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The Tattooist [8a]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13 for now
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

AN1: What the heck man… How did ONE 24-hour period turn into four chapters (two of them double chapters…) and it’s probably going to extend into a fifth… Ugh.

AN2: Also, this gorgeous banner is made by shinkinism on tumblr!!!


“What did my noona say?”


“Yunhoooooooo,” Jaejoong whines from the backseat, pouting adorably at the implacable man sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Can you be quiet for five minutes?” Yunho is starting to get a headache. Jaejoong’s sister had called just as they were leaving Mirotic to take the game back home, and she had asked to speak to him.

”I know who you are.”

Yunho frowns as he stares out at the road ahead. They are stuck in a bit of traffic, and what normally takes five minutes is now pushing ten.

”Will you protect him?”

Yunho cannot figure out the woman. What does Jaejoong need protection from? Because honestly, the only person he needs protecting from is himself, and Yunho had told the woman as much.

Politely of course.

She had laughed, and for a moment he can see Jaejoong in her laughter. They have a similar laugh.




”I see you’ve met his broken filter.”

Broken is an understatement and he tells her as much, leading to even more laughter.

It is warm, just like her brother.

Yunho is a reasonable judge of character, taught at an early age how to assess a room with one glance, to ascertain a person’s intentions from what they are not saying, and to listen for hidden agendas.

Jaejoong’s sister is about as genuine as they come.

Only the kid is more guileless.

Despite the interesting fact that it was the teenager who had put in the Kiss B dare, Yunho still believes in his instincts. The kid is really as innocent as he seems.

”Can I trust you?”

It is Yunho’s turn to laugh at that.

How can she ask that of him, knowing who he is?

”He needs someone who will let him be who he is.”

And who is the kid exactly? Yunho, despite his ability to figure people out, has not one single clue how to deal with the teenager. Every time he thinks he has figured something out, he is put in a tailspin, nosediving fast towards earth as the kid throws yet another curve ball.

It isn’t just the way he talks.

It’s in the way he smiles, the innocent light shining in his impossibly large doe eyes, a hint of mischief in there.

It’s in the way he stares at him, his eyes so penetrating that Yunho wonders at times if he can see right through him.

It’s in the way he worms his way into one form of embrace or other, and his feelings of jealousy when it is Nicole who gets the boy.

”You must think I’m a terrible sister.”


Yes, he does. And he does not bother hiding his feelings as he tells her exactly what he thinks about the whole thing.

She listens, and he can hear the telltale sniffle, and still he presses on.

And yet, he is conflicted, torn between censure and the strange feeling of gratefulness at having that untainted innocence in his life.

And he had asked a question of his own.

”Knowing who I am, you are still willing to leave him with me?”

Her answer had been quick.

Tearful, but she stands firm.

Perhaps it is a tad of arrogance speaking, but even he cannot deny her logic.

”He is far safer with you than without you.”

What does she expect him to be?

He is not a fucking saint.

This is beyond ridiculous, despite her dubious but sound logic.

Who is she to know all this, when Yunho himself is conflicted?

Does she want him to be a brother?

Because the kid sure as hell is not going to go for it.

A lover?

Is she insane?

”No, not insane. Unconventional, perhaps, but Joongie is not a normal boy.

Yeah, tell him something he doesn’t already know.

If Yunho had not known the kid for almost two years, he would’ve told the woman to take a hike.

If he had not seen the way those bastard twins had pawed at the boy, he would have told her to see a head doctor.

If he had not been told about Jaejoong’s confrontation at school with the teacher, and the words that been thrown at him, he would’ve stepped back and told her to take the kid home.

But knowing all this, he honestly cannot.

”Just be whatever he needs you to be. A friend, a brother, or more.

Or more.

What is this? Fucking permission? This is the 21st century not some antiquated system of giving away a younger sibling or child to the protection of someone more powerful.

But then, Yunho lives by an antiquated code.

It is a simple one.

But antiquated nonetheless.

