does not want her to live in his head.

Yunho knocks on the bathroom door again, jiggling the doorknob, and pressing his ear against the door. This time, in the sudden stillness of the room, he hears a moan of pain. He steps back quickly, moving to drop Changmin gently on Jiyool’s bed, but the youngest Jung clings to his leg as he turns to go, shaking his head wildly.

“No, Daddy, please. I’m scared.”

“I’m here, baby boy. It’ll be ok. I need to get Jiyool out of the bathroom.”

“But she’s in my head.”

“We’ll get her out of your head.”


Well that certainly is a good question, Yunho staring a little nonplussed at his disheveled son. The boy’s fringe is in his wide eyes, as he stares hopefully, yet fearfully up at him. He cannot even explain how Jiyool is in his head in the first place. Where is Jaejoong when he needs him? This is the kind of thing that happens to his wife.

Whatever Jaejoong wants, Jaejoong gets.

What happened to what Yunho wants?

“Daddy, how?” Changmin tugs at his dazed father’s hand.

“How what?”

“How are we getting Yoolie out?”

“I need to break in,” Yunho answers unthinkingly, making his son shriek.

“No! You cannot break into my head! I’ll die!”

“Huh?” Yunho is really not made for conversations like this.

“Will Yoolie die?”

“Jiyool is not dying!” Yunho really feels like he is in Twilight zone.

Changmin starts crying in earnest then, his love for his older sister is winning over his sense of self preservation. The confused six year old stares up at his distraught father, seeing the man looking uncertain for the first time in a long time, and he offers up what comfort he can.

“Save her daddy. It’s ok. I can be an angel and look after all of you.”

“Oh god, Changmin what are you talking about?” Yunho kneels to the ground, pulling his son to face him, cupping his small face in his hands. “Baby, what are you talking about?”

Big fat tears are rolling down Changmin’s cheeks. His nose is snotty and he is sucking in air in great big gulping breaths in between huge sobs.

“Yoolie. Please save Yoolie. I don’t want her to die.”

“Changmin!” Yunho almost shakes his son in fearful frustration. To say he is confused would be putting it mildly. “Why do you think Jiyool is dying?”

“Because she’s crying.”

“Crying does not mean dying.”

“She’s crying in my head daddy. She wants to get out. You need to break into my head and save her.”


Yunho is cut off by a waving fist that manages to land on his nose. His son does not notice though, speaking agitatedly.

“No buts! You have to save her. Break into my head and save her, daddy.”

“Changmin,” Yunho takes a deep breath. “Look at me, son. Look at me.” Once satisfied that the boy is paying attention, he continues speaking. “Your sister is in the bathroom. I heard her in the bathroom. You need to sit here so you won’t get hurt when I break into the bathroom.”

“You’re not breaking into my head?”


“But she’s in my head.”

Yunho closes his eyes for a short moment, wishing desperately for Jaejoong to get home. Surely it’s about time for what Yunho wants, Yunho gets?

“Mama!” Yunho’s eyes pop open as he turns around quickly to find Jaejoong standing in the doorway, a frown on his face.

“Oh, thank god!”

Jaejoong walks in quickly and sits next to Changmin who immediately crawls into his lap, sobbing his heart out into his neck.

“What happened?” Jaejoong asks, as he rocks back and forth trying to soothe his son who does not appear to want to be soothed, his crying only getting harder.

“I don’t know but I need to get Jiyool out.”


“She’s locked in the bathroom and in pain.”

“Why the hell are you still sitting here then?” Jaejoong snaps. There is a lot of crazy energy going on in the bedroom. He is glad he bumped into his nieces, the three girls making snacks for his children in the kitchen. Something in his gut had made him cut the shopping trip short, and now he knows why. He has goosebumps all up his arms and the back of his neck, and it is a real struggle trying to calm not just himself down but his crying son.

Yunho gets up quickly, not at all offended by Jaejoong’s tone. He puts his ear to the bathroom door again, and he hears the quiet moan of pain.

“Jiyool? Yoolie sweetheart can you hear me?”

Changmin lifts his head immediately, wide eyes on his father. “Yoolie says yes.”

Yunho and Jaejoong exchange glances, and Yunho turns to his son after a quick nod from Jaejoong who is running his hands up and down the boy’s sweaty back, still rocking.

“Tell Yoolie to cover her head and eyes if she can. I need to break the door down,” Yunho whispers. He knows there is no way Jiyool can hear him, but something tells him his son is not playing games.

The Jung parents watch as their son scrunches his face up, eyes squeezed shut as he murmurs to himself, repeating his father’s words in a whisper over and over and over again.

