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The Tattooist [8b]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13 for now
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

AN1: Well then!!!!!!!!

AN2: Also, this gorgeous banner is made by shinkinism on tumblr!!!


“So are we playing now?”

Jaejoong is still sulking which amuses the other three to no end.

“I think we should all do dares now. It’s the least you can do for me after making me drink that.”

“Fine, if you answer one question for us.”

“A truth?”

“Well, we hope you’ll answer truthfully but it’s not an official truth.”

Jaejoong shrugs as he leans back. His body is still touching Yunho’s but he isn’t all over the man like earlier. He blushes slightly at the memory, but he tries to shake it off as he nods at Changmin while tugging at the stained shirt.

Should he take it off?

“Why did you put the Kiss B dare in?”

“Oh god, how did you know it was me? I didn’t know what Kiss B meant! It was a dare someone made someone else do in school but my noona picked me up before I could see it unfold and I was curious.”

“You play truth or dare a lot?”

“Not really, maybe three or four times, but we’ve been bored lately.”

“What was the most crazy dare you’ve seen performed?”

Jaejoong shrugs. “A couple had to run around the school track in their underwear. That’s about it really, since I didn’t get to see the Kiss B dare. To me, the worst was the bra dare. It might seem funny to you but I felt like dying!”

Everyone laughs because really, the teenager looks extremely put upon.

“Stop laughing at me. I know this time you’re laughing at me not with me, but it’s ok since I’m getting my own way,” Jaejoong is cheering up considerably at the idea of all those lovely dares. So far, they have all been vastly more fun that the ones in school that’s for sure.

“Nic, you go first.”

“Why me? Aren’t we going by the cherry stem order?”

“Change of rules since this is dare only. Jaejoong and I have already done more than our fair share of dares so you go first.”

“I think Max should go first. He hasn’t done a single dare while I danced with Jae earlier.”

Three pairs of eyes land on Max who shrugs.

“Oh, what the hell.”


“Stop passing on your dares, Nic!”

Yunho is exasperated as the blonde smirks at him.

“Hey, this is my final opportunity to pass anything, and if it’s me, that means it’s Jae and Changmin doing the cleaning up. Do you really want that?” Nicole waggles her eyebrows. “You totally know I’ll be losing this top.” She tugs her tank top up, exposing her lightly muscled belly with the blue jewel in it. “Virgin eyes are in the room, oppa.”

“I can see your boobs just fine.” Jaejoong observes, as he watches the blonde’s tits bounce. He is mesmerised, finding it rather interesting how different their bodies are. He vastly prefers her boobs though, because the girl from Changmin’s dare is a little too much woman for his poor brain to handle.

“Read the dare again.”

Changmin plucks the piece of paper from Jaejoong’s fingers, rather amused at how the teenager is blatantly staring at his girlfriend. It doesn’t bother him one bit. The girl is gorgeous, and the kid is teenage boy, and besides, she invited the perusal.

“Turn your upper body into a strawberry sundae and let the person opposite you and to your right clean you up.”

“What the fuck is with all these dares that involve other people? It’s practically a three way dare.” Yunho grumbles, getting up and moving to sit beside Jaejoong and leaning back. The teenager moves immediately to his side, much to amusement of the other couple.

“Who’re you passing it to?” Jaejoong asks, not taking his eyes off the blonde’s piercings that he can see. He wonders briefly if her nipples are as sensitive as his. Too bad he won’t get to find out.


Jaejoong glances up at the smirking blonde. “Me? I have to clean a strawberry sundae off the person on my right and opposite?”

He turns to look at Yunho whose expression is about as inviting as a steaming pile of poop.

And of course he tells him as much.

“What the hell is it with you and poop?”

“Nothing, but you look like you just sniffed something bad.” Jaejoong bends his head, tugging the shirt up and sniffing, before dropping it hastily and making a face. “It’s me!”

Before anyone can stop him, he pulls off the teeshirt, tossing it unceremoniously over the back of the couch, before snuggling against the older man. “Do I smell better now? I don’t smell fishy anymore do I? Do I smell yummy again?”

