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The Tattooist [1]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: TBA
Length: Chaptered if enough interest
Genre: AU, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

AN1: This did NOT turn out as expected lmao… IDEK why I bother trying to write oneshots anymore. Please forgive me.

AN2: I suck at summaries as you might have noticed. Also, I have no control over my muses. I may APPEAR to have control, but I have motherfucking NONE WHATSOEVER.


“He’s baaaaaaaaack!”

Yunho groans at the rather obnoxious voice hollering from the front of the office. He takes a quick look around, wondering if there might be somewhere to hide, darting to the back of the shop into one of two private rooms when he hauls himself up short.

What the hell?

This is his damn office.

This is practically his damn home.

Why is he skulking around like a fucking thief in his own fucking place?

How the fuck does he manage to know exactly when the office is going to be empty of clients? Does he sit outside somewhere and watch the door? Yunho shudders slightly, honestly not quite putting it past the kid. Shouldn’t he be in school? He can hear the buzz of the sensor indicating someone has just crossed the threshold of the front door, and he can hear laughter in the outer office.

Well, fuck.

He crosses his arms across his chest, glaring at the chair sitting squarely in the middle of the room when the door behind him suddenly pops open and a blonde head looks in.

“Are you gonna hide in here like a pussy or man up and come out? He brought bulgogi this time and if you don’t come out in two seconds, Max is going to eat your share.”

“Fuck off, Nicole.” Yunho grouches as he turns to lean against the leather chair.

The statuesque caucasian girl grins and steps into the room, shutting the door behind her.

“Awww baby,” she purrs, stepping forward and standing between Yunho’s legs as he leans back away from her, still frowning. She reaches up and ruffles his hair good naturedly. “Just come out. He looks like a little lost puppy out there.”

“He can stay fucking lost.”

“You don’t mean that,” she chides, leaning against him.

Yunho lets her, reaching around to drape his arm around her waist. Nicole is an American tourist who had managed to land in his partner Max’s lap about six months ago.


The airline had lost her luggage, and she was stranded in Seoul with nothing but her carry-on. In a fit of pique, she had stormed into one of the fast food restaurants at the airport, tripped over her own feet, and landed squarely, face down, in Max Changmin’s lap.

Maybe it was love at first sight, Yunho has no clue, but she has been with them ever since.

Several times he has considered asking her about her visa issues because surely she must be illegal now, but the blonde girl is more than a help to him and Max in their little office, and she’s no airhead so he figures he will leave well enough alone.

His hand slips into the top of her skirt, but goes no further. Yunho likes girls, but not enough. But he is definitely partial to blondes and Nicole is very, very blonde.

And tall.

Which appeals greatly to both him and Changmin. In a country like Korea, tall girls like her are almost impossible to come by.

The door pops open yet again as he nuzzles into her hair that smells like disinfectant, and Changmin’s dark head appears.

“Get your hands off my girl.” There is no heat at all behind his tone, his voice indicating that he says this rather often out of habit more than anything else.

“Get your hands off my food.”

“Ok, you can keep Nic.”

The blonde girl pushes away immediately from Yunho, sputtering indignantly as the two tall men laugh at her expense.

“Come on, hyung. Your puppy is looking extremely forlorn out there. He keeps asking where Nicole disappeared to.”

“Why is he asking about me?” Nicole questions curiously, shaking out her hair and stepping away from Yunho to swing a loose arm around Max.

“Because hyung isn’t out there and then neither are you. He knows you just do admin, so why would you two be missing at the same time?”

“Do you think that would deter him?” Yunho asks hopefully as he stands up, tugging Nicole away from Changmin with nary a protest from the younger man. They have a strange relationship. Fuck buddies? Changmin can barely stand people in general so for him to have tolerated the American for this long is rather interesting.

Nicole clicks her tongue, pushing away from Yunho, smacking him lightly across the shoulder.

“You are a pig, Jung Yunho. I am not going to break his heart just because you’re a coward.”

Perhaps this is why Changmin likes her.

She turns, pushing Max out of the way to head back to the reception area. True enough, the teenager is sitting on the couch, staring at the array of food displayed on the table, sucking on the ends of his metal chopsticks before clicking them against his teeth rather despondently.

“Don’t do that, honey.”

Jaejoong freezes, turning towards the pretty blonde girl with the weird accent. He leans over to try and look past her, and sighs when he sees no one.

