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The Tattooist [6a]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13 for now
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

AN1: I am sooooooo longwinded I am so sorry people. So much for a short fic OTL

AN2: I'm at work and seriously frustrated right now OTL


“Aaaaaaaaaand GA1 is back.” Nicole declares with a disgusted huff as she throws herself back against the couch, arms crossed as she glares at Yunho who remains impassive. “You take the fun out of fun, do you know that? There’s nothing left!”

“I just know you and Changmin too well. This is going to turn into a three way clusterfuck with me on the bottom.”

“You can be on top of me if you want.” Jaejoong offers, patting the man on his knee as Yunho turns a strange shade of purple. He doesn’t notice the other two adults who are currently biting their inner wrists trying not to laugh. He takes in Yunho’s strange colour and continues in a comforting tone. “It’s ok. Really, you can be on top. I don’t mind being on the bottom if it makes you happy so then you won’t be on the bottom.”

Yunho tilts his head up, staring at the ceiling, praying for patience. A lot of fucking patience. He reaches blindly for his bottle of beer, tilting it up and taking a huge mouthful, only to choke and gasp in shock as sweet ice cream soda flows down his throat instead of the rotten swill Nicole has deemed drinkable.

“You really like kissing me don’t you?” Jaejoong asks, his gaze direct as Changmin and Nicole start coughing in efforts to disguise their laughter though if the baleful look Yunho sends them is anything to go by, they weren’t successful.

Yunho drops the bottle of pop onto the table, ignoring the teen as he grabs the right bottle and swallows the contents, not stopping till he finishes the whole bottle.

He belches loudly as he drops the bottle, making Jaejoong’s nose wrinkle. He shrugs it off, knowing his sisters do it too when they drink, though not as uncouthly, as he leans forward to grab his bottle of pop, wrapping his pouty lips around the rim but not drinking.

Changmin recovers first, takes one look at the teen, and then sends a knowing look over at Yunho who is also watching the teenager silently.

Jaejoong is in profile to Yunho, and the boy looks almost thoughtful to the older man as he sucks on the rim of the blue bottle. He can see the diamond-like quality of his jaw, watching it flex as he sucks. The boy has a serious oral fixation. He’s always sucking on something. Yunho wonders if he’d consider a tongue piercing because—

Too late, he realises his thoughts have gone down a very dangerous path and when he looks up, Changmin and Nicole’s identical shit eating grins shake him out of his mild walk down the path of probable destruction.

“My rules, or we don’t play. Take it or leave it, Nic.”

Nicole stares at the man whose grim countenance is a complete contrast to the day dreaming teenager tucked to his side. Yunho may be leaning away from the teen, but thanks to his arm unfolded across the back of the couch, it looks much cosier than he thinks. This is especially so when Jaejoong finally relinquishes his hold on the bottle with a loud pop, and leans back against Yunho’s arm. Neither seem to consider this out of the ordinary as both gaze questioningly at the tall couple opposite them.

Though really, both couples are tall. Jaejoong has an inch on Nicole while Yunho and Changmin are the same height.

Nicole tries one last time to salvage the game, because all of hers and Changmin’s plans will come to nought if they have to follow Yunho’s ridiculous rules for Truth or Dare.

She turns imploring eyes onto the teenager, her voice cajoling. “Jae, honey, can’t you convince oppa to let up on some of the rules? He’s being an old fuddy duddy.”

Jaejoong tilts his head to look at Yunho, noting the deep furrow in the man’s brow and the set of his jaw.

He pats Yunho on the thigh, looking over at Nicole who is sending him encouraging looks. He takes a deep breath, before he speaks.

“You really are a grouchy bear. Nicole noona is only trying to make you smile again. She even called you oppa! How about we lose the rule about passing?”

Yunho opens his mouth to protest but Jaejoong’s hand moves from his thigh to his chest, silencing him, though really his breath just caught in the back of his throat at the simple touch rather than anything else. If he tries to talk, it may come out as a squeak, and he really cannot fucking have that.

“Hear me out. How about allowing one pass each for either a truth or a dare, but to make it more fun, we can pass our truth or dare to another person and that person must do it? You’ve already made the rules so random that all our truths or dares cannot be targeted at any specific person, but this way, we each get at least get one chance to pass on a truth or dare to a particular person. And maybe…”

Jaejoong trails off, lost in thought as he tries to work it out in his head.

