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The Tattooist [15a]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG13-NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, crack
Warning: Underage Jaejoong
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

AN1: This is not going to be in six parts (famous last words? OTL) lmao! Part b will be up when it’s up T______T I can’t believe I’m almost done…

AN2: Also, this new banner is by shinkinism on tumblr who also did my old banner. I love it! XD

Today has been a really trying day.

First, Yunho decides that morning sex before school is a good idea.

It is not a good idea, especially when you have double gym and are expected to play a full game of football regardless of the fact that it’s exams next week. Yes, the brain needs stimulation but a full game?

But that’s not the worse of it. Jaejoong has discovered a rather unfortunate side effect when it comes to sex.

It makes him stupid.

There is honestly no other explanation.

He has noticed it a couple of times before, but had simply written it off as laziness since he was at home both times, and was feeling much too relaxed to do any homework.

But he is in school.

They had a pop quiz in first period calculus, and he had barely been able to focus on the sums, let alone try to work out the answers. He had blamed it on the twinges in his ass, as he shifts uncomfortably on the hard plastic chair. And when the same thing happens in english following that, on the soft grass outdoors, under the shade of the trees, listening to his teacher’s soothing voice reiterating grammar rules, he knows it’s not just the twinges in his ass.

It is a rather spurious line of reasoning, but he has never ever come across this phenomenon in the entirety of his school life. The only difference he can see is sex.

By third period, the effects have somewhat worn off, and he knows it is so because it is biology and he actually manages to understand and follow the revision going on even though it is discussing one of the topics he is starting to find increasingly annoying.


Along with all the associate topics of fertilization, genetic variation and reproduction.

It just serves to remind him how unnatural he is.

“Are you trying to pout those sums into submission?” A teasing voice speaks up from next to him, interrupting his sorry train of thought.

Jaejoong smiles, pushing away the negativity in his mind as he turns to greet Taemin.

“Is it working?” Jongin asks as he throws his bag onto the table and settles opposite the older teenager.

“It’s Jaejoong hyung. Everything he pouts at will submit.” Lay nods as he settles next to Jongin.

“Don’t be silly,” Jaejoong chides, but he blushes nonetheless. In the two weeks following his rather dramatic entrance to the school with Yunho, along with everything that followed that day, everyone has given him a wide berth. It is then, that he realises who his true friends are.

The dancing twins and Lay stay.

As do the twin cheerleaders Yoona and Yuri for some strange reason.

Plus a handful of others, including the captain of the girl’s softball team, Sulli, Jessica’s younger sister and fellow cheerleader Krystal who outright defied her older sister at lunch the following day after Jaejoong’s entrance, removing herself from the cheer table to sit with the dancers and Jaejoong. Two of the handsomest seniors in the school, belonging to the acting and debate team, Hyunjoong and Seunghyun also make their way to “Jaejoong’s table” the day after Krystal.

Jaejoong is hyung and oppa to all of them, and it feels weird to him to suddenly have an entourage of sorts.

Everyone else stays away.

Lay isn’t exaggerating about the submitting part. When Jaejoong pouts, teachers and students alike think he is unhappy about something, instead of it being the natural state of his mouth, and practically all of them bend over backwards to try and soothe his non-existent ruffled feathers.

It is mostly teachers though, since the students keep their distance. It is only the people who bother to know him, that don’t jump to do his bidding. Yoona and Yuri tease him mercilessly when he does pout. Not the type of teasing they used to do, but the kind that Jaejoong is used to from the adults at Mirotic. Seunghyun and Hyunjoong merely smirk, while Sulli and Krystal ask what is wrong, both of them oddly the most practical of the whole group.

And the dancers just continue to be irreverent dongsaengs.

“Hyung, I saw Siwon practically exchange his food tray with you just now when you got in line, and he got the last box of cherries.” Lay nods at the half eaten box of cherries on the table. “And we all know he likes cherries possibly more than you do.”

Jaejoong picks a cherry from his box, popping it into his mouth, his pout fully evident even as he chews thoughtfully. “Well, that’s nice of him I guess. I just wanted to have a cherry popping contest. Today has sucked so far and cherry popping makes me happy.”

