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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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The Tattooist - need your help lol!
Ok folks I need your help. I need you to come up with TRUTH questions for the truth or dare. I already have all the dares so please don't submit any of that.

I just need TRUTH questions.

PG-13 mainly please although some rated is ok. Jaejoong is a kawaii baby bunny so please spare him :P Be as creative as you want.

Help this author juseyo cos I'm stuck hahaha! You don't want me to be stuck, do you? :O

to yunho:

-have you ever dream of bedding someone in this room
-have you ever hope to have someone underage as your partner

to joongie:

-do you peek on yunho sometimes
-do you have a wet dream involving certain someone in this room

author-shii, mianhe, i don't have many idea..hope this help..happy writing..

Jaejoong to Yunho: Can you count how many times we did kiss?

and Yunho would be all grumpy saying that was indirect, kid blah blah and then if Jung can't answer, proceed with the dare. ((:

oh and one more,

Yunho, do you prefer angel noodles or devil noodles? ((:

i just really am jdghont now OTL

to jae: did you have stalker following him around?

to yunho: what is his ideal type of person?

sorry Iam not that creative ♡

DARE for Yunho from Jae " show me your ONE-EYED SNAKE to me "

if he refuse.... he will get punishment by sit in a room for an hour with Jae ~~ hahahhahaaa

Jae to anyone - why do you guys keep calling me jailbait?
to yunho - do you even like me? if i had permission would you give me a tattoo? which part of my body would look best with a tattoo?

Jaejoong to Nicole: why do you keep calling me jailbait?

Hmmm. What is your biggest regret? Too bad you didn't want any dares. I had some good ones.