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[10a] Everything Changes But You

Title: Everything Changes But You
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU, mpreg - seriously, don't read if you cannot deal with this
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: Changmin is a creature of habit, no matter what he tells himself. He projects it onto his husband, reflecting his own distinct lack of love for change on the older man. But some changes are inevitable, and it is up to Yunho to prove to his brat that despite all the changes, nothing has really changed ;-)

AN1: I will admit to really wanting to write this as YunJae but my HoMin muse aka Changmin refused to let me… You don’t say no to a screaming Changmin in your ear let me tell you that… Plus he and I uh… have had relations *cough* in my dreams and well… I really can’t deny the brat because my god is that boy gorgeous in the throes of passion….. #Judgingmyselfdontworry :P Also, imagine that daybed is BLACK please. For the life of me I couldn’t find it in black OTL

AN2: Unbeta-ed as usual and all mistakes are mine :O


Changmin leans against the doorway to the master bathroom, watching as Yunho uses an old fashioned barber’s brush to lather his face with shaving cream. His husband has much thicker facial hair growth than most Asian men, and he has found it much better to shave in the traditional way.

He is transported back to their honeymoon as Yunho pulls open the cut-throat razor, watching as Yunho examines the blade, before he places it gently on the counter and bends over the sink to wash his face clean. Once done, he does not bother drying his face, pulling out the length of leather hanging from a hook on his side of the double vanity and start to strop the blade. The sound is familiar, and the memories slowly hit him, as he stands there in nothing but a short robe. He has had his shower, exiting the bathroom quickly once done because while he is once again back together with his husband in their penthouse apartment, Changmin is still a little skittish.

It has been less than a week since returning from Iwami, and while they sleep in the same bed, Yunho has not tried to have sex with him again since their time during the storm in the little seaside cottage. He has a feeling it might be because of the babies, but he cannot be sure. Changmin has already seen Dr. Eri ahead of the scheduled appointment on Monday, visiting her the previous afternoon instead as one of her patients cancelled. He had kept this from Yunho though, because the man is still as busy as always, and even though it is Friday, he knows his husband has a long day ahead. He remembers the promise Yunho gave him last night though, as he is about to doze off, that the weekend will be his to do as he wants. Changmin had decided to tell him about his appointment then, fully ready to face the older man’s disappointment at not being able to go with him.

But then life’s full of little disappointments isn’t it?

What is important is that the girls are healthy and everything is progressing as normal despite Changmin’s little disappearing stunt. Dr. Eri had assured him that the emotional rollercoaster he seems to be suffering from is normal, even if he does not like it. Her suggestion that he try not to fight it, and just roll with it will probably make his life a little easier. Protesting just causes more emotions to pull him under and drown him.

Feeling put upon as usual, and especially because he seems to have lost the ability to walk in a fucking straight line, the teenager had been a little rude to his doctor, prompting the petite woman to laugh, ignoring his rudeness while pulling out an album from her drawer. In it were photos of her family. Twin girls and a boy. The rest of the appointment had been spent with them laughing over the stories she had for him during her own two pregnancies. The twins are three and the boy is six and almost a career ender for her because of the timing. The way she describes her emotional ranting to her poor husband makes Changmin feel a little vindicated. She had valid concerns about her career while carrying her son though, while Changmin really has nothing to worry about, which makes him feel like his own outbursts are a little silly in comparison.

Dr. Eri had been quick to stop those thoughts from progressing further, reassuring him that they are normal and everyone is different. He is carrying his husband’s children and as such, is allowed to act up every now and again. Her suggestion that he try and keep to a certain schedule each day so he does not get thrown off balance when he forgets something definitely has merit, and even after less than twenty four hours, his writing out of a daily schedule and pinning it to the noticeboard in the library is making him feel more relaxed than he has been in awhile.

Though he does regret not asking her about his instability. He knows why it is happening and wonders if she will have anything useful to tell him about it. Feeling like a drunken sailor on dry land is not something Changmin is looking forward to over the remaining months.

The sound of Yunho’s stropping of the blade ceases, and a comfortable silence descends. It is very early in the morning, just after dawn in fact, and it is still relatively dark outside.

Changmin twists his body slightly to look out the window, noting the heavy clouds.

It may stay dark for awhile despite the sunrise then.

Just like during the majority of their honeymoon.

