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The Tattooist [11]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13 for now
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff
Warning: Super-mild underage shenanigans. Like so super that really, even if you squint you might not see it. I can't see it myself but eh. Protecting my own ass is a good thing.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…


AN2: Gif is there because it fucking killed me last night and made my heart monitor go crazy.

“Have either of them said anything?”

“Apart from the death glare the little kitten sent that chick, I haven’t seen or heard a thing.”

“Does he look like he’s had his cherry popped?”

Nicole steps back and stares at her boyfriend. Yes, they’ve put a label on it and while it irks her a little, she might be just a teensy weensy bit pleased about it.

Teensy weensy.

And you will never fucking hear it from her.

“You are disgusting.”

“You love it.”

“I’m beginning to have second thoughts.”

Changmin smirks, not bothered at all by the irritated blonde as he pulls her into his arms. “He’s skipping around with not a care in the world. I can’t actually imagine anyone skipping around after meeting Yunaconda.”

Nicole elbows him, struggling to move away, grunting in disgust as Max laughs at her and holds tight. “Don’t call it that for fuck’s sake. Leave the nicknames to the kid please. I’m already struggling with the idea of them being together, I don’t need a name for his damn cock.”

“Why are you struggling?”

“He’s only seventeen! Back where I come from, Yunho can get thrown into jail.”

“Somehow, I doubt anyone is throwing hyung into jail anytime soon.”

Nicole doesn’t comment, Max already cautioning her against asking too many questions last night. She has a pretty good idea as to why, and while she wants to say something, she rather likes her body parts just as they are.

“Is he done yet?” Jaejoong’s pouty face materialises in front of the couple. They’d sent him out on a fool’s errand after his pacing started driving them crazy. They’d even tried to get the American girl, Eryn, to distract him, but the boy has a singular mind when it comes to Yunho.

“You got what I asked for?”

Jaejoong rolls his eyes, huffing as he dumps his purchase onto the reception desk. “I have no idea why you specifically needed white tack. I had to go to four different stores before someone stopped looking at me like I was crazy. And even then they were sold out so they sent me to another outlet. I’ve been all over Seoul, noona! Didn’t anyone tell you blue tack is the standard? I even found green and orange tack in the second store but nooooooooo,” he complains, grumbling. “You needed white tack.”

Nicole pulls herself free from Max’s arms, going round the counter to hug the irate teenager. “Calm down, babe. I—“

“Don’t call me, babe.” Jaejoong cuts her off, still huffy.

“Sheathe your claws, kitten.” Changmin chuckles, as the boy glares at him. He knows exactly why Jaejoong is being borderline rude. Yunho has a three hour session with a girl wanting a tramp stamp, and the girl really is exactly what she wants. Yunho actually had the door removed that morning, and replaced with one that had a window, because the girl had been unwilling to have Nicole sit in.

She had been rude to Jaejoong upon arrival, ordering him to get her a drink. Changmin had seen Yunho’s eyes tighten, but he had kept silent. Jaejoong had stormed off in a huff, getting her drink. If he had been Changmin, he might have spat into her Coke, but he really cannot imagine the teenager doing any such thing, no matter how annoyed he is.

Nicole drapes herself around the bristling teenager, nuzzling his ear. “Come on, let’s go home and get your kitten.”

“I know you’re trying to distract me, noona.” But Jaejoong’s voice does lose its edge as his body softens against the tall blonde.

“It’s not trying if it’s working. Max has a break so he can man the counter. We can catch a cab and be back in fifteen minutes. What say you? I’m sure the poor little thing must be bored out of his mind now.”

“His name is Jiji.”

Changmin chokes on his own Coke, actually spraying his mouthful over the counter, and the cuddling duo.

“What the fuck, Max?” Nicole mutters in disgust as she brushes at her long blonde hair. Jaejoong got most of it being in front of her, but she definitely felt the spray on her hair and face.

“I have no more clothes, hyung.” Jaejoong grouches as he pats at the brown spots on his white teeshirt. He stares irritatedly at the tall piercer who has started laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Who named the kitten?”

“I did.”

“Of course you did.” Changmin manages to cough out before laughing all over again.

Nicole can feel the teenager stiffening once again and she rubs his shoulder comfortingly before walking over and slapping her boyfriend hard across the shoulder. “Cut it out. Either share it with the class, or shut the fuck up.”

“Kid, I don’t know how these things happen to you, I swear to god.”

“What is it now?” Jaejoong questions belligerently. His back is up, already extremely put out by the rude girl from earlier, and then his useless errand all over Seoul, and now this. He hasn’t seen Yunho in hours, despite the window, because every time he looks in, he sees the ugly girl smirking at him, Yunho’s head down over her ass crack. He remembers what Yunho told him last night about piercings and he gets even more annoyed.

He turns towards Nicole, shooting off his mouth before it meets his brain. “Noona! How do you not get angry when hyung has to pierce pussies? Isn’t he supposed to only see yours? I don’t get it. I don’t want to be silly and stupid about Yunho having to tattoo that girl but she is hateful and awful and I don’t want him to do it anymore. How do you not get angry, noona? You love hyung right? Please tell me how?”

“Oh dear.”

“Hyung told you about that?”

Jaejoong glares at Changmin, the power behind it about as effective as a kitten glaring angrily at another kitten stealing its food. His mouth is pursed very unhappily, but his face diffuses the effect of his anger because it is so very pure. His innocence shines despite his anger, and his very nature is so untouched that it is difficult for anger to obliterate the very essence of the beautiful boy that shines so clearly in his face. His doe eyes are shooting sparks but it is underlaid by hurt.

“Max…” Nicole’s voice has a warning note in it, as she slips an arm around the bristling teenager. “Just explain why you’re laughing and then Jae and I can go pick up Jiji.”

Changmin swallows the urge to laugh because while he is more than capable of defending himself, a hurt kitten and an angry tiger is definitely more than he can handle by himself. He is about to open his mouth when the boy beats him to it.

