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The Intern

Title: The Intern
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, crack, crossover
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Ok, I suck at summaries, and I suck even more at this one because I don't actually know what this is myself... If one of you lovely readers has any idea about how I can fill this space, feel free to leave a comment about it :P

AN1: Oneshot from The Tattooist universe, but you really don't have to read that first tbh. This one can stand alone by itself.

AN2: Just goes to show you how much self control I have… Though tbh, I’m much too confused at what the fuck just came out here in this fic to get too mad about it. And to think all I’d wanted to write was a drabble about a tattoo… And now you get 8,500+ words of...i'm not 100% sure what OTL


“You’ll be alright, babe.”

“How would you know? You’re not the one going into that great big scary building.” Jaejoong leans forward to gaze up at the imposing building. It is so big it has blocked out the sun, and their brand new car is sitting pretty in the shade. A couple of honks from behind them startle him, and he turns around to glare through the tinted back window at the offending vehicle.

“Jae, I have to move the car. You need to get out or we’re going round the block again.”

“Go round the block, please.” Jaejoong replies somewhat primly, folding his hands in his lap and gazing serenely out the window, nothing betraying the butterflies in his belly.

Appearances are most certainly deceiving.

“At your service.”

Yunho’s voice is tinged with amusement as he pulls the car out of park and heads back out. Around the block is a good ten minutes with the terrible traffic of this big city, in the morning rush no less. He is mentally patting himself on the back for making Jaejoong get out of bed early, despite the delightful temptation the now twenty-three year old poses when he pouts at him coquettishly, looking infinitely fuckable.

But then Jaejoong always looks fuckable.

Yunho keeps up a steady one-sided conversation as he drives, pointing out the sights and commenting on the lovely autumn weather. He even switches back to Korean halfway through his monologue, and then to Japanese, and then back to English, with not a sound coming from the young man seated tensely next to him.

All too soon for Jaejoong, they are back in front of the huge scary building.

“You have to go, kitten. They said 8am and it’s ten to. You don’t want to be late for your first day, do you?”

“Can we go home?”

“Home home or home home?”

Home home.”

Yunho grins. “I’m afraid that’s a good 10 hour flight away.”

“Why am I here? They’re all going to laugh at me and then it’ll be like high school all over again.”

Yunho has no defence against that tiny insecure voice Jaejoong is using, and he pushes his seat all the way back as he unbuckles his belt. He tugs at the younger man’s arm, and Jaejoong immediately moves to unbuckle himself, crawling over the centre console and dropping lightly into Yunho’s lap.

A practiced move to be sure, as the man has spent the last five years of his life crawling in and out of that lap. It doesn’t matter where they are, or how appropriate or inappropriate it is. Kim Jaejoong doesn’t give a flying fuck about anything or anyone when it comes to Yunho’s lap. He will jolly well sit in it no matter what anyone thinks.

The younger man curls up, face tucked into the side of the tattooist’s neck, saying nothing.

They could be back in their apartment in Seoul, Jaejoong crying with shock and happiness when he’d gotten the acceptance letter.

But now that they’re here, he doesn’t want to move from the safety of Yunho’s lap.

“Kitten, you have to go.” Yunho whispers as he presses a kiss to the man’s slightly damp temple. The temperature in the car is cool, and yet he is sweating, which tells the older man a lot. He keeps an eye on the clock on the dash, thankful that he hasn’t fixed it. The clock is ten minutes fast, which means Jaejoong has more time than he thinks.

“I don’t want to go.” Jaejoong’s voice is muffled and Yunho flinches slightly when he feels those pouty lips parting against his throat and the tiny feather light flicker of a naughty tongue against his skin.

“Jae…not the time, or place,” Yunho warns as he glances out the window. The glass is tinted but they are sitting in front of the largest hospital in Seattle.

“When has that ever stopped you?” Jaejoong murmurs huskily as he kisses his way along Yunho’s jaw. The man is clean shaven for once, and he is enjoying his taste as he licks a slow path to the lobe of his ear.

“You’re not a teenager anymore, Jae…”

Jaejoong pulls back immediately, pouting petulantly at being thwarted. “What? Are you saying you only like teenagers? Am I going to get dumped so you can upgrade to a younger model?” His words carry no heat, knowing himself how empty they are, but he really doesn’t want to enter that big scary building.

“I’m pretty sure I didn’t make you stupid this morning, so what’s your excuse this time, kitten?” Yunho smirks as Jaejoong huffs, wiggling unnecessarily in his lap, grinding his hips determinedly. His smirk soon turns into a groan.

“You probably should have made me stupid,” Jaejoong cards his hand through the hair in the back of Yunho’s head, twirling a lock of hair around his finger. “I would’ve come to work in a daze, and not cared about anything or anyone.”

“It wasn’t my idea,” Yunho reminds him, shifting uncomfortably because Jaejoong’s pointed grinding has made him rather pointed.

“I know, I know.” Jaejoong grumbles. “I’m too clever for my own good. Remind me to listen to you next time.”

“Duly noted,” Yunho remarks drily. “Thanks for the boost of confidence.”

“I’m sorry,” Jaejoong kisses Yunho forcefully on the mouth, licking at his lip bolt.

