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The Tattooist [13b]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff
Warning: Underage shenanigans. Go away if this bothers you.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

AN1: I am clutching at the last shreds of what is left of my morality… (says the girl who writes twincest as well…) READ THIS SLOWLY and savor the loss of my sanity…

AN2: Isn't Yunho's kitten so very pretty?


“The rest, kitten? Do you know what you’re asking for?” Yunho asks quietly against the teenager’s mouth. Jaejoong draws back, his large doe eyes stare at him, filled with trust and something else. That something else that has been bugging him for a while.

It is Jaejoong’s heart that is racing now. He vows it is faster than Yunho’s was even. He can barely draw in breath as he stares at the older man. When he cannot hold the man’s dark gaze any longer, he drops his chin, staring at his heart. It gives him something to focus on as he struggles to try to breathe. There is a tension in the room now, something he felt the previous night, but today it has multiplied tenfold.

But it isn’t suffocating.

Instead, it seems to be enveloping him, caressing his skin. A lover’s touch. It is soothing, and yet there is a hidden electricity within it. An unknown entity that makes Jaejoong want to explore it further. The crackling tension is like a promise.

A promise of more.

Jaejoong shakes his head. It is a tiny shake, and Yunho almost misses it.

“No, kitten?”

Jaejoong looks back up at Yunho, reaching out once again to touch his heart. His voice is hushed, shyness pooling into it. He feels as if someone has just cast him adrift without any oars or means to get back to shore. He is floating towards the unknown and he needs an anchor.

He needs Yunho.

“Tell me,” he starts, fingers working down Yunho’s shirt to start on the next button, and then the button after that. “Tell me what I’m asking for.”

Yunho is at war with himself. The colour is high in the boy’s cheeks, the beautiful teenager refusing to meet his eyes. He is content for the moment to watch, as Jaejoong’s pink tongue darts out to lick nervously at his full bottom lip. His cock is so hard, so tightly confined that Yunho isn’t sure if he is going to even be able to stand. The boy affects him so acutely, the pain of it is something he has never encountered in his entire adult life.

He aches to claim the boy.

And is not just the ache in his pants.

But the ache in his heart.

Jaejoong has already worked his way down to the last button. Yunho isn’t wearing a wife beater under his shirt. He wants to touch the man. The beautiful rising phoenix looks alive, the effect almost 3D. If he pushes the bottom of his shirt apart, he will be able to see the demonic koi. Fish so fearsome, and yet, utterly beautiful. He wants to know what the words mean, but he knows this is probably not the best time to ask. He does have some self-awareness, despite what people might think. He’d just rather not look into himself.

He pops the final button through its hole, just as Yunho manhandles him in his lap. Jaejoong squeaks at the abrupt movements, suddenly finding himself no longer sitting sideways, but astride the older man.

Jaejoong’s face is once again a picture of astonishment. That slightly stunned look in his innocent eyes, and the parted mouth as he stares at Yunho.

And the soft, little gasp of shock when Yunho slips a hand under his tee shirt to caress his waist.

The hitch in his breathing, and the tell tale twitch of his shoulders.

Innocent reactions to the touch of a lover.

For Yunho has finally made up his mind. Question is, how truly willing is the teenager when he realises that he has asked Yunho for everything, and the man will deny him nothing.

Jaejoong can feel the difference in Yunho’s touch. He cannot explain it, he just knows it deep down in his heart it is different. The touch is making his heart hammer crazily in his chest, and he wonders if he can affect the man just as much as he is affecting him.

Yunho’s grasp of the boy’s waist is light, his fingers skimming the waistband of his jeans. He had touched the boy more thoroughly yesterday in all his sleepy nakedness, and yet, this feels much, much more intimate. Jaejoong’s waist is so impossibly narrow, girlish. And it is both soft and hard. Yunho can feel the muscles under the soft skin overlaying them, as he splays both hands to span that small waist.

Both thumbs stroke and caress the soft skin of the teenager’s belly, soothing, circular motions, but yet he can hear the boy’s breathing become increasingly ragged. He stares at the words on the boy’s tee shirt.

I wanna…

Repeated multiple times.

I wanna…

What does he want?

He raises his eyes to meet the shimmering pools of Jaejoong’s honest gaze. Those doe eyes filled with naked longing, uncertainty, and a touch of determination.

“Tell me…”

Jaejoong coaxes again, as he places a solitary finger against the middle of Yunho’s heart. His gaze does not waver from the older man’s almond eyes. Hooded eyes, and so dark they are almost pitch black. Jaejoong shivers at the intensity of those eyes on him, but he pushes through his shyness. He wants Yunho to speak for him.

“Tell me…” he whispers, and his finger starts to move. His eyes drop with the movement, following his finger as it makes the slow descent down Yunho’s chest.

