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The Tattooist [14b]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG13-NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff
Warning: Underage Jaejoong
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

AN1: Lol, say hello to XIAgod :P I think I mentioned him ONCE in a previous chapter hahahaha ;-) And yes, you may blame his new album and concert for this…

AN2: Also, this new banner is by shinkinism on tumblr who also did my old banner. I love it! XD

“Stop going in and out of your room. Can’t you just stay put?” Nicole is exasperated as the owner of Mirotic comes out of his back room for the nth time in the last five hours. It is lunch time, and the next client for either of them is not till three which leaves her two hours of trying to keep Yunho occupied.

The man who never bothers to leave the room in between clients, has been coming out at every opportunity.


Antiseptic cream.

Another stool because his doesn’t “feel right”.

More gloves.


Pamphlets on after care.

And more gloves.

Nicole knows exactly what’s gotten Yunho so restless but this is ridiculous. The man is like a fucking mama bear worried about his cub. Which really isn’t far from the truth.

“I’m going out to get lunch.”

“No, you’re not. You have lunch right here. Do you want to tell the kid you didn’t eat the perfectly good lunch he packed for you?”

Yunho scowls, but he keeps heading towards the exit. He is in his “work” clothes; white wife beater, torn jeans and a pack of cigarettes in his hand. He tugs his leather jacket off the coat rack, avoiding Nicole who tries to make a grab for it.

“Hyung! Where are you going?” Changmin calls out as he exits with his last client. He jogs towards the man, clapping an arm around him, leaving Nic to deal with the girl as he steers the much broader man towards the sofa.


“Yes, I know it’s lunch, but you have a meal fit for a king.”

Yunho doesn’t know about fit for a king. Maybe a princess.

A princess who is five.

Jaejoong had made onigiri but he had used a mold for the rice balls.

A fucking Hello Kitty mold.

What did he do to deserve this boy?

He shrugs Changmin’s arm off as he heads back towards the exit, holding the door open for the girl with the new nose piercing who blushes and darts out the door very quickly.

“Yunho, if you won’t eat your lunch, I will.” Nicole warns as she watches her boyfriend push the older man aside to stand in front of the door.

“Have at it.”

Nicole frowns, but she gets up to retrieve the lunch box.

“Hyung, he’ll be fine.”

“Can you guarantee that?”

“No, but I’m pretty sure you did.”

“That’s not good enough.”

He knows he is being irrational. Jaejoong has managed seventeen years without him, but his protective tendencies are just about choking him. He’d barely been able to concentrate during his double session in the morning and he has a three hour session that afternoon which means he won’t be able to see the kid till after six. That, coupled with the fact that the idiot posturing fool managed to snatch away the time Yunho would have gotten kissing his kitten goodbye has put him in an extremely grouchy mood. Over ten hours without seeing the kid is much too long for him, and he flexes his jaw, expression grim as he pushes the piercer roughly aside, and the man finally lets him go, but follows him out.

“I’m coming with you.”

But before they are able to exit, someone walks in.

Someone that makes Changmin’s breath catch in his throat and both Nicole and Yunho to groan.

“Where are you two off in such a hurry?”

“Do you have an appointment?” Yunho growls. His second cousin is a pain in the ass. They had gone to university together and while Junsu had pretty much spent the entire time being out of university more than in thanks to his “occupation”, he still finds his protective tendencies rearing its head around him.

Yunho was Junsu’s bodyguard on campus so to speak. Abandoned and written off by his family when it was clear he wouldn’t be partaking in their lifestyle, Junsu had literally been left to sink or swim. Yunho hadn’t known of his existence till his mother had shipped him off back to Korea, and the then sixteen year old had turned up at his doorstep, claiming kin, and asking for a place to stay.

His mother had still been with him then, helping him get settled, and she had recognised the boy immediately. Tears ensued, and she was horrified at how he had been treated by her own family. Several phone calls later, and Yunho finds himself saddled with a pseudo-brother.

But despite his initial resentment of the gatecrasher vying for his mother’s affection, he found it impossible to dislike Junsu. Despite what had happened, he always had an easy smile, and a willingness to help. He never let the bitterness of being abandoned affect him, and Yunho realises, as he stares at the grinning man, that Jaejoong reminds him of Junsu.

Always trying, no matter what life throws at him.

And that illusion of innocence.

Well, an illusion with Junsu that’s for sure. Jaejoong’s is a little more genuine.

“Xia…” Changmin whispers, blinking at the smiling newcomer. The man is only a couple of months older than him, but next to the international kpop idol, he feels like a hopeless schoolboy. Only Nicole and Yunho know of his fascination for the singer, because he is literally unable to hide it whenever he is around the man. Seeing Junsu makes him happy. He has no idea why or how, but it has been that way for years.

“It’s always Junsu for you, Min-ah. You know that.” He grins and claps the man on the shoulder before pushing past his cousin and his friend to greet the blonde American girl. “Hello, beautiful.”

Nicole smirks, allowing her hand to be kissed by the twinkly-eyed star. She turns towards the two taller man. “Why can’t you two greet me like him, huh? Then I’d be more inclined to call you oppa.”

Yunho snorts instantly, merely arching an eyebrow when Nicole gives him the middle finger.

Changmin on the other hand just sighs. And as he watches Junsu converse with his girlfriend hesitantly in English, realisation slowly dawns on him.

“Wait! Wait a minute.” He starts, staring back and forth between Junsu and Yunho. “You two are cousins, right?”

Junsu nods immediately, his arm around Nicole’s shoulder. She is teaching him English, the girl being much better at it than that man who helped with Uncommitted. At least he knows she’s at least trying to make him understand the basics, whereas the other dude seems only interested in adhoc sentences and howling at him on Twitter.

Yunho knows where Changmin is heading with this, and he leans against the door, waiting for the piercer to catch his breath. He has been like this since university, though during that time, he bullied and teased Junsu more than he gawped at him. In fact, Junsu even admitted once that if Changmin didn’t tease him, it didn’t feel right. When Tarantallegra came out the previous year, everything changed. Gone is the innocent and gullible Junsu, and in his place is someone that actually made Changmin question his sexuality briefly.

