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The Tattooist [6b]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13 for now
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

Warning: Underage shenanigans. If this bothers you, please go away.

AN1: Let's hope I re-learn how to keep things short... OTL


“Hyung! Seriously, you’re passing on this question? Are you sure you want to do this? This is just the end of the first round which means you have two dares and one more question left at least. Are you sure you want to pass on this?” Changmin is genuinely surprised. Clearly, the man’s reticence about his past has a much stronger foundation that Changmin thought. “You can refuse instead of passing it on, then you’d still have a pass for later.”

“I’m saving my refusal for one of you passing me your questions.”

“What makes you think we’d pass on a truth to you?”

Yunho quirks an eyebrow at Nicole. “You’re seriously asking me that?”

“Just let him pass it on, hyung.” Jaejoong is happily buzzed. Feeling a little sleepy in fact and he wants nothing better than to curl up in Yunho’s side. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have the same excuse Nicole and Changmin appear to have. He is definitely not intoxicated enough to just plonk himself in the man’s lap.

“Fine, fine.” Changmin gives in though he sends a look over at Yunho who stares back impassively. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you though. I think you’re going to regret passing this.”

Yunho merely shrugs, knowing Changmin is more than likely right, but he really does not want to answer the question. He can take any dares thrown his way because surely nothing can be worse (or better) than the first one he had to do.

“Noona,” Jaejoong whines plaintively, finally giving in to his need. “Come sit with me. I need cuddles.”

Changmin and Nicole both chuckle, as the tall blonde extricates herself from the man’s grasp. Yunho though, frowns, and it is caught by Changmin who merely smirks to himself as he watches the only girl in the little group sit next to the teen, the boy immediately curling up around her.

Jaejoong throws a leg over both of Nicole’s knees as he snuggles into her side, nose nuzzling into a shoulder as he closes he eyes.

“Are you playing, or sleeping?” Yunho’s voice is a little hard, but his grumpiness wavers as Jaejoong cracks open an eye and smiles cutely at him.

Nicole is threading her fingers through the boy’s soft hair, trying to hide her amusement at Yunho’s obvious belligerence. She presses a kiss to his temple, chuckling softly against the teen’s hair when Yunho’s eyes tighten and he clenches his jaw.

Possessive much?

So early on too. He can deny all he wants, but he has absolutely no poker face to speak of when it comes to the fragrant boy cuddling so sweetly against her neck. He smells divine, and she kisses him again, unable to help herself.

Jaejoong coos, purring happily as he burrows closer. Nicole is a comfort to him, something he knows. She acts like his older sisters, and he appreciates the familiarity.

Yunho though, is getting progressively annoyed.

“I pass my truth to Jaejoong.”

Changmin laughs, completely unsurprised, though really, it would’ve been more interesting if he’d passed it to Nicole.

“Jae, are you going to answer or refuse?”

“What was the question again?”

“Explain the significance of each and every one of your body mods be it tattoos or piercings.”

Jaejoong wrinkles his nose as he opens his eyes, staring at Yunho.

“Why did you pick me? I don’t have any interesting mods. You should’ve asked hyung or noona.”

Yunho merely shrugs, not answering.

The teenager leans up, pulling his tee shirt up to expose his nipple. He stares down at it, blinking rapidly, before pouting and turning back to look at Yunho whose eyes are fixed on the piercing.

“I got this because I was curious.”


The boy shrugs. “Just curious. I’ve only had my ears pierced and it didn’t hurt. I figured maybe I should try somewhere more sensitive and see if it hurts. I like a bit of pain.”

Jaejoong flicks at the piercing before he beams suddenly, his voice dropping to a conspirational whisper as he leans forward even more, across Nicole’s lap towards Yunho.

“Wanna know a secret?”

“Sure.” Yunho answers. The other two might as well not be in the room. Jaejoong may be draped all over Nicole, but he only has sleepy eyes for Yunho.

“My nipples are always hard now. Even the one without the piercing.”

Yunho’s brow arches so high they almost hit his hairline.

But Jaejoong is not done.

“I’m thinking of getting the other one pierced too.” Jaejoong stands up, pulling his shirt even higher as he examines his other nipple. He turns to look at an utterly bemused tattooist who is trying to look anyway but at the rock hard pink pebbles. “What do you think?”

