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The Tattooist [14a]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG13-NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff
Warning: Super-mild underage shenanigans. Like so super that really, even if you squint you might not see it. I can't see it myself but eh. Protecting my own ass is a good thing.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…


AN2: Also, this new banner is by shinkinism on tumblr who also did my old banner. I love it! XD

Changmin and Nicole get dressed quietly. It is about six in the morning, and much too early for anyone to be awake, but both of them had been restless all night after the rather long talk over dinner the previous night. Yunho had actually chased Changmin back into their apartment, to the horror of the teenager who had been screaming at his boyfriend not to injure himself further.

Turns out, Yunho had stepped on a bit of broken glass from something that got knocked over in their bedroom, made worse because he had been carrying Jaejoong at the time so the cut is a lot deeper than it would have been without the teenager’s added weight.

What comes next is unsurprising to Nicole, in terms of the revelations. But Jaejoong’s reaction had been curious to her. She’d expected fear, shock or perhaps even a little apprehension at Yunho’s admission to being the son of the most revered and feared Japanese mafia don in the world. But the teenager had simply listened quietly, inching closer and closer to the older man during dinner, till by the end of the retelling and at the time for dessert, the boy is all but in the tattooist’s lap.

She sees no fear in him, even when her own heart beats a little rapidly as she recalls how rude she can be to the older man. She had actually asked Jaejoong about it, and the boy had shrugged.

”I’m taking history at school and we did half a semester on triads. We are his family, there’s nothing to worry about.”

He is almost blase about it, as if he has better things to worry about than silly things like the fact that his boyfriend’s father is a rather dangerous man. She has her suspicions about the way the teenager’s mind works though. He seems rather adept at blocking things that he doesn’t like or want to deal with. It allows him to maintain that innocent, child-like appearance because he just doesn’t seem to dwell on things out of his control. Jaejoong seems to have a shrug and move on approach that she envies to a certain extent. However deep down, she has a feeling that it stems from a need for self-preservation. She is certain the boy is bullied in school, and the only way he gets through it is to ignore.

She can only hope the kids in school know better than to mess with the kid now, though. Messing with Jaejoong now would equal messing with Yunho, and no matter how the kids act, she really doesn’t want the might of the yakuza descending on their stupid, immature heads.

This is part why they are heading over to Yunho’s apartment so fucking early in the morning. She is meant to take the boy to school, but she thinks perhaps if all of them go, it might deter some of the kids in school from messing with Jae, at least for today. Yunho and Max are scary enough by themselves what with all the piercings and the tattoos. And she can snap at the stupid cheerleader types who are envious of the beautiful boy.

High school was never a pleasant memory for her, and while she knows the three of them cannot really improve things for the boy overnight, she can only hope they can try.

What also spurs her on is the fact that despite Yunho’s confession, there seems to be something else that remains unsaid. She had asked Max about it, and he just shook his head, telling her he wished he could tell her, but he’s fucked up enough and he doesn’t want to make it worse.

Whatever it is, it has something to do with the kid.

They open the connecting door between the apartments, only to be met by the terrifying sound of a whistling sword.

Only the dawn light filters through the apartment, and the tall couple can see Yunho wielding a katana in the dim, watery light.

Nicole’s breath catches in her throat as she watches the tall, well built man execute a series of complicated steps, the sword whistling through the air expertly. She leans against the doorway, staring breathlessly at the way the man moves, body so fluid he can almost be called graceful.

But graceful is such a wrong word to use.

There is a distinct edge of leashed violence with the way he moves. He might be repeating steps of a routine that he has practiced as part of his martial arts training, but the way he executes those moves tells her that he would be more than capable of running someone through with his katana should it be necessary.

The man is not just practicing or simply exercising.

He is exorcising his demons.

They watch in silence, as his movements come to a halt, and they realise that a very beautiful boy wrapped in a bed sheet is also watching.

“Will you teach me how to wield a sword?”

“A katana is not for you, kitten, but I can teach you how to wield my sword.”

