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Daddy's Little Girls

Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Daddy's Little Girls
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: G
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED :P

AN1: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO JUNG YUNHO… A little late but better late than never eh? This is almost 5,000 words. It started as a two page HAND WRITTEN drabble that I was transferring to my laptop and as I transferred, it morphed and got bigger and bigger and bigger and well… this happened OTL All credit for the photo is on it.

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE


The shrill scream of a child is not unheard of in the creche, but this particular child is particularly piercing. Most of the staff remember the toddler as a baby, fretting almost instantly at the sound of a raised voice, and absolutely nothing will soothe her. They remember the very day it changes, when nineteen year old Kim Jaejoong came bounding up the stairs of the creche, cheerfully singing about raining men. The creche staff who had been carrying her then, and witness to her sudden quietening at the sound of his voice, is right now trying her best to pry the two year old from her father.

But as it was back then, Jung Jiyool is nothing if not stubborn. She will scream if she wants, and right now, she is definitely screaming.

“No, no, no, no, no!” The tiny toddler has been repeating the litany since her father unbuckled her from her car seat. Already upset at being separated from her convalescing Mama and her new baby sister, Jiyool is doubly upset now upon the realisation that her father fully intends on leaving her at the creche all by herself.

“Jung Jiyool!” Yunho tries his best i’m not having any of this right now, you best behave voice, but his precocious toddler merely takes a deep gulping breath and continues screaming her protest. The now father of two has not quite perfected his “don’t mess with me” tone, and Jiyool knows this.

“No, daddy! No, no, no, no, no!”

Jiyool has a death hold around her father’s neck, and her short little legs are wrapped tightly around his torso. So tightly in fact that the man actually has his arms out to give the creche staff the best possible chance of prying his daughter from him. She is hanging onto him through her own sheer strength alone, and any tugging of her body results in an even tighter grip from her.

“Jiyool, come on sweetheart,” the creche lady coaxes, but Jiyool doesn’t even spare her a glance, her sobbing face buried against her father’s collarbone as she continues to scream her protest.

Yunho sighs, shaking his head at the worried looking woman. Jaejoong had warned him this would happen, but Yunho hadn’t thought his angelic little girl capable of a tantrum of this magnitude. Well, ok that is a lie, he muses ruefully, remembering the colossal temper she threw after her immunisation. His ears are ringing from her crying and if she does not cease, he will have no choice but to take her home.

He turns, an unnecessary arm cupped underneath Jiyool’s bottom as he heads back out. The second he hits the warm sunlight, the contrast in temperature registering on the screaming little girl, she quietens slowly, hiccuping and shaking and shuddering, but no longer screaming.

Yunho smiles to himself as he finally feels weight resting against his forearm as Jiyool loosens her hold of him. The baby girl is just like her Mama, extremely good at making like a koala. He pulls his phone out as he walks down the front steps of the white building towards his car.

There is barely two rings before it is answered, a hushed voice in his ear.


“Your baby girl carried on like a banshee I’ve never seen the likes of.”

“My baby girl huh? Why is it when she’s a screaming little brat, she’s mine?” Jaejoong’s voice is softly amused, but he knows what his husband means. Jaeyoung is feeding quietly, large eyes staring up at him as he smiles down at the gorgeous baby girl.

“She is really yours. Her behaviour is yours. Even her clinging like a baby koala is totally your doing.” Yunho teases his wife. He loves that Jiyool takes after her Mama. He knows his words to be true. Jiyool is every inch her Mama, and Yunho will not have it any other way, bratty behaviour and all.

Jaejoong coos at the visual his husband gives him, a warmth coming over him as he thinks about his older daughter.

“If she won’t stay, just bring her home.”

“But you have no help today.” Yunho shakes his head as he places a now compliant Jiyool back into her carseat, juggling the phone and her buckles expertly.

“It’ll be fine. It’s only for a few hours. Baby Jae is quiet, and it’ll just be like yesterday.”

“Yesterday, you had me.”

“I did, didn’t I?” There is no mistaking the lascivious tone in the twenty year old’s voice.

Yunho chuckles as he shuts the passenger door, leaning against it as he smirks into the phone. “You are terrible.”

