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[10b] Everything Changes But You

Title: Everything Changes But You
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: NC-17
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU, mpreg - seriously, don't read if you cannot deal with this
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: Changmin is a creature of habit, no matter what he tells himself. He projects it onto his husband, reflecting his own distinct lack of love for change on the older man. But some changes are inevitable, and it is up to Yunho to prove to his brat that despite all the changes, nothing has really changed ;-)


AN2: Unbeta-ed as usual and all mistakes are mine :O OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS GIF...


He moves to start on the stubble on his neck, his jawline now done, the blade poised when he feels Yunho spreading his legs underneath him, even as his grip on his ass tightens, pulling his cheeks apart, his fingers curling underneath the curve of his bottom, fingertips searching for his entrance.

This time it is Changmin whose breath catches, the blade stuttering dangerously close to Yunho’s exposed throat as his husband hauls him higher and closer.

The belt on his bathrobe finally loses the battle, untying completely, causing the material to part.

“Yunho…” There is a hint of warning in Changmin’s voice, as he struggles to regain control, but his husband pays him no mind.

The older man simply hums in response, fingertips grazing the puckered entrance as he grips his wife’s ass with one hand, and lifts him up, leaning back slightly.

“Might be easier if you’re a little higher.”

“H-higher?” Changmin is on his knees, Yunho’s fingers slipping between his thighs to finger his balls lightly from behind. His annoyance in the stutter of his words is evident on his face.

Yunho smirks up at his gorgeous wife who is wearing a beautiful frown.

“It might be easier for you to make the downward strokes…”

“But the strokes are upwards along your neck. I remember you telling me I have shave with the grain.”

And then he feels it. A slicked up finger slipping into his tight entrance, making his knees shake and his mouth pop open in surprise and unwilling pleasure.

“Oh I’m sure you’ll be making downward strokes,” comes the amused reply, Yunho smirking up at his wife as the teenager grits his teeth, fighting the urge to do just that.

He clenches around the intruding finger, even as he brings the blade against Yunho’s cheek. He flips it to the blunt side, pressing it against the man’s smooth skin.

“I’m holding a blade, old man.”

“I trust you, Changdola,” the endearment a little out of place as the man pushes another oiled finger into the teenager’s protesting body. That little bottle of oil sure as hell was not meant for Yunho’s face.

“Damn it!” Changmin grits out, his hand trembling slightly but he steadies it quickly. If asked later, he will not be able to explain why he does what he does, but Changmin flips the blade over, the open blade against Yunho’s skin. “Don’t fucking move.”

Yunho can feel the difference, even if he already sensed it when Changmin switched the position of the blade. His eyes meet defiance burning bright despite being almost as black as night, his wife staring down at him.

And then Changmin sinks lower, spreading his thighs, his body swallowing Yunho’s two fingers to the knuckle.

Not a twitch is discernable on the teenager’s impassive face, and Yunho has to hand it to the boy, his wife is impressive in his stubbornness.

Oh holy hell does Changmin want to move. He wants to fuck himself on those beautiful slim fingers and then impale himself on Yunho’s thick cock that is just waiting beneath him, trapped under the heavy folds of the Egyptian cotton towel.

But he is going to finish what Yunho started. The man is still undeniably attractive as hell, but the shaving cream is honestly distracting the fastidious teen. The easy thing to do is to just wipe his face clean of course, but Changmin does not always like to do things the easy way. The hard way can also be rewarding.

He is married to Yunho, is he not?

Changmin clenches around Yunho’s fingers again, Yunho’s raised eyebrows bringing forth a smirk as he tilts the man’s head back to start on his neck.

He spreads his fingers, pulling the skin as taut as possible because this is where he fucked up rather spectacularly last time. Yunho’s scar is hidden underneath the layers of shaving cream, but Changmin knows it is there.

“Don’t. Fucking. Move.”

And with that bitten out warning, Changmin takes the blade to his husband’s skin. The scratching sound is more muted this time, the bristles softened under the length of time spent beneath the layer of moisturising cream. The hair is a little longer here, and the growth more sparse. Changmin makes quick work of the area. He is about to move to another bit of skin when his husband fucking moves.

The blade stutters and Changmin has to tilt his fingers awkwardly to save from stabbing his husband in the jugular, even as he struggles to draw in a breath.