Nicole rolls her eyes, the spell broken. Trust Yunho to be so greasy. Ease spreads through her though. The Yunho she has always known, the one with the ready smile and the teasing smirks is still there despite his background. In fact, this sword dance and that afternoon with the Japanese twins is the closest she has ever seen him to showing his roots. He is about as opposite to yakuza as she can imagine, considering the way he behaves in general. He is definitely more reticent than Max, but that does not a yakuza make.

“What’s the difference between the katana and your sword? Aren’t they the same thing?”

Changmin frowns, bending his head towards his girlfriend. His lips kiss her ear as he whispers. “How is that kid still so fucking innocent? I could swear Yunho stole his magic card yesterday, but now I’m not so sure.”

Nicole turns her head, her mouth brushing across her boyfriend’s mouth as she finds his ear to reply quietly. “The fact that you have started calling it a magic card disturbs me. And why the fuck are you so preoccupied about it anyway? When they fuck is their business, not ours.”

Changmin smiles at the blonde’s disgruntled tone. He likes the softer Nicole. She can be a ball busting bitch, but soft is not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all. He turns to reply just as she turns away, and he steals a kiss, hand wrapped around her neck to stop her from moving away. She growls as she struggles briefly, but then she gives in, leaning into him.

“If you wanted to do that, you could have stayed in your apartment.” An amused voice calls out.

Yunho smirks as both Nicole and Changmin raise their hands in unison, and flip him the bird, their mouths still fused together. He was aware of them the second the connecting door opened, but he chose to ignore them. Jaejoong had run like lightning back into the bedroom when he realised they had company. The boy’s powers of observation are a little worrying at times. Jaejoong watches him like a hawk, but appears to have no concern for anything else around him.

That lack of sense is dangerous.

But then again, that’s what Yunho is there for.

How the boy survived the last seventeen years is beyond him. Perhaps his older sisters protected him more than they let on. Yunho will find out eventually. He is most definitely enjoying getting to know the teenager, the kid’s lack of fear is rather refreshing especially when it comes to him. He had been more than anxious about the kid’s reaction to his tale yesterday, but he found that instead of reassuring the boy, the kid was reassuring him.

Jaejoong had held his hand in his lap, rubbing patterns into it the whole time, telling him with his touch that nothing has changed. His usual affectionate behaviour remains too. Yunho can only hope it will remain this way indefinitely somehow.

Or at least, for as long as he can manage it.

He had woken up an hour prior, the urgent vibrating of his phone rousing him from a dreamless sleep. Jaejoong had been sprawled across him, unmoving as he answered the call.

It had been his father, confirming that Machii had been dealt with. Yunho had felt a cold finger of regret as he listened to his father’s emotionless retelling of destroying the family’s small empire. Machii had been absorbed into Yamaguchi-gumi and ordered away to the furthest prefecture possible. The man had apparently given the impression of compliance, but just after midnight, news had come in that the man had fallen on his own katana.

Yunho had to get up then. He felt tainted, and feeling more than a little responsible for the demise of the man and his family, he had taken out his feelings on his body. The sword has always been his weapon of choice, and the complicated and very mind and body rich routine had helped to clear his mind.

But despite his regret, he cannot help but feel a measure of relief.

Yunho heads back to his study to replace his sword, hearing the shower run in the main bedroom. He briefly wonders if he can leave Changmin and Nicole alone for long enough to sneak a make out session with his teenager. He knows there is no way there can be more. The teen is insatiable, but also rather practical and almost painfully logical.

Who knew his kitten could be so bossy and direct?

But then again, the signs were all there. The beloved youngest brother, doted on by eight sisters, he was bound to be a little bratty. Add to the fact that he is a teenager, and has a penchant for science cements the issue. Yunho certainly has his hands full with the boy.

He wonders if the teen will ever outgrow his tendency to say the damnedest thing though. He needs to school the boy before meeting his parents, because he is a little unsure how the boy’s mouth is going to go down with his father. His mother isn’t much of an issue, but depending on his father’s mood, he will either be amused or extremely insulted.

