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The Tattooist [15b]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG13-NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, crack
Warning: Underage Jaejoong
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

AN1: This is it… not sure how I managed to squeeze it into 10k words but I did and yay tbh hahaha!

AN2: Banner by shinkinism on tumblr ;-)


Yunho merely observes disinterestedly as Eryn and Junsu unpack the food, setting them out into the requisite plates and bowls.

“So really, where’s the kitten?” Nicole asks as she hands Yunho a beer.

“It really is GA3 today.” Yunho replies, accepting the proffered bottle and taking a huge swig. He downs half the bottle easily, making the blonde laugh.

“Easy there, sailor. What’s wrong with Jae?”

Yunho shrugs as he starts to peel the label off his bottle. “I don’t know. He’s just a little testy. Exam stress perhaps?”

Nicole purses her lips as she walks to the fridge to check out Jaejoong’s exam schedule that is pinned to it by magnets. Surveying his first week of exams, her lips purse even more as she heads back to Yunho, shaking her head.

“He’s only stressed about biology after your discussion with the guidance counsellor. Going to medical school on a scholarship is a definite possibility now thanks to his school digging up info on the still-available scholarships, but only if he gets a five for AP bio and maintains his grades for the other AP subjects. He doesn’t have any biology papers till the final week. Next week is calculus, english and physics, followed by chemistry, history and statistics in week two.”

“I was helping him revise biology this afternoon, and he was getting crankier with each page.”

Nicole arches a perfectly tweezed eyebrow as she stares at Yunho finishing off his beer. “Mayhap it’s because you were trying to use him as a lab rat?”

“I was not.”

“Sure you weren’t,” Nicole replies skeptically. “I’ve seen you two. You can’t keep your hands off him while he has a little more self-control than you, oddly enough.”

“Only when it comes to studying. I can’t compete with his fucking books.” Yunho grumbles, whistling at Changmin by the fridge to toss him another beer.

“Can you blame him? They were his friends for far longer than any of us.”

Yunho cracks his bottle open on the corner of the kitchen counter, making Nicole wince at the sound, but she remains silent as he tosses the lid into the rubbish bin.

“What are we talking about?” Changmin asks as he joins the duo. Junsu and Eryn are still unpacking the food, taking an inordinately long time for some reason. Junsu’s near-constant laughter though is indication enough as to why they’re dallying.

“Jaejoong,” Yunho replies as he watches the odd couple trying to figure out what to do with the seafood stew. “He’s in a sulk of some sort, and he kicked me out of our bedroom.”

Changmin snorts derisively. “That boy is like a little brother to me, and I do have an alarming fondness for him, but hyung, you indulge him way too much. If Nic tried anything like that, the door would be in fucking pieces.”

Yunho merely laughs as Nicole sends a look promising a whole lot of hurt Changmin’s way, but the tall piercer ignores her. He really is in a foul mood, and appears to be taking it out on everyone within shouting distance.

“And you’ll be on the couch for a week more than likely.” Yunho points out with a smirk, to which Nicole nods. “Personally, I find indulging him very beneficial.”

“Oh, you’re disgusting!” Nicole groans, catching on immediately as she whacks Yunho’s hard bicep with her empty bottle of beer. It bounces off harmlessly enough but it does serve to bring a hint of a smile to her boyfriend’s lips. “Is that all you think about? And to think I thought you were practically a monk with all the non-action. It’s like you were holding it in or something, saving it up, and now you’re trying to drown the kid.”

“He’s a quick study, and very eager to ride the waves.”

“All I hear is ride you horny animal!” Nicole whacks Yunho with her empty bottle again, making both the tattooist and the piercer laugh this time, drawing the attention of the other two in the room who make their way towards the trio.

Junsu winks at Eryn as he sidles up to Changmin, wrapping an arm loosely around his waist as he glances meaningfully at Nicole. “Care to share?”

Changmin squeaks, trying to move away, but Junsu’s grip tightens as he grins at the now smirking blonde.

“We were talking about riding.”

Junsu presses his fingers into Changmin’s tense side, tilting his head up to look at the much taller man, an innocent look on his face.

Changmin knows better though, and he braces himself for whatever evilness the group’s shinigami is about to unleash on him.

“I’m very good at riding…” Junsu’s voice is a husky whisper. He licks his lips knowingly. “Care to try me?”

Changmin finally finds his will, shoving the shorter man away as he backs away shaking his head, looking a little wild about the eyes.

“Methinks the lady doth protest too much,” Nicole observes drily as she watches her boyfriend retreat to the living room, throwing himself onto the couch with a loud grunt.

“Why are you being so evil?” Yunho asks curiously, watching his friend glaring at the television as if it’s affronted him somehow as he stabs ruthlessly at the remote.

Nicole shrugs. “I think it’s funny.”

“You have a rather depraved sense of humour,” Junsu chuckles. “I hope you realise that I’m not just teasing him.”

“Awwwww, you intend on going all the way?” Nicole pretends to pout as she wrinkles her nose at the smirking idol. She and Changmin have been at odds all day. Blame their honesty. They are far too alike for any dissembling between them. Apparently two weeks is their limit, and Nicole, for one, is definitely starting to see it.

“How far do you want to take it?” Eryn asks, a wicked look in her eyes. Changmin has always intimidated her for some reason. The man is beyond gorgeous. His bone structure is flawless and she had been absolutely stunned to find out that he really wasn’t an idol as he had claimed to be the night he plucked her off the streets for their game of truth or dare. Every idol she has seen since him has paled in comparison that she fears she is all but ruined for kpop. Well, present company excluded. She definitely wouldn’t mind a shot at getting back at the piercer for tricking her.

“What did you have in mind?”

“I’m going to go check on Jaejoong. Min is already flustered enough, and I don’t want to know what you have planned for him.” Yunho excuses himself, ignoring Nicole’s knowing smirk. He wonders if she really knows why Changmin has a problem with Junsu being blond, but then again, it’s between the tall couple to sort out. He’d definitely prefer to stay out of this one.

He grabs a couple more bottles of beer from the fridge, dropping one in Changmin’s lap as he walks past, acknowledging the grunt he gets with one of his own as he heads towards the bedroom.

