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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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What do you want?
Poll #1927450 HELP!!!

What next?

TT sideshot
SB drabble/oneshot

Ok so my muses are all kinda playing in a field and I don't know which one to catch lol! Last time I did this, I managed to get three chapters out for the choice y'all made so i'm hoping your help will assist in my currently directionless muses!

Y'all have about 15 hours to make your choices ;-) My muses thank you in advance.

(Deleted comment)
It helps me CATCH the right muse. What that muse wants to do with me is another matter altogether. Right now they're all running around and i'm just staring bemusedly at them ugh. It worked very well last time so i'm hoping it'll work this time.

I really love your writing and would be happy with any and all updates. I just really love the story in Ice.

You're awesome.

I really hope the one I chose(AINI) will make it, it kind of stopped right when Yunjae were developping into something interesting!
Whatever other users choose, i'm sure reading an update will be a pleasure!

I agree, aini please return!!

I'm torn between ice and tattooist. :D
But then, I'd read anything you'd write <3

why is LITI so unpopular??? The tattooist is stuck in my brain, maybe because it is so recent but im going to stay loyal to LITI.

i want liti too but wouldnt it be better for ice to finish?maybe that's why people voted it instead..:)
though I really want to read TT as well..so awesome.:)

I chose TT sideshot, but would you mind including teenage Moonbin in any of these? Haha that boy will be the death of me.
Just a suggestion :))

I wish this worked for me. I'm sure if it did, TotP and baseCODE would be done by now.

Tbh, I'm waiting for all of them ;;;;; but probably the tatooist?? After that, i'm mostly waiting for ice and liti maybe

I feel shy in the middle of so many YJ requests,and im not sure if i can include HM here, but my vote is for Trophy Wife. >.<

Anything is great from you but to have such a power to choose...then it is TT, SB and ICE...I can't help loving these stories.

ICE... everyone choose ICE the most... LOL

The trophy wife...

I love whatever you will write but for me it's between ice and tattooist epilogue. Thank you again for the wonderful stories

for me I'm really voting for ICE, I dunno if you 'll get mad at me for saying this but I'll say it anyway... hehehe
I think that maybe if you get to finish ICE, you will be able to start writing other fics as well? I dunno.. it's just that for me, you're like.... 'sexually frustrated' (I can't think of any term) towards all the characters in ICE and I figured that maybe you need to get it all out? LOL.
or maybe it's me that's frustrated but yeah...
but all in all... it's ok with me whatever you decided to write because we are all in no position to demand anything for you and as you have said so many times, you write for yourself and not for us..
we're just gonna sit back... relax and enjoy whatever you decided to do... ^^
best of luck with your muses Nicki!! <3

Somehow the image of your muses frolicking in a field is so heartwarming! The little devils might even force you to write some more crossovers, I can't help it, I love them!