“Don’t side-step my question, noona.” His voice is back to being soft and a little resigned as he sinks against the blonde American, curling around her somehow till his one-inch taller frame is tucked into her side.

How he manages this is beyond Changmin’s comprehension, as he leans against the reception counter to watch the two. Nicole’s softer side definitely comes out around the teenager, and today is no different as she reaches a hand up to card through the boy’s raven locks, kissing his temple as she does so.

“I don’t really think about it. It’s a job, and that’s all there is to it. Max comes home to me at the end of the day, and while he is an incurable flirt with a penchant for big tits, it’s always mine he comes back to.”

“Hey! I do not like big tits.”

“Sure you don’t. What colour are Eryn’s eyes?”



Nicole smiles as she kisses the teenager’s nose. The boy is still a little upset, and she can see his mouth turned down around the edges. “Right you are, honey. See what I mean? If I got jealous over every girl Max looks at, I’d be spending most of my time getting wrinkly. Anger gives you wrinkles, and you are much, much too young to be getting them.”

“But how do you not get angry?”

“I didn’t say I don’t get angry, but I just don’t let it affect me. Max is mine, and he knows it.”

“Am I just?” Changmin quirks an eyebrow, licking at his snake bites, the way he knows drives Nicole crazy.

“Fuck you.”

Oh yes, he’s getting to her alright.

“Mind your language around the kid.”

“You mean the kid wearing a teeshirt that says Fuckin’ my way?”

“Just because he wears it, doesn’t mean he understands it.”

“I know what it means!” Jaejoong interrupts, feeling a little indignant as the two adults bicker around him like he’s invisible.

“Really now?”

“Yes, it means I’m going to do whatever I want and you can kiss my cute little ass.”

“I think hyung might actually hurt me if I tried it.”

“I don’t think he’d notice,” Jaejoong sighs, unable to hide the slightly bitter note in his voice. That morning is a distant memory, the hour they spent playing with the kitten in bed. Or really, Jaejoong played with the kitten while Yunho complained about his bed being turned into a playground and him, a scratching post. He had made omurice for breakfast, and Yunho spent the entire car ride to Mirotic talking about it.

He almost wished he’d screwed up the dish. All the man talked about was his food. The tender moments at dawn all but forgotten it seems, as the man waxed lyrical rather enthusiastically about Jaejoong’s cooking skills. Clearly, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. He would’ve thought that about Changmin hyung but since Nicole noona apparently is incapable of cooking anything but greasy American food, he might have to rethink that.

Yunho had shut himself in his back room almost immediately on arrival, only coming out when Changmin arrived to help him change the door. Jaejoong had spent most of the morning cleaning and disinfecting every single possible surface that he can see, so much so that Nicole declared that she can almost see her own reflection in the black leather couch.

Well, that is surely an exaggeration but he appreciates the sentiment. He doesn’t want Yunho to think that just because they’re…together…that Jaejoong will shirk his duties. He will be the best employee Mirotic has ever had, even though he can’t draw for shit and is more than happy to leave poking holes in people to Changmin hyung.

“You’d be surprised at what Yunho notices, kid.” Nicole squeezes him affectionately before gesturing to Max to pass over her bag. “Come on, let’s get Jiji.”

“Are you really going to call him that?” Changmin’s expression is slightly pained as he thinks about his clients later that afternoon. Han Geng and his brother Lay are definitely going to pick up on the kitten’s strange name.

“Are you ready to share with the class now?” Nicole pulls Changmin’s jacket off the coat rack, tossing it to Jaejoong who shakes his head and tosses it back. “Jae, I’m not walking around with you in that fucking my way teeshirt with brown spots on it. Zip up or change. Your jacket isn’t here and neither is Yunho’s. You can change at home, but really, your clothes offend me right now. I refuse to walk around with you looking like I kidnapped you or something with that heartbreaking face and ridiculously oversized teeshirt. Next time you pick something of Yunho’s, find something smalller.”

The blonde blinks rather pointedly at the stains on his shirt. Jaejoong looks down, and sighs. Somehow, he didn’t notice that they were really quite that obvious, but now that’s she’s pointed it out, he does feel a bit like a hobo. He takes the proffered jacket begrudgingly, slipping his arms into it, and feeling even more like a hobo because the thing is still too big on him.

Nicole catches sight of his face, and she chucks him under the chin affectionately. “I know. But it’s only for ten minutes. When you get home, you can raid Yunho’s drawers and find something more suitable. The man is a little finicky at arranging his clothes so I’m sure you’ll be able to find the small drawer.”

Jaejoong is finding himself liking the sound of “home” more and more. Nicole has said it several times now, not just in this conversation but throughout the day. And every time she says it, his heart skips happily, only to collapse with a thud when he realises that it’s really a day dream. He has permission to stay at Yunho’s for one night. It doesn’t matter if Nicole noona calls it home. It doesn’t matter if he’s started to think of it as home. It doesn’t even matter that Changmin hyung had challenged him to a game on the xbox once they get home because Jaejoong still technically belongs to his sister till he turns eighteen.

Or does he?

“Can I borrow your phone? I wanna call my noona.”

“I left my phone at home, kid. That’s why I’m more than happy to pick up Jiji with you so I can pick mine and Max’s phone too cos the idiot made us late this morning.”

“Excuse me? I’m sure it was you who wanted—“ Changmin is cut off as Nicole slams a hand over his mouth and glares up at him.

“Teenage ears are around!”

Changmin rolls his eyes as he pulls his girlfriend’s hand from his mouth. “Teenage ears? Has Jaejoong’s innocence rubbed off on you or something? Since when did you care about teenage ears?”

“Since I adopted this teenager as my baby brother and I’m going to keep him pure if it’s the last thing I do!” Nicole threatens half playfully as she tugs Jaejoong back into her embrace.

The boy goes willingly, wrapping his arms around her slim waist as he stares unsmilingly up at his hyung. He really wants to call his noona now. It cannot wait. And yes, his phone is dead too.

“Just use the office line, kid.”

Jaejoong nods, pulling away from Nicole as he goes to ring his sister.

