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The Tattooist [4]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13 for now
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

AN1: Nobody diessssssss and I’m glad tbh hahahahaha! Ok seriously, my excuse for this chapter is that I wrote it all while under the influence of very strong cold medication that made me feel like I got hit by a train OTL

AN2: Two updates in a day... aren't you lucky?


His foot isn’t broken.

Just squashed.

Nicole had insisted on Jaejoong going home, completely against his will, but after a phone call to his own noona, he was given no option.

It really sucks being seventeen.

But what matters is that he’s back! His foot is bruised, but he bruises easily anyway so that really isn’t a big deal

Jaejoong is reclining on the couch, reading a magazine with his foot propped up and iced. He really doesn’t think it needs it, but Nicole had clucked all over him that he figures it’s just easier letting her do as she pleases than argue with her.

It did get him out of sorting the rest of those different sized piercing accoutrements. Not that he minded the job in the first place, and he promised Nicole that he’d finish it in the afternoon. He’s been at work for all of one hour and he’s done bugger all.

Changmin is back in his room with some clients, twin guys who apparently want matching eyebrow piercings. Is that a thing? He should ask his twin sisters.

He hears a door open, and slam shut, and a quick look at Nicole confirms that it is Yunho.

Jaejoong drops the magazine, propping himself up on his elbows as the owner of Mirotic comes into view. The older man doesn’t even spare him a glance, conversing in low tones with Nicole about something or other. He is partly turned away, and Jaejoong gets the benefit of his profile, not to mention the large and angry-looking dragon. The ruby-red eyes, the only colour in the entire tattoo, seems to wink in the light.

His eyes travel the length of Yunho’s arm, wondering at the thick tail wrapped around his wrist. Like his other tattoos, the detail on this is amazing, and Jaejoong shivers as his eyes meet the beady red ones of the dragon. They look terribly malevolent, and he wonders how someone can convey such a thing through something that is two dimensional.

Jaejoong’s eyebrows knit as he enters into a staring match with the tattoo.

“Your Yunaconda is glaring at me.”

Nicole has her fist against her mouth trying to stifle her laughter as Yunho turns to stare in complete consternation at the solemn teenager.

“My what?”

Jaejoong points at the tattoo on Yunho’s arm.

“Your Yunaconda. I named your dragon. I’ve been lying here thinking about it, and I don’t know any names of dragons, and yundragon sounds a little weird. I figure snakes are close enough to dragons and dragons aren’t real anyway so I just picked the biggest snake I know of. It does have a nice ring to it, though, doesn’t it?” At the darkening scowl on the man’s face, Jaejoong hurriedly adds. “Nicole noona thinks so too! I asked her!”

“Thanks, kid.” Nicole remarks drily as she watches her boss turn to scowl at her.

“I’m not a kid!”

“You named my fucking dragon?” Yunho asks, sending a final glare at Nicole before he stalks forward, unable to quite believe the teenager. He had been more than relieved, and forever grateful to the American for sending the kid home early the previous day. He had arrived at work much earlier than usual, just to avoid bumping into the teen, but necessity had driven him out of his room as he tries to clear a backlog of accounts, something that Nicole is meant to take care of under his supervision. The numbers don’t match, the amount they banked in the previous week more than what they should have had according to the records, so he needed to clarify it with her. He had texted her, and even called her, but the stubborn blonde had refused to talk to him. Since his first client of the day is due in under an hour, Yunho had no choice but to come out.

He really should have stayed in his room and just dealt with the accounts at lunchtime or something.

Jaejoong is looking like some debauched harem boy with the overlarge tank top from yesterday slipping off a snowy white shoulder. His hair is mussed, his doe eyes heavy-lidded, as he gazes up at Yunho through his long lashes. His lips are rosy red as usual, and Yunho is starting to wonder if this is by design rather than an effect of nature meant to torment him. Jaejoong’s position is inviting, with a knee bent, the other leg out straight with a pack of melting ice over his ankle.