Yunho tilts his head down to look at the teenager. The boy’s skin is flushed so beautifully, cheeks rosy, and his mouth so ripe and lush and just begging to be kissed. He takes a deep breath, and his brain just takes off with the scent of cinnamon hot chocolate. He is about to give in to the temptation, when the teenager’s eyes suddenly widen and he pulls away abruptly, staring at the blonde opposite him.

“Wait! Who is supposed to be the strawberry sundae?” His eyes narrow suspiciously as Nicole laughs. He is pretty sure she wanted to pass because she didn’t want to offend his virgin sensibilities so why… oh.

He turns quickly back to Yunho who happens to be on his right.

“You’re supposed to eat me!” Changmin is snorting on his left but he ignores him. “Aren’t you?” he asked Yunho again, poking him in the chest this time, before suddenly grinning. “You said I probably don’t smell as good as I taste right? Well, I think I can prove you wrong.”

Jaejoong’s head whips back round to a very amused blonde American.

“Noona, where’s the ice cream?”

She pops a thumb over her shoulder, and he scrambles quickly off the couch, practically skipping to the kitchen as he starts whistling again.


“Just so you know, I’m lactose intolerant.”

“Since when?” Yunho asks, not believing the smirking blonde for one miserable second.

“Oh, since forever.” She examines her nails nonchalantly, brushing them over the soft swell of her bra-less boob. “Why do you think I didn’t want to get ice cream when he kept insisting so much? So you’re on your own, oppa.”

“So the dare isn’t yours?”

“I didn’t say that,” she grins cheekily as Jaejoong comes back armed with strawberry ice cream.

“I take it, the choice of ice cream was yours though?” Yunho queries with a quirked brow, watching the teenager stare at the tub of ice cream, and then back at his naked torso, and then back at the ice cream again.

Her smirk widens as she nods, darting a sidelong glance at the teenager who appears to be rather puzzled.

“It didn’t take much to convince him since he knows you like strawberries.”

Jaejoong is scratching his head now, mouth in a full pout as he absentmindedly taps the metal spoon in his hand against his piercing.




Three pairs of eyes are on him, and it is Yunho who finally speaks.

“We don’t have to do the dare if you don’t want to.”

Jaejoong looks over at him, brow furrowed. “I don’t care about getting sticky, but how am I supposed to get the ice cream on me in the first place without it landing splat on the floor?”

At the word splat, he waves his spoon, arms akimbo, emphasising his point, and Yunho finally gets a good clean glance of the boy’s body.


Slim, and lightly muscled. The boy looks both hard and soft in all the right places, and for some reason, completely unashamed.

“I think he might still be drunk,” Changmin stage whispers, as he leans forward to tug Nicole back into his lap. His own dare had taken awhile, and if he finds out who put the stupid dare in, he’s going to have rather strong words with them. His facial piercings are all out, sitting on Nicole’s dressing table back in their apartment because he had been dared to pretend to be a kpop idol and invite a girl back to the apartment and convince her to let him autograph her boobs.

Trust him to manage to find the only damn American on the street.

The petite, and extraordinarily curvy girl had been more than willing. She had traumatised the kid though, as she skipped into the apartment, bouncing all over the place, making the teen cover his eyes and yell out at her to stop jumping.

She and Nicole had hit it off immediately, talking nineteen to the dozen, practically screaming at each other when they realised they came from the same state, leaving the other three males to back away slowly from the very loud females. Had the girl not had a prior engagement, she would have stayed. As it is, she’d promised to drop by the following day at Mirotic, as Nicole had invited her to lunch.

Changmin can only hope she has learned how to use her indoor voice, though he has a horrible feeling that whatever it was earlier, had been it.

If Yunho had ever a need to question the boy’s sexual preferences, Eryn, the stray American girl had put the issue to rest. Jaejoong had absolutely zero interests in her rather ample assets. As far as girls go, Changmin would’ve gone for her in a heartbeat had it not been for Nicole. His tastes definitely now run towards athletic tall blondes instead of curvy, petite brunettes now.

But damn she was fine.

Too bad he’s the only male who appreciated her.

“Not drunk, hyung.” Jaejoong disagrees, picking up Yunho’s glass and swallowing the contents. He grimaces as the alcohol once again burns his throat, lighting a path all the way to his belly.