Jaejoong’s touch is like fire. Yunho feels that fingertip branding him as the teenager pushes to the right, to move his now unbuttoned white shirt out of the way.

He does the same to the left side of his chest.

And then he does it.

That single finger drags deliberately across a taut nipple.

Yunho cannot stop the sharp inhalation, his body reacting immediately to the caress, and his eyes fly up, waiting for Jaejoong to lift his head to meet his gaze.

But the boy doesn’t look up, eyes intent on his chest, and he watches as the boy licks at his mouth once again as his finger moves lower.

Jaejoong runs his finger down the planes of Yunho’s abdomen, fascinated by the way the man’s muscles flex and contract underneath his touch. The contracting is almost involuntary, stopping when Jaejoong lifts his finger off from touching that warm, smooth skin. And it comes back when his finger meets the man’s body.

Yunho is finding it almost impossible to breathe. The shallow inhalations are not doing enough to fill his lungs and his hands tighten around the boy’s waist.

How did the seducer become the seduced?

Jaejoong’s eyes finally fly up as the grip around his waist steals his attention.

“Yunho…” he whispers achingly. “Please tell me.”

The tattooist frees a hand from the teenager’s waist, cupping the boy around the back of his neck and pulling him forward.

Their mouths meet, but it is Yunho in control as he holds the boy in place. His mouth is punishing, the kiss hot and wet and utterly possessive. Jaejoong’s mouth isn’t parted enough for his liking, and he draws back slightly, biting out harshly.

“Open for me, Jaejoong.”

The teenager obeys immediately, and he is rewarded by a warm tongue in his mouth, and he latches onto it, suckling greedily as Yunho groans into his mouth at his response.

Gaining a measure of confidence from the sounds Yunho is making, Jaejoong gives the man his teeth, scoring Yunho’s tongue with his sharp incisors. He is rewarded with a growl, and Yunho’s hand tightening almost painfully around his neck as he deepens the kiss yet again. Encouraged, Jaejoong nips at the man’s tongue, as he tries to give back what he takes.

Yunho retreats then, torn between amusement and exhilaration at how the boy responds to him. He chuckles against the teenager’s mouth, swallowing the boy’s harsh pants.

“Bloodthirsty little thing, aren’t you?”

The teenager manages a half smile in between pants. “Your kumiho.”

“Yes, mine.”

Yunho releases his hold of the boy’s neck, running his hand down his back, and then cupping his sweet ass.

Jaejoong whimpers at the possessive touch, leaning forward, mouth seeking once again.

This time the kiss is gentler, in counterpoint to Yunho’s hands now kneading his ass. The soft moans of pleasure turn into purrs, low in Jaejoong’s throat as he tries to get closer. His hands are splayed against Yunho’s bare chest, and he can feel the man’s heartbeat as his hands start to roam.

He has seen Yunho’s bare torso so often, but to touch it is another thing altogether. He knows he touches it in his sleep, if the position he’d woken in is anything to go by.

But this is different.

The strength and vitality of the man can be felt under his unschooled hands, roaming aimlessly, simply wanting to touch. There is no destination in mind, Jaejoong simply wants to get closer.

Each caress, makes Yunho’s muscles contract, and Jaejoong finally pulls his mouth away, and leans back, curious about it.

His pout is lush and wet, and Yunho cannot stop staring. He knows the kid is talking, but the blood is roaring in his ears and he honestly cannot seem to focus enough for any auditory processing to take place. The pout gets poutier, if that is even possible, and Yunho leans forward to steal a kiss, only to get a nip to his lip in return.

That breaks the hypnosis, and Yunho looks up.

“Why do your muscles jump like that?”

“Like what?”

Jaejoong makes a tiny impatient sound as he presses his palm against Yunho’s bellybutton. The man’s abdominal muscles contract under his touch, and he nods towards it. “Like that.”

Yunho tilts his head, wondering how this boy is so clueless. But then the little kitten is his clueless babe to school, and he really cannot complain about that. He smiles, pulling his hands away from Jaejoong’s ass. The boy makes a tiny sound of protest, which only serves to widen his smile.

With one hand, he pulls up the hem of Jaejoong’s tee shirt.

And with the other, he drags a fingertip down the front of the boy’s belly.

Muscles jump and contract, and a soft “oh” escapes the pillowy lips of the innocent teenager.

Yunho smirks, turning his eyes up to the boy’s surprised ones.

“Is it the same?”

Yunho nods. And he does it again, pushing the tee shirt up higher and dancing his fingers along the soft yet hard planes of the boy’s body. Jaejoong is slim, but toned and muscled, and the combination works very well on the stunning teenager.

Jaejoong is trying to gather enough courage to take the next step. His body is reacting so astonishingly to Yunho’s touch, and what makes it even more amazing, is that Yunho’s body reacts to his own touch the exact same way. He watches the tiny smirk playing about Yunho’s mouth, and just like yesterday, he is hit by the realisation that he wants that mouth on him.

