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The Tattooist [12a]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13 for now
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff
Warning: Super-mild underage shenanigans. Like so super that really, even if you squint you might not see it. I can't see it myself but eh. Protecting my own ass is a good thing.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

AN1: I have my head in my hands and i'm moaning because IDEK what happened...

AN2: Someone dropped this into my and I thought it was appropriate hahahahaha!


The tall couple are canoodling on the couch, Changmin making good his threat to put the closed sign on. Nicole is seated on his lap, and they are necking quietly when Yunho door flies open and a grouchy disheveled teenager storms out.

“Why is he my kitten now? He’s our kitten and that’s your room so you can clean it.” The teenager yells over his shoulder as he pouts, walking over to the seating area and sitting opposite a rather amused Changmin and Nicole, folding his arms crossly over his chest.

“Jaejoong, come back here!”


“Trouble in paradise already, hyung?” Changmin calls out, smirking as the teenager’s pout deepens.

“Shut up, Min. Send Nic in here.”

“No!” Jaejoong sits forward, shaking his head at the blonde girl, before he leans over to yell down the hallway. “He’s your kitten too, so you can clean him. I cleaned him this morning and I even wiped his little butt because you told me to so you can go and mop up his pee.”

“Oh dear,” Nicole comments in a droll voice. “I am most certainly not cleaning up kitten piss, no matter how cute the kitten.”


“No! He’s just being a sweet little kitten. He’s a boy and marking his territory. It’s normal. The mop is in the second closet, though I don’t think you should use your piss to clean his piss.” Jaejoong warns, still yelling down the hallway.

Dead silence.

If there were crickets, they’d be chirping.

Changmin lets loose first, guffawing loudly, practically dislodging his girlfriend from his lap who is in a similar state. They are practically hysterical, both bent over at the waist and laughing uproariously.

Yunho finally emerges from his back room with the kitten in hand.

Well, perhaps not quite in hand. He is carrying the naughty little kitten the way a mama cat would carry her babies; by the scruff of their neck. The poor little thing is mewling plaintively as Yunho holds him out, a rather irritated look on his face.

Changmin finally looks up, eyes landing squarely in Yunho’s crotch, before moving up to the kitten and the man’s distinctly unamused face, before he starts howling again.

“Well, I’m glad someone is amused.” Yunho utters disgustedly as Jaejoong’s hops up from his seat to rescue their kitten.

He takes the mewling little ball of fluff from Yunho’s fingers, glaring at the man before cooing to the tiny kitten.

“It’s ok, Jiji. Yunho doesn’t understand that you’re just a little baby and don’t know any better. Why I’m sure if I was a real kitten I’d pee all over his office too.”

Nicole snorts, but Changmin is completely lost as he tumbles off the couch and onto the floor, practically crying from laughter.

Jaejoong ignores the commotion around him, continuing to talk to the slightly terrified little animal. “You’re just marking your territory aren’t you? You know you belong to Yunho too and he belongs to you, right?” He pauses, looking thoughtful as he picks up an empty box sitting on the coffee table. It is the empty box from the white tack that Nicole has stored in the supplies closet, and he drops the kitten into it, nuzzling as he continues to speak. “You know, maybe this whole peeing thing has some basis. Maybe girls like that noona from earlier won’t be all over Yunho if I peed in his office.”


“What?” Jaejoong looks up, his expression faintly mutinous as he pouts. “It’s a fair thought. I think the animals have it right. Other animals won’t go into a sprayed territory.”

“Jaejoong! That damn kitten is too young to be spraying over anything. He just had to go and he went because you decided to take him out of his room where the damn litter box is.”

“Are you saying I’m too young, then?”

“You’re not an animal.” Yunho is well into his exasperation zone now. Honestly, the kid is beyond anything or anyone he has ever encountered. One minute they’re kissing, the next he is sulking about being made to clean kitten piss, and now he’s talking about…good fuck what the hell is he even talking about?

“We should learn from animals.”

Nicole breaks into song right then, singing about as well as she can while practically dying from laughter.

”You and me, baby, ain’t nothing but mammals so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.”

Changmin finally sits up, coughing as he tries to regain control of himself, but Nicole’s song sets him off yet again, and the two of them start singing the chorus over and over again, practically screaming it as they laugh.