After an interminable minute, Changmin opens his eyes, gazing up at his Mama and then his father.

“Yoolie says she has her period and she does not want me to see her.”

“Oh dear god,” Jaejoong exhales. “My baby.”

“What’s a period and why doesn’t Yoolie want me to see her?” Changmin questions.

If Yunho had any doubt that his son is making up this story, it just died a swift death at his words.

“Jaejoong.” His voice is quiet, but in control.

“I’ve got him. I’ll go get the girls.”

Jaejoong gets up quickly, ignoring Changmin’s protesting howls as he struggles to hold onto the flailing boy who starts screaming for his Yoolie again. He exits the room, only to meet a bunch of wide eyed children, hand in hand with his cousins.

“Oppa, what’s wrong?”

“Jiyool has her period and she’s in pain. Do you have anything?”

Krystal’s squeal is cut off by a deadly glare from Jaejoong who is still struggling trying to hold onto his youngest son.

“I only have tampons,” Chaerin mutters apologetically. “And I don’t get period pains so I don’t carry anything.”

“I do,” Jessica interjects, just as a loud crashing sound is heard from the girls’ bedroom.

Yoochun and Junsu immediately drop Krystal’s hand, running for the bedroom. JJ is well ahead of them, but all three are stopped short by their Mama.


It really is amazing how that tone can get the children to freeze literally in mid-step. Junsu actually topples over, losing his balance at the sudden halt.

“Yoochun, Junsu get back here. JJ you can go in. Jessica follow her.”

“But, Mama…” Yoochun starts, but he stops at the look on his Mama’s face.

“We are all going down to the kitchen and we are going to have a nice talk.”

“We are?” Krystal asks, wrinkling her nose. “I got the birds and bees talk a long time ago and I really don’t want to stick around for another one.”

Jaejoong eyes his niece up and down, staring pointedly at her slightly swelling belly. “Consider it practice for when it’s your turn to have this talk with your son or daughter.”

Krystal groans, turning to head back down the stairs. She really knows better than to argue with Jaejoong. Yoochun and Junsu run after her, each grabbing a hand as they do traipse down the stairs.

“I’ll take Minnie,” Chaerin offers. “You go back. I’ll make something a little more filling. I have a feeling this is going to be a long talk.”

“You’re staying?”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” Chaerin smirks as Minnie surprisingly allows himself to be passed from his Mama to her. “It is going to be fun watching you fumble your way through this the way mum and dad did.”

“Noona fumbled?”

“You wouldn’t think they were both lawyers the way they stuttered and stumbled over everything.”

“Well, damn.”

“Like I said,” Chaerin grins as she turns to head back down the stairs after her sister. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

Jaejoong bites his lip as he walks swiftly back into the girls’ bedroom. The first thing he sees is the door hanging off its hinges in a very macabre manner.

The next thing he finds is that his husband no where in sight. JJ and Jessica are seated on the bed, hugging Jiyool who looks utterly miserable. Figuring his husband can do without him for a few minutes, Jaejoong walks towards them, kneeling before his oldest daughter.

“How are you feeling, baby?” He asks softly, wiping a gentle hand through her sweaty locks. He brushes at the hair plastered to her forehead, feeling awful that he cannot take her pain away for her.

“Not a baby anymore,” she replies hoarsely, giving him a watery smile.

“Yoolie, you can have children as old as Jessica is now and you’ll still be my baby.”

“Thanks, oppa,” Jessica mutters drily.

“You’re welcome.”

“Will Yoolie be ok?” JJ asks. Her eyes are wet, and she is clutching her sister’s arm as she stares at her Mama.

“Yoolie will be fine, sweetie. We’ll have a talk about it in the kitchen.”

“Must we?” Jiyool groans, slumping against her sister.

“Your brothers need to know, otherwise you might find yourself needing to answer their questions all by yourself. Would you rather have that?”

Jiyool shudders, shaking her head. “Minnie kept asking me what a period is. If he won’t shut up about it in my head, it’s going to be worse when I see him.”

At her words, Jaejoong asks quickly, “Can you really hear your brother?”

His daughter nods. “It’s weird. It’s stopped now, but I was in so much pain and so sapped of energy that I couldn’t use my voice in that bathroom. I called him in my head, and he heard me.”


“Thanks for stating the obvious, Sica.” Jaejoong rolls his eyes at his niece who sticks her tongue out at him. “Can you bring Jiyool and JJ down? I think Changmin might do actual damage to Chaerin if he doesn’t see his Yoolie is fine.”

“Can you walk?”

“Yes. The pain was dissipating slowly when daddy finally broke down the door. What took him so long anyway?”

“I think your brother confused him. Where is your father anyway?”