“I’m young.”

“And I’m old?”

“I’m making sure you stay young. How about you bring Yoolie home, and I’ll feed her and put her down for a nap and I can show you how young I am.”

Yunho groans then, thinking about the day he has ahead of him, pushing away from the car to move around to the driver’s side.

“As much as I would like to, I really can’t today.”

Jaejoong’s pout is strong enough to be transmitted through the phone, his sulking at being thwarted coming through crystal clear. “What’s the point of being the head of Jung Conglomerate when you can’t even take a day off? Get someone else to do whatever it is you need to do. I need you…”

The longing he puts at the end of his voice makes Yunho’s resolve waver.


“I like the way you say my name…”

Yunho groans again as he enters the car, a quick look at his little girl in her seat reveals her with her fingers in her mouth, liquid almond eyes looking dolefully at him. The stubborn jut of her jaw, and furrow in her brow is so reminiscent of the brat on the phone right now, he has to chuckle.

Jaejoong pouts when he hears the chuckle, shifting, unwittingly pulling away from his daughter, and she squawks in protest at having her meal come to a rather abrupt and premature end. He fixes the problem, his voice whiny as he continues talking to his husband.

“Why are you laughing? I’m trying to be sexy not funny.”

Yunho chuckles again as his daughter’s gaze never wavers, eyes so dark and vaguely accusatory as she stares at him. “You are sexy, Jae, but our daughter is looking too much like you right now for my brain to continue along the path you want to go down on.”

Alright, fair enough. Jaejoong cannot decide whether to wince or to beam at the comparison. A split second later, a beautiful smile breaks over his face. “Is she pouting?”

“She’s sulking. I think I’ll take her to work with me. Take a nap with JJ because you won’t be getting any sleep later.”


Yunho smiles at his wife’s penchant for this. He remembers a time not long ago when lithe young man had first said the same thing.



If anyone thinks it strange that the CEO of Jung Conglomerate is currently holding a meeting with a boardroom full of men and women dressed in thousand dollar suits with a baby in his lap, no one is saying anything.

The meeting has been going on for over an hour now, and the little Jung princess has not budged from her father’s lap. A brief attempt at the start to have her sit with his secretary results in the toddler finding her full voice once again, declaring quite resolutely, no no no no no. It is amusing to his secretary to find her boss a little disconcerted and unable to reason with his upset daughter.

She wants what she wants, and she does not want to be parted from her father.

At the start of the meeting, everyone had raised their eyebrows at finding one of the most powerful men in the country with a toddler eating a biscuit in his lap, spilling crumbs over his expensive tailored suit. He is too busy rifling through the papers in front of him to notice the sidelong glances, but his daughter sees all, and her dark almond eyes, disturbingly identical to her father’s, are unamused as she stares back at the adults giving her curious looks.

Her eyes sweep around the room again from her vantage point, and Yunho chooses that moment to shut the lid of his laptop. He leans forward, a hand placed protectively against his daughter’s back as he discusses something or other with the table, when a bright voice suddenly cuts through the adult chatter.

“Mama! Daddy, phone! Phone! Mama, phone!”

Yunho freezes mid-sentence, looking down at his daughter who is wriggling in his lap, trying to climb out of it.

And climb she does, her father still a little shocked, lulled into a false sense of security with his baby girl behaving so beautifully. It is bound to end with a two year old. She is already halfway across the huge boardroom table before he even has time to react.


She is on her hands and knees, and she turns, looking expectantly at her father.

“Daddy! I want Mama. Call, Mama.”

Yunho stands, but his daughter keeps moving, and he realises where she is headed when she hits the videophone in the middle of the table, patting it in a rather friendly way, smiling in anticipation.

“Call, Mama!” the little princess demands imperiously, still patting the phone. Her vocabulary is expansive, but she is still trying to find her voice, and with a rather rapt audience of close to twenty bemused men and women in suits, she keeps her words to a minimum. “Daddy!” Her demand is shrill.

Yunho knows that tone. And he knows that there is no arguing with her. All these people will find out pretty quickly that the Jung Yunho is unable to gainsay his just-turned-two year old toddler and he is not about to make a spectacle of his life by arguing with the stubborn little girl.