Jaejoong is rather adept at ignoring people, and so he does. He drags his gaze away from the cackling couple and looks up to stare at Yunho’s exasperated face. “You did call me kitten,” he points out. “So I’m just imagining I’m a real kitten and what I’d do.”

“Your imagination is going to be the death of me,” Yunho declares in a dire voice.

“Oh I don’t know, hyung.” Changmin regains some control of himself for the third time. Or maybe it’s the fourth. No one is keeping count. He smirks about as well as he can while still trying to suppress laughter. “A healthy imagination makes for a very interesting time in the bedroom. He’s actually willing to pee to mark his territory so I don’t think the sky’s the limit here.”

“Or the handcuffs.” Nicole interjects.

“Enough, you two.”

“What handcuffs?” Jaejoong blinks up in confusion. “What do handcuffs have got to do with the bedroom?”

“Nothing. Nothing at all.” Yunho shoots a glare at the snorting couple before turning back to the impossible teenager. “Fine, I’ll clean my fucking office. You keep that ball of piss away from my office, understood?”

“His name is Jiji!”

Yunho turns around abruptly, and strides back to his office without a word. It’s not that he has run out of patience with the kid. It’s just that for some absurd reason, he wants to kiss the mouthy brat. The boy’s irritation is honestly about as effective as the kitten’s, and he is finding it terrifyingly adorable. He has no fucking idea how the teenager has managed to get under his skin so quickly. Anyone, even Nicole, had they behaved the way Jaejoong just did, he would have been extremely put out over their insolence.

But the teenager’s impudence is like a breath of fresh air. Jaejoong isn’t afraid of him. And Yunho honestly cannot imagine he ever will be. The teenager has absolutely no concept of danger, his senses completely dull in that regard, which is alright if Jaejoong is a normal teenager. But clearly he isn’t, especially with whoever the fuck it is out there that is after him. Yunho has sent word back to his father, to ask if he can find anything out about Jaejoong’s father’s questionable background.

As for Jaejoong’s safety, Yunho has no worries in that area. If the twins served recompense for simply touching and leering at the teenager, witnessed by only three other people, you would have to be all manner of fool to mess with the kid now. Yunho has every intention of stepping out publicly with the teenager that night, just to cement the message if the twins do not serve as warning enough.

Jaejoong leans back against the couch with a loud huff as Yunho’s door slams. He stares at the kitten in his lap trying to get out of the box, playing idly with it while his mind whirls. He feels a little bad now, though a part of him is more than amazed at the fact that Yunho had tolerated his bratty behaviour. Does the man really want him? Whiny brat and all? He remembers what his sister says about driving Yunho crazy already and he sighs loudly. Clearly his sister knows him better than he knows himself.

The teenager unfolds himself into a standing position, dropping the kitten onto the table and wagging a finger at it.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, ok? This includes pooping in public! I’m sorry I took you away from your litter box. I wasn’t thinking and just wanted something to cuddle and now you’ve made a mess. Be glad that Yunho has no more clients today otherwise he’d probably send both of us home.”

The kitten blinks its startling blue eyes up at the boy, mewing rather unhappily.

Jaejoong sighs again, picking up the box till he and the kitten are eye level.

“I’m sorry ok? I’ll make it up to you when we get home. You can play in our bed and I’ll make up a little basket for you in one of the drawers.”

Nicole and Changmin exchange looks at our bed but they both say nothing as the pouty teenager talks rather seriously to his kitten.

Jaejoong turns to Nicole, wincing slightly as he hears water running, and the crash and bang of a bucket somewhere at the back of the office. “Noona, can you watch him for a bit? Maybe he’s hungry? Give him some food. I need to go clean up his mess.”

“No, you don’t, kid. You’re right. He is just a kitten.” Nicole reaches up for the kitten, speaking kindly.

Jaejoong just shrugs as he heads to the back.

The door to Yunho’s office is ajar and he can hear the man muttering under his breath as he pushes it open.

Yunho notices him immediately, straightening up, staring impassively at the kid as he holds the mop. He had soaked up the cat’s pee with newspaper and it really wasn’t as bad as he thought. Oddly enough, the smell of disinfectant is comforting and it has calmed him down considerably as he mops at the corner of his office.

The teenager pushes the door shut behind him, leaning against it as he stares at Yunho. The man’s quirked eyebrow is making his belly flip flop for whatever strange reason, and he has this insane urge to ask why he doesn’t have it pierced like Changmin hyung.