Not just on his mouth, or even his ears and neck, though those places are very good too.

He wants Yunho’s mouth on his body.

He wants to feel that cupid bow tracing the contours of his muscles.

And more than anything, he wants Yunho’s piercing clinking with his own.

His body grows hot, as a deep flush rises from his belly at the naughty thought. It is the naughtiest one he has ever had, and he is almost shaking from just imagining it.

But how does he make it a reality?

The words are caught in his throat, and he is still waiting for Yunho’s answer to his question. And so he finally takes a deep breath and does what he’d been trying to work up the courage to do.

He tugs the hem of his tee shirt away from Yunho, pushing his hands away. He catches the surprise on the man’s face, but he does not hesitate as he pulls his tee shirt up and over his head, throwing it off to the side somewhere.

An irritated mewl, has him looking around, and he starts to giggle when he sees his kitten trying to extricate itself from the folds of his discarded tee shirt. Jaejoong’s aim had been unerring, the garment landing squarely over the head of the poor kitten. The antics of the animal serve as a good distraction from his shyness, and he almost forgets about being topless till he feels warm hands stroking up his ribcage and caressing his side.

“Brave little kitten?” Yunho questions with a quirk of the lip. Not quite a smirk, but close enough as he arches an eyebrow at the healthy flush that is covering the boy’s skin.

The flush of arousal is incredibly beautiful on the teenager, and they have barely done anything. Jaejoong is just so responsive and eager, and completely unafraid despite his innocence. There is no question about the latter, and Yunho knows the lack of fear stems in part from the fact that Jaejoong has no real idea of what is in store for him. The boy’s reactions are so fresh, with a hint of awe as he learns about what he can do and what his body can do.

Yunho wants to show him how much of an effect he has on him. The boy has a power over him that no one has ever had before. He wants Jaejoong to know this, and to learn this, and to continue to be unafraid.

They are interrupted by the ringing of a phone.


The man keeps a tight hand around Jaejoong’s bare waist as he slips his other hand into his pocket to pull out his phone. He glances at the name on the screen and hands his phone over to the teen.

Jaejoong takes the phone, feeling a little confused as he stares at the name.


“Why aren’t you answering?” he asks, as he stares at the phone and then back at the tattooist.

“It’s Nic. She wants to know why we aren’t at work.”

“Oh.” Jaejoong stares at the phone in consternation, feeling the bitter taste of disappointment slowly seeping into him. He had completely forgotten about work.

The phone finally stops ringing, but the respite is short-lived as it starts up once again. He holds the mobile out to Yunho, and is confused when the man shakes his head at him, refusing to take the phone.

“You answer it, and tell her whatever you want.”


Yunho smiles. “I own Mirotic, Jaejoong. You can tell her whatever you want. If you want us to go to work, we will go. If you don’t, just tell her. The choice is yours.

Jaejoong’s fingers tremble slightly, almost dropping the phone as it grows silent once again. He can choose? Before he manages to think it through, the phone rings yet again, the sound seemingly even more incessant than the previous two times.

Yunho almost chuckles at the alarmed doe eyes staring at him, but he swallows it, hiding a smile when he sees the boy finally understand as he sits up straight in his lap and answers the phone.

His eyebrow quirks as the phone crackles with what can only be Nicole yelling into the phone. He watches as Jaejoong winces, holding the phone away from his ear, before a tiny scowl is etched into his forehead.

“Noona! Noona!” Jaejoong calls into the mouthpiece, the earpiece of the phone still away from him.

The loud shouting ceases immediately, and Yunho leans back against the couch, dropping his hands to Jaejoong’s thighs and rubbing them up and down as he watches his kitten turn into a…cub? The boy is not quite in tiger or lion category yet.

“Noona, you cannot shout at Yunho like that. I know he’s your friend, but you are at work, and he is the owner. Please respect that.”

Yunho raises a truly amused eyebrow, already picturing Nicole bordering apoplexy at the teenager’s gentle reprimand. He can only hear Jaejoong’s side of the conversation, but it already enough to make him feel even more warmth for the boy than he thinks possible.

Jaejoong is silent for a moment, eyes on Yunho as he nods. “I know, and we’re very sorry. You can yell at us later after work. I’ll make dinner.”

Yunho starts shaking his head, ready to protest, only to find a hand covering his mouth as Jaejoong gives him a stern shake of the head, brow still furrowed.

Perhaps his kitten slash cub might have the makings of a lion after all.

“Of course I can cook, noona.” Jaejoong finds his first smile as he tucks the phone between his shoulder and ear, and dropping his hand to catch Yunho’s over his thigh. He interlaces his fingers with the older man’s, unaware of the the strange look in Yunho’s eyes as the tattooist stares at him.