“You’re yakuza too?” Changmin manages to choke out.

Junsu’s expression immediately turns serious, his body tensing, as he looks over at his cousin. “They know?”

Yunho nods, but doesn’t offer any explanation.

“They’re family, right?”

Yunho nods again, hiding a grin when Junsu’s signature smile breaks across his face. He can see the tension leave his cousin’s body, as the singer turns back towards a gaping Changmin.

“Why do you think I’m so popular in Japan?” he grins. “You’re going to catch flies, Min-ah.”

Changmin’s jaw snaps shut as he sighs again. “I hate surprises,” he grumbles. “I thought you were done surprising me, and it happens again.”

“Awwww, poor baby.” Nicole remarks, not meaning it at all as Junsu laughs and kisses her temple. They are the same height, and he was her first introduction to kpop. Everyone else pales in comparison, but she hears that enough from Max without needing to voice it herself.

“Hyung, stop kissing my girlfriend.”

Junsu laughs again, and irreverently kisses the blonde again. “You two finally made it official? My heart is broken. I came back for the sole purpose of wooing Nicole from your side.” He turns towards the smirking girl, all puppy teardrop eyes. “Do I still stand a chance, beautiful?”

Changmin moves instantly. XIAgod or not, friend or not, cousin or not, and yakuza or not, Nicole is his. He pulls the laughing blonde from Xia’s arms and actually glares semi-seriously at the man, because really, if anyone can steal Nicole from him, it will most likely be Junsu hyung.

Yunho laughs then. His friends are ridiculous. “Sorry, Su. I think his obsession with you died right there.”

Changmin nods as he clamps a heavy arm across across his girlfriend’s shoulders. “She’s mine.”

Nicole shrugs him off immediately, growling under her breath. “I am no one’s, you neanderthal. This is not the 15th century where women…” she darts a look at Yunho “…and boys, are property.” She pulls out the lunch box Jaejoong had prepared. She’s a little tired of all the men now. Some peace and quiet would be nice. “Don’t y’all have somewhere to be?”

“Boy?” Junsu questions.

“I’ll explain after lunch.” Yunho once again opens the door to exit.

“I am coming with you!” Changmin presses a hard kiss to Nicole’s mouth, narrowly missing getting his mouth bitten off as she gnashes her teeth.

Junsu looks back and forth, before heading to the exit as well. “I’m coming too!”

Nicole, meanwhile, has forgotten the three men as she stares at the open lunchbox bemusedly.

Yunho scowls as he hears the very loud cackling of the blonde girl trailing after the three of them as the door shuts on her laughter. He knows exactly why she’s laughing.


School has been…quiet.

Jaejoong hasn’t spoken to anyone but his teachers, all of whom assure him that he will be alright for the exams. He has all the revision papers he missed, and has checked out his cram schedule to see if he can attend all the ones before dinner. Fortunately for him, there are still a few spaces left, and he fills them happily, relieved that he can be home in time for dinner every day.

Working at Mirotic will have to take a backseat till summer, and he hopes Yunho will understand. He is literally going to be at school from seven to seven for the next two weeks, starting from tomorrow. In all honesty, he is looking forward to spending quality time with his books. They are his friends, and don’t judge him. They give him the information he needs, and he regurgitates them accordingly, and gets the grades he expects. He has better real life friends now, but Jaejoong doesn’t forget a kindness and he will give his books their just due for the next several weeks.

Not to mention, he owes it to his noonas to do well in school. They have tried their best by him, and he in turn, will do the best that he can.

His only class following lunch will be a double biology class, and he is dreading that. Nicole noona had actually written him a note for gym class going on right now, and the teacher had barely looked at it before sending him off to sit in the corner. Out of curiosity, he looks at the note, a giggle escaping him when he reads it.

Please excuse Kim Jaejoong from gym today due to injuries that occurred the previous day that will impede his ability to participate ably in any sport for today.

She has clearly never written an excuse note before.

“What are you laughing about?”

Jaejoong looks up and smiles at Taeyeon. The petite head cheerleader is in his gym and biology class, and while very popular, she is one of the nicer girls in the school. Nice enough that she at least tries to tell her friends to stop hassling him. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but to Jaejoong, it is good enough for him that she tries.

He passes her the note, and she scrunches up her face before tossing it back at him.

“An injury? Did you get punched in the throat?”

Jaejoong places a hand over his neck where Yunho had marked him rather thoroughly. It’s been two days and doesn’t look like it’s about to disappear any time soon. He shakes his head.

“What happened?” She pries his hand away to take a closer look. The whole school has been talking non-stop about this boy, and she hasn’t seen him till now. She had witnessed that rather intense face off in front of the main entrance of course, because who didn’t?

God, those men were beautiful. Surrounded by teenage wannabes like the idiot Dong Woon, every boy in the school had paled in comparison to the two tall men who had accompanied Jaejoong to school. Unfortunately, Dong Woon had sent a mass message to everyone via Kakao to steer clear of the boy. Why? She has an idea, but she has never been one to just listen for no good reason. She’s on the honor roll, just like Jaejoong, and she certainly didn’t get there by listening to people stupider than her.

She follows when she has to, and she breaks away when she wants to, and right now, talking to Jaejoong would do more for her popularity than not talking to him. Sure, she’ll get into shit with Dong Woon’s followers, but she has shit on the Dong Woon himself that he would not want known, and she knows he won’t touch her.

He is an opportunistic hyena, and she has to make sure she is one step ahead of him. Information is power, as her mother always tells her. And she is about to get the most exclusive scoop ever.

Jaejoong shrugs. “I got bitten.”

“Bitten?” She tilts his head back to get a closer look. The bruise is purplish, getting fainter around the edges but still very deep. “Like, vampire bitten?”

“Vampires aren’t real.”