Three rings, and she answers, her voice a little stiff.


“Joongie? Hi baby, are you alright?”

“Of course I’m ok. I’m just…uh…calling to uh…” Ok so the idea seemed sound in his head but now that he has to vocalise it, and with an audience no less, his tongue has tied itself into a knot.

“Yunho called earlier.” Jin Hee interrupts, getting straight to the point. She has been mulling over the phone call for most of the day now, and while part of her knows full well this is the best way to go, the fact that she is willingly letting her brother step into the life their father had wanted to step out of, is sitting very uncomfortably on her conscience. Is she failing Joongie by giving him away for his own protection?

This whole thing had started off simply enough. She had just wanted to see her brother happy. She knows he is bullied in school, and she is powerless to do anything about it, and being at Mirotic has made him happier than she’s ever seen him. She had asked for him to be accepted to work there to give him some men to look up to, and also to give him a measure of happiness she knows that she cannot provide. The “alternative” lifestyle is something Jaejoong has always leaned towards and Yunho and Changmin seemed to be the right people to help him.

That had been her simple intention.

And then the letters had come. The warning that their father has not fulfilled the debt he owed. A debt that Jin Hee knew nothing about, and still knows nothing about. But the letter is clear. They want Jaejoong to fulfil whatever debt their father owed for leaving his clan to marry their mother. There had even been hints in the letter that their accident had not been an accident. Jin Hee had been beside herself at first, till she remembered exactly what she’d found out about Yunho.

She has never called Jaejoong to ask when he would be home, but that day, the day the messages had turned up, she had called, worried about her baby brother. She had been more than relieved when Nicole had asked if he could have a sleepover, agreeing readily. But an hour later, her worries had resurfaced, and she needed to ask a favour of Yunho.

That conversation had gone over a little better than she expected. All the knowledge she has of Yunho is the bare minimum. But enough to know who he is and who his father is. She cannot protect him, she can only do what she thinks is best for him, both for the immediate and the distant future. The letter talks about a debt that is over three decades old, and people with memories that long will not let go that easily.

If Yunho cannot protect Jaejoong, no one can.

“He did?” Jaejoong’s mouth drops open in surprise, his grip on the phone tightening. “What did he want?”

“He wants you.”


“You’re not willing? I told him I’d give him my answer at the end of the day, but if you’re not willing I’m not going to say yes. I’ll come pick you up now.” Yes, Yunho may be more than capable of protecting Jaejoong. But who will protect Jaejoong from Yunho? She has glistened enough of his character to know he is a man of principles, but if even a school teacher of fifteen years experience is willing to throw his morals and principles away in the face of the beauty of her brother, what hope does a man like Yunho have? A man used to getting what he wants, when he wants it.

“N-no, noona. Wait! Don’t! I mean, I am. I mean…I do. I do. Wait, he wants me?” Jaejoong thoughts are an incoherent mess, and the increasingly confused expressions on both Changmin and Nicole’s faces are not helping. He clears his throat because a lump seems to have suddenly lodged itself in his gullet. “Wh-what do you mean he wants me?”

“He called me this morning, asking for permission to…to…” she trails off, closing her eyes. Yunho had asked her to explain why she believes he can protect Jaejoong, and the whole story had come tumbling out. Well, as much of the story as she knows from the letter. She cannot tell Jaejoong this though because Yunho had explicitly ordered her not to tell him. He then told her that Jaejoong had asked him to be his boyfriend and he had agreed.

”His protection is my responsibility now. Will you give him to me willingly?”

Willingly? Willing is not really the right word for it, but what can she do? She had asked for some time to think about it, and he had accepted, which she had found extremely surprising considering his manner on the phone. The man was clearly angry, but he had respected her as Jaejoong’s oldest sister. She is willing, but only if Jaejoong is willing, and she tells the man as much. He told her to talk to Jaejoong, and he wants an answer by dinner.

“Noona! Noona!” Jaejoong calls out impatiently as his sister stops talking.

“Sorry, I was trying to find the right words. He wants permission to…” she cannot say protect. How is she supposed to express this?”

“Yes, yes, noona. You said that earlier. To what?”

“To be with you.” That’s ambiguous enough isn’t it?

“What does that mean?” Jaejoong’s voice is back to being a little squeaky as he tries to speak with his breath held in. Dare he hope?

Jin Hee takes a deep breath as she tries to work it out in her head. How to phrase this without saying too much? She knows Jaejoong adores the man more than the average crush. But what of Yunho’s feelings? She doesn’t have enough information. She can only go by his words, and how he has dealt with her brother all this time. He has never been unkind to the boy, nor overtly kind either. But he seems to be willing to leave the boy as he is. Should feelings even matter on Yunho’s part? His word is his bond.

”Jaejoong will be protected for as long as I am capable.”

That will have to be good enough for Jin Hee. For as long as he is capable seems to imply forever. It’s probably about as close to a wedding vow as her brother is ever going to get.

“Noona…” Jaejoong’s voice has taken on a tinge of whininess as his sister yet again speaks in half sentences, taking far too long to answer him.

She takes a deep breath yet again, the blood pounding in her ears. Yunho had also offered them protection, and really, Jaejoong can be included in that general protection should the boy not be willing, but she is not taking any chances. The letter specifically mentioned Jaejoong because he is male, and coming of age. Who knows how long these people have been watching their family.

“Are you willing, Jaejoong?”

“Willing to what?”

“To be Yunho’s. Are you willing to be his.”

“I’m already his, noona,” comes the soft answer, the boy’s cheeks pinking as the warmth spreads through him. Admitting it to Yunho is one thing, and having Yunho state unequivocally that he is his is another, but to tell his noona is something else. It almost feels symbolic.

Jin Hee had expected this. She doesn’t want details as to what her brother means. Maybe when she sees him later she can determine exactly what the boy means by his, but Jaejoong has given her the words she needs. Her brother doesn’t have it in him to lie, and she will have to believe that Yunho is the man she thinks he is.

She hopes he is.

“Do you want to live with him?”