Yunho gently plucks the glass from the slightly stupefied teenager, which shakes the boy from his reverie as he beams at him.

“Why does vodka make me feel so warm? I don’t have a shirt on but now I’m even warmer than I was before. I can’t take my skin off, can I?”

“No, kid.”

Jaejoong scowls playfully and wags his finger at the older man. “Maybe I am a little drunk since I don’t care that you just called me kid.” He turns back to the carton of ice cream. “How am I supposed to turn into a strawberry sundae? I can’t think straight.” He turns to the watching couple, examining both their faces before waving his spoon once again and pointing at Changmin.

“You!” He steps forward and raps his spoon smartly on the man’s chest. “You put in that dare didn’t you? Now tell me how I’m supposed to become a yummy strawberry sundae so cuddly bear and blondie bear can eat me.” He turns to a chuckling Nicole. “By the way, no offence, noona, but I don’t really think I want you eating me. But it’s a dare and I guess being uncomfortable is the whole idea.”

“I won’t be eating you, babe. I’m lactose intolerant.”

He squints at the girl, then looks back at Yunho, and then at Changmin. “Is it rude that I want to cheer? Hyung, you can go eat your pretty blondie bear later, kay? So she doesn’t feel so bad. I bet she tastes good.”

Yunho groans as the other couple start laughing. He darts a quick look at the clock and sees that it’s well past eleven. They need to get up pretty early tomorrow since neither Nicole nor his new employee mopped and cleaned the office. He is sure the reception area in particular is a bio hazard zone, and he really cannot have that.

He watches as Jaejoong flails around a little more, stopping him just before he dips a spoon into the melting tub of ice cream.

“Jae, it’s late. We can take a rain check.”

“But that’s not in the rules,” the teenager pouts as he sits on the coffee table, narrowly missing sitting on the carton of ice cream itself. “And I still haven’t done my dare.”

Nicole and Changmin both check the time, and both echo Yunho’s sentiments. Changmin’s dare had really taken too damn long. Plus, trying to coax the now tipsy teenager to drink that green sludge had taken awhile too.

Not that it matters anyway, Nicole watches the teenager fondly as he pouts something fierce at Yunho.

“Don’t you think you’ve done enough dares?” Yunho enquires mildly, trying not to look at the kid’s mouth. However, nowhere is safe to look at really, since he is still topless.

“Nope.” He pops the p again, and like earlier, starts to giggle.

“Oh dear…maybe we should have a sleepover here in the living room or something.”

“No, babe.” Changmin shakes his head immediately before smirking. “It’s hyung’s problem if he doesn’t want to eat his cuddly bear but I want my blondie bear.”

Both Yunho and Nicole roll their eyes, but Jaejoong pouts even more.

“Why does she get to be eaten when she passed on the dare and I don’t get to be eaten, huh?” He waves his spoon, narrowly missing Yunho’s nose.

He leans back, out of spoon hitting range, but the kid gets up off the coffee table and moves to sit next to him, practically wrapping himself around his arm as he starts drumming the spoon on his buttons.

“Don’t you want to eat me? I really don’t think I taste like hyung.” He looks over and tries to frown fiercely at the now canoodling couple, but doesn’t quite manage it when he sees Changmin’s hand underneath her tanktop and moving rather determinedly upwards despite her grip around his wrist.

He huffs, his sigh long-suffering indeed as he throws his spoon in the couple’s direction. His aim is true, and it lands squarely on Changmin’s head.

“What the fuck?”

“I don’t want to watch you eating her when Yunho won’t eat me. I’ll get jealous and it’s not fair.”

“Kid, I’m pretty sure hyung is more than happy to eat you.”

“Shut up, Min.”

“Really?” Jaejoong blinks happily up at Yunho but he is interrupted by a rather jaw-cracking yawn. He stretches his arms up, making little mewling sounds as he arches backwards, yawning some more.

His yawning sets off a chain reaction, but Yunho doesn’t react, staring at the little barbell shot through the very pink nipple, and he licks his lips.

“Oppa,” Nicole’s tone is vaguely warning as she catches his action. She shakes her head at him when he turns towards her, his features devoid of expression. She finds it weird how he can do that, but she shrugs it off. “Don’t do anything Max wouldn’t do.”