The kiss deepens naturally, Yunho tightening his hold on the man he won’t be seeing for another five hours. It isn’t very long, but he’s had Jaejoong all to himself for over a week with no interruptions so this parting is hard on him too. If Changmin could see them now, he’d probably be teased mercilessly for it. The man already thinks they’re way too attached for being together for over five years. Yunho on the other hand, knows better. His mother is still like this with his father and they’ve been together over thirty years!

“Babe,” Yunho pulls away, inhaling the man’s scent, his eye on the clock on the dash. “It’s one minute past eight.”


Yunho laughs at the expletive. It sounds so foreign coming from the stunning young man who, despite the years and Yunho’s rather determined debauchery of his person, still exudes an air of innocence.

Mischievous innocence to be sure, because he is now more self-aware. He shocks people with the things he says, but not because he has no idea what he’s saying, but because he has no idea why people find it offensive. As a budding doctor, anything to do with the body is a marvel to him, and no matter in what context, Jaejoong can talk very matter-of-factly about it.

He also has a habit of oversharing, and not really thinking about it.

Take the airport a week ago.

The lovely customs officer had asked if they were there for business or pleasure. Jaejoong’s reply had almost sent Yunho to his knees because of the expression on the woman officer’s face.

”Business I guess, but since I brought my boyfriend, maybe pleasure would be more appropriate. Yes, pleasure. Do I have to change it on my card? Is it lying if I ticked business but all I can think about is how he’s going to pleasure me when we get to the apartment because I swear I haven’t thought of anything else for the last ten hours. I’m surprised I can even walk, my balls are so blue. Well, my balls aren’t actually blue, but you know what I mean. Miss? Miss? Are you ok?”

Yunho is pulled out of his amused recollection by a scramble of flailing limbs as Jaejoong opens his door, actually tumbling out of the car.

The beautiful man sits on the asphalt, squinting up at Yunho, and the older man feels bad for making him frantic.

“It’s ok, babe. You still have five minutes.”

Jaejoong stands quickly, brushing off the seat of his pants as he peers into the interior of the car, squinting at the illuminated dial of the clock.

“You tricked me.” He states matter of factly, stepping back. “The clock’s fast isn’t it?”

Yunho nods, smiling as Jaejoong grumbles under his breath.

“You’re lucky I love you. Make sure you’re here at one sharp so I can cry in your lap at how everyone is using great big english words I don’t understand.”

“I doubt that’s going to happen. You can probably regurgitate the entire Gray’s Anatomy word for word.”

“I’m glad one of us is confident,” Jaejoong continues to grumble.

Yunho pulls him down for a quick kiss, whispering against his mouth. “Jaejoong, the only reason you’re behaving like this is because I’m here. You know how good you are, and you know how to deal with people. I’ve seen you crush my father’s right hand man with one of your now infamous angry tirades. Of course the man didn’t know you were trying to save his ass, but that’s another matter altogether. This one position was offered to the whole of Korea and Japan, and you got it. You’re my kitten but you have to be a tiger in there, ok? I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“Now go get ‘em, tiger.”

“Oh god, you’re worse than Junsu hyung.”

But Yunho has succeeded in making him smile and he finally steps away from the car, waving quickly before turning to run up the steps into the great big scary building where new experiences are waiting for him.


“That’s the Asian intern?”

“I don’t care what he is. I want a piece of him. I wonder if he’d be amenable to revising the reproductive system with me at lunch.”

“What the hell is he? I thought Asians were all geeky with horn rimmed glasses or something, with their noses constantly in their books or electronic devices.”

“He is about as far from geeky as I’ve ever seen, dear lord.” The female intern fans herself as she huddles with her friends, watching the new intern, Kim Jaejoong, conversing with one of the attendings. Unlike them, he exudes a cool aura of confidence, not at all intimidated by the doctors in the world renowned teaching hospital. “And how does he do that? Every time I come up against the female Sheppard I lose my train of thought. She’s even worse than the Nazi.”

“She probably cuts him more slack since he’s not native and all. English isn’t even his first language did you know? He speaks three languages.”


“Yeah, Korean obviously, and English, also obviously, plus Japanese.”

“Makes sense I suppose. I heard he beat over a thousand applicants in Japan and Korea to get this place. He must be pretty hardcore.”

“Proves that beauty and brains can indeed go together.”

“He’s the only exception.” A loud voice interrupts, causing all the interns to freeze as the Nazi comes round. “He has the brains to know he should be working, and he is a thousand times more beautiful to me because of that. Why the hell are all of you hanging around and doing nothing? Scram before I make you clean out bedpans for a week.”

The group of male and female interns scatter immediately. Dr. Meredith Sheppard and new intern Kim Jaejoong turn to look at the commotion, but Dr. Bailey merely grimaces their way, waving it off as nothing before turning to continue along her own way.

“That’s Bailey. I think you lot probably call her the Nazi.”

“She doesn’t look very Nazi-like to me.”

“And I look like Medusa to you?” she teases, making the beautiful new intern grin and shake his head. She had been apprehensive about taking on a new intern two months into the start of their pilot internship program, but the delays had been on the side of the various participating universities, and as a Board, they had decided to allow it instead of canning the position because they felt it would be unfair to punish the student for the failings of their bureaucracy.

Jaejoong had literally stunned the entire room speechless upon his entry. He’d been one minute late, but nobody paid any mind, too busy gawking at the young man who could easily pass for some sort of supermodel.

”He’s toast.”

Dr. Alex Karev had dismissed him immediately, excusing himself and grumbling about the whole thing being a waste of his time.