He schools his features, changing his expression to one of bemusement at the antics of his toddler. He sends a look around the table.

“Take ten minutes. Stay or leave, if you wish.”

With narry a further look. Yunho opens up his laptop once again, powering the videophone remotely as he dials the mainline to their home.

Unsurprisingly, nobody leaves, curious to catch an extremely rare glimpse into the domestic life of Jung Yunho.

The ringing echoes around the room, and Jiyool wiggles happily, clapping her hands together as she turns in the wrong direction, staring expectantly at the blank wall.

Jaejoong’s smiling face appears on the opposite wall, recognising the number. And since he does, he is thankfully dressed though it is only Yunho who notices that his wife is wearing his teeshirt the wrong way round.


The little girl looks around wildly at the sound, her giggle of happiness when she catches sight of her Mama makes even the staunchest and most disapproving in the room, smile.


“Hey baby. Have you been a good girl for your daddy?”

She nods, and proceeds to babble.

And her babbling reveals to the room exactly how much she has been listening to the discussion at hand.

As she dutifully repeats to her Mama how Daddy wants to launch the new line of luxury cruise ships in spring of next year and he does not give a damn how it happens as long as it happens, Jaejoong interrupts her carefully, shooting a look at his husband who acknowledges his mistake with a surreptitious nod.

“Yoolie, baby. Mama misses you.”

“I miss you too! And baby Jae.”

“Do you want to sleep with baby Jae tonight?”

Jiyool wiggles again, beaming, her eyes shining. She has been begging her parents to let her new sister sleep in her room with her, but she’s always told the baby is too little. Her little Thomas the Tank Engine bed is right next to the pretty cot, but it has been empty so far.

“Really, Mama?” her eyes are huge and dark, her little hands clasped together.

“Yes, love. When you come home, after your dinner, you can sleep with baby Jae.”

She cocks her head, before turning to look at her smiling father. “Mama says I can sleep with Jae Jae!” She turns back round, not waiting for a reply. “Promise, Mama? Promise?”

Jaejoong grins, looking past his daughter for a instant, catching Yunho’s knowing smirk, before drawing his gaze back to her. “Only if you’re a good girl for daddy.”

“I’m good! I’m good!” She turns to her father, her hands flapping. “Tell Mama I’m good!”

A few chuckles sound around the room, but none of the Jungs pay any attention as Yunho stands up. “I’ll tell Mama you’re a good girl if you come back here, and sit quietly.”

Jiyool complies instantly, though instead of crawling back, she gets to her feet and runs across the boardroom table, squealing happily as she leaps into her father’s waiting arms. She plants a loud kiss on his cheek, declaring triumphantly, “I’m a good girl, daddy! I’m good!”

Yunho is unable to hide his affectionate grin this time as he kisses his daughter on her forehead and settling back into his chair. He turns Jiyool around to face the table and she waves at Jaejoong who is watching the goings on with a similar expression on his face.

“Bye bye, Mama!”

“Bye bye, love.”

“Kiss Jae Jae and tell her she’s sleeping with me!”

Jaejoong chuckles and nods. “Alright baby. I’ll tell JJ.”

“Love you, Mama.”

“Love you too, angel.”

“Don’t forget Daddy!”

“I love your daddy too.”

Jiyool tilts her head up to look at her father, blinking expectantly. “What do you say, daddy?”

Yunho smothers his laugh, though his wife has no such compunction as his beautiful laughter echoes around the room, making everyone seated at the table smile along with him.

“Daddy!” Jiyool’s tone is commanding, every inch the Jung princess. “You’re forgetting to say you love Mama!”

“I love your Mama too, Yoolie.”

Jiyool nods her head, crossing her arms in a satisfied manner. Her Mama is still on the wall though, and she leans forward, waving her little hand in a shooing motion. “You can go now, Mama. Daddy says he loves you.”

The ghost of Jung Jaejoong’s unique laugh is still resounding as the younger Jung cuts off the call.

A few people, men and women alike feel safe in their chuckles and fond smiles towards the little girl. Though before anyone can comment, she speaks, clearly not quite done yet now that she has found her voice.