“And what exactly wouldn’t he do?” Yunho asks, eyebrow quirked.

Jaejoong finishes his yawning stint, feeling wonderfully stretched and relaxed, crawling sleepily into Yunho’s lap, much to the surprise of the older man.

“I’m cold,” he explains. “And you’re warm.”

And that apparently is it.

So much for being so hot he wanted to take his skin off.

“The kid,” Nicole states as she watches with growing wonder at the seventeen year old trying his best to be some sort of cuddly kitten. Forget bear, the boy is about as affectionate and playful and ridiculously cute as a kitten. He is still pouting, but his eyes are closed and he is quiet. His butt is actually off Yunho’s lap, his body too long to fit without the man’s cooperation.

But he is sideways, both legs across the older man’s lap, face pressed against his shoulder.

Before either Yunho or Changmin can comment, the teenager speaks.

“I still want to pick my last dare.” He doesn’t even bother opening his eyes, nuzzling Yunho’s shoulder.

The adults exchange looks, and all three shrug. They did promise him. Yunho is actually relieved because it means he gets to skip his turn. There are only three dares left, and one of them is his.

“Alright, kiddo.” Changmin pokes Nicole to get her to move. “Rain check on the strawberry sundae, and you get to pick the last dare.”

“If it is too bothersome to do, we’ll take a raincheck on that too, ok?”

Jaejoong nods, eyes still shut.

Nicole picks up the bowl and holds it out to him. She is a tad amused when Yunho picks up the boy’s limp hand and drops it into the bowl. The teen doesn’t even bother to rummage, picking up the first piece of paper his hand touches before holding it out for someone to take.

She grabs it from him, placing the bowl down as she does before opening it.

Her eyes run across the words once.


And then a third just to be sure.

“Oh, fuck.”

Yunho stares up at the blonde whose mouth is opening and closing.

Changmin gains his feet, wrapping his arms around her, but he doesn’t even manage to hug her properly before he lets go, sitting back down on the couch and starting to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” the teenager demands sleepily, and he still doesn’t bother opening his eyes. “I don’t have to wear a bra, do I?”

A smirk is starting to form on Nicole’s face and Yunho doesn’t like it one bit.

“Just read the damn thing.”

She grins, “You know, I don’t think this dare is even necessary considering everything, but a dare is a dare.”

“Can it be done tonight or do we have to raincheck it?” Jaejoong enquires. His ability to carry on a conversation with his eyes shut, and his voice laced with sleep is rather adorable, especially since he continually nuzzles into Yunho’s shoulder whenever he moves or speaks.

Nicole’s misgivings about leaving the kid with Yunho are dissipating slowly, because even she can see the tenderness in the older man’s eyes when he thinks no one is looking. Like right now for example.

He hasn’t shoved the boy off his lap.

His hand is actually rubbing heel of the kid’s foot, and Nicole knows he doesn’t realise he is doing it.

Every time Jaejoong moves to nuzzle, Yunho tilts his chin up to give him more room, and a tiny smile plays about his mouth.


Nicole’s eyes jerk back up to hooded almond ones. His gaze is impenetrable, and it only wavers around the edges when Jaejoong clutches at the front of his shirt and nuzzles yet again.

“Be still, Jaejoong.”

Surprisingly, the boy complies, and Yunho nods towards Nicole to get a move on.

She clears her throat, before starting to read. “Ask someone in the group to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, and if they say yes, you have to act like a real couple for at least two weeks before you are allowed to break up (if they want).”

“If they say yes?” Yunho clarifies.

The blonde nods, darting a look at the teenager who has started to frown.

Jaejoong finally opens his eyes, straightening up as he gazes at Yunho who refuses to turn to look at him.

“Are you going to say no?” His voice quivers on the edges, his heart sinking into his belly and getting gobbled up by gastric juices.

Yunho’s jaw tightens, hearing the hurt note in the teenager’s voice. Yes, he really does want to say no.

And he opens his mouth to, and makes the mistake of looking at the teenager.

Sad liquid doe eyes stare back at him.

And the words die in his throat, as they stare at each other.

