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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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YunJae Wedding Anniversary oneshot...

What would you like a oneshot of?

Sleeping Beauty
Crossover ICE/SB

I am in a rather bad mood in general at life at the moment so i've muzzled my muses. But I really do want to write something for the YunJae anniversary so vote for something and then give me a prompt in the comments. I may take up your prompt or I might write my own thing. I haven't decided but getting some input would be good. This is a super rare opportunity cos y'all know I don't take fic requests :P And if you're lucky, I may actually make it in time to post before the end of the 10th of June KST.

Love in the Ice would be nice since it is the closest to YUNJAE in real life. ^^

that would be awesome... but I think the story hasn't proceeded enough :(

Crossover ICE/SB FTW~~~~ \O/

but don't be pressured Author~ ssi!! I'll take what I just can get and I'll gladly read whatever you'll write ^^

I hope you'll be in a better mood~~~

SB because I really want to know the way the children give surprise for their parents anniversay...followed by a little part where yunjae remembering their past.
However, i will read whatever you want to write. I love them all anyway:)

prompt: Hero's jealousy of Jaejoong, because of all the kids including his own paying more attention to Jae at the creche or because of Jung Yunho's anniversary surprise for his Jae

haha just an idea, will read whatever you end up posting tbh
and i hope you feel better soon!

Edited at 2013-06-09 01:25 pm (UTC)

I love the SB verse...it's so family oriented...makes it so warm and loving...

as expected crossover ICE/SB win the poll so far ^^

the 5 children doing a mini concert for their parents. chunnie on piano, jj and junsu sings, jiyool the director and minnie ball just being minnie ball.

what about the other twins? the daughters twin

a one shot SB would be very nice..it's been quiet some time we had SB verse..hehehe..but anything is good from u! ^^

I like the crossover SB/ICE because I love both stories. The characters are so diff from each other. I like seeing them collide.

SB, sharing their memories with the kids. But I'll read whatever you write.

I voted for Sleeping Beauty! But SB/ICE crossover would be perfect too :)

after reading the crossover where a 'mess'merized Hero due to an older Jung, the thought of what would happen if Hero gets a chance to lay his paws on the older Jung never left my mind, lol...
i also thought what would the loving be if the young PHD-to-be and the hockey star ended up together somewhere...
dream sequence orgy...lol...
anything coming from you would be good...
that i am certain of.

oh, and the 10th is perfect...it happens to be my birthday. :)

I choose Ice since there are so many characters that you can use to vent your mood. Snarly Hero, proud Mrs Jung (senior), Minnie, Jihye and even the kids.... Hope it will get ur mood up

SB - as someone suggested anniversary babies of the last two Jung children. Just when the couple would never have thought they will have additional kids....the universe proves them wrong. And this is what happens a month later.....after their wonderful weekend celebrating their wedding anniversary with the kids being taken care off by their grandparents.

SB - the children are planning a surprised wedding anniversary party for their parents but things didn't go as plan..or as what they wanted. Thinking of doing it themselves, they organize on what to do and what to get but as children they didn't think it properly in detail and everything went wrong. And that's when the finally enlist the help from their grandparents and aunties/uncles and cousins, which all help to chip in...bring all together to celebrate a happy occasion for Yunjae.

That's all I can think in a short span of 10 minutes....😁...hope this will help to lift up your mood..😊

i love sleeping beauty oneshot
because i love reading yunjae family verse