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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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The Tattooist - need your help lol!
Ok folks I need your help. I need you to come up with TRUTH questions for the truth or dare. I already have all the dares so please don't submit any of that.

I just need TRUTH questions.

PG-13 mainly please although some rated is ok. Jaejoong is a kawaii baby bunny so please spare him :P Be as creative as you want.

Help this author juseyo cos I'm stuck hahaha! You don't want me to be stuck, do you? :O

Make Jaejoong ask Yunho:

'Where is the picture of your one eyed snake?' oh the fact Yunho would have to even attempt to answer that question under duress & some alcohol would be hilarious!

Edited at 2013-06-28 05:31 pm (UTC)

Changmin to Yunho: "Whose red cherry would you like to pop in this room?</p>

Nicole to Jaejoong: "Would you like to ride a ruby-eyed dragon one day?"

would u rather make out w/ a hot dog or shave changmin's back hair

If you're gonna go for the "let's make Yunho jealous" part, you could get either Min or Nicole to ask Jae if he's gotten to second base or farther with a guy and who xD and if Nicole's feeling feisty she could dare Jae to kiss Min.

Orr one of them asks Jae "who's the one person in this room you want in your bed?"

Or ask Jae if anyone in the room has shown up in his wet dreams (is that PG-13??)

I hope these help :)

Oh shiet. I have a problem with properly reading things. Didn't see the part about the no dares. This is why I always failed those tests in high school where it clearly says at the very top to read all the questions first and the last question says only write your name on the paper and turn it in -.-

"Where's your sensitive spot?"
"Have you ever been touched in 'weird' places?"
-i kind of what to see yunnie go papa bear on jae :) dont blame me :) i love possessive-ness hehe
"have you been confessed to?'boy/girl?"


Jae to YoonHo : do you have a tattoo on your dick? Lol

Edited at 2013-06-29 08:24 am (UTC)

To jaejoong: "what did you do to get yourself suspended from school for a week?"
I'd love to see yunho's reaction when hears what that teacher did hohoho *v*

Jae should askb yunho if he can give him a tattoo

Yunho should ask Jaejoong how old is he, since he doesn't know?...

To yunho : who at the moment, in this room get your rocks rolling!

I second the suggestion about suspension from school, it kind of expected. Yunho left the subject to easy about Jae's hands being distracted by foot accident, but surely he would not forget.

And few others:
For Jaejoong
-What is your favourite body part (on your body)
- What is the best thing about your life right now?
for Yunho: Who is most beautiful person you know (inside and out)?
For Chagmin: -What is your worst phobia?
For Nicole: do you have any embarassing pet names?

I don't have a question but I wanna please ask something from you. I hope you won't think that I'm hating on you or something. I said this before yes it is good that Jae is determined about Yunho and pushing till some extend but I'm worried that it will turn into pushing too much. That they (changmin, Nicole and Jae) will push Yunho too much, that they instead of being a bit pushy they will be disrespecting Yunho.
Please I hope you don't see this as hating on you.

For yunho: does age matters to you when it comes to relationship?
For jae: do you wish something so badly right now?
for nic: don't you miss home?

Jaejoong : what's grouchy bear's shoes size
Yunho: 10.5
Changmin: blurted out randomly I'm 11 .... you know what they Say about big feet!
Nichole: slap changmin on the chest
Yunho: glaring
Changmin: smirking with the remark..... what..... just need to buy bigger socks!!

A whole day without undies?

If yunho hyung is a food, what kind of food and will you eat him?

Who's got it bigger min or yunho? (tho we know who already)

Let me think some more

I can't wait
Excited!! XDD