“…Maybe we each have one refusal when it comes to a passed on truth, be it a truth we picked up or a passed on truth. But we cannot refuse a passed on dare.”

Yunho wants to say no. He really does. He had purposefully made the game about as fair and random as he can manage it.

Two truths and two dares each, no options otherwise.

There is a penance for choosing not to a dare, or for taking too long. He was unable to gainsay Nicole or Changmin on this.

A roll of dice before each round is thrown to determine the sitting order to prevent any do this or do that with the person on your right.

Truth and dare questions must be written out onto identical squares of paper, folded into quarters, and deposited into two bowls. No one person is allowed to ask another a specific question. Everything is left to chance.

Everyone is to write two truths and two dares each, bearing in mind that they might end up picking their own truth and own dares. It must be written with their secondary hand to conceal their identities.

One truth and one dare that is written must each be PG13 and below.

Everyone can pass on one truth and one dare, which basically means they will likely end up with only one of each.

Maybe he really is an old fuddy duddy.


“Hallelujah, praise Xiah god!” Changmin shouts, startling everyone. “Can we fucking start now or are we going to let hyung ruin this completely because I dare say he can add even more rules to this rule free game. We might as well just sit around and drink beer. It’ll be more fun that this farce of a game.”

“Xiah god?” Jaejoong asks, stunned when both Nicole and Yunho yell out.

“Don’t ask!”

“Why, don’t ask?”

“Just don’t. And Jae, if it comes out in the truth or dare game, we will know it’s you and I will tickle you till you piss in your pants.” Nicole growls out, elbowing Max who is laughing himself silly.

Jaejoong pouts, and Yunho takes the opportunity to get up, and away from that pout. Seriously, he is starting to get a complex over it. He wants to ask if his lips really are that pink or if they are enhanced by some sort of lip product, but thanks to his own rules, he won’t be able to.

“Alright hyung, truth or dare?”


“Someone’s feeling brave.” Nicole remarks as she pushes the dare bowl over to Max on her right. Yunho is opposite her and Jaejoong opposite Changmin.

“I just want to get it over and done with,” he drawls lazily, pleasantly buzzed from the bottles of beer he has already consumed. He is the biggest drinker of all of them, though Nicole can almost match him bottle for bottle when she feels like it. Yunho prefers not to drink, and Jaejoong, well, the kid is doing a rather good job of stealing sips of Yunho’s drink without the man noticing.

Or perhaps the man does notice but chooses not to do anything. Changmin can’t figure out his friend. On the one hand, he protests a lot when it comes to the kid, but on the other, he seems more than comfortable having the teenager around. When they had rolled their dice to determine the sitting order, Jaejoong had actually whined about needing to sit in a North South East West formation, but Yunho had been adamant.

Changmin shoots a look at Jaejoong who is currently staring intently at the bowl of dares, his eyes shining, though the piercer honestly cannot tell why it is so.

He drops his hand into the bowl, not bothering to swirl his hand around since Yunho already did a damn good job of shaking the pieces of paper up. He did try to keep track of his, but he wasn’t able to, and he hopes that everyone else manages to word their dares the way he has, to make it a little more fun, and to hopefully catch the right people.

Changmin sends a glance over at Yunho who is also staring at the bowl, and then back at Jaejoong, before smiling to himself at the mirroring couple. He picks up the first square of paper he touches, handing it over to Nicole who starts to cackle upon reading it.

His heart sinks, wondering if he got one of his.

“Kiss B with the person on your right.”

“No fucking way.” Changmin retorts almost immediately.

“Give it to Nicole.”

“Why would I pass it to Nic when I can Kiss B her whenever I want?” Changmin eyes his hyung, waiting for the man to catch on.

“Well, I don’t think the kid even knows what Kiss B is.”

“Stop calling me, kid!”

“Ok, Jaejoong. Jaejoong.” Yunho’s eyes are on Changmin and Nicole who is smirking up a storm. He really doesn’t want Changmin to pass it on to Jaejoong but what other choice does he have? He sure as hell wants the man to pass it on that’s for sure. There is no fucking way he is doing Kiss B with the piercer.