Yunho’s mouth opens, and then snaps shut. Seriously, what the hell is he supposed to say? He watches in growing dismay as Jaejoong starts flicking at his empty nipple.

“It feels sort of empty without something there,” the teenager’s voice is wistful as he stares down at himself.

Changmin and Nicole are shaking their heads, both of them have no idea how to react. Who knew less than two bottles of alcohol would make the teen so…

They don’t even have time to complete their thoughts as Yunho snaps.

“Stop playing with yourself.”

Jaejoong jerks to attention, mouth parted in surprise as he blinks at the now slightly scowling older man as he drops the hem of his shirt. “Do you want to play with me instead?”

“No, I don’t.” Yunho replies grimly, already regretting like hell that he passed his stupid truth to the kid.

“Then why can’t I? It’s my body isn’t it?” A small furrow is forming in the boy’s forehead as his eyebrows knit in confusion. His brain is a little cloudy, but even still, Yunho does not make any sense.

Nicole saves him from himself, taking the boy’s hand and tugging him back down to her side. “Hush, Jae. It’s your body and you can do whatever you want with it, ok? You can make an appointment with Max later if you want another piercing.”

“Like hell he will.” Yunho growls out instantly, pinning Nicole with a very displeased glare. “He is not getting pierced by Changmin.”

“Then who?” Jaejoong asks, already warming up to the idea of another piercing if his smile is anything to go by, his thoughts already drifting pleasantly to the idea as he remembers getting pierced.


“You’re such a grouchy bear,” Jaejoong complains, once again unperturbed by the man’s surly tone. “If you won’t let hyung pierce me then I’ll do it myself.”

“And get infected? I don’t think so.”

Jaejoong bristles immediately. Yunho’s tone of finality is finally striking a chord within him and he rebels. “You’re not a mama bear ok? You’re a grouchy bear. Just stay grouchy and leave the mothering to someone else. It’s not cute on you.”

Nicole chokes, but Changmin’s sharp bark of laughter sets her off as they both start chuckling even as the teenager glares at Yunho who is slightly taken aback.

“I told you your butterfly has teeth.” Changmin remarks when he manages to calm himself enough to talk.

“I’m not anyone’s butterfly,” Jaejoong huffs irritatedly. His pleasant alcoholic buzz is already wearing out thanks to the stupid conversation he is currently having with an impossible man.

“How about we move on before you two start hitting each other, ok?” Nicole suggests.

Yunho says nothing, picking up the dice from the table and throwing it to determine the seating positions of the next round. It is almost dinner time already, the game taking far longer than he imagined. Most of the time was taken up by Jaejoong’s dare of dancing 2NE1’s I Am The Best with Nicole. The teenager’s dancing is far better than the blonde’s, and the unfortunate requirement of dancing in sync for at least thirty seconds proves to be detrimental. Admittedly, it was also rather enjoyable watching the boy shaking his ass like a pro, complete with fox tail wagging like crazy with every move he makes. It is during this particular dare that he realises that Changmin and Nicole have both embraced the teenager wholly and completely into their fold.

“Hyung!” Changmin calls out, snapping Yunho from his meandering into the last couple of hours. “You’re North. Nic is East, I’m South and the kid is West.”

“Hyunggggggg,” Jaejoong complains as he gets up, sending a disgruntled look Changmin’s way who just chuckles.

“Ok, Jae.”

The four shuffle around, and Changmin immediately smirks at Yunho sitting opposite him.

“Are you ready to regret passing on your truth?”

Yunho flips him the bird, as he settles back, contemplating whether he should pop open another bottle of beer. He chances a glance over at Jaejoong on his right and the kid is flagrantly staring at him, mouth pursed, seemingly deep in thought.

He looks away, his body already reacting to the teen just looking at him, and he tries to shake it off as he glares at Changmin.

“Truth or dare, hyung?”

“Dare,” Yunho answers as he dips his hand into the correct bowl. He rummages around a little, before picking up a little plain square of paper. Identical to all the other little plain squares, and sending up a brief prayer that he picked one of his, as he flicks it to Changmin.

Changmin opens it, and immediately starts to laugh, and Yunho’s heart sinks to the bottom of his heels.

The gods are against him today.