And it is that ice pack that snaps Yunho from his very unprofessional, not to mention illegal, perusal of the teenager.

“Why did you come to work if your foot still hurts?”

Jaejoong sits up quickly, knocking the ice pack from his foot, shaking his head.

“It doesn’t hurt, but noona wanted me to ice it.”

“If she wanted you to ice it then you must still be injured. Go home.”

Jaejoong frowns, standing up. His foot twinges slightly, but he is damned if he is going to show it.

“What kind of logic is that? Is noona a doctor?”

“No, but he is,” Nicole points right at Yunho, making Jaejoong’s eyes widen.

“You’re a doctor?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, he is.”



“What the fuck is GA1?”

“Grumpy Ass 1!” Jaejoong grins. “Minnie hyung is GA2!”

“What the—“ Yunho shakes his head, feeling as if he’s in quicksand and sinking fast. The teenager is beaming at him, and he has nowhere to run. He knows he was angry about something, but for the life of him, cannot quite recall what it was he was annoyed about.

“I like grouchy bear better. I don’t think grumpy ass suits you. Do you prefer ass?”

Yunho can see the boy’s lips moving, and he can hear the words, but there is a temporary disconnect in his mind, and nothing makes sense. This teen has been the bane of his life for the last eighteen months, but if he is being honest, all those months is nothing compared to these two days. It is as if being accepted as part of Mirotic has made the teenager more precocious or something.

It’s definitely made him more chatty. Perhaps he’s always been chatty, but Yunho has definitely never been faced with this. All he’s used to is the rather penetrating and slightly knowing stare of the kid, and the occasional shy conversations here or there. He’s heard him laugh and giggle, and refuses to acknowledge how it makes him feel when he hears it, but he has never actually been faced by such a contradiction.

That intoxicating face with the beguiling doe eyes, and the sore lack of a filter the kid appears to suffer from.

He watches, as a sudden gleam enters the teenager’s eyes, Jaejoong has his head tilted as if trying to appraise Yunho.

“So you’re a doctor?”

“No, I’m not.” Yunho practically growls out. He is going to have a stern word with Nicole later about blurting out shit like this to strangers.

Is he really a stranger though? He has known Jaejoong longer than Nicole.

The teenager continues on, his expression suddenly eager, and Yunho is reminded of an excited puppy.



Oedipus take it all to hell and back.

“Then you did know that sperm and semen are not the same thing!” Jaejoong declares brightly.

Yunho says nothing, his mouth in a tight line as he turns on his heel and strides resolutely back to his office. He is not going to come out. Not even at lunch time. He is going to stay in there, and let his body eat itself. It’s less painful.

The second the door shuts, Nicole explodes, laughing till tears are running down her cheeks.

Jaejoong simply stares at the blonde, unsure as to what’s so amusing.

“D-d-do yo-you p-p-pp-prefer a-ass?” Nicole howls all over again as she stutters and stumbles trying to get the words out through her gasping laughs.


“Ass… oh god you didn’t just ask that.”

“Ask what?”

“You asked Yunho if he prefered ass!”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did,” the blonde nods. “You most definitely did. I thought I was going to die trying not to laugh. What would I have given to have seen his face when you said that, but he just ignored it.”

“That’s because I didn’t ask that!” Jaejoong insists. He really doesn’t remember saying something like that. “I asked if he prefered grumpy ass. You know, as opposed to grouchy bear which I prefer.”

Nicole is chortling as she looks at the confused teenager.

“Kid, you sure as fuck, and I swear to everything holy and unholy, that you asked him if he preferred ass.”

“Who prefers ass?” Changmin asks as he comes out with the twin boys. The two appear to be in their own world, conversing in Japanese, ignoring everyone around them as they take their leave.

No answer is forthcoming as Nicole once again starts laughing. He turns to Jaejoong who has his arms crossed, looking confused and petulant all at the same time.