Taeyeon rolls her eyes. Does he think she’s stupid? She keeps forgetting double speak doesn’t actually get through to him. Making fun of him is hilarious because he doesn’t understand why his literal interpretation of everything amuses everyone so. She has never met anyone so painfully innocent. When she had first encountered it, she thought it was all an act. But after three years in the same school, there is no way it’s an act. The boy’s innocence shines like a light in his eyes, and she knows many a girl who wanted to snuff it out.

Many a boy too, if the assholes in the school are honest with themselves.

As honest as Dong Woon was one summer ago as he drunkenly confessed that of all the students in the school, he reckons Jaejoong’s pretty mouth would look the best around his cock.

But those girls lost interest almost a year ago when the awkward, but good looking teenager had suddenly bloomed into an astounding beauty. One moment, Jaejoong could be considered cute. Next moment he is breathtakingly beautiful. God seems to have a sense of humour, putting all the beauty of the Kim siblings into the male child. His sisters are all pretty, but Jaejoong is on another level altogether.

Girls who had wanted him as their boyfriend, or at least be the one to steal his innocence, now want nothing to do with him. What girl wants a boy prettier than her?

Taeyeon certainly doesn’t.

Off the radar of the girls, Jaejoong pouty mouth is suddenly in the minds of the boys.

Oh she’s heard stories of all the lewd talk in the locker rooms, and she is frankly, quite surprised that Jaejoong hasn’t been roughed up in the bathrooms. Perhaps the whole “elite” private school thing is hanging about the heads of the boys. Who knows? But she definitely knows more than one want in his pants. The louder their taunts and verbal abuse of him, the more she reckons they want him. Jaejoong doesn’t even know that fag is an insult.

How sad is that?

Pathetic really.

“Was it an animal that bit you?”

“A bear.” Jaejoong replies, already having lost interest in the conversation a good minute ago.

“A bear?” Taeyeon echoes in disbelief.

Jaejoong nods, not even looking up from his Biology notes. “A grouchy bear.”

A student comes running in just then, interrupting the class. Jaejoong recognises him as the boy who’d come in with his older brother for a piercing the other day. He smiles, as the younger teen scours the masses, apparently looking for someone. Seemingly unable to find whom he seeks, he watches as he talks to the gym teacher.

“Kim Jaejoong!” a voice cracks across the noise in the gym. Teachers all have microphones to save them needing to shout over the din, and the gym teacher needs it more than most.

Jaejoong blinks as the teacher waves him down.

“Bring your things. You’re wanted at the principal’s office.”

Jaejoong frowns, wondering why he’s being called now when he already has an appointment after school. He sighs, packing his things quickly.

“What did you do?”

“I don’t know.” Jaejoong doesn’t give her a backward glance as he starts down the gym bleachers.

“Sit with us at lunch?” She adds as an afterthought, wanting to make sure she and her friends are the first ones to get the dish on the school weirdo.

Jaejoong turns and smiles at her, and she feels a very brief pang of guilt as he looks so happy.


The two boys walk side by side towards the principal’s office. Jaejoong is lost in thought, and Lay is wondering how to start a conversation.

“Errr…hi.” Lay tries, almost stammering but not quite. He isn’t sure why the principal didn’t use the school’s intercom to call Jaejoong to the office, and he figures perhaps he doesn’t want the school to know.

Jaejoong turns to smile at the other boy. “I remember you. Are you new? What’s your name?”

“Lay, and yes, I just transferred two weeks ago. This is my third week of school.”

“Lay? That’s a strange name, and you have a strange accent.”

“It’s actually Yixing. Lay is my stage name.”

“Stage name?”

The younger teen blushes slightly. He doesn’t want to be one of “those” kids, but he is rather proud of his accomplishments. Well, it’s just one concert but it’s one more than anyone else.

“Do you know Jongin and Taemin?”

“The twins? Yeah.” Jaejoong nods. He’s actually friends with both. They are juniors, but for some reason they seem to like hanging out with him. They’re the ones who taught him to dance.

“Jongin’s stage name is Kai and Taemin is just Tae.”

“They have stage names too?” Jaejoong cocks his head. He knows the twins are part of an entertainment company, and in the last month have been more out than in school due to rehearsals for some idol’s concert. He didn’t realise they were renamed though, but then he hasn’t seen them in almost a fortnight. Last he saw them, they were practicing a new dance with him because they needed to know how to move with a third dancer for that particular song.

Lay nods. “We performed at the concert yesterday. That’s why I was transferred here. The idol is based in Seoul.”

“Who do you dance for?”


Jaejoong vaguely remembers an assembly about the idol. Something about not bothering him if he is seen on school grounds. “Didn’t he just release a new album? And he has a concert already? You must be really good at what you do. I know the twins are. Congratulations!” Jaejoong smiles and claps the boy on his back.

Lay nods enthusiastically, blushing again, a little bummed that they are almost at the office. Jaejoong seems like a really nice person. He knows the teen is gay after the weekend, but then Xia is practically androgynous who has openly said he doesn’t mind if people think he’s gay, and that doesn’t seem to be an issue for anyone so why does Jaejoong have to suffer for his preferences? But what makes him like the older boy even more is that he isn’t like everyone else. Most of their peers all bombard him with questions about Xia, but Jaejoong had focused on him.

They both halt outside the door to the principal’s office, and Jaejoong is reminded as to why they are even walking together in the first place. He sighs as he stares at the frosted glass door.

“I guess this is me.”

“We have second lunch too. Do you want to sit with us?”

Jaejoong smiles at Lay, shaking his head. “I’d like that, but I already said yes to Taeyeon.”

Lay frowns instantly. Taeyeon, the head cheerleader? She was one of those he heard laughing extremely unkindly about Jaejoong’s innocence just last week. What the hell is her game?

“Um…ok. But if you change your mind, we’ll be the near the carpark at the stone benches.”

“I know where that is,” Jaejoong nods. “Ok, wish me good luck.”

“Good luck,” Lay repeats, as he watches Jaejoong enter the office. He means for that luck to extent to lunch with the queen bitch too.

