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Old Habits Die Hard [1/1]

Title: Old Habit Die Hard
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot
Genre: Non-AU, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED :P

Summary: Detox Anon Meme response that is clearly not very "anon". Based off this photo prompt which is kinda self-explanatory really, but the blade is different ;-)

AN2: I’d actually written like 4,000 words of this and then scrapped it and started all over again because I didn't want angst and I was feeling out of sorts enough that I almost did very bad things... OTL


Jaejoong leans against the doorway to the bathroom of their bedroom, watching as Yunho uses an old fashioned barber’s brush to lather his face with shaving cream. It’s been awhile, but not quite long enough for him to have forgotten the younger man’s habits. He shifts to lean against the other door jamb as Yunho pulls open the cut-throat razor, watching as Yunho examines the blade, before he places it gently on the counter and bends over the sink to wash his face clean. Once done, he does not bother drying his face, pulling out the length of leather hanging from a hook on his side of the double vanity and starts to strop the blade. The sound is familiar, and the memories slowly hit him, as he stands there in nothing but Yunho’s shirt, loose on him, the hem skimming mid thigh.

He muses randomly, likening them to two telephone books, their pages interweaved. One page from Yunho’s book, and one page from his book, overlapping each other like a Pharoah shuffle. Laws of static friction govern that the books be almost impossible to pull apart, simply held together by hundreds of pages.


They are linked by their memories, each page holding firm to the other.

Nothing human can tear them apart.

Jaejoong loses himself in a few select pages of those memories, getting a semblance of warmth in the coolness of their apartment as he recalls them. They are in a hideaway that even their own group mates know nothing about it. All five agree it is better this way because if asked, they will not be lying.

He flips through his thousands of pages of memories, seeking out early ones that he wonders if Yunho remembers.

Mainly the radio shows.

The way his belly clenched when he kissed the leader on camera at that early show while singing Hug. It started off as being playful, but the tug in his belly made his self denial a little hard to swallow.

Or the time he admitted when Yunho’s hugs made him feel nervous.

Jaejoong embraces himself, as the memories assail him, his body warming up quickly as he remembers the fierce blush that had taken over him then, fully aware that it is once again creeping over his body now. Hiding behind a curtain was an overreaction to say the least, but he remembers not wanting to look at Yunho’s expression after his inadvertent confession. This, during a time when SM was trying to push the “2U” couple concept.

So much for that.

So many radio shows, they slip by like a blur.

So many pages of memories, holding on fast to the other mirroring page of Yunho’s memories.

Shared memories.

The same, yet so different, especially in the early days, neither knowing how the other felt.

The way Yunho fed him his half of the bun he had been eating, and then taking a small bite took directly from Jaejoong’s own fingers. Jaejoong warms even more as he recalls how his heart skipped ever so slightly when Yunho did it, knowing that even now, over seven years later, his heart skips a beat still when Yunho feeds him unthinkingly, callused fingertips grazing his soft pout.

While Jaejoong is usually guilty of the on camera feeding, Yunho is the main culprit for anything “off camera”.

Then there were the indirect kisses with their bottles of water. Yunho was too adorable like that, even before the poisoning incident.

Jaejoong clenches his fist at that particular page of memories, ripping it out mentally and burning it in his mind.

Fast forward to the radio shows post their confessions to each other, the way Yunho is always behind him, moving quickly past their maknae or encouraging the tall young man to move along past the lead singer as they leave, so the two oldest members can be together.

The way his hand always searches for him, as surreptitiously as possible, usually off camera.

But he is not always careful, their unnecessary hand-holding caught on camera more than once.

Or when Jaejoong is feeling a little daring, encouraged by SM turning a blind eye towards their “fan service” because it brings in the fans.

Yunho wants a girl who is a good cook, he says.

Yunho wants a girl who has straight hair, he says.

Jaejoong calls him out on it.

Flustered, the leader keeps going, but the damage is done as he starts to describe even Jaejoong’s very personality without any prompting.

Jaejoong is the only one on his mind.

And when Jaejoong is in a “mood”, pouty and sulky during a Tohoshinki radio interview, only Yunho can make him smile.

Then there is the Big East radio show. The reason why he practically snuck out of South Korea last night to be in Japan with Yunho.

The sound of Yunho’s stropping of the blade ceases, and a comfortable silence descends. It is very early in the morning, just after dawn in fact, and it is still relatively dark outside.

Jaejoong folds his arms across his chest, as he takes in the well formed man in front of him. Yunho’s back view is something to be savoured, and Jaejoong is an aficionado. He can feel his body tightening and reacting to the memory of that first time as he watches Yunho use the barber’s brush to spread specially ordered shaving cream on his face. He knows this is for his benefit. Yunho is more than happy to go all scruffy and unshaven, but when he is around, the leader cleans up without being asked.

There is something intensely masculine about the practice, Jaejoong having never experienced it himself because he is a little too modern to even consider a cut-throat razor. Just the idea of it is daunting, and he recalls Yunho’s amusement when he admits as much.

But the instrument is extremely at home in Yunho’s firm hand.