Yunho is of course hoping for the former, but like a good son of Kazuo Taoka, he should always be prepared for the worst.

Deciding against temptation, Yunho heads to the spare shower to clean up. He knows for a fact his iron will is tested severely around the doe-eyed innocent. Despite his so-called deflowering, the boy still gives off this ridiculous aura of innocence that Yunho actually wonders if it will stick with him for life.

And somehow, he cannot feel too badly about that.

When he emerges from his shower, he can already smell Jaejoong’s cooking. He actually has to be somewhat thankful for Changmin’s outburst because it happaned before the younger man tasted the teenager’s food. Already in a whole lot of trouble, Changmin had kept his mouth shut and thus Yunho did not have to deal with heartfelt begging from the constantly hungry piercer about Jaejoong cooking for him.

He is definitely resigned to having the other couple eating over at his apartment far more than usual though.

The view that greets him makes him smile.

Jaejoong is snuggled against Nicole as she stirs the kimchi fried rice. He can see them talking, and he can only guess he is instructing her on how to make the dish. Changmin is on his iPad, scrolling through something or other, looking up every now and again to smile at his girlfriend and the teen.

The boy is in his school uniform, and it gives Yunho a bit of a start at the reminder of how young he still is.

Seventeen isn’t truly that young.

But because of the boy’s child-like innocence, he just seems much younger.

Nicole catches sight of him first, calling out a greeting. Jaejoong’s bright grin at him makes his heart pound a little quicker in his chest. He is surely much too old for these strange flutters, but he has no defence against the boy’s infectious happiness. Jaejoong extricates himself from the blonde girl’s grasp hurtling straight into his arms, whispering shyly in his ear.

“Why didn’t you shower with me?”

Yunho smirks, bending his head, eyes on the tall couple who are both watching them with interest. His mouth trails down the curve of the teenager’s ear, and he can feel the telltale shiver in the boy.

“You might not make it to school if I joined you.”

“Oh.” Jaejoong blushes as he steps back.

However, Yunho rather likes having the teenager in his arms, and he pulls the boy back against his side, anchoring him in place with his arm across his shoulders. The boy is slim, but his shoulders have a breadth to them that indicates his sex well enough.

Jaejoong shrugs him off though, crouching suddenly.

All three adults watch bemusedly as Jaejoong coos at his kitten.

The poor little kitty is just crossing the kitchen, on his way back to the laundry to pee, but yet again he is thwarted by this noisy human who insists on hugging it to death. He much prefers the bigger human who leaves him alone to explore to his heart’s content. This other human keeps interrupting his play, though he does smell good and lets him nip at his fingers. Perhaps he’s not so bad after all.

“Can I take him to school?”

“Jae, I really don’t think the kitten would like that. He’s only just expanded his territory, you don’t want it getting confused.” Nicole grins as she perches on Max’s lap at the breakfast bar.

“Do you think he’s going to pee in my classroom or something?”

“What is it with you and pee?” Changmin asks, shaking his head as he presses a kiss to the back of his girlfriend’s exposed wing bone. Jaejoong’s unreserved affection for everyone around him is seriously rubbing off on him.

Jaejoong shrugs, kitten on his shoulder now the way he sees Yunho carrying it. He can feel the little claws digging into him, but he is used to it by now as he heads back to stir the fried rice he is making for breakfast.

“I think we should all take the kid to school today.”

Three pairs of male eyes turn towards the lone female. Four pairs if you include the kitten trying to figure out how to get to his litter box from Jaejoong’s shoulder.

Nicole shrugs, examining her manicure. “I just think since this is the first time Jae’s been with us, we should all celebrate by taking him to school.”

“You want to celebrate taking me to school?”

“No. I want to celebrate you moving in by taking you to school.”

“What does one have to do with the other?”

She shrugs. “I just think it’ll be nice.”