“I pass it to you, hyung.”

“Maybe Nicole can teach Jaejoong— what!” Yunho stops, stunned when Changmin’s words finally sink into his head.

Changmin and Nicole are chuckling wickedly, the teen looking back and forth between the adults, his expression showing mild confusion as he waits for someone to explain the whole thing to him.

“No, no. This is the first round. Surely you want to keep your pass for something more uh…more difficult.”

Yunho is fucking stuck between a rock and a hard place.

“Oh, no, no, it’s ok, hyung. I’m sure I won’t regret this.” Changmin leans back, his tone oh-so-pleasantly cooperative and placating, but really, only someone who knows him will realise how evil he’s being. Nicole has already gotten up off her seat to sit next to him, kissing his ear appreciatively as she eyes Yunho from her new vantage point.

“What’s Kiss B?”

“He doesn’t even fucking know what Kiss B is! Min, don’t do this.” Yunho is not above begging. Not when it has come to this, and so fucking early in the game. If this is a portent of things to come for the rest of the game, he is so fucking screwed.

He knew this was a bad idea. He shouldn’t have given in to the kid’s reasoned changes to his rules. He gives in to the kid one fucking time and it has already blown up in his face rather spectacularly.

“Sorry, hyung,” Changmin smirks, about as far from sorry as humanly possible.

Nicole on the other hand, has decided to be a good Samaritan and tell Jaejoong exactly what Kiss B is.

“Kiss B is a game normally reserved for the bedroom, where you kiss all the body parts of your partner starting with the letter B. Colloquial names are allowed.”

Jaejoong eyes are impossibly wide, his mouth in a perfect shocked little moue, as he listens to the blonde.

Yunho takes one look at his face and cards his hand agitatedly through his hair. “Fuck! This is ridiculous. Changmin, he’s just a kid!”

“I am not a kid!”

“You are a kid. For this, you most certainly are. Name me all the body parts starting with B and you’ll agree with me that this is no game for you.”

“Brain, brow, biceps, back—“ Jaejoong starts, not really finding anything wrong with those body parts.

“You sound like you’ve given this some thought.” Changmin muses as he interrupts, watching as Jaejoong stops, colouring slightly.

“Breast, belly, butt, balls…” Nicole continues helpfully.

“I am not doing this!”

“Hyung, we just started. You need to fucking lighten up. Ask the kid if he’s ok with it.”

“I am not asking him any such thing!”

“Does it have to be skin to mouth?”


Jaejoong turns impossibly wide doe eyes on the older man. “It’s ok…but uh…can I keep my clothes on?”

“Of course you’re keeping your fucking clothes on! We are not doing this! Weren’t you listening to Nic?”

The teenager turns his eyes to the couple opposite him and then back to Yunho. He shrugs delicately. “It’s PG13 because I have my clothes on. It’s ok, Yunho.”

“It is not ok!”

Jaejoong cocks his head, strangely unperturbed as he stares at the very perturbed older man.

“Methinks the lady doth protest too much, hyung. Jae’s fine with it. If you don’t get a move on, I’ll give you your penance.”

“Nothing can be worse than this.” Yunho bites out, missing the hurt look on Jaejoong’s face as his careless words leave his lips.

Nicole notices though, and she smiles sweetly at Yunho, hiding her fangs. “If you don’t get a move on, I will split the body parts between the two of you, and guess who’ll be kissing your balls.”

Jaejoong’s mouth drops open, but he says not a word as the blonde eyeballs the older man, refusing to back down. Alright so the idea is just a little…oh dear he cannot even figure out what he thinks of the idea. His tummy is churning like crazy and his face feels ridiculously hot. But if Yunho hates it, he doesn’t want to be the cause of the man being angry.

“It’s ok.” The teenager whispers softly, all the adults turning to him. He only has eyes for Yunho though. “If the thought of kissing me repulses you so much, I don’t think you should do it.”

But try as he might to conceal it, Jaejoong’s eyes betray his hurt, and Nicole rounds on Yunho who is gazing silently at him.

“Jung Yunho, this is a fucking game. It’s supposed to be fun. Fun, you jack ass! Jae looks like he is about to cry and all because you are a prissy fucking shit? What happened to the man who slips his hand into the back of my skirt when he hugs me, huh?” She turns quickly to Jaejoong whose mouth has dropped open again. “Don’t think on it, kid. He has absolutely zero interest in me. He’s just overly affectionate sometimes.”