“Daddy, I want juice.”

One of Yunho’s staff, immediately gets up but he shakes his head at her.

“What did Mama say about juice?”

Jiyool pouts, hoping her father has forgotten. Her cupid bow is emphasised fully as she thinks about her problem, before stating the obvious. “Mama isn’t here.”

Several people fail to choke their laughter this time, a couple actually turning away from the table to hide their mirth at the Jung’s precocious daughter.

Instead of replying, Yunho gets up, carrying his daughter and leaving the room quickly.

“What’s the bet she’ll come back with a sipper cup of juice?”

“I’ll take that bet.”

“I don’t know. This is Jung Yunho we’re talking about…”


“Cold, calculating, completely ruthless.”

“And that’s his baby girl.”

“That girl is too smart for her own good. Did you hear her parroting us back to her mama?”

“His daughter is going to get us into trouble.”

Yunho slips back in just then, unnoticed by the rest of the table.

“What about my daughter?”

Immediate silence. Even the fact that Jiyool is currently indeed drinking from a sipper cup of juice does not cause a single person to smile. Yunho’s voice is absolutely frosty, and yet the little girl seems completely unperturbed as she enjoys her treat. Yunho is carrying a bento box filled with kimbap, and he places it on the table as he sits down. Jiyool settles quietly, astride one thigh, she leans back against her daddy, watching the faces around her.


“Uh…” some brave soul decides to speak up when the silence gets a little stifling. “We were just a little worried about leaks and such.”

Yunho cocks a decidedly unamused eyebrow in the unfortunate man’s direction. “Leaks from?”

Silence again. The only sound in the room is Jiyool placing her sipper cup on the table, and grabbing a kimbap, holding it in her two hands and munching noisily as she hits the crunchy carrot and cucumber. Her eyes however, continue to look around the room, her gaze almost as implacable as her father’s.

“Uh…your daughter?”

“And who exactly do you think my daughter is going to be speaking to? Lee Soo Man? Yang Hyun Suk? Park Jin Young?”


And that sums it up. Everyone keeps their head down, back at work as Yunho starts barking out questions, asking about figures, dates, and building hold ups.

Jiyool is liberally decorating her father with rice and seaweed, and various bits and pieces of egg and vegetables, but the man takes no notice, looking down every once in a while to thumb food away from her mouth, and then popping his thumb in his mouth to chew on the scraps. Jiyool takes note, and when her father does it once again, she holds her half chewed kimbap straight up, just missing his nose.

“Eat, daddy.”

Yunho dutifully opens his mouth, taking the food from his daughter’s little hand as he frowns at the figures on his laptop.

Everyone tries not to look, but it is really hard not to stare at the handsome man with the beautiful, albeit messy little girl in his lap. Yunho’s aura is strangely undiminished despite the domestic setting. His daughter enveloped within his sphere of palpable power and dominance. The little princess is her father’s daughter indeed, her gorgeous face serious as she chews on her food, before feeding her father the other half. If anyone takes a closer look, and if Yunho were not as distracted, they will realise that Jiyool is eating the egg half of the bimbap and feeding her father the carrot and cucumber half. And her gaze is almost daring anyone to comment on this fact should they notice it.

A brief thought flits across Yunho’s mind as he takes his fourth mouthful, remembering how his wife had first fed him just like this almost a year ago.

Jiyool is hungrier than expected, and between the two Jungs, the plate of bimbap Jaejoong had packed for Yunho to snack on is demolished. No one comments when Yunho magically whips out a packet of wet wipes, cleaning his daughter’s face and hands as he discusses bathrooms in the upper deck with the designer. They are arguing, Yunho not wanting to compromise the size and luxury of the staterooms for a double jacuzzi in the bathroom.

The designer is insistent, commenting that the route these luxury liners will be plying tend to be filled with fat tourists.

Jiyool’s ears perk up instantly, and she interrupts.

“My Mama is not fat anymore.”

“Huh?” The designer’s attention is diverted as he stares open-mouthed at the now clean little girl who is nodding at him.

“My Mama is not fat. JJ is out of his belly.”