Hyunjoong and Seunghyun, arm in arm with the cheerleader twins, get to the table just in time to hear that last bit, and all four burst out laughing.

“I really doubt you’ve popped any cherries, hyung.” Seunghyun smirks, his amused, low, velvet voice rolling across the occupants of the table.

In response, Jaejoong turns and spits the cherry pip in his mouth out, and it sails a fair distance before dropping next to bunch of girls sitting under a tree. They turn angrily, trying to find the source, but when they see Jaejoong with his hands held up apologetically, they immediately look away.

“You’d think I was a grouchy bear or something,” Jaejoong grumbles as he turns back to the table. Somehow, everyone manages to squeeze on the benches at the table. Krystal and Sulli had first lunch today, and Jaejoong is actually done for the day just like the other seniors in his class because post lunch is basically study hall.

“That’s what you meant by popping cherries?” Yuri questions incredulously, leaning against Lay with her long legs across her sister’s and Jongin’s lap.

Jaejoong picks up another cherry, this time with its stem and he pops it in and out of his mouth, sucking on the tasteless skin as he stares at the pretty cheerleader.

“Hyung, stop doing that,” Hyunjoong laughs as he leans over past Taemin to snatch the fruit from the older teen’s fingers, popping it into his own mouth.

Jaejoong huffs, picking up another cherry, but he is stopped by Yoona. The twins are squeezed between Lay and Jongin somehow, and she is the closest to him. Her hand is over his and she shakes her head.

“Ok, I think it’s time for cherry popping 101.”

Everyone at the table snort, while Jaejoong merely looks confused.

“Oppa, your boyfriend popped your cherry didn’t he?”

“He kinda sucks at popping cherries.”

“Oh dear,” Taemin murmurs, as everyone bursts out laughing. He turns to Yoona, expression faintly imploring. “Noona, please get on with it.”

She strokes her sister’s bare thigh as she smirks, leaning forward. “I meant he took your virginity. That’s what popping cherries means, and it’s why people always laugh when you say it.”

Jaejoong stares at his classmate, before moving on to every face around the table. Everyone nods, the younger ones looking vaguely apologetic, the older ones smirking slightly.

He finally spits out his cherry pip, shrugging as he mentally cringes at the cherry popping conversation he had at Mirotic. Good grief.

“Well,” he starts, smiling slightly, “then Yunho beats me at popping cherries. He’s the best.”

The boys snort while the girls blush.

The conversation carries on easily after that, talking about everything and nothing, Jaejoong making everyone promise him that they will tell him if he says anything stupid in the future, though something Yuri says did make him smile genuinely.

”You’re one of a kind. I wouldn’t change if I were you. There are enough people around who know what the heck cherry popping means. Why would you want to be part of the majority? Stay unique.”

“Your ride’s here.” Taemin interrupts Jaejoong’s thoughts once again.

Everyone at the table, not to mention most of the other students close enough to see the parking lot turn to see the sleek R8 pulling up at its usual spot.

Instead of smiling, Jaejoong frowns.

“What’s wrong?”

“Eryn and Nicole noona were supposed to pick me up.”

The bell goes just then, signaling the end of lunch. Everyone starts to move, albeit incredibly slowly as they watch the handsome man exit the car. Sunglasses in place, he is dressed rather casually in a tee shirt and jeans. His smirk can be seen from a mile away as he crooks a finger in Jaejoong’s direction.

“Oh he didn’t…” Jaejoong growls.

“What’s gotten you in a snit?” Yoona asks curiously as she stands up, because Jaejoong really does not look pleased at all. The teenager is usually all happy smiles and shy blushes whenever his boyfriend makes an appearance at school, but for some reason, it’s the total opposite today. “Judging by the way you were squirming in calculus today, I’d have thought you’d be happy to see him.”

“He makes me stupid.”


“And we had gym today.” Jaejoong reminds his classmates pointedly, and the twins along with Hyunjoong and Seunghyun chuckle sympathetically, understanding instantly.

“Couldn’t you have gotten a note? Or told the teacher?” Lay asks, only to have Jaejoong stare incredulously at him.