How can an eyebrow make his body tingle?

The two males stare at each other across the room in silence. Jaejoong cannot seem to be able to catch his breath, as he feels goosebumps once again breaking out across his skin as Yunho lazily peruses his face, and then down his body. If he talks, he might squeak, but if Yunho stares at him any longer, he may just burst into flames so he takes a chance with his voice.

“Do you need help?” he asks quietly, eyes never leaving Yunho’s face.

“It depends.”

The wrinkle in the boy’s brow deepens. “Depends? On what?”

“Oh what kind of help you’re offering.” Yunho almost chokes on his words because the beautiful boy has all but taken his breath away. But years of martial arts training do come in handy, though he never imagined it would be in relation to giving himself some measure of control around jailbait.

Jaejoong completely misses the suggestive cue, tilting his head as he stares over at Yunho, before looking down at the floor. “Well, it looks like you’ve cleaned up the mess, and you’re just mopping over the area. I can get another bucket of water to rinse the floor, though I have to warn you, I tend to get wet easily so if we’re going out for dinner, we might have to go home first.”

Yunho’s brain has already gone straight to the gutter at the mention of wet. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars. Just go straight to fucking jail. And the reality of those damn clanging doors rattling shut on him is not really that far off.

If he allows it, that is.

“I’ve got clothes here.”

Jaejoong’s eyes brighten considerably. “Are they washed?”

Yunho smirks, unable to stop himself at the boy’s eagerness. “No.”

“Ok, I’ll get wet,” Jaejoong grins, walking over to grab the bucket to replace the water.

Yunho steps forward and catching him around the wrist, tugging him, making the boy stumble and crash against his chest.

I’ll make you wet,” is the dark promise as Yunho bends his head to claim what is his.

“Yunho, what—“ but he is cut off as a hot mouth closes over his.

His gasp of surprise is swallowed by the older man, and Yunho growls in response as he deepens the kiss quickly. He had meant for the kiss to be hard and fast, but fast flew out the window when the teenager responds so quickly. The kiss is forceful, completely unlike the sweet kisses of earlier, and Jaejoong has no time to decide which type of kisses he prefers as he is taken on for a ride he isn’t quite prepared for. He can do nothing but hang on, his body thrumming as Yunho takes from him.

The older man allows him no choice but to open for him, as he thumbs his chin, coaxing his mouth to part for his probing tongue, sweeping it into the boy’s mouth, his tongue mimicking what he really wants to do to the boy.

Jaejoong is helpless under the fierce onslaught, Yunho’s tongue delving deep into his mouth. But the boy is far from passive as he gets over his momentary shock, reaching up to wrap his arms instinctively around the man’s neck, actively kissing him back as he shyly strokes the man’s tongue with his own. He starts to suckle again which pulls yet another groan from deep within the older man’s chest, his fingers stroking at the hair of the back of Yunho’s neck.

Yunho drops his hand from the boy’s chin, hauling the boy up closer against him as their mouths slant hotly over each other. The teenager is an excellent student, his mouth so warm and pliant underneath his firm kisses. He knows he might be scaring the teen but he only has so much willpower. The earlier kisses had fanned the flames, and Jaejoong’s impudence over the kitten merely adding fat to the fire. And then his eagerness at wanting to have his scent all over him snaps something in Yunho’s mind.

He will give the boy what he wants.

And Jaejoong takes it. He takes everything Yunho has to give, moaning sweetly and rubbing his hardness against the older man’s, not knowing what to do with the explosion of feelings and the overload of sensation his body is trying to deal with. Everything happens so suddenly that the teenager is working on instinct. He just feels, and acts on instinct. He is no longer thinking, and in that moment, he might as well be the little kitten who doesn’t know any better.

Yunho once again wraps his arms around the boy, slipping his hands into his back pockets, cupping his ass and squeezing, practically lifting the teenager up on his tiptoes, making the teenager whine against his mouth. Jaejoong is leaning fully against Yunho, trying to breathe and kiss at the same time, but the boy still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of that. It seemed simple at first but Yunho’s hot, possessive mouth over his has all but taken his breath away.


He tries to pull back, but Yunho chases his mouth, though the man senses the problem, breaking the kiss and nuzzling against the side of the teenager’s mouth as Jaejoong gasps for breath, his hands still locked tightly behind the tattooist’s neck. Yunho doesn’t let go though, his hands once again cupping the teenager’s ass and hauling him tighter against him, as he runs his lips along the boy’s jaw and neck.