Jaejoong is the first to break eye contact as he nods softly in understanding, his hands in his lap as he turns his gaze down trying not to cry. The night had been so lovely, and he had to ruin it with his stupid dare. It had seemed like such a good idea at the time, but as he sits across this man’s lap, a man he had been drawn to at first sight, not understanding the attraction but going with it nonetheless, he suddenly feels so exposed.

He sighs softly, refusing to look up, feeling three pairs of eyes boring into his naked torso, and the flames of shame and humiliation creep up his body. This is what he is made to feel like in school. He ignores it in school, but it is so much harder here because he genuinely likes these adults and he cares about what they think of him.

Nicole noona with her snappy ways, hiding a heart of gold.

Changmin hyung with his teasing smirks, and the way he treats him almost like an equal, and not a kid.

And Yunho.

Where does he even begin with Yunho?

Why did he have to ruin such a perfect day?

Why is that little bit of alcohol suddenly giving him a self-awareness he normally doesn’t have when sober? He hates looking into himself, and he hates what he sees.

He is just a stupid seventeen year old with a huge crush on a twenty-nine year old man.

Yunho is so out of his league, as if he was even within the vicinity in the first place.

What the hell was he thinking?

His father’s words on that night start playing in his head, and the shame pours through him as he struggles to stay afloat. He didn’t understand what the man meant then, but he understands it now. After the confrontation with the teacher, and now sitting here like a silly little fool, he understands it now.

“No one ever says yes to me,” he finally whispers, biting his bottom lip. “It’s ok, it’s just a silly dare,” he tries to smile, struggling to get out of Yunho’s lap. “I’ll find my way home. It’s not far.”

Yunaconda suddenly appears in front of him, clamping across his thighs and keeping him there.

Jaejoong squints at the black dragon glaring balefully up at him.

“Yunaconda, get out of my way and let me go home.” Jaejoong’s voice is a hoarse whisper, feeling sorry for himself.

“Do you want to go home?”

“I—“ Jaejoong pauses, lifting a hand to stroke at a fang he can see with his pinky. “I don’t want to lie to you, but I don’t want to be where I’m not wanted. It hurts enough in school, I don’t need it here too. I’m sorry I asked for the dare. I’m sorry I’m so young and stupid. I’m just sorry.”

Jaejoong is about to say more when something is deposited into his lap.

He stares at the cerulean blue eyes that are gazing up at him in surprise.

Two pairs of large eyes blink at each other.

Their eyes are pretty much all there is, and they’re both growing larger by the second.

The tiny grey kitten mews questioningly, wondering why it has been taken from its safe and warm little box. It is still new and trying to figure out the extent of its new domain, and right now, it is rather confused.

It sniffles experimentally, nuzzling the fingertips of the human staring down at him in mute shock.

“I don’t like cats, kid,” Nicole speaks softly, gently. “And oppa has offered to look after it, but after a few days of watching him, I really don’t think he knows what to do with a kitten. Do you want it?”

“You-you’re giving it to m-me?” Jaejoong is stuttering, still a little surprised. He is a teenager, and very easily distracted, and Nicole has managed to draw his attention away from his self-loathing.

“I like the kitten, Nic.” Yunho growls in protest.

The tiny little ball of fur recognises his voice, and it starts mewling a little more enthusiastically, climbing over the teenager’s thighs, claws digging in and making the boy wince as it tries to crawl up the front of its owner’s shirt.

“You like the pussy?” Jaejoong asks, as he strokes the little kitten, finding his first real smile since the awkward dare, making clicking sounds with his tongue as the animal whines cutely.

“Kitten, Jaejoong.” Yunho shakes his head. “This is a kitten. Not a pussy. Kitten.”

“Why can’t I call it a pussy?” Jaejoong’s attention is still on the kitten, now cooing softly at it as he pats its butt, coaxing it to climb up the front of Yunho’s shirt.

“Nicole will explain why.”

“I will?”

“Better you than me.”

“I doubt it somehow.”

“Jaejoong, my answer is yes.”

“Hmmm?” Jaejoong hums distractedly as leans into Yunho, head once again on his shoulder as he watches the little kitten. “Yes, what? Yes, I can have the puss— kitten?” he amends at the last second.

“Yes, I’ll be your boyfriend for two weeks.”