“Not with me,” a tiny voice replies. “Is it because I’m a boy?”

“It’s because you’re underage not because you’re a boy!”

“So you like boys?”

“Yes, I like boys.” Yunho answers without thinking.

“My mother got married when she was seventeen.”

Nicole and Changmin start chuckling, already hearing this line from the kid, but Yunho hasn’t.

“What the hell does that have to do with anything?”

Jaejoong shrugs. “You seem to have a hang up about my age when clearly other people don’t. Noona and hyung have stopped calling me jail bait. Even my sister thinks I’m old enough.”

“Old enough for what?” Yunho asks, exasperation evident in his tone as he struggles to figure out what the hell the teenager is talking about.

“I told her I wanted a tattoo and she asked what I wanted to put on it, and I said jailbait as a joke, but she later admitted she doesn’t really think I’m jailbait.”

“That doesn’t mean she thinks you’re old enough!”

“Do you know what we’re arguing about?”

That gives Yunho some pause, brow furrowed as he stares at the teenager who continues on.

“I can’t remember either. So are you kissing me or not?”

“Yunho has taken too long, he will have to serve the penance. Are you willing, Jae?”

Jaejoong nods immediately, though his cheeks get so pink even his ears are taking on the pretty hue.


“Fine. Fine, whatever. I am going to get you two back somehow.”

“I doubt it,” Nicole retorts drily, leaning forward and turning to Jaejoong. “Ok, Jae you pick what body parts you want to kiss, and Yunho has to kiss the rest.”

“W-why do I have to p-pick first?” Jaejoong stutters, suddenly acutely aware of where his mind is going, not to mention his pants. Just the idea of it is making his cheeks so hot he is sure he must be fire engine red by now.

Changmin smirks as he hauls Nicole back against his side. “Maybe we want to see just how innocent you are.”

“Who says I’m innocent?” Jaejoong asks curiously.

“You’re not?” Yunho asks, his voice overly loud.

Jaejoong rolls his eyes. “Of course I am. I just can’t figure out how you can tell my innocence from the body parts I choose.”

Changmin grins as he winks at the teen who starts chewing on his bottom lip, staring at Changmin, and then Nicole, but refusing to look at Yunho. “Come on, kid. Pick your parts. And you can choose if you want Yunho clothed or unclothed, but you can stay clothed.”

“I am not a kid!” Jaejoong is really getting tired of saying this. Maybe if he chooses the risque body parts they will stop calling him kid. “I choose biceps, back…” he pauses, gazing furtively at Yunho who has his eyes clenched shut, holding his empty beer bottle tightly as if his life depends on it. “Uh…breast?”

“I do not have breasts.”

“Yes, but that’s the technical term. Shut up, Yunho.” Nicole retorts.


Yunho’s eyes fly open, but he doesn’t say a word as he takes in the teenager who is so red he might as well be a fire engine. A very beautiful and pouty fire engine.

Nicole is cackling gleefully, as is Changmin.

“Good choice, kid,” the piercer gives the blushing teen a thumbs up. “Do you want to go first?”

Jaejoong shakes his head.

“Ok, hyung you’re up.”

Yunho grits his teeth, relinquishing his hold on the beer bottle as he stands.

Nicole hops up too, racing to the stereo to put some music on.

Rihanna’s S&M starts to play just as Jaejoong too stands up, and Yunho throws a dirty look at the unrepentant blonde who blows him a kiss before settling in Changmin’s lap to enjoy the show.

Jaejoong has no clue what he’s supposed to be doing. He cannot remain seated because how is Yunho supposed to get to his butt? So he stands, stepping away from the couches, facing Changmin and Nicole who are both giving him thumbs up signs. At least something good came out of this, he reasons to himself. He has confirmation that Yunho likes boys.

Oh, and he’s about to kiss his butt.

Jaejoong is a healthy shade of cherry red now, his skin tone almost the same shade as his beautiful mouth, but he is unaware, as he feels Yunho approaching him. He turns to look at the expressionless man, and he suppresses a shiver. Maybe Yunho really doesn’t like him in that way…but…but he really does protest too much for someone supposedly uninterested. It reminds him of the girls in school. When asked if they like a boy, they will deny it vehemently, but their interest otherwise is pretty evident.