Jaejoong is naturally affectionate. Yunho is witness to this, and he is also the recipient of it. But it never ever stops being amazing to him. The boy removes his hand from his mouth to pull the phone away, changing ears as he listens to whatever Nicole is saying to him.

“Yes, I’m bribing you. My noonas taught me how to cook so it’ll be fine. Just tell me what you want and what hyung wants.”

Jaejoong hums, as Nicole lists out a rather ridiculous amount of food, smiling slightly when she pauses and asks if he is really planning on cooking it all.

“I’ll cook three dishes from that list.” He pauses. “No, you don’t have to repeat it to me. I can remember it.”

Yunho watches as the boy smiles again, eyes shining with affection as he turns those doe eyes on him. To his surprise, the teenager leans forward and presses a quick kiss against his mouth before straightening.

The boy’s instincts are incredible. The way he acts is like that of a lover of years, not days. Hell, they are not even lovers yet. But then Yunho is reminded of the teenager’s confession.

“Nineteen months, two weeks and five days…”

“Noona, we’re not coming to work today.”

Yunho leans forward, wanting to listen in, but a soft hand against his chest pushing him back, stops his progress. He looks up, once again finding his kitten shaking his head at him.

“Yunho has a cancellation on Tuesday night, and we can fit her in then. Just apologise, and tell her something came up.” Jaejoong suddenly frowns. “Why are you laughing?”

Yunho rolls his eyes, sinking back against the couch, knowing exactly why Nicole is laughing.

“Do I have to tell you what came up? She doesn’t need to know what came up. Just that something did.” Jaejoong’s frown deepens. “Noona, stop laughing!”

Yunho can hear Nicole howling, the sound coming and going and he goes back to his pleasant occupation of rubbing Jaejoong’s thighs. The boy has let go of his hand, scratching his belly absentmindedly as he listens to whatever it is Nicole is telling him.

“What do you mean how many things came up? Would she even ask that? I don’t know how many things came up! Just tell her two or something. Noona! Noona!” Jaejoong pulls the phone away from his ear, his expression of mild irritation is not lost on Yunho who takes the phone from him.

“It’s ok, kitten. I’ll deal with her.”

Jaejoong nods, his expression a little huffy. But he loses it quickly enough when Yunho tugs him forward, kissing him on the mouth. Yunho leans back to finish the conversation, but the teenager is having none of that as he follows the tattooist down, keeping their body contact.

He snuggles into the crook of his neck, feeling the vibrations as Yunho starts to talk.

“Quit it, Nic.”

“Yunho, what the hell?”

“We’re not coming.”

“Oh I don’t know about that,” Nicole drawls, thoroughly amused. “Something tells me you two are most definitely coming.”

“It’s not cute on you, Nicole.” Yunho growls, his arm tightening around the teenager, though he makes the mistake of squeezing the boy’s ass, pulling a pleased moan from the nuzzling teenager.

“Yunho, I heard that.”


Nicole is honestly torn. Teasing him is one thing, but the reality of that moan she just heard is another thing altogether. On the one hand, Jaejoong is seventeen. On the other, she knows Yunho is a good guy. A really good guy. If the kid needed a hero, Yunho would be it. She can still remember his words during the dare about not believing in heroes.

But she also remembers the quiet doe eyed beauty, so breathtakingly beautiful that when she had first clapped eyes on him, she had honestly thought he wasn’t real. Max is beautiful himself, and Yunho is beyond gorgeous, but the angelic purity of Jaejoong is something else altogether.

That doe eyed beauty who stares at Yunho with love in his eyes.

It might be a teenage crush, but somehow, she doubts it. She remembers her own high school crushes, and while intense, they were also fleeting. Jaejoong has been unwavering for as long as she has known him. No matter how little or how much attention Yunho pays him, that look in his eyes never changes.

She has to let it go.

“That boy is something special, Yunho. Take care of him.”

Yunho feels the curious fingers travelling up and down his abdomen, as Jaejoong plays with the trail of hair leading from his bellybutton. Nicole’s words are resounding in his head, and he responds with the only word that came to mind when she spoke.


He hangs up then, tossing the phone asides as Jaejoong sits up in his lap, curiosity in his eyes.

“What is forever?”

Instead of answering, Yunho takes hold of the teenager, leaning forward and bracing himself as he stands with the teenager wrapped around him.

Jaejoong squeaks at the sudden movement, but he is not so out of it that he doesn’t notice that Yunho doesn’t even grunt. He is slim but not as light as he looks, and Yunho had just stood up with his entire weight hanging off him.

“Kiss me.”

The teenager complies instantly, winding his arms around Yunho’s neck, kissing him sweetly as the man moves to exit the study. Yunho keeps his eyes open, smiling against the boy’s mouth when Jaejoong senses it and pops his eyes open too.

Jaejoong draws back slightly. “You can kiss with your eyes open?”