“Ok,” Jaejoong smiles as the kitten sidetracks, clambering towards him instead. The sharp sting of its claws on his bare torso hurt, but the little animal means no harm and he doesn’t begrudge him the pain.

The adults all wait, knowing the boy will process it in his own time, and true enough, Jaejoong’s head suddenly jerks up.

“Wh-what?” His jaw drops, staring at Yunho. “Did you say y-yes. Are you s-sure?”

“I need to talk to your sister, but yes.”

“You’re mine for two whole weeks?” Jaejoong asks, mouth still agog, unable to believe what he’s hearing.

Longer than two weeks if he can help it, but they’ll cross that road when they hit it, as Yunho nods.



“Really mine?”

Several nods this time, Changmin and Nicole both smiling at the bemused teenager.

“All mine?”


“What does that mean?”

“What do you mean?”

“What does mine mean? I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

“Oh, hyung. Good luck with this. I think we’ll leave you two to it,” Changmin chuckles as Nicole snickers, both turning and leaving arm in arm, shutting the connecting door rather firmly behind them.

“Can we hold hands?”

“If you want.” Yunho is feeling a strange sort of warmth coming over him as the teenager scoops up the little kitten into the palm of his hand, nuzzling the tiny animal with an adorable smile on his face.

“Can I touch you whenever I want?”

“I suppose.”

“No one else can touch you?”

Yunho thinks about, and he thinks those twins and how he felt, and the anger he still feels against the boy’s teacher. And he thinks about how he would feel in Jaejoong’s shoes, and he answer. “I guess not…depends what you mean though. Nicole touches me a lot and so does Changmin.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, still cupping the kitten in his palm and kissing its tiny nose, smiling when it mewls happily at him.

“Hyung and noona are ok. I’m talking about your clients?”

“What do you mean?”

“When those silly girls keep touching your Yunaconda, and making all sorts of weird sounds like it’s cute. It’s not cute. It’s scary,” he glares at the offending tattoo which seems to mock him with its red beady eyes, and he sticks his tongue out at it before continuing. “But they’re pretending to think it’s cute, and it really isn’t cute. I call it Yunaconda to try and make it cute and not scary but it’s not really working.”

Jaejoong pouts in disgruntlement before he finally gets to the point. “Can I tell them to stop touching you?”

Yunho chuckles, hauling the teenager up properly into his lap. “Didn’t I tell you to stop using that awful name?”

“But I like it,” Jaejoong licks his mouth, batting his eyelashes at the man. “I’ll stop if you let me see your one-eyed snake.”

“No, Jae.”

“Will you let me see it eventually? I’m your boyfriend too right? Surely I can see whatever I want?”

“Maybe. I don’t want to talk about that right now.”

Jaejoong wrinkles his nose, huffing quietly before deciding to acquiesce for now. “So can I?”

“Can you what?”

“Tell them to stop.”

Yunho manhandles Jaejoong’s legs, setting his feet on the floor before coaxing the boy upright. “I’m getting tired, we can continue this later. Drop the kitten in the laundry. He needs to be toilet trained.”

“Won’t he be lonely?”

“He’ll be fine.”

“How do you know?”

“He’s been there for a week, Jaejoong.”

The teenager continues to pout something fierce, trying to coax the older man to do his bidding. His heart shines in his eyes as he holds out the tiny kitten nibbling on his palm towards Yunho.

“Look at how tiny he is. He’ll be sad and lonely without us. He’s so happy in my hand. Look—ouch!”

Jaejoong almost drops his precious ball of fur as the kitten digs in rather determinedly into his soft palm.

Yunho rescues the kitten swiftly, striding towards the laundry quickly, and leaving the mewling little bundle in there after making sure all his needs will be met in the small room.

He shuts the door on it, turning, only to meet accusatory dark eyes, a hefty amount of teenage irritation in them at having his new pet taken from him.

“I’m not a kitten, Yunho. You cannot shut me into a room and expect me to stay.”

“I never expected you to stay in the room.”

“Does this mean you’re sleeping with me?”


AN: Why is 24 hours dragging out into… 5 chapters? I NEED TO GET MOVING. I’m so sorry. Work has been very hectic and I want to shank a lot of people, namely the makers of tiny humans who are beyond annoying right now.

Tags: fic:tattooist, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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