Is Yunho like his high school classmates?

He is lost in thought, and misses the fleeting press of a soft mouth against his head.

He tilts his head up immediately, almost banging Yunho on the nose, as he steps back in shock.

“Brain,” Yunho mutters sardonically. The teen looks like a damn deer in the headlights.


“Was this your dare?” Changmin whispers to Nicole as they watch, and he is surprised when she shakes her head. “Seriously? One of them put this in?”

“Surely not Jae. It has to be Yunho.”

“Oh I don’t know…I don’t think hyung would write a dare that could backfire so spectacularly on him.”

“But Jaejoong…”

“…is a very naughty kid.”

Nicole turns a critical eye over the teenager whose hands are fisted by his side as Yunho circles him. His jaw is taut, and body rigid. Her eyes drop lower, and she is very amused to find that he really is rigid…everywhere.

“Oh I don’t know, Max. I think your friend is a masochist or have you forgotten the spear in his one eyed snake?”

Changmin hums in agreement, as he watches the weird mating dance the oldest and youngest in the group are currently doing. Yunho has done brain and brow now, only two parts left. “How can I forget? I fucking put it there. Jae is going to be one happy kid.”

Nicole’s laughter does not distract the two currently staring at each other, which makes Changmin smirk even more.

Jaejoong’s heart is thudding so painfully in his chest, he is damn sure it is about to hop clean out of his body. He is belatedly regretting the clothing rule as Yunho drops to his knees in front of him.

“Turn around, Jaejoong.”

Turn? Turn? He can barely suck in a breath and Yunho wants him to move? His skin is tingling so weirdly, a very pleasurable crackle of electricity is coursing through him. He is vaguely aware of his erection, but he cannot summon enough care to be embarrassed about it, because he is already way past embarrassed.

Being embarrassed surely shouldn’t feel this good?

He stares down at Yunho, his expression showing his helplessness, and the older man chuckles darkly.

“Oh, Jaejoong. I told you this wasn’t a game for you.”

Instead of replying, Jaejoong forces himself to move. He will prove to this man that he is old enough if it’s the last thing he does.

Jaejoong lifts the hem of Yunho’s teeshirt that he’s wearing, high enough till his belly is exposed. He is vaguely aware of the choking going on in the vicinity of the other two, but his eyes don’t leave Yunho’s face.

Yunho smirks, already figuring he might as well roll with this and have fun while he’s at it. Nicole is right. He is protesting far too much for no real reason. Saying that Jaejoong is too young is beyond stupid because he remembers doing this and far more at his age. Even younger.

Which truly begs the question, is Jaejoong really as innocent as he seems?

Justin Timberlake’s Summer Love starts to play, and Jaejoong unconsciously starts moving his body with the beat. Mild movements, but as Yunho drops his gaze to the pale belly, it is enough for him to be able to see the muscles rippling gently.

Jaejoong’s belly button is conspicuously empty. But he has that perfect belly button for a piercing. Yunho isn’t really a connoisseur of piercings, but Jaejoong…well…the boy’s soft yet hard belly is beautiful.

He licks at his lip ring, tilting his head back up to look at Jaejoong. “No belly piercing?”

“Not yet…” the teenager whispers, his voice hoarse, mesmerised by Yunho’s beautiful mouth. Why couldn’t a B body part be on his lips?

Not yet.

That’s certainly good enough for Yunho, though there is no way in hell is going to let Changmin anywhere near the boy’s belly.

He smirks, leaning forward, kissing Jaejoong lightly on the left of his belly. He had been right, soft and hard.

Yunho watches as Jaejoong’s belly contracts and the muscles flex at his touch, and he wants another taste.

Belly button starts with B doesn’t it?

Before he can examine his intentions too closely, Yunho leans forward again, pressing his lips deeply against the boy.

Jaejoong’s gasp of shock is unmistakable as he feels the dig of metal against his skin. Yunho has always kept his kisses so light and fleeting that he barely even knows it is happening.

But this kiss.

He feels imprinted.