”We had McDreamy and McSteamy. What can we call him?”

Dr. Callie Torres had observed with a smirk, equally appreciative of the young man’s impossible looks.

”Who’s his plastic surgeon? I need him on my rotation, stat. One look at him and everyone would be more than willing to undergo whatever procedure we recommend.”

Dr. Jackson Avery, with his keen eye and unfortunate need to be business minded as well, had been a little cold and calculated in his assessment of the new intern.

Meredith on the other hand, had no preconceived notions of the newbie apart from academically. His grades were impeccable, and his English essay, making a critical commentary on a heart transplant procedure had almost made Dr Cristina Yang weep. That had been the deciding factor for her.

Anyone who can make Dr. Yang cry over their written word has something to offer.

The fact that he also happens to be drop dead good looking is simply a happenstance of fate and mother nature. The photograph attached to his application did not do the young man justice at all, and she is more amused, rather than irritated at the sight of the group of both male and female interns dogging his step.

Jaejoong is oblivious to the attention though, and she wonders if it is because he is used to people swooning after him, or whether he really is that oblivious.

But then again, she also knows something she reckons the other interns don’t. Derek had laughingly informed her that her newest intern had literally dropped out of the driver’s side of a Daytona 2012 R8 Coupe. Apparently that’s supposed to mean something because he’d been suitably impressed. It had surprised them both though, because the candidate had been on a full scholarship throughout medical school.

A candidate who falls out of a limited edition car.

On the driver’s side.

And the car is driven off almost immediately.

Oh yes, Dr. Meredith Sheppard has her suspicions as to why Jaejoong, the new McHottie or McCutie (no one has been able to settle on a name yet), is oblivious to the attention paid to him.

“Are lunch times set?”

“For interns, yes. Unless you’re lucky enough to be invited into the OR, then you’re stuck. Though I cannot imagine that you’d be thinking of food if you’re in there.”

Jaejoong’s eyes are wide, growing wider still as he stares at the pretty attending, his mouth gaping slightly as he asks a little breathlessly, his voice and expression conveying his hopefulness. “Are interns allowed in there?”

She smiles, seeing how young he is in that instant. He is the youngest intern in their pilot group, barely twenty-three, though his credentials and hospital hours, not to mention his bedside manner, puts pretty much all of the other interns to shame. Perhaps it’s something about being Korean. She’ll have to ask Cristina when she comes in at lunch.

“Well, all your fellow interns have been here for two months and not a single one of them has set foot in the OR.”


His face falls in an instant, and Meredith feels as if she’s just kicked a puppy.

Or maybe a kitten.

“There, there, you’ll get your chance. Don’t be too eager to grow up and have the responsibility of someone’s life in your hands. It is exhilarating, yet completely and utterly terrifying. If I were you, I’d hold off a little while,” she elbows him good naturedly as she hands over the stack of files they were going through to him.

Jaejoong smiles, and nods. He figures he doesn’t really need to tell her that he knows exactly how it feels to be responsible for someone’s life. Being with Yunho inadvertently brings about run ins with his family, and there has been an occasion or two where he’s had to step in to prevent rather permanent damage to people who didn’t know any better.

“So I’m to take these to Dr. Sheppard after lunch, and tell him I’m to be on his service for the rest of the day?”

Meredith nods, amused at how he doesn’t distinguish between them. The rest of his peers always say “the other Dr. Sheppard” while talking to her, and they do the same to Derek as well. Apparently it fails to occur to all of them but Jaejoong that they are being quite redundant. Clearly it’s going to be “the other Dr. Sheppard” if they’re talking to her.

“You might want to read up on those patient notes during lunch though. Derek tends to get pretty close to his patients, and he’d like to think his interns and residents care about them the same way he does.”

“Thank you, Dr. Sheppard.” Jaejoong bows, almost knocking over the top two files in his arms as he does so.

Meredith rescues the files, patting him on the shoulder. “No need for that.”

Jaejoong nods, flushing slightly at his faux pas as she walks away.

He glances at the clock over the nurses’ station, and almost squeaks in alarm when he sees the time. He has five minutes to change and meet Yunho. Normally he wouldn’t change, but a patient had vomitted, and he’d caught a bit of the spatter, and while Dr. Torres reckons he’s imagining it, he’d feel much better meeting his boyfriend in clean scrubs.

Jaejoong dashes off back to the intern’s lounge, a shared area where their lockers are, as well as a cosy sofa set, a vending machine and an old microwave that needs some creative hitting for it to work. Nothing fancy, but definitely cosy.

The brand new intern nods towards the two interns already within the lounge. Both return his friendly smile with grins of their own.

The two males are lounging, waiting for the rest of the group, having completed their stint with Dr. Torres early.

“Hey, Jae. Wanna have lunch with us?”

Jaejoong almost drops his pile of patient folders, startled at the booming voice of the tallest intern in their group.

Tallest and broadest.

He really has never seen a man so big and the colour of his hair is a startling red. But his face is so open and friendly that it is impossible to dislike him. In fact, Jaejoong had nicknamed him Obelix.

“Oh god, Obelix. You scared me!”


Jaejoong freezes.

Obelix and his friend crack up at the horrified expression on Jaejoong’s face.

“That’s what my friends call me. Did they tell you that? You can use it too if you like.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, still feeling awful he had blurted it out. He has never given anyone an unkind nickname, but he knows some are not too keen on the names bestowed upon them.