“He’s not here?”


His chopsticks drop with a clatter as he leans back, huffing, crossing his arms across his chest. The pout he is wearing is his most epic one yet, and the blonde girl watching him has to fight to keep from smiling. She doesn’t want to give the poor boy hope, but she really does think this is a case of the lady doth protest too much. She wonders what exactly it is that is stopping Yunho from scooping up this fresh little flower, so ripe for the plucking, when she knows the man is more than likely interested.

Max had dropped comments on several occasions, about how this lithe teenager has been visiting the office pretty much since it opened almost eighteen months ago. He had dropped in looking for a part time job after school, thinking that it is a medical practice of some sort. Max had been about to ask him his age when Yunho had swept in, topless, and on the phone yelling angrily at someone.

The way her friend described the meeting between the teen called Jaejoong, and the gorgeous owner of the office never fails to bring a smile to her face.

Jaejoong had been completely gobsmacked.

Yes, Max had actually used the word gobsmacked. Yunho’s torso is a thing of beauty, if you are inclined that way, and Nicole certainly isn’t. His back is adorned by a pair of black wings, the detail on it so terribly intricate and the colour so solid that every time she thinks about it, she shudders a little at how long it must have taken. The sheer size of them alone is hard to believe because Yunho is very broad. The upper ends of the wings cover the entire breadth of the backs of his shoulders and shoulder blades, tapering down well past his hips. In fact, she has not actually seen where the wings end. In all honesty, they are so realistic that whenever she catches sight of them, she has this urge to cross herself, because she half expects them to pop out from his back, and expand.

The harbinger of death himself.

And speaking of death, the man has a tramp stamp worthy of nightmares. In fact, calling it a tramp stamp would possibly get your nose broken should you even try. In the small of his back is the head of the Angel of Death. The eyeless death angel is horrifying to look at, and Nicole has wondered on several occasions what on earth made him put the almost demonic looking creature on his beautiful body.

But she never asks.

Her relationship with Yunho is superficial at best. She knows he considers her a friend, but in her book, their relationship is more of handsy acquaintances. She knows next to nothing about him, and Max does not volunteer much information either. All she knows is that he was a former top medical student, who dropped out his final year for some reason or other, and then opened up the office a couple of years later. Anything in between is a blank, and Max is not exactly a fountain of information.

Not that she really cares in all honesty. She has a clean home, a warm bed, a gorgeous man between her thighs whenever she feels inclined, a reasonable job, and new friends who take her as she is. No posturing necessary. She had lost all her dignity the day she landed in Max’s lap, and she really cannot drop any lower in her opinion.


Nicole is snapped back from her daydreaming by a frowning teenager. The beautiful boy’s mouth is set in a line, but his cushiony pout making it almost impossible to take him seriously as he blinks at her.


“Is Yunho here?”

That’s the other amusing thing about the kid. He flatly refuses to refer to Yunho as hyung. Max, who is two years younger than the tattooed artist, himself thinks twice about being disrespectful to the older man, but this sloe-eyed angel has no such qualms.


The perfect foil to the grotesque depiction on Yunho’s back, of what angels are supposed to look like in reality.

Looking at this teenager, Nicole can almost believe that angels do indeed walk this earth.

“He’s in the back, Jae.”

Without a by-your-leave, he hops up quickly, rushing to the back of the office only to slam straight into Max who grunts at the impact, gripping the boy by his shoulders to maintain both their balances.

“Where’s the fire, kid?”

“Don’t call me kid.”

“You still haven’t told me how old you are.”

“Old enough.” Jaejoong grunts as he tries to push past the taller man.

The exuberance of youth aside, Max has a good four inches on the boy, not to mention at least twenty pounds, and thus it is a case of an immovable object meeting an irresistible force.

Though really, it should honestly be Yunho who should be described as the immovable object as Changmin gives in to the insistent teenager, stepping aside and watching him fly past him, crashing full tilt into Yunho who has just stepped out of the back room.

“Fucking hell!”

“You swear too much.”

Yunho blinks, his eyes coming back into focus, and the first thing he sees is a pretty pink pout.

A very familiar pink pout.

“Jaejoong,” he grits out, tearing his eyes away immediately, his hands fisted by his side.

“Yunho.” The teenager acknowledges solemnly. His hand placed delicately against the man’s chest as he steps back.