The twin men stop short, suddenly noticing Jaejoong.

One reaches out a hand and strokes the back of his finger down the apple of Jaejoong’s cheek.

“My, my, you are pretty.”

Jaejoong freezes, as does Nicole whose laughter dies in her throat. Changmin takes a step forward, but stops when he realises he has no idea what to do next.

The other twin steps closer, crowding Jaejoong on the other side as he too reaches up to stroke the boy’s jawline and down his throat, along his collarbone.

“I never thought Koreans could be this pretty. I’ve never seen a Korean this pretty.” The man practically purrs. He is young, maybe about twenty, but the intention behind his voice is clear.

“Get your hands off him.”

Yunho’s voice is a deadly growl, speaking in Japanese, and the hairs on the back of Jaejoong’s neck stands on end. He is actually rather used to this, though the men normally keep walking after ogling at him for a bit. No one has ever actually touched him though. Apart from these twins and his teacher that is.

“Is this pretty yours?” One twin asks, turning to face the topless man who says absolutely nothing, simply taking a step forward in reply.

Jaejoong senses, rather than sees the fear that suddenly ripples through both men. The twins move away from his side hastily, bowing almost in half as they mutter their apologies. The extent of Jaejoong’s knowledge of Japanese stops at common anime conversations, and the rapid-fire words shooting out of the two men’s mouths sounds completely foreign to his ear. Whatever it is, they are practically on their knees, which confuses the hell out of the teenager.

They did not act like this when they saw Yunho earlier, but for some reason, something changed.

A quick look at Nicole and Changmin does not make him feel any less confused, as both adults are wearing equally perplexed expressions.

The teenager glances over at Yunho, sucking in a sharp breath as the grouchy bear has turned into a lethal panther. That is honestly the only thing he can think of. Yunho is saying absolutely nothing, but his stance conveys arrogance and contempt for the two men now backing slowly out the front door, still practically in prostration.

The second the door shuts behind Jaejoong, Yunho turns and strides back into his room, the door slam vibrating around the office.

“What the hell was that?”


“Should I take him something?”

Nicole looks over at the teenager who has not taken his eyes off the shut door since the start of lunch. She feels sorry for the seventeen year old who has barely touched his food, waiting for Yunho to come back out. The rest of the morning pass by event-free, though both her and Max are still a little shaken by the change in their boss. Yunho may currently be a grumpy ass, or grouchy bear, but he has never exuded actual vibes of danger. The whole time Nicole has known Yunho and Max, he’s been the more reticent of the two. She can barely imagine him kicking a puppy, but the aura of leashed violence he exuded that morning is unmistakable.

Both she and Max have their suspicions, especially the way the two Japanese men had literally drained of colour with not a word further from Yunho after his initial command.

But she is keeping her own counsel in this matter, deciding that it really is truly none of her business. Max concurs for once, thank goodness.

And Jaejoong? Jaejoong appears to have forgotten the entire episode if his eagerness at looking for Yunho is anything to go by.

“Just leave him alone, Jae. He’ll come out if he’s hungry.”

“But if he’s already grouchy, wouldn’t hunger make him grouchier?”

“Haven’t you heard the saying, don’t poke a sleeping bear?”

“But he’s not sleeping.”

“Ok,” Changmin amends. “Don’t poke an injured bear.”

“But he’s not injured.”

Nicole starts to chuckle as Changmin rolls his eyes.

“Well?” asks the insistent teenager. He is nothing if not determined.

“It’s your head I guess. Go ahead.” Changmin gives up as he waves at the teenager to do as he pleases.

Jaejoong breaks into a brilliant smile, hopping up immediately as he grabs the unopened packet of food, hurrying to the back, only to come to a skidding halt as Yunho opens the door.

The man grunts as he catches sight of the teenager.

“Why are you always here when I open the door?”