“And say what? Please excuse Kim Jaejoong from gym because he had sex this morning and is too sore to run around playing with balls.”

“No, because Kim Jaejoong already played with balls today.” Hyunjoong laughs.


“Nevermind!” Everyone suddenly shouts, chuckling at the surprised teenager who is still seated.

The seniors all leave slowly, Yoona and Yuri even kissing Jaejoong before blowing kisses in Yunho’s direction, grinning when he catches their kisses with a laugh. They are still popular despite their perceived betrayal of Taeyeon and her ilk, and have no fear for Yunho especially when they realise that he is not as scary as everyone thinks he is. They have both visited Mirotic, and have witnessed how much he dotes on Jaejoong.

Jaejoong blushes a deep red when he finally gets what Hyunjoong was intimating at, and he is suddenly annoyed all over again with Yunho. He packs up his things huffily, grumbling under his breath, as his dongsaengs watch him. All three have a free study period before their final class.

“You really are grumpy today,” Jongin observes unnecessarily, getting himself an irritated sniff in return.

“You’d be grumpy too if you were me, trust me.”

Jongin turns to look at Yunho, and then back at Jaejoong, blushing slightly. “Oh I don’t know…”

Jaejoong doesn’t reply, waving goodbye as he stomps the short distance towards Yunho. Unfortunately for the boy, a tree root gets in his way, and he trips, going flying with a scream.

So much for a dramatic entrance.

Yunho moves quickly, as do Lay and the twins.

Jaejoong is biting back another scream as he shifts. His ankle is sending bolts of pain shooting up through him, and he is convinced his foot is finally broken. He takes offence to the annoying smirk on Yunho’s face. Shouldn’t the man be sympathetic?

“Don’t you dare tell me to watch where I’m going,” he starts, swallowing a wince as his foot twinges again as he gesticulates with his hands. “I will scream if you do.”

“You’ve already screamed, kitten,” Yunho points out as he squats on his haunches by Jaejoong’s feet. He is smiling because Jaejoong looks so wounded. He finds the boy extra adorable when he is angry, and he really has no idea why. He doesn’t think the kid has really hurt himself though. Perhaps his pride, and not much else.

Jaejoong leans back as he feels someone sitting behind him. Taemin is hugging him, and he leans against the younger boy gratefully as he glares at his unsympathetic boyfriend.

“Don’t call me kitten. I’m GA3 today.”

“GA3?” The younger boys echo. Lay and Jongin sit on either side of Jaejoong on the grass as they stare at the petulant teenager.

“Grumpy Ass three.”

“Don’t ask,” Yunho chuckles. “Come on then, GA3. I had to close the office to pick you up. Nic and Eryn have gone with Changmin to pick up Junsu. His flight arrived earlier than expected.

“Why couldn’t you go pick him up? He is your cousin.”

Yunho quirks an eyebrow. “You didn’t want me to fetch you?”

“You make me stupid.”

Yunho’s brown furrows and he looks at the three younger teenager all shrugging at him.

“He said the same thing earlier.” Lay offers helpfully. “He didn’t explain.”

“And I’m not going to either,” Jaejoong declares, huffing as he crosses his arms over his chest. Honestly, why can’t he be allowed to sulk in peace? Back when he was living with his sisters, it was impossible because they are all beyond nosy. Nicole and Eryn are surprisingly not as nosy, able to sense when he wants to be left alone.

But Yunho is hopeless at leaving him alone. The man can’t take a hint. Not that Jaejoong gets into a big enough snit to want to be left alone, but he is definitely not happy to see Yunho earlier than expected.

He tries to get up, exclaiming when his foot twinges again.

Yunho frowns as he reaches out to push up Jaejoong’s pants to examine his ankle, and the boy groans before his hand even lands on his leg.

“You know, it’s customary to wait until I’ve touched you before you moan,” he explains amusedly.

“I wasn’t moaning!” Jaejoong snaps, colouring as his dongsaengs all chuckle embarrassedly around him. “Don’t tease me,” he commands.

“I wasn’t teasing, kitten.” Yunho drawls, his smirk back in place as he pushes up Jaejoong’s pant leg. He tugs gently at the boy’s foot, removing his shoe and sock hiding a smile as Jaejoong whines and complains the whole time. He cannot feel any swelling, and the teenager still has control over his toes as he wiggles them for him.