It is still not far enough for Yunho’s peace of mind though, noting that the teenager is still well within the sphere of his personal space. He is the same height as Changmin, but he draws himself up straight, trying to appear taller as he stares down into the unfathomable depths of the beautiful teen’s soulful doe eyes that speak of things he dare not imagine.

“How many times have I told you to call me, hyung?” Yunho latches onto the first thing his mind can think of. The kid smells like cinnamon hot chocolate, and that is not a good thing. Not at all when you’re Jung Yunho, secret cinnamon hot chocolate addict. “Are you this rude to everyone?” He winces inwardly at his tone, but the teenager barely even flinches, used to it by now.

Jaejoong cocks his head, looking up at Yunho through his eyelashes.

“Do you want to be my hyung?”

The silence is telling, and Changmin’s snort from somewhere behind the teenager does not go unnoticed by Yunho.

But try as he might, he cannot seem to bring himself to say the words as he gazes into those liquid eyes, staring unwaveringly up at him. It all seemed so easy in the back room, even the idea of parading Nicole as his just to dissuade the teenager. But in the face of that extremely direct gaze, Yunho is suddenly incapable of proper speech or thought.

Knowing the silence is saying more than he likes, Yunho merely grunts, pushing the teenager out of his way, uncaring as the boy loses his balance and stumbles against the wall. Nicole’s exclamation and subsequent dirty look his way as she hurries from behind the counter to check on the kid leaves Yunho with a sour taste in his mouth.

Why can’t he leave him alone?

The teenager is like a fucking dog with a bone.

He appeared on the day they set up shop, and Yunho has not been able to dislodge him since.

Months go by, and seeing Jaejoong sitting on the couch, doing his homework, pretending to be part of the furniture is something he had gotten used to. The awkward boy with the bowl hair cut had been a nuisance at first, their clients all commenting on his presence. However after hearing him call Changmin hyung, they just assumed he is family of some sort.

He used to give Yunho the creeps, the way he stared.

He just stares, silently.

And then one day something changed.

Yunho suddenly notices that his hair has gotten long, and the boy had gotten taller.

A little too long, and a little too tall.

The length of his hair softens his features, making him look more delicate. And his height takes away whatever little baby fat he had, leaving a very nubile teenage boy in its wake.

Yunho’s preferences have always run towards the male sex, but this…this was confusing.

He remembers the very day that had made him truly determined to ignore the teenager.

Jaejoong had arrived as usual, after school presumably, with his bag of books. But his outfit was different.

Gone is the school uniform, and in its place is stove pipe jeans and a leather jacket over a white tee shirt. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was also wearing biker gloves, and his hair was pinned up, suddenly opening up his face to full view.

Yunho had been gobsmacked.

That is the word Changmin had used on him, after he had literally dashed into Changmin’s office after catching sight of the teen, interrupting the man who had been about to send a hole through some girl’s left nipple.

He remembers her leer, but not much else, but Changmin remembers everything, the bastard.

Yunho had much preferred Jaejoong with the bangs covering his eyes. A body he can ignore, because they are truly a dime a dozen, but a face like that?

How did he not notice before?

Somehow since then, the boy’s staring has only gained in magnitude. The intensity upped a notch, and despite Yunho’s complaints, Changmin is resolute in the fact that Jaejoong has not changed one iota.

”He has always stared at you like that.”

“You’re imagining things. Nothing has changed.”

“Hyung, do I look like the sort who would notice if the kid fucking plucked his motherfucking eyebrows?”

“His face is still the same! No, he did not get a nose job. We would notice, don’t you think? He is here every single day.”

“Yes, I pierced his ears because he asked. You don’t need parental consent for that.”

“Why the fuck are you getting mad at me for piercing his damn ears when he paid for them? What was your policy? We give the clients what they want? I just gave him what he wanted.”

“I will pierce whatever the fuck he wants pierced, hyung. You really have no say over it, boss or not. This side of the business is mine so fuck off.”

Yunho sits down heavily on the sofa, staring at the bowls of food littering the table. He picks up the closest bowl absentmindedly, taking the metal chopsticks next to it and starts to eat. He almost moans as the delicate taste of bulgogi that practically fucking melts in the mouth hits his tastebuds.

But he swallows the urge, and his mouthful.