“Good timing?” Jaejoong pipes up cheerfully. The morning excitement is already a distant memory thanks to the subsequent hours spent learning how to do accounts from Nicole. His head is spinning with spreadsheets and excel formulas.

“Depends on who you ask,” Yunho mutters as he walks past the teenager, holding his breath. No more cinnamon hot chocolate, please. He has barely needed to drink the stuff thanks to Jaejoong.

He can hear the boy walking after him, whistling merrily along to the song that has just come up on the speakers.


How appropriate.

Yunho finds a seat on the long couch next to Nicole, who is lounging against Changmin, pulling the blonde’s long legs into his lap so she can still stretch out with him being there.

“There’s an empty seat here!” A bright voice calls out, though there is thread of unhappiness in the voice.

Changmin and Nicole both look up to see Jaejoong pouting. Yunho’s tank top is slipping off a slim shoulder once again, the top being more crumpled than usual after Jaejoong laying in it. Nicole had teased the teenager about his attire, but the teen had done a very good job of ignoring her till she stopped.

“I like it here.” Yunho answers, not bothering to look up as he leans forward to grab the closest container of food.

Three brows raise as Yunho manages to unerringly, yet again, steal Jaejoong’s food.

The three watch in silence as Yunho eats the jjajangmyun, something not quite Jaejoong’s preference when it comes to food, but then again, everyone needs a change now and then.

“Is it nice?” Jaejoong finally speaks.

Yunho grunts, not looking up as he leans over to read the newspaper that they had used to line the table, protecting it from any food scraps.

“I don’t speak grunt. Was that a yes or a no?”

Changmin and Nicole swallow their chuckles as Yunho pauses, chopsticks arrested between the container and his mouth as he closes his eyes. They watch as he exhales loudly, his breath tinged with exasperation before he opens his eyes.

“Yes, it tastes very nice. The best noodles I’ve ever had in my life. Better than your demon noodles yesterday.”

“Are these angel noodles then?”

“Yes, they’re angel noodles. Beautiful angel noodles. Now can you please shut up so I can eat in peace?”

Yunho finally glances up to look at the bemused teen standing there holding a packet of food. He notes the ill-fitting tank top still slipping off his shoulder, and he all but growls.

“You should eat too, kid. You’re practically drowning in that top.”

“I’m not a kid, and I’m drowning because this is your top. You are much bigger than me if you haven’t noticed.”


Jaejoong moves to sit opposite Yunho who is now peering a little closer at him. How did he not notice this before? He thought the top looked familiar, but he never actually imagined it would be his. It’s his Chrome Heart tank top, a gift and something he only wears as a last resort anyway which is probably why he hadn’t missed it.

He vaguely recalls the teen telling him that Nicole had given him the top, and he turns, silently questioning the smirking blonde who nods.

“I wonder if you’re bigger than me everywhere.” Jaejoong continues on, his tone airy, not paying any attention to the choking couple on the couch next to Yunho. “I don’t think you could get into my pants, though you can try if you want.” He sends a disarming smile towards the transfixed older man staring at him like he has suddenly grown horns. Or maybe angel wings if his earlier words are anything to go by. Jaejoong smiles happily to himself as he keep going. “Fair’s fair by the way. I borrowed your top in return for you stealing my food.”

Yunho drops the container of food and glares at the teenager seated demurely across from him, nonchalantly opening his packet of food.

For once, Jaejoong ignores him, opening up the noodles only to find a lack of chopsticks. He huffs, mouth pursed, the air escaping his lips blowing upwards, causing bits of his fringe that had escaped his bobby pins to sway. He stands up, leaning over across the table to snatch the chopsticks from Yunho’s container of food, sticking them quickly into his mouth, making Changmin and Nicole chuckle, both knowing exactly why he does it.

He shoots a sheepish look their way as he gnaws on the tips of the chopsticks, before sitting back down.

But Yunho doesn’t notice this.

He doesn’t notice anything but the outline of a pierced nipple against the soft fabric of his tank top.