Jessica snickers, popping a thumb over her shoulder at the bathroom. “Last I saw, he was sitting in their tub.”

“Oh dear.”

“Come on kids. Your Mama needs to fix your daddy.”

“Is daddy sick?” JJ asks, eyes wide, her mouth parted. She is such a picture of her Mama that Jessica actually blinks hard, making sure she really is looking at JJ and not some freaky young Jae she remembers from her childhood. Jiyool and her freaky connection to her little bratty brother is clearly making her imagination go into overdrive. She shakes her head, trying to clear it as she grabs the hands of the two girls.

“Daddy isn’t sick. He’s just…adjusting.”

This time it is Jiyool who rolls her eyes as she walks slowly with Jessica and JJ. “Please tell him thank you for rescuing me, and that I’m not bleeding to death no matter what he thinks.”

“Is that why he’s in the tub?”

“He saw the blood and kinda went white and immediately went to sit in the tub.” Jessica offers.

Jaejoong’s heart clenches at her words, and he shoos everyone quickly out of the room, ignoring the confused looks the three girls give him as he hurries back into the bathroom.

True enough, Yunho is sitting in the tub, knees up and hugging them, staring at nothing.

Jaejoong climbs into the opposite end, scooting close so he can wrap his legs around his husband’s ankles. It is a very tight fit in the girls’ tub but they manage it somehow.

Yunho glances over at Jaejoong’s face, and then quickly looks away, down past his knees and at his clasped hands that are being gently held by his wife who kisses his fingertips.

“I just had a flashback,” he whispers, feeling every feathery touch of Jaejoong’s soft pout against his fingertips. “I saw the blood on her clothes and her face became Sunye’s and I just shut down.”

“She’s not here, Yunho.” Jaejoong whispers back, continuing to kiss his husband’s strong hands. “Jiyool is my daughter. She’s our daughter, and she’s growing up.”

“But her face—“

“Is yours,” Jaejoong cuts him off.

“The blood—“

“Is a natural occurrence. I’ll be here to keep telling you this.”


“Yes, love?”

“She’s really gone?”

Jaejoong’s heart hurts so much seeing the vulnerable expression in his strong husband’s eyes. The talons of that woman still touch his husband every now and then, but he will die first before letting Yunho lose himself in the darkness once again. Despite the time that has passed, the taint of over a decade at her cruel hand is not something that can be erased just like that.

It takes love and understanding.

And Jaejoong will always be here to catch him.

He kisses his way up Yunho’s hands, pushing the man’s knees down under him as he crawls up to sit astride his husband’s lap.

“She’s gone. There’s only me.”

“Only you,” Yunho agrees, eyes on Jaejoong’s mouth.

Jaejoong leans forward obligingly, pressing his moist pout against Yunho’s dry lips, licking gently, seeking entrance.

Yunho gives in immediately, hauling the younger man close, hand in his hair as he kisses his wife fiercely, taking the love he is offering so freely.

“I love you so much,” Yunho whispers as he licks at Jaejoong’s bottom lip.

“Show me,” Jaejoong rocks in his lap, moving closer, deepening the kiss as he slants his mouth over his husband’s.

Yunho and Jaejoong lose their tops quickly, already forgetting where they are.

Yunho is raking his nails down Jaejoong’s back when a foreign sound registers in his consciousness. He pulls his mouth away from his wife’s who whines loudly at the loss, turning his head to find Chaerin leaning in the doorway of the bathroom, her eyebrow cocked.

“I’m sure this was supposed to be a talk about the birds and the bees in the kitchen, NOT A LIVE DEMONSTRATION IN THE BATHROOM.” Chaerin shakes her head at the sheepish couple entwined in the tub.

AN1: I honestly thought I was going to die from the pain. I spent five days practically living on the damn toilet seat. And then now I don’t get cramps at all…just back pain. I think a lifetime’s worth of pain got squeezed into those first five days. I can’t decide whether to be thankful or not.

AN2: And this weird telepathy thing is thanks to this reddit article I read about creepy things children say lol. I figure it’s highly plausible so decided to roll with it. Please remember this is FICTION :P

AN3: Now you know why Jiyool is “his Yoolie”. Changmin and Jiyool are very close in general… I finally found a way to show it. You can imagine the fireworks when she has her first boyfriend lol!

AN4: Uh… this fic is an EXCELLENT example of how much NON control I have over my muse. It was meant to be a SIMPLE fic about Jiyool and her growing pains and it turned into this huge mess. I don’t think I can consider it cracky though cos I honestly was as agitated as Changmin and as upset as Yunho… OTL
Tags: fic:sleeping beauty, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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