“Yunho…” Jaejoong mewls, not knowing what he’s asking for but knowing he wants something. He wants the man to kiss him again, at the very least, and to touch him everywhere. Yunho’s hands on his ass feels like heaven, though it is hell for his painfully hard cock. Harder than it has ever been trapped in his blonde noona’s jeans. He feels like he is wearing too many clothes, and he is incredibly hot.

Hot and cold, for his nipples are also diamond hard. When Yunho pulls his body back, and then rubs against them, Jaejoong is certain he can see stars.

“Yunho…” he calls out again, trembling as the soft kisses the man is pressing against his throat go straight to his cock. He never knew the parts were connected, but connected they are as he feels his cock twitching in the tight confines of the pants with every hot breath against his sensitive skin.

He is suddenly hit with the realisation that he wants Yunho’s mouth on him.

On his body.

Yunho’s hands are tight around the boy’s ass, as he grinds their hard-ons together. Jaejoong’s soft pleas turn into hitching moans, as his body takes him for a ride he isn’t quite prepared for. Yunho’s movements are calculated, and deliberate, frotting their jean-clad cocks in the way he knows will give each of them the most pleasure. He cannot have the boy the way he wants, but he wants to taste him and smell him.

Yunho wants to lay claim on him, the best way he can.

Jaejoong is like putty in his hands, and he both gives and takes, latching onto the boy’s throat, and marking him like an unschooled teenager. But Yunho knows full well why he is doing it. He frots harder against the boy’s hardness as he sucks, nips and licks at his throat, and the telltale uncontrollable shudder wracks through the teenager. Yunho moves his mouth away immediately, back to Jaejoong’s soft mouth as the teenager keens lowly into his mouth as he comes unexpectedly.

It’s too much too soon for the innocent teenager and he moves his hand to card through Yunho’s hair. He tugs, but at the same time he holds the man tighter to him. It is a strange dance of push and pull, led by the teenager, till Yunho finally relents and allows himself to be pulled away, despite the returning push at the back of his head as Jaejoong is unable to make up his mind, his body trembling from the sudden orgasm.

He looks up, and chuckles because Jaejoong is wearing the most astonished expression on his face. But his laughter soon turns into a groan as he takes in the spit slicked moue and the pink cheeks, along with the dark dark doe eyes that are still filled with arousal despite what just happened. Before he can think twice about it, his mouth settles on the teenager’s yet again, the kiss this time sweet and lingering.

This time it is Yunho who is shaking as the boy moans long and low against his mouth, belatedly riding out his orgasm, as he goes limp against him. Their mouths taste and explore, Yunho gentling the willing teenager with his mouth. The boy clutches for purchase at his shoulders, fisting his shirt as he sighs against his mouth. Yunho wants this and more, but not here and not like this.

He finally breaks the kiss, a rueful smile when the boy whines his displeasure, chasing his mouth, but Yunho grips the boy’s ass again, pulling him back and away.

Jaejoong mumbles disagreeably as he settles for laying his head against Yunho’s shoulder since the man is being contrary. He moves, and the problem in his boxers finally penetrates his hazy mind. He mewls plaintively at the feeling of having boxers full of cum. He sounds just like his kitten from earlier, as he fists the front of Yunho’s shirt and tugs.

“I don’t think noona will ever want these jeans back.”

“I do want my underwear back though.”

“Yunho!” Jaejoong’s voice is absolutely scandalised, lifting his head to stare aghast at the older man, but Yunho merely smirks, dropping his head once again to steal another kiss.

“I did make good my promise didn’t I?”

“What promise?”

“To make you wet.”

“But you didn’t—oh.” Jaejoong stares up at Yunho in consternation, eyes becoming impossibly wider.

“You’re learning, babe.”

Jaejoong pouts. “You suck.”

“Jaejoong…” Yunho drops his head, but instead of stealing a kiss, he chuckles against the soft skin of the boy’s neck. Jaejoong smells incredible with or without that cinnamon hot chocolate scent, and he is hard pressed to choose which he prefers. He sees the dark red mark against his skin and he licks at it, whispering against the bruised skin. “Maybe I should muzzle you. Every time you open your mouth, something always comes out that is open to interpretation, and I don’t think I like it.”