He should have taken it as a sign, the thunderstorm raging outside, imagining the gods butting heads as they battled in their bedroom. The only lull in the storm in their room had been when Yunho had taught him how to shave him.

Using a cut-throat blade.

Changmin folds his arms across his chest, resting lightly on his slightly swelling belly that is hidden rather well under the short bathrobe. He can feel his body tightening and reacting to the memory as he watches Yunho use the barber’s brush to spread specially ordered shaving cream on his face. His husband takes his grooming seriously, even if this is the only real indulgence he allows himself.

There is something intensely masculine about the practice, Changmin having never experienced it himself because he has never needed to shave.

The blessing of being a male capable of bearing children.

And he has never ever felt the loss except when Yunho shaves. The idea of feeling that blade stroking so close to his skin, a blade so sharp that one wrong move can open up the skin like a hot knife through butter, is exhilarating. It takes a good amount of skill and a steady hand to be able use a straight blade like the one Yunho is holding against his cheek right now, and as Changmin watches, he catches Yunho’s eye in the mirror.

Precision is also needed, the angle has to be just so, and Yunho has done it often enough that he operates on muscle memory, the blade making short quick strokes down his cheek, eyes never leaving Changmin’s.

On the flipside to all that masculinity, Changmin also remembers one strange requirement for a safe, close shave.


You need to be gentle, balancing the blade carefully, and applying almost no pressure at all, letting the sharpness of the blade do its job rather than forcing it.

He had sliced Yunho right open that first time, and his husband still bears a faint scar from it across his adam’s apple. But the older man had merely laughed away his teenage mortification, and they had tried again.

The patience the older man had for his willful teenage wife is something Changmin is only now beginning to truly appreciate.

Not to mention the trust.

Changmin cannot recall the last time he shaved Yunho, and he wonders why that is.

The scraping sound of blade against roughened cheek echoing in the bathroom finally stops, and Yunho leans forward to rinse his blade. Changmin can still see his husband in the mirror, clad only in a towel slung low on his hips, the man’s neck is still covered in shaving cream.

But he is content to stare, enjoying the view as he hugs himself.

Yunho has been watching his wife for awhile now. The better part of a week in fact. He wonders if Changmin notices, but he has a feeling he has not. The teenager gets annoyed easily and Yunho tries to stay out of his way. His wife is unaccustomed to being clumsy, and the last few days have been particularly trying for him as far as Yunho can see. The former supermodel, barely able to walk a straight line without somehow losing his balance. The change is frustrating him and Yunho does try to minimise it as far as he can.

Changmin snapping at him for hopping up to get a glass of water the other night so as to prevent the teenager from wobbling to the kitchen makes Yunho’s mouth quirk in amusement. The boy is almost painfully independent, Yunho occasionally wondering if he is even needed in this relationship. The recent changes has softened the prickly teen somewhat but not completely.

The loss of his centre of gravity is quite obvious, but Yunho has a feeling Changmin has not quite grown accustomed to this fact. His little huffs of annoyance every time it happens, not to mention the way he ruffles his hair and mussing it up, brings a fond smile to the older man’s face. The indomitable and aloof international supermodel has in the last week, turned into a pouty sulky teenager, uncomfortable in his own body.

Yunho, a little worried about it, had called Dr Eri the previous evening asking about it, and she assures him that it is normal. Changmin more than most would feel hyper aware of the changes because of his height and previous vocation. Though really, she says a little self-disparagingly, it is so much better than being 5”3 and carrying twins. She had uncharacteristically shared an anecdote about herself feeling like a beached whale, and toppling forward from a gust of a wind at six months. Six months! Yunho cannot even begin to imagine what she was like at eight months, and he sends up a whisper of thanks that his wife is so tall. Dr. Eri does reckon though that Changmin should have a little more stability, though she laughingly likens him to a baby giraffe on ice.

In his opinion, his wife is more like a newborn fawn. Complete with woebegone Bambi eyes.

The phone call reveals a little more to Yunho though, when he realises the reason Dr Eri knows Changmin is like a baby giraffe on ice is because she saw him that afternoon. He had waited in vain for the teenager to tell him about the appointment, and when nothing is forthcoming even at bedtime, Yunho knows he has to do something.