“But you have a very busy day today and my school is in the opposite direction to Mirotic. I woke up early so I could go to school by myself. You don’t have to drop me off.”

Changmin wraps his arms around his girlfriend, perching his chin on her bare shoulder. Summer outfits are definitely his favourite. “She’s right kid. We’re family now, and your sister always takes you to school. We’ll take you to school too.”

Jaejoong feels a warmth spreading from his heart. These people are not related to him by any blood ties, but they might as well be. You cannot choose your family, but you can most certainly choose your friends. For the boy who has known only superficial relationships at his school, mostly to pick at his brains or to copy off him in tests, the welcome he feels from the adults at Mirotic makes him feel at home.

“If…if it’s not too much trouble,” he drops his chin, suddenly shy. He doesn’t want them to think he’s taking them for granted. He never expects anything from anyone, because when he does, he is almost always disappointed.

“Never any trouble, kid.” Changmin smiles.

Jaejoong is about to respond when he suddenly feels a wet warmth spreading on his shoulder.


Jaejoong catches hold of the mewling kitten, holding it in place as he starts muttering under his breath.

“Why am I always covered in fluids? How many showers must I have in a day?” His angry muttering disappears with him as he heads into the bedroom.

Changmin and Nicole both turn to look at Yunho who is laughing as he goes to the stove to turn the element off.

“Fluids, hyung?”

Yunho merely hums, smirking as he tosses the rice about in the pan. It looks cooked enough, and he busies himself with dishing out breakfast.

“Something you’d like to tell us, oppa?” Nicole asks, tapping her long nails on the counter top.

The tattooist shakes his head, continuing to dish out the fragrant meal. Jaejoong enjoys his food spicy, but Yunho does not, and the boy has managed to find a comfortable balance that suits both their tastes, which is testament to his cooking skills at being able to do it after one meal.

Jaejoong returns to the kitchen, topless and annoyed.

Changmin and Nicole’s eyes widen as they stare at the boy’s pale torso.

Cherry boy is covered in cherry red marks all over his body.

Yunho turns, coughing in surprise as he sees the teenager glare balefully at the empty stove, and then at the pan in his hand. The teenager grabs it from him, elbowing him aside as he finishes dishing.

“Uh, Jae…” Changmin starts, eyes almost bugging out of his head. Alright, so there’s marking and then there’s marking. The darkest mark is still the one on the boy’s throat, but the kid’s body has a smattering of pretty marks all over his body.

Yes, pretty, because for some weird reason, they look like strawberry birthmarks, and suit the beautiful teenager who is utterly unselfconscious as he grumbles about naughty kittens.

“What?” Jaejoong asks, his tone a little belligerent. He’s going to have to iron another shirt for school, and he hates ironing. He had tossed his soiled shirt in the bath with some detergent, and he hopes Yunho won’t mind. With eight sisters back home, everyone uses whatever available area they can find when it comes to washing. Jaejoong has come home to a sinkfull of frilly underwear before so surely a shirt in the bath won’t be a problem. He can hear his kitten mewling from somewhere behind him and he hopes the naughty little thing is ready to apologise.

“What happened to you?”

“Somebody decided to mark his territory, obviously.” Jaejoong rolls his eyes at his hyung.


Jaejoong nods. “Don’t get angry with him. It’s probably my fault. Maybe I don’t smell like him enough or something and he wanted to make sure everyone knows I’m his.”

“Everyone’s going to know you’re someone’s alright.”

“That’s the idea.” Jaejoong finishes dishing, heading straight for the sink to scrape the pan.

“Leave it, babe. I’ll do it.”

Jaejoong nods. He hates doing the dishes, and he is not about to turn down Yunho’s offer.

He settles down in the empty seat next to Yunho, starting on his breakfast. His butt hurts, but it isn’t very bad. Yunho had been very gentle as he cleaned him up, and Jaejoong has to try and stop the fierce blush threatening to overtake him as he recalls the man’s ministrations.

“Do you have gym class today?”

“Yup. We’re playing badminton or something.”