“I’m not a pet, Yunho.” Jaejoong mutters as he tilts his head to allow Yunho better access to his neck. It is an intuitive move, and he doesn’t think much of it. He moves his hand to cup the back of the man’s head, his fingers playing with the hair at the back of the man’s neck. Yunho’s hair is really thick, and he rather likes the feel of it between his fingertips.

Yunho licks a path up the boy’s slim neck, nipping at his ear lobe and smirking when Jaejoong’s body trembles in response and he whines again.

“Yunho…I need new underwear.”

“Sorry, babe. I don’t have any spare lying around.”

“Give me yours.”

“Demanding aren’t you?” Yunho pulls back, taking his hands out of the teenager’s back pockets, and chuckling as he sits on the elevated chair. Jaejoong doesn’t leave his body, plastering himself rather firmly against him. It is as if the boy has suddenly lost his backbone and is unable to keep himself upright.

The kid is pouting fiercely as he grimaces, tugging at the waistband of his jeans. “Yunho…” he whines, “I can’t go out like this. I’m all squishy.”

Yunho almost loses it at the boy’s choice of words. He had all but forgotten the teen’s innocence, and one little ridiculous word brings it all back into sharp focus. He decides not to think about it as he once again steals another pleasurable kiss. He can fix the boy’s problem later.

Though he knows his own problem will be a good while away from being properly fixed.


Nicole and Changmin are speaking to the piercer’s final appointment of the day when Yunho’s door finally bangs open. It has been a good half hour, maybe more, and the tall couple had been contemplating knocking when the clients had come in.

“Everything is wet!” Jaejoong grumbles. “I can’t believe we have no underwear between us! What is this place? Noona definitely won’t want her jeans back now.”

Nicole’s eyebrows practically hit her hairline as she watches the teenager shuffle uncomfortably. She wants to ask, but she is a tad afraid of the answer she might get.

Her boyfriend has no such qualms though, his query ringing out in the silent office. “Why won’t she want her jeans back?”

“Because Yunho—“ and for the second time that day, Jaejoong finds himself cut off by a hot mouth over his.

Yunho had intended to shut Jaejoong up, but the boy goes all pliant and willing instantly against him that his intentions all but left again, just as it had in the back room. He should worry about how quickly the innocent teenager makes him lose his mind with his shy touches and caresses, but he finds that he honestly cannot give a fuck at the moment. The boy’s uninhibited response is so refreshing, and so genuine, uncaring about where they are, that Yunho cannot help but return in kind.

Jaejoong becomes a little more daring, sweeping his tongue into Yunho’s mouth, rubbing hesitantly against the older man’s. When he gets a return growl, he grows bolder, stroking and mating with Yunho’s tongue as the man deepens the kiss yet again.

Their audience are a little dumbfounded. It isn’t just Changmin and Nicole now, but the Chinese brothers Han Geng and Lay. Lay in particular knows Jaejoong, for they are attending the same school, though he is a junior and the boy being thoroughly kissed by the topless tattooed man is a senior.

The kiss quickly turns hotter as Yunho finds himself unable to take his fill of the boy, every touch and every moan leaves him shaking in need for more. It is when he realises this, that he pulls away, staring down at the rosy lips of the beautifully bemused boy. Jaejoong as a soft look in his eyes as he stares back at him, and Yunho wants to ask, no, he wants to demand the teenager tell him what that look means.

But he is also afraid of the answer.

He steps back, and Jaejoong follows him, pleasing Yunho considerably though he hides it in the gruffness of his speech.

“You’re impossible.”

“Your impossible…just yours.” Jaejoong is still bemused, floating even from the heady kiss as he smiles beatifically up at Yunho.

Yunho hides a smile at the teenager’s words, continuing to speak grouchily to mask his amusement at the boy’s state.

“Don’t you have work to do?”

“Mmmmm…” Jaejoong hums, closing his eyes as he leans against the taller man. “Work. I have kitten pee to clean.”

“I cleaned the pee, Jaejoong.”

“You did, didn’t you?” Jaejoong smiles, his expression so dreamy that Yunho resists the urge to tug the boy back into the back room and really taste the boy. A simple kiss sends the teenager practically into a swoon, though he knows it is also the after effects of earlier.

“I think I’m going to puke.”

Yunho and Jaejoong both turn towards the masculine voice, Changmin now pretending to gag as he sticks his finger into his mouth. They both can see he isn’t serious though, as he sends a shit eating grin back at them.