Yunho’s lip piercing digs into his soft skin, and he finds that he rather enjoys the feeling of metal in that part of his body. He makes a mental note to talk to Changmin about a belly piercing.

“I feel like a voyeur.” Nicole whispers to Changmin who squeezes her, nodding in agreement, never taking his eyes off his hyung, on his knees his mouth pressed against the beautiful boy who is no longer red, but still a healthy shade of pink.

But Yunho is not done.

His tongue flicks out, licking the rim of the boy’s pretty little hole.

This time Jaejoong does move, stepping back in shock as a wave of pure lust crashes over him, threatening to drown him.

For someone unfamiliar with these feelings, he honestly feels like he is about to be pulled under as his body explodes, his clothes feeling much too tight.

He wants to strip.

He wants to feel Yunho’s mouth against him…everywhere.

His breath is coming in short, confused pants, watching as Yunho sits back on his heels, gazing up at him, still licking at his lip ring. Jaejoong watches as the titanium ball moves with every flick, and he wants desperately to taste it.

“Will you turn for me now?” Yunho asks, his voice low and husky, unintentionally so, but yet so appropriate. Gone is the man protesting even touching the teenager. The way Jaejoong reacts to him is intoxicating in its honesty. The boy cannot hide his desire, and Yunho finds himself getting slowly but surely pulled into the vortex that is the stunning boy.

Turn? Turn? Jaejoong is supposed to turn. Yunho is supposed to kiss his butt.

Oh dear.

Nicole is fanning her face, herself feeling overheated all of a sudden. The attraction between the two is so strong that it has all but overtaken the room. She has no idea what the hell is going to happen when it is Jae’s turn to kiss Yunho. She is almost ready to call the game quits right there and send the two into the back room to sort out their sexual tension because the edges of it is already singeing the hairs on her arms.

“This is going better than I thought it would,” Changmin whispers to Nicole, kissing her nose.

“Better? I feel like I’m about to go up in flames. What the hell is with all the staring? I’m sitting here dying.”

“You really are a shipper aren’t you? Too much kpop, dear girl.”

“You’re telling me you cannot feel a damn thing?”

“Oh, I’m feeling it alright. And if you think you’re about to go up in flames, I’m deciding whether to wage a bet on whether Jae is going to come in his pants.”

“I don’t want to take that bet. He really is still a kid, Max, no matter what we think or what he says. I’m going to kick Yunho in the balls if he makes the poor boy come right there.” Nicole’s brow furrows as she watches the teenager turning slowly. She can practically see him trembling, and she really actually hopes that Yunho makes it quick.

“Jae will probably hit you if you do that, babe.” Max points out, and Nicole has to acknowledge that he is likely right. The teenager is strangely protective over the man who could probably break anyone in half should he decide he wants to.

Yunho can hear Changmin and Nicole murmuring in the back, and he knows he has already taken too long. There are way too many things he wants to do right now, on his knees, with the boy so willing, but this is a game.

A game.

He has to keep reminding himself of this, as he leans forward and pecks the teen impersonally on the ass before sitting on his heels, and getting back up.

Jaejoong turns in surprise, feeling the super brief touch. He had expected far more, especially what had happened earlier, but Yunho is already on his feet, staring at him with an unreadable expression in his eyes.

“Your turn, kid.” Nicole calls out, her voice sounding a little strained to Jaejoong’s ears. He is still so out of it that he doesn’t even protest the blonde noona calling him kid, as he steps forward.

“Take off your shirt.”

Yunho’s eyebrow quirks at the softly uttered demand, but he complies regardless, amid the snickers from the other two.

Dear saints in heaven, the man is beautiful. Jaejoong’s mouth instantly waters at the sight as he takes another step closer.

Where does he start?

Yunho makes the decision for him though, as he crosses his arms across his chest, his biceps bunching.

Jaejoong can see the veins popping underneath Yunaconda.

He starts to giggle immediately, breaking the palpable tension in the room, making Yunho frown slightly.

“What’s so funny?” Yunho asks curiously.

“I just mentally called your dragon Yunaconda again,” Jaejoong admits, still giggling slightly, and even more when he sees the scowl on Yunho’s face. “Don’t scowl, Yunho. I like the name. Maybe if you let me see your one-eyed snake, I might start calling that Yunaconda instead.”

What is this kid?