Jaejoong only has to wait a minute before he is ushered quickly into the principal’s office. The man hangs up his phone call as the boy steps in. He looks at the slim, beautiful boy, and he tries to temper irrational annoyance at the boy’s countenance. He looks as angelically innocent as ever. Soft doe eyes, and his pouty bottom lip being worried between his teeth. He can see the teenager is nervous, but he can also see a hint of backbone in the boy in the way he stands. Jaejoong might be worried, but he carries himself straight.

“Your sister called this morning. Your address and emergency contact have changed?”

“Jin Hee noona isn’t my emergency contact any more?”

Principal Lee frowns. “She is number two now. Someone called Yunho is number one. She doesn’t even know his surname. What is going on, Jaejoong?”

Jaejoong shrugs, unsure as to what the principal is talking about. It makes sense for Yunho to be number one. “Why would his surname be relevant?”

“Who is this man? Was he the one who threatened Dong Woon?”

“Threatened? I didn’t hear any threat.” Jaejoong frowns, perplexed now.

“That’s not how Dong Woon tells it. He says the man threatened him. I have instructed the guards not to let him in till I get to the bottom of this.”

Jaejoong steps forward, his frown deepening. “You can’t do that.”

“Funny, that’s what your sister said.”

Jaejoong stares at the scowling man. “Sir, he’s supposed to attend the meeting with my guidance counselor tomorrow. How can he do that if he’s banned from school grounds?”

“Your sister can attend with you.”

Jaejoong sighs. He knows Yunho is not going to be happy about this at all. “But, Sir. My sister has to work.”

“And this man doesn’t?” The contempt in Principal Lee’s voice is obvious. He is already angry with Jaejoong for punching one of the longest-serving teachers in the school, and angry yet again for his sister daring to ask that he switch Jaejoong to the other biology AP class. The boy can deal with his class. He’s not about to pander to the whims of the school charity case. He has already reprimanded Teacher Song, but he knows exactly who to blame for the whole debacle.

Kim Jaejoong.

The boy is trouble. A one-way ticket straight to hell, and even he knows it. Though he certainly has more control than the stupid biology teacher. If he had his way, he’d kick the boy out of school. Unfortunately, the scholarship he is on is an external one, and by the time he gets through all the red-tape, the boy would have graduated.

“He owns his own business.” Jaejoong bristles, not at all liking his Principal’s tone. The man has always been somewhat fair, though Jaejoong still thinks his suspension was overkill considering how close his exams are. But he really doesn’t appreciate the shade being cast on Yunho.

The phone rings before Principal Lee can remark on the boy’s rude tone. He sees it is from security, and he answers it quickly. Though when he does, he wishes he hadn’t. He looks over at Jaejoong who is still staring at him, huge doe eyes filled with a hint of anger as he continues to worry his bottom lip.

”What do we do, Sir? Xia Junsu is in the car behind, and insisting he be let through to check on his dancers and he refuses to back up. I have to let the tattooed man through in order to let the idol through.”

Principal Lee has already been told by the largest management agency in South Korea to give their biggest star access to his dancers where necessary. Unless they are in the middle of exams, no one is to gainsay Xia Junsu. The school board, eager for publicity, had told Principal Lee to accommodate the man on no uncertain terms.

The school has already been warned to behave appropriately around the idol, the school board promising to hold Principal Lee fully responsible if Xia Junsu gets mobbed, and takes his dancers out of the school.

“Does he have bodyguards with him?”

”There is another man in the car with him, but I can’t see who it is because his windows are heavily tinted. Xia Junsu came out of the car to see what the hold up was.”

“Let him through.”

“Even the tattooed man?”

“Yes, but keep an eye on them. If he so much as touches a student, you have my permission to use whatever force necessary to subdue him.”

”Uh…Sir…have you seen this man?”

“No. Why?”

”I doubt even all five of us would be able to keep him down.”

Principal Lee hangs up in disgust. The way Dong Woon described him, he wouldn’t be surprised if the security guards are right. He can only hope the man recognises the international star in the car behind his, and he behaves appropriately.

Though somehow, he has a feeling it is a futile hope.

“Who are you trying to subdue?” Jaejoong asks. He knows he shouldn’t listen to other people’s conversations, but he has a sinking suspicion as to what that was about. He knows Yunho has a long lunch break today, and he had been hoping the man would drop in and see him.

Principal Lee gazes balefully at the senior, not answering.

They stare at each other for a few seconds, before Jaejoong speaks up again.


“Get out, Jaejoong. You are already in trouble now for being rude to me. Tread carefully lest you find yourself suspended once again.”

Jaejoong fists his hands, swallowing the urge to retort. He cannot afford to be suspended again, no matter how unfair the principal is being. It’s his word against the man’s, and who is going to side with him?


He grits his teeth, fighting the sudden prick of tears in his eyes as he turns to leave the room. The lunch bell had gone before the Principal’s phone call, and all he wants to do is hide out in the library.

But he also wants to know if it really is Yunho that has turned up, and so he hurries towards the carpark.

The student body watches as the R8 from that morning, and a blue Lamborghini Aventador pull up by the side field. It is a beautiful spring day, and a majority of the students had opted to have their lunch out in the field.

Jocks and cheerleaders congregate at one table off from the edge of the field nearest the carpark. The closest table belong to the school dancers. The twin boys currently sitting there are actual mini-celebrities in a way, and are on reasonably good terms with the cheerleaders and jocks to be left alone.

Everyone else are spread out around the field in various clusters.

And all eyes are on the two cars.

Yunho exits his car, shrugging off his jacket as he does and knotting it around his waist as he pulls out his pack of cigarettes. He lights it quickly, leaning back against his car casually as he surveys the scene before him.

The problem at the guard house had been expected, Yunho had gotten a message immediately from one of his father’s men asking for permission to deal with it. Yunho had declined. It is a trivial matter, and unless the school pushes it, he is fine with how things are. At least he knows that Jaejoong is being watched reasonably closely though, and that’s enough for him.