He blames himself for Changmin’s reticence. While they may have made up at Iwami, he knows he still has a long way to go to regain his wife’s trust, which is why he promised the teenager the weekend. He has much to do, but business can wait. His wife cannot.

What was it that he promised? His wife always comes first? Yunho’s smirk is thankfully hidden in the shaving cream because he can see Changmin still watching him in the mirror, though they are no longer holding the other’s gaze. Dr Eri has unwittingly confirmed that his wife and baby girls are more than alright, and Yunho is itching to see if he can make his wife unravel for him.

He fervently hopes that at least that, has not changed.

Yunho rinses the his blade once again, done with his face. He meets Changmin’s eyes in the mirror and feels his heart speed up just a little as the teenager pushes away from the doorway.

His feet move, before he can stop them, and he finds himself standing next to Yunho as his husband straightens up, staring quizzically at him in the mirror, blade ready to finish the job down his neck.

Changmin says nothing, merely holding his hand out.

Yunho finally breaks eye contact as he looks down at the waiting hand, and then at the blade in his own hand, and then back at Changmin’s hand.

He folds the blade carefully, making sure it is safe between the protective scales before handing it over to his teenage wife.

However, said wife is momentarily distracted as he growls his displeasure at the sight that has just annoyed him.

“You are the head of an international corporation and yet, for some unknown reason, appear incapable of fucking squeezing the toothpaste from the fucking bottom of the tube.”

Yunho starts to laugh, but he gets an elbow in the gut for his efforts as Changmin picks up the offending tube of toothpaste and waves it in Yunho’s amused face.

“Do you want separate toothpaste tubes? We already have separate vanities. If you don’t learn to squeeze the damn toothpaste correctly, you can go find yourself another bloody bathroom.”

Oh lord, his beautiful naggy wife is back. But Changmin is not done as he starts to squeeze the toothpaste back the way he likes it, his mouth continuing seemingly without any effort or notice from him if the words are anything to go by. The whole rambling thing seems to come a little too naturally to the teenager, his husband notes ruefully.

“I spent a whole blissful month with my toothpaste squeezed from the bottom. From the bottom, Jung Yunho. Why is this so hard so help me god?” Changmin drops the offending tube of toothpaste neatly into the holder. But before he can turn, a sneaky hand slips under his robe, squeezing an ass cheek rather proprietarily. Changmin has to swallow his groan as his cock immediately reacts, as he is pressed against the vanity.

Yunho drops his chin onto his wife’s shoulder, staring at the gorgeous boy in the mirror. But Changmin refuses to meet his gaze, staring resolutely down at the offensive toothpaste no doubt.

“I like to squeeze your bottom, Changmin-ah.”

He smirks as the teen growls low in his throat and pushes him away, muttering about lecherous old wolves.

Changmin grabs the straight blade from his husband’s hand, holding it carefully, feeling the weight, his heart pounding all of a sudden, vaguely aware of his erection as he turns to head to the day bed by the jacuzzi. This random piece of furniture that does not belong in a bathroom was placed there by him not too long before he ran away from home. He had seen it in a home decor magazine and both he and Jaejoong had agreed it is a rather convenient item of furniture to have in the bathroom. He mainly uses it to sit and chat with Yunho while the man is in the shower, or getting ready for work.

It has yet to be christened though, and Changmin stands by it, waiting for Yunho to appear.

The reason for the slight wait is apparent when Yunho returns with a small flannel, his bowl of shaving cream and a small bottle of oil which he places on the ornamental table between the covered jacuzzi and the day bed.

He sits down quickly, and Changmin immediately moves to sit astride him. The former supermodel is battling quite a few emotions throughout the whole process, and he wins one battle at least as he takes the proffered face towel that Yunho gives him, as he drops the blade onto the table.

The battle with his sudden shyness.

Why he is shy, he has no fucking idea. And instead of annoying him as it should do, it adds to his shyness. He wants his husband, but he is feeling completely out of sorts in his body that he is finding it hard to figure out how to initiate. And more so, he is unsure if Yunho even wants him in his current state, despite his rather indelicate palming of his ass barely a minute ago. That time apart has wrought more changes to his body than he is able to wrap his head around, and having literally grown with it, he knows the shock of his ungainly state is quite a bit for the older man to take in. His ass has not really changed, if at all, still able to get into his jeans though buttoning them is another story altogether. But the important thing is, his ass fits!