It is how his own mother, at sixteen, had come to be in the hands of his father. She had been given as a token to recognise his ascension as the new oyabun, but it was also for her protection because the gang wars were getting out of hand at the time and he was the head of the most powerful one of them all.

”I can’t do anymore for him.”

Is she giving up on the flighty seventeen year old? Yunho cannot even begin to imagine what kind of fucked up family situation the kid has. For one, where the hell are his parents?

And even as he asks himself that, he has a gut feeling he will not like the answer.

Yet another reason to consider taking the boy under his protection.

No matter how he looks at it, he comes to the same conclusion.

He is so very fucked.

“Earth to grouchy bear.”

Yunho is pulled from his ruminations by a swift kick to the back of his seat. Changmin is chuckling next to him, as is Nicole.

The kid suffers acutely from a deficit of danger awareness.

He ignores all three of them, pulling grimly into the underground carpark of his apartment complex.

Well, his and Changmin’s in a way. He owns the piercer’s adjoining apartment, but the man doesn’t know that, simply thinking it fortuitous that the two properties had come up for rent together at the same time.

There is a connecting door between the flats, rather like a hotel, and it has always been kept unlocked. Before Nicole moved in, Changmin spent more time in Yunho’s apartment than his own.

And even now with the blonde, the couple prefer hanging out in his apartment, only going back to theirs when it is time to retire.


“Didn’t I tell you be quiet for five minutes?” Yunho asks, not bothering to turn around as he parks the black Audi A4.

“It’s been more than five minutes. Why can’t I talk?”

“Because I said you can’t.”

“Do I always have to listen to you? You’re not my boss outside work.”

“You’re in my car.”

He can hear the kid huffing grouchily behind him.

“You know, if you’re going to pull that card on me, I’m never going to win anything. Your office, your car, your home. Everything is yours cos you’re older. I need a card I can beat you with.”

He can hear the sulky pout in the kid’s voice and he suddenly has the urge to turn around and kiss him silly.

“I’m sure you have a card he doesn’t have,” Changmin smirks.

“Really? What is it?”

Yunho can hear the eagerness in his voice, even as Nicole and Changmin dissolve into laughter at his expense.

Yunho gets out of the car, shutting his door on the conversation. He doesn’t bother waiting for the other three as he heads to the lifts. Changmin has the keys to the car, he can lock it too.

He is grateful to find a carriage waiting. He enters it, turning around just in time to see the teenager running to the lift, watching it shut on his beautifully dismayed face with satisfaction.

The peace is going to be short-lived, and for a moment, he considers being a party pooper. The only key Changmin has, is the key to his own apartment door. He does not have the key to Yunho’s apartment, nor does he have the code for the connecting door.

It is really tempting, shutting out the other three to get a peaceful night.

But the package waiting for him in front of his door changes his mind quickly enough.

He picks up the small brown box, tied neatly with a red string.

As far as boxes go, it is rather unobtrusive, and very innocent looking.

If not for that red string.

He holds the box as if it contains a bomb, and if he is being honest, this might be one of those times where a bomb might be a better . He knows he only has a minute, maybe less to look at the contents and dispose of it.

Yunho heads straight up to his study, pulling the string loose, heart sinking even further when he sees dried smears from the string on the brown paper.

They had still been wet when the package had been put together.

He opens the box, seeing a card with familiar handwriting sitting neatly on top of something.

Something he really does not what to have to look at.

The next time this happens, I expect swifter action from you. Do not let me hear about it from an external source. You are still my son, and I expect you to behave as such no matter the distance. Consider this an expression of my blessings. Your mother misses you and wants to meet him. Come home by the solstice and pay your respects.

Yunho knows his father has a rather warped view of tokens and gifts in general. And as he slides the card up, looking gingerly underneath it, his suspicions are confirmed.

Yes, the twins had been unforgivably rude, but this is too much.

Far, far, too much.

But then again, his father has always been possessive. Woe to anyone who even looks at his mother the wrong way. Slight her in any manner and expect to lose a body part.

Two of his older half brothers are missing part of their pinky’s because of this. The man is absolutely unforgiving when it comes to Yunho’s mother.