And he has never ever felt the whisper of regret of not trying except when he watches Yunho shave. The idea of feeling that blade stroking so close to his skin, a blade so sharp that one wrong move can open up the skin like a hot knife through butter, is exhilarating. It takes a good amount of skill and a steady hand to be able use a straight blade like the one Yunho is holding against his cheek right now, and as Jaejoong watches, he catches Yunho’s eye in the mirror.

Precision is also needed, the angle has to be just so, and Yunho has done it often enough that he operates on muscle memory, the blade making short quick strokes down his cheek, eyes never leaving Jaejoong’s in the mirror.

And patience. A great deal of patience, because hurrying this routine is just asking to be sliced open.

On the flipside to all that masculinity, Jaejoong also remembers one strange requirement for a safe, close shave.


You need to be gentle, balancing the blade carefully, and applying almost no pressure at all, letting the sharpness of the blade do its job rather than forcing it.

And Yunho is nothing if not gentle. His hand far lighter than Jaejoong’s who had nicked him on several occasions. One was particularly deep, and Yunho still carries a very faint scar just under his jawline from it.

The scraping sound of blade against roughened cheek echoing in the bathroom finally stops, and Yunho leans forward to rinse his blade.

Jaejoong moves then, pushing away from the door, his cock at half-mast, hidden behind the billows of Yunho’s white shirt, filling quickly. He tut tuts, hip checking Yunho gently out of the way as he hops onto the bathroom counter, tugging Yunho back into place between his legs.

“You know what this does to me.” Jaejoong’s husky whisper hangs in the air between them as he caresses Yunho’s waist, fingers dancing along his lover’s fleshy body. Thank to the Japan tour, Yunho is once again filling out, taken care of by Avex far better than SME ever have. And Jaejoong loves him like this, squishy belly and all.

Yunho merely cocks an eyebrow, his blade now resting on a flannel on the counter as he pulls Jaejoong’s legs around his waist. He leans forward to try and steal a kiss, but the older man is having none of it as he ducks out of the way, a hand against Yunho’s chest.

“You’re covered in shaving cream. Let me finish you.”

“I’ll let you finish me alright,” comes the predictable response which makes Jaejoong chuckle even as he rolls his eyes.

He does not reply, picking up the blade carefully instead and using his other hand to tilt Yunho’s head just so, as he continues along his sharp jawline, blade whispering against his skin.

The heavy sound of scraping echoes in the bathroom again as Jaejoong makes quick work of the short thick hair just under the strong lines of his lover’s chin. Yunho’s face is slightly disproportionate, a little imperfection of the jaw where one side is more angular than the other. Jaejoong smiles to himself as he recalls how Yunho had lamented about it, the way one side is more feminine than the other.

Yunho is always perfect to him though.

Perfect in his imperfections.

Instead of rinsing the blade, he merely wipes it on the flannel, before continuing on the other side. The slightly more feminine side.

Yunho tilts his head cooperatively, his hands rubbing circles up Jaejoong’s smooth thighs. A frission of electricity curls up his back at the thrill of having someone else do this task for him. The blade is as sharp as it can get it, and each stroke serves to heighten his senses even more. As Jaejoong gets closer and closer to the spot where he had nicked him all those years ago, Yunho all but holds his breath. He keeps as still as he can, seeing the lead singer smirk out of the corner of his eye. Yet his hands never cease in their caress of the beautiful man’s upper thighs.

“I would stop that if I were you.”


“It might be a little hard to explain a huge cut on your jaw before Tokyo Dome.”

“They know I’m clumsy.”

“I’m the clumsy one between the two of us.” Jaejoong reminds softly as the blade scrapes Yunho’s jawline, his whiskers disappearing under the unrelenting assault of the sharp implement.

“I am you and you are me. My other half, you are always with me Jaejoongie.”

Jaejoong’s eyes soften, and he has to take the now trembling blade away from his leader’s vulnerable throat. Yunho turns to gaze into his eyes, a half smile playing about his lips.

“Does this mean I can remind people that we are one?”

Yunho chuckles then, leaning forward to press a sweet kiss to the tip of Jaejoong’s nose.

“You are always looking to cause trouble.”

“Old habits die hard.”

Yunho’s searching hands finally reach under Jaejoong’s shirt, and he finds the singer rather conveniently, nude.

“Old habits die hard, indeed.” Yunho agrees as he squeezes Jaejoong’s turgid cock before willing his hand away, slipping them around his lover’s waist instead, knowing he will never be done shaving if he loses focus. He changes the subject instead as his hands dip, to play at the top of Jaejoong’s butt crack. “Why are you allergic to clothes?”

“I’m wearing clothes now aren’t I?” Jaejoong’s voice is amused. He is in no hurry to slake his lust. Early morning rituals are meant to be savoured. He misses shaving Yunho and he is willing to ignore his needy body, just to enjoy the younger man in the quiet of the morning.

“My clothes.” Yunho leans in to try and steal a kiss, and yet again he is thwarted when Jaejoong ducks again.

He pouts as the older man chuckles.