“Well?” Jaejoong demands as Yunho finishes his slow perusal. He is loathe to admit the pain is dissipating far quicker than he imagines possible, and Yunho’s long fingers holding his foot, tickling at the arch and presumably counting his darn toes the way he is poking at them is sending unwanted sparks of desire through him.

“It’s not broken, babe.”

“It feels broken,” Jaejoong lies through his teeth, feeling contrite immediately as the words leave his mouth. “Ok, maybe not broken broken…”

“Broken broken?”

Jaejoong waves his hand impatiently. “I’m sure it needs ice at least.”

“I can go.” Lay gets up, but stays when Yunho shakes his head.

“I’ll take him home. Can you grab his bag?” Yunho moves, nudging Lay aside and winking at a now blushing Taemin.

Before Jaejoong is able to discern Yunho’s intention, he finds himself scooped up into the older man’s arms.

Yunho straightens easily, despite the added weight, and Jaejoong starts struggling immediately.

“Put me down! Put me down!”

“I thought your foot was broken but not broken broken? I can’t let you walk on it.”

Jaejoong stops struggling, knowing it is futile. Yunho will find out soon enough that there’s nothing wrong with his foot, and he doesn’t want to admit it in front of his dongsaengs.

There is something wrong with his cock though. It has the weirdest impulse to try and break free at the most inopportune of times.

Yunho smirks, nodding towards Lay who is carrying Jaejoong’s bag, and the twins who are carrying the rest of his heavy textbooks and his discarded shoe and sock.

He sighs, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s neck and nuzzling against his ear, feeling sorry for himself as Yunho turns towards the car. His lie is still sitting uncomfortably with him, and he whispers grouchily into his boyfriend’s ear.

“You know there’s nothing wrong with my foot, right?”

Yunho turns his head, lips ghosting over Jaejoong’s before he finds the boy’s ear. “I know, GA3.” His voiced in tinged with amusement.

Jaejoong scowls, but he says nothing, allowing himself to be deposited gently into the car.


Changmin is staring aghast at a smirking Xia Junsu.

“Why the fuck are you blond?”

“Why can’t I be blond?” Junsu asks, hiding a smirk as they exit to the VIP parking lot. He is surprised to see the two American girls and Changmin instead of his cousin, but he isn’t complaining. Especially not with Eryn tagging along.

“You know why!” Changmin growls, staring at the back of Junsu’s very blond head, scowling fiercely. This is not good. Seriously, what the hell?

“I don’t actually.”

“What’s wrong with him being blond? I think he looks good. Most Asians can’t pull of blond but you look really hot, oppa.”

“I know why,” Nicole smirks. “He likes blondes.”

Eryn looks at the taller girl, and then back at a somewhat fuming Max Changmin who is also blushing slightly at the same time. The whole combination is peculiar to say the least, but her friend’s boyfriend still manages to remain stunning as ever despite the odd pained look on his face.

“That’s rather obvious. You’re blonde and all he does is stare at my tits.”

Everyone cracks up at that except Changmin who is still staring at Junsu.

“Yeah, but who else is blond now?” Nicole coaxes as she pushes her friend towards Junsu. Micky is a not-so-distant memory at the moment. The man’s mother had found out about Eryn, and she had been most unhappy about it, and for the man willing to tattoo his mother’s face on his body, the petite American girl had lost in that fight. She isn’t really nursing a broken heart, but she is a little down and Nicole knows Junsu is a nice guy, despite the yakuza connections.

“Junsu oppa?” Eryn asks, before her eyes widen as she looks to and from Junsu and Changmin as they put away his luggage into the boot of Yunho’s Audi. “You mean…?”

“She means nothing,” Changmin growls, not bothering to help with the luggage as he gets into the driver’s seat. Junsu is being an ass and he can jolly well carry his own damn baggage. Superstar or not, he will still be the wide-eyed hyung who is gullible enough to believe anything Changmin says. The man seriously reminds him of Jaejoong.

The other three get into the car, the girls at the back much to Changmin’s annoyance.

