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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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The Intern
Title: The Intern
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC17
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, crack, crossover
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Ok, I suck at summaries, and I suck even more at this one because I don't actually know what this is myself... If one of you lovely readers has any idea about how I can fill this space, feel free to leave a comment about it :P

AN1: Oneshot from The Tattooist universe, but you really don't have to read that first tbh. This one can stand alone by itself.

AN2: Just goes to show you how much self control I have… Though tbh, I’m much too confused at what the fuck just came out here in this fic to get too mad about it. And to think all I’d wanted to write was a drabble about a tattoo… And now you get 8,500+ words of...i'm not 100% sure what OTL


The InternCollapse )

yakuza! i really didn't read your other novel, but god, i'm so tempted to.

" It doesn’t matter where they are, or how appropriate or inappropriate it is. Kim Jaejoong doesn’t give a flying fuck about anything or anyone when it comes to Yunho’s lap. He will jolly well sit in it no matter what anyone thinks."

man is it sexy.
it's like i think if couples were really like that in real life, i'd prob be reallyyy jealous and bore a hole through their skulls with my laser eyes.
me is needing a sexy as fark yunho.

hehe..that's hot...meow....love love love

***standing ovation***
Mis respetos, you rock!!!
That was brilliant!!!
Everything was perfect, the reference from "Twilight" and Karev so scared with the "yakuza" thing... priceless.
Loved it and love you!!!

I loved this so much, loved the crossover and everything in between!

OMG!! The moment u stated about hospital in Seattle I immediately remember Seattle Grace Hospital. I love Grey's Anatomy so i totally can imagine every character, just squeeze in innocent jae into the frame. Love this. How i wish it is a chaptered fic so i can read more about jae interaction with them. I always adore the dialogue in the series and u manage to bring it into your written fic so well. Amazing dear.... Keep up the good work ne~

One of many shots please~~~~
You always make me love the YunJae chars.
Not too hard since I too already think they are gods.
The way you describe them in this fic has me imagining jaejoong a bit shorter than normal, cuz of that innocence aura.

I loved the kitten tattoo!!!!!!! Love love love!!!! I have a cat tattoo myself, on the left of my belly button. And I've thought, omg, if jaejoong (or any dbsk) would sign over the tattoo, I would die!!!

I'm glad there wasn't too much of homophobic responses, though Dr Yang's 'disgusting' could have been taken as such, context implies otherwise, ah jealousy rears evil head...

Car smex... Sorta.. /giggles/ parking lot cameras.

Next, katana scene? /drool/

Thanks for writing!

Darn i think im in love :) so much love for this oneshot x)

Jae's full back tattoo... I can't...

Omigosh thank you so much for this oneshot!
I was having withdrawals for missing this story LOL
I love how Jae grew into a more mature but still child-like person <333
I would definitely not complain if this becomes a chaptered fic xDDD


OMG. i thought this was going to be another good oneshot but then i read this and the GREY'S ANATOMY crossover and OMG THIS IS GREAT!!!

sorry, i've watched GA and i just love the series (tho i haven't been able to watch the two latest seasons yet) and just medical series in general. LOL. i'm going nerdy here...

jaejoong being accepted into, i'm guessing, Seattle Grace Hospital (i forgot what the name of that other hospital they merged with, sorry) and being oggled by all the interns... including the rest of the staff... and THEN the locker room scene where they see his tattoo~ jaejoong got a tattoo same as yunho's but on his back~ <3 with a kitten! LOL.

Karev's suspicions are right... LOL but i think he's the only one who'll be keeping a slightly wide berth on jaejoong and his 'yakuza' boyfriend from now on.

will you be planning a series of oneshots on jaejoong's internship after this?

Gosh I would really love to see Jae's tattoo. I think that will be a great flash back. Was it Yunho that did it or Yunho's granpa?

"His Boyfriend Is a Yakuza" should be named as the title of this one shot. LoL I wish I could have been there at the hospital witnessing the topeless yakuza!!!

I can't believe myself that I deeply wished you mention MinSu all the time I was reading. I haven't fancied any couple apart from YunJae so yeah...this is new for me.


is where you can go for show synopsis if you decide to play in this 'verse.

I got an idea. Can you make this a sequel to the tattooist . About jae's adventures or misadventures in the US. Mixing in twilight with a little grays anatomy and presto another great story from you. Just saying. :D