Jaejoong’s eyes widen as he stares at Nicole and Changmin who are now arm in arm, watching him closely. He can see his hyung mouthing words, asking if he is alright. Is he alright? It feels like he is in twilight zone. Nothing has ever really gone his way all his life, and suddenly, it feels like all his wishes are coming true. He knows the answer even before his noona had asked the question, since that was the reason he’d wanted to talk to her in the first place.


“Oh, Joongie…” Jin Hee swallows her tears as she clutches her phone tightly to her ear. “Are you sure?”

“He says I’m his and he is mine, noona. He is mine.”

Jin Hee chuckles at the wonder in her brother’s voice. Her sweet angel is still the same Joongie. And the fact that Yunho had told her brother that he is his as well. This too, gives her hope.

“Do you want me to pack up your things or do you want to do it yourself?”

“You’re not teasing me, are you, noona?”

“Joongie, would I be so cruel?”

“No…but it just seems too good to be true. Maybe not for anyone else but for me.”

“Jaejoongie, listen to me. You deserve far more than what I can give you. You are a good person, baby. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to change. I know life has been hard, and school in particular has been difficult lately, but I also know that you are always happy at Mirotic. You deserve to be happy, Jaejoong. I’m your noona, and I’m trying my best for you, but there is only so much I can do. You deserve so much more. Yunho is the luckiest person in the world to be yours, Joongie. And you know what? I think he knows it.”

Silent tears are leaking out of beautiful doe eyes, alarming both Changmin and Nicole. But they stay silent as they watch the teenager smile a beautiful smile, despite his tears.

“You will visit me right? And I can still visit you?”

“Of course you can, silly boy! And don’t worry, we will all visit you and make sure that Yunho knows that if he upsets you, he will have eight very angry women to deal with.”

“He won’t upset me.” Jaejoong interjects hurriedly. He knows exactly what eight angry women look like and he wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy.

“Oh, he will. I can guarantee he will upset you, just as you will upset him. It’s normal in any relationship.”

“Relationship…” Jaejoong echoes, liking the sound of the word. He has longed for Yunho for so long that it all seems somewhat surreal. But like everything he’s had to deal with in his life, he simply rolls with it. It’s easier to be cheerful about things, and not letting the ugliness get him down. And this is definitely nothing ugly.

“You’re going to drive him insane.”

“I will not!”

“Joongie, I’m pretty sure he’s already going a little crazy.”

“Did he tell you that?” Jaejoong is pouting, and his sister can hear it loud and clear over the phone. Even Changmin and Nicole chuckle, relieved to see the teary boy more like himself.

“He doesn’t have to tell me. I know he is. But don’t worry about it. Do you want me to pack your things?”

“Will it be too much trouble?”

“Not at all, baby. Do you want to tell Yunho that you’ll be moving in or do you want me to do it?”

“I’ll do it. Can we pick up my stuff tomorrow?”

“Are you not planning on being home tonight then?”

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like much time to pack.”

“It’s no trouble. I don’t have anything to do anyway. Are there any particular drawers I need to avoid so you don’t offend my female sensibilities?”

“Why would any of my stuff offend you?” Jaejoong asks curiously. He has nothing to hide from anyone, not even his sisters. He definitely has nothing to be ashamed about in his room.

“Nevermind, Joongie. I was just teasing. I can have your stuff packed up by dinner tonight. I don’t expect Yunho to want to come and meet the brood so early so I won’t invite you for dinner because it’ll just be awkward if he declines, but I do want you to invite us over when the school term ends, ok?”

“School!” Jaejoong’s eyes widen as he suddenly remembers he still has a good five weeks left of school before he graduates, three of which will be spent over exams. “Noona, can you still take me to school?”

“I will if Yunho cannot.”

“I can take you, kid.” Nicole interrupts.

Jaejoong turns to her, nodding, before telling his sister the same. His sister in turn, asks to speak to Nicole, and the conversation continues briefly between the two women, Nicole’s eyes growing larger and larger by the second, before she hands the phone back. She confers in whispers with Changmin till Jaejoong finishes his call with his sister and hangs up.

“So,” Changmin starts, smirking slightly. “Should I say welcome to the family? It seems wrong somehow because I’ve considered you like my younger brother for awhile now.”

Jaejoong beams, but says nothing. His shining eyes convey his happiness despite them still obscured by a film of tears.

“Are you going to tell oppa?”

“Can we go get Jiji first? I want to cuddle something and Yunho is not available for cuddles at the moment.” The teenager frowns slightly, as he remembers that Yunho still has at least another half hour with the horrible girl.

“Uh…Jae…about the name…”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“If I’m not mistaken, it means cock in Chinese.”

Two pairs of eyes stare at Changmin in consternation. Nicole has no idea whether to laugh or not. These things only fucking happen to the kid. Even when he doesn’t mean to, it just somehow ends up that way. Actually, scratch that. He never ever means to, it just ends up that way.

“But I like the name.” Jaejoong finally speaks. “Why does this always happen to me?” he whines, pulling Nicole towards him and draping all over her as he feels sorry for himself. “I really like the name, hyung. I don’t have any Chinese friends so maybe no one will notice.”

“Well, I have a couple of Chinese brothers coming in today. If you call him kitty or something while they’re here, it’s ok.”

“Don’t tell Yunho. He’ll probably laugh at me.”

“Never at you, kid. Always with you.”

Jaejoong shakes his head as he starts to giggle. He can’t help it. It really actually is rather funny now that he thinks about it. First, pussy, and now Jiji? His poor cat is destined to be associated with impolite body parts.

Nicole takes the teenager’s hand and kisses the back of it before she pulls free from being his crutch. “Come on, kid. Shall we go get Jiji?”

“You’ve got a jiji right here, beautiful.”

Nicole rolls her eyes at Changmin, not deigning to respond as she turns, tugging a still giggling teenager out after her.