“Maybe we should write you a note.”

Jaejoong arches an eyebrow. “Saying what? I wrestled with the Loch Ness monster and lost? I’m fine.”

Yunho coughs to hide his amusement, as the kid continues to eat while nonchalantly flipping through his phone.

“What Loch Ness monster?” Nicole decides to ask. She has a feeling she knows, but dear god how did the conversation even head that way? Interacting with the teenager is forever going to be an exercise in trying to figure out exactly what he means. Usually, everything he says needs to be taken in the most innocent way possible, but she has no fucking idea how to take the random name dropping of a mythical beast in the middle of their conversation as innocent.

Jaejoong drops his spoon, staring right at Nicole, narrowing his eyes slightly.

“Have you seen it?”

“Seen what?”

“The Loch Ness monster.”

Oh how Yunho is enjoying this. Usually it is Nicole and Changmin howling with laughter at him, but judging from the utterly confused looks on both their faces, and even their untouched breakfast, the tables have definitely turned. He has much more control than them though, and so he keeps his amusement to himself, eating his breakfast and thoroughly enjoying it as he watches his kitten baffle the world weary Nicole and self-assured Max Changmin.

“Uh…i’ve only seen pictures.”

Yunho chokes on a piece of kimchi, and his kitten turns towards him, eyes wide and vaguely horrified.

“You took pictures? I know it’s amazing and all but pictures? Pictures?” The teenager is completely flabbergasted as he turns back to the blonde noona, picking up his spoon and brandishing it at her agitatedly. “Do you still have these pictures?”

“I saw it on the internet,” she answers uncertainly. She is very sure she’s missed something, and one look at Yunho’s face confirms it. A look at her own boyfriend’s tells her he is just as clueless.

Jaejoong is becoming even more horrified by the second, his mouth dropping open as he stares back and forth at the American, and then back at his boyfriend who appears to be trying his damnedest not to burst out laughing.

“It’s not funny, Yunho! Why would you have it all over the internet? I know you should probably be proud of it, god knows I’ve never seen the like of it, and never will. But this is…is…oh my god what would your parents think? Surely your mother would recognise you! And your father! Why didn’t he stop you? Big yakuza oyabun can’t stop his son from posting the Loch Ness monster all over the internet?”

His teenager is so agitated that food is actually flying off the spoon he is waving around. Yunho gets up, hugging the boy from behind, mouth against his ear as he whispers, “Kitten, that’s your nickname for it. Nic and Min have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Jaejoong freezes, his mouth dropping open as he takes a good look at the couple siting opposite him. They look utterly bewildered.

Oh dear. This is one of those times again isn’t it?

The teenager goes limp, sagging against Yunho, sighing loudly. He can’t even remember how the conversation even got where it did. He’s going to pretend nothing happened and start a new topic. Yes, that’s probably the best idea.

The boy beams, surprising Changmin and Nicole who are still trying to put two and two together.

“So, we didn’t manage to finish the conversation yesterday about sleeping. Which one of you is on the bottom? Hyung, it has to be you right?”

Yunho loses it right there as Changmin’s jaw drops in shock.


Jaejoong is feeling his belly churning and not in a good way. They are on their way to school, and his absence is weighing heavy on his mind. He has a lot to catch up on, and he has a feeling he’ll be spending the next two weeks absolutely buried in his school books. As it is, he has his nose in a physics book, but not really seeing the words.

Breakfast was a bit of a disaster, till he finally gave up, keeping quiet for the rest of the meal. How was he supposed to know hyung was using sleeping as a euphemism for sex? And how on earth was he supposed to know that the roles in bed in a male-male couple is called a top and bottom? Are people born with this knowledge or something? Does it randomly drop into your lap somehow, and everyone expects you to know it?

The teenager huffs quietly, drawing Yunho’s attention towards him. The boy is pouting determinedly as he stabs at his book with a pencil and Yunho feels bad. He probably should have explained the previous night, but everyone got sidetracked, and it really is hard to keep track of what Jaejoong knows and doesn’t know. The boy has no filter in general, and his innocent take on everything (apart from the Loch Ness monster debacle) is difficult to follow most of the time.