“What is it? What is it?” Nicole leans forward and Changmin shows it to her. His laughter is nothing compared to the girl’s as she practically howls before getting up and heading to the back.

“Where’s she going?”

“To get the props for this dare.”

“Just read the fucking thing.” Yunho demands, already feeling uneasy. How bad can it be? But props? He can hear Nicole opening and closing the refrigerator door, and the tap going as she washes something or other.

What the hell?

Changmin clears his throat dramatically, before he starts to read.

“You will be doing couple sit-ups with a person nominated by the one sitting opposite you. You will be doing the sit ups, while the other holds your legs and you’ll eat cherries together. You must consume three cherries within a minute, together, without either of your mouths leaving the cherries. Should you fail, you will do it again until you complete the dare.”


Yunho really is fucking screwed. There is no way in fucking hell Changmin is not going to pick Jaejoong. There is just no way.

“Regretting passing on your truth now?”

“Fuck you.”

“No, thank you.” Changmin smirks evilly as Nicole re-emerges with a bowl of bright red cherries.

“Where the fuck did you get those from?”

“We bought them earlier for Jae in thanks for his strawberries. Looks like they’ve turned out handy huh?”


Yunho turns towards the teenager, who is staring at the bowl, his mouth parted yet again. Really, the boy needs his lips sewn shut. Is he a mouth breather? He almost always has his mouth parted for some reason.

“Come on, Jae.” Yunho sighs as he stands up.

Jaejoong looks up in confusion as Yunho moves away from the table. “I didn’t hear hyung nominate anyone.”

Yunho freezes.

The kid’s right.

Well, fuck.

Changmin is chortling gleefully as he pops a cherry into his mouth. “It’s ok, Jae. I’ll let him choose this time, and he clearly wants you.”

What can Yunho say to that?


Yunho takes a deep, regulating breath, before he turns. He can make this sound plausible. He can.

“Cherries are your favourite fruit, and these were meant for you, it makes sense for it to be you.”

Both Nicole and Changmin can see a few little holes in Yunho’s logic, but the teenager appears to take it at face value, smiling as he stands up.

“You’re so nice! Not grouchy anymore.”

Yunho really has no bloody idea why he agreed to this stupid game to begin with as he sits on the floor. It’s sole purpose is to torture him.

Jaejoong is just about to sit at Yunho’s feet when he belatedly realises exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.

He turns to Nicole who has just dropped the bowl of cherries next to them, Changmin joining her on the couch as they hang over the back to watch the two of them.

“Noona…uh…we’re supposed to eat three cherries?”

“Together,” confirms affirmatively.

“Right.” Jaejoong nods, gazing down at the bowl of cherries. The stems are still on them, and he picks one up, plucking off the stem and popping it into his mouth.

Seconds later, he spits out the knotted stem, and he picks up another red fruit, plucking off the stem and popping it into his mouth again.

He appears to be lost in thought, but the adults watching are more than a little taken aback as the second stem comes back out, neatly knotted.

Jaejoong plucks off a third stem, popping it into his mouth. It’s a habit he has acquired since young. He loves cherries. He can pop cherry pits further than anyone he knows, and he can eat more than a kilo of the bright red fruit in one sitting easily.

And as for knotting the stems…he finds it rather fun.

He spits out the third stem, finally looking up, to see Changmin and Nicole gaping at him. A sidelong look at Yunho reveals a similar expression, though it seems as if Yunho is trying to hide his surprise.


“Who taught you how to do that?” Nicole asks, pointing at the discarded stems.

“What? Tie knots with the cherry stem? Nobody,” the teenager shrugs. “I just like cherries.”

“Dude,” Changmin exhales, throwing a look at Yunho. “Are you up for a side contest?”

“Since you called me dude and not kid, I’m up for anything,” Jaejoong grins as he plucks off another stem, but this time he pops the fruit and not the stem into his mouth. His cherry red lips frame the round fruit for an instant before he sucks it into his mouth and starts chewing.

Yunho cannot take his eyes off the boy’s mouth, Changmin’s voice is just an annoying buzz in the background. What the hell is this kid? And even as he watches, a huge grin splits the teenager’s face as he turns around to look down the hallway to the back of the office.

“I can hit Yunho’s door.”

“With the cherry pip?” Nicole asks incredulously. The distance is a good thirty feet by her reckoning.