And Yunho fucking does it again.

The unrepentant man curls his fingers, captured tightly within his wife’s body, to scratch at that spongey bit within him, eliciting a keening sound from the flabbergasted teenager in his lap.

Changmin tries to pull away, but Yunho has a tight grip of him. One hand with the blade and the other is free, Changmin punches his husband in the shoulder. But all he gets in response is a heavy scratch across his prostate and his thighs shake from the effort of holding himself firm. He clenches his ass, rolling his hips, feeling Yunho pumping his fingers. Since the punch gets him nowhere, he fists the hair at the back of his husband’s head, pulling hard, making the man grunt in pain.

But Changmin is deaf to his protests, his hand tightening in his hair as he tilts Yunho’s head painfully backwards.

Gone is the shy teenager. It was a short lived memory to be sure.

“I said, don’t fucking move. I am going to be very unhappy if I stab you by accident because you cannot follow simple instructions, old man.”

Yunho has the gall to smirk, enjoying every bit of the fact that his wife is back to being his Changmin. And the smirk only serves to aggravate the teen further.

Changmin grazes the blunt end of the blade along Yunho’s neck, sweeping it up to his earlobe and back down to his collar as he presses his mouth against Yunho’s parted lips.

“When I’m unhappy, you’re unhappy. And in all this unhappy, someone is not getting fucked. So be a good husband and let your trophy wife finish his work so you can fuck him.”

Yunho’s tongue sneaks out, taking a lick, tasting his wife. He pulls it back in just in time as the willful young man gnashes his teeth at him. The teenager is more than a handful, and Yunho is more than content to spend the rest of his life trying to tame the man.

Changmin leans back, letting go of Yunho’s hair and sitting back down. He rolls his hip, enjoying Yunho’s fingers pumping in and out of him, thumb grazing his sensitive balls. He rolls his hips some more, his cock trapped between the lower swell of his belly and Yunho’s hard abdomen. It is a strange sensation, one he did not really get back when they coupled in Iwami, and he finds that he likes it.

He likes it very much.

His eyes don’t leave Yunho’s as he rocks, and he is really thisfuckingclose to just saying fuck it, the heavy straight blade lying almost forgotten in his hand.

Yunho must have read his thoughts, though Changmin imagines his eyes are speaking volumes, because the man pulls his fingers out.

Changmin smothers his despairing moan in a cough, as he pushes his husband back, suddenly regaining his senses as he brings the cut-throat razor up once again. He forcibly tilts the uncooperative older man’s head, flexing his jaw as Yunho chooses to be difficult, refusing to turn.

Short of twisting the man’s neck, Changmin cannot do any more.

“Couldn’t you have waited till I finished?”

“I’ve waited a week. I can wait much longer if you need it. Do you need it?” And as he asks, his other hand moves forward to grip his the teenager’s heavy cock, full and turgid, pushing against Yunho’s abdomen.

“Fuck you.”

Yunho clicks his tongue, making a soft chiding sound, teasing as he pumps his wife’s cock. He leans back even more, a hand reaching up to rescue the blade from Changmin’s trembling fingers, securing it safely within its scales before dropping it beside them.

“I’m trying to, Changdola, but you’re being a rather big brat.”

Then he hauls his wife upwards, forcing Changmin to either plant his feet on the day bed, or face plant, before his mouth meets his cock.

Changmin groans as Yunho’s hot mouth swallows him down, his hips jerking against his will, trying to forgive Yunho for calling him a big brat. Yunho has slid down so far his head is pressed against the low side of the day bed, in an awkward position, but Changmin does not care about that for the moment as he grips the same side of the day bed for leverage, pumping his hips into the welcome warmth of the man’s mouth.

Yunho fondles the teenager’s soft balls, moaning around the hard length between his lips. It has been far too long since he has tasted the younger man like this. Far too long since he has tasted the younger man in general. He sucks and laps, his technique sloppy because he wants to taste the precum pooling at the tip, Changmin’s cock slipping and sliding shallowly into the hollow of his cheek. His wife doesn’t appear to care though, looking stunning as he finds his balance, pushing away from his hold of the daybed his head thrown back and gently swelling body arched forward. The lines of his body that Yunho can see as the teenager finds a steadier rhythm, pumping into his mouth, makes him groan deep in the back of his throat, enveloping the head of Changmin’s cock in beautiful vibrations that pulls an answering whine from the former supermodel.