Case in point, Max Changmin, also known as GA2.

He on the other hand might as well be known by anything but Kim Jaejoong. His names are many, and none of them bother him.

Not even the rather unkind ones given to him by spiteful and jealous people.

He knows who he is, and he knows what he is, and he is perfectly content with exactly where he is.

“Wow, do they have Obelix in Korea?”

Jaejoong nods.

They are interrupted by a gaggle of girls, five in total, laughing and joking as they enter the small room.

One by one they freeze, bumping into each other as they see Jaejoong staring at them.

The man’s stare is utterly disconcerting. None of them have been able to maintain eye contact for longer than five seconds, and most find themselves unable to even carry out a simple conversation with him. They are all rather thankful that since it’s his first day, most of his interactions have been with the attendings and the senior residents, but they know they have to get over his face and fast.

Jaejoong smiles at the girls, grateful for their interruption. He can hear his phone vibrating in his locker and he almost drops his load once again as he tries to open his locker with his arms full.

“Here, let me help.” Obelix offers, walking past the besotted girls, shaking his head amusedly at the. “So, joining us for lunch? Whose service are you on after this.”

Jaejoong hands over his stack of files gratefully, his smile almost blinding the taller man. He hurriedly opens his locker, as he answers the man.

“Can’t. I would love to, and I thank you so much for the invitation but I’ve got lunch plans.”

Obelix peers at the the patient files he is holding. “A date with these files? I guess you’re with Dr. Sheppard then?”

Jaejoong replies in the affirmative, not bothering to add that he’s meeting his boyfriend. It’s not that he omits it on purpose, but coming from Korea, he’s found it prudent not to mention Yunho for no good reason, and his boyfriend doesn’t mind it at all.

He pulls off his (imaginary) dirty top, and the entire room gasps. The sound so loud it actually causes him to turn around in surprise.

Dr. Karev, who’d been talking to another two interns, walks in just in time to see the new intern Kim Jaejoong bare his back.

And what a back.

He is covered in the most elaborate tattoo he has ever seen in his life. A large dragon takes up most of his back, and that’s about all he manages to decipher before the man turns away to greet his stupefied audience.


Jaejoong is confused as everyone is staring at him as if he’s suddenly grown another head. He looks down at himself, wondering if he somehow did, seeing nothing, and then looking back up. He literally has an entire room full of people gawking at him, even more so than usual and he’s not really sure why.

“Is something wrong?”

Dr. Alex Karev walks forward, a mystified expression on his face. Jaejoong tries to smile, but it falters around the edges because this is the one doctor he hasn’t been able to talk to. Every time he tries, the man just gives him a dirty look and ignores him. He’s not sure why, but he’s really trying not to take it personally.

“Turn around.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your back, I want a closer look.”

Oh. Well that explains their expressions. Jaejoong chews his bottom lip as he slowly turns back round to face his locker once again. He is used to being stared at, but unused to people actually asking him about it. Back in Korea, and even Japan, people just look and then avert their gaze. Perhaps he should get used to being confronted about it.

He doesn’t think further on it, as his phone once again vibrates in his locker and he finally answers it.

“Hey, babe.”

Yunho laughs at the greeting he gets, smiling as he leans away from the general reception desk to head towards some couches near the main entrance.

“Are you running late?”

“Just a tad,” Jaejoong looks over his shoulder to see half the room staring at his back and the other half at his face. They have all stepped closer which is a little disconcerting but he just shrugs it off. He is well protected, even if he cannot see his protection, and these people don’t bother him.

“Take your time, kitten. I’m not really hungry so we can go whenever you’re ready.”

“Can we eat here in the cafeteria? I have some patient files to go over for my service with neuro after lunch.”

“Whatever you wish. You will still finish at eight tonight though, right?”

“Yup. Eight to eight for four days, then a day off and then noon to six in the morning for another three days then two days off, then back again eight to eight in the morning for four days. Rinse and repeat.”

Yunho nods. “Sounds like they’re sticking with the schedule in your information pack. That’s nice of them.”

“Don’t get too happy. If anyone falls sick, I’m first in line to pull a double.”

“Why is that?”

“I volunteered. I’m two months behind remember?” Jaejoong reminds him a little pointedly.

“Of course you did,” Yunho smiles ruefully, before grinning, suddenly remembering something. “By the by, there’s another Korean doctor here.”

“I know, Dr. Cristina Yang. She’s the cardio-thoracic fellow. I haven’t met her yet though.”

“I have. She crashed right into me. I apologised in Korean without thinking about it and I think her eyes just about popped out of her head.”

Jaejoong laughs. “I think you have that effect on just about everyone.”

“Speak for yourself. I’ll be in the lobby by the weird indoor trees.”

“Alright, see you in a bit. Love you.”

“Love you, too.”

Jaejoong grins as he hangs up. His audience all but forgotten as he pockets his phone and pulls open his spare set of scrubs. He dons the top, before turning around to find the roomful of people still staring at him.

“That must’ve hurt like a mother fucker.” Dr. Karev finally speaks. “How long did it take?”

Jaejoong takes his files back from the silent Obelix, whispering his thanks before turning to the pediatrics doctor, shrugging a little dismissively. “A few years. I got it done over time the traditional way.”

“No machine?”

“No machine.”