Yunho detours along the way, picking up a playful kitten from the laundry. It irks him to no end that Jaejoong is more than happy to spend ten to fifteen minutes playing with his kitten in between studying, but if Yunho tries it, he gets rejected.

While he commends Jaejoong’s staggering display of self control, he rather it be directed at something else. He has a feeling Jaejoong is rather single-minded when it comes to what he wants, and Yunho himself is definitely testament to that fact. He doesn’t know of many teenagers who would visit someone for over nineteen months just to stare at them.

He looks over his shoulder to check that no one is watching him, chuckling ruefully to himself and feeling a little sorry for his friend when he sees the trio laughing over something. Or rather, someone. He takes a deep breath, placing his hand on the doorknob and twisting it.

To his surprise, the door gives, and opens easily.

He hums to himself, entering the room quickly, noting the messy bed, but no teenager in sight.

He drops the kitten quickly along with its new toy, since he doesn’t need it to coax Jaejoong into letting him in. He leaves his beer on the vanity as he crosses the room quickly to the open bathroom door, the giggles within them making him smile.

Instead of bursting in and intruding, he stops just beyond the threshold, peeking into the bathroom instead. What greets him is certainly a sight for sore eyes, able to cure anyone’s bad day. In fact, the flare of feeling in his chest is so strong that he actually takes a step back, wanting to immediately turn around and look for his friends to share in the beautiful sight.

Beauty like this shouldn’t be hidden.

But Yunho stops himself just in time.

He takes a deep breath, and steps forward again, peeking once again into the large bathroom.

The large spa bath in the bathroom has a beautiful merboy in it, happily blowing bubbles from the froth. The little giggles that escape the teenager as he wiggles in the full tub, brings a soft smile to Yunho’s face.

He is loathe to break the happy bubble the boy is in, so the tattooist is content to just watch.

And listen.

The teenager has a habit of talking to himself.

“Ba ba baaa baba nana! Baba baaa baba nana! Bananaaaaa! Baba baaa baba nana! Potato naaaaaaa!”

Yunho has to smother a laugh as Jaejoong stops short.

“What comes next? Oh, I know! Me! Despicable Me!”

Cue the giggles and Yunho has to lean against the wall with a fist in his mouth to keep from laughing.

“What do potatoes have anything to do with bananas anyway? Hmmmmm…”

The tattooist is finally able to collect himself as he turns to look around the corner again. His breath catches in his throat as he watches Jaejoong lean back in the deep bath and lift a foot out of the water. A long, slim calf, so pale and covered with snatches of frothy bubbles, the teenager starts to whistle Troublemaker as he massages his calf and foot.

“You know, Yunho could be more sympathetic.” Jaejoong stops whistling to grumble. “My ankle still hurts.” He wiggles it experimentally before arching his foot and flexing it. “Ok, so maybe it’s not that sore.”

He starts to hum again, dropping his foot back into the water.

Yunho is more than prepared to stay there in silent observation for the duration of Jaejoong’s bath. Unfortunately, their kitten has other ideas, running into the bathroom as if it’s being chased by the hounds of hell or something. It’s loud mewling causes Jaejoong to look around and his eyes meet Yunho’s.

Jaejoong immediately ducks, hiding behind the mountain of froth till only his shining doe eyes can be seen above the line of bubbles.

“How long have you been standing there?”

Yunho smirk is slow, broadening as he can see the colour rising to the teenager’s hairline thanks to the foreground of white bubbles. The boy is flushed, and absolutely stunning despite the fact that Yunho can literally only see his eyes and forehead.

He leans casually against the door frame, crossing his ankles as he stares at the teenager.

“Long enough.”

“Yunho!” Jaejoong smacks at the froth, straightening up and pouting cutely. “Can’t I have a bath in peace?”

“I’m not in it, am I?”


“Then it is rather peaceful, don’t you think?”

“But…you’re standing there.”

“And?” Yunho cocks an amused eyebrow.

Jaejoong scrunches up his nose. “Why must you do that? That damnable eyebrow. Every time it goes up, my body goes with it.”

Yunho’s eyebrow goes up a little higher. “Oh?”

“Yunhooooooo…” Jaejoong whines, smacking and the froth again, and sending up a cloud of bubbles. “Stop teasing!”

“I won’t be teasing if you let me get in the tub with you.”

Jaejoong shakes his head immediately, looking absolutely adorable with a puff of bubbles sitting on his head, and his hair plastered around his ears. His doe eyes are huge and a little apprehensive. “No, no, no. You stay right where you are, mister.” He wags a finger at Yunho. “You make me stupid.”

“How so?”

“My brain dribbles out of my ears at the same time you dribble out of my butt.”

Yunho’s jaw drops, making the mischievous little minx in the tub giggle. The teenager’s beet red face is indication enough that he is still shy, but the stubborn set of his jaw, and the laughing eyes tell Yunho that his innocent babe is…well…not so innocent anymore.

He finally finds his voice, but it is nothing more than a hoarse croak. “Jaejoong…if you don’t stop talking that way I might just have to find a way to shut you up.”

“Stop? I just started.”

Yunho uncrosses his ankles and takes a step into the bathroom, tugging at the scruff of his top at the same time and pulling it over his head.

“Yunho…” Jaejoong’s expression is now wary as his eyes dart around the bathroom trying to find an escape. He still has some revision to do since he didn’t attend the cram session in school that afternoon.

“Yes, Jaejoong?” Yunho’s voice is deceptively mild as he locates their kitten, scooping it up quickly and depositing it outside the bathroom before shutting the door on it.

“W-why did you take Jiji away?”

“Innocent eyes.”

Jaejoong’s mouth is a pretty moue as he watches Yunho approach. He presses himself back against the side of the tub, but he knows there’s no escape. And really, if he’s being truly honest, he doesn’t want to escape either.

But he still has to study.

“Y-y-you make me stupid.” Even to his ears, it sounds a tad weak.

The older man unbuckles his belt, smirking slightly as Jaejoong’s eyes drop to his crotch, watching as the boy unknowingly licks his lips.