Changmin and Nicole’s unrestrained guffaws help to diffuse the tension further in the room, though Jaejoong barely notices as he steps forward, smiling sweetly.

“I’ll kiss your Yunaconda first.”

“Oh my god,” Nicole manages to choke out before she starts howling, ignoring the disgusted look Yunho sends her.

The man turns back to stare at the teenager, the tightness in his pants diminishing slightly as he looks at the over bright eyes of the clearly aroused teenager. But his arousal is a sharp contrast to the truly innocent smile on his face as he looks expectantly at Yunho.

Yunho is starting to feel like he’s in Twilight Zone or something. How can someone who looks like Jaejoong, who says the god fucking damnedest things he has ever heard, still be so beautifully untouched.

He is shaken from his reverie when the boy leans forward and presses a quick kiss to his bicep.

The teenager shudders lightly as he steps back. “Maybe I should have kissed the other bicep. I might have nightmares of kissing your Yunaconda.”

“Please make him stop!” Nicole begs, gasping for breath as her body resists the urge to break into a fresh bout of laughter. Changmin is in no position to help her, his eyes already filling with tears and he tries to laugh as silently as he can.

“Jaejoong,” Yunho’s voice is commanding, and the teenager turns towards him immediately. “I don’t ever want to hear the word Yunaconda coming from your mouth ever again.”




Yunho is getting deja vu.

“I said no.”

“You’re no fun.” Jaejoong pouts, only to back up in surprise when Yunho suddenly presses up against him, an arm around his waist to keep him from stepping back further. Their bodies are pressed together, and Jaejoong is suddenly wrapped up in the heady, extremely masculine scent of the older man.

He wants to taste him.

“You really think so, Jaejoong?” Yunho asks, gazing down at the wide-eyed teen, his voice husky, with a promise of wickedness.

“Uh…” He is unable to hold Yunho’s gaze as his eyes drop.

That tanned chest covered in a beautiful rising phoenix, painted in the blackest of black just like his Yuna— dragon. His dragon. Yunho’s tattoos are almost devoid of colour except for some select parts, and the teenager wonders fleetingly at that. And yet despite the lack of colour, the shades of black given to it, and the sheer artistry involved in it, makes it seem alive.

Jaejoong centres his eyes on the blood red heart sitting within the embrace of the phoenix. It is a gory depiction of a real human heart, placed dead centre in the man’s chest. It is tiny, smaller than the real thing, but the way it was inked, makes it seem as if it is glowing.

He has always found it beautiful. Others might find it macabre, but for Jaejoong, it suits the man.

The teenager snakes a hand between their bodies, pushing Yunho away slightly, feeling the loss of the man’s arm from around his waist, but Jaejoong has a better prize in mind.

The song has changed yet again, and Jaejoong recognises it.

He lifts angelic doe eyes up to meet pitch black almond eyes, a palm placed right over the heart, as he sings.

”You have eyes that lead me on, and a body that shows me death.”

Yunho cannot move, mesmerised by the teenager’s voice and beguiling eyes.

Jaejoong’s hand moves, but his eyes don’t leave Yunho’s as they stare at each other. He strokes a warm palm up and down the planes of the man’s body, reveling in the fact that Yunho has not pushed him away yet.

He knows it is inevitable but he will take what he can get.

Jaejoong bends his head, soft pouty mouth ghosting against the top of Yunho’s chest, before dipping lower. He is not daring enough to do what Yunho did, but he does place a soft kiss over where his heart should be.

He straightens up quickly, staring at Yunho, before continuing to sing along to the song.

”I want you wanting me…I want what I see in your eyes.”

“The kid knows English?”

“I’m more interested in the fact that he knows that song,” Nicole looks thoughtfully at the teenager who takes another step back, though Yunho looks like he is petrified into place.

Does the teenager think he has no idea what he’s singing? Yunho understands just fine. More than fine. He has yet another question for the kid. Does he know what he is singing?

Yunho is starting to regret his stupid rules. He wants to ask Jaejoong a million things, but he cannot.

“Turn around, please.” Jaejoong whispers softly, suddenly feeling less sure of himself. He thinks he might have revealed too much. But Yunho’s eyes are speaking to him, the way he knows his own must return in kind.