Jaejoong shrugs as he stands, bracing himself and he draws back, and spits.

Yunho actually sees the pip hit his door. True, it was on the downward arc and just manages to catch the lower half of the door, but the hit is undeniable.

Jaejoong turns apologetically back to Yunho. “I’m sorry. I’ll clean that up later.”

Yunho just waves his hand dismissively, wondering what the hell else the kid can do with his mouth. This is just getting worse…or better, depending on how he’s meant to look at it.



His conscience is trying to tell him.

But the deviant half is yelling better! Better!

What the fuck is he supposed to do?

“Let’s have a race to see who can tie a cherry knot the quickest. And we will be seated according to the that for the next round. So if you win, you will be North, and so on.”

Jaejoong smirks, already believing he is a sure thing. He actually sticks out his tongue, waggling it, making Yunho’s eyes almost pop out.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Exercising my tongue. I need to make sure it’s flexible.” The innocent teenager proceeds to wag his tongue at the older man who can only stare in growing consternation.

Nicole is already lost, a pile of blonde giggles on the floor as she watches the goings-on. Honestly, Jae really is quite impossible. But those shining doe eyes hide nothing, and she truly does believe the boy more innocent than not. Terribly naughty and cheeky, but still innocent.

“Every body pick a stem, and put it on your tongue and keep it out till I drop my hand and then you can close your mouths,” Changmin instructs as he leans over to pluck a cherry stem for himself.

Yunho doesn’t even bother trying to find the longest cherry stem like the others. He just picks the closest one, which happens to be of a reasonable length.

He feels like he’s back in fucking high school. They have one teenager in their midst, and three adults in their twenties, but instead of bringing the teen up to their level, they are all dropping to meet the kid at his level.

And he thoroughly blames Nicole and Changmin for this. They, especially the blonde, truly indulge the kid.

But like he decided yesterday, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

He places his cherry stem on his tongue, as do the other three, though he notices ruefully that Jaejoong only has eyes for his mouth.

Changmin drops his hand, and four mouths snap shut, tongues working industriously.

Less than ten seconds later, Yunho pulls out his stem, followed by Jaejoong not a second behind.

The teenager’s pout is one of his most epic yet as he actually plucks Yunho’s saliva coated stem from his fingertips to compare their stems.

“How did you do that so fast? Your knot is even tighter than mine!”


“But I thought you liked strawberries? You like cherries too?” Jaejoong purses his mouth at the older man who stares at his pout.

“I love cherries,” Yunho answers, not meaning the fruit one little bit.

“So you’re a cherry boy too?” Jaejoong enquires, jerking slightly at the immediate guffaw from Changmin who spits out his cherry stem, followed by Nicole.

“I am most certainly not a cherry boy.”




“Jaejoong. Keep your nicknames to yourself, please.”

Jaejoong sighs, as he shuffles to lean against Nicole who embraces him willingly. He picks up another cherry, holding it by the stem and waving it at Yunho’s face.

“You are a real grump. I am going to make you smile today whether you like it or not. I promise.” And with that he stuffs the cherry between the surprised man’s lips.

And as usual, Jaejoong is far from done.

“See? I’m so sweet. I’m giving you my cherry willingly.”

Changmin gives up.

He gets up to find a cushion, hugging it to his chest as he bends his head to bite it, muffling his howls at the expense of his friend. Who can deny an invitation like that?

Yunho scowls, ignoring Changmin’s lame attempt at hiding his laughter. Nicole is just shaking her head, looking like she’s given up too. Her smile is one of resignation, as she sends a pitying look in Yunho’s direction. He can absolutely read her eyes.

You are so fucked.


Ok, so this seemed simple on paper, but Jaejoong is struggling not to giggle. In fact, this is their third attempt because he keeps dropping the damn cherry.

“Jaejoong!” Yunho’s tone is exasperated as the teenager pulls back, once again dropping the cherry between them. “We are going to be here all night, and run out of cherries at this rate.”

“It’s hard!” Jaejoong complains as he hugs Yunho’s legs, propping his chin on the man’s knees and staring at him. He squeezes the man’s calves happily. “And you’re so hard.”


“You’re very hard between my legs. It’s distracting.”