“I just have to make sure I don’t dribble out of your butt then, since you claim that’s the problem.”

“Huh-uh?” Jaejoong mouth is parted, staring as Yunho removes his jeans and his boxers. He swallows hard, even as he sighs, eyes running back up over Yunho’s beautiful body to meet his amused almond eyes. “Why are you always pointing at me?”

“Did you want me to point somewhere else?” Yunho asks as he puts a foot into the tub. He is amused to see Jaejoong moving to make room, despite his slightly disgruntled expression.

The tub is oversized, made for his length with ample space to spare on the sides and Yunho sinks gratefully into the warm soapy water, unsurprised to find a slippery angel in his arms almost immediately.

“You better not be pointing at anyone else.” Jaejoong warns as he stretches out atop Yunho, not unlike the way he falls asleep in fact, nuzzling against the man’s ear.

Yunho runs a hand down the boy’s back, tilting his head to allow the teenager better access as his fingers slip down Jaejoong’s crack.

The boy stiffens instantly, lifting his head and shaking his head, eyes serious.

“No, Yunho. I told you, you make me stupid.”

“Well alright then,” Yunho drawls lazily. “I’ll just have to be a little more creative.”

He bends his head to capture the teenager warm mouth. Jaejoong is hesitant, not responding to the gentle touch of Yunho’s lips. The older man leans back and chuckles, licking at the boy’s mouth. “I’m not going to dribble out of your ass, ok?”

“No tricks?”

“No tricks, babe. I promise. You said no.”

“I said no this morning too.”

“Ahhh,” Yunho steals another kiss, smiling as Jaejoong’s tongue slips out to fondle his piercing. “That was a no…uhhhh…Yunho…uh uh oh no no oh yes.”

A rather accurate depiction of the teenager, though Yunho is not quite able to capture the boy’s arousing breathless whimpers to the T.

“Shut up!” Jaejoong smacks at Yunho’s chest, feeling the familiar hot flush creeping up his neck. He sprays them both with suds and warm water, and Yunho’s laughter rumbles in his chest as Jaejoong sits up a little further, pouting ferociously. “That’s not fair! I was half asleep and by the time I realised what was happening, you were already in my poor little butt.”

“Your poor little butt?”

“You know what I mean!”

“And you’re very cute.” Yunho grins, leaning forward to steal yet another kiss, hands sliding down the boy’s body to grip at his cock, already frotting in greeting with his own.

“You…ah…” Jaejoong sighs his pleasure, eyelids fluttering shut.

“What about me?”

Yunho’s low voice is sending delicious shivers coursing through Jaejoong, and despite the warm water, he can feel his nipples hardening even more with his cock.

Jaejoong ducks his head against Yunho’s ear, whining as he feels Yunho’s piercing dragging against his cock as Yunho grips their arousals together.

His breath is quickening, coming out in little pants. His body is way too sensitive to Yunho’s touch. One look, and Jaejoong is ready to go. Actually, scratch that. One eyebrow, and Jaejoong is ready to go. He really ought to get a prize for resisting sometimes because no one knows how hard it is for him, apart from himself.

Yunho hauls the teenager up a little, kissing along the boy’s jaw, licking and nipping teasingly down his throat as Jaejoong whines again, jerking against him as he falls between his legs. Yunho traps the boy between his thighs, his free hand rubbing soothingly up and down the whimpering teenager’s back.

Jaejoong nuzzles against Yunho’s temple, resting his elbow on the man’s shoulder as he cards his hair. His other hand is holding onto the side of the tub, trying to keep himself up. His eyes are squeezed shut, focusing on Yunho’s hand doing wicked things to him. So wicked that he does not realise the other hand sneaking down his back once again, but he is not so lost in the heady sensations that he misses the finger penetrating him carefully.

He jerks against Yunho, eyes flying open, hand fisted in the man’s hair and tugging hard. Yunho grunts in pain, squeezing their cocks together hard in retaliation, making the teenager moan against his ear. He lets go of their cocks, clutching at Jaejoong’s hip instead as he cants his hips upwards, frotting their cocks together, as his finger slips deeper into the boy’s hot, accommodating body.

“Y-y-you p-promised.” Jaejoong stammers, even as his butt flexes, thrusting against Yunho, and meeting him thrust for thrust, their cocks slipping and sliding between them in the soapy water.

“I promised not to dribble out of your ass…”

“Semantics,” Jaejoong manages to bite out before arching, moaning long and low against Yunho’s hot mouth as the man works his entire finger in, swirling in around, rotating it deliciously. Jaejoong can feel it pressing against his inner walls and his body thrums in response.

“Fact,” Yunho corrects, as he drags his mouth away, latching onto the boy’s throat, sucking on the soapy water that smells like cinnamon hot chocolate.

Jaejoong struggles to free his legs, wanting to mount Yunho, but the older man has him good and trapped, entwining their lower legs as his grip on his ass tightens.

Yunho thrusts up between their bodies, as he holds the teenager closer.

The teenager’s eyes are squeezed shut once again as his senses are overloaded.

The finger in his ass playing him so beautifully.

The painful and possessive grip Yunho has on his hips.

The hot mouth against his throat, licking and sucking, nipping lightly, but not quite marking him.

Jaejoong’s hand tightens in Yunho’s hair as he drops his chin, mouth hot against Yunho’s ear. He licks and kisses whatever skin he can find, moaning and mewling as Yunho pushes his body quickly to the brink.


Soft little gasps in his ear, beautiful little mewls of need as Yunho rocks the teenager harder against himself. He is close, which means Jaejoong is much closer. He really should try and find issue with his deplorable lack of self control around the teenager, but the wet nymph between his thighs is too good to pass up.

“Faster…ah…Yunho…ah…so close…harder oh…”

The breathless moans increase, Jaejoong mewling his need, trying to get more leverage, wanting nothing more than to ride the man. Forget his own stance on the matter.

But Yunho doesn’t forget, and he keeps the increasingly noisy teenager between his thighs, finger swirling and pumping harder as his own upward thrusts quicken. The teenager’s body is tight without lube, but more than accommodating despite that, and the warmth clutching at his finger as he imagines it around his cock almost sends him over the edge prematurely.