His husband’s ability to bring him so quick to the edge much too fast is either a skill, or simply a side-effect of Changmin’s over-sensitive body. While he is more inclined to attribute it to the latter, he knows his husbands knows his body like the back of his hand, able to play him like a fine instrument.

And play him he does as he pulls off his cock, Changmin’s eyes fluttering open at the sudden loss, his hand swooping down to grip the man around the throat loosely. And all he gets is a knowing smirk from the infuriating older man who pushes away his hand easily, manhandling him till Changmin suddenly finds himself draped over the head of the daybed.

“What the fuck?” He tries to turn but he gets a resounding smack to the ass instead.


He rears back, shaking his bathrobe loose, hearing a wicked chuckle from behind him when he gets another smack.

Changmin howls his anger, thoroughly annoyed now. He was so close to coming, but then Yunho stopped and now he is a mess of heightened frustration, his skin crawling with anticipation, but he knows he is not prepped enough for Yunho.

Even as he thinks it, he feels the larger body of his husband covering him. He can feel the man’s thick cock nestling against the cleft of his ass but Yunho makes no attempt to enter him. Changmin turns his head, his mouth immediately captured in a hot kiss. Oh he wants to bite his husband so badly, but he resists, pushing Yunho’s tongue back and then clamping his teeth down. Yunho’s chuckle is thoroughly amused when he meets the pearly white gates of his wife’s teeth, baring entry to his pliant mouth. He pulls back, cupping Changmin’s chin and turning him to face the mirror. He nuzzles a path along the teenager’s stiff jaw, licking the smooth skin before whispering in his ear.

“So beautiful Changmin-ah… See how beautiful you are to me.”

Changmin freezes, staring at himself in the mirror. He watches as Yunho runs his hands heavily over his shoulder blades slipping around his front, pinching his nipples hard, making Changmin gasp loudly, his muscles contracting spasmodically as the sensitive nubs are teased and fingered till they are hard and aching.

And he keeps staring at himself, the parted mouth, the high colour in his cheeks, and the dark dark eyes, full of lust and want.

Is this what Yunho sees when he fucks him?

Yunho’s nimble fingers play with his body, roaming, not stopping at any one spot long enough for Changmin to gain full enjoyment from it. It is like his husband knows just when to pull back to make Changmin let out a low sound of frustration, or a howl of anger. But the teenager stays put. Oddly practically tied to his position by his vision in the mirror.

His bottom lip is almost chewed to shreds and his eyes are glazed, and slightly wild.

And then he feels his ass cheeks being parted, and he almost sighs in relief. The fact that he cannot see his husband behind him in the mirror registers a little too late when he feels the first licks against his tight hole.

Changmin’s gasp of shock as he stares at himself is soon replaced by a shaky moan. He tries to wrench himself free, twisting around as best he can to look at his husband, but Yunho has a strong grip of his hips. The man meets his eyes and he lifts his head, licking his lips, the promise of debauchery is so evident in his smirk, Changmin feels his legs tremble.

“See what I see, Min-ah. Don’t take your eyes off yourself.”

But Changmin refuses to comply, staring down at his husband’s head, hand gripping the leather of the day bed tightly as Yunho tongue fucks his ass.

Yunho tongues the wet opening, tasting the almond oil he had used earlier, and not caring one bit as he laves the pink pucker. His wife’s body is already open to him, and he knows his brat is being stubborn. He stiffens his tongue, sliding it easily into the clenching opening even as he runs his hand along the underside of Changmin’s belly.

He was right.

So very smooth…and sensitive.

He moans as Changmin jerks, trying to push his hand away. He gives his wife another tight slap along his upper thigh, making the teenager howl beautifully as he forces his tongue deeper, tasting and licking, fucking the impossible teenager with his mouth. His teeth graze at the edges of his wet hole as he laps, sucking and licking at whatever he can get.

But he knows it is not enough.