When Jaejoong had bent over, the top had given Yunho a full view down the slim boy’s body, and the first thing that had caught his eye was the glint of metal in his left nipple.

“Changmin.” Yunho grits out, as he stands. “A word in the back room please.”

Nicole and Jaejoong both watch curiously as the two tall men proceed down the hallway.

The door to Changmin’s office shuts, before muffled shouting can be heard.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You pierced his nipple didn’t you?”

Changmin crosses his arms across his chest defensively. He hates that his body has automatically gone and done that, but he can still remember Yunho from this morning, and he is not entirely sure how his friend is going to take the news.

But he stands his ground, chin up as he eyes the belligerent man glaring balefully at him, noting the tick in his tightly clenched jaw.



“Almost nine months ago.”


Changmin drops his arms and steps forward. “Seriously, hyung? Do you think I poke holes in people because I want it? I poke holes in people because they want it. That innocent little kumiho out there is bloody good at pouting at people for what he wants if you haven’t noticed.”

The fight leaves Yunho’s body, feeling tired all of a sudden as he leans against the treatment chair.



And now foxes?


Changmin shakes his head, stepping back again as he sits in his chair. “You haven’t noticed his tail, I take it.”

“Tail? What the hell?” Yunho sits on the treatment chair, leaning back in it and staring at the white ceiling. He might just sit here for the rest of the day. Dealing with Jaejoong is exhausting.

“We sent him out for lunch and he came back with a fox tail. He said some woman gave it to him because she said he looked like a beautiful but naughty vixen.”

Yunho sits up, bending over, resting his elbow on his knee as he massages his forehead.

“I take it she thought he was a girl.”

Changmin shrugs. “He didn’t say, but he was very happy with his tail. He’s turned my Nicole into a giggling teenager whenever he wags it at her. I have no idea what’s happened to the her, but the both of them are hopeless together. He makes her more…girly. And she indulges him like you wouldn’t believe.”

“He…wags it?” Yunho’s question is all but strangled in his throat, mentally fixating on that one piece of information, everything else Changmin said subsequent to it, falling on deaf ears.

“Don’t ask.” Changmin smirks. “And for your sake, I actually hope you don’t get to see it. Seriously, I’m actually glad I don’t like boys, because if I was confused, that boy would push me straight into the valley of no return.”

“Don’t even think about it.” There is heat in his words, but also resignation.

Changmin’s smirk widens as he looks at his friend’s slightly distressed expression.

“I can’t believe Nic was actually right about you two. How long have you noticed him?”

“Too fucking long. Shut up, Min. I don’t intend on doing anything about it.”

“He’s jail bait.”

“Don’t I fucking know it.”

“They’re not shouting anymore.”

“Stop worrying your pretty little head, kid.”

“Stop calling me kid!”

Nicole stares at the teenager trying to eat his food, but he cannot quite manage to pout and eat at the same time. The urge to be petulant is apparently a lot stronger than his hunger pangs because pouting wins.

She gets up, going over to his side and sliding into the narrow seat next to him, hugging him tight.

“I’m sorry, Jae. I have to keep saying it, because I have to keep reminding you that you’re not of age yet.”

“Of age for what?”

“Are you really asking me this?” She leans back, looking down into the beautiful upturned face staring fiercely at her. His eyes are shimmering, but not from tears, but rather from frustration.

“Yes, I’m asking. Everyone keeps calling me jail bait. Even my noona called me jail bait. She said Yunho would probably be thrown in jail on my first day of work. It’s my second day now, and he’s still here! Doesn’t that mean I’m not jail bait?”

“Your noona actually said that?” Nicole cannot hide the surprise in her voice or face, but Jaejoong doesn’t notice as he stares at his food.

“Yes. She also said I should learn self-control from him.”

Nicole coughs to hide her laughter. To her, it sounds like the kid really does have permission from his family.

For everything.