Yunho is more than aware of his ankles being hugged very very inappropriately, flush against the boy’s crotch. He can even feel the teenager. Jaejoong had opted to sit on his feet, folding his legs underneath Yunho’s thighs. The boy’s grip is tight, and Yunho is not going anywhere. But every time he comes up to get the cherry, Jaejoong rocks against him, and it takes all his willpower not to devour the boy’s mouth.

In truth, the cherry dropping is just as much his fault as it is the teen’s. He is trying to eat the stupid fruit without pressing against the boy’s cherry red lips, but it is proving almost impossible.

“You two are hopeless.” Nicole grouches, plucking a cherry from the bowl and gesturing to Changmin. “Max, let’s show them how this is supposed to be done.”

“Gladly,” he smirks, assuming the position as Nicole sits on his feet, the same way Jaejoong is. She pops the fruit between her lips, and Changmin comes up.

Yunho watches in silence, as the fruit disappears, their lips meeting. Juice trickles from their lips, and there are brief flashes of the fruit. Both their mouths are working, and Nicole lets out a quiet moan which makes Yunho’s eyebrow go up. He glances over at Jaejoong who appears to be watching closely, head tilted, as if watching some sort of science experiment he is meant to recreate. Yunho flexes his foot, rubbing up against the teen, who feels the movement, turning to smile distractedly at him before looking back at the kissing couple.

Yes, kissing, because really, the whole cherry thing is a farce.

Changmin finally pulls away, spitting out a clean-ish pip onto his palm, before leaning over to lick at the juice along Nicole’s chin, chuckling as he does so, when the blonde girl giggles.

“I don’t think we can eat three in a minute,” Jaejoong declares. “You two obviously have practice, but I’ve never eaten cherries like this before.”

“I should bloody well hope not,” Yunho mutters under his breath. Jaejoong shoots a perplexed glance at him, but doesn’t question him.

“So what am I supposed to do exactly?” He asks the canoodling couple. “It just looked like you two were kissing with a cherry in the middle of it all.”

Changmin grins, pulling Nicole closer, practically into his lap. “That’s exactly what it is. You can tie knots with a cherry stem better than either of us, I’m sure you’ll be fine pushing a cherry back and forth in your mouths.”

“But…” Jaejoong trails off, suddenly realising exactly where this is going. The flush creeping up his body suddenly speeds up, his neck growing hot, the colour rising in his cheeks. He wants to ask if this really is PG13, but he doesn’t want to appear like an innocent kid, because really, PG13 movies all have kissing in it.

Some even have flashes of nudity.

Oh dear god, Yunho is still topless. How did he not notice?

And that’s not all he notices. Yunho’s hard ankles are pressed against his crotch, and Jaejoong freezes, suddenly acutely aware of the blood all escaping his brain, and rerouting fast towards his lower half.

Oh no…

But he cannot move. For the life of him, he honestly cannot move. He is frozen in place, his stricken eyes meeting Yunho’s.

They stare at each other for an immeasurable length of time.

Yunho’s expression softens, feeling regretful now for the teen. Deer in headlights is just about as mild a description as it can get for the boy staring at him. His eyes seem to be getting bigger by the second, and his mouth redder, as he chews worriedly on his lips.

Jaejoong is praying and hoping Yunho cannot feel him because he will absolutely die from embarrassment. He wants to kiss Yunho, the gods apparently listening to his earlier wish of wanting to kiss the man during the Kiss B game, but he definitely did not foresee being in such a position, with his arousal so easily discernible.

“Calm down, Jaejoong.”

Yunho’s voice is soft, and Jaejoong’s eyes lose the wild tinge.

“I’ll hold your head, ok? I’ll guide you, and all you have to do is chew on whatever bit of cherry you can get to.”

Jaejoong nods mutely, eyes dropping to Yunho’s cupid bow lips. The man’s mouth is beautiful, and that piercing. That piercing he really wants to lick and tug. Will he have an excuse for it?


“Yes, Jaejoong?”

Jaejoong’s eyes lift, meeting concerned almond eyes, and his heart bursts. Yes, they are playing a stupid game, but the man is so tender, that Jaejoong feels like crying.

All the stereotypes about tattooed men, are bullshit.

He is so glad his sisters had given him the benefit of the doubt.

Given Yunho the benefit of the doubt.

He is so out of his element now, about to cross one fucking huge milestone in his young life.