Chin wet with saliva, and slick with remnants of the oil, he pushes the younger man hard against the head rest as he rummages around for the discarded bottle of oil, even as he drops his nose, nuzzling along the soft sacs, tongue licking and searching, sucking gently at the smooth balls.

Changmin has given up trying to stare at Yunho. His eyes are wild as he gazes at his reflection. His cheeks are ruddy and he is panting as Yunho mercilessly fucks his hole, giving him just enough to keep him teetering and teetering into the promise of boundless pleasure, but not enough to push him into the whirlpool of sensations. Yunho’s tongue is fucking teasing him. His neglected cock is pressed against the head of the day bed and Changmin starts to rock, trying to find some friction to relieve the tension. He is loathe to admit, but Yunho’s hands on his belly send a frission of electricity that is wholly unexpected, shooting up his back. As the man grazes his short fingernails just under his belly button as he licks his balls, careful to avoid touching Changmin’s weeping cock, Changmin wrenches himself away, throwing himself into the corner of the daybed, his chest heaving as he stares wide-eyed at his husband.

The teenager is splayed, one foot planted on the bed, his knee up while the other is stretched out. Yunho picks up the stretched out foot, kissing his wife’s heel, holding tight as Changmin tries to free his leg. He is unsurprised when the other foot comes whipping round, managing to catch it just before it collides with his chest.

“Why are you so violent?”

“Why are you so infuriating?”

Yunho cocks an eyebrow at the teen before moving to sit between his thighs. He reaches out a hand to caress the swelling belly, only to get it smacked painfully away.

“Don’t touch me!”

“Changmin, what’s the matter?”

“Just fuck me, old man. Don’t touch me.”

“How the hell am I supposed to fuck you without touching you?”

“You did it at Iwami.” Changmin snaps back. Why is his husband still talking? He is suddenly feeling painfully exposed lying like this, and he tries to turn over.

Unfortunately, his long legs are tangled around Yunho’s waist, his husband staring down at him with an unreadable expression in his eyes. Changmin is feeling vulnerable and he hates the feeling as he sits up, fists flying.

But Yunho is prepared, catching his wife’s wrists, he pushes Changmin back down against the head of the daybed. He can feel the taut belly against his abdomen, and he loves it. He has no idea what has gotten into the teenager, but he is going to find out, fucking bedamned.

“Enough, Min-ah!”

“Minah Minah Minah.” Changmin mocks. “Fucking hell. I almost want to name one of our kids that so you can stop using it on me.”

“Fine. We will. Now tell me what is wrong so I can fix it.” Yunho presses closer, his still-hard cock trying to frot with his wife’s slowly wilting cock. His grip is tight, and he really does not want to hurt Changmin, but the teenager’s random bout of violence is more than likely going to hurt himself rather than Yunho. He leans back slightly and nuzzles against the top of Changmin’s belly, kissing the smooth skin. There are no stretch marks at all, just smooth skin as far as the eye can see.

“Please don’t.”

Changmin’s suffocated whisper causes Yunho to look up. His teenager’s eyes are shimmering, wet, but not filled enough for the tears to spill over and Yunho feels his heart ache.

“What is wrong, Changdola? Tell me, please. Am I hurting you? I will let go if you promise not to try and hit me.” And even as he speaks, he continues kissing around his wife’s belly. His belly button is still an innie, and Yunho dips his tongue into it.

The groan that is pulled from Changmin’s throat is twisted in pained confusion, and Yunho glances up once again at the upset boy.

“Talk to me.”

“I hate this.”


“I hate that all I can think of is you calling me a big brat, and it’s just—“ Changmin pulls his hands away from Yunho’s loosened grip and presses the heels of his palms against his eyes. “It’s just fucking stupid. I don’t feel like myself at all. All these changes are happening so fast, I really can’t fucking keep up.”

“So you hate this?” Yunho drags his nails heavily across Changmin’s filled out body, across the top of his belly and down to the side. He can feel Changmin’s cock twitching in response, and he waits to see if his teenager will be honest with him.


“Then what is the problem?”

Changmin pulls his hands away from his face and glares defiantly at Yunho.

“Don’t you hate it?”

Now Yunho is truly surprised, and it shows on his face.

“What? I don’t hate anything.”


“Changmin.” Yunho’s voice is firm, leaning over to tug his wife up into a sitting position. That belly gets in the way, but Yunho does not give a damn as he locks his arms around the sullen teenager. “I have never ever lied to you.”

“You’d lie to me about this to make me feel better.”

“I don’t even know what this is,” comes the exasperated response. Yunho leans forward to kiss his wife’s sweaty brow.

“You said I’m a big brat,” Changmin whispers, staring resolutely at Yunho’s chest.

So Yunho is a little slow, and maybe a tad dense, but he finally catches on, and he chuckles lowly, nuzzling his way down Changmin’s cheek, narrowly avoiding being bitten as the brat snaps his teeth at him.

“Changmin, I have called you a big brat all our married life. Even before that, I’m sure of it. A year ago, two years ago, nothing has changed. You were a big brat then, and you are a big brat now. My big brat. Nothing has changed.

Changmin frowns, thinking about it, and he realises that what Yunho says is true. He glances up, seeing the affection in the older man’s eyes. “So you didn’t mean—“ he cannot quite bring himself to complete his sentence. Feeling insecure all over again is something he loathes. He can blame the hormones, but in truth, Changmin is just himself not quite comfortable in his own skin. He is still young, and cannot be expected to be all mature about everything. The month apart from his husband has done a number on his feelings of security…or insecurity as the case may be.

“What did I tell you earlier? You weren’t listening were you? I told you to look at yourself in the mirror and see how beautiful you are to me.”

“Your cock was pressed up against me and you expect me to remember your words?” The gnarly teenager is back, warming up to his husband’s hot, yet affectionate gaze.

“And when I told you to see what I see?”

“Your tongue was in my fucking ass. Do you really expect me to be able to think straight?”

Yunho grins and licks his lips, at the younger man’s words. “Want a taste?”

He barely manages to finish his question when Changmin smashes their mouths together. The kiss is almost savage in its intensity, the teenager wanting so desperately to believe nothing has changed, believes his husband’s words.

Teeth clash and clink, but neither care as Changmin wraps his hands around his husband’s neck, his cock trapped between their bodies. He can feel Yunho’s hand caressing the side of his belly, and he no longer tamps down the sparks of desire ratcheting up his back as he whines into his husband’s mouth, pressing closer and trying to get more. His hand is fisted in the other man’s hair as he tries to press them closer together, their tongues licking as they each try to gain the advantage. Changmin has the upper hand, his tongue sweeping the depths of his husband’s mouth as he takes what he wants, but Yunho is giving as good as he gets.

The battle is lost when Yunho cups the swell of his ass, gripping tightly, even as his nails rake up the side of Changmin’s sensitive body, as the teenager gasps, parting his mouth to allow Yunho’s tongue to delve in to taste him thoroughly. The younger man is helpless as he sucks on Yunho’s questing tongue, his body aflame as places that never used to be sensitive, are. His entire body feels like one giant nerve ending, and he moans almost in despair at the loss of his senses as Yunho breaks the kiss, hot mouth trailing down his neck.

“Beautiful baby.”

“Don’t call me baby.” Changmin growls, jerking Yunho’s head back up.

“Baby.” Yunho smirks, as his wife’s eyes flare, as the banked embers behind his eyes burst into flames.

“You have some fucking nerve, old man.” Changmin whispers darkly, pulling Yunho’s head back further as he leans in to nip at the throbbing pulse. He smells and tastes like shaving cream, but Changmin has had worse as he licks at the dip in his husband’s throat. “Lie down. I want to fuck you.”

Yunho grin is decidedly wicked, as he hauls Changmin up into his lap, making the teenager yelp, getting a glancing punch to the shoulder for his efforts.

“You’re in the way, baby.”

“Don’t fucking call me baby I swear to god you’re going to regret it.”

Yunho is strong, strong enough to maneuver his feisty five plus month pregnant wife as he moves to switch places with him, leaning against the sloping headrest of the daybed.

Changmin gives him no help whatsoever, no longer caring if he is too heavy or otherwise, because clearly he isn’t when the man barely even grunts at having to almost carry him. He glares down at the smirking older man, as he rocks his ass backwards the second Yunho lets go of his hips. He sits on Yunho’s thick cock, rocking back and forth lightly as he stares at his husband. He can feel the swollen head against his needy entrance, and the urge to just tilt his hips just so is strong.

Yunho drops the bottle of oil onto his chest, having grabbed it just before laying down. He is content to wait, watching the angry red flush covering his wife’s body. Changmin is already sweating.

The younger man grabs the bottle without a word, pouring a hefty amount into his palm as he reaches back to pull Yunho’s cock from underneath him, fisting is cock languidly, smearing the oil liberally, as he leans down to kiss his husband. The kiss is less savage than their earlier one, but still rough by anyone else’s standards.

Yunho moans into the teenager’s mouth, the expert hand squeezing his throbbing cock is unrelenting in its intensity. The position is slightly awkward, but Changmin knows how to push his husband to the brink too, and push he does.

“Stop!” Yunho gasps out as a deft twist of a wrist, almost makes him come right there. He looks into the hooded gaze of a thoroughly unrepentant wife who does let go.

But Changmin is far from done as he raises himself up on his knees, his oil smeared hand ghosting across his ass, slipping down his crack, grazing the puckered entrance. He teases himself, oddly balanced as he sways on his knees, head back, body thrust forward as he plunges two fingers easily into himself.

Thoroughly unashamed.

Yunho’s hot gaze sweeps up and down the length of his wife’s body, watching as the teenager finger fucks himself. This is the worst torture there is, seeing the gorgeous boy with his head back, the beautiful gasping moans from his slick, parted mouth, so rosy red from their brutal kisses, and having absolutely nothing to do with it. His hand reaches out, touching Changmin’s belly, and the teen jerks, Yunho’s other hand reaches quickly to grasp his hip to steady him, and he is rewarded by a gorgeous smirk, as the boy does not even bother opening his eyes.

He sweeps his hand up and down the slightly distended belly. Changmin really is not as big as he seems to think he is. The tall former supermodel has a very long torso, and the babies have a lot of room to stretch out within him. He is granted, bigger than he was that afternoon of the impromptu strip tease, but it is nothing for the gangly teen to worry about.

If ever.

His awkward baby fawn is gorgeous.

And Yunho loves him very much.

His hand rubs down over his swollen belly once again, before finally touching the teenager’s profusely weeping cock, finally making the boy’s eyelids fly open, a strangled moan in his throat.

“Can I participate now, or do you want to finish yourself off?” Yunho queries a little amusedly.

“It depends.”


“If you’re going to call me baby again.”

Yunho chuckles, reaching up to grasp Changmin behind the neck, pulling him down for a kiss.

The kiss is a short lived mashing of lips, but Yunho gets what he wants from it as Changmin rocks his hips backwards again, swiveling his hips to catch the head of Yunho’s cock. The practiced move makes Yunho smile, though it is short lived as Changmin swivels once again, before bearing down hard, Yunho’s hips kissing Changmin’s ass as the teenager impales himself with a hoarse shout.



“Shut up, old man.”

“You’re a mouthy little brat.”

Changmin does not even dignify that with an answer, breathing in short pants as his body adjusts to the rather large intrusion. Entry had been far easier than expected, and yet the burn is enough to soothe Changmin’s need to feel every single fucking inch of the older man. He leans forward, lifting up slightly, before rocking back down.

He finds his rhythm quickly, hands placed firmly against Yunho’s shoulders, pinning him as he fucks his husband, riding him hard. His leaking cock is rubbing deliciously between his husband’s firm body and the underside of his belly, giving it so much friction that Changmin is lost in a heady swirl of sensations.

The litany of curses that spill from the teenager’s mouth is music to Yunho’s ears, as he rocks over him. Yunho’s hands are busy, roaming over every inch of skin he can get, scraping and tugging, pinching and teasing. A particularly hard pinch of Changmin’s dusky nipple results in an angry snarl from the younger man as he rears back, away from his husband’s naughty hands.

Finding purchase along the side of the day bed, Changmin sits back on Yunho’s cock, his thigh muscles clenching hard as he leans backwards. His moans are reverberating around the large bathroom, the new angle giving him some relief from coming too soon, his cock no longer being stimulated between their bodies. His eyes pop open briefly, and he is rewarded by his own image staring back at him, body covered in sheen of sweat, bouncing up and down, eyes hazy with lust and clouded in need.

His mouth is parted, and he watches as he licks his lips, a hand reaching up to brush away the hair clinging to his sweaty temple. And even as he watches, another hand comes into view, flicking at his nipple, and his gaze is drawn back down to his husband.

“Beautiful, Changmin-ah…”

Yunho gazes up at the stunning teenager, mesmerised, watching the boy’s cock bounce, as his body does. The new angle accords Yunho with a much better view of his cock pumping in and out of his wife’s body, not to mention being able to plunge deeper into him, and he grunts, a counterpoint to his noisy wife’s hitching moans, near constant litany of expletives and dirty talk.

”Why is your fucking cock so big?”

“Fuck fuck fuck…dear fuck I hate you.”

“Oh god, no no no, I love you.”

“I love riding your fucking cock.”

“Hurts so fucking good you asshole.”

“Oh fuck right there…fuck fuck right there.”

“Oh yeah, that’s the spot. Mmmmm…”

“Oh god, harder. Fuck Yunhoooooo.”

Changmin’s loud wail as he comes screaming Yunho’s name, fills the bathroom as Yunho fists his wife’s cock expertly, pulling the man’s climax from him, his mouth parted as he aims the hot and heavy spurts of cum at his face.

Warm liquid hits the back of his throat as Changmin’s hot body clutches tightly at his swollen length, and the taste of his wife pushes Yunho’s over the edge as he comes hard, jerking up into his wife’s stiffened body, still wracked with shuddering waves of pleasure. His fist does not stop working, pulling each last precious drop, his mouth lapping and catching what he can. His aim is true, most of it landing in or around his mouth, his wife’s orgasm so explosive that most lands on his tongue or even further back. Yunho’s own body is shaking with his own orgasm, but still he pumps, wanting more of the gorgeous teenager.

“E-e-enough. S-s-stop. Fuck. S-stop.” Changmin cannot even move to swipe at Yunho’s hand at his cock, hoping his husband will listen. His body so undone by the force of his orgasm, he is almost petrified into place, leaning back, holding onto the side of daybed as he pants loudly trying to catch his breath.

Yunho loosens his grip, pinching the tip of the head of Changmin’s cock, catching more drops on his thumb, before bringing it up to his mouth, licking it clean.

“Old man.” Changmin grits out, dropping his chin, staring blearily at Yunho. Something seems to be missing, and when he realises what it is, his brow quirks in confusion. “Where’s my cum?”

In answer, Yunho merely smirks, opening his mouth, and Changmin groans lowly at the sight of the thick coat of what is obviously his cum on Yunho’s tongue.

Not one for the taste of his own cum, Changmin’s actions are inexplicable even to him as his body moves out of its own volition, toppling forward gently as he presses his mouth against his husband’s.

If Yunho is surprised, he does not show it as he allows Changmin to sweep his tongue into his mouth, the heavy thickness of his cum shared between them.

The teenager moans at the cloying taste, wriggling his hips, tongue delving, dueling with his husband, wanting more. He willingly pulls his own tongue back, allowing Yunho to chase it back into his mouth, and he sucks happily on the older man’s tongue, mewling contentedly.

Yunho chuckles as he finally pulls their mouths away. Changmin whines at the loss, nipping like an angry little kitten his husband’s pouty bottom lip. He is absolutely adorable to Yunho who cards his hand through his wife’s sweaty locks.

“When did you become so cute?”

“Fuck off.”

But the curse is without heat, a lazy knee jerk reaction as Changmin snuggles his face against the side of Yunho’s neck, tongue lapping at the sweaty skin of his husband. He cannot seem to get enough.

Yunho lifts his wife’s hips gently, his cock sliding out, making the teenager whine yet again in his ear. He feels sharp teeth on his earlobe as the teenager murmurs his displeasure.

“You ruined the couch.”

“You were asking for the couch to be ruined, putting it in here.”

“I like this couch.”

“I like it too.”

“You can clean it up.”

“Maybe I’ll lick it up…”

“Yunhooooooo,” Changmin moans, pinching his husband’s nipple as the older man chuckles, sweeping a heavy hand up and down the teen’s sweaty back.

They both freeze just then though, as they both feel it.

A kick.

Then a second.

And maybe even a punch or two.