“Oh dear…”

Yunho and Changmin exit the room to find Nicole and Jaejoong cleaning up. They are both dancing, as Koda Kumi’s Shake It blares from the speakers. Changmin, walking ahead of his friend, groans at the sight, before stopping short, and turning to his friend.

“Do you know this song?”

“No. I don’t like J-pop.”

“Then I suggest you close your eyes.”

“Why?” And even as he asks, he peers around his friend, just in time to see Jaejoong shaking his ass at a laughing Nicole.

That damn tail.

His arms are raised over his head, lifting the material of the over-large tank top enough to give Yunho a glimpse of the slim waist and pert ass. His cheeks are flushed, high in colour as he giggles and shimmies to the song. He is truly dancing that very fine line between masculinity and femininity, but despite the suggestive song, Yunho can still see the male in the boy.

Stunning face aside, the boy also happens to know how to move his body.

“Mother fucker.”

Yunho’s expletive is loud, and both Nicole and Jaejoong freeze at suddenly finding themselves with an audience.

Jaejoong recovers first, dropping his arms and laughing gaily, before yelling back.


Nicole bursts out laughing, high-fiving the kid as Yunho and Changmin approach. Yunho is resolutely keeping his eyes above the kid’s shoulders, staring at anything but his eyes and mouth, which is harder to do than one would think. The boy’s face is pretty much all eyes and pout.

He finally decides to fixate on a point on his shoulder, only to realise to his growing horror, and the growing tightening of his pants, that he is imagining himself marking that pristine pale skin.

Yunho wants to turn around and seek shelter in his cave again, awaiting his next customer, but sheer stubbornness stays his feet.

This is his damn shop.

He owns the place. He’s not even renting the premises. He actually owns it.

So he’ll stay if he wants to.

“Oedipus?” Changmin asks as he snags Nicole, dropping himself onto the couch, and her onto his lap with a loud grunt.

“Yunho said mother fucker…” Jaejoong starts.

“…and Oedipus was probably a mother fucker.” Nicole finishes, wrapping her arms around Changmin’s neck as she watches Jaejoong and Yunho curiously.

Jaejoong’s eyes widen all of a sudden, and he dashes off, leaving Yunho staring bemusedly after him, trying not to look at the tantalizing foxtail drawing attention to his ass.

“I guess his foot really is better.”

“Noonaaaaaaaaaa,” a loud voice hollers from the back of the office. “Where did you put my strawberries?”

Nicole leans up and forward, hollering back. “In the vegetable bin. I washed them already.”

Jaejoong reappears a minute later, strawberry in his mouth, munching nonchalantly, hands occupied by a large bowl of strawberries.

Yunho looks away immediately, grimly resolute. Changmin nuzzles Nicole’s ear, whispering as the teenager drops the bowl on the coffee table. “Hyung likes strawberries, how did the kid know?”

Nicole shrugs, turning to whisper back. “I have no idea. It wasn’t me.”

“Come on! Eat! My noona gave them to me this morning and told me to share it with everyone. She said they’re a little sour, but still juicy.”

Jaejoong pops the large strawberry he had pulled out of his mouth earlier back into his mouth, sucking on it instead of eating it.

Nicole and Changmin each grab a strawberry, as does Yunho.

“I prefer cherries myself.” Jaejoong confides as he nibbles on the red heart shaped fruit. His lips are almost the same shade as the strawberry. “I’m a cherry boy.”

Yunho chokes on his strawberry, earning himself peculiar looks from the other three, but he ignores them, as he tries to compose himself.


Is he actually this innocent? Or is he playing a very dangerous game? He knows now that Yunho knows Japanese, but does he even know what the term would mean in Japanese?

Yunho shakes his head, trying to clear his thoughts and give the teenager the benefit of the doubt as he stares into that intent gaze. He is going to stay away from the boy as far as possible be it in conversations or physically.

Definitely physically.