Changmin watches them leave, his expression turning thoughtful. He walks back towards Yunho’s back room, looking in, unsurprised to see Yunho’s impassive face as the girl looks to be trying to pull the waistband of her skirt lower than necessary. He looks away, and knocks, opening the door a crack, in time to hear the woman’s annoyingly whiny voice. How he manages to find the only girl who appears to not whine is amazing in itself, though for some reason, he has no problem with Jaejoong being whiny. Maybe he gives him more slack because of his age. Who knows?

“Our better halves have gone to get the kitten. I thought I should warn you because Jae will be very unhappy if anyone trips over his kitten.”

“Thanks, Min.”

Changmin smirks as he closes the door on an indignant woman’s shrill exclamation over his choice of words. What he finds intriguing though is the fact that Yunho doesn’t correct him.


“How can he still not be done yet?” Jaejoong complains, cradling his kitten and pouting something fierce. “Didn’t he charge her by the hour? He never takes longer than he quotes. In fact, he usually finishes up early especially if he is charging by the hour. Hyung, why isn’t he out?”

“Nic, go check on them. Kid, you stay right here.” Changmin catches hold of Jaejoong who had started to stalk off after Nicole. “You know she can handle bitches like that. Don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried. I’m…i’m…i’m worried. Yes, worried.” Jaejoong nods, realising he sounds rather silly but pushing on regardless. “Yunho hasn’t eaten since breakfast.” He doesn’t mention the real reason why the man hasn’t eaten. Yunho had declared in the car that he will happily fast and look forward to a lovely home cooked meal than eat the rubbish some hawkers pass off as food. For someone who rarely cooks, he actually has a rather full pantry so Jaejoong is rather looking forward to making something. He was going for something quick and simple like kimchi fried rice, because he knows Yunho’s tastes are not exotic. The man is happy with simple food, and that makes Jaejoong feel rather pleased for some reason.

He is about to keep justifying his behaviour when the door slams open and Nicole comes out with a rather firm hold of the girl. Her face is like a thundercloud, while the girl protests loudly about wanting her money’s worth since Yunho has started on a new hour and she wants the full sixty minutes.

Both Jaejoong and Changmin step away from the counter, watching in silence as Nicole practically frog marches the loud woman to the counter.

“You will only be charged for three hours. You—“

“What about after care!? I don’t know how to care for my tattoo. I want oppa to show me!”

Nicole rolls her eyes, pulls open a drawer, digs out a pamphlet and slams it on the counter. “Everything you need to know is here. Even an idiot can read simple instructions.”

The insult goes unnoticed as the woman sees Yunho exiting the back room and heading towards them. Before anyone can react, she practically runs to his side, whining the whole way.

“Oppa, that girl is so rude. What are you doing with her? You’re not with her, are you? Are you free for dinner? I heard your belly growling in there just now. Why don’t you have dinner with me?”

Yunho shrugs her off, but she is rather determined, latching onto his arm, practically hanging off his bicep as she continues simpering. Yunho’s steps don’t falter as he continues walking, heading right for Jaejoong.

He stops right in front of the scowling teenager, nodding appreciatively at his clothes. “Nice shirt,” he comments, mouth tugging into a semblance of a smile as he meets the dark stormy eyes of his teenager.

“It’s yours.”

“I know. You look good in it.”

“Uh…thank you.” Jaejoong looks down, flushing slightly at being blatantly outed like that. Then he remembers his news, and his head jerks up, a beautiful smile on his face that he bestows on the tattooist whose smile widens in concert. “Noona says I can move in. Can we pick up my stuff tonight or would you rather wait till tomorrow?”

“Tonight’s fine, kid.”

“Yunhoooooo,” he whines, wrinkling his nose and frowning cutely as he nuzzles the sleepy kitten.

“Sorry, Jaejoong.”

“What?” The girl looks back and forth at Yunho and Jaejoong, extremely displeased at being ignored. And for what? This…who is this? She blinks hard, finally letting go of Yunho’s arm as she takes a step closer to Jaejoong. She cannot figure out if the person is a boy or girl. It sounds like a boy, and the height is definitely rather boy-like, but then the blonde bitch is also just as tall. But it looks like a girl. “Who are you? His new roommate? Aren’t you a little young?” She demands rudely.

“He is mine.” Yunho answers before Jaejoong can. “So I wouldn’t annoy him if I were you.”

“Him?” She takes another step closer and glares into beautiful doe eyes that have softened at Yunho’s declaration.

Jaejoong shrugs, nuzzling his kitten as he eyes the woman. “I know I look like a girl. It’s ok.”

Yunho has already had to deal with the woman for over three hours, he is not about to subject Jaejoong to her rudeness. He can see the disgust on her face, and he is not willing to have the kid be insulted as she looks well and ready to launch into full breath. He steps forward quickly, taking a surprised Jaejoong by the wrist and tugging him along with him.

“Nic, deal with her. I want to say hi to my kittens.”

The plural is not lost on any of the adults, Changmin laughing out loud as Yunho leads Jaejoong back into his room, the bemused teenager practically needing to skip along to keep up.

The door shuts with a firm thud, and the screen drops on the glass window in the door which makes Changmin laugh even louder.

“You mean he could have used a screen the whole time?” The woman complains loudly. “Why didn’t he use it while he was working on me?”

“Listen lady, I don’t know if you’re deaf or just stupid. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here. Those two males that just disappeared into the room are together. Read my lips.” Nicole points to her mouth, her eyes flinty. “TO-GET-HER.” She leans back and crosses her arms. “So even if you’re deaf you should be able to get that much.”

“He’s g-gay?”

Nicole scowls at the woman whose features are twisted in a cross between dismay and disgust. “It doesn’t matter what he is because it has sweet fuck all to do with you. Pay up, and get out. Oppa might be too polite to throw you out, but I’m just a dumb foreigner, and I have absolutely no qualms about throwing you out on your rude ass.”

“I’ll have you fired.” She shoots back instantly. The woman is clearly used to getting her own way, and she bristles as the blonde foreigner makes a scoffing sound.

“Considering she’s my girlfriend, I seriously doubt she’s going anywhere. Pay up and get out. I’m getting sick of your whining.”