Taeyeon suppresses a shiver of desire as she eyes the gorgeous tattooed man. In a wife beater with his tattoos showing, he looks even more delicious than he did that morning.

“He is so fucking hot.”

“Shut up, Fany. I saw him first.”

“Whatever, Sica.”

“Both of you shut up. You’re both too short for him.” Sooyoung smirks as she straightens up to her full height, tugging at her mini-skirt. All of them are in their red cheer uniforms, mini skirts with matching boy shorts. Some are in their sleeveless tops of the uniform while others are wearing their red jackets.

“He’s just trash, Sooyoung. You can do better than that.”

“What?” Taeyeon turns on the new male voice, sneering at Dong Woon. “Trash? Better than him? Are you implying yourself?”

“Maybe I am.”

She scoffs. “Puh-leaz. You practically pissed your pants this morning and then ran tattling to Principal Lee, and then told practically everyone to stay away from Jaejoong. Why the fuck would anyone prefer a snivelling bastard like you to that?” She pops a thumb over her shoulder. “At least he’s man enough to not give a fuck about our darling Principal’s orders.”

Dong Woon’s face changes as she continues to sneer at him.

“Yes, my dear. I know all about his orders to keep that man out of school thanks to your whining.” Taeyeon has no idea why she’s decided to show Dong Woon down in public, but she is head cheerleader and he is the senior class president. Normally, they’d be together, but he is far stupider than she is, and she definitely has no use for him. She usually remains silent to maintain the status quo, but she is finding herself painfully attracted to the tattooed man smoking against the car, and she’s finding Dong Woon’s whining incredibly irritating.

No one questions her.

“Whatever,” one of Dong Woon’s hangers on speaks up. Another jock. “He came with that loser, Jaejoong. No matter how hot he is, he’s still a fucking loser.”

“A loser like Lay?” Seohyun speaks up, her voice sickeningly sweet as she stands behind her captain. “Because look at who just appeared practically hand in hand with the new kid.”

All heads turn as she nods towards the large stone staircase that leads down to the field.

Lay is helping Jaejoong pick up his books that someone had knocked over in their hurry to get to the carpark to see what all the fuss is about. The two basketball athletes hadn’t even paused to check if Jaejoong was alright. One more step and the boy would have been knocked headlong down the flight of stairs. Lay who had been walking behind them had hurried forward to help the older teen. He doesn’t say anything about the tears in the Jaejoong’s eyes, taking his hand and squeezing it reassuringly instead, as he helps him gather his things.

Neither notice the commotion on the field, nor have they seen the ostentatious cars parked along the edge.

Yunho has not noticed them either, eyes on the group of cheerleaders that have suddenly broken away from the biggest table in the field to head towards him.

“Why are we here?” Junsu asks Changmin who is chuckling as he stares out the window.

“I thought you wanted to visit your dancers?”

“That was just so that the guards would let us through and you know it. Why wouldn’t they let hyung through? And more importantly, why the heck are we at a high school?”

“Hyung is here for his kitten.”

“Kitten?” Junsu’s brow furrows as he looks out at the cheerleaders getting into formation just in front of Yunho. Two of them are lugging a TDK portable boom box, and placing it on the table closest to them. He recognises the twins Kai and Tae immediately, and he knows the teenagers recognise his car as they ignore the commotion next to them, whispering and looking towards him.

A yo, GG!

The familiar beginning to a popular song starts to play as the cheerleaders start with the hand springs, a couple cartwheeling and twisting across the front of the line of seven girls.

“They’re good,” Junsu observes, as the girls continue with some backflips and low throws.

Here comes trouble…ttarahae!

The steps become familiar from hereon to the two men watching from within the blue lamborghini as the nine girls follow the original choreography of the song.

The girls get bolder though, getting closer to Yunho who is completely expressionless as he finishes his cigarette, stubbing it out with the heel of his boot, as he stares impassively at the gyrating teenage girls.

Two break away, twins from the looks of them. Tall.

They actually come to Yunho, gyrating against him.

A third girl pushes through, petite and fierce. She is very pretty, and determination is etched on her face.

Ayo, stop. Let me put it down another way.

Junsu and Changmin watch, Changmin especially slightly agog as the nubile girls sink into the pelvic move. But somehow, these teenagers make it look far dirtier than the kpop idols whose song this is.

Perhaps it’s because of their age. Everything they do has an extra tinge of dirty because it is so wrong of them as adults, to think of them sexually.

Or perhaps it’s because one of them is so close and sinking so low she is practically mouth to crotch with Yunho.

“Is that his kitten?” Junsu asks, staring incredulously at the bold teenager. She does resemble a kitten in a way. She is petite enough for sure, but he is confused because he is certain a boy was mentioned and his hyung definitely prefers males.

Changmin starts to laugh.

Lay takes Jaejoong to his table. Everyone’s attention is on the cheerleaders making a spectacle of themselves as usual, and he cannot actually see what’s going on, but he can see the familiar blue lamborghini. There is only one in the whole of South Korea, and it belongs to only one man.

Jaejoong keeps his head down, his heart still thundering madly from almost flying down those stone stairs. A quick glance at Taeyeon’s table reveals that she isn’t there, and so he willingly goes with Lay. If he’s being honest, he vastly prefers the company of the dancers to Taeyeon and her friends anyway.

The cheerleaders are dancing, something that isn’t unusual, but when he looks up to see who they’re dancing to, he freezes.

“Hey, hyung.” Jongin calls, smiling at the newcomers as his brother greets Lay.

Jaejoong turns to look at him, staring blindly as feels like he is back at Mirotic with that stupid girl hanging off Yunho.

But this time the stupid girl is Taeyeon, someone he thought was somewhat of a friend.

Lay frowns as he sees the head cheerleader dancing against Yunho. Their song choice makes a bit of sense now.

I got a boy indeed.

He knows the girl is known to be a predator when it comes to the boys in school. If she has her eyes set on someone, she gets him, no matter if he is in a previous relationship or not.

And now she has her eyes set on the tattooist.

Jaejoong’s tattooist.

“How do you guys feel about a dance off?”