And he is the only child of their union, and his father’s interesting manner of showing his affections has followed him right here to the heart of Seoul.

He exhales, rubbing his forehead. Almost ten years away, and somehow he is once again back on his father’s radar. It seems to happen off and on every couple of years or so, but this is definitely the first time since he opened his shop.

Can he blame the kid for it? Clearly someone has been watching Mirotic, and in all honesty, Yunho does not put it past his father to have put some sort of bugging device in the office. There is no other explanation how the news had travelled so fucking fast.

What concerns him though is the fact that Jaejoong has appeared on that radar. He has no idea who has been watching them, but he is certain that apart from the last few days, he has kept his interactions with the kid at a minimal, no matter his feelings.

So what happened?

Too many questions, and too few answers, or really none at all. He knows he can get them when he returns for a visit, but the summer equinox really isn’t that far away.

Much too soon in fact.

But Yunho knows better than to disobey his father. That final line in the little note is most certainly a direct order.

“Hyung! Hyung, where are you?”

Yunho quickly drops the lid of the box, holding the blood soaked string in his palm. He leaves his study quickly, gazing down at the three people currently sprawled out in his living area.

Jaejoong waves lazily up at him, expression somewhat contrite. Perhaps Changmin and Nicole have asked him to exercise some caution. Yunho can only hope.

“I’m just going to head to the bin,” Yunho waves the box in his hand, not waiting for an answer before leaving.

Unfortunately, Changmin gets up to go with him.

The door shuts behind the two tall men, and Yunho’s mouth is set in a grim line as he walks down the hallway to get to the rubbish chute.

“Do I want to know what that is?”


“Can I see?”

“Do you want to lose your dinner?”

“Hyung, I pierce people for a living, sometimes in unspeakable, and unwashed places. I have a strong stomach, trust me.”

Yunho wordlessly hands the box to the man.

Changmin opens it carefully, heaving a sigh of relief that Yunho does not miss when he sees the card.

He reads it silently, before looking underneath the thick, white, embossed card.

And he almost drops the fucking thing.

“Fuck!” Changmin’s eyes are immediately stricken, staring at Yunho in dawning horror.

“I warned you.” Yunho grabs the box from his hand. He digs into his pocket for his lighter, setting the card alight and watching it burn, before dropping it back into the box along with the string.

The still somewhat moist contents of the box douse the small flame, and he puts the lid back on before tossing it down the chute.

“Was that…” Changmin knows what he saw, but he really cannot quite accept what his eyes tell him.


“You weren’t kidding when you said they still practice this. Hyung, how did he find out?”

“No fucking idea, but trust me, that is going to be my first question.”

“And he will answer it?”

“My father always answers my questions,” comes the quiet reply. “But whether or not I actually like hearing his answers is another matter altogether.”

“And the kid?”

Yunho sighs. “He did this a few years ago when I was still at university. The guy fled the second I mentioned meeting my parents, and this is before knowing who I really am.”

“How does he even know though?”

“You have to understand, my father is a master at reading people. Deceive him at your own peril. I learned very early on that it is best to be honest with him, because he can read anyone like a book. Poker faces don’t work on him. He can read your tell within ten minutes of meeting you. Even less for those who don’t know to hide their reactions. It is easy for someone to just film me with the kid. I may not know I’m giving away anything. I may think I am hiding my feelings. I may think that I have a good poker face, but he is my father and I am his son and whether I like it or not, he knows me a little too well.

They fall silent, both lost in thought as they enter the apartment again.

“Who died?” Nicole asks, looking over at the men as she mixes drinks in the kitchen. Very PG13 drinks because the reality of Jaejoong spending the night is finally setting in.

“No one.”


Nicole gives Max a strange look as Yunho says nothing. The two of them are acting weird. Yunho is always a little strange, but Max actually looks like he’s just seen a ghost.

She makes a mental note to ask him later, as she takes the pitcher of fruit punch, on a tray with several highball glasses and a bucket of ice, back to the living area where Jaejoong is still sprawled out over one of the couches.