“Is there somewhere that says we need to kiss with our eyes shut?”

The teen shrugs, playing with the hair at Yunho’s nape. “I think all the movies I’ve seen, everyone has their eyes shut.”

“Jaejoong, if I closed my eyes I’d walk us into a wall.”


Yunho enters the bedroom, kicking the door shut behind him, pulling a protest from Jaejoong.

“What about Jiji?”

“What about him?” Yunho heads towards the bed, leaning over to drop the little baggage, but Jaejoong is not going anywhere, arms and legs locked firmly around him.

“He’ll be lonely. Just leave the door open.”

Yunho sighs, straightening back up, returning to the door and opening it. He is rewarded by a pleased kiss at the corner of his mouth, Jaejoong once again licking and tugging at his piercing.

The tattooist manages to make his way back to the bed without issue, despite the determined gnawing of his bottom lip. The boy is so incredibly warm and perfect in his arms. His legs around his waist are making Yunho hard all over again, not that he truly lost his arousal.

By his count, Yunho has been rock hard for at least a good half hour. He is honestly going to be suffering for it.

Question is, will he be put out of his misery? He knows the teenager is suffering from no such condition. The kid is easily distracted.

“So will you tell me?” Jaejoong asks. He has lost count as to how many times he’s asked, but he hopes Yunho won’t make him repeat the original question.

So much for being easily distracted.

Yunho turns his head to catch the boy’s mouth, hitching the boy higher, feeling those long legs tighten around him as he once again finds his ass. He can feel the teenager’s fingers entwined in his hair as he pulls Yunho in for a closer kiss, sighing happily and the older man is lost. Jaejoong is just too cuddly, and the boy has just cuddled his way straight into his heart and then some.

His knees hit the bed, and he tries once again to drop the teenager, but the boy is like a koala. Legs and arms are tight around him, making Yunho chuckle against that warm, sweet mouth.

“Love, you need to let me go.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, whispering shyly, his heart rate doubling in speed at Yunho’s new endearment. “I don’t want to.”

Yunho licks at that pouty mouth, but he pulls back before Jaejoong can deepen the kiss, making the teenager whine. “Let go, and I’ll give you what you want.”

The boy pouts, but he complies. He drops a leg gingerly from Yunho’s waist, meeting the bed, before he drops the other leg. He wobbles slightly on the uneven surface, but his arms are still locked tight around Yunho’s neck. He cocks his head, staring down at Yunho.

“You’re supposed to tell me what I want.”

Yunho pulls Jaejoong’s arms gently from around his neck before stepping back and shrugging out of his shirt. He follows Jaejoong’s progress from standing, to sitting, to laying in their bed. The boy’s innocence is once again shining from his eyes, as he waits expectantly for Yunho to answer.

How does he answer a question like that?

“Tell me, Yunho.” Jaejoong pulls the cover over himself. It feels weird to be lying in bed with his jeans on, and so he unbuckles his belt. He keeps talking, hoping to distract Yunho from the fact that he is undressing under the covers. “Tell me what I’m asking for.”

Once again Yunho doesn’t answer. He watches the teenager wriggling underneath the sheets, and figures he is taking off his jeans. Once he thinks the boy is done, he gets onto the bed, covering Jaejoong with his body, trapping the boy in the cage of his arms.

The covers sit between his body and Jaejoong’s, but he know that won’t last long.

He bends his head, capturing that beautiful pout, whispering against it. “I’m not going to tell you. I’m going to show you.”

Jaejoong’s mouth parts beneath his lips, and Yunho dives into the pleasure of that wet warmth. The boy is a hell of a kisser, all those cherry stem knots put to good use over the years. Despite his innocence, there is no shyness, and the teenager gives as good as he gets.

Yunho settles his body down, no longer holding his weight off the boy, wanting the teen to feel him, even if they are not yet skin to skin. The boy is trapped under the covers, and Yunho is over them, but it doesn’t matter to either as they lap and tease at each other’s mouths.

He grinds down against the boy, the friction and contact easing the ache for a moment, before doubling the pain. Jaejoong whimpers against his mouth, struggling beneath him, and Yunho draws back.

“What is it, kitten?”

“I want to touch you.”

Yunho presses his mouth against the boy’s again, slanting hotly over and over as he tugs at his belt and the buttons on his jeans. He kisses the boy as he strips off his jeans, bracing with his arms as he uses his feet to push down the thick garment, kicking it off the bed. He can feel his cock swaying in his boxers, and he settles back down against the teenager, slightly off to the side this time.


The tattooist pulls back to look at the boy’s face. His lips are red and swollen from the deep kisses, and all Yunho can think about is wanting to claim them once again. He bends his head, settling his mouth once again against Jaejoong’s but at the very last second, the teenager turns away, and Yunho gets the corner of his mouth.