“Uh…” the man, a confirmed bachelor, has absolutely no idea how to talk to an eloquent two year old.

“Don’t call Mama fat ok?”

“But I’m not…” the hapless designer turns to Jung Yunho for help.

The magnate’s expression is unreadable as he wraps a hand around his daughter’s torso. His hand is so large and she is so small that he all but covers the front of her body.

“Yoolie…” Yunho’s voice has a hint of warning. Enough that his daughter takes note. Though really, she only takes note because of one thing.

“I’m good, daddy! I’m good!”

“Do you want to go play? Or read? I have that caterpillar book you like back in my office.”

“I like it here, Daddy.”

“Let me work then, ok? So we can go home to Mama and JJ.”

At her sister’s new nickname, she wiggles, bouncing in his lap and nodding furiously. “I’m good! I’m good! Daddy hurry and work.” She pats his hand, splayed across her body, as she leans back, beaming at everyone at the table. She is terribly excited to have her sister in her room, and her little mind is thinking of all the fun things she can do with her tiny little sister. She is like a little doll. Maybe they can play dress up.

Yunho bites his lip to stop the smile from escaping. He shifts his daughter though, turning her inwards, her cheek against his chest. She does not protest, her mind still filled with happy thoughts as she nuzzles into the comforting warmth and smell of her father.

After about an hour of quiet, soft snores can be heard. Yunho is about to wind down the meeting anyway. He lifts his daughter up, over his shoulder as he continues with his final instructions.

Jiyool looks up blearily, woken by the movement, her hair mussed, her cheek bearing an imprint of the button of her father’s jacket. Everyone smiles as she mutters, “I’m good, daddy. I’m good,” before dropping her head onto her father shoulder and dozing back off. She has missed her nap, and with a 6:30pm bedtime, pushing 5pm is clearly too much for the little girl.

Yunho closes the meeting then. Not moving as everyone gets up to leave. His secretary enters, approaching him, asking a question she already knows the answer to.

“Shall I reschedule the teleconference with London?”

As he stands, Yunho is about to tell her no, and that he’ll take it in his home office when he remembers his wife, and the smirk he is wearing when he promises their older daughter she can sleep with her sister.

“Same time tomorrow. Do not send my apologies because they are already wasting my time with this. If they cannot make it tomorrow, tell them I am no longer interested.”

“Very well, Sir.” Her eyes dart down her boss’ pants, noting the bits of food here and there. “Sir, you have food—“

“I know.” Yunho waves his hand dismissively. “Pack up my things and bring them down to the car. I’m taking the BMW home. Transfer the car seat from the Audi.”

“As you wish, Sir.”

Yunho turns and strides out, careful not to jostle his slumbering daughter as he makes his way to the lift to pick up a couple of things from the penthouse before heading home.


Yunho can hear JJ before he even manages to open the internal garage door. The seven week old baby is carrying on even worse than her older sister earlier, this baby girl blessed with a set of pipes from her Mama. Jiyool is dead to the world though, used to the crying, nothing wakes her as Yunho enters the house. He is met by a frazzled looking wide-eyed Jaejoong who is shaking his head.

“She won’t stop crying. She’s not sick because Dr. Han just left not ten minutes ago. He says she’s just being contrary. Contrary? She’s too young to be contrary already! This is karma isn’t it? Umma says I was such a precocious little child that all my children are going to haunt me with my own faults. Bad enough she made me fart up a storm for almost a month, and now this? This? My perfect little angel is being contrary? Contrary? Yunho-yahhhhhhh.” Jaejoong wails as he cradles the screaming baby girl. “I’ve changed her, I’ve fed her, I’ve burped her, I’ve sung to her, read to her, sat in the swing with her. I even took her into the pool thinking maybe she’d like the warm water but noooooooo. Your daughter is being CONTRARY!”

Yunho leans forward to kiss his frazzled wife. He can tell his baby isn’t in any pain, learning early on about the different types of crying. This one does sound different but he cannot figure out what the problem is.

“Let me drop Yoolie and then I’ll take her. She’s down for the count and won’t wake till tomorrow.”