Alex lets out a low whistle of appreciation, his opinion of the gorgeous young man changing with that information.

Jaejoong takes the opportunity to slip past Obelix, and apologises to the attending for needing to leave, before making his way out.


He turns, smiling at the feminine voice. It’s the pretty intern from Australia. She’s the only other foreign intern there in his batch. There are ten in all, two of them international. He heard that the next intake will have interns from Europe and South America, and he hopes to still be around when they take them in. He’s never met anyone from South America, and he’s not sure if Dr. Torres counts.

“I’ve got a bag you can keep your files in so you don’t drop them.”

Jaejoong grins, stepping forward to drop the five files into the huge tote she is holding out for him.


“No problem. I used to take files to lunch all the time,” she smiles. Of all the five girls, she is the least intimidated by him, though he is still utterly disconcerting when he pays his full attention on her. She steps back quickly, suddenly feeling self conscious.

Jaejoong hefts his bag over his shoulder, waving at the still largely silent room as he heads out.

Dr. Karev watches him leave, a thoughtful look on his face as the room suddenly explodes in noise.

“Holy shit that’s a sick tattoo.”

“Did you see how much detail there was on that dragon?”

“I think there were actual words worked into the scales of that dragon, or was I imagining that?”

“And that wee kitten! It seemed completely out of place next to the dragon.”

“Those cherry blossoms were utterly gorgeous though. I’m almost tempted to fly to wherever he came from just to get the exact same spray of blossoms done on my back.”

“Forget the tattoo for a second, Leia. Did you hear his conversation?”

“Yes, and I’m hoping he was talking to his sister or something.”

“With a face like that? You’d be lucky. Of course he had to be taken.”

“Why are we still here? He’s going to be in the cafeteria! We can spy on them.”

Alex shakes his head as the interns all exit together, still babbling excitedly over the new intern. He is curious as to whether anyone else has seen the young man’s tattoos because he is starting to get a sneaking suspicion about them. Being a street kid, he has seen his fair share of the rougher side of life, and the only Asians he’s ever seen covered with tattoos that elaborate are not the kind of people you’d want to mess with.

Of course, they have also never been so extraordinarily beautiful either so perhaps his suspicions are wrong.

The little kitten hiding behind the dragon’s tail has also thrown him off a little.


“There is a god.”

Meredith doesn’t bother looking up, as she feeds her son while watching Zola play.

“Mer, are you listening? There is a fucking god.”

“Language, Cristina,” she chides, finally looking up at her best friend. She takes in the woman’s uncharacteristic flush, hiding her surprise at finding her so flustered. “What’s gotten into you?”

“If things go my way, god.”

“What are you talking about?”

“There is a god,” Cristina replies fervently.

“I know, I know. I heard you the first few times.” Meredith finishes feeding her son, dropping him to the floor and letting him play with his sister as she stands up to shake out the crick in her back.

“No, you don’t understand. There is a fucking god standing in this hospital, and he’s Korean, and I have no fucking idea why I’m standing here talking to you about it when I could be climbing him like a tree.”


“Sorry, sorry!” She murmurs as she bends over to pick up Zola, grunting at the weight as she hefts the girl into her arms. She waits for her best friend to pick up Bailey before they both return to the main room of the day care centre. She hustles her friend quickly to drop off the kids, getting a dirty stare from the general surgeon when she does but she just smiles as winningly as she possibly can. She is itching to get back to the lobby and she prays her luck holds out.

“So I take it you’ve met our newest intern?”


“Your god. The Korean. I admit he even gave me a flutter in my chest when I saw him. He’s possibly the most beautiful person I have ever seen.”

“Beautiful? I don’t know about beautiful. Ruggedly handsome with a jaw chiseled out of rock, and a body to die for is more like it.”

Meredith frowns as they head towards the main entrance to the hospital. “Was he wearing scrubs?”

“Fuck, no. I’m done fucking doctors. I want to meet a real man who knows what to do with a real woman.”

“And you’re saying doctors can’t be real men?” she asks amusedly as they approach the main stairwell that leads to the lobby.

“Yes, yes, of course they can, but Mer, you have to see this guy. He is a god. I’m not even exaggerating.”

“You don’t exaggerate.”


They reach the top of the sweeping stairs, and Cristina points him out, though really, she didn’t have to because Meredith sees him instantly.

And she has to concur with her friend.

“You’re right. He is a god.”

“See? See? How do I look?” Cristina fluffs her hair frantically, combing her fingers through the snarly locks.

Meredith however has noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She turns fully towards the opposite staircase, just in time to see Kim Jaejoong practically streaking down it, taking the stairs two at a time.

“I think you’re about to be disappointed,” she murmurs, turning back to the original person she was looking at, watching as the god pushes away from the wall he is leaning against with a slow smirk on his face.

“What?” Cristina looks up.


And watch they do, along with at least half of the other people milling about in the lobby as the beautiful intern from Korea leaps into the arms of the god, and kisses him.

“You have got to be fucking with me.”

Meredith starts to laugh. She can’t help it. The disappointment in Cristina’s face and voice is so palpable.

“Who the fuck is that?”

“That, my friend,” Meredith grins as she links arms with her, “is Kim Jaejoong. The god I thought you were referring to.”