“What’s the matter?”

“I can’t feel you like this.” Jaejoong grumbles. He is trying to hide his fear, and not of Yunho, but of his body’s reaction. Just like yesterday, he can feel a pressure building in his balls, traveling through his cock, making it heavy and wet. He wants to touch himself, but he also wants to touch Yunho. He figures he can touch himself anytime, so he chooses to touch the older man instead.

Yunho laughs, rolling away, making the teenager exclaim in dismay, but he slips quickly under the covers, and the boy’s dismay soon turns into pleasure as Yunho covers his body with his own.

Skin to skin with only a pair of boxers, with a thoroughly damp spot, each between them.

Jaejoong sighs at the contact, enjoying the weight of the older man over him, but it is short lived as Yunho flips onto his back, hauling Jaejoong on top of him instead.


Yunho smiles at the bemused teenager. “You wanted to touch me. I am at your disposal.”

Jaejoong sits up, blushing hard when he realises he is sitting astride the man. Doing it while Yunho is sitting on the couch feels infinitely less…naughty than sitting up over him while he is lying down.

He moves to get off, but Yunho catches hold of the back of his knee and shakes his head. “I like you on top.”

If he could blush even worse than he already has, he’d probably do it. He straightens up, scooting back a little so he can gaze at the man’s tattoos only to find his ass meeting an immovable object.

He squeaks, eyes flying up to the older man’s. And somehow, he is reassured by what he sees.

He takes a deep breath, inching back once again, and he feels Yunho’s hardness slip against his ass crack and an involuntary moan escapes his lips.

“You like that?”

Jaejoong tries to both shake and nod his head, and he comes out feeling a little lightheaded from the odd movement, and it shows on his face, making Yunho chuckle. He pouts at the sound, leaning forward, palms on the man’s belly, rubbing upwards as he stretches out on top of the man, nuzzling his way up.

“Don’t laugh at me.”

“I’m not laughing at you, kitten. I’m laughing at me.” Yunho lifts a hand to stroke the boy’s bare back. “You are so innocent, and I think I’m going to die from the pain that I’m sure is not going to be relieved any time soon.”

Jaejoong lifts his head, concern showing in his doe eyes as he edges upwards a little more, rocking his hips unconsciously as he seeks the heat and friction Yunho’s body is giving his cock. “What pain? Am I too heavy? Am I hurting you?”

“No, babe.” Yunho stills the boy, keeping him from rolling off, hand dipping, slipping under the waistband of Jaejoong’s boxers to cup his ass. “You’re perfect. I just have no control over my reaction to you.”

“What do you mean?” Jaejoong squirms at the warm hand on his ass, it is familiar, and he finds that he likes it more than any shyness or embarrassment he feels at Yunho being so forward. The man had done the same thing yesterday at Mirotic, and he had no issues then. Why start now?

“Jaejoong, what is the longest time you’ve been hard?”

“Uh…” he dips his head, deciding to find a sweet spot against Yunho’s throat and stay there. He rocks his hips, suddenly aware of his hardness digging into Yunho’s belly and he whimpers with the embarrassment of it. Yunho saw him last night, and now he can feel him. But unlike yesterday, Jaejoong truly does not want to run anywhere. And besides, Yunho is just as hard.

And oddly, he feels safe.


The boy mumbles something against his neck, while trying to arch his body at the same time, and Yunho realises that Jaejoong is trying to make his erection inconspicuous. Well, good luck with that. He squeezes the boy’s ass again, hand curving deeper, as he palms the boy’s ass cheek aside before slipping four fingers against his crack.

The boy’s reaction is instantaneous, his hips dropping hard against Yunho’s belly, cock digging in as he tries to get away from Yunho’s hand, but at the same time moaning sweetly near his ear, telling the older man that he likes it.


Jaejoong lifts his head, eyes cloudy with arousal, a soft whimper escaping his lips as he squeezes his eyes shut briefly as Yunho strokes at his entrance. “Wh-why d-does it f-f-feel so strange?”


“Like…like…like everything is clenching. And it feels g-g-good.” He stammers, before ducking to hide his flaming face. He can feel the fire across his skin, and it only gets worse as Yunho continues to stroke down his ass crack. He knows how sex is technical supposed to work between them, but that is it.

Technical knowledge.

No one told him he would feel like clawing at his own skin with every pass of Yunho’s fingertips against his entrance.

No one told him that he’d make embarrassing needy sounds and dig his erection against the older man, wanting more friction.

No one told him that his skin would crackle with an invisible flame, and the fire seems to keep growing, as if trying to reach something.

No one told him the clenching in his belly would intensify, till it feels as if there are two invisible lengths of rope tugging at his cock and his balls, all originating from his belly.

Jaejoong has masturbated a handful of times before, and he did come rather embarrassingly in his pants yesterday, but the feelings today trump any of that.