His movements quicken, wanting to get the teenager there so he can follow him over that most pleasurable precipice. He drags the boy down for a hot kiss, their mouths slipping and sliding over each others in a fierce clash of teeth and tongue. Jaejoong’s movements are getting frantic as he chases his orgasm, and Yunho lets him bite and suck at his mouth, taking his pleasure from the gorgeous sounds the boy is making, as well as from his body sliding so deliciously against his. The friction is just enough, just right, just perfect.

Jaejoong’s hand gripping the side of the tub moves to grip Yunho’s bicep. He digs his nails in hard as he comes with a low wail straight against Yunho’s mouth, body convulsing and clenching around the man’s digit as he sullies the soapy water of the tub.

Yunho lets go of the boy’s hip, moving to slip his hand between their bodies to pump the still hard cock of the teenager, pulling every last spasm from the boy. The teenager is limp in his arms, moaning sweetly into his mouth as his mouth searches for purchase against Yunho’s cupid bow. His short gasps becoming louder as the tattooist manipulates his over-sensitive flesh.

The teenager almost cries as his pleasure borders on pain with the heavy handed touches of the older man over his exhausted cock, and he is shaking when Yunho finally lets go of his cock.

The older man doesn’t let up though, finger still buried deep within the boy as his hand moves to his own cock. He fists it in time with his finger pumping in and out of the boy’s pliant body, his imagination taking over for a brief moment, and soon, his seed too taints the warm water of the tub.

Jaejoong groans loudly as Yunho finally pulls his finger free from his body. He is manhandled by the older man till he is astride a thigh, off slightly to the side. Yunho arm is holding him close, and the man is murmuring nonsensical words against his temple.

Well, nonsensical to Jaejoong because his ears are still ringing a little from his orgasm and the haze hasn’t quite dissipated.

He moves a hand lazily through the water, his limbs extra heavy for some reason as he dances his fingers languidly up the man’s chest. He traces whatever tattoo he can see from his vantage point, tucked under the man’s chin, smiling sleepily as he lays a palm flat against his heart, closing his eyes.

Yunho senses the teenager dozing, and he too closes his eyes with a smile. The warmth of the water is too relaxing, the smell intoxicating, and the beautiful boy in his arms is just too much of a temptation to pass up. He’ll get up soon enough.


“Well look who decided to join his guests.” A familiar voice yells out as Yunho emerges from the bedroom.

He scowls at his cousin, shaking his head, a finger to his lips as he pulls the door shut quietly behind him and heads to the kitchen to find some food.

Soon had turned out to be a good hour, and by the time Yunho wakes up, the water is uncomfortably cold, he has a crick in his neck, his back is aching, and Jaejoong is dead to the world.

He finds two plates of food set aside, and he heats up one, popping the other into the fridge because he has no idea when Jaejoong will wake. The boy had refused to let go of his neck, when Yunho had tried to put him to bed, mumbling about dribbling asses, finally letting go when Yunho promised to dribble out of his ass.


The kid is ridiculous.

He had left Jaejoong naked in bed with a smile on his face, the teenager making no sound after that as he arranges himself comfortably on two pillows. His penchant for sleeping on Yunho makes the older man wonder what will happen if he ever needs to go away for anything.

He grabs his now heated plate of food, opening the fridge to get a bottle of beer, only to find it empty of beer.

He has his choice of Perrier, Red Bull, or Coke Light but no beer.

Of any sort.

What the hell?

He grabs a can of Red Bull and heads out to the living area, to find his friends in various stages of intoxication.

His cousin is the only sober one, watching amusedly as Nicole and Eryn appear to be laughing over a piece of paper.

“Yunho!” Nicole blinks up at the older man. She is seated on the floor next to Eryn, the brunette leaning heavily against her, practically in her lap, as they both forget the piece of paper for the time being and blink owlishly at the newcomer. “How is the little kumiho?”

“What is it with all of you and animals?” Eryn grumbles for the second time that evening.

“Shush!” Nicole chastises her, pressing a quick kiss to the surprised girl’s mouth, grinning at the pleasant buzz in her system. They had all decided to get Changmin drunk, and then to play truth or dare, but the fact of the matter is, she doesn’t think he’s drunk, but she certainly is on her way there. “They’re mated for life. You don’t mess with a wolf and his mate unless you want to get eaten.”

And with that, she actually growls and pounces on Eryn’s arm, making the brunette squeal in alarm and clamber away. Yunho is thoroughly amused to see the curvy girl crawl up into Changmin’s lap, curling into him, hiding her face in his neck as she cringes away from the man’s girlfriend.

“Oppa, save me.”

“Hey! Wrong lap!”

Eryn draws back instantly, her face absolutely comical in her horror before she scrambles out of his lap, kicking at the cackling blonde as she dives into Junsu’s lap.

His cousin manages to catch her before she does any permanent damage to either him or herself, hauling the tipsy girl laughingly into his lap.

“I’m not drunk.”

Junsu grins, but says nothing.

“I really am not drunk!” Eryn insists, slightly affronted by the smirky look on the idol’s face. “I know exactly where I am and what we’re supposed to be doing.” She grins, turning towards an expressionless Changmin. “We’re supposed to be getting you drunk.”

“Oh?” Yunho asks.

Eryn turns to him immediately, nodding happily. “Yeah, we were supposed to get him drunk so that he’ll kiss Junsu oppa.”

“I really don’t think he needs to be drunk for that,” Junsu smirks, throwing a glance at Changmin who rolls his eyes and scoots lower in his seat, legs spread wide and jiggling a bottle of beer on his thigh. The younger man is most certainly a little drunk if that throwaway remark didn’t get him a bottle thrown at his head from the cranky piercer.

“Hey! Come on, it’s his turn. Read the dare.”

Eryn topples out of Junsu’s lap, crawling back to her friend, not stopping as she crawls right into the blonde girl’s lap. They both start laughing over the piece of paper from earlier.

Yunho glances over at Changmin, holding out his can of Red Bull and quirking an eyebrow.