“What the hell kind of business is this? All of you are so fucking rude.”

Nicole buffs her nails on the front of her tank top, blowing at it, and looking extremely disinterestedly at the woman. “We treat like with like. Well, at least I do. Yunho oppa is much more polite, but I seriously don’t give a fuck. Pay up lady, otherwise you really won’t like what happens next.”

The woman steps up, nose to nose with Nicole, shoving her back, causing the blonde to fall against Changmin.

“Are you threatening me?”

Nicole’s hand stays her boyfriend from reacting, but his angry growl is enough make the woman take step back. She gives the woman a sweet smile of her own.

As sweet as a viper really.

“It’s pretty simple. You got your ink done, and you didn’t pay. I’m pretty fucking sure no one is about to side with you.” She pops a thumb over her shoulder, her smile broadening as the woman’s eyes widen at the CCTV installed. “And that camera will show that you just shoved me. There is no sound, so no one can hear the words, but they sure as fuck can see that you fucked with me for no apparent reason.”

The woman grabs her purse, digging angrily into it and pulling out the requisite notes, slamming it on the counter before turning to leave. The door slams on Changmin’s laughter.

“That woman was insane.”

“She’s been panting after hyung like a dog in heat for the last few weeks. All those changes to the sketches were just bullshit. She always comes in the morning though so the kid’s never met her before but I’m fucking glad we’re never seeing her again.”

“I wonder what’s going on in the back room.” Nicole changes the subject, not wanting to think about the stupid woman anymore as she puts away the money.

“How about we put the closed sign on and I’ll show you?”

“Down, jiji.”

“Are you going to keep staring at the kitten the whole time or are you going to say hi to me?”

Jaejoong raises shy eyes up at Yunho’s amused almond ones, blushing slightly as he scratches at the kitten’s belly. “Uh…hi?”

Yunho makes a tsking sound, eyebrow raising, his smirk widening. “Is that really how boyfriends and girlfriends greet each other in your school?”

The teenager’s blush gets fiercer as he shakes his head, eyes widening.

“Show me.”

Oh god, what the hell is he supposed to do? His friends hold hands and steal kisses in the stairwell. Is he supposed to grab Yunho’s hand or something? He hasn’t seen the man in hours, and now suddenly, with everything that’s happened, he gets an attack of the shy bug.

He drops his gaze, looking at Yunho’s hand resting against the leather chair. Ok, he can do this.

Jaejoong squats down, releasing Jiji, watching as the kitten wobbles slightly on his feet at suddenly being placed back on solid ground. He makes cooing noises at it, patting it on the bottom and coaxing it to explore. The kitten turns back to look at him, mewing questioningly, and Jaejoong imitates it, nodding and pushing it gently till the kitten starts tentatively walking forward. Once satisfied his kitten is ok, Jaejoong straightens up to meet Yunho’s warm almond eyes gazing at him with an inscrutable look.

The teenager takes a deep fortifying breath, and steps forward, reaching to take Yunho’s hand. The older man immediately envelopes his hand in his, and Jaejoong marvels at how very large the man’s hands are. His own hands are pretty average, but they seemed dwarfed in the tattooist’s strong hands with the long slim fingers and the over-large knuckles.

Jaejoong tilts his head back up, looking at Yunho, and smiling softly in greeting. “Hi.”

Well, he did screw himself didn’t he? He asked the kid to show him how his fellow teenager friends said hello in school, and of course it was going to be through holding hands. The kids would probably get into trouble if they were caught necking under the bleachers or something. But really, he is also taken off guard at the sudden increase in his pulse by the teenager’s innocent touch and his disarming smile.

“Did you talk to your noona?”

Jaejoong nods instantly, eyes becoming larger as he takes another step closer.

One more tiny step and they will be chest to chest. As it is, their clothes are already touching, and Yunho wills the kid to take that last step because he is not going to be the one initiating this.

“She said you called her. You really want me to move in?”

“Jaejoong, why do you even have to ask me that?”

“I…I just…noona said the same thing when I asked her. It just seems too good to be true.”

“When I want something, I take steps to get it. Are you going to take steps to get what you want?”

“Like you?”

Yunho smiles as the teenager sways on his feet, leaning imperceptibly closer, but then swaying away, not quite taking that final step yet.

“I want you, so I asked your noona for permission to take you. What are you going to do about what you want?”

“Is it really so simple?” Jaejoong questions, his voice low, almost whispering. He is tingling from the inside out over Yunho admitting that he wants him. Just last week he was pining over the man, crying himself to sleep because he thought Yunho wouldn’t even miss him. And now he is here, holding hands with the man, wanting to be closer still.

“Things are as simple or as difficult as you make them out to be. If you think something will be hard, then it will likely be hard. If you think it will be easy, your path will likely be made easier through sheer will alone. Question is, are you going to make this easy or difficult?”

“That’s not always true,” Jaejoong counters, listening to the older man and then deciding to impart some wisdom of his own. “The harder you fight for something, the more you will come to cherish it when you do end up getting it.”

“And how long have you battled, Jaejoong?”

Silence, as Jaejoong drops his gaze once again, looking at the low V of Yunho’s unbuttoned shirt. He can see the head of the phoenix, and he knows if he pops open one more button, he will be able to see that glowing heart.

Yunho’s heart.

His free hand moves before he can stop it, and he reaches up to unbutton Yunho’s shirt, unaware of the catch in the man’s breath though he does notice his grip tightening on his other hand. Jaejoong smiles as he parts the shirt, seeing that glowing heart. It is macabre in its detail, but the artisanship is truly beautiful. And Jaejoong sees not the grotesque depiction of a real human heart, but rather the beauty of the artist, and the canvas it is on.

He traces the outline of the heart, imagining he can feel Yunho’s heart beating underneath his fingertips. He moves out of impulse, not waiting for his mind to catch up with his body as he leans forward to press his soft lips onto that heart.

The touch is brief, but the instant flare of possession it ignites in Yunho scares the older man as he grips the leather chair he is leaning against tightly. He aches to possess the boy. This beautiful boy who is leaning away once again, smiling beatifically at him.