He grabs another couple of strawberries, rather liking the slightly sour taste. He’s had enough “sweetness” to last him a very long while.

“What about you? What fruit do you like?”

“Nicole likes bananas.” Changmin deadpans, as the blonde girl smacks him hard in the shoulder. Yunho has to chuckle at that, the spitfire turning pink as she tries to pinch an unrepentant Shim Changmin.

“I used to like bananas too. I tried to swallow one whole once, but it broke off at the bottom and I wasn’t prepared for that. I ended up choking on it so I don’t like bananas anymore.”

“Too bad,” Changmin smirks, sending a look up at Yunho who is staring at the bowl of strawberries as if his life depended on it.

“What fruit do you like, Yunho?”

“Call me hyung.”


“He likes strawberries.”

“Oh, yay!” Jaejoong claps his hands together, beaming. His happiness shining through on his open face. “I’ll tell my noona it’s your favourite fruit. She’ll be so happy that it’s my second day and you’re still not in jail and that I brought you your favourite fruit!”

“You’re so cute.” Nicole exclaims suddenly, cutting in before any of the older males can question Jaejoong’s random jail comment. Jaejoong grins in her direction, and she back at him as she continues. “You look like a little ripe strawberry with your moles and pink apple cheeks.”

Changmin rolls his eyes, giving Yunho a see what I mean look which the older man acknowledges with a small smile, though Jaejoong’s jail comment is making him itch to ask. But he has made a deal with himself, to try and minimise interaction with the teenager as far as possible, and this includes voluntarily talking to him.

Jaejoong claps his hands over his cheeks, squishing his face and accentuating his pout.

“Yunho likes strawberries.” Changmin reminds rather evilly. He doesn’t know why, but now that he knows of his friend’s attraction, he is just mean enough to see what the arguably innocent teenager can do to the much older and worldlier man. The fact that Yunho turns stupid around the kid already amuses him to no end.

Jaejoong turns towards Yunho, eyes wide and shining as he drops his hands.

“Nicole says I’m a strawberry. Do you want to eat me?”

Silence descends on the quartet, the younger adults waiting for a reaction from the oldest among them, as Jaejoong’s smile falters slightly around the edges as the silence continues. He pops his strawberry back into his mouth to hide his embarrassment when he belatedly realises exactly how his seemingly innocent comment had sounded.

Yunho silently bends over, picking up a couple of strawberries, before leaning over to pluck the large half eaten from the teenager’s rosy red pout.

The fruit has nothing on the boy, paling easily in comparison.

He smirks lazily, making not just Jaejoong’s but Nicole’s breath catch in their throats. Changmin is watching with avid interest, as Yunho pops Jaejoong’s strawberry in his mouth.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

He chews slowly, making a show of it, licking his lips as a bit of juice squirts out. He flicks the captive ring in the corner of his mouth, not at all hiding the wicked smirk he is wearing as the teenager’s eyes are drawn to the titanium bead moving with each flick.

Jaejoong leans forward, unconsciously licking at his own mouth.

Yunho’s eyes drop to those cherry red lips.

Cherry boy indeed.

His smirk widens as the boy’s cheeks pink a little further under his scrutiny.

He lifts a hand to thumb Jaejoong’s pouty lower lip, sweeping traces of strawberry juice onto his thumb before sticking it into his mouth, sucking it clean before pulling it out with an obscene pop.

“You taste very good.”

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  • The Dragons [2/2]

    Title: The Dragons Pairing: YunJae + YunJae + MinSu Rating: PG-13 Length: Twoshot Genre: AU, fluff, crossover(s) Disclaimer: I don't own…

  • Devil [1/1]

    Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Devil Pairing: YunJae Rating: NC-17 Length: Oneshot Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life Disclaimer: I don't own…

  • Drabble: In The Air Tonight

    Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble: In The Air Tonight Pairing: YunJae Rating: G Length: Drabble Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life Disclaimer: I…