“Figures the god would be dating a god.” Cristina mutters disgustedly as the intern finally drops to his feet. She watches as her god takes the bag from the stunning young man who appears to be babbling happily, and they head towards the cafeteria hand in hand. “And how the hell is he so beautiful?”

“I told you.”

“Korean right? It’s probably plastic surgery.”

“Jackson says no.”


“He confronted Jae, and he even let Jackson examine his face. All natural.”

“Disgusting.” Cristina spits out. “Truly disgusting.”

“Very disgusting.” Meredith laughs as she steers her friend towards the cafeteria.


“He’s gay.”

“You’ve said that a million times, Kate. I’m starting to wish there was an off button on you.”

“Fuck off.”

“Why are all the good ones either gay or taken?”

“He’s both so you can stop thinking about it.”

“His boyfriend is a regulation hottie as well. What do they feed them in Korea?”

“Did you really expect anything less? Gorgeous goes out with gorgeous. It’s like some unspoken rule.”

“They’re so cute together though. I feel like they are actually in their own little bubble despite sitting in the middle of a crowded cafeteria.”

“If only I could find a guy who’d listen to me that attentively. I don’t think Jae has stopped talking since they sat down.”

“You spoke too soon.”

The table of interns are intrigued to see their peer push away the trays, as he dumps the patient files onto the table. They are even more surprised when he gets up. They understand why though as he slides into the lap of the taller man.

All the girls at the table sigh.


“Enough, Cristina.” Meredith shakes her head as her friend continues to gawk at the canoodling couple.

“Well, I think it’s sweet.” Callie says as she grins over at Jaejoong quietly reading his patient notes as his boyfriend nuzzles his ear.

“It’s so sweet it’s disgusting.”

“Have you guys seen his tattoo?” Alex interrupts as he drops his tray and settles into the seat next to Meredith.

“Yeah, it’s a dragon of some sort.” Cristina answers, still staring.

“How do you know? You only just got here.”

“I ran into him.”



“I’m talking about Jaejoong.”

“That pretty boy has a tattoo? What was it? A tramp stamp?” Cristina asks snidely.

“Who the fuck were you talking about then with the dragon?”

“His boyfriend.”

“Well that’s interesting.” Alex drawls as he looks over at the intern with his boyfriend. He can see the tattoo down the bare arm of the other man, but his tee shirt covers the top of it. The dragon is still unmistakable though and the quality of the ink is similar to the ink on the intern’s back.

“You’re telling me Jae has a tattoo?” Callie asks a little incredulously.

“Not just a tattoo. It’s a full back tattoo. He is covered from his shoulders to his lower back.”

“Sexy.” Callie murmurs appreciatively.

“I think the word you’re looking for is scary.”

“You smell like Mirotic.”

Jaejoong grins as Yunho nuzzles against his ear. “I smell like disinfectant.”

“I repeat, you smell like Mirotic.”

Jaejoong closes the final file, dropping it back into the bag as he wraps his arms around Yunho’s neck. “Do you miss it?” he asks seriously, looking into the warm almond eyes of the man who has travelled across the Pacific for him.

“I miss being the boss, but the work here is pretty good too. More variety at least as far as I can see.”

“Are you taking many jobs?”

“Emmett is cool with however much I want to take on. He’s so laid back he’s almost comatose.”

Jaejoong wrinkles his nose at the name. “Emmett? As in Twilight?”

“I shouldn’t tell you that the other main tattooist is Edward, then?”

“A tattooist named Edward? Are you messing with me?”

“Would I do that?” Yunho’s eyes are sparkling with humour, and he smirks wickedly as Jaejoong pouts cutely. “If you’re finished with your work, I’ve got something in the car for you.”

“Oh lord.” Callie groans as she watches the couple.

“I told you their were gods. Prepare to pray.”

“I think I need to go see Derek. His pout is lethal and my brain just turned to mush.”

“All of you are disgusting,” Alex complains, shaking his head at his three female friends all in various states of bewitchment as far as he can tell.

He watches as the gorgeous couple stand up. The intern looks around, and he smiles when he spots Meredith.

Jaejoong approaches the his attending, starting to bow to the table, before he catches himself just in time.

“I’m really sorry to interrupt, but I was just wondering if I’m allowed to take these patient files out of the main building? I’m just going to the carpark.”

“Of course you are,” Cristina mutters under her breath, eyes dropping to his boyfriend’s crotch. He is wearing jeans, but she can see there is definitely a lot going on down there.

“I’m sorry?”

Meredith kicks her friend under the table as she smiles up at the intern. “This is Dr. Cristina Yang. You almost made her cry with your critical evaluation of that heart transplant.”

Jaejoong puts out his hand, and Cristina shakes it limply, eyes still trained on his boyfriend who simply quirks an eyebrow at her in acknowledgement.

“Is that good or bad?”

“You’re here, aren’t you?” Cristina replies rudely. “Anyway, you’re with me all day tomorrow. I expect the same quality of work in your verbal appraisals. You don’t have the luxury of spending endless hours perfecting a written assignment here so I hope you can think on your toes. Otherwise, I’ll just have you changing bed pans all day and you really don’t want that. Or better yet, I can lend you to Kepner and you can spend the day watching her residents empty boils and cleaning up that mess.”

Yunho steps forward, just as Jaejoong places a hand on his thigh, squeezing it warningly.

He smiles, and nods. “Understood, Dr. Yang.”