“Sorry, I had to hide it. The rest of the beer is in the broom closet.”

“How are they so plastered?”

“They haven’t eaten.”

“And you?”

“I ate their share.”

Changmin grins, and Yunho can see the man is slightly tipsy. This should be interesting. He finishes his food quickly, getting up to return to the kitchen, side-stepping the pile of female on the ground. When he returns, Junsu is laughing, as are the two girls, but Changmin is looking anything but pleased.

“Dare I ask?”

“Kiss the person opposite you. Seven minutes in heaven with witnesses, and lots and lots of tongue,” comes the gleeful response.

Yunho sees the tightness in Changmin’s eyes, and the smirk playing about his cousin’s lips. The two girls on the floor are looking back and forth between the two men, Eryn marginally less enthusiastic than Nicole.

Very marginally.

“You can always pass.” Yunho offers helpfully, pretty sure that they’re playing truth or dare with the usual rules rather than his more creative ones.

“I’m not passing,” Junsu replies, eyes on Changmin’s.

“I see…” Yunho looks back and forth between the two as he finds a seat opposite the girls. He doesn’t really want to have to trip over them again.

These two have a short history.

A very short history.

In fact, you probably can’t even consider it history as such.

Junsu had dropped in on Yunho one day in his shinigami outfit from the musical. Yunho was out, but Changmin was in, and all alone. Yunho had walked in on them arguing, Changmin for some reason still angered over the fact that his cousin hadn’t told them about the male/male kiss scene. Junsu had accused him of being homophobic, and Changmin had countered by saying that if he was, he wouldn’t be working with Yunho.

The argument raged, and Yunho had been slightly alarmed at how angry his cousin actually was. His easy going, sweet, innocent to some extent, always smiling and never an unkind word has he ever heard pass his lips cousin, had turned into someone he didn’t recognise. As if his dark clothes, and black nails had somehow seeped into his soul, and turned him into someone else.

Someone wickedly sexy, and extremely aware of it.

And before Yunho could make his presence known, the two were sucking each other’s faces off.

Literally, one second they were screaming at each other, looking as if they were about to come to actual blows, and the next, Changmin had Junsu up against the kitchen counter, practically bending him backwards in half as he kissed him.

He had backed out of his own apartment quietly, and to this day, he still has no idea what went on after that kiss. Nicole had landed in Changmin’s lap less than a month later, and the rest is history.

Though judging from the expression on Changmin’s face, and the look in Junsu’s eyes despite the smile on his lips, Yunho wonders if it really is history.

He chances a glance at Nicole who seems to have caught the weird electricity between the two men. She catches his eye, and shrugs, palms up as if asking well, what can I do?

Yunho digs out his phone, unsure as to what to say to the blonde, but saying it nonetheless.

Did you know about them?

Her phone buzzes on the table, and Eryn hands it over to her wordlessly as she leans against the couch behind her, watching the two men watch each other.

He sees the blonde sigh, lifting her head and meeting his eyes. There is faint regret in her eyes, as she shakes her head.

He texts her again.

Put an end to it, Nic.

This time, she replies.

No. I’m fine with it, big boy. Trust me.

Now it is Yunho’s turn to shake his head. Changmin’s words from two weeks earlier resound in his head.

”I do love her, but I’ve also kept my distance in a way. It’s confusing as fuck because I honestly expect her to just disappear one day. I really do think I’m going to wake up one day and just find strands of blonde hair on my pillow, and a note with a kiss, and that’s it. She’s not the kind of girl you tie down.”

Yunho is starting to wonder about the reason why Changmin kept his distance in the first place. His phone beeps before he can pursue the thought any further and he looks up in time to see the blonde smiling at him. A smile that reaches her eyes, despite the tinge of sadness.

He looks down at his phone, and sighs as he reads the message.

We love each other, but we’re not in love with each other. I just realised that today. We’re much too alike, it’s like loving your reflection and while he might be narcissistic enough for that, I certainly am not. I didn’t know about Junsu oppa, and if I did, I wouldn’t have let us get this far. Don’t worry, oppa. We’ve only been together for two weeks. No hearts are broken. Concentrate on your gamin.

“Well? You two are worse than Yunho and his kitten. Are you going to stare at each other all night or do this?” Nicole asks, her voice betraying absolutely nothing, her face devoid of anything except amusement.

“What say you, dongsaeng?” Junsu puts especial emphasis on the final word. “Ready for your seven minutes in heaven?”

“More like seven minutes in fucking hell.” Changmin spits out. He leans forward to crack another bottle of beer, ignoring the smack against his leg from the blonde American. He chugs the entire bottle down, missing the brief flash of hurt across Junsu’s eyes, before the man squares his jaw.

Yunho recognises the set of Junsu’s jaw. He’s seen it often enough, and he most definitely has seen it recently in his teenager. That illusion of sweetness and innocence is exactly that.

An illusion.

He saw that flash of hurt in Junsu’s eyes, and he once again wonders what the hell went on in the apartment that night. The next day had brought forth absolutely nothing. His cousin disappeared to finish his tour and then made the excuse of needing to stay cloistered while putting together his new album, and Yunho had never questioned it.

Whenever XIA was mentioned, Changmin always over-exaggerates his reaction, pretending to worship the man, going on and on till it drives the people around him daft.

“Smile, Min-ah, otherwise Jae is going to start calling you grouchy bear.” Junsu teases as he gets up. Gone is the hurt, or even the devilish smirk. In its place is his usual easygoing innocence. “Time to dance, dongsaeng.”

Yunho sits forward, eyeing his cousin closely.

He watches as Junsu fiddles with the stereo, and the familiar strains of one of his songs from his new album comes on. He chances a look at Changmin’s face and he knows the man recognises the song.

“This song makes me want to roll around in bed and moan.”

All the heads of the adults whip round, Yunho turns so quickly he almost bangs into the disheveled teenager who huffs at almost being knocked off balance. A sleepy, doe eyed, pouty little kitten slips into his lap, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and one of Yunho’s shirts. Only one button is fastened, and even then, it’s the wrong button so the top sits awkwardly, slipping off one snow white shoulder. A shoulder that bears a very faint hint of a love mark, but otherwise, pristine.