“Are we still playing?”

“Only if you want, kid.”

“Before we play, can we sort out the sleeping arrangements?” Nicole asks.

“What’s there to sort out?” Changmin sits on the floor instead of the couch. “You’re sleeping with me and the kid’s sleeping with hyung.”

“I don’t know…”

Jaejoong bolts upright, eyes wide as he scrambles onto his knees on the couch, eyeing the slightly worried blonde.

“I’ll be good! I promise. I’ll keep my mouth shut and not open it for any reason at all.” Jaejoong’s eyes are wide, nodding frantically, trying to convey his sincerity as far as possible. “I’ll be as quiet as a mouse. I don’t even snore.”

He turns those imploring doe eyes onto Yunho, but the man looks away before the full effect can be unleashed on him.

“I’ll sleep in my study. He can have the bedroom.”




“Jaejoong, enough,” Yunho’s voice is tired. He really is in no mood to argue about their sleeping arrangements, especially not since his rather gruesome coming home gift. His father has the ability to just sap him of energy even just thinking about the imposing man, already well into his sixties, and yet, still as fit and virile as ever as if he were forty.

He sits on the other end of the couch that Jaejoong is on with a grunt, finally allowing his body to relax, unaware at exactly how tense he had been.

The teenager crawls quietly up towards him, sitting back on his heels, his expression vaguely worried.

“Are you ok?”

Yunho stares resolutely at the coffee table, not wanting to turn to look at the boy, because he knows, if he sees worry, or even a hint of care in those beautiful chocolate brown eyes, that he will be lost. Instead, he addresses his friend.

“Min, can you grab the bottle of vodka.”

Nicole makes as if to protest, but one look from Max and she holds her tongue. There is a very strange sort of atmosphere, both older men looking vaguely worried and it is sitting uncomfortably with her. But she trusts the piercer, and the tattooist to a certain extent.

Changmin returns with the bottle, and she is relieved to see that there is not much left in it.

Yunho digs out some ice and pours himself a rather hefty measure (or two) of vodka, before filling up his glass with the fruit punch Nicole had made, and he takes a long drink. He rests it lightly on his knee, aware of the warm fingertips prying it loose from his hand.

Jaejoong takes a sip of the drink, trying not to make a face at the slight burn, despite the sweetness of the punch. He finds he rather likes the burn, and he takes another sip.

And another.

And then he just upends the glass, swallowing it all, before starting to cough and choke a split second later as most of the alcohol slides down his throat as Yunho hadn’t bothered stirring his drink.

The three adults chuckle as Jaejoong drops the glass loudly onto the mahogany table, his face suffused in colour from his brush with the cocktail.

“What was that?” Jaejoong pouts, his face all scrunched up, and he resists the urge to blow his nose. Everything feels overly warm all of a sudden, as he tugs at his teeshirt.

Or rather, Yunho’s teeshirt.

The urge to take it off is rather strong, but despite the alcohol, he manages to hold onto some semblance of modesty.

Changmin pours himself a small amount of the punch, taking a sip before turning to his girlfriend, expression mildly amused.

“What’s in this, Nic?”

She shrugs, “Whatever I could find in the fridge. Peach, orange and cranberry juice.”

Yunho rolls his eyes as Changmin starts laughing.

Nicole gets it too almost immediately, and she too starts chuckling, shaking her head.

Jaejoong looks back and forth between the adults, his pout at full blast, feeling left out. “What’s so funny?”

“You just had Sex on the Beach.” Changmin answers, still chuckling as he pulls Nicole into his lap, nuzzling her ear. “Or at least, as close to Sex on the Beach as you can get. Peach nectar is just as good as peach schnapps especially considering how much vodka hyung poured into that drink.”

“Sex on the Beach?” Jaejoong echoes, licking at his lips, and tasting the cloying peach nectar on his sticky mouth.

Yunho makes the mistake of turning to the teenager just then, as the boy licks rather enthusiastically at his mouth. That pink tongue sweeping around, darting in and out, tasting and cleaning up remnants of the sticky drink.