He sucks on the end of the chopsticks for a moment, before continuing to eat, when a voice he wishes would just go away suddenly speaks up.

“You kissed me.”

He hears another snort, this time a rather feminine one.

Truly, Nicole and Changmin can just go fuck themselves.

He drags his unwilling gaze upwards, catching the teenager’s dark eyes. He is a little disheveled, his mouth pursed, his expression thoughtful.

That mouth.

Yunho drags his eyes away, sucking once again on the end of his chopsticks before resuming his meal, dismissing the strange boy and his even stranger words from his thoughts.

“You did it again.”

“Jesus—“ Yunho cuts off his urge to swear as he shoves a piece of bulgogi into his mouth before looking up at the beautiful boy. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Those are my chopsticks.”


“I suck on the end of my chopsticks.”


“You did it too.”

Yunho stares at the boy who is now wearing a whisper of a smile, and then back down at the chopsticks in his hand and then back up at the boy. His eyes stare over long at that pink pout, growling in the back of his throat as an equally pink tongue slips out to moisten those pillowy lips.

“Do I taste good?”

Both Changmin and Nicole are unable to help themselves, howling with laughter as Yunho throws the chopsticks across the table, practically snarling at Changmin to close up, before leaving the office with an extremely loud bang of the door.

Nicole recovers first, and she is surprised to find Jaejoong already seated and packing up the food.

“Where are you going?”


“What about the food? There’s still so much left…” Changmin groans, staring forlornly at the bowls disappearing quickly under the teenager’s expert hands.

An adorable smile lights up the teenager’s face, startling both adults as they look at the beautiful boy.

“You like my food?”

“I love your food. I’d replace you with Nicole here, any day.” Changmin nods fervently, ignoring the elbow he gets from the blonde American.

“I don’t think Yunho would like that.” And just like that, the light flows out of the teenager, and he drops his chin, resuming his packing.

“Jae, there’s nothing between Yunho and I.”

“I know.”

“So why are you upset?”



“Yes, because.” The teenager answers cryptically, as he stands, pulling his bag over his shoulder. He turns towards Changmin, his gaze forthright. “Answer me one question honestly, and I will leave the food here if I think you’re not lying.”

Changmin leans against the reception counter, with Nicole leaning against him. He wraps an arm around her slim waist, rubbing a hand across her belly, pulling her closer as he nods, agreeing.

“Would Yunho miss me if I stopped coming?”

He frowns, not expecting the question at all. Heck, Changmin thinks even he would miss him if the teenager suddenly decided not to turn up. He has never missed a single day, and the thought of not seeing him tomorrow sits a little uncomfortably with the 27 year old.

“Where would you go if you didn’t come hang out with us?”

Jaejoong shrugs delicately, hoisting his back pack further up his shoulder.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“I can’t really, can I? I’m not hyung.”

Changmin hates the droop in the teenager’s slim shoulders as he sighs, but he cannot lie to the kid. He honestly has no idea. Yunho holds his own counsel, and Changmin gets glimpses every now and again but the man is tight lipped in general about most things.

He watches as the teenager moves to walk past him, blurting out a question of his own. Something that has plagued him for a good while.

“How old are you?”

Jaejoong smiles but it does not reach his eyes.

“Does it matter?”

“We’ve hung out for the better part of eighteen months. Surely you can tell your hyung?”

“Only if you promise not to tell Yunho.”

“Ok, I promise.”

Jaejoong pauses, staring up at Changmin before switching his gaze to Nicole.


“Fuck, you’re joking right?” Changmin is stunned. He had thought maybe the kid was sixteen going on seventeen when they first met but if he is only seventeen now, it means he must have been fifteen when they met, or a very very very young sixteen.

Jaejoong’s shoulders slump as he shakes his head, his feet dragging as he moves towards the door.

“Goodbye, hyung, noona.”

“Will we see you, tomorrow?” Changmin asks, not even caring that Jaejoong has indeed left the food behind, his concern more for the pale teenager who looks as if someone just kicked his little kitten.


AN1: This is NOT a self-insert. I am neither blonde, nor tall… But my twin is… hahahahaha. I was gonna put her in LITI but that backfired somehow so she’s in this instead.

AN2: Has anyone picked up on my serious age-diff kink? Because……….

AN3: This will be a SHORT chaptered fic if there is enough interest for me to continue.
Tags: fic:tattooist, pairing:yunjae, pg

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