“Nic, sit with me.”

“Nope,” the irreverent blonde replies, winking at Junsu. She rather enjoys torturing her boyfriend. She is secure enough in his affections to not be bothered by a simple crush, and if she’s being honest, she finds the whole thing rather hot. Eryn has dragged her kicking and screaming properly back into kpop and well, there’s fan service and then there’s Yunho and Jaejoong. Being around those two so often has made her much more open minded about seeing her own boyfriend possibly kissing another guy.

Not Yunho or Jaejoong of course, as she still wants him in one piece.

But Junsu is attractive as hell, and she knows there’s a tiny bit of history there, so well, fun is fun.

“Fuck you.”

“Are you sure it’s me you wanna fuck?”

Eryn’s eyes widen as she looks at her extremely amused friend, and her extremely unamused boyfriend. Junsu’s laughter bounces around the car, the squeaky pitch is at odds with his very cool looks, but she is warmed by it. He is a huge star, but a very down to earth person, and having met him thrice before, she knows he has no airs whatsoever about him. She has noticed the rather pointed way Changmin teases or makes fun of him, but the smiling man simply takes it all in stride.

“So…” Junsu decides to change the topic since he can practically feel the tension rolling off Changmin. He did not change his hairstyle on purpose, but he is contracted to once again play the shinigami in the musical Elisabeth and as he was blond last year, he’s had to go blond again. “Has hyung told Jaejoong about the trip to Japan yet?”

“What trip?” Nicole shakes her head, smiling as Junsu half turns in his seat to look at her.

“Face forward, Xia.” Changmin automatically growls. He gets a little edgy when people are not safe in the car while he’s driving. Jaejoong is usually the worst at this, so much so that he’s decided it’s probably best if he never ever picks up the teenager from school again, but Junsu is almost as bad.

“It’s Junsu, Min-ah.”

“Face forward, Junsu.”

“You forgot the hyung,” the older man teases.

“Fuck you.”

“Told you.” Nicole smirks as Eryn starts to laugh.

Junsu smirks as he twists further to look at the petite girl. She has a very pretty smile, and when she smiles it makes him want to smile, and he figures that’s a good thing. She is also rather unselfconscious, willing to look silly for a laugh, and as someone who’s always been that way himself, he feels a strange kinship with her. He knows she is no longer with Micky, but he doesn’t want to push anything especially since they are the only two singles left in the very domesticated Mirotic.

“So what do you think? MinSu or SuMin?”

Eryn smirks. “MinSu.”

“Oh?” Junsu had definitely not been expecting that. “Why is that?”

She shrugs. “I think you’d look great riding cock.”

Changmin swerves sharply as Nicole practically dies howling in the back seat. Junsu has the most astonished expression on his face, as Eryn shrugs delicately, smirking still.

“What? You disagree?” Eryn directs her question at Changmin who catches her eyes in the rearview mirror. His face is even more pained than ever before, and this amuses her greatly. Nicole is still trying to catch her breath, cackling away. “Admit it. You’ve seen the way he rolls his hips, he can ride cock like a pro. Bet he’d look damn good at it,” she drawls. Her heart is pounding like crazy, her mouth running off before she remembers she rather wants to impress the singer not chase him away. But it’s definitely too late now, and she figures what the hell. She tried to impress Micky and look where that got her? She’ll just be herself from now on.

Junsu meeps in the front seat, utterly flabbergasted now. He is trying to recover, but it is harder than he expected, especially because of the Changmin’s rather grim expression, and his insides are churning unexpectedly. He’s not sure how the tiny American managed to flip the both of them so hard, they’re both unsure which way is up. Her Korean has definitely improved by leaps and bounds, that she can even joke in the language now.

She is joking right?

He looks over at her again, and she merely quirks an eyebrow at him.

“Silence is assent, Max.” Nicole finally recovers enough to choke that out.

“Should I worry about you being so willing to see him ride my cock?” Changmin is rather proud that his voice doesn’t waver. His insides are churning like hell though. Fucking Eryn and her fucking mouth. When she and Nicole are together, they are absolutely impossible. And when the kid is with them? Forget it.