Jaejoong curls into Yunho’s lap easily, purring, eyes closing as he asks no one in particular. “Don’t you want to moan? When hyung says no reason, oh oh I want to say oh oh too…”

Yunho groans, waking the ridiculous teenager who pouts at him, wrapping his hands around his neck, before a sly smile crosses his pillowly lips, forgetting they have an audience. “It’s Saturday tomorrow…I guess you can make me stupid if you want.”

Eryn bursts out laughing then, drawing everyone’s attention to her.

“I don’t know what he means by stupid, but I can hear what he’s implying a mile away. Powerful song you’ve got here, Xia oppa.”

Junsu winks at her. “I wrote it for someone.”

Both Yunho and Nicole see Changmin stiffening, and both exchange amused glances. Yunho is more than surprised to see Nicole taking this in stride. Most females he knows would probably have gone into hysterics. But then this is Nic. The day she goes into hysterics is the day the world ends.

“Oh? Guess there’s no chance for me then?”

Junsu grins fondly at the girl. “Trust me, there are much better men,” he pauses, chancing a glance at Nicole who is frowning slightly. “…Or women out there for you than me.” He sends another look at the tall blonde, noting interestedly that her frown has vanished. People may think he is clueless and somewhat daft half the time, but Junsu is rather good at observing people, a trait no doubt in his blood if his family is anything to go by.

“Well, if you find a nice Jewish boy or girl, please send them my way.”

“I’ll send every single one I find, and when you get married, I’ll sing at your wedding.”

Eryn perks up considerably at that.

“Don’t you have a dare to do?” Nicole interrupts.

“Should I be worried about how eager you are to see your boyfriend kissing someone else?” Changmin asks in disgust. He is more than irritated, and even the alcohol isn’t numbing the growing irritation with his supposed girlfriend now. She has spent most of the day throwing Junsu at him, and he is about to get a fucking complex from the whole thing. She already pulled the whole we need to talk on him earlier, and he figured it was because of what he said about breaking down doors, but now he isn’t sure anymore.

“I don’t want Yunho kissing anyone else,” a belligerent voice interrupts, and everyone turns towards Yunho who is trying to calm the now wide awake teenager in his arms who looks like he’s itching for a fight. The boy can go from cooing kitten to angry tiger in a heartbeat. “I don’t care that my two weeks are up, either. I’m keeping him.”

“Two weeks?” Eryn asks, a little confused.

Nicole quickly explains. Meanwhile, Changmin is definitely feeling suicidal because he once again says stuff he has no business saying.

“You’re definitely being kept, kid. He’s taking you to meet the parents after your exams.”



“What the fuck is wrong with you? I thought Jaejoong has no filter but you are even worse.” Yunho growls out, unable to lunge at the man because of the tense teenager in his arms. “At least the kid doesn’t mean the things he says but you? You should know fucking better, Max Changmin.”

If looks could kill, Changmin would be dead, getting glares from all corners of the room except Eryn who is still looking a tad confused.

He merely crosses his arms, sinking lower in his seat, staring at the coffee table. He is going to distract everyone at the cost of his own skin, because if Junsu kisses him, there will be hell to pay and he has a feeling that even whatever punishment Yunho can mete out for his indiscreet tongue would be infinitely more pleasurable than facing and explaining his reaction to Junsu.

He’s spent months and months and months pushing the singer out of his mind.

And he’s definitely not about to give in without a fight.

“What parents? What’s going on?”

“Calm down, babe. I was going to tell you about the trip after your exams.”

Changmin snorts at that, garnering everyone’s attention once again. “Dude, the solstice is on the final day of his exams. When were you going to tell him? On the plane to Japan?”

“Changmin, I am warning you…”

Jaejoong shrugs Yunho’s arms from his body, moving to stand. He is confused, irritated and now, apprehensive and angry as well. “No! Let him speak.”

“I’ve got nothing else to say kid. Yunho should’ve told you about it, and now I have, so consider yourself enlightened.”


Nicole’s tone is full of censure, but the piercer figures hey, since he’s already dead anyway, why not go the whole hog.

“Is this true?” Jaejoong turns towards Yunho, eyes glittering with an unknown emotion.

“Jaejoong, you have to know I was never going to let you go. It was a silly child’s game—“

“A child? A child’s game? It was my dare so I guess I’m the silly child? Are you in the habit of kissing children, then?”

“Damn it, Jaejoong!” But Yunho feels the barb hit home as he flushes uncharacteristically as a brief sense of shame envelopes him.

“I’m not going.”




Jaejoong doesn’t even take the time to appreciate the reversal of roles, his mind whirling at the whole meeting the parents thing. He is only seventeen! He does not want to meet anyone’s parents, let alone his boyfriend’s scary yakuza parents. What if they’re like his own parents? He cannot bear to see that. No, means no!

“Am I not elucidating enough for you? Shall I draw a flow chart? It will be a very simple flow chart I promise, but I can make it as complicated as you want it to be if it makes you feel better. But know that all the arrows point to NO.”

“The kid's broken out his AP vocabulary. You might want to give in, Yunho."

“Shut up, Changmin. You’ve done enough, thank you.”

“When were you going to tell me?” Jaejoong asks softly, tired all of a sudden.


“TVXQ soon or JYJ soon?”

“You better answer this one correctly,” Junsu cautions, understanding the implication immediately.

Unfortunately for Yunho, he knows about as much about kpop as the average tattooed yakuza demigod, and that is to say, almost none at all.

“Errr… JYJ soon?”

Junsu and Eryn both face palm. Nicole and Changmin exchange looks, in accord for once that day as they roll their eyes in an identical manner.

“TVXQ soon! TVXQ soon!” Yunho amends hastily but Jaejoong merely stares at him with those large doe eyes, the darkness in them is unfathomable to Yunho. He can see the hurt and the apprehension in them, and it is the hurt that is killing him.


The teenager shakes his head, taking a step back, away from Yunho’s reach as the man tries to grab him.

“Jaejoong, please.”

“When, Yunho?”