His husband is a man who does not like changes, and Changmin recalls somewhat fondly, the huge arguments early on in their marriage about Yunho’s tendency towards mess. Mess is mess, organised or not. If he can wrought change in the older man in that, surely this little change in his body is not such a big deal?


The towel is hot, and he uses it to wipe away the residue of the earlier shave, including Yunho’s still untouched jaw and neck area. Not much of his husband’s hair actually extends that far down, but he can see the stubble and the random bits of hair that missed the last shave and are thus, a little longer than the rest.

He rocks forward, adjusting himself, a ghost of a smile appearing when Yunho groans.

Changmin can feel Yunho’s hardness pressing against him, and he knows his own is rubbing against his.

Well that certainly answers one question for him at least. That weird shyness is dissipating, slowly but surely

He folds the face towel neatly, leaving it on the seat next to Yunho before leaning over on the side to grab the small bottle of oil.

“Not yet, Changdola…”

Changmin pauses, looking at Yunho and then back at the small bottle, his brow furrows slightly in confusion.

“Hot towel, shaving cream, blade, rinse, then you can apply the oil.”

“Oh.” Changmin colours slightly, eyes downcast as he drops the bottle into Yunho’s waiting hand. He wants so much to touch the other man though, and now he no longer has the excuse.

The bathroom is silent apart from the slightly heavier breathing of the man beneath him, and Changmin belatedly wonders if he has gotten too heavy for Yunho.

But he discards the thought almost immediately as he gives in to his desire. Yunho is his husband. He can touch him without needing a reason.

His palms sweep along that long strong neck and throat, seeing Yunho’s pulse throbbing heavily. In a mood to tease, he cups the underside of Yunho’s jaw, tilting his neck back and to the side, bending forward and blowing gently along the warm skin.

He can see Yunho swallowing hard, his adam’s apple bobbing, and he resists the urge to kiss it as he draws back. Changmin pastes his haughty supermodel face on as he leans back, quirking an eyebrow at his husband who is starting to look just a tad wild about the eyes.

The teenager pulls absentmindedly at his bathrobe, causing it to tug apart a little more, as he leans over to grab the bowl of shaving cream, lathering up Yunho’s chin and neck area slowly.

Each swirl of the soft bristles against his sensitive skin sends tiny electric shocks shooting through Yunho, and he knows he is a goner. He has been extremely patient, wanting to savour his gorgeous wife in his changed state, and the tiny doctor’s words come to mind from not too long ago.

”If anything hurts, stop.”

And therein lies the problem. Changmin gets obnoxious whenever he asks if anything hurts, because let’s face it, it is a rather dumb question.

”Changmin, listen to your body, don’t ignore it.”

His willful wife will never do anything to hurt their babies. He might get angry, rant and rail, and even throw things, but Yunho knows Changmin will never let anything happen to their children. The urge to be dictatorial has snuck up on him several times, especially when his wife is being an extra handful, the urge to point out their almost sixteen year age difference is almost overwhelming at times, because really, age accords him some sort of differential behaviour surely? He has lived longer and therefore he knows better? His wife should let him get his glass of water if he wants to at the very least without snapping like a sea turtle!

But Yunho is not an asshole. At least not on purpose.

His wife’s body is not his.

Changmin knows better than he does in this instance, and he trusts his wife.

As the teenager leans over to drop the bowl of shaving cream and pick up the cut-throat blade, Yunho catches a glimpse down his robe, past the pecs that have not yet diminished, to the slight curving swell of skin he can see.

His thoughts skip ahead, imagining the gorgeous teenager with his head thrown back, his tight body, skin still taut over his belly, and so very smooth…Yunho imagines running his hands over him. Teasing him.

And to be rewarded by the mouthy brat, so stunningly vocal and unashamed in the bedroom.

He is so hard he imagines he can practically poke through the egyptian cotton towel wrapped around his waist. His gaze stays within the deep V of Changmin’s practically open bathrobe as the teenager wiggles in his lap to presumably get into a more comfortable position though Yunho is starting to have his suspicions as to the brat’s motives. He can feel the gentle swell of his teenager’s body against his abdomen, as well as evidence of his arousal.

There is a charged silence between them as Yunho slips his hand underneath the hem of Changmin’s robe. The belt is losing its battle with all the additional movements and is slowly unraveling, exposing Changmin to his husband’s hot gaze.