Jongin and Taemin immediately perk up interestedly. Xia Junsu is watching them right now, and if they can impress him, they might get a permanent position as his backup dancers, maybe more. The concert the previous night was just a sub, a test to see what they are like. They only performed three songs, but it is enough to give them a taste for more.

“What should we dance?”

“How about the one from yesterday? I want to show those girls exactly how to move their hips.”

Taemin grins, agreeing heartily. “Jaejoongie hyung can join us too. He knows the steps. The more the merrier.”

Lay couldn’t have asked for a better suggestion as he watches Jaejoong’s head jerk up to stare at Taemin.

“You know the song,” Jongin nods at Jaejoong. “It’s the one we were practicing with you. The formation was changed during the concert so we can dance in a V. You can be behind me if you can’t remember the moves.”

“I remember…but—“

“No buts!” Taemin interrupts, his grin widening. “But I want hyung in front because his hips are much better than ours.”

“Ok, Jongin and hyung in front, Tae and I at the back,” Lay agrees.

“Wait, what?” Jaejoong protests, but he gets shushed.

“Do you have your towel from gym?”


“Try not to smack yourself in the face with it this time, ok, hyung?” Jongin coaches seriously as he digs out his own towel. “We want to show those girls how to move, not to laugh.”

Jaejoong groans, shaking his head but the three grinning younger teenagers are not taking no for an answer.

Taemin, fiddles with his ipod, and the second I Got A Boy ends, he unplugs the ipod, plugging in his own and smirking as the music starts. He knows no one is going to mess with them, at least not for the duration of the song.

The four boys approach the girls who are glaring at them, but they back away, against Yunho’s car. Something that makes Jaejoong frown. He follows the twins and Lay as they take off their shirts, dropping it to the grass as he walks forward. He cannot see anything but Yunho who is quirking an eyebrow at him, Taeyeon against his side and Sooyoung on his other side. He tugs at the towel in his waistband, drying his suddenly clammy hands, before they start to dance.

Yunho is unable to believe his eyes, and he is finding it hard to school his features as he watches Jaejoong start to dance to a familiar song.

Do it love love love like naughty night…
Which love love love like steamy night…

“Are those your dancers?” Changmin asks, though his eyes are on one boy along.

“Yes, but I don’t know who the fourth boy is. Yesterday is the first time I’ve ever performed this song so I’m wondering how he knows the choreography.”

Do it love love love like naughty night…
Which love love love like holding tight…

His kitten has turned into someone else altogether, as they launch into the next move, and Yunho almost chokes on air.

Those hips.

Is it against school rules to take a student home at lunch time?

Jaejoong uses his entire body, compared to the other three boys, though if he is honest, he barely notices the other three.

But he notices enough to see the other three keep the movements in their chest and abdomen while Jaejoong’s body waves flow lower to his hips.

Junsu is laughing as he watches the four boys. He turns to grin at a gaping Changmin who hasn’t taken his eyes off them since they started dancing. “That new kid whoever he is gets the choreo better than the other three. In that last move at least. I keep telling them to sink it into their hips, but no one seems to get it and then there’s this kid.”

“That’s Yunho’s kitten.”

Junsu’s head whirls right back round, eyes narrowing, looking at the teenager wielding the towel in a new light. And then he grins.

“He is much more beautiful than that girl, and he looks like he is about to wipe the floor with her.”

“His kitten definitely has claws.”

“I want to get closer,” Junsu smirks as he opens the door and hops out of his car.

Changmin gets out too, as the teenagers close enough to notice Xia Junsu start to scream. He notices Jaejoong faltering, but a quick whisper from Lay keeps the boy moving, though he is gaping slightly at the grinning idol who takes his place at the apex of the V formation as the rap part of the song ends.

Yunho barely notices his cousin as the song returns to that crazy body wave move. Jaejoong is unsmiling, back to glaring daggers at the girl who is plastered against his side as the five of them approach.

He is not an ass, and he is not going to shove the girl away in front of her friends. He can only hope she moves of her own accord, but judging from the sparks in his kitten’s eyes, he has a feeling Jaejoong is going to remove her for him.

Dong Woon cannot believe his eyes.

Neither can his friends.

Nor the rest of the school.

They are not staring at Xia Junsu.

But rather at the man who has just exited, grinning widely from the passenger side of the blue lamborghini.

The man from this morning who had escorted Jaejoong to school. The man with the blonde girl who had kissed Jaejoong in front of the whole school.

That man is friends with Xia Junsu, the current idol blowing away records and topping the charts.

“I don’t know who you just fucked off by messing with Jaejoong, Dong Woon.” Siwon mutters next to him, “but you’re on your own, pal.”

The five approach, till Junsu is about five feet away from Yunho. They finish the song, their stance challenging, as the three teenage back up dancers glare at the line of cheerleaders. Jaejoong only glares at one, while Junsu hides a laugh at the expression on his cousin’s face.

The man is completely poleaxed.

He has never seen his cousin so unsettled before, and even if he was, he never shows it. He sees Yunho’s kitten moving out of the corner of his eyes, and he folds his arms across his chest, leaning back on his heels to watch the fireworks.

“Go play with your boys, Taeyeon.”

Jaejoong growls as he glares at the girl looking uncertain for the first time ever as she looks back and forth between the superstar idol standing behind Jaejoong, and then back at the teenager himself.

“This is my man.” He loops his towel around the back Yunho’s neck, glaring defiantly up at the older man as he pulls him down for a kiss, effectively dislodging the head cheerleader in the process.

The crowd is stunned, as quiet, innocent, beautiful Kim Jaejoong kisses the gorgeous tattooed man. A man who is slipping his hands into their schoolmate’s back pockets and pulling him closer.

Many feel disgust.

Others feel confused.

A few are a little amused.

But all are unable to look away.

The kiss grows more carnal, as Yunho slants his mouth over the hot, willing and angry kitten in his arms. The boy is fighting for dominance, and Yunho wonders at that, but he allows the boy into his mouth, sucking on his tongue, swallowing the deep groan that is ripped from Jaejoong’s throat as he does so.