The older man sighs, exhaling slowly as he drops his hand, deciding to just come clean, though knowing it will not do anything about the ache in his chest from the teenager avoiding his touch.

“I was going to take you to Japan for a holiday anyway, and then detour to my parents briefly, but only briefly. I don’t live at home for a reason, and I don’t want to return to that life.”

“JYJ soon is accurate then, I guess.” Jaejoong whispers softly. “You were never even going to tell me, were you? You were just going to spring it on me.”


“Didn’t it ever occur to you to ask me?”

“Ask you?”

“Yes, ask me. Simple really.” Jaejoong’s tone becomes instructive, and he even has that weird lilt people seem to take on when teaching someone how to speak. “Jaejoong, do you want to meet my parents? No? Ok then, I’ll ask you again in oh, ten years from now.

He pauses, as he takes in the slightly surprised look on the older man’s face.

“It really didn’t occur to you, did it?” Jaejoong shakes his head, his face far more serious than it has ever been. “I’m not a child, Yunho. I am seventeen, about to take my finals and I swear to god I’m going to ace them all even if I die from blue balls in the process. And then I’m going to apply to those scholarships the GC suggested, and I am going to make sure that I make it to medical school somehow or someway, even if I have to work at Mirotic twelve hours a day to get enough money to go. I’m going to be a doctor. A heart surgeon actually. I rather like the heart. I know I like yours.”

Jaejoong takes a step forward then, continuing to shake his head at the stunned man before him. His tone is vaguely lecturing, and most certainly chastising. The kid is schooling the adult.

“How can you even think to take me to your parents when you haven’t even told me you love me? What am I supposed to say to your parents if they ask me what the hell their twenty-nine year old son is doing with a seventeen year old nobody who only found out today that popping cherries means to steal your V card?”

The other adults in the room have all moved closer together. Junsu is plastered up next to Changmin, both not actually realising this. Nicole is seated on Changmin’s other side with Eryn in her lap, as they stare at the odd couple facing off before them.

None of them laugh though a couple are quelling the urge to.

Yunho is a right picture.

His eyes are wide, mouth parted, as he stares up in consternation at the standing Jaejoong, looking exactly like how his teenager normally looks.

The teenager on the other hand, has a rueful smile on his lips, eyes older and wiser than his years, filled with a hint of amusement as he gazes fondly down at the older man.

His anger is gone almost as quickly as it appeared, and only because he realises something in his words earlier, and he wonders if Yunho realises it too.

“What am I supposed to tell your parents? That I’m your pet? You do treat me like one most of the time. Like you seem to assume I can’t think for myself, so you make my decisions for me. Do you think your parents would be proud to have a son who knows how to keep a pet?”

“Ouch…” Changmin mutters under his breath.

“He has a point.” Nicole whispers back.

“I really wish I wasn’t here right now,” Eryn complains, acknowledging Nicole’s apologetic squeeze around her middle with a returning squeeze of her own.

“Hyung would never take someone home whom he does not love,” Junsu whispers.

“Question is, does he know that?” Changmin poses the rhetoric question. Changmin himself has no certainty as to whom the “he” refers to as they all continue watching the mismatched couple before them.

The fierce, tattooed yakuza prince, with his gamin-like angel of a teenager.

A butterfly with teeth.

“My mother would love you,” Yunho blurts out. He is seriously scrambling and backpedaling, and frantically trying to figure out how to fix this. Jaejoong is once again close enough to grab, but Yunho doesn’t want to chance the boy side-stepping him again.

Once was enough for it to hurt clean through as if Jaejoong had tossed a red hot poker straight through him.

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” Jaejoong asks almost wistfully, staring at the panicking tattooist. He can practically feel Yunho’s growing alarm as he takes one more tiny step closer.

This teenager with the too-wide eyes, the too-red lips and the too-pale skin, wearing the too-big shirt and the too-cute black Hello Kitty boxers. The boy is a vision indeed.

“Two weeks, Yunho. I wanted two weeks to make you mine forever.“

“I already promised you forever.”

“Have you? I don’t remember.”

“I did…I told you…” Yunho trails off as he frowns.

“You told me, forever.” Nicole interrupts, her voice soft, her eyes caressing Jaejoong’s pale face as the teenager turns to gaze at her. “Oppa told me forever. That Sunday afternoon the both of you decided not to show up to work, he told me he’d take care of you forever.”

“Are you in a relationship with me or Nicole noona?”

Changmin almost snorts at that, because Yunho is honestly looking at a loss. It’s like his hyung is afraid to say something wrong so he decides not to say anything at all.

And of course his kitten is having none of that.

“Yunho,” Jaejoong smiles trying to reassure the man. “If you cannot even answer that simple question then we are in serious trouble.”

“You of course. Don’t be absurd.”

“So why aren’t you talking to me? Why are you telling everyone but me? You pet me, stroke me, cuddle me, scratch me, play with me, tease me, feed me, and you even clothe me.” Jaejoong tugs at the shirt he is wearing. “I’m not a pet.”

“No…no you’re not.”

“Then what am I?”

The answer takes awhile to come. So much so that this time it is Eryn who interrupts.

“You’re his mate.”

Jaejoong turns, staring questioningly at the brunette whose alcoholic haze has all but completely dissipated.

“He says you’re mated for life.”

“So…i’m a wolf now?” Jaejoong tilts his head, staring at Yunho. “You must be the alpha.”

Yunho stifles a groan, sending a quelling look towards the four adults sitting on the sofa, squeezed together like sardines. Junsu is practically sitting in Changmin’s lap, and Nicole has a tight hold of Eryn, nuzzling her shoulder as she stares back at him.

He quirks an eyebrow at that, and he gets a return quirk from Nicole.


“Can a kitten mate with a wolf?”

Yunho is losing his grip on the conversation.

“No more animals, Jaejoong.”

“Alright,” Jaejoong’s expression changes, becoming serious again. He honestly feels like he’s back in school trying to explain something to his slower classmates. Perhaps a flow chat wouldn’t go amiss right about now. Or maybe even some Venn diagrams. “I’ll ask you again. What am I, Yunho?”