Yunho complies silently, wanting this game over and done with as soon as possible. He feels the teenager step up against his bare back, thinking the kid is really taking a lot of fucking liberties, but then again he’d be a hypocrite to complain.

Instead of a mouth, he feels a nose, grazing his back, and he realises that Jaejoong is tracing the outline of one of the wings.

“Was this part of the dare?” Changmin whispers as they watch the bright eyed teen taking his time to explore the contours of Yunho’s back.

“Not in the slightest. He is taking advantage, which is really fucking hilarious seeing that he’s the one over a decade younger. I was worried about him, but I have a feeling he can hold his own.”

“I’m starting to question his innocence.”

“I’m not. But I do think he is a very curious little boy.”

“Hyung is dead.”

“Oh yes, that he is. That gorgeous boy has his eyes and heart set on him.”


“Do you really think someone like Jae would be like this with just everyone? His feelings run deeper than the superficial, Max. Trust me.”

“I don’t know…”

“Don’t you remember being a teenager? When every feeling you had was magnified tenfold?”

“It is a rather distant memory, Nic.”

“Not for me, and I kinda miss it. I’m too cynical now.”

“It’s hard to be cynical in the face of Jae though. One look into his eyes and you forget ever thinking anything bad of him,” Changmin observes as he watches the teen continue his exploration of Yunho’s back.

“I’m starting to root for them…or at least for the kid.”

“I know.”

Jaejoong knows he is taking over long, but who knows when he will ever get this opportunity? He has always wanted to touch the wings on Yunho’s back. They look like they might unfurl at any moment, and the man take flight like some fallen angel with his black wings. He is almost expecting his nose to brush against soft feathers, but no.

All he gets is hard flesh, rippling muscle and the absolutely mouth watering smell of warm skin. Jaejoong can almost taste the man on his tongue as his nose is filled with his heady scent.

He knows it is only a matter of time before Yunho turns around and asks him what the hell he’s doing. Jaejoong is honestly asking himself the same question, sighing softly. To get this close, but yet not close enough.

It hurts a little.

Yunho can feel the puffs of air along his back as Jaejoong exhales as he moves. His body is rippling as he struggles to maintain control.

He feels the press of the boy’s impossibly soft mouth in between his shoulder blades. Yunho exhales heavily at the touch, not realising that he had been holding his breath through most of the teenager’s perusal of his body. He wants nothing more than to take a good, really fucking long drink of beer. Maybe the alcohol will numb his senses and he won’t feel like an untutored teenage boy himself.

Untutored? Jaejoong?

The boy is a natural. Much too natural.

Yunho’s hands fist at his sides, as he imagines the teen with someone else, and his mind revolts, pushing it out immediately, murderous thoughts flashing across his mind in the blink of an eye.

It is in that moment that he knows he has lost.

“Can we just call this dare done?” Jaejoong asks, turning towards Changmin and Nicole who are now silent. His belly is churning so hard, he is sure he is about to throw up.

Both nod, and both Yunho and Jaejoong let out twin sighs of relief as they walk slowly back to their seats. Both are looking anywhere but at each other, though Jaejoong notices Yunho cracking open another beer bottle, downing half the contents in two gulps.

The man wordlessly hands it over to him, not even looking over as he does, and Jaejoong takes it gratefully. His throat is so dry he wonders how he manages to even talk.

Changmin and Nicole watch the goings-on with interest. Jaejoong’s perfect pout wrapped so decadently around the mouth of Yunho’s bottle, and yet, unlike before, the man does not look at him. Changmin in particular is amused to see the boy licking the rim of the bottle, his little pink tongue peeking out every now and then as he keeps the bottle in his mouth though he has stopped drinking.

He nudges Nicole off his lap, and she settles back in her seat. The atmosphere is a little weird.

Not quite strained.

Just weird.

“Noona, you’re next.” Jaejoong speaks up, finally pulling the bottle from his mouth and handing it to Yunho who takes it, finishing off the rest of the beer as if it’s the most natural thing in the world to do.

Changmin and Nicole exchange glances, but don’t remark on it.

AN: And ooooooooh see what I did there? That song will be the death of me and my ovaries istg. Lmao… this is just the first dare and it’s already so fucking long… HELP.

Tags: fic:tattooist, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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