At the sound, Taeyeon flees as if touched by fire.

Followed slowly by her minions, as they stare at the incredibly attractive man kissing their beautiful schoolmate as if they aren’t in the middle of school property in broad daylight.

They want to feel disgust, but they are girls, and used to shipping idols. Hell, they’ve even shipped Xia Junsu, the man staring at the couple with a fond smile on his face. Faced with it, they feel the knee jerk reaction of disgust, but it slowly dissipates the more they stare as they see Jaejoong leaning into the older, broader man, hands creeping up over his shoulders and playing with the hair at the back of his neck.

If he was a girl, they’d be hooting and cooing, not staring in shocked silence.

Jaejoong isn’t a girl.

But are they really any different?

Yoona and Yuri, the twins on the cheer squad are the last to leave. They hold hands as they watch the couple finally break their kiss. The older man has his eyes shut, pressing his forehead against Jaejoong’s forehead, smiling against his mouth as he whispers something they cannot hear.

They are surprised when Jaejoong leans away, wrists locked behind the tattooed man’s neck as he laughs.

Truly laughs.

They hear love in the laughter.

And they both smile.

Principal Lee watches through the windows of his office. He is unsurprised when several teachers burst in, protesting loudly and being extremely indignant.

At the forefront, is Jaejoong’s AP Biology teacher.

“You must do something about this!”

Principal Lee says nothing as he picks up the phone to call the local police station.

The smile he is wearing is gleeful indeed. He can kill two birds with one stone now, surely.

“What do you mean you can’t do anything? Isn’t it against the law for an adult to be with a teenager?”

The man on the phone sighs, tapping his pen impatiently on the desk as he stares at the photograph that the principal has just emailed him. He recognises Kazuo Taoka’s son immediately, and he has alerted his superior officers who have all basically told him to shut the principal down.

“All you’re telling me is that a man is kissing a teenager in the carpark of your school, and by your admission, it was the teenager who had kissed him first. If it was a girl who had kissed him, would you be calling me right now?”

“Of course!”

The officer rolls his eyes, hearing the falter in the man’s protest.

“And I would tell you the same thing. You’re wasting our time. If we arrested every single adult kissing a seventeen year old, I bet I would have to arrest the older half of your senior class. Look, there’s nothing we can do. There are no laws against kissing in public. The boy is almost eighteen, and again, by your own admission, the boy’s family knows about this man. I suggest you politely ask them to stop, but I wouldn’t ban Yunho from your school grounds if I were you.”

“Why not?”

The officer rubs his temple. He is really annoyed at having to deal with this. He has a mountain of paperwork to get through, and the last thing he needs is a prejudiced school principal trying to take on the biggest triad in the world. This isn’t going to end pretty for the man if he doesn’t stop.

“You really wouldn’t like the consequences if you tried.”

“Who the hell is this man? He pretty much told my senior class president that if he forgets him, he wouldn’t like the consequences, and now you’re saying the same thing.”

“Look, as an officer of the law, you will need to take my word on this. Do not anger that man.”

“Who is he?” Principal Lee demands, getting angrier at the half answers he is getting, the conversation not going the way he expected at all.

“Someone who can make your life hell if you mess with what is his. Listen to my words carefully. That man’s family is not to be messed with.”

“Surely, you’re joking!” The man might be angry, but he does not miss the emphasis on family. “Do they even have any influence here in Seoul? I thought I read in the news that the family operating here had just been taken down and their leader is dead.”

“Who do you think got rid of that family?”

Silence, as Principal Lee processes the almost unbelievable implications of the man’s words.

“But…but…he’s a criminal! How can I not do anything? Can’t I expel the boy?” There is a tinge of desperation in his voice. Kim Jaejoong is more trouble than he ever imagined. Why can’t he just get rid of the kid?

“Yunho has never been involved in anything criminal as far as we know. He has lived apart from his family for over a decade, but he is watched closely by his father. The sins of the father do not taint the son, Principal Lee. Swallow your pride. Life will be much smoother for you. He is only there for another five weeks isn’t he? Just leave him alone.”

He doesn’t even bother to say goodbye, hanging up in impotent fury.

“What did they say?”

“They can’t do anything.”

“The hell, they can’t!” The AP Biology teacher protests, making Principal Lee narrow his eyes at the two-faced man.

“Be careful, Teacher Song. I’d watch your words if I were you.”

There is silence as he stares down the small group of teachers. His mind is racing at the implications the police officer just insinuated at, and he knows he cannot do anything.

One of the teachers, a history teacher from Jaejoong’s junior year speaks up quietly.

“I couldn’t help but overhear your side of the conversation, sir, and am I right to say that this Yunho…” he trails off for a second, before continuing. “That this Yunho is of the yakuza?”


His intercom buzzes right then, and he answers it as his teachers exchange looks.


“Sir, Kim Jaejoong is here with…uh…Yunho, and they want a word.”

“Tell them to wait, please. I’ll be with them in a few minutes.”

Principal Lee sits back heavily in his chair, staring at the teachers in his office. He is going to keep them here, for his safety if nothing else.

“The police officer tells me this Yunho has never committed any crimes, but his family is yakuza,” he pins the biology teacher with a look as the man suddenly looks terrified. “You need to shut up. Don’t even look at the boy, understood?”

He eyes every single one of the teachers in the room, and then back to the history teacher who has paled. Paled even more than the biology teacher and that is saying something.

“What’s the matter Teacher Lee?”

“Sir, if his name is Yunho, and he hasn’t commited any crimes and yet is still of the yakuza, then I know who he is.”

“Who is he?”

Teacher Lee shakes his head, stuffing his hands into his pockets to keep them from shaking. “His father is Kazuo Taoka, head of Yamaguchi-gumi, the biggest yakuza family in the world. He disappeared over a decade ago, and no one knew where he went.” His voice slips into a whisper. “I think our Kim Jaejoong just found him.”

