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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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The Tattooist [9]
Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13 for now
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff
Warning: Super-mild underage shenanigans. Like so super that really, even if you squint you might not see it. I can't see it myself but eh. Protecting my own ass is a good thing.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

AN1: I can finish this within 15 chapters!!! So...uh... "short" by my standards... //stares at ICE and SB//

AN2: Also, this gorgeous banner is made by shinkinism on tumblr!!!


The TattooistCollapse )

Squealing on the over cuteness of Jae and the kitten...😄

And Yunho coming to terms of his acceptance of Jae...kind of...at least there is an improvement in their odd relationship, right...😁

PS - hope you get well soon!

I have some fave part in this particular update:

"He takes a whiff of himself, deciding that if he has a shower, than he won’t smell edible anymore because his body products are back at his sisters’ house. He doesn’t wonder why he wants to smell edible. He just thinks it’s nice to smell like dessert."
OMG,u're really an exceptional writer,because when I read that paragraph, Jae with his cute cute attitude sniffing himself, pouting, thinking pose cutely happened to cross my mind at once!

And Jae in the 'wrong' side of bed...Yunho is sooo dead! He really won't have any chance!

Oh screw it! I love this update, LOVE this STORY!
love how u draw jae's character perfectly here!!!

omg,u're in hospital?
Hope u'll be fine soon and discharge as quickly
yeps,nothing could tear us apart from yunjae or tvxq (read:laptop)

Sorry,I happen to read the top comments and, r u a lawyer? OMG, I just graduate..I don't meet much fellow law student (major) yunjae fans >,,< (or I might just don't go out much...u know what I mean). Are u corporate lawyer, if I may ask?

get well soon!!!! will be waiting for more!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3

hope you feel better, get well soon!
i dont know how yun got through that night.
i thought he would give in too.

i cant wait until jae meets yun family.

thanks for posting

:( I hope you get better soon!

>_> Man Jae has a lot of questions~~ XD
Let him sleeeeep Jae.

Jaejoong's innocence is really incredible lol i want to keep him in a barbie house model and display it in my room
and you're in hospital :(
get well soon

I love ur story, i hope u continue writing it. I'm not really a yunjae shipper but I'm hooked to this story.

this is just LOL. jaejoong's innocence might be what will drive yunho crazy. if he isn't already~

you're in the hospital... hope you get well soon!

update again soon!

oh no! really hope u get well soon...anyway i'm amazed that you managed to come up with this when you're sick..i mean yunho+katana+topless and body glistening with sweat= mindf***ed+nosebleed...oo hot..*dies*
hope u get enough rest and take care ya..

asdfghjkl i missed 2 updatessss nuuuu....

and yeay for fluff.. i wont even think to expect anything moreeee.
ahahaha whole chapter feels with only yunjae and their bantering i am happy reader..
jae is really impossibble tho XDD
oh yunho is thinking to take jae back home with him?awwwww..
haha at the part where jae just wouldnt shut up i so feel yunho XDDD
i really love it when yunho calling jaejong babe <33

Ps. are you okay? :OOOOO

OMG, where did that GIF came from, sooo cute!

Now, age is just a number so give me my needed smexy time!

filipino ahjummas love yoochun so much.
imagine yunho like a samurai..omg. kenshin in battosai mode.
i give up on jaejoong.hhehe

LMAO, the Jiji and Pussy talk... oh god Jae you're so adorable... no wonder Nicole and your sisters love you so much.. hahahahaha

oh and the GIF.. lmao poor Jaejae... cats hates him... *pats Jaejae*