Light and innocence shine in his doe eyes, along with something else.

Yunho starts praying then. Praying that the kid’s eighteenth birthday isn’t too far away because he has just written himself a warrant for hell on earth.

“Nineteen months, two weeks and five days. I don’t want to tell you the hours and minutes because then you’ll think I’m weird.”

“Not weird, but definitely a teenager,” Yunho teases, trying to drown his need to claim the boy. He is not going to act unless the teen acts. He will not.

He cannot.

Jaejoong takes that last step forward, and their bodies meet. Yunho can feel the heat of the boy through his clothes instantly, and the fact that he is dressed in his shirt, intensifies the need to possess.

To lay claim.

To take what is his.

But he doesn’t.

Yunho waits instead, willing his body to calm down.

“I can feel you…”

“Is that right?”

“I still want my card.”

“Your card isn’t in any danger.”

“Why not? You don’t want it?”

“Whether I want it is beside the point. You have to want to give it, and I know you are not ready to.”

“What if I am?” But Jaejoong is betrayed by the tremble in his voice and the shiver up his spine, as Yunho shakes his head fondly at him.

“You’re not, babe.”

“I like that.”

“Like what?”

“Your nickname for me.”

“I prefer kitten, myself.”

“Kitten?” Jaejoong scrunches up his nose and pouts. “Why kitten?”

“You look like one and you behave like one.”

“I thought I was a kumiho?”

“Kitten,” Yunho states, taking in the overlarge doe eyes. “Definitely kitten.”

“Kittens like to be stroked and petted and cuddled.”

“Are you asking?”


Yunho gives in, slipping his free hand around the boy’s slim waist.

Under his shirt.

The warm skin is like fire, and made worse still when Jaejoong leans further into him. Yunho spreads his legs, and the teenager falls naturally between them. He caresses the soft skin, remembering what the boy’s skin felt like against his lips from their game the day before.

Jaejoong sighs, practically purring as he drops his head against Yunho’s shoulder and nuzzles, content to stand there for hours if need be. Yunho’s hand on his skin is lighting a slow fire deep in his belly, and like a frog in a slowly heating pot of water, he is lulled into a false sense of security, as desire slowly seeps through him.

But the boy is too innocent to recognise it for what it is, simply enjoying the simple touch, just knowing that he wants more.

He takes another tiny step closer, so his body is fully flush against the older man, his own body practically cradling the hardness of the other man’s crotch. It doesn’t bother him as much as it did yesterday, perhaps because of where they are and the fact that they have a great deal more clothes on than they did last night. He nuzzles closer, tilting his face up to kiss Yunho’s throat, smiling when he sees the man’s adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows hard.

Yunho’s fingers tighten around the soft flesh at the boy’s waist, his fingers skimming his hips, before dipping into his waistband. The teenager has a girlish waist, similar to Nicole’s in fact, and Yunho has a brief flyaway thought about the kid wearing the girl’s jeans. Actually, come to think of it, Jaejoong isn’t wearing the same pants he was wearing yesterday.

“You’re wearing my shirt,” he rubs his chin against Jaejoong’s forehead, “but whose pants are you wearing?”

Jaejoong giggles as the older man’s stubble tickles his hairline. He bends his head, cheek against Yunho’s collar as his eyes lazily sweep whatever part of the room he can see to find his kitten as he answers. “Noona. I wear my sisters’ jeans or pants a lot and Nicole noona is about my size. She offered it when we went home to get Jiji.”

“Home, huh?”

“Isn’t it?”

Yunho flexes his fingers before slipping almost his whole hand into the top of the waistband of the back of teenager’s pants. He feels Jaejoong tensing slightly, before the boy once again relaxes into him.

“Your hand is so warm…”

The urge to slip his finger under the waistband of Jaejoong’s boxers is rather strong, but Yunho stills the urge for now. It’s good enough for him that the teenager is currently wearing his boxers. He wonders idly if he can somehow accidentally lose the Hello Kitty boxers in the laundry. Maybe he can feed it to Jiji…

“What do you want to do tonight?”

Jaejoong shrugs, perfectly content where he is as he trails a finger up Yunho’s arm. “Noona says we can collect my things after dinner. I need to feed you too.”

“Maybe we should eat out. I don’t doubt that Changmin and Nic are going to invite themselves over for dinner, and then your secret will be out and I’ll probably never see you again because Min will probably have you chained to his kitchen counter.”

“I doubt that.” Jaejoong chuckles, nosing his way back to Yunho’s throat, inhaling deeply, and shivering as the older man’s scent sends his senses reeling.

Yunho’s fingers tighten, almost squeezing a pert butt cheek as he feels the tremble coursing through the teenager against him. “Are you alright?”

“You smell so good…” Jaejoong exhales shakily as he tries to get even closer, smiling when he feels the rumble of Yunho’s laughter against his chest. He doesn’t mind this laughter at all, and he steals an innocent kiss, placing it at the base of the man’s throat. His body is humming, tingles and sparks dancing up and down his skin, but like the frog in the pot of warming water, he has no idea what he is in for. He can feel Yunho’s hardness, and he knows his own body is rising to meet it, but he is much too warm, content and happy to feel embarrassed. He inhales deeply again, and is unable to hide the tiny moan as desire shoots through him from the older man’s heady scent. If he could bathe in Yunho, he’d be the happiest teenager alive.

The tattooist has been more or less in control of himself this whole time, but the teenager’s soft moan against his throat throws all his good intentions out the window. There is only so much a man can take, and Yunho is far from infallible. He squeezes Jaejoong’s ass one last time before pulling his hand out, smiling when a low whine of complaint escapes the boy’s throat.

He skims his fingers up the boy’s back, dancing it along the wings of his back and over his shoulders. His fingertips caress Jaejoong’s exposed collarbones before tracing their way up the boy’s neck and along the sharp relief of his jaw.