Eryn’s smirk widens as Nicole starts to howl again. “Who said anything about him riding your cock? I just said he’d look damn good riding cock.”

“Don’t I have a say in this?” Junsu finally finds his voice, and his playfulness kicks in as he grins at Nicole who is practically in tears.

“What? Cowboy or reverse cowboy?”

Changmin slams his hand on the steering wheel, startling everyone as the horn blares. “Enough!”

“Touchy, touchy.”



“Grumpy Ass two,” Eryn answers Junsu’s query.

“Who’s grumpy ass one?”

“Do you actually have to ask?” Changmin retorts snidely. “Your brains got bleached away with your hair? Being blond makes you instantly stupid? Oh wait…you didn’t have far to go.”

Nicole kicks the back of Changmin’s seat, hissing at him.

Junsu simply arches an eyebrow, before reaching over and rubbing his hand in Changmin’s lap, feeling the man twitch under his hand, but his face betrays nothing. “I’m not blond everywhere, Min-ah,” he practically purrs as he squeezes the man’s thigh.

Changmin stares resolutely ahead. Junsu has his Xia persona on, and he really cannot deal with that. Not when he’s blond. He just fucked himself over royally though, because Nicole is definitely pissed with him now. Eryn probably thinks he’s an ass because of the way he just spoke to Junsu and Junsu…well…he’d rather not think about it. This is the same man who is more than willing to kiss a man in public, onstage, and make it believable as fuck. Changmin still remembers watching the musical, and the irrational burst of jealousy he felt when it happened. Junsu hadn’t warned them about the scene, and he was not pleased at being blindsided like that. He didn’t speak to the man for a month after that.

Junsu senses the tension in the car, and he shakes his head at Nicole, before moving to Eryn whose expression is a little annoyed as she stares at Changmin. “Enough picking on Junsu today. Tell me how Jaejoong and Yunho are doing? Hyung told him about the trip to Japan yet?”

“What trip?” Nicole asks again. She kicks the back of Changmin’s seat again, satisfied at the grunt she gets in return as she turns towards Junsu.

Junsu frowns. “Yunho didn’t tell you? His parents want to meet Jaejoong.”

“Oh fuck!” Changmin exclaims, remembering the very bloody present Yunho’s father had left all those weeks ago. “I forgot about that!”

“You knew?” Nicole’s eyes narrow and she kicks the back of his seat again.

“Stop fucking doing that, woman!”

“Make me.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

“Stop bickering. You two are like cats and dogs.” Eryn shakes her head. She doesn’t get how Changmin and Nicole get along. Personally, she’d prefer laughter over confrontation. Changmin and Nic are both the prickly sorts except when it comes to Yunho’s teenaged lover. “Isn’t it a little soon to be meeting the parents?”

“He doesn’t have a choice.” Changmin mumbles under his breath, but in the confines of the car, the other three hear.

Junsu nods, agreeing, while Nicole sighs and Eryn just looks confused.

He attempts to explain without saying too much because he is unsure how much Eryn knows about them. For Nicole to have brought her along to pick him up tells him that at least the American girl trusts her, but he has to check with his hyung to be sure.

“In our family, it is customary to present your mate to your parents when asked.”

“Mate?” Eryn echoes. “What is this? Teen Wolf? They’re not animals.”

“Mate can mean friend,” Junsu replies, even though that’s not what he means but Eryn’s confused expression is rather adorable. “I learned this while in Australia this week. G’day mate!”





“Get out,” returns a grumpy voice as he glares at the amused man next to him. So much for Changmin settling down enough to stop teasing him.

Nicole rolls her eyes, resisting the urge to kick Max’s seat again.

“Eryn knows who Yunho’s parents are. You don’t have to beat about the bush.”

“Oh, well then. Yunho is supposed to take Jaejoong home by the summer solstice which is in three weeks.”

“Just after his exams.”

“And he’s said nothing?”

“Not as far as I know.”

Junsu merely hums, as he digs out his phone, brow furrowed.

He sends a text to his cousin, and he normally isn’t one to do something like this, but he really doesn’t think it will be fair to just tell the teenager on the day of his final exam that oh by the way, you’re going to Japan to meet a ganglord.