Nicole is a little more calculating in her perusal, staring first at Yunho, and then back at the teenager. She takes in Yunho’s topless state, and the teenager’s thoroughly disheveled state, and the fact that the boy is now wearing Yunho’s shirt.

She narrows her eyes as she stares at the limp teenager, eyes looking over the boy carefully till she spots something.

“You marked him!”

All eyes land on Jaejoong, even the two newcomers’. No one bothers to look at Yunho, all knowing full well she is referring to the teenager.

Jaejoong doesn’t understand the eyes on him, and he shuffles even closer to Yunho’s side, as if he is not already practically plastered against the man. Everyone’s scrutiny is making him feel warm, and not the way Yunho makes him feel warm. He’s feeling embarrassed all of a sudden and he doesn’t know why.

He gives up trying to figure it out, darting under Yunho’s armpit to hide behind the man, peeking over his shoulder at the four people gawking at him. He feels a great deal safer now, and he decides he will stay right there till everyone stops staring.

Yunho broadens his stance, standing in such a way that Jaejoong is completely hidden should he want to be. He can feel the boy’s puffs of breath caressing his shoulder and over his left ear, and his nipples tighten in response. Being topless has its positives and negatives.

Well, topless and going commando.

He had wanked off super fast in the bathroom. He hadn’t meant to do so, but Jaejoong had forgotten to remove his soiled boxers and well…yeah, he’d rather not think about it. One official day with the boy and he’s already turned even more deviant than he cares to admit.

As if dating the kid isn’t deviant enough.

“Yunho?” Nicole questions, her head tilted, expression serious.

“Nothing happened, Nic.”

“The hell nothing happened. He has a bruise the size of a fucking plum, and its probably the right shade even. Were you playing vampires or something? And not just with his neck…”

The innuendo does not go unnoticed, and everyone, even Lay gets it, but Jaejoong doesn’t.

“Twilight?” Jaejoong perks up. His female classmates have been swooning over whatever-his-name-is for years. He had even been tricked one year to play pin the cock on Cullen with the girls. He’d pinned it to the man’s mouth, which seemed to amuse everyone to no end. He is trying to find a safe topic since Yunho seems to be getting a little prickly, and a teenage movie should be safe, right? “They only play vampires with animals. I wonder if it’s easier to suck on an animal than a human.”

“Damn it, Jaejoong,” Yunho growls, but the teenager continues on blithely.

“I can’t imagine so though. An animal would be all wriggly wouldn’t it? Though I guess a human would be too. I guess I’d be very wriggly if someone tried to suck on me.”

Lay coughs, as does Han Geng, the older man thumping his younger brother on the back as the boy tries to decide whether to laugh or not. The stark look in the tattooist’s eyes though tells him to hold it in. Han Geng sends an apologetic look towards Yunho who acknowledges it.

Changmin and Nicole on the other hand, have no issue with hiding their amusement. They are not outright laughing, but they sure as hell aren’t trying to hide their knowing smirks.

“I wonder what I taste like…”

“Damn it, Jaejoong.” Yunho has had enough as he turns around, surprising the boy. “Hush. Now.”

But the boy simply scowls cutely in response, scrunching up his nose and tilting his head to stare at the older man. “You got mad at me when I told you to shush in bed yesterday and now you’re telling me to hush? That’s a little unfair don’t you think?”

“God fucking damn it, Jaejoong.” Yunho wants to bang his head against the wall. The kid saying shit like that in front of Nicole and Changmin is one thing. But there are other people in the room, and the boy is talking about sharing a bed like it’s nothing. The implications are too much, and judging from the choking sounds coming from behind him, he knows at least one person has caught onto something.


“Be quiet.”


“Silence, Jaejoong, so help me god I will silent you myself.”

“With your mouth?” Jaejoong replies somewhat eagerly, something not lost on everyone else.

Yunho places his palm against the boy’s mouth, walking him backwards till he hits the wall. He doesn’t give a fuck about everyone else now. Jaejoong is going to drive him insane.

No, correction. He has already gone insane. That is the only explanation for the situation he has willingly put himself in.