Complete with shining doe eyes turned on at full blast onto him.

“Did you like it?” Jaejoong asks.

Yunho knows better than to ask. He really knows better, but he asks anyway.

“Like what?”

“Having Sex on the Beach with me?”

“Jaejoong,” Changmin groans loudly as Nicole buries her soft chuckles against his throat. “This is getting ridiculous.”

“But we did just share a Sex on the Beach didn’t we?” Jaejoong is nonplussed, face still ruddy from the alcohol and it is slowly hitting him in the head.

“You had my Sex on the Beach. Not the other way round.”

Jaejoong shrugs as he unfolds his legs from under him, sitting back with a thump next to Yunho. Their bodies are touching from shoulder to knee, and Yunho doesn’t move away.

“Does this mean I don’t have my V card anymore?” Jaejoong asks, pouting once again. “Noona said I only have one card that can trump your cards with but if I had Sex on the Beach then I don’t have it anymore.”

Yunho shakes his head, thoroughly exasperated at the ridiculous teen who is resting rather heavily against his side. Surely the alcohol couldn’t have hit him that hard already?

But then again, he pretty much had all of it, at least two full shots worth.

Well, fuck.

He moves to extricate his arm, laying it along the back of the couch, hiding his reacting as the teenager’s head lolls onto his chest.

“You said you had sex ed right?” Nicole asks, sitting up as Changmin hugs her from the back, chin resting on her shoulder as they both look at at the odd couple on the couch.

Yunho and Jaejoong.

A very odd couple indeed.

“Yep.” Jaejoong says, with a loud pop of his lips at the p, grinning to himself as the sound is funny to his ears.

“I’m sure you know you still have your V card then.”

Jaejoong shrugs exaggeratedly, falling more onto Yunho’s chest as he beams happily at the blonde.

“I don’t know. They didn’t talk about my kind of sex. I don’t have a vagina so since they didn’t talk about it, then maybe I will never lose my V card.” He tugs at the front of Yunho’s shirt, tilting his slightly cloudy eyes up towards the silent man. “Hah! You can never win. I will always have my V card because I don’t have a vagina!” The teen crows happily, snuggling against the man’s side, running his fingers up and down the man’s buttons as if he is playing a piano.

“Is he drunk?”

“I’m not drunk!” Jaejoong protests, waving a heavy hand at Changmin. “I just feel very warm and snuggly.” He tilts his head back up again to look at Yunho who is trying his hardest not to smile.

But the teenager catches it, and the wattage of his return smile could probably power Seoul for a good hour.

“Oh, you’re smiling! You’re not unhappy anymore?” He doesn’t wait for an answer as he continues chatting happily. “You look so lovely.”


Jaejoong nods, pressing his nose against Yunho’s chest, nuzzling a little too close to the man’s clothed nipple, causing the older man to shift away a little.

“And you smell so goooooooood,” the boy moans, pressing his nose deeper into the man’s shirt. “How do you smell so good. Can I bottle your smell? I want to rub myself all over you.”

“Oh dear, he really is drunk.”

“Not drunk!” Jaejoong protests immediately, sitting upright and glaring a little blearily at the blonde who is clicking her tongue at him. “I always think he smells good. I wish I could wear Yunho like a blanket, and then I’ll smell like him forever and I’ll be the happiest person ever.” His voice drops as he whispers. “I was soooooooo happy when you gave me his tanktop, noona. But then it started smelling like me. I think we smell good together.”

“It doesn’t take much to make you happy then?” Changmin observes, aware of the pained look Yunho throws his way. The look is asking him to stop, but the teenager is being exceedingly cute. He had gotten drunk completely by accident, and Changmin is relishing it because the teen is already painfully honest sober. He will be a hell of a lot more interesting tipsy.

Nicole pinches his thigh warningly as she gets up. “Don’t be an ass, Max. I’m going to fix him something to sober him up.”

“I’m not drunk!” Jaejoong protests again, before falling back against Yunho’s chest and giggling for no reason that either older male can see.