You haven’t told Jaejoong about the solstice have you?

The reply is immediate and to the point.


Junsu frowns, typing a reply.

Hyung, this is ridiculous. If you don’t do it today, I will.

Fine. Don’t come back till dinner. I closed Mirotic.

Junsu rolls his eyes as he relays the final message to the occupants of the car who all laugh.

“Yunho is worse than a teenager.” Changmin grumbles.

“Jealous?” Nicole asks.

“There’s no time off with a boyfriend is all I’m saying.”

“There’s always Junsu.”

“Hey!” the star protests as the girls start laughing again.

Interestingly, Changmin says nothing.


Yunho is staring a little bemusedly at the shut door.

It had all started innocently enough, but one kiss leads to another, and he is more than a little surprised when Jaejoong calls a halt to their afternoon shenanigans. The teenager had complained about Yunho making him stupid yet again, and how he’s supposed to be studying since his exams start the following week. The boy had been truly agitated, enough so that Yunho decides not to push the issue. He is already feeling a tad guilty thanks to Junsu’s message earlier, and so instead of trying to persuade the teenager, which he knows he can, he offers to help him study instead.

The kid had snorted, staring disbelieving at him. Apparently Yunho’s offer to help has ulterior motives, even though he honestly had no such motive apart from helping Jaejoong.

Two hours into his revision, Jaejoong finally gives up, shooing Yunho out of the bedroom and locking the door on him.

Is it really his fault that Jaejoong is going through the syllabus alphabetically and the topics he was trying to cover were fertilization and genetic variations? Yunho is pretty fucking sure it’s not his fault males cannot reproduce.

His teenager had managed to work himself up into a truly epic snit, and by the end of the revision notes, Yunho is without dinner and without the boy. Jaejoong has locked himself up in the bedroom, and ignored any and all knocking from Yunho. He had of course thought about breaking the door down since he has so cleverly kept the master key in the bedroom, but he decided against it.

He turns and heads towards the study, but is distracted by loud voices from the other apartment. He heads that way instead, to find his friends back and carrying what smells like dinner along with Junsu’s large assortment of luggage.

“Why is your shit here?”

“My apartment is being painted, remember? Nicole offered their spare room.”

Yunho looks around the apartment, making a face as he remembers something. “I suggest you change the sheets and don’t eat off their dining table.”

“Oh, oppa.” Eryn laughs. “That’s the least of your worries. At the rate he’s going,” she pauses to pop a finger over at the stone faced Max Changmin. “You should be more worried about it spilling into your apartment from lack of space.”


“Don’t fucking ask. Don’t mother fucking ask,” Changmin growls, dumping the food on the table and disappearing into his bedroom.

“What’s going on?”

“Max is having a wee crisis.” Nicole smirks. “I told him he could have a go at your cousin if he wants, and he’s been GA2 for hours.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m blond.” Junsu offers helpfully as he assists Eryn in taking the food over to the other apartment.

“Ah…” Yunho starts to chuckle. “You’re really mean, Nic.”

The tall blonde shrugs, as she follows the other pair back into Yunho’s apartment with the man trailing after them.

“Where’s the kitten?” Eryn asks as she looks around.

“You mean GA3.”

“There’s a grumpy ass three, now?”

Yunho nods, lips curling into a smile. “My GA3.”

“I actually meant the actual kitten, you know, the thing that purrs and mewls so cutely.”

Nicole laughs. “You just described Jaejoong.”

“Seriously, what is with you guys and animals. Bears, kittens, kumiho, and mates? Junsu oppa called Jaejoong your mate. Are you mated for life now or something? Like wolves?” Eryn asks Yunho half seriously as she starts unpacking the food.


AN1: And the whole stupid thing after sex is me. IDK how to explain it, but I find it very hard to focus lol. My brain is literally shrouded in fog and it takes about an hour to recover, sometimes less, but yeah. Annoying. It doesn’t happen so much with lunch break quickies, but for a proper session. Maybe it’s the whole multiple orgasm thing…IDK…

AN2: I had an insane week and barely any sleep so please forgive any weird turns of phrase and the like OTL

Tags: fic:tattooist, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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