“Yeah, at the ass crack of dawn.” Jaejoong mutters mutinously, making his husband laugh. He growls at the sound, looking up at amused almond eyes. “You know what? How about we switch. You take her now and I’ll put Yoolie to bed. God knows I’m almost deaf.”

Without waiting for a reply, Jaejoong turns, heading into the kitchen slash family room where there is a portable bassinet. He drops the squalling baby almost in relief, before turning and plucking Jiyool from his husband’s arms. He staggers slightly at the weight, commenting ruefully, “After carrying JJ all day, Jiyool is almost too heavy.”


“I like the sound of it.”

“Me too.”

Jaejoong leans up to press a kiss to Yunho’s mouth before leaving to head to the nursery. He goes by way of the playroom, taking his time, enjoying the quiet away from his baby daughter as he changes his practically comatose older girl out of her dirty clothes. Giving Jiyool a sponge bath after being at the creche, in her bed while dead asleep, is nothing new to him. She is toilet trained by he will put a diaper on her just in case though.

Yunho turns to the tiny infant as he shrugs out of his jacket, draping it over the kitchen counter. She is red-faced and angry about something or other, and he smiles because despite that, she still really looks like her Mama. He picks her up carefully, supporting her head and neck, kissing her forehead as he starts to do the rock and sway. He thumbs her tears away, starting to sing softly as he does.

Tsumetai sono te kimi so seijanai…
Osanaki hibi hotta, kizukakae…
Dareka wo aiseru koto osoruteru no…
Kotoba no uragawa, se wo mukete…

JJ’s crying slows down, her stuttering mewls grow fainter as she recognises his voice, his smell, his love. It is not that the baby girl is forsaking her mama, but she misses her father.

Yunho continues to sing to his younger daughter as he ascends the stairs, nuzzling her petal-soft cheek, kissing her gently on her miniature pout. Her wet lashes brush his cheek, branding him with her touch. Her shining dark eyes are so like her mama’s that it makes his heart catch at her beauty. Yunho gives her his pinky, and she squeezes it, staring up at him unblinkingly.

She is her father’s baby girl.

Yunho enters the master bedroom, the door leading to the nursery is closed, but he can see Jaejoong in there through the video monitor, and hear him singing the same song softly as he wipes Jiyool down with a warm cloth. He smiles, matching his wife at the same part, though he knows the man cannot hear him.

SO… kimi ni wa sono basho ga…
Koko ni aru sa osorenai de…
Mou mayowanai de, boku ga mamoru…

He pulls his tie off, humming the rest of the song, the infant now completely quiet, eyelids starting to get heavy.

Yunho lays his baby girl on the bed, bending over as she starts to fret, raining soft kisses on her searching face as he unbuttons his shirt quickly, discarding it on the floor. Soothed at his touch, she stops, a tiny palm resting against his slightly scratchy cheek.

He lifts her back into his arms, pulling the covers back and getting into the middle of the bed. He lies back quickly, JJ against his chest. He continues to hum, the reverberation in his chest soothing the baby girl as she clutches at his wife beater. She is drowsing, and so is he.

When Jaejoong walks into the master bedroom not ten minutes later, father and daughter are sound asleep.

The tiny infant cradled protectively atop her father’s broad chest.

“So you missed your daddy huh, little one?” Jaejoong whispers as he slips into bed. He is suddenly too tired to bother even pulling off his hoodie.

He snuggles against Yunho’s side, careful not to jostle father or daughter, nuzzling against Yunho’s shoulder, leaning up to press a soft kiss to the man’s mouth. Yunho does not stir and he smiles as he closes his eyes, the crazy day finally catching up with him too.

“I missed him too…”

AN1: Anyone remember the Thomas the Tank Engine bed? ;-)

AN2: Anyone who remembers as SB was winding down will remember my procrastination at ending that fic and hopefully if you’re reading ICE too, you’ll forgive me for it…

AN3: Working where I work is detrimental to every fic I have in existence btw because all I want to write are drabbles and side shots and crossovers from here to forever because BABIES AND TODDLERS GALORE.

AN4: I may or may not have teared up… Damn it, Jung.

Tags: fic:sleeping beauty, g, pairing:yunjae

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