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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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The Tattooist and The Intern
Check out the fanart thing be_ddelusionall made!!! The Jaejoong in it is actually Jaejoong from The Intern and gosh... I DIED.

Can you see why it's so hard for me to let go of this verse? Kitten!Jae and his yakuza prince boyfriend are almost impossible to let go of!!!! I don't know what to do omg...


i cracked at the kitten...

god. JUNG YUNHO .. gooooodddddddddd *ㄱ*

Awesome poster. Nicki, don't resist ... Give in to your muse when she takes hold of you.

TBH..i did not even see the jaejoong's picture in the background..I mean like.. i was totally captivated by the Yunho pic..Gosh..those tattoos and that slim frame..that pose.....god..i can't fucking beleive he is real..well...
after drooling for about 15 minutes or so i actaully saw jaejoong in there and lol..he really looked like a kitten to me there for a second( seriously you ARE effecting our brains..:p)
Welll...fianlly as long as you don't abandon your other fics..I'm more than happy waiting for this one here...
see you in next update...:D

I love it! And the picture of Yunho with a tattoo looks so HOT! He really looks like a yakuza prince :)

Soooo cute. Love the intern Jae.
It's seems they don't change at all despite the years that passed.
I really wish that I'll meet my one and only like Yunjae. *sigh
Their love truly inspired many people. Forget the age different! Only love matters if you find your one and only person!