“Oh dear,” Yunho murmurs as Changmin lets out a soft mewl.

“You woke them.”

“We woke them.”

“Fine,” Changmin huffs, as one of his daughters gives him another kick. “We woke them. I think they’re being squashed.”

Yunho immediately shifts, doing his best to scoot over to the edge of the day bed as he turns, cradling his limp wife, stretching the thoroughly sated and apparently boneless man out next to him.

Changmin refuses to let go though, clinging, allowing his body to fall away from Yunho’s just far enough to give his belly room breathe. Their bodies are still touching, but there is no pressure on his belly. His sweaty back is plastered against the length

Yunho turns, curling around the teenager, his hand stroking languidly up and down the boy’s side as he slips his thigh between Changmin’s legs.

Changmin shivers at the touch, tilting his head back slightly to be able to look at his husband. He suddenly feels really bad about going to the appointment without Yunho.

He sighs, knowing this is probably not the best time, but it’s as good a time as any. The longer he delays, the worse it will probably be. He looks down, staring at the pulse throbbing in Yunho’s throat, feeling guilty.

“We don’t need to see the doctor on Monday.”

Yunho’s heart catches at Changmin’s soft words. He can hear the regret in the teenager’s voice, and that is enough for him.

“I know.”

Changmin’s eyes fly up, seeing the understanding in Yunho’s eyes.

“How did you know?”

“I called your doctor yesterday evening.”


“I was worried about you stumbling over everything like the town drunk.”

Changmin winces at the description, still feeling too guilty to even summon the energy to be mad about it.

“She told you?”

“She didn’t. But she said you were like a baby giraffe on ice, and I knew you must have seen her recently.”

“A baby giraffe—“ Changmin sputters indignantly, mentally ready to give his doctor hell the next time he sees her.

Yunho laughs as he presses forward, cutting off the teenager’s protests with a firm kiss.

“She’s right you know. Though you’re more like a newborn fawn to me.”

Changmin rolls his eyes as he slips his arm around Yunho’s waist, clicking his tongue disapprovingly. “You and your Bambi fantasies.”

“Blame your eyes.”

“I blame you, old man. You’re the only one who sees it.”

“Why did you go without me?”

Changmin sighs, lifting his hand from Yunho’s waist, circling a dark nipple as he speaks, his eyes downcast. “You seemed so busy, and I didn’t want to bother you.”

Yunho catches Changmin’s hand, pulling it away from his nipple, holding firm as he uses the same hand to tilt the woeful teenager’s chin up to meet his eyes.

“Nothing to do with the fact that we were apart for a month?”


Yunho reads truth in the teenager’s eyes.

“I’m never going to be too busy for you.”


“Never, Changmin. Nothing has changed. You will always come first.”

A beautiful smile breaks across the teenager’s face, as he sweeps his tongue across his bottom lip.


“Always, little one.”

Changmin’s throaty laughter echoes around the bathroom. Little one? He will let it slide this time since to him in his present state, it is infinitely better than big brat.

AN1: Changmin needs to stop invading my dreams…… seriously. SERIOUSLY. If this doesn’t make him stop bugging me, NOTHING WILL.

AN2: You cannot even begin to understand how HARD this was to write. And not because I had no muse. The images were so fucking clear in my mind that I had to keep pausing to catch my breath and not drown. And then I just couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with the images in my mind and it was frustrating the hell out of me. Oh my god was this hard to write… I WAS IN ACTUAL PAIN FROM THE FRUSTRATION OMFG. IT WAS ALL SO VIVID. I didn’t do the visual in my head justice, but I couldn’t. God, Changmin… He was fucking teasing me. My muse. I hate you so much right now.

AN3: WAY WAY WAY TMI… But I totally came FIVE times writing this (over two days, three times on first day and twice today) hahahahaha! No hands involved. Just the power of my mind and some rather determined and well placed rocking in my chair… OTL

AN4: I cannot believe I just wrote this… May Changmin forgive me… for what is possibly the longest damn smut scene I have ever written. I’m sorry if you were bored. I was trying not to die. That is one hell of a teenager I have to say… And oh yeah I’m totally reminding y’all that Changmin is 19 and Yunho 35… :P
Tags: nc17, pairing:homin, series:the trophy wife

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