The teenager’s trembling has gotten worse as Yunho’s hand draws closer, and he presses further against his boyfriend’s unyielding frame, to try and stay the shivering. He lets out another soft sound as Yunho thumbs his jaw, rubbing back and forth as his fingers caress the back of his neck.

“Are you cold?” Yunho’s voice is a husky whisper, dropping lower as he tries to fight the desire that is trying to overwhelm him. This, he can master, and he does, tamping down the tide as he fights to calm his body, focusing on trying to determine the nature of the teenager’s shaking body.

Jaejoong shakes his head, as he moves, trying to get closer still, and not understanding why his body wants to. “I’m feeling hot,” he admits. “But my nipples are so hard like I’m cold.” His face is burning from embarrassment and he is thankful Yunho cannot see it. He is sure he must be back to fire engine red again.

Yunho groans at the teenager’s shy confession. His self-imposed torment is just getting worse by the second. Why did he have to fall for an innocent?

And not just any innocent.

This innocent is quite possibly the most impossibly innocent teenager that he will likely ever meet.

He thumbs the boy’s jaw a little more forcefully this time, using his hand to coax the teen away from his throat, tilting his face up towards him. He recognises the haze of arousal in the boy’s eyes, and even if he cannot see it, he can feel it pressed against his own body. The boy’s mouth is so pouty as he purses his lips, staring up at Yunho, his skin tinged red and looking incredibly beautiful.

Even as he watches, the boy’s mouth parts, and a pink tongue snakes out to lick his lips. Jaejoong’s eyes drop to his mouth, and the boy starts licking his lips even more.

“Can I kiss you?”

Yunho’s mouth tugs up on one side in a half smile as Jaejoong whispers his question.

“You don’t have to ask, Jaejoong.”

“I don’t?”

Yunho chuckles as he drops his hand, sweeping it down the boy’s back and back into the top of his waistband. “No, babe. I’m yours remember?”

“Does that mean you don’t have to ask me either?”

“Well, that’s a little different.” Yunho unclasps their hands, shifting slightly so both his hands are on the boy’s ass. “You’re younger and I don’t want to spook you.”

“I’m not spooked.” Jaejoong has both hands pressed against Yunho’s chest now as he gazes up at the handsome man. The lip ring is distracting him like crazy though, and all he wants to do is tug at it with his lips.

“Trust me, you’re spooked. Well, you should be anyway if you have any sense of self-preservation.”

“I don’t need it,” the teenager continues blithely, still staring at the titanium ball, and the rather pretty mole that is out of place on the older man’s strong features. “You’ll protect me.”

“And who will protect you from me?”

Jaejoong finally tears his eyes from Yunho’s piercing and gazes up at the man, his expression serious for the first time since entering the room. “I don’t need protection from you.” And with those solemn words, he leans up and presses a chaste kiss against the older man’s mouth, flicking his tongue out to lick at the lip ring.

Yunho groans against the teenagers mouth as his hands pull the boy closer and tighter against him as he lets the teenager take the lead, swallowing the pain of his tightly constricted cock as the boy licks at his mouth. The boy has a fixation on his lip piercing, something he noticed from their sweet cherry kisses from the previous day.

There are no cherries between them now, and as the teenager licks along his lip, Yunho gives in to the temptation, dipping his head and opening his mouth against the boy’s.

Jaejoong freezes for a moment as Yunho’s tongue meets his, but then he too remembers the kisses from the previous day and he parts his mouth, leaning closer still as the older man’s tongue sweeps into his mouth to claim him.

The boy is a natural, and Yunho almost loses his grip on the kid when he starts to suckle on his tongue. Jaejoong is making tiny moaning sounds deep in the back of his throat as he sighs against his mouth at the same time. Yunho’s arousal is so painful, and increasing by the second as Jaejoong tries to get even closer, practically trying to climb his body as he sucks and nibbles.

Jaejoong works on instinct and mimicry, following what Yunho does. The man tastes like Coke and smells like heaven. He feels Yunho’s hands slip into his back pockets, pulling him tighter, and yet it is still not close enough for him. His own arms snake up around the man’s neck as Yunho tilts his head, slanting his mouth to deepen the kiss.

Jaejoong chases Yunho’s tongue back into his mouth, moaning deeply when the older man starts to suckle on his tongue. The creeping sparks of electricity along his skin burst into full flame, shocking him at the intensity, and he rips his mouth away, panting hard as he stares up at Yunho.

“Spooked yet?” Yunho asks ruefully, taking in the boy’s stunned expression. He massages the teenager’s ass through his pockets, trying to calm the kid down, and giving him something to distract himself from his own racing heart.

“I…You…I feel…oh god.” Jaejoong drops his chin and tucks his overheated face quickly against Yunho’s throat. It seems a little safer here. He can still taste Yunho on his tongue and he wants more, and that scares him just a tiny bit.

Ok, maybe a lot.

His heart is pounding so hard he is almost certain it might leap out of his chest. He stays where he is, feeling Yunho’s pulse jumping madly against his lips as he brushes his mouth against the base of the older man’s throat. Yes, so he is a little spooked, but not by Yunho but by the intensity of his own body. Though it comforts him just a little to see that Yunho doesn’t seem any better off.

In the quiet moment, Yunho is momentarily distracted by distressed mewling and he looks around the room trying to find the kitten. He finally finds it, groaning at the sight that meets his eyes.

“Jaejoong…I think your kitten just pissed in the corner.”

The teenager in question refuses to look, burying his face thoroughly against the older man’s neck, and grumbling.

“Well, poop.”

“Don’t tempt fate.”

AN1: So…I don’t actually know what colour my bl00d sister’s eyes are so errr… don’t tell her I made a wild guess :P

AN2: Ok, so please bear in mind this is FICTION and I am totally expecting you to suspend your disbelief. Reason I’m saying this is because some people seem to take my fics a little too seriously and you really shouldn’t. I’m writing as a form of stress relief and it’s not really relieving when people get all hot and bothered over nothing. Basically this fic is going to stay fluffy if it’s the last thing I do!!!

Tags: fic:tattooist, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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