Lay definitely chokes this time. Chokes and sputters. He doesn’t really know Jaejoong, but he knows of him. The boy is much too beautiful to go unnoticed, and the punch up he had with the teacher had spread around the school. There have been many sordid and unkind rumours attached to the older teenager, the most prevalent one being that it was a lover’s spat. There have always been rumours that Jaejoong is gay, but it was never substantiated till someone, told someone that someone had heard from someone else that the teacher had tried to kiss the teenager and Jaejoong had not been willing. He has no idea how close or far from the truth it is, but he knows who the teacher is and looking at the tattooist, he is a hundred percent certain that anything that happened between Jaejoong and the teacher was one-sided on the teacher’s part.

There is no way on any planet that Jaejoong would choose the teacher who is pushing forty, over this…this…rather fine specimen of man.

Lay colours as his eyes travel over the strong back, almost completely covered in ink, choking even more as his own thoughts start heading in a distinctly impure direction. He is straight. Well, he thinks he’s straight. To be something else would just be trouble, but looking at Yunho and Jaejoong, he can understand exactly why both of them are bent the other way.

Jaejoong is absolutely breathtaking. He toes the line between being feminine and masculine, and his innocence is a drawcard. Lay knows the kids in school make fun of the boy’s purity but looking at him, he cannot help but think that it gives the older boy something more. Something no one else his age has. And the tattooist is hot. Period. If he could get away with fanning himself, he would. The man’s dominance all but takes over the room, and even his older brother who is a pretty damn masculine man, pales in comparison.

And yet, that dominant man is unable to take the innocent teenager with the beguiling eyes in hand.

He can see Jaejoong’s eyes widening as the other man whispers something to him, and to everyone’s surprise, the tattooed man suddenly pulls back with a sharp gasp.

“You bit me!”

“I want Jiji now!”

“What the fuck?” Han Geng chokes out, unable to decide how to react to that bold demand. The kid cannot be much older than his own brother, and apparently, absolutely devoid of shame.

“Uh, it’s not what you think. How about you two just come along to my office now.” Changmin interrupts, hastily hurrying the two utterly dumbfounded Chinese nationals into his room.

He sends a look at Nicole who shrugs helplessly. What the hell does he expect her to do?

Yunho is sucking on his palm where the teenager had bit him. Jaejoong is glaring mutinously at him again, and Yunho honestly has no idea how they got here. It’s starting to become a pattern. He rather prefers the bemused kid with the soft and pliant mouth and willing body against him rather than this slightly irate boy. Perhaps he needs to kiss the kid into submission.

That thought cheers him up considerably, as he forgets the pain in his palm and pushes away from the wall.

He turns to Nicole, nodding at her. “Close up. I’m taking the kid back to his sister’s to pick up his stuff and then we’re heading back. I thought about going out to dinner but I’m in no state, and neither is he so can you order dinner please?” Yunho doesn’t wait for a reply as he heads back into his office to clean up, almost tripping over the elusive Jiji and making him growl as the kitten hisses at him.

Jaejoong and his damn kitten are a fucking pair alright.

“Kid, c’mere.”

Jaejoong pushes away from the wall, walking awkwardly to retrieve his kitten before heading towards the blonde noona.

Nicole pushes the collar of the shirt aside, examining the mark on Jaejoong’s neck. Yunho has definitely done a number on the boy. She has no idea what possessed the man to mark him thus, especially since the kid has to return to school on Monday. A mark that dark will take a good three days to lighten. Not even disappear, but lighten.

She pokes at it, and Jaejoong flinches, but doesn’t wince.


“Not really. It’s just a little tender. What happened?”

“Shouldn’t you be telling me that?”

“I don’t understand.”

Nicole tugs the boy towards one of the mirrored walls, manhandling him to face the right way.

Jaejoong’s shock is clear in his ringing voice as he yells out.


AN1: Hahahahahaha ISTFG I have no bloody idea where the hell this came from. One minute they were bickering… the next… well… and then… IDEK… WHAT THE HELL YUNHO I THOUGHT YOU HAD SELF CONTROL.

AN2: LMAO this chapter ran so far away from me I had to split it up otherwise I’m never going to finish it in FIFTEEN chapters. Yes, 15. EVEN IF A CHAPTER HAS TO BE 20,000 WORDS I’M GOING TO STICK TO 15 OR LESS DAMN FUCKING IT.

AN3: Also, I think some people are starting to angst over ICE. I’m terribly sorry, ok? This fic has me by the throat, and Yunho’s katana is pointing to a vital part of Jaejoong… hahahahahahahaha.
Tags: fic:tattooist, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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