“I’ve never been kissed…”

Yunho wants to turn, and send dirty fucking looks at both Nicole and Changmin who are weirdly silent, but he knows if he looks away from those doe eyes speaking unspeakable words to him from deep within their depths, the kid might bolt.

One part of him welcomes it.

Welcomes it wholeheartedly.

The other part of him feels like he would sooner cut off his entire pinky than to let the boy go.

What has become of him?

“We don’t have to play if you want to save your first kiss for someone who matters to you.”

“You matter to me.”

Jaejoong’s admission is hushed. Almost inaudible over the music still playing in the background.

Give it to me right…or don’t give it to me at all…

Yunho reaches for the bowl of cherries, plucking one blindly, pulling the stem off and popping it into Jaejoong’s mouth. The boy immediately sucks it in, storing it in his cheek which makes Yunho chuckle.

“I can’t reach for the cherry like that, Jaejoong.”

“Then you’ll have to try harder, won’t you?”

“Are you truly this innocent? Because sometimes, you say things like this that make me wonder.”

Jaejoong flushes, looking down briefly, trying not to chew on the fruit stored in his cheek. He looks like an angelic little chipmunk with his fat cheek, as he gazes back up, leaning forward once again to rest his chin on Yunho’s knees. His arousal has subsided, and all he feels is little flutters of happiness. He cocks his head, smiling at the man.

“I am innocent, but I also just know what I want.”

“And what is that?” Yunho asks, though he really knows the answer.

“I want you to want me, like I want you.”

“And how do you want me?”

“Do you think they’d notice if we left?” Nicole whispers to Max, nuzzling against his throat as they watch the whispering couple.

“I want to see how this pans out. I never thought it would come to this so soon. The kid’s far more honest than I expected him to be.”

“I told you he’s innocent. He doesn’t appear able to dissemble.”

Changmin nods, continuing to watch the couple.

“I want to kiss you, but I don’t know how.”

Yunho’s mouth tugs up into a tiny smirk. “You don’t want to kiss Nicole?”

“I don’t like girls.”

“And how many boys have you liked?”


“Oh?” Yunho leans back slightly, surprised at his answer.

Jaejoong smiles as he too leans back. “I don’t think I can call you a boy no matter how young you look.”

Yunho starts to chuckle as he leans forward, cupping the back of the boy’s head and taking the teenager by surprise as he presses their lips together.

Jaejoong’s mouth parts almost instantly, and Yunho’s tongue sweeps in to look for the cherry.

But the boy is not cooperating, slipping the fruit from one side of his mouth to the other, as Yunho’s tongue dances with his, trying to get to the cherry.

Yunho pulls back, chuckling against the teenager’s mouth, swallowing the boy’s little puffs of air as he exhales.

“We can’t get past this dare if you don’t let me get to the fruit.”

“You want my cherry?” Jaejoong asks.

Yunho stares at the beautiful boy, suddenly realising how long his eyelashes are. So long they are practically casting shadows on his cheeks.

When the fuck did he get so fanciful? What the hell?

“Are you going to give it up?”

Jaejoong smiles, leaning back slightly. popping the cherry up between his lips.

Yunho looks at the moist fruit, and equally slick lips, and he knows exactly which cherry he prefers.

The teenager sucks the cherry back into his mouth. “What do I get in return for giving up my cherry?”


“You’re offering to be my dinner?” Jaejoong’s eyes sparkle with mischief as he pops the cherry out again, tantalising Yunho with the view of his ridiculously pillowy lips framing the red fruit.

“I’m sure we can work something out. But if you don’t give up your cherry now, we won’t be getting any dinner.”

Jaejoong grins around the fruit before leaning forward, this time catching Yunho by surprise as he pushes the fruit between his lips. Yunho’s hand immediately tightens around the back of his head, biting into the juicy fruit.

The boy makes a soft sound at the sudden burst of sweetness in his mouth, he nibbles on his side of the cherry, chewing and licking. He can feel Yunho’s piercing against the corner of his mouth, and he decides what the hell. He is not naive enough to think that maybe Yunho still isn’t thinking of this as a game, and so he goes after what he wants, pushing the cherry back into Yunho’s mouth before he starts licking and tugging at the titanium ball that always teases him.