He feels shaky and strung out, not unlike a drug addict. His body is flushed, his heart rate is rapid and he is sure his blood pressure is through the roof. He can barely suck in a proper breath of air, a concern since he is sure this particular feeling has been going on for days.

His cock feels trapped, and there are too many layers on him. He wants the cool air to touch him and he wants Yunho’s hot mouth on him.

Where? A voice asks in the depths of his mind. Where does he want Yunho’s mouth?


“Love, come up. I want to look at you.”

There it is again. That word.

And it is that word alone that coaxes Jaejoong out from his hiding place. He lifts his head up to meet Yunho’s almond eyes gazing unwaveringly at him.

“Love?” Jaejoong asks, before he can stop himself.

Yunho’s mouth curves into a smile. “C’mere, kitten.”

Jaejoong scoots up a little higher, eyes shining as he nuzzles against Yunho’s mouth. “Love?”

“You’re so sweet, kumiho.” Yunho teases, rubbing his mouth against his pouting kumiho. Jaejoong growls, nipping at his lips, crawling further up his body. He is so high up that Yunho pulls his hand free from his waistband, slipping up one boxer leg instead. The angle is much more dangerous, and he squeezes the boy’s upper thigh, and the lower curve of his cute butt. His fingers slip lower, but not quite touching his balls.

Jaejoong doesn’t even flinch at the very proprietary hand that has slipping into his boxers. He has one goal in mind.


“Yes, love.” Yunho finally relents, rubbing his nose against the adorable teenager’s. An Eskimo kiss.

“Love?” Jaejoong asks, rocking his hips against Yunho’s abdomen. The creeping electricity is there, slightly dulled by the focus he has on the older man, instead of on his body. But he can feel that hand on his ass, slipping between his thighs from within his boxers.

Yunho’s entire hand is in Jaejoong’s boxers, up to his forearm in fact as he rubs the opposite butt cheek. And he finally dips his hand in the cleft of his ass, to cup the boy’s soft balls, fondling them gently as Jaejoong keens in shock.

His body jerks involuntarily, rubbing insistently against Yunho’s belly, his face flaming red, and his body on fire.

“Are you alright, love?” Yunho asks quietly, but his hand doesn’t stop, Jaejoong’s balls fitting perfectly in the palm of his hand. The boy is so sweet, the ache in his heart has all but overtaken the ache in his loins and that is saying something indeed.

Jaejoong can’t formulate a response, his body thrumming with a need he doesn’t understand. He is now adrift in a stormy ocean, and he desperately needs that anchor and fast.

“Yunho…” he calls out, asking, but not truly knowing what he’s asking for. But he believes with all his heart that the older man knows.

The tattooist takes in the stormy brown eyes, the darkness of lust clouding them, and yet shining with that elusive something.

He tickles the base of the boy’s hard cock, scratching his blunt nails against it. He watches as Jaejoong’s mouth drops open even further, his body trembling as he gasps softly. The sweet puffs of air hit Yunho’s face. The boy still smells like cinnamon hot chocolate with a hint of mint.


He rolls over slowly, his free arm protecting Jaejoong as he rolls them both onto their sides. He pulls away from the tantalizing softness of the boy’s delicate sacs to stroke down his thigh, hitching the leg over his hip. Even as he does so, Jaejoong moves his body forward to get closer. Yunho wants to pull out his cock, because it has been trapped for far too long, but he’s not sure how the boy will react.

And so he asks.

“Touch me, kitten.”

Jaejoong eyes drop down the length of Yunho’s body, his hand immediately moving to place it over the man’s heart.

The thundering beat against his palm surprises him, and yet it doesn’t. He knows his own heart is racing just the same, and for a moment, he feels like perhaps their hearts are beating together in tandem, as one. Racing towards that end point he knows is there, but he has no idea how to get to.

“Touch me like I touched you, kitten.” Yunho whispers hoarsely, as he drops his forehead against the boy’s, his own breath hitching, from the simple innocent touch of the seventeen year old. He feels like an untutored boy, ignorant in the ways of love. The explosion of emotion he felt at Jaejoong’s instinctive reaction to touch him over his heart frightens him. He has never been this caught up in anyone before.

But then again, he has also never been around someone he’s been interested in, for this long without doing something about it.

Perhaps it is the months of watching, knowing he cannot have him.

Perhaps it is the weeks of fighting the attraction he feels, believing it is wrong.

Perhaps it is the days upon days worth of blue balls he’s had to endure being around the teenager almost full time.

Or perhaps it is none of that, and it is simply because this is Jaejoong and he is Yunho.

He feels the shy, tentative touch around the base of his clothed cock, snapping him from his old-wife musings. His father would certainly laugh him straight out of Japan should he be able to see him now.

“Jaejoong…” he breathes out, nuzzling the beautiful boy.

The teenager catches the hitch in the older man’s breathing, and he grows a little bolder, squeezing around the base, feeling a rather belated sense of alarm when he realises his fingers cannot meet his thumb.

Is it because of the cloth? How thick are Yunho’s boxers?

Like the teenager he is, Jaejoong is distracted by the discovery, and tugs at Yunho’s waistband in a silent request for the man to divest himself of it.

“Off?” Yunho asks, slightly incredulously.

Jaejoong nods, already tugging his own boxers down. If he asks Yunho to take his off, it’s only fair he takes his own off.


And besides, Yunho has already seen him. He ducks his head, pressing his heated face against Yunho’s collarbone as he shyly removes his boxers, keening softly when he feels fingers not his own dancing up his cock, and dipping into the wet head of his painful erection. His eyes are clenched shut as his body jerks at the soft touch, even as he kicks his underwear off.

Yunho cannot resist tasting the boy, having wanted to for so long, and he sucks on the finger he dipped in the boy’s precum as he too kicks off his underwear. The groan that is pulled from his lips is heartfelt indeed, and he receives a questioning look from the boy who has once again come out of hiding.

“You taste good.”

“I do?”

“Very good. I think I could eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Jaejoong’s brow wrinkles. “It won’t be very filling.”

“Perhaps not,” Yunho smirks as he pulls the boy closer for a brief kiss. “But it will be infinitely more satisfying than any meal.”

“Even something I cook?”

“Even something you cook.”



Jaejoong hums happily as he moves closer again, only to jerk back in surprise when his cock bumps into Yunho’s. Suddenly shy, he tries to think of something to distract the man while he tries to work on the goosebumps that have erupted across his body.

“Does this mean I get to see your one-eyed snake tattoo? Is it on your butt?”

Yunho is going to kill Changmin.

He nudges the boy’s chin up higher, moving the boy’s head so they are eye to eye. “I don’t have a tattoo of a snake.”

“What about—“

Yunho sighs, as he cuts him off. “A one-eyed snake is a euphemism for a cock. Like jiji I guess.”

Jaejoong pulls back, wrinkling his nose as he tries to make sense of Yunho’s words. “A what?”

“Cock. One-eyed snake is a cock. You have one and I have one. It’s not a tattoo.”

Jaejoong drops his head, finally looking down between their bodies, and what he sees causing him to gasp out loud and actually clutch reflexively at Yunho’s waist, nails digging in as he stares.

He looks back up at the silent man, shaking his head.

“Yunho…” Jaejoong voice is dire, conveying his distress and disbelief. “That is not a one-eyed snake. That is a one-eyed Loch Ness monster.”

The man coughs, trying to choke his chuckles, as the teenager looks back down and reaches out a tentative finger, touching it. He flexes, and the teenager whips his hand back to his side double quick, eyes getting wider.

“And you have it pierced. Oh my god, Yunho.” His eyes are stricken. “You can’t fit. We can’t fit. It’s not going to work.” He starts to shake his head, staring down at Yunho’s crotch. “No, no, no. Not going to work.”

Yunho groans, pinching the bridge of his nose briefly. Living in Japan and Korea, he gets stared at a lot in locker rooms. He knows he’s a bit of a freak, but he also knows it can work. Now all he needs to do is convince the kid.

Or perhaps he needs to convince himself first.

He drops his hand, looking into the bemused eyes of the awed teenager. “We will fit.” He declares with a resolute nod. “We will fit, Jaejoong. I promise.”

“Yunho,” Jaejoong shakes his head looking at the man as if he’s crazy. “The only way we’re going to fit is if I put my…my…my jiji into you.”

Well, fuck.

AN1: My hands are numb…my face is numb…my body is numb. Everything is numb…I really don’t think most of y’all appreciate how much blood goes into this. I’ve seen people say “Nikki writes effortlessly”. Well, I write fast, but it doesn’t mean it’s effortless. I am so drained right now IDEK which way is up. I have called my husband to pick me up because I am utterly legless… Oh and I’m alright, YunJae just takes everything out of me when I write them for some reason…like I can feel what they feel.

AN2: Also, I post as soon as I finish. Please have a look at how much time elapses between each update before you tell me “update soon”, because I will scream. It takes you ten minutes to read what takes me HOURS to write. Think about that before you type.

AN3: If you must know, I absolutely snorted at the end because I know a lot of you are screaming. If this part doesn’t bring people out of lurk, then I might as well give up lol :P
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    Last time I had a new ficlist I was writing Tattooist. This time, i'm writing Tattooist too over a year later lol so I guess it's a sign…



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    Last time I had a new ficlist I was writing Tattooist. This time, i'm writing Tattooist too over a year later lol so I guess it's a sign…



  • YunJae is Real

    Title: YunJae is Real Pairing: YunJae Rating: PG Length: One-shot Genre: Fluff Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I…