“And about those files, hand them to me. I’m seeing Dr. Sheppard after this and I’ll pass them to him. Just don’t make this a habit ok? I’m letting you off because it’s your first day.” Meredith offers, wanting to make up for her friend’s unnecessary belligerence. She never interferes normally, but he has only been here five hours, and she knows Cristina’s animosity is largely personal rather than professional and therefore, unfair.

Jaejoong thanks her effusively, handing her the bag. He acknowledges the other two doctors, before he takes his leave, hand in hand with Yunho.

“If looks could kill, Yang, you’d be dead.” Alex laughs, having witnessed the quick exchange between an annoyed boyfriend, and the intern’s handling of the man.

Jaejoong doesn’t even bother going over to the passenger side of the car. He simply follows Yunho into the car from the driver’s side, sliding into the man’s lap.

“What did you want to show me?”

Instead of answering, Yunho tugs the younger man, pulling him in for a long kiss.

Jaejoong moans instantly on contact of their mouths, moving, bumping the wheel, his head, elbows, and a few other things, but he doesn’t give a damn as he finally manages to straddle the man.

The kiss is hot and wet, all tongue and teeth. It lasts a good while, and it is Jaejoong who breaks it first, murmuring breathlessly against Yunho’s mouth.

“I’m not a teenager anymore, but I think you can still make me come in my pants.”

Yunho laughs, pulling back as thumbs the spit slicked pout of the younger man. “That was not my intention of taking you here especially since your lunch break ends in about ten minutes.”

“Actual ten minutes?”

“Ok, maybe fifteen or so.”

“I can do fifteen.” Jaejoong smirks, leaning back down for another kiss but he is thwarted as Yunho turns his cheek.

“Your scrubs don’t leave much to the imagination, babe.”

“Then you should take care of it, don’t you think?” Jaejoong murmurs huskily as he swivels his hips, pressing his hardness against Yunho’s belly.

Yunho groans, but he gives in, though really, he wasn’t actually fighting very hard.

He tugs at the ties of the brand new intern’s waistband, pulling them free and slipping his hand into his pants.

Jaejoong leans forward, kissing Yunho hard as the man starts to stroke him quickly, and expertly. He has absolutely useless lasting ability compared to Yunho who can last for hours, but then again he has an almost non-existent refractory period so it evens up.

Twin moans echo in the car, as Yunho’s hand twists up and down his swollen member. Jaejoong deepens the kiss, groaning as he feels Yunho thumbing his slit harshly, before smearing the precum around his swollen glands.

“Taste…” he moans, licking at Yunho’s piercing.

Yunho complies, bringing his thumb up and slipping it into Jaejoong’s mouth. The younger man’s bites down hard, before he starts to suckle, his tongue stroking the pad of Yunho’s thumb, swirling around it. He stares at Yunho, eyes eating the man up as he sucks more determinedly down the man’s long thumb, as Yunho’s other hand starts to fist him once again.

“Keep staring at me like that, kitten, and you’re definitely going to be late for work.”

Jaejoong pulls off from his thumb, deliberately running his tongue along towards Yunho’s middle finger, and then licking very slowly up it, never taking his hot eyes off the older man.

Yunho growls, wrenching his hand free to curve it around the back of Jaejoong’s neck and pulling him in for a harsh kiss, punishing the younger man for being such a tease. He squeezes his neck as Jaejoong moans into his mouth, before he moves away, kissing along his jaw. His hand never lets up his grip of the intern’s neck, as he starts growling into his ear, his other hand never stops moving.

“You are a fucking tease, Kim Jaejoong. There is no time for me to pull out my cock and make you ride me so hard you’re screaming. What should I do to you, kitten?”

“F-f-fuck me.”

“Can’t do that, and you know it.”

Jaejoong whimpers as Yunho nips the sensitive skin of the shell of his ear. He wants nothing more than to kiss the man, but Yunho’s grip around his neck is painful and he can’t turn.

“Come for me, kitten. Come for me and then maybe I’ll think about fucking you from behind when you get home. You know how you like it, with that mirror along the wall of the den, watching yourself, your pretty little cock bouncing as I fuck you from behind.”

Yunho smiles as Jaejoong moans louder. He licks at his ear, nipping at the sensitive skin just under his jaw before moving back up to his ear to continue his torment.

“Remember how you moaned so sweetly for me yesterday morning, how shy you were when you confessed you like seeing yourself in the mirror. Such a naughty little kitten you are. You like seeing your cock bouncing against the sofa don’t you? Does it make you feel hot? So hot watching yourself with your ass up and your face down, and me fucking you hard. I should’ve gotten a mirror a long time ago.”

He kisses his earlobe, other hand quickening as Jaejoong starts to stiffen in his arms.

“Remember your pretty little mewls, your wide eyes staring at yourself, and at me. That pretty blush covering your entire body. Remember how I fucked you till you came so hard you couldn’t make a sound.”

That’s about all Jaejoong can take as he comes with a low wail. The words remind him of the very act itself, almost doing more than Yunho’s hand at pushing him over the edge, keening as his body jerks, spurting hot cum onto Yunho’s tee shirt. But Yunho isn’t done.

Yunho bites harshly on an earlobe as Jaejoong quivers with his release. He licks at the bite, tracing back up the delicate curve of his elfin ear.

“Every time you look into a mirror today, think of me, kitten. Think of how you’re going to look as you ride my cock facing forward into that mirror, seeing yourself bouncing on my cock, and watching me enter your body. Watch as you impale yourself, shameless seductive kumiho.”