Yunho is taken completely by surprise, but he rolls with it, chewing on the cherry, and letting Jaejoong chew on him. His tongue snakes out every now again, tasting the teenager’s lips, sticky and sweet with juice. The boy mewls happily against his mouth, squeezing his calves as he tries to ride up his ankles, and Yunho just tightens his grip, to keep Jaejoong where he wants him.

“So…” Nicole starts, unsure as to what to do, though she cannot seem to tear her eyes away from the kissing couple. Jaejoong is smiling, she can see the corners of his mouth tugged up as he giggles breathily against Yunho’s firm mouth. “I think we’ll just consider this dare done, ok? It was a cool idea to start with, and now, yet again, I find myself feeling like a voyeur.”

“Still think the kid is innocent?”

“Max, the boy is giggling. Are you blind? You certainly won’t find me giggling against your mouth.”

“You would if I tickled you.”

“Yunho isn’t tickling him.”

“He looks like he’s trying to climb hyung.”

They both turn back to look at the couple. Jaejoong’s mouth is tinged red with the sweet juice of the ripe cherry, and Yunho’s mouth isn’t much different, but this time both of them are smiling.

Jaejoong finally pulls away when Yunho pops the clean pip into his mouth. His is breathless, eyes shining, grinning from ear to ear. As far as first or second kisses go, that has got to be the best one ever. And he notices the older man’s smile, which brightens his grin even further.

“See? You’re smiling now. Thank you for giving me your seed.”

Yunho chokes, as do Changmin and Nicole whom he has all but forgotten are still there.

“Just when you think everything might be normal, he comes up with something like that and I feel like fucking Alice all over again.” Nicole declares mournfully, though her amused expression betrays her dull words.

Jaejoong topples off Yunho’s feet as the man shifts, lying on his back and staring at the pristine ceiling. He knows they’re all laughing at him, but he really couldn’t care less at the moment.

He spits the seed straight up into the air, and catches it.

“You really have a fucking talented mouth.” Changmin cannot help but blurt out, as the teenager does it again.

“How do you not choke on it?” Nicole asks, watching the teenager spit the seed back out one more time, before he sits up. The seed landing on his head instead.

He shrugs, “I don’t know. My tongue blocks the descent I guess. And I don’t really have a gag reflex. I don’t choke on anything.”

“Except bananas.”

“Well, that was an accident! If it hadn’t broken off, I would’ve been fine.”

“Alright, let’s move on shall we?” Yunho interrupts before the conversation turns down an even more dangerous path than it’s already been. He is feeling pleasantly buzzed. He thought he’d feel like some awful person taking advantage of a teenager’s obvious adoration, but he finds that he cannot bring himself to taint what just happened with bad feelings.

The boy is just too impossibly happy, and Yunho’s own feelings towards the kid are reasonably pure, considering everything. Had the kiss been anything like the first dare, he might feel different, but Jaejoong smiling and giggling countenance as he staggers to his feet, arm in arm with Nicole to return to his seat, somehow does not make him feel like he tried to seduce the boy.

Maybe because he really hadn’t been out to do it.

He wanted to give the kid a sweet kiss.

And a sweet kiss is what the boy got.

His intentions were definitely not as pure during the first dare.

He has no idea what has changed in the meantime, but he is curious to see where it is headed. The night is still young, only early evening, and he wonders what else will pop up.

“Yunho!” A demanding voice calls out.

Yunho turns to the teenager sprawled on the couch, all over Nicole. She is on her back carding her hands through his dark locks. The boy is between her legs, head on her belly, face turned towards him, that cherry red pout is back.

“You owe me dinner. Come here and let me munch on you.”

Changmin chuckles as Yunho rolls his eyes.


AN: I’m so sorry but I love you, dal geojitmal… Don’t ask. IDK what happened either. Also, this is the end of chapter 6 hahaha. This whole chapter was over 12k words and I wrote it ALL at work today… Yes, work was quiet, but it is the lull before the storm. I hope to be able to update soonish… OTL

Tags: fic:tattooist, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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  • Friend-locked

    I am locking my journal due to some reader shenanigans. If you want to be added, cut and paste the following statement and questions. Please answer…

  • Random side-shot poll

    Ok, as thanks for everyone's support and comments for my fics thus far, i'm thinking of writing a random drabble/side-shot. I'm aiming for it to…

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