He reaches round the back of his neck, rubbing soothingly, and Jaejoong turns towards him with a half smile, before returning his eyes to his book and chewing the back of his pencil.

Too soon, they pass through the gates of the school. Jaejoong goes to a private school with an American curriculum, on a scholarship. He has to maintain a 3.7 average in his normal subjects and a 4.0 in his AP subjects in order to keep the scholarship. Yunho had been surprised to find out the stringent requirements, but the teenager had merely shrugged, explaining that it wasn’t really difficult. He actually has a 3.9 in his normal subjects and a 4.5 in his AP, and he is in no danger of losing the scholarship now that he is almost done with high school.

He pulls up right by the main entrance, where scores of students are milling about waiting for the first bell. They all look like little brats to him, as he watches them stare at his car through the tinted screen. He checks the rearview mirror, seeing Changmin and Nicole pull up as well. They could have easily taken one car, but Nicole had insisted Yunho take his R8, and so they are in separate cars.

He’ll be questioning the blonde on her strange ideas when they get back to Mirotic, but for now, he has to soothe his kitten who is staring blankly out the window.

“We’re here.”

“I know.”

“Are you ok?”

Jaejoong smiles wanly, trying to infuse a little more cheer into his expression. He likes school about as much as any other teenager. But the week at Mirotic has spoiled him for the company of people who care about him, and he is trying to remember how to put up his walls again.

“Just getting ready to do battle.”

“Battle?” Yunho frowns, not liking the word one bit.

Jaejoong slips a hand between Yunho’s thighs, squeezing lightly, smiling when he hears the catch in the older man’s breathing. “School is always a battle, or did you never experience it being a yakuza prince and all?”

The kid is right.

“You do know that it extends to you, right?”

Jaejoong shakes his head. “It’s only two more weeks, and then we’d all be too busy with exams to bother trying to hip check me in the hallway or trip me up in gym. It’ll be ok.”

“Jaejoong…” Yunho is definitely having second thoughts about dropping the kid off at school. While he always gives the impression that nothing is wrong, his little snatches of self-deprecation here and there give Yunho clues about what school is like for him and he doesn’t like it one bit.

“Don’t worry about me.”

Yunho is about to interrupt when someone raps on his side of the car. He looks up to see a jock-like kid trying to peer into the window. He scowls, unlocking the door and opening it.

“Sweet ride,” the boy whistles, backing up to admire the car. He had been a little surprised at the height and breadth of the man who had just stepped out. There is an edge to the man that is making him a little nervous. This is an elite private school, and he had fully expected some parent in the middle of a mid-life crisis to step out.

He had definitely not been expecting this man. The car goes together with the man. Edgy, and stunning.

Yunho says nothing, merely arching his eyebrow at the boy. He sizes him up immediately.




The boy tries to shake away his nervousness, determined to find out who the man is. This is his school, and he makes it his business to know everyone else’s business and to use it to his own advantage. He normally doesn’t bother hanging out by the entrance, but he’s waiting for that pretty boy fag to turn up. The whole school is buzzing about the punch up from ten days ago, and he wants to hear the story first hand from the kid. He has already made up his mind about him of course, but it’ll amuse him to hear the boy try and explain it away.

Who would’ve thought that fairy boy was a fighter anyway? He had broken the teacher’s nose, and had been spitting mad. That quiet and pale, utterly clueless honor roll student? The boy is about as harmful as a kitten. The kid is the laughingstock of the school, and he is included in many of their games, but only because he makes everyone laugh with the stupid things that come out of his mouth.

For someone so smart, he is honestly the stupidest thing to ever walk the earth.

“Who are you?”

Yunho smiles.

The boy shivers. That smile has a hint of menace in it, and the feeling grows as the man pushes up the sleeves of his shirt, casually reaching up to unbutton the topmost button of his shirt.