“What makes you happy?”

“All of you make me happy.” Jaejoong confesses, once again nuzzling against Yunho’s side, throwing a long leg over the man’s thighs the way he had with Nicole earlier. “You like me, and that makes me happy.”

“Don’t your school friends like you?”

Jaejoong frowns, the look rather strange because at the same time, he also appears to be trying to smile. The facial contorting going on makes Changmin laugh, distracting the teenager, and smiling wins.

“I don’t care if they like me or not. Some boys call me a fag, and the girls say it’s wrong that I’m so pretty. Isn’t a fag a cigarette though? Why would I be a cigarette?”

He straightens, somehow managing to turn around, wiggling his ass at a frowning Changmin. He looks over his shoulder, smiling at the older man, before looking down at the fox tail hanging off his ass.

“Is it because I have a cute butt? I’m a cigarette butt! I’m a faaaaaaaag. A cute fag.” He turns around quickly, collapsing heavily against Yunho’s chest as his head spins slightly. “Woooooah there. Ok, maybe I am a little drunk. Why is everything moving?”

He snuggles once again into the side of Yunho’s chest, missing the black frowns on all three faces of the adults as Nicole walks back towards them, overhearing the conversation.

“Don’t, hyung.” Changmin warns, reading the bleak look in the older man’s eyes perfectly. “They’re just kids. They don’t know any better.”

“I don’t know,” Nicole’s voice is icy cold. “I’m with oppa on this one. They throw words like that out back home like it’s nothing, but it is vile, and I will fucking wash out my brother’s mouth if I ever fucking hear him calling someone that.”

Jaejoong mewls, nudging Yunho with his nose before looking up at him, squinting cutely.

“Why are all of you so grumpy? Be a cuddly bear like me! We can be the bear family. You can be grumpy bear, and noona can be blondie bear, and hyung can be smirking bear, and I’ll be cuddly bear.”

“I thought I was cuddly bear too?”

Jaejoong hums happily, absolutely content where he is. “We can be cuddly bear couple.”

“Did you just refer to yourself as cuddly bear?” Changmin raises an amused brow at a rueful Yunho.

“Shut up, Min.”

“Are we still playing?” Jaejoong asks again. He is starting to feel like a broken record.

“You’re too drunk to play, kid.”

Jaejoong sits up again, shaking his head as if to clear it. “I’m really not drunk. Test me on the periodic table.”


Jaejoong frowns at the blonde. “43? 43? Noona, come on. Be more fun!” he whines, before answering. “Technetium.”

“Techni what?”


Jaejoong beams, before deepening his voice. “Oh Steeeeeeve. Do you need help polishing your shield?” before starting to giggle all over again.



“I’m a pencil! I’m a pencil!”

Nicole is chuckling, as she nods at a bemused Yunho. “He’s not drunk. Tipsy maybe but if he can crack jokes like that, he still has his faculties.”

“Did the kid just crack a Stony joke?”


Jaejoong sits up, nodding seriously at Changmin. “All the girls are craaaaaaazy about Stony. I think they’re silly but eh.” He shrugs before dropping heavily yet again, onto Yunho’s side. “I don’t know anything about them. I hate superhero movies.”

“Why is that?”

“Because there are no heroes in real life. Fathers are supposed to be heroes aren’t they? Every child’s father is their own personal hero, but I don’t know any heroes. Just assholes.” His voice is serious as he stares off into the distance.

The teenager is unaware of the adults once again exchanging looks. But before any of them can remark over his uncharacteristic statement, he brightens, sitting up once again.

“Are we still playing? I wanna do a dare. Can we all just do dares? Truths are fun but we can play twenty questions or something later, maybe.”

Yunho lets it pass, deciding that he can question the teenager later when he’s more sober and a little less erratic.

Nicole takes the opportunity to hand Jaejoong her drunk remedy, and everyone laughs when the teenager makes a face as he looks into the murky depths of the puke green sludge.

“What the hell is this, noona? It looks like something the Hulk threw up.”