“I really wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Changmin murmurs quietly, his warm breath fanning across Yunho’s skin, and the older man looks up to gaze into unfathomable, deep brown eyes.

Large bambi eyes staring at him, and Yunho is once again struck by the image of a newborn fawn. Changmin’s gaze is as unrelenting as it is shuttered, and Yunho imagines his wife can practically see deep into his soul, all his deepest and darkest secrets laid out, leaving him bare.

But the biggest secret of all is something Yunho is only keeping to himself, for now at least, as a form of self-preservation.

Though he has a feeling his intelligent wife already knows.

Lord knows the teenager knows him far better than he knows himself.

And yet he pushes him almost daily.

Yunho’s biggest secret is that he has no end point when it comes to Changmin.

The difficult former supermodel can push all he wants.

He will never reach the end.

Yunho is possessive as hell, he is at times quick to anger, and his judgment may fail him when he so blinded by what he perceives is the truth.

But there will never be an end point.

For there is no end for him.

There is only Changmin.

He feels it a little unfair that he is so open to the teenager and yet he is still grasping at straws half the time when it comes to the gorgeous boy. And he admits to himself that this is also his fault. He can see the changes in his wife over the past months, opening up slowly to him, and it is Yunho’s own stupidity that has caused the younger man to withdraw again.

It is he who has put that shuttered look in Changmin’s eyes. Can he change it back?

His hands flex against the curve of his wife’s ass, squeezing tight as they stare at each other, and Changmin shakes his head.

“You really should stop.”


Changmin makes a show of pulling the blade out, and twisting his wrist, the light catching the gleaming steel. He touches a corner of the blade against his mouth, rubbing it slowly back and forth and Yunho sucks in a sharp breath. It is the dull end of the blade, but it is still much too close to his wife’s smooth, clear skin for his comfort.

“I might cut you.”

“I trust you,” the words fall softly between them, Yunho’s eyes not leaving his wife’s delectable mouth. He can see those rosy red lips purse slightly, and he wills himself to calm down as Changmin drags the bottom of the blade along the length of his lower lip.

Changmin merely arches an eyebrow, not allowing his face to show exactly what those words mean to him.

He pulls the blade from his lip, using the other hand to tilt Yunho’s chin up.

“Don’t move.” His voice is a husky whisper as he uses his thumb to pull the skin taut, his hand steady as he strokes the blade carefully just under Yunho’s sharp jaw.

The scrape is very loud, the only other sound is their slightly heavy breathing. Once he is done, he leans over to wipe the blade clean across the face cloth from earlier, wiggling a little more than necessary in Yunho’s lap. He can feel and hear the older man’s breath catching in his throat, and he is a little amazed that he has not dropped the blade and mauled his husband yet.

Perhaps the fact that he is still covered in shaving cream is a deterrent.

But he knows that is not quite it. He needs to know that his husband has not changed.

Because Changmin hasn’t changed.

He still loves his husband, despite the asshole things he’s done.

And he is still the contrary teenager, hell bent on not submitting to Yunho’s will.

He may give in every now and again, but he has not lost who he is.

At least he does not think so.

Yes, pregnancy has brought about changes beyond his control, but he is still the same Changmin.

Jung Changmin.

Jung Yunho’s beloved trophy wife.

AN1: Do I even still have HoMin readers? Lol. And to my YunJae readers reading this… The idea started as YJ but I didn’t write anything. HoMin came first ok and then Jae was a bitchy bitch so I swapped but I refuse to let Changmin get cockblocked… :P Admit it, this looks better on HoMin :P Actually, you’ll get to see why in the second part. Fucking brat made me write more than I wanted… Ugh… I HATE SPLITTING THIS UP BECAUSE IT IS UNBALANCED.

AN2: Part two will be up as soon as I wrestle Changmin into submission T_______T

Next - Part 2

Tags: pairing:homin, pg-13, series:the trophy wife


    Last time I had a new ficlist I was writing Tattooist. This time, i'm writing Tattooist too over a year later lol so I guess it's a sign…



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    Last time I had a new ficlist I was writing Tattooist. This time, i'm writing Tattooist too over a year later lol so I guess it's a sign…



  • YunJae is Real

    Title: YunJae is Real Pairing: YunJae Rating: PG Length: One-shot Genre: Fluff Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I…