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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Random Tattooist spoiler...
Unfortunately for me, I wrote Jaejoong meeting Yunho's parents at least five chapters ago. This part has to be edited for obvious reasons now hahaha but I thought i'd share anyway because Jaejoong is just so impossible. I want to snuggle Yunho's kitten.


“What’s your name, child?”

Yunho’s eyes widen, as does his mouth but it’s too late.

“Damn it, Jaejoong.”

Damn it, Jaejoong!” Yunho echoes as his parents’ eyebrows arch to their hairlines.

Jaejoong shrugs as he pops a thumb over his shoulder. “See? My name is Damn it, Jaejoong. That’s all he calls me so it must be my name.”

“I’m sorry for his impudence,” Yunho starts, but he stops as his mother starts to giggle, followed closely by his father though to say the man is giggling would probably lead to severe maiming.

“Oh dear, he is adorable.”

“Please don’t call me adorable,” Jaejoong implores, taking a step forward. “Yunho says if people keep calling me adorable, he won’t take my V card.”

“Your what?”

“Damn it, Jaejoong,” Yunho growls. “Be silent!”


To everyone’s surprise, Yunho’s father starts laughing. Outright body shaking laughter.

Yunho’s mother is a little more dignified, hiding her mouth behind her hand.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Jaejoong, be silent! What did I tell you?”

Don’t speak unless spoken to.” The teenager parrots the man’s words from earlier. “But I want to know the joke. Are you laughing at me, sir?” he turns to Yunho’s father whose amusement is still extremely obvious despite the fact that he has stopped laughing.

“I do think I’m laughing at my son.”

Jaejoong beams at the response, clapping his hands and turning with a superior sniff towards his boyfriend. “Hah! They’re laughing at you not me for once. See? It doesn’t feel very nice does it?”

Is it too melodramatic to commit seppuku?

Jaejoong, let me just squish your cheeks because yes, you are adorable!

Oh my god. I just died while reading this. It's so funny. Damn it, Jaejoong! 8D

Aww Jae is just too adorable!!! (:

This is SO CUTE!!! I can imagine the expression on Yunho's face XDD "Damn it, Jaejoon" indeed xDD

LoL Jaejoong was just a handful brat!!! How can Yunho handle him I just don't know? Anyway I think he has had a hard time doing so too. Hahaha. And I'm laughing at Yunho here!

Thank you so much for sharing this. So hilarious.

Ahahahaha adorable Jaejoongie. You would, wouldn't you? lol

Jae ah.. urgggg can i cuddle him... ughhh so cutee

All I can say is. Can't wait for the rest!!!

ohhh!that cute adorable kitten...grrrrr!!

Is it too melodramatic to commit seppuku? <----- this line made me laugh so hard! omg Yunho, is Jaejoong too much for you that you'd kill yourself?? :3

jae!kitten is the most adorable! ü

The new story of Yunho's life...Jaejoong always turning the tables on him! Too cute and so squishy<3

Oh.my.god.Jaejoong..This is like a teaser for next chapter..can't wait for it^^

you made me so happy!!! lol! poor yunho. XD

“Damn it, Jaejoong.”

Use your brain filter/purifier before you speak for once love. it may save several peoples lives (yunho included), or finger..

Edited at 2013-07-19 09:49 am (UTC)