“I’m leaving!” Teacher Song turns, but is halted by a sharp word from the Principal.

“Stay. All of you stay. Sit on the couches if you have to, but stay. I will listen to what they have to say, and all of you are to nod and agree, no matter what, understand?”

Five heads nod quickly as Principal Lee presses his intercom. He despises himself for the shakiness of his voice as he tells his secretary to send Jaejoong and Yunho in.

Jaejoong is fiddling nervously with the towel in his hand. The secretary keeps staring lustily at Yunho and he has the urge to tell her off, but the butterflies in the pit of his stomach are stopping him. He knows there is noway she knows about what just happened in the carpark, otherwise she’d probably be staring at him in disgust. Yunho is rubbing his lower back soothingly, and he appreciates the man’s efforts to calm him.

Yunho wants to find out why he was stopped at the gate, and Jaejoong just wants to get the whole thing out of the way. He is going to attempt to ask about the meeting with the guidance counselor tomorrow, and also about the possibility of changing biology classes. He figures with Yunho being there, it might give him a little more courage.

He hears the buzzer go off, and the secretary answering it, before nodding at both him and Yunho to go in.

Jaejoong stands, taking a deep fortifying breath.

Yunho slips an arm around the nervous teenager, pulling him close and pressing a kiss to his temple. He winks at the stunned secretary as they walk past her and into the room.

They both notice the crowd immediately, and Yunho’s relaxed demeanour tenses as he cases the room. He marks each and everyone of them off as insignificant, but paying attention to one man in particular whose fear is practically rolling off him in waves.

Is his identity knows? Perhaps this will go quicker then.

“Welcome, uh…Yunho-ssi. Please have a seat.”

Yunho merely quirks an eyebrow at the clearly nervous man. He decides to fluster him even more, because he is now sure the man knows who he is. He remains standing gesturing for Jaejoong to take the seat even though the teenager was omitted in the invitation, moving to stand behind the boy, a hand on his shoulder.


Yunho smiles, and the Principal loses his train of thought. The man’s smile is like a shark’s. He was angry earlier, and then annoyed, and then slightly fearful, but now he is flat out terrified.

Yunho’s phone beeps just then, and he holds a finger up, asking to wait as he checks the message.

The police were called on you, son. I heard your father talking about it over the phone and he is very angry at the audacity of the man who called. I think it was the school principal. Please try and diffuse the situation. I will talk your father down. He is easily agitated over you lately. He misses you. Come home quick.

He sighs. The sound is exasperated as he turns towards the nervous principal and shakes his head at him. “You called the police?”

“What!?” Jaejoong exclaims immediately, ripping himself from Yunho touch as he leans forward, anger infusing him in a heartbeat.

“Calm down, kitten.”

Jaejoong whirls around, eyes blazing. “How can I calm down? You haven’t done anything wrong.”

“It’ll be alright.”


“Jaejoong, enough.”

“No! I won’t let anyone send you to jail!”

“I’m not going anywhere, kitten. I promise.”

The teachers, as well as the Principal are staring at the honor roll student Kim Jaejoong in a new light. They are all practically wetting themselves, and even more so at how quickly Yunho had found out about the phone call to the Police, and how confident he was about not going to jail. And then this quiet seventeen year old is practically shouting at the man.

Jaejoong sags into his seat, after seeing the affirmation in Yunho’s eyes. Calling the police is too much, and over what? A kiss?

Yunho takes a firmer hold of the teenager’s shoulder, and he almost smiles as he feels Jaejoong stroking his cheek against the back of his hand. He can feel him take a shuddering breath, and the fact that Jaejoong is scared angers him more than anything else.

“Apologise to him.” He stares at the school principal.


“Apologise to Jaejoong. He is scared because you called the police on me, even though we both know that was an exercise in futility, but I can feel him trembling still. Apologise.” Yunho’s tone is cold and implacable as he stares at the man behind the large oak desk.

“Yunho, it’s ok.” Jaejoong whispers, embarrassed as he feels the eyes on him.

“It’s not ok, kitten. Whoever messes with you, messes with me.”

The warning is heard loud and clear, and Jaejoong’s biology teacher is very close to fainting.

“Yunho, you’re scaring everyone now,” Jaejoong chides gently.

Yunho smiles.

The principal shivers at the coldness in it.

“That’s the idea, kitten.”

Jaejoong sighs, shaking his head at his principal who is looking absolutely stricken. “Don’t worry, sir. I’m alright. You won’t stop Yunho from coming to school anymore, right?”

The man shakes his head mutely.

Jaejoong smiles, feeling warm again. The brief terror at Yunho being carted off to jail has dissipated completely.

“So he can come see my guidance counselor with me tomorrow?”

Principal Lee nods. He doesn’t trust himself to speak.

“Um…” Jaejoong wonders whether to try his luck about the teachers. He tilts his head back to look at Yunho who looks down at him and smiles reassuringly. He decides that perhaps this is the best time as any. “Can I switch biology classes to Teacher Park’s please?”

Yunho frowns instantly and he takes a step forward, staring at the Principal who has paled. His voice is low and vaguely menacing, though really, he is in disbelief more than anything.

“You mean to tell me that you left Jaejoong in the same class as the asshole who harassed him?”

There is a soft keening sound from behind them, and both Jaejoong and Yunho turn, just in time to see Teacher Song swoon into a dead faint.

AN1: IDK anyone named Dong Woon. I couldn’t think of an idol suitable enough so yeah… And lol, I like Soshi ok? I’m just lazy to think of names and I figured it’ll be easier for everyone to picture the cheer squad like this.

AN2: I am a sucker for Junsu and his choreography… When Tarantallegra first came out, I incorporated that into Jejuko so this shouldn’t be a surprise to some of you :P Hahahahaha lord, ok, this fic is MY GUILTY PLEASURE!!! And meant to be a feel-good and happy and fluffy fic ok? Meant to cheer ME up and if it makes all of you smile, that’s an added bonus. Almost done good lord… One more chapter ahhhhhh!!!!!

AN3: Here's the dance link lmao...

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