“I don’t want shaving cream all over me. And see? Not allergic to clothes.”

“Not allergic to my clothes,” Yunho smirks as he slips his hands underneath the seat of Jaejoong’s ass, pulling him forward, tight against his body.

“Yun-ah…” Jaejoong chides, waving the cutthroat razor dangerously close to Yunho’s cheek, but the man does not even bat an eyelid, nor does he flinch.

“You’re so slow, Jaejoongie,” he complains, grinning when the beautiful man huffs as he rinses the blade once again.

Jaejoong maneuvers Yunho’s face into position once again as he finishes down his neck, his bottom lip captured tightly between his teeth, a picture of adorable concentration that makes Yunho’s heart swell.

“What are you going to do?”

Jaejoong merely hums in response, concentrating on the job at hand, not wanting to accidentally nick the leader as the blade flashes close to his carotid.

“Are you going to tweet?”


Yunho lets out a soft growl in his throat that causes Jaejoong to glance up to meet slightly unamused almond eyes.

“What’s wrong with tweeting?”

“It’s not the tweeting I have an issue with, it’s the photos.”

Jaejoong’s glances back down, the blade now ghosting over a particularly difficult bit as he tilts Yunho’s neck up to get under his chin. The angle always fails him, the cutthroat razor so long that he’s accidentally nicked Yunho’s chin before because of carelessness while trying to get to the bit of skin just over his adam’s apple.

“Don’t move, Yunnie-ah…”

“Don’t distract me, Jaejoongie,” Yunho answers through his teeth as Jaejoong keeps his jaw shut with light fingers.

“You’re such a baby.”

“And you’re such a tease.”

“Everyone knows that.”

“Why does everyone need to know that?” Yunho whines, flexing his jaw when Jaejoong’s fingernails scrape him in warning. He can feel the short puffs of air as Jaejoong’s breathes shallowly, and he knows the man is a little nervous.

Silence descends on the bathroom, the only sound being the tumbling of Yunho’s whiskers under Jaejoong’s blade.

Yunho knows when Jaejoong is finished when the man exhales loudly in relief, bathing him in the scent of vanilla and mint. He tilts his head forward, watching at Jaejoong rinses the blade, and the flannel.

Jaejoong slaps the hot flannel on Yunho’s dewhiskered chin with no preamble, making the younger man yelp which brings a smirk to the lead singer’s lips. Dark almond eyes glare playfully at him, and Jaejoong apologises by leaning up to kiss that beautiful cupid bow.

Yunho tries to deepen the kiss, already forgetting the sting of the hot towel on his face, but yet again he is foiled as Jaejoong draws back. This time there is no missing the frustration in his growl as he once again pulls Jaejoong by the waist, tugging him so hard against him that he feels his towel slip.

“Stop teasing.”

“You’re too easy.”

“And you’re not easy enough,” Yunho licks at Jaejoong’s mouth, finally deciding not to push it. He misses their morning habits too, though he can certainly do without the cameras aimed at his privates. But having Jaejoong in his arms like this when the moments are so few and far between is something to be cherished. “Do you think our fans remember what day it was yesterday?”

“Oh Yunho…” Jaejoong chuckles fondly as he nuzzles the younger man, his tongue darting out to playfully lick at Yunho’s who is still questing along the lines of his lips. “You need a Twitter account. My mentions were overflowing.”

“You didn’t say anything yesterday though did you? Because that would be too obvious.”

“I was as silent as a tomb,” Jaejoong declares solemnly, all huge innocent doe eyes.

Yunho isn’t fooled for an instant as he groans, chewing on his bottom lip as he eyes his lover’s questionable countenance. He almost dreads his next question.

“What do you have planned?”

The grin the beautiful man sends him makes Yunho sigh, but if he is honest with himself, he really will not have Jaejoong any other way. But he really cannot help but ask, “Why do you like troubling trouble? Don’t you know that saying? Don’t trouble, trouble, till trouble, troubles you?”

Jaejoong smirk is wicked as his hands push at Yunho’s towel that is barely hanging on for dear life. It slides to the floor without protest as he cupps his leader’s ass, giving it a promising squeeze.

“Old habits die hard.”

AN: This fic has a history. It started of as YunJae and then Changmin muse started whining at me so I changed it to HoMin and got stuck around 3,000 words because Jae muse was annoyed. And then he got super duper annoyed so I changed it back to YunJae… then the Detox Meme happened and I was all eh what a coincidence. But then when I hit 4,000 words, I got stuck again because the whole freaking universe was siding with Changmin. And so I scrapped it all and rewrote it and the words flowed much better because I wasn’t trying to squeeze YunJae into my HoMin mold lmao! So… HoMin is still happening *cough* And way more graphic than this hahahahaha. I’m sorry but Changmin does things to me in my dreams… Actually, Jaejoong and Yunho did too *cough* but that was only once whereas Changmin has been a rather delicious repetition… //shameless hussy//

AN2: Btw that phonebook thing is true. It is almost impossible to tear two phonebooks apart with their pages overlapping like in a Pharoah shuffle. Go google it.
Tags: fic:old habits, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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