He pauses as Jaejoong’s breath continues to come in soft pants.

“Over and over and over again, Jaejoong. We can do it all night long. I’ll make you come without needing to touch your cock, and you can watch as your milky white cum shoots out as you fuck yourself on my cock in front of that mirror.”

“Oh god…enough.” Jaejoong is barely able to get the words out as he collapses against Yunho.

“Are you sorry, yet? For making me go back to work with blue balls?”

“I’m going to be spending all day avoiding any reflective surfaces so I don’t know if I should be sorry to be honest.” Jaejoong mumbles defiantly.

Yunho’s grip tightens around his neck as he once again tugs at his earlobe.

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry.”

“Why don’t I believe you?” Yunho smiles as he pulls Jaejoong away, his hand still curved around the back of the younger man’s neck.

Jaejoong wrinkles his nose, pouting.

Yunho finally lets go of the man, thumbing his pout again as he wipes his other hand and Jaejoong’s cock onto his tee shirt.

“I don’t have anything to change into.”

Jaejoong glances down, his mouth popping open as he sees the mess. He feels a shiver of desire as Yunho squeezes the last drops of cum from his still-hard cock, watching bemusedly as the man swirls his finger around the head, picking up any trace of him.

He smiles slightly as he watches Yunho bring that soiled finger to his mouth and suck it clean. The man merely quirks an eyebrow at him, before his hands move back down to tuck him back into his scrubs.

Yunho rolls up the front of his teeshirt to keep the mess from accidentally getting anywhere else, before he pulls it off, tossing it into the passenger seat next to him.

Jaejoong’s breath hitches as Yunho’s heart is in full view. He loves the colour, and how it seems to glow in the centre of his chest. Yunho gets his tattoos touched up regularly, and Jaejoong can definitely understand why as he places his palm against the glowing heart.

“You’re still so enraptured after all this time?”

“I love your heart.”

“You love hearts in general,” Yunho counters.

“I love you.”

“Sappy kitten.”

“Annoying bear.”

Yunho laughs as he checks the time. “You have less than five minutes, babe.”

“Come with me.”


“Not like that!” Jaejoong smacks his shoulder as he moves to open the door. “Come up with me. I’ve got one of your teeshirts in my locker.”

“Of course you do,” Yunho grins, waiting for Jaejoong to hop out before following him.

“Holy shit.”

“Shut your mouth, Karev. People might start to think you’re batting for the other team.”

“You don’t understand. That just confirmed my suspicion.”

“What did?” Meredith asks as she watches Jaejoong hurry past with his topless boyfriend. The way he’s walking suggests that nothing too dirty happened, but his boyfriend’s lack of a top suggests that something dirty enough did happen which makes her smirk.

“His tattoos.”

“What about his tattoos?”

“You don’t wanna mess with them is all I’m saying.”

“Mess with what? His tattoos?” Meredith is getting more confused at her friend’s cryptic statements. “There’s no law against having tattoos.”

“There’s a law governing those kinds of tattoos. Only certain people get them.”

“What are you? A tattoo expert?”

“Newbie’s boyfriend is yakuza?” Dr. Jackson Avery asks having walked past the hurrying intern Kim Jaejoong and his boyfriend. Word had spread quickly around the hospital.

“Don’t say it out loud!” Alex cautions, looking around, relieved to see no one close by.

“What the hell, Alex?”

“That kid is a yakuza moll.”

“You are crazy.” Meredith shakes her head as she walks away.

“Do you think I’m crazy? You recognised those tattoos didn’t you? You should see the one on the kid’s back.”

Jackson shrugs. “I don’t know. My yakuza comment was a throwaway. I didn’t really mean anything by it. It was just a cultural association. Asian man with lots of tattoos equals yakuza.”

Alex growls irritatedly, moving to take his leave as well, muttering under his breath. “Y’all are stupid.”

They had scared several interns upon entering the lounge, but Jaejoong ignores them as he quickly gets the teeshirt for his boyfriend, hurrying him along as he heads towards neuro. He is just really glad to be told that Dr. Sheppard is running late himself so he still has a few minutes grace.

He walks with Yunho, finally reaching a fork where he has to turn and Yunho continues on towards the stairs that will lead him to the hospital lobby.

They so happen to pause in front of a dark room with a glass panel.

Yunho and Jaejoong stare at each other in the reflective surface of the glass.

The older man tugs the younger against him, kissing him goodbye, before running his lips along his jaw to his ear.

“Remember, Jaejoong.” Yunho whispers staring pointedly at their reflection, licking his boyfriend’s ear one last time before he walks away with a smirk as Jaejoong’s heartfelt groan trails after him.

AN: Sorry lmao. I know absolutely ZERO about medical stuff apart from tv shows and IDE watch tv shows really so I’m just making things up along the way. IDK why I wrote this, it just came out while I was bored out of my mind at my conference thing so yeah…

AN2: Someone said crossover? Hahahahaha… Put it this way, I am comforted by familiar characters and I am LAZY to think of new ones. Jae’s only there for a year…lol. And this is like way in the future of the season that ended in May ok?

AN3: I spent most of today trying to convince myself that this is just a oneshot… what do you think? OTL
Tags: fic:intern, fic:tattooist, nc17, pairing:yunjae

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