Yunho takes a deep breath, wondering why the hell it is so fucking easy to tell the whole world to fuck off, that Jaejoong is his, but when asked by the boy himself, he loses all his words completely.


Jaejoong chuckles, shaking his head. “I know I’m yours. Just like you are mine. Just like Jiji is ours. But Jiji is our pet, what am I?”

Yunho honestly feels like he’s being asked a trick question. Jaejoong looks a trifle amused, which relieves him somewhat, but he still has no answer.

Jaejoong takes another step closer, reaching out a hand to cup Yunho’s cheek, his smile broadening as Yunho nuzzles into his palm. An action that is more his own than the much older man, and yet it reinforces what he just said.

Yunho is as much his, as he is Yunho’s.

But the man still cannot seem to work it out.

“I know it’s only been two weeks, but for me, it’s closer to twenty months.”

“I get it…” Junsu whispers.

“Get what?” Changmin asks, leaning over to drop a chin against Junsu’s shoulder, whispering in his ear as they watch Yunho try to muddle out what his kitten is not saying.

“What Jaejoong is driving at.”

“Do you have a map? Cos I’m still fucking lost and I’m sure hyung is too.”

Jaejoong takes the final step forward, straddling Yunho’s thighs as the man’s arms automatically wrap around him.

“So I’m yours…and you promised to look after me forever…and we’re mated for life…” Jaejoong repeats, smiling slightly at the gorgeous man with the deep furrow in his forehead. It’s a little funny to him how dense Yunho is. “Did I miss anything out?”

Yunho shakes his head.

“Then what am I? And Yunho, if you say kid or kitten, I might actually punch you,” Jaejoong warns half-seriously. “Last chance, before I start calling you hyung.”

Yunho’s mind chooses that moment to recall a conversation he had with his father barely two weeks ago.

”You never seemed the sort fall lightly, and it sounds as if you’ve fallen rather hard.”

He has fallen rather hard.

For this impossible minx in his arms, staring at him hopefully, with a hint of grouchiness in their depths. He knows the teenager is more than a little exasperated with him, but who can blame him? He has every right to be annoyed. Yunho has been rather dictatorial, he has been overly dominant for no good reason apart from Jaejoong’s age, and he has been telling everyone but the boy what he needs to hear.

“I love you.”

Nicole and Eryn both gasp, as does Changmin, but slightly more muted. Junsu merely smiles.

But the couple entwined in each other ignore their audience.

“Th-th-that’s not my question.” The tremor in Jaejoong’s voice is noticeable as he feels goosebumps erupt across his body at Yunho’s quiet words.

Yunho, finally feeling back in control and on the right footing leans forward to lick at the teenager’s mouth, whispering against it. “I love you, Kim Jaejoong, and you can be whatever you want to be for me, and I will be whatever you want me to be, for you.”

Jaejoong’s blinks, and a singular tear falls, catching on Yunho’s cheek as the man is that close to him. The older man makes a tsking sound as he kisses the wet path back up his cheek to his eyes.

“Don’t cry, kitten.”

“I love you too, grouchy bear.” Jaejoong whispers.

“I know, babe.”

“Am I signed, sealed and delivered?”


Jaejoong shrugs. “I heard the phrase in school. It sounded very proper and official-like.” His brow furrows. “It doesn’t have any innuendo does it?” he asks suspiciously.

Yunho lets out a sharp bark of laughter as he squeezes the life out of the teenager, kissing him loudly all over his flushed cheeks and down his throat, making the boy giggle like crazy.

“How did you go from singing that ridiculous Banana Song the minions sang to lecturing me about love?”

“How did you go from someone who didn’t give a damn about love to someone who actually knows that is the Banana Song sung by the minions?” Jaejoong counters quickly, still giggling.

“I won’t tell your sisters if you don’t tell my parents.”

“Deal. Signed, sealed, delivered.”

“I’m yours.”


“Nevermind,” Yunho chuckles, before kissing the teenager hard.

Junsu starts to hum the song, singing under his breath.

”Like a fool I went and stayed too long…
Now I'm wondering if your love's still strong…
Oooh , baby, here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours!
Then that time I went and said goodbye…
Now I'm back and not ashamed to cry…
Oooh, baby, here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours!”

“Trust the kid to inadvertently land on an appropriate song,” Changmin chuckles ruefully as he watches Yunho kiss the teenager silly. He leans back, but he pulls Junsu with him.

Nicole already has a good grip on Eryn who is also leaning back against her now, rubbing her temple against the underside of the blonde’s chin.

Neither couple notice their actions.

Not Eryn nor Nicole who are gazing fondly at the loved up duo, nor Changmin and Junsu who are shaking their heads at the antics of the two males.

Jaejoong finally manages to get Yunho to stop, curling around in the man’s lap as he stares curiously at the four people on the sofa. He notices the song still playing in the background, on repeat since he first emerged from the bedroom and he remembers what he walked in on.

“So…what’s going on with Changmin and Junsu hyung? Are you playing truth or dare? Do you have to kiss to this sexy song?”


AN1: I totally didn’t mean for the bathroom thing to happen…so much for self control. It is clearly ME who lacks it. And let’s not talk about MinSu ok… I’M HAVING A COMPLEX OVER IT… I just want to go hide in a cave right now…just…yes let’s not talk about it. I’m still angry as hell at the both of them.

AN2: So this whole doctor thing is because of my doctor reader and her interns. I think more of you might be familiar with her if you read ICE. I brought two of her male interns together because of that fic haha! I may or may not be squealing at the idea of Jaejoong as a surgical intern lmao!

AN3: For those wondering, the story was NEVER meant to end with the parent thing because this is a SHORT fic about Yunho and Jaejoong and how they came to be. The parents were a derailment (as is MinSu but let’s not go there cos I wanna shank them both). But rest assured, you’ll see it (parents not MinSu) when I finally get around to writing the epilogue. But other than that, consider this SHORT fic done ;-)

AN4: Don’t blame me for your cavities lol. I have a mouthful of my own omg. And I just can’t get Yunho’s first glimpse of Jaejoong in the bathroom out of my head…god…

Tags: fic:tattooist, nc17, pairing:yunjae

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