“It’s probably better if you drink it without knowing what it is.”

Jaejoong peers suspiciously into the small glass.

Thankfully small.

“I don’t know… I don’t have a gag reflex but I have a feeling this is going to test my mettle.” He takes an experimental sniff, before recoiling back in horror. “It smells like a fish got gutted in there.”

“Stop complaining and just drink it.”

“Are there body parts in this? Slimy toes?” He dips the tip of his finger into it, before sucking on it thoughtfully, staring at Yunho.

Try as he might, he cannot look away as he watches the boy suck on his little finger.

That perfect little pout wrapped so suggestively around the plump digit. The boy may have small hands but he has cute chubby fingers that make Yunho want to taste and bite each and every one of them.

Too soon, the finger leaves his mouth, and Yunho watches as the kid stares one last time at the ghastly coloured liquid, before turning a baleful glance towards Nicole.

“Noona, do I really have to?”

“Just get it over and done with, kid.” Changmin encourages. “The sooner you swallow it, the faster you’ll get over it.”

“If I hate it, I’m going to spit it out all over Yunho,” Jaejoong warns, causing the older man next to him to try and shift away, but the teenager stops him with an adorable scowl.

Angry kitten indeed.

“It tastes like ass,” Nicole admits, “but it does the job.”

“Not my ass it doesn’t.” Jaejoong’s scowl deepens. “I refuse to believe my ass tastes like that.”

“How would you know?”

“I don’t.” He stares at the green liquid, swirling it around.

The three adults brace themselves as the teenager’s jaw drops, and he turns to Changmin.

“Your ass tastes gross, hyung.”

“Jaejoong, stop.” Yunho admonishes. He is going to fix this kid’s filter if it’s the last thing he does. He cannot have him talking to other people like this that’s for sure.

“But noona says it tastes like ass and since she’s with hyung then she must have only tasted his. Why couldn’t she have made me a drink that tasted like your ass?”

Yunho reaches up and clamps his hand around the teenager’s mouth as Nicole and Changmin start laughing all over again. He ignores the sloshing drink as it spills over onto the kid’s shirt, as he pulls Jaejoong down, towards him. He can see the teenager’s wide doe eyes in the mirror opposite them, and they grow impossibly wider as he presses his mouth against his ear.

“Behave, otherwise I might have to figure out how to punish you.”

Jaejoong licks his palm.

AN1: My friend is a SUPER CHEAP drunk and she gets like this on a glass or two of champagne so I’m using her as a model because I no longer drink, but when I did, I could down three quarters of a bottle of vodka easily and still debate the merits of a case. Lawyers are, unfortunately in my experience, VERY GOOD at holding their alcohol. I have no idea why this is…

AN2: No idea when 8b will be up but I’ll try for the next 24-36 hours.

Tags: fic:tattooist, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

  • The Dragons [2/2]

    Title: The Dragons Pairing: YunJae + YunJae + MinSu Rating: PG-13 Length: Twoshot Genre: AU, fluff, crossover(s) Disclaimer: I don't own…

  • The Dragons [1/2]

    Title: The Dragons Pairing: YunJae + MinSu Rating: PG-13 Length: Twoshot Genre: AU, fluff, crossover(s) Disclaimer: I don't own anything…

  • The Moll [1/1]

    Title: The Moll Pairing: YunJae + MinSu Rating: PG-13 Length: Oneshot Genre: AU, fluff, crossover Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart…

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  • The Dragons [2/2]

    Title: The Dragons Pairing: YunJae + YunJae + MinSu Rating: PG-13 Length: Twoshot Genre: AU, fluff, crossover(s) Disclaimer: I don't own…

  • The Dragons [1/2]

    Title: The Dragons Pairing: YunJae + MinSu Rating: PG-13 Length: Twoshot Genre: AU, fluff, crossover(s) Disclaimer: I don't own anything…

  • The Moll [1/1]

    Title: The Moll Pairing: YunJae + MinSu Rating: PG-13 Length: Oneshot Genre: AU, fluff, crossover Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart…