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The Tattooist [13c]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff
Warning: Underage shenanigans. Go away if this bothers you.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

AN1: This chapter was inspired by Jaejoong and his Oscar Wilde quote… our very own Dorian…oppa please don’t sell your soul to the devil…you already escaped one soul eating devil (SM), don’t sell to another…

AN2: Also uh, this was dropped in my awhile ago and it really is Yunho in this fic…BUT as you can see, there are no tattoos, for which I am forever sad about. I wouldn’t mind if some (or all) of you tried your hand at fixing it up with your interpretation of his tattoos… I know his back is easier to do but this photo is so hnnnnggggggggggg…


He leans over to kiss the boy swiftly, hard and fast, before gentling his lips and stroking the boy’s back. He can still feel Jaejoong being tense, and he sighs, pulling away and laying on his back, staring up at the ceiling. This is definitely not going how he expected, but then again this is Jaejoong. Nothing ever goes as expected.

“The only way we’re going to fit is if I put my…my…my jiji into you.”

He snorts.

Jaejoong hesitates for all of five seconds, before he follows, snuggling against the older man’s side, though his eyes are still trained on the man’s…


“Oh my god!”

Yunho sits up immediately, knocking Jaejoong off balance, catching the teen before he bounces off the bed, looking around for the threat. The boy’s exclamation was so horrified that he is legitimately expecting gun-toting yakuza from the boy’s grandfather’s family to come storming in or something.

But he sees nothing.

Except a tiny kitten peeking into the bedroom, probably wondering what all the yowling is about.

“Jaejoong, what’s wrong?”

“Yu…Yu…” Jaejoong’s eyes drop to his groin. Yunho’s cock isn’t wilting by any stretch of the imagination, and even if it did, it’s not like it’ll make much of a difference. His problem with it is when it’s…hard.

Yunho sits up against the headboard, pulling the boy into his arms, anchoring him into place before tilting that beautiful face up towards him and thumbing his swollen mouth.

“What’s wrong, kitten?”


Yunho frowns instantly. “You are not calling me, hyung.” A rather interesting turn of events since it was he who used to insist the boy call him as such. He finds that he actually loathes the word coming from that beautiful mouth when directed at him.

Jaejoong shakes his head, mouth parting and allowing Yunho’s thumb to slip into his mouth. He sucks on it agitatedly as he tries to put two and two together in his mind.

Wasn’t it hyung who said the name Yunaconda was better suited to Yunho’s one-eyed snake?

Or was it Nicole noona?

Jaejoong frowns.

Yunho is once again back in purgatory.

Or perhaps the third level of hell.

Whatever it is, his cock twitches with every pull of the boy’s ridiculous mouth around his thumb. One look at Jaejoong’s face and it’s clear the boy is thinking nothing of it, looking a little lost in thought with a deep furrow in his brow.

He tries to pull it free but Jaejoong bites down, chewing on his thumb like it’s a fucking pacifier. In fact, he even holds him in place, wrapping his hands around his wrist to keep him exactly where he wants him.

Truly, Yunho hasn’t been that bad a human has he?

“Does noona know about that…that…” Jaejoong stops speaking around Yunho’s thumb, pulling it out with a slick pop, and leaning over to poke Yunho’s cock.

Yes, he actually pokes it. Muffling his squeal as it sways, mesmerised by the metal in it. He really wants to ask if it hurts. His own cock is twitching in sympathy at the idea of a great big metal something going right through it.

Oh god.

Yunho’s hides a smile as he grabs his cock, feeling Jaejoong flinching against his side as he lazily fists the shaft. He can hear and feel the boy’s soft gasp as he thumbs his slit, scooping the copious amounts of precum, before continuing to fist his cock. The head is an angry red, almost purple. Yunho is probably about as close to priapism as he will ever be, and all thanks to an innocent seventeen year old.

He needs to come and soon, otherwise they may actually need to bleed him out because he is very sure his erection isn’t going anywhere any time soon, despite Jaejoong’s horror.

“Yunho…” Jaejoong exhales the word, so breathy is his voice, coughing as the remnants of the breath catch in his throat as the older man turns to look at him.

“Yes, love?”

“I…I…” Jaejoong has lost his train of thought, as he glances back down at Yunho still fisting his cock slowly. He has never seen anything hotter. His own (much smaller) cock is twitching interestedly in response, his belly back to clenching involuntarily. His mouth is parted and it feels so dry as he swallows hard.

He watches as the upward stroke produces a drop of moisture from the slit, replacing the wetness that Yunho had thumbed away earlier. He knows it is precum, and it is so clear and almost reflecting the sunlight streaming through the window.

Wait, sunlight?

“Yunho!” His voice is a little squeaky, and he clings to the man’s arm as he raises accusatory eyes towards the older man who merely quirks a questioning eyebrow in reply. “It’s daylight!”

The older man glances at the clock over the doorway, before nodding. “Yes, it’s just after two. What’s the matter?”

“We…we…” lord, Jaejoong feels beyond silly right now. People do fool around during the day right? It’s normal to be naked on the bed, about to…to do things in the middle of the afternoon.


It’s not as if he’s an expert on the matter, but he’s pretty sure anything sexual he’s watched has always been at night, under covers.

It is not night, and the covers are off the bed.

“Babe, calm down.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, giving up on his weird train of thought. Yunho already thinks he’s a kid, he’s not about to call attention to it. He half wishes he was more interested in stuff everyone else seems interested in. Sex has definitely not been one of them, mainly because he knows how society views the idea of sexual relations between two males thanks to his father, and also because he’s only ever wanted Yunho so nothing and no one else interests him.

Nicole and Eryn noona can shake their boobs at him all they want. To him, they’re just cuddly pillows. He has no idea what Changmin and Micky hyung find so fascinating about them. He’d rather have a hard chest and a small tight nipple.

The teenager slides down Yunho’s side, wrapping himself around the man’s leg and laying his cheek against the man’s upright chest, nuzzling against said small, tight, nipple. He can hear Yunho’s heartbeat resonating in his chest, the sound soothing and hypnotising.

He nuzzles Yunho’s nipple again, and the man’s arm around him tightens as if in warning.

He sighs, looking back down at the monster that seems to be winking at him. The slit opens with every stroke downwards, and then closes with the upward stroke. He’s never been this close to another cock before, not even his own because well, it’s not really quite physically possible to be this close to his own cock no matter how flexible he is.

He just stares, fascinated at the similarities and differences between their cocks. He has the eye of a bio student, and sees beauty in the human form. Yunho is more beautiful than anything he has ever seen, scary one-eyed thing included. The way the veins pop through the smooth skin, makes him want to touch it.

And so he does, reaching out a finger to trace the veins.

“Jaejoong…” Yunho groans, already well lost thanks to the kid’s nuzzling and now this? He is really not a fucking saint, but right now, he honestly feels like someone should pontificate him for not flipping the boy over and ravaging him. The innocent teen tilts his face upwards and he looks down into those liquid eyes, drowning in the beautiful doe eyes the colour of burnt caramel. He lets go of his cock, and cups the boy’s cheek, thumbing his mouth yet again, grateful that the boy cannot see his thoughts, because he would surely run.

The teenager parts his lips, sucking the tip of Yunho’s thumb into his mouth, eyes widening slightly at the sticky residue and the strange taste.

Strange, but not unpleasant.

Definitely not unpleasant.

And he can smell Yunho. He loves the man’s scent, and now he is practically covered in it as he turns his face into the tattooist’s hand and inhales deeply.

“You really are a sweet kumiho, aren’t you?”

Jaejoong blushes as he turns back towards the older man who is wearing a fond smile, though he seems to be grimacing around the edges. He shakes his head slightly, whispering. “Kumihos are supposed to seduce men. I don’t know how.”

Yunho is about to reply when the boy suddenly smiles. It is a smile of an innocent, the essence of it so pure, reflected in those shining eyes, made even more pronounced by his obvious shyness as he speaks.

“You said you’d show me. Show me how to seduce you.”

The older man groans again, hauling the boy up and capturing his mouth in a searing kiss.

How is he supposed to tell Jaejoong that all he needs to do is breathe, and Yunho would be lost?

The boy responds in kind, already moaning prettily before Yunho has even managed to deepen the kiss. Their mouths fuse together as he once again gets them back into a horizontal position, inching down on the bed. Jaejoong’s mouth is eager and hot, and very wet, and Yunho can taste a hint of himself which makes him growl as he suckles on the boy’s tongue. He can feel Jaejoong’s leaking hardness against his side once again, and he pulls the boy’s thigh up high across his waist as they kiss.

He runs his hands along the teenager’s thigh, stroking from ass cheek to knee, and Jaejoong whines against his mouth at the touch, shuffling closer. Yunho doesn’t venture further from his ass cheek, and apparently, the teenager notices because he pulls away, panting heavily.

“Why won’t you touch me?”

“I don’t want to scare you.”

Jaejoong giggles, shaking his head. “Too late for that, but I’m not scared.”


“Well, a little, but I don’t know what to do so you need to show me.”

“Show you what?”

“Show me how to touch you…” the teenager’s voice is husky with arousal, and he leans up to settle his mouth on Yunho’s.

The kiss is sweet, but Yunho doesn’t want sweet, as he sweeps his tongue possessively into the boy’s mouth. His hand doesn’t stop caressing his thigh, but this time, he curves it under that pert little ass cheek, fingertips grazing the teenager’s soft balls. The boy jerks against his mouth at the touch, and then he grows limp, lazily participating in the kiss, but allowing Yunho dominance.

Yunho’s hand moves away from his ass, and he is unable to stop the involuntary whine. He enjoys the man’s hands touching him in all those places more than he’d like to admit. He doesn’t want to ask, and he hopes Yunho gets the hint. He rubs against the man, no longer embarrassed about the state he is in, because the man is in the exact same predicament.

Possibly worse.

He wonders once again if the piercing hurts…

Jaejoong yelps, torn from his thoughts when a slick finger probes at his entrance. He squeals, wriggling like a little worm as he tries to get away, but Yunho has a firm grip of his ass.

“Yunho…” he whines, eyes flickering upwards, eyelashes fluttering as he feels as if his entire body is clenching. His belly is clenching insanely, his heart is clenching so tight that he can barely suck in a breath, and his…

“Steady, kitten…” Yunho murmurs, pressing a kiss against Jaejoong’s parted mouth, sucking in a full bottom lip and nibbling as he plays with the boy’s tight entrance with a precum soaked finger.

“Yunho…” Jaejoong is still squirming, practically mounting Yunho as he scrambles up his side, and onto the man entirely.

“You really want to be on top?” Yunho asks with a smile, knowing full well the kid has no idea what he means.

Jaejoong shakes his head, not really hearing the man, eyes wide with astonishment at the way his body is reacting. He knows this is technically how it’s supposed to work, and he knows that there are a lot of nerve endings in that area, but he never thought it would cause his belly to churn this madly.

Yunho needs to anchor him and fast, because that churning in his belly has just turned into a whirlpool, threatening to suck him under, and he thinks he’s going to throw up.

He tries to move away again, and all he does is rub his erection even more against the older man’s belly, increasing the mad clenching and swirling in his gut. His body takes over because his mind cannot work anything out right now as he ruts against the older man even as he tries to get away from that probing finger. But in his squirming, up and down gets mixed up, especially as he fights to manage the craziness his body is experiencing, and instead of moving away, he moves down.

He lets out a sharp scream, freezing as he stares uncomprehendingly at Yunho.

Yunho can feel the warmth of the boy’s release against his body, and if that isn’t a sign enough, the tight clenching of the boy’s body around his middle finger to the second joint is enough.

He tries to pull out, but the boy clenches harder. He looks at Jaejoong, and the boy’s mouth is gaping in shock, body jerking and twitching.

He tries again, but the teenager shakes his head.

Yunho moves, using his free hand to shift the Jaejoong fully atop him, tugging at his legs to splay him properly. His finger is still buried in his warmth, and Yunho’s cock twitches appreciatively at how tight he feels. This sheath would be far tighter than anything a human can produce. All the katana and saya imagery from the previous night comes crashing back again and Yunho groans. He is never going to be able to get through another sword play routine without thinking of the beautiful teenager.

The way the soft inner walls hug his finger, pulsating around the slim digit is driving him crazy and he wants to feel more. He pushes in gently, crooking his finger and feeling the familiar spongey wall. The urge to press or scratch at it is strong, but he resists. The boy is still staring open mouthed at him.

“Kitten…babe are you ok?”

Jaejoong shakes his head vigorously, still in shock. Yunho is not a very good anchor is he? He’s supposed to stop him from being swept away, not be the kraken that just swallowed his little bobbing ship into the maelstrom.

Yunho once again tries to pull his finger out, but Jaejoong shakes his head even more, confusing the older man. “In or out?”

“Does it always feel like this?” Jaejoong finally speaks, his voice hushed and hoarse.


“Like I want to throw up.”

Yunho chuckles self-deprecatingly. “I made you sick?”

Jaejoong shakes his head again, his mind a jumble of confused thoughts. The most confusing thing of all is that his body doesn’t seem to think it’s done yet, despite clearly orgasming. He wants more.

But what is more?

“My…my belly is churning and I feel so strange, but I don’t feel right.”

“You feel wrong?” Yunho’s heart is sinking, his finger still within the boy’s body, as his other hand strokes up and down the boy’s now sweaty back.

“Not wrong. Just…incomplete. You know when you drive a car, and you need to change to the next gear, and your body tenses and anticipates it, but then if you don’t, you feel weird? Your body is still tense, waiting for the car to click into the next gear, but you don’t, and you’re leaning forward, waiting, and it feels really really weird?”

“What do you want then, kitten?” Yunho asks quietly, getting an idea as to what the kid is describing.

Jaejoong clenches at the finger within his body, dropping his eyes to stare at Yunho’s neck, as he feels that telltale hot flush creeping up his body once again. He honestly picks the oddest times to be shy. The man has had his finger in his body for a few minutes, and he’s turning into a fire engine now? It’s a little late, isn’t it?

“I don’t know what I want.” He finally speaks, lifting his gaze. “Aren’t you supposed to show me?”

As he did earlier, Yunho rolls them over onto their sides. Jaejoong’s cum is sticking them together, but the boy’s erection doesn’t appear to have subsided much. He slips his finger out, and the boy whines immediately, though the surprise in his face is telling.

“You want my finger?”

Instead of replying, Jaejoong burrows his face quickly against his neck, almost clocking Yunho on the jaw with his head, mumbling something.

Yunho resists the urge to laugh at the adorable kitten. This is why he hasn’t died from blue balls yet. Jaejoong always manages to do something to help transfer the ache in his groin to the ache in his chest. He reaches behind him, fumbling blindly for a pillow. He finds one, and strips the case off it with two hard flicks of his wrist, the pillow going flying, crashing into something, as he uses the cloth to clean them up.

Neither he nor Jaejoong bother to look at what the pillow has knocked over.

Jaejoong stays right where he is, still mumbling about something or other. Yunho catches snatches of the boy’s monologue, and it makes him smile.



…want more


That last one makes Yunho roll his eyes as he discards the soiled pillowcase.

“How long are you going to hide, kitten?”

“Not hiding,” comes the muffled reply.

“Let me see you then.”

“I like it here. You smell nice.”

And Yunho is damned if he doesn’t feel a tiny kitten lick against his throat.

“You taste better.”

And more licks, and soft kisses, and licking again.

There is torture, and then there is torture, and Yunho is finally at the end of his rope. He has two choices. Does he hang on and continue to be tortured, or does he let go and let himself fall into oblivion.

Oblivion, otherwise known as Jaejoong’s (rabbit) hole. Wonderland really.

And once again, Jaejoong makes the decision for him, as the boy’s shy hand tentatively wraps around his cock, just like he did earlier.

Only this time there are no boxers, and the boy is expressing his relief.

“Oh thank god.”


Properly confused now, Yunho takes hold of the teenager’s jaw and forces him gently away from his throat. Dark beguiling eyes stare back at him, a hint of happiness and relief in them.

“Earlier you were saying no to my cock, and now you’re thanking god?”

Jaejoong looks down between their bodies, squeezing Yunho’s extremely hard cock experimentally. He can literally see the muscles in Yunho’s abdomen flex and contract as he does so, and he marvels at that.

Does this mean Yunho feels that same crazy belly churning like him?

“My fingers meet.”

Yunho shakes his head, deciding it’s probably best not to ask. Who knows what goes through the kid’s mind. He is thanking god, and not running scared, and that’s good enough for him.

He tightens his hold of the boy’s jaw, tilting his face up to meet his mouth. The kiss is long and languid, Yunho content to just taste, and to try and distract himself from the boy’s unsure hand on his cock. The little squeezes are driving him crazy. He moves from that luscious mouth, nosing along the boy’s diamond jaw, and kissing down his throat, nibbling under his earlobe.

Jaejoong is making sexy little whimpers again, his hand convulsing without any proper technique over Yunho’s swollen member. He captures the boy’s wrist, tugging it, freeing his cock as he moves down some more. He nibbles against the base of the teen’s throat, and Jaejoong tilts his head to give him better access.

The sounds are coming from deep in his throat as the boy moans, and Yunho smiles as he can feel the vibrations, pushing the boy onto his back as he moves down some more.

That porcelain skin, so smooth and fair. Yunho aches to paint it. He wants the world to know the boy is his, but that can wait another day.

He licks a path down the boy’s chest, avoiding all the known erogenous zones as the boy starts to move restlessly underneath him. He glances up, keeping his head down, continuing to drag his lips and tongue down the very middle of the boy’s chest. Jaejoong’s eyes are clenched shut, his chin tilted up. The boy’s heart is thundering, and he can feel it with every touch.

That damn nipple piercing is now eye level, and Yunho narrows his eyes at it before moving towards it.

But he doesn’t touch it, merely circling, drawing patters on his skin around the nipple with his tongue, but not touching.

He does the same to the other nipple, watching as it puckers so tightly the ridges are visible. The pink tip is so dark it is almost red.

An angry red.

And still Yunho doesn’t touch it, tracing his way back to the middle of the boy’s chest instead and moving down towards his bellybutton.

A hand catches the back of his head, fingers threading and carding through his hair, getting a firm grip, and Yunho hides a smile as he continues down still.

The hand tightens just as he reaches the boy’s perfect little bellybutton. He remembers the taut, flat abdomen very well, and Yunho licks a circle around the rim of that cute hole, humming in appreciation as the boy’s belly convulses and contracts, and the boy gasps loudly.

He does it again, imagining another pretty little hole, and he groans, his game somehow backfiring on him as he presses an open mouth against that tantalising body part, rutting against the bed as he licks at the boy’s bellybutton.

That hand tightens even more, tugging painfully.

Yunho lifts his head up, mouth full of Jaejoong. He can taste the boy’s essence. His earlier clean up clearly wasn’t very thorough because he missed some bits. The boy’s taste is heavy on his tongue, and he stares up the boy’s slim body, to catch Jaejoong’s eyes.

Heavy-lidded doe eyes, dark with arousal gaze back down at him. Those dark eyes and hair, a contrast to the pink-tinged skin and that red, red, mouth. So red from being kissed over and over again for the better part of an hour. So utterly breathtaking.

Yunho blows across the boy’s belly, feeling the teenager shiver beneath him and rut up against him.

The kid’s cock is back at full bloom, nudging against his throat, making Yunho smile as he tries to duck his head to get to it.

But Jaejoong appears to have other ideas, gripping his hair so tightly that Yunho cannot move.


Jaejoong reaches his free hand up to touch his aching nipples, whimpering. “Please…”

Yunho doesn’t need to be asked twice.

He licks his way back up, ducking towards the pierced nipple. He licks around it, at the very edges of the boy’s nipple, glancing up at Jaejoong who is staring at him.

His mouth so pouty, eyes filled with lust, his voice is a needy whisper though faintly reprimanding as well. “Don’t tease.”

Yunho taps his titanium ball against the boy’s piercing, using his tongue to flick metal against metal. At the sound, Jaejoong moans.

But the moan turns into a loud wail when Yunho finally closes over the nipple, tugging hard. Jaejoong’s body jerks up, rubbing frantically against Yunho’s body as a thrilling jolt of lightning just about carves through him. There is a direct line from his nipple to his cock, and Jaejoong wants, no, he needs more friction.

He needs more.

More, more, more.

And he vocalises his need, voice getting louder as his head starts to thrash.

He is feeling frantic, and bolt after bolt of sensation lances through him with every pull of Yunho’s much too talented mouth over his nipple. He knows he is sensitive, but this is beyond anything. His eyes are clenched, and he cannot stop the needy moans and nonsensical words that are spilling forth from his lips.

It almost feels like he is having wave after wave of orgasm, but he is sure that can’t be right. He can feel every flick of the man’s tongue, and every pull of his lips, and every nip of his teeth.

And he wants more.

His hips are bucking against the man’s, and he almost cries in relief when he feels a firm hand cupping his ass, squeezing it.

And then just like that, the man is gone.

No weight on him, his nipples are hit by cool air and not warm mouth.

Jaejoong’s eyes fly open, just in time to see his world spin, and find himself face down against a pillow.

Before he can react, a little stunned by the sudden movement, he feels a warm tongue probing against his entrance and he screams into the pillow, as hands move to fold his knees underneath him.

Yunho knows the boy is ok, but he keeps a soothing hand, rubbing against his lower back as he laps and licks around the teenager’s opening. He was definitely right. The boy, is beautiful everywhere.

Pretty pink pout.

Pretty pink cock.

Pretty pink hole.

He spits against the tightly clenching orifice, smearing his saliva around as he delves his tongue between the tight ring of muscle, wriggling his way in slowly. The boy is moaning and screaming at the same time, hips swaying almost drunkenly, as if trying to regain his balance.

But Yunho wants him to stay off balance.

He grips the boy’s hips, holding him tight as he laves at the opening, french kissing it, sucking and licking, unable to get enough of the boy. His musky scent is so arousing, and he slips lower, licking gently at the hanging balls. He dares not take one of the delicate sacs into his mouth like he wants to, because the boy is squirming too much.

His licks grow heavier, the boy’s mewling becomes even more insistent. He has stopped bucking, and Yunho lets go of his hips, reaching between his thighs to wrap his hand around his cock.

The boy’s body jerks at the touch, but he doesn’t squirm away as Yunho licks his way back up, stiffening his tongue and penetrating the boy’s wet opening. He opens his mouth wider, nose buried in the boy’s ass crack as he tongue fucks the boy hard.

Jaejoong starts screaming again, calling out Yunho’s name over and over again. There is pleasure, and then there is pleasure. Jaejoong is going crazy. Every time he thinks his body cannot react any more insanely, it does.

From his inadvertent orgasm in Yunho’s back room at Mirotic, to his unexpected orgasm against the man upon being penetrated, and then those lightning bolts with every pull against his nipples.

And now this.

What is this? Is there even a word for it?

He can feel his body rushing towards something, but towards what?

Yunho tongue fucks the teenager thoroughly, enjoying it so much he knows he can probably come onto the bed if he lets himself. As it is, it is taking an inordinate amount of willpower not to rut like an animal into the bed.

But he is not done. He still wants to taste the boy.

He pulls back, sitting up on his knees, licking at his lips as he looks at the rosy opening, slick with saliva, but still oh so tight. The puckered hole is clenching for his tongue, and Yunho cannot help but place a finger tip against it, watching the little pulsing opening swallow it slowly.

Buried almost to the knuckle, he is more than surprised the teenager can take him without any more lube than his spit.

He moves his finger experimentally, and the boy’s hips twitch, and he hears a soft mewl. The boy is gorgeous, face down with his ass up like this, but Yunho wants to see his face. That honest, open, face that hides nothing from him.

He drags his finger back, scraping lightly against that spongey wall, and Jaejoong jerks hard, his head flying up in shock as he turns to stare at Yunho.

Lips red from being chewed, eyes so cloudy with lust, Yunho wonders if the boy can actually see him.

He uses his other hand to rub soothing circles around the boy’s lower back, and Jaejoong smiles softly, before dropping his head back and moaning quietly as Yunho pulls his finger free.

Still wanting a taste, Yunho knocks at Jaejoong’s knees, pushing them apart a little more before he bends low, flipping himself onto his back as he slides his head between the boy’s thighs and under his hips. The boy’s wet cock knocks against his nose, and he lifts his head slightly to envelope the weeping head into his mouth, groaning at the burst of flavour on his tongue, before swallowing the boy down.

Jaejoong’s knees clamp shut, trapping Yunho’s head as his body shudders at the new sensation, and the shock of having Yunho between his thighs. Oh god the warmth. Jaejoong tilts his head, resting the top of his head against the pillow as his back arches so he can stare down at Yunho sucking on him.

The feeling is indescribable, being inside someone like this, but the intensity just falls a minuscule bit short compared to the sensations from earlier. He doesn’t have time to think about it though as he feels a firm hand gripping his ass once again, and he mewls needily, hips bucking again, thrusting into Yunho’s mouth.

The man groans his appreciation for the movement, relaxing his throat as he coaxes the boy to fuck his mouth.

But Jaejoong doesn’t comply, his body still once again, swaying on his knees, relishing the tight mouth over his cock.

Yunho cups the boy’s ass with both hands, squeezing, grazing his fingers down his cleft, unsurprised when Jaejoong jerks in his mouth and starts to move. He palms his ass cheeks, pulling them apart as his fingers dance along the cleft to find his opening.

Jaejoong starts to move even more, whining deep in his throat as he feels Yunho circling his hole. Why is the man teasing him so? He bucks his hips, thrusting insistently into Yunho’s mouth, wanting to be penetrated.

Mouth too full to smile, Yunho slips a finger in. This time it is a little harder, his spit drying in the cool air of the room, but Jaejoong doesn’t appear to care, moaning and pulling his hips back, trying to get more of that finger into him. Yunho tries to be gentle, but Jaejoong is not very cooperative, his squirming kumiho wants what he wants.

And Yunho cannot deny the boy.

He manages to get a finger in, circling and rotating it as Jaejoong keens loudly, thrusting hard into his mouth.

Well, then.

Yunho pulls his finger out, and Jaejoong actually growls in dismay.

He pulls the boy’s cock from his mouth, sucking on the head as Jaejoong keens again, appearing to like it. He drags his teeth against the swollen glands, and the teenager keens again, his hips jerking as he gasps.

Yunho moves out from between the boy’s thighs, flipping the gasping, panting teenager onto his back and looming over him, pressing their bodies together,

“Are you alright, kitten?”

“Yunho…” he whines, pleading, asking for something, he’s not sure anymore.

“I know.” He leans down, licking at that red pout and Jaejoong immediately locks his arms around his neck, kissing him almost desperately, all the while squirming up against his body. The full body contact almost ends Yunho right there, his cock trapped between their bodies and frotting so deliciously against the teen’s.

He slips a knee in between the boy’s smooth thighs, pushing them apart. The teenager’s legs part willingly, and he is damned if the boy doesn’t actually stroke the curve of his ass with his foot. The teenager’s reactions are so raw and uninhibited. He doesn’t appear to know anything about shame, and any hesitance on his part merely coming from shyness.

Yunho reaches blindly over to the dresser, yanking out the solitary drawer and rummaging in it, hand closing onto the bottle he is looking for.

He pops the cap, breaking the kiss briefly to pour the lube over his fingers. He feels Jaejoong turning his head too, to watch him, and he feels no change in the boy. His foot is still stroking his ass, and his breathing is still heavy, but there is no change.

No fear.


Yunho drops the bottle onto the bed, leaving it uncapped as he sits back between the boy’s milky white thighs. He keeps his eyes on the boy’s face, almost groaning in disbelief when the teenager smiles at him and drops his knees, tilting his pelvis sweetly up towards him.

He really doesn’t deserve this boy.

Yunho traces a line down along the boy’s perineum, eyes never leaving Jaejoong’s face as the boy sighs, eyes fluttering shut as he raises his knees. Yunho smears the lube properly over his fingers, four of them, before he circles that pink entrance with his index finger.

He watches as he presses the finger in, slowly, and the boy’s mouth parts as he gasps, body twitching.

The length of his finger enters easily, and Yunho swirls it around, massaging the boy’s walls to prepare him for more.

The second finger brings forth a moan, as the boy starts to shift restlessly on the bed. His head tossing from side to side as Yunho carefully scissors his fingers, continuously stroking and massaging slowly. He watches as the boy bites his bottom lip, eyes clenched, whining throatily.

He slips a third finger in, and Jaejoong’s eyes open, staring up at him, silent this time. Their eyes never leave each other’s and Yunho can see a hint of uncertainty entering those beautiful doe eyes as he slowly rotates his three trapped fingers. The boy is gasping softly, breath hitching as his body clenches, licking nervously at his lips. He is so fucking tight, Yunho can feel his soft walls trying to expel the intrusion. His body is starting to tense, and he really cannot have that.

Yunho bends over, pressing his mouth against the boy’s and the boy licks at his mouth.

“You need to relax, kitten. Just like earlier…you were so good earlier…”

“You’re going to put your Yunaconda in me, aren’t you?” Jaejoong’s voice is slightly accusatory.

Yunho drops his head, bumping the boy’s forehead as he chuckles. Only Jaejoong would do this. You would think a silly nickname like that would make his erection falter, but no. The boy’s sulky tone only serves to perk its interest.

“Relax, babe…”

“You’re too big and you have that metal thing. It won’t fit.” Jaejoong insists.

Yunho tilts his fingers, pressing against the wall of the boy’s prostate, something he had avoided on purpose, and the teenager gasps loudly against his mouth.

He does it again, fingers moving a little quicker this time as he passes over that sensitive bit. And he keeps at it, swallowing the boy’s gasps.

In no time, Jaejoong is bucking against his hand, whimpering in pleasure. The feeling is so weird, like he needs to go to the bathroom, and he is so full, but Yunho’s movements send sparks of pleasure radiating out, till his toes are curling from the intensity.

His opening is so slick from the silicon lube, and yet still so tight. Yunho cannot wait anymore as he pulls his fingers free, the boy actually screaming his protest.

The kid is really loud.

Yunho sits up quickly, grabbing the bottle of lube and pouring a very healthy amount into his palm. He smears it quickly over his cock, flinching as his piercing is caught in his hand, eyes rolling back into his head briefly, the pleasure sending sparks radiating up his back.

“Yunho…” the teenager whines, foot rubbing his hip.

Yunho bends over, hooking his arm underneath the boy and arching him up towards him, tilting his pelvis upwards. Normally he’d probably use a pillow but the only one he has is underneath Jaejoong’s head. The other is on the floor somewhere, and he is not about to get up to look for it.

Jaejoong’s eyes widen as he feels the very large blunt head of Yunho’s cock against him. He starts to shake his head.

Yunho kisses him instead, distracting him.

But Jaejoong is not to be sidetracked this time, nipping at Yunho’s mouth and making him back up.

“We won’t fit. It’s like trying to fit a—“

Yunho apologises, as he grips the boy’s hips to keep him still, and he pushes in slowly.

Jaejoong cannot breathe. He cannot suck in, and he cannot expel. Oh the burn. He can feel every single lengthy inch of the man entering his too tight body. Really, inches are all standard but he is sure they must be extra long today. It feels like forever as he stares up at Yunho, struggling to exhale the air caught in his chest as the man continues to penetrate him.

It really hurts.

“I told you it wouldn’t fit.” Jaejoong’s voice is an upset, suffocated whisper as tears prick his eyes from the pain. His doe eyes are filled with betrayal, as he stares up at Yunho, the tears pooling quickly.

Yunho bends his head, kissing the boy’s mouth, and getting an angry nip in return. “You need to relax, kitten. The pain will subside.”

Jaejoong squirms, pushing at the older man and shaking his head. “I can’t relax. I have Nessie in my ass.”

“Nessie—” Yunho lets out a sharp bark of laughter, as the boy whines, his tears leaking out. He is feeling contrite over the pain he has just caused the boy. He honestly is, but damn, he really needs to gag the kid.

The teenager fists the tears away, glaring up at the amused tattooist, and then pounding his chest with his fist. “It’s not funny,” he pouts. “It hurts.” He squirms, trying to get away, groaning as Yunho pulls out slowly.

A groan of pain that turns into a moan as Yunho’s piercing slides very heavily over his prostate. Jaejoong stops Yunho’s movement with his foot on his ass, but all he manages to do is leave Yunho’s piercing directly over his prostate, and he starts to whimper. The pressure is intense, and pleasure mingles with the pain. The pain of having his prostate so abused, takes away his attention from the pain of being stretched so.

But it still hurts.

He squeezes his eyes shut, confused, as more tears spill out.

“Please move.”

Yunho thrusts forward experimentally, gritting his teeth because he is about three strokes away from making a fool of himself. The boy is so tight it is actually painful. He can imagine the boy’s pain if he too is hurting. His cock is sheathed so tightly, he’d be hard pressed to tell you where he starts and where Jaejoong ends, as his hips kiss the boy’s ass.

“The other way,” Jaejoong grunts, palms against Yunho’s chest as he pushes at the man. “Out, out, out. Not in.”

Yunho curls over the boy, thumbing away his tears, not moving as he catches a salty tear with his lips. “I’m sorry, love.”

Jaejoong sniffles, hearing the care in the man’s voice. His mind is awash with conflicting emotions, not to mention his body is also confused. He was practically begging for more earlier when Yunho had three fingers in him, but the ache of having Yunho in him has dulled the pleasure. Strangely, he knows and can feel the pleasure skirting the edges of the pain, but he doesn’t know if he can grasp it again. He is confused and he just wants it to end.

He feels alone in the churning ocean, and he needs Yunho to bring him back. He never wants the man to stop touching him, and the very last thing he wants is to push him away, but he also doesn’t want the man to hurt him.

Clearly he can’t have his cake and eat it too.

“Love?” he croaks.

“Yes, love.” Yunho nuzzles up a tear streak, kissing the boy’s eyelid.

“Love me…” he whispers, tears spilling out again.

“Always,” Yunho promises, moving to kiss the boy’s mouth. This time, Jaejoong’s mouth parts willingly, and they kiss deeply. Yunho is dying to move, but he doesn’t want to hurt the boy anymore than he already has. He thumbs the teenager’s soft skin, stroking his hand down over his shoulder and to his piercing, flicking at it as he swallows Jaejoong’s gasp.

Yunho is literally throbbing in pain and the almost unbearable instinct to move, but he ignores it, teasing and pinching the boy’s nipple, making him mewl against his mouth. He wants nothing more than to draw back and slam into that hot tight passage, and the feeling increases with every sexy sound the boy makes, as he clenches around his turgid cock.

Jaejoong can feel the strange pressure building up again slowly as Yunho flicks his nipple. The raw feeling of being full to breaking point is subsiding, and the pleasure from having his nipples stimulated is slowly penetrating that haze of pain.

The kisses are also helping Jaejoong relax, and his body slowly softens as Yunho drowns him in intoxicating kisses that literally take his breath away. If he dies kissing Yunho, he’d die with a smile on his face.

Yunho pulls back, and Jaejoong immediately nips at his mouth in protest. “I said don’t move!” But it didn’t actually hurt.

Not really.

Ok, maybe a little.

Or a lot.

But it also feels good…

“But you said move.” Yunho counters as he thrusts shallowly, groaning at the sensation as the teenager’s mouth parts.

“Ok…” Jaejoong whispers, his body already thrumming once again like it was earlier. He is confused. He is still confused, but he cannot seem to hold on to any singular thought or feeling to focus on it. Everything is a mess. He knows one thing for certain though.

He trusts Yunho.

Yunho presses a thankful kiss against the boy’s mouth as he pulls back almost fully, reaching between their bodies to fist the boy’s leaking cock.

He strokes it expertly, even as he thrusts forward, swallowing the boy’s scream as he arches against him.

He lifts his head to stare at the boy, and Jaejoong’s face is once again a picture of shock. Well, shock is better than pain, and so Yunho moves again.

The boy’s body is a sheath tighter than anything he has ever experienced. The pain of not moving had been immense, and now that he can move, he is afraid he will not last long at all.

He rolls his hips, and Jaejoong keens lowly, wrapping his arms around Yunho’s neck and pulling him down. The kiss is hot and messy as Yunho’s surges into his tight passage over and over. Jaejoong’s mind is a riotous mess. The pain, it never leaves, but there seems to be a button inside him that sends white hot flames of desire shooting through him with every pass that he can almost ignore the pain.

And Yunho’s hand on his cock. The two combined are driving him crazy. The man knows exactly how to stroke, and exactly how to squeeze, and Jaejoong vows that even if he learned how to do it properly himself, he will never be able to replicate it.

The pressure is building, the knot in his belly tightening, as Yunho thrusts into him, the force of it, making his body jerk with every thrust. That pressure is bordering on unbearable. A different kind of pain, and Jaejoong is afraid he will be sucked under. The feelings are too much, too overwhelming.

And so he stops thinking entirely, letting nature take its course. He pulls his knees up higher, opening himself more, an instinctive move, and one the older man appears to appreciate as he growls his pleasure against his mouth.

The angle changes, and so does the intensity. Jaejoong wants to cry at it all. His body is bursting with something he does not understand, the ripples of energy that are barely contained underneath his skin. This is so different than anything he has ever experienced, and it is terrifying to the innocent teenager.

He wants to rip his skin off, he wants to scream his lungs out, he wants to cry from the pain and the intensity, and he never ever wants Yunho to stop what he’s doing.

“I…I…Yunho, I’m scared.”

“I’ve got you, kitten,” Yunho rasps out harshly. “I’ve got you… I’ve got you… I’ve got you…”

The words are a litany, repeated over and over again, and while is assuages his fear to some extent, it does nothing to temper the storm threatening to burst from within him.

Though something is holding it back. A block in his mind, a memory of being told how ugly and wrong he is. That this is wrong. Something he never allows to the forefront of his mind, but it sneaks in now, and Jaejoong starts to struggle, tears pricking at his eyes.

But the tattooist never ever lets go of him. The arm under his back, cradling him protectively, holding him open to take Yunho’s powerful thrusts. And his other hand on his cock, fisting it, pulling Jaejoong to the brink, and then pulling some more.

And his mouth. That beautiful cupid bow mouth with the insanely distracting piercing that hugs his bottom lip so sinfully. A mouth promising to keep him safe.

Jaejoong believes him.

He has his hero.

And he finally lets go.

The teenager arches, the power behind it almost displacing Yunho, screaming as his orgasm crashes over him. Toe curling, gut clenching, tear-inducing, doesn’t even begin to describe it. The boy is sobbing so hard he can hardly breathe.

Jaejoong’s powerful orgasm rips Yunho’s control from him, and the man comes with shuddering groan, his body jerking spasmodically as it empties into the tight, pulsating body of the teenager. It goes on forever, the pleasure intense and drawn out, and Yunho can barely hold himself up as he fills the boy with his essence. He is aware the teenager is crying, and he nuzzles the boy’s wet cheek, kissing away his tears.

He pulls out, unable to stand the pressure around his still hard cock anymore, the sensitivity so acute it is back to being painful. He can only hope this is a temporary problem.

Yunho kisses the boy apologetically as he offers a protest, dropping to his side, chest heaving, body still trembling. He reaches around for the soiled pillowcase, using it to clean both himself and the teenager, kissing and soothing his kitten who has finally stopped crying.

“Top,” Jaejoong croaks out, coughing to clear his throat. “I want to be on top.”

Yunho gladly lays on his back, pulling the teenager gently on top of him.

Each movement sends pain radiating up his back, originating from his very sore ass, but laying on his tummy helps, and laying on Yunho helps the most. Jaejoong grits through his discomfort as he settles over the man.

Yunho cards the hair from the teen’s sweaty brow, relieved to see the boy has stopped crying. “Are you ok?”

“I hurt.”

“Is that why you were crying?”

Jaejoong shakes his head, feeling sheepish. He has no idea why he cried, but everything was just too much, it seemed the best way to expel all the crazy emotions, and he tells the man as much.

Yunho nods, accepting the explanation, cupping the boy’s cheek, thumbing away the last of the tear streaks.

“Next time, it’s my turn.”

“Your turn?”

“To poke you.”

“We’ll see,” Yunho chuckles at the disgruntled teenager.

“It’s not happening, is it?”

“Do you want it to happen?”

Jaejoong drops his head onto Yunho’s chest, grunting in pain as he tries to get comfortable. “I don’t know,” he mutters.

“My silly little kitten,” Yunho teases gently.

He feels a burst of warmth at the man’s words, feeling warmer still as a hand strokes up and down his back, and he nuzzles against Yunho’s chest, licking lazily at a nipple.

“Don’t, Jaejoong.” Yunho warns.

“Don’t what?” Jaejoong asks, rather liking the musky salty tang of the man’s skin, and he licks some more.

“Don’t do that.”

Jaejoong stares in fascination as the nipple he’s been licking puckers slowly. He licks at it some more.

“Jaejoong,” Yunho growls, squeezing the teenager’s shoulder. “Unless you want to spend the rest of today, and possibly tomorrow in bed, I suggest you stop doing that.”

“That would be interesting.”


“What note would you write for my teacher? Please excuse Kim Jaejoong from school today because he wrestled with an anaconda the size of a Loch Ness monster and lost.”

The boy’s giggles and the man’s growling echo in the bedroom, attracting the attention of a neglected little kitten who enters the room, mewing curiously.

Jaejoong hears it first and his head flies up, eyes searching the bright room for his kitten.

He spots it sitting by the bed, gazing up at him, and the boy groans loudly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Jiji is a little kitten and he just watched porn!”

“You wanted the door open.”

“Now I’m never going to be able to look him in the eye.” Jaejoong pouts, staring a little horrified at the kitten. What did Jiji see? His jiji? Oh god, or Yunho’s. If the kitten saw Yunho’s he wouldn’t be here. He’d be trying to get out of the apartment.

“Somehow, I think he’d like that,” Yunho mumbles, remembering how the kitten doesn’t quite appreciate the exuberant affection of his teenager.

Jaejoong’s eyes narrow as he stares at the older man. “What did you say?”


Jaejoong looks down at the puckered nipple, and then pinches it, making Yunho jerk, and almost dislodge him completely from his perch on the man. He swallows his wince as his ass throbs painfully.

Yunho holds onto the boy, before rolling over gently, and then pinning him to the bed. His cock is already perking up considerably, and he presses it against the boy’s hip, satisfied when the teenager’s eyes widen.

“I warned you.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, whispering worriedly. “Yunho…i’m very sore.”

Yunho bends his head, nuzzling up the side of the boy’s jaw and then licking at his ear, smiling when he feels the teenager shiver.

“My little kumiho,” he whispers huskily, “there are many ways to seduce a man.”


“What do you think?”

Nicole watches Jaejoong stirring a pot, smacking Yunho’s hand as he tries to steal a taste. The tattooist is limping. There is no question about it. The teenager on the other hand appears to be perfectly fine. Glowing even.

“I’m confused.”

“So am I,” Changmin nods as he gazes at the couple in the kitchen. “Seriously, if the kid topped, I’m going to eat whatever you cook for a month. It’s fucking impossible.”

They watch Yunho and Jaejoong conversing quietly, and it looks like they’re arguing about something. The teen looks insistent, and he raises his voice, the conversation carrying towards the eavesdropping couple.

“It’s my fault you’re limping. Stop being stubborn and lean against me!”

Yunho replies quietly, out of hearing of the piercer and his girlfriend but they’ve heard enough.

Their eyes are almost as wide as the teenager’s large doe eyes, as they stare at each other in complete shock.

“Impossible? Get ready to eat bacon sandwiches for a month.”

“You have got to be fucking me.” Changmin shakes his head, staring at his hyung and the boy the man calls kitten.

Kitten. A fucking doe-eyed kitten that Changmin has legitimately heard actually purr.

“Pegging.” The blonde correct. “And if I was, you’d be limping too.” Nicole retorts as she watches Jaejoong carrying the Happycall pan with one hand, the other around the waist of the tattooist. The older man is hobbling slightly, but nothing too major that he would need the teenager. But she can see that he does give the boy some of his weight, probably to appease him.

The two sit at the table, and Changmin watches them closely. Jaejoong winces as he sits, but so does Yunho.

What the hell is going on?

“So…what did you get up to this afternoon?” The blonde American asks, determined to get to the bottom (haha!) of this. While she is more than happy to gloat about Max having to eat her food, she is more than curious about what happened.

Jaejoong ducks his head, blushing slightly, rattling the dishes and pretending to be preoccupied.

Yunho stares at Nicole, his eyebrow quirked. “Sleeping.”

“I wish I could sleep more,” Changmin smirks, nudging his girlfriend who sends him a dirty look. “There are so many interesting positions to sleep in, aren’t there, kid?” He winks at the boy.

Jaejoong, who has been trying to remain invisible, nods, though he does wonder about the wink. Sleeping is a safe topic, and they really had slept so it isn’t a lie.

“I like being on top.”

Changmin’s jaw drops, as does Nicole’s as they both gape at the teenager.

“Top? You mean topping from the bottom?” Changmin asks a little hopefully. Honestly, if the kid tops Yunho, he is really fucked.

The boy is a damn kitten for fuck’s sake.

Jaejoong shakes his head, smiling innocently. “Nope.” He pops the p, sending a loving smile over at his boyfriend who grins at him. Yunho makes a really wonderful bed. “I’m never on the bottom. It’s always Yunho cos he knows I like to be on top.”

“Hyung… I have no idea whether to be disappointed in you because he is a damn kitten for fuck’s sake or shake the kid’s hand for being so…so…” Changmin can’t even form the words. The teenager is wearing a Hello fucking Kitty tracksuit. This is so wrong on every level imaginable.

“Why would you be disappointed in him?” Jaejoong asks, completely perplexed now. He is starting to think they’re not speaking the same language.

“Because you topped his fucking yakuza prince ass!” Changmin is so flabbergasted he speaks without thinking. “How is that even possible? Even if I was gay I wouldn’t top him in a million years! Look at him! Hell, even if I was stupid enough to try, I’d probably get my own one-eyed snake cut off by angry yakuza minions or something.” He points dramatically at a fuming Yunho, though he hasn’t quite noticed that fact yet. “No one tops this man,” he declares resolutely.

“Max… I think you got hit by the stupid stick today.” Nicole shakes her head.

“Yakuza?” Jaejoong is a hundred percent certain they’re not speaking the same language. And why is hyung talking about his cock? What is wrong with being on top?

“Changmin,” Yunho stands up, no long amused. “Run.”

AN1: Well… I wrote most (if not all) of this in public. Like, actual public not in my office public. Feel sorry for me because I was making the same sounds Jaejoong was…and people were staring…but I couldn’t help it…and that boy is so very…very very very… I have no words. And if a paragraph is just left hanging somewhere, please forgive me because I wrote this in parts throughout the day OTL

AN2: And guh…i’m honestly starting to get a complex over all these making love type things… what happened to the girl who wrote Slept So Long and One Shade of YunJae? I want her back… OTL

AN3: Over 9,500 words for THIS PART ALONE… JUNGod bless y’all for getting through this monster chapter 13 in one piece. I didn’t survive…
Tags: fic:tattooist, nc17, pairing:yunjae

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