He can only see parts of it, but the darkness and thickness of the thing around his forearm looks like a dragon. And he can see the head of a phoenix on his chest.

The boy swallows hard, but he stays his ground. He knows all eyes are on him right now and he cannot show fear. This man shouldn’t even be allowed on school grounds surely? Not with tattoos like that.

He is distracted by doors slamming, and he turns to find the source of the sound. A blonde foreigner and another tall man are coming round a Porsche. Who the fuck are these people?

The girl is beautiful as far as blonde bitches go. Her eyes are cold, and she goes round to the other side of the R8, eyes narrowed on him before she dismisses him.

He turns towards the other man who is now leaning against the R8, arms crossed as he stares impassively at him. The man’s eyes travel from his feet, moving up slowly till it hits his face.

He bristles indignantly because the expression on the newcomer’s face clearly indicates that he has found him wanting. Who the fuck is he to decide that? With his fucking piercings in his face.

But he dares not show his anger because the man next to him, the one dressed in a shirt and pants, like any normal person, but with tattoos and radiating a kind of energy that promises violence, is staring at him.

Nicole ignores the posturing boy, knowing exactly what he is.

An asshole.

She opens the passenger side door, bending over to find Jaejoong staring out the window a little worriedly.

“Hey kid.”

“Hey noona,” he whispers.

“It’ll be alright.”

“I don’t like that boy.”

“I don’t like him either. He’s a fucking ass.”

“How did you know?”

“I can smell an ass a mile away, and that boy stinks like the fucking bog of eternal stench.”

Jaejoong giggles, leaning over to nuzzle the blonde girl.

She smiles, turning to kiss his nose. “Ready to come out?”

“No…we’re early. Can’t I just sit here?”

“We can’t sit here forever, honey.” Nicole crouches by the door and cards her hands through the boy’s hair. “Don’t worry, the boy looks like he’s about to piss his pants.”



“Do they know he’s a yakuza prince?”

“They don’t need to know that to be afraid of him.”

“But he’s so sweet.”

Nicole chuckles, tapping the boy fondly on the nose. “Only to you, honey. Only to you.” She grabs hold of his hand and takes the books out of his lap. “Come on now.”

Jaejoong sighs, bending over to pick up his bag by his feet, as he allows the blonde girl to tug him out of the car.

There is a collective gasp of surprise from almost everyone watching as Jaejoong emerges from the car. The school’s kingka is in some sort of stare down match with a hell of a good looking man. The girls have all been inching closer, fanning themselves as they giggle to each other. Both men are extremely good looking. More good looking than any of the boys in school that’s for sure.

And the last person anyone had expected to come out of that car is the school’s hopeless Kim Jaejoong.

But come out he does, smiling too, wrapped around the caucasian girl who kisses him on the nose.

The boy is dumbstruck. Kim fucking Jaejoong is with these people?

Yunho clears his throat, bringing the fool’s attention back to him.

He smiles at the kid, and the boy takes an involuntary step back, which makes his smile widen.

“You asked me who I am.” He pauses, waiting for the boy who is looking back and forth from him to Jaejoong behind him most likely.

The boy finally nods. “Y-yes.”

Fucking hell, why the fuck is he stammering? He feels like something is really wrong with this picture. Why is Kim Jaejoong, with these people? The boy is licking his goddamn cherry red lips and whispering to the blonde bitch, but his attention is solely on the tattooed man with the dangerous smile.

“I’m someone you should remember,” Yunho takes a step forward, thoroughly amused when the boy backs up.


“Yes,” he smiles again. “Remember me when you look at Kim Jaejoong.”

The boy looks nervously past him to the beautiful boy with the innocent doe eyes who is currently looking at the back of the tattooed man’s head.


“Because you wouldn’t like the consequences if you forget.”

AN: Ok, part b won’t be out till Monday so don’t keep refreshing over the weekend lol. I almost never write in the weekend because my weekends belong to